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Green Mountain has opened so many doors in my mind that I’ve kept closed for a long time. It has provided me with a new outlook on life. Adrienne Kurtz, Editor Los Angeles, CA

A change of pace

from your daily routine (or

routine vacation) can bring unexpected results and insights in even a short time away. At Green Mountain, woman have said the time they’ve invested in themselves has reaped benefits beyond their expectations. With 40 years of experience in teaching weight management, we’ve developed a concise and user-friendly approach to present new ideas and information. For and idea of what your day might be like at Green Mountain, refer to A Typical Day on our website. Of course, this is only a sample schedule because we want you to make specific choices in your program that are meaningful to you and your goals. The way you personalize your schedule, however, will fall into a framework that has produced documented results over time.

A change of scenery

can also be revitalizing.

Vermont’s Green Mountains are known for invigorating body and spirit. A beautiful setting through the four seasons, there’s more then fancy foliage to admire in our corner of Vermont. Nearby Weston is home to some of the country’s best summer stock theater productions, while Manchester boasts outrageous outlet shopping. Charming Woodstock is a center of galleries, antiques, arts and crafts. Situated in the midst of Vermont’s best ski area, Green Mountain at Fox run’s own twenty acres on a wooded hilltop offer an escape form everyday stress and an excellent environment for renewal.

When it comes to conquering a weight problem, every woman longs for it. But dealing with weight can be so overwhelming, the

path to change seems elusive. Or scary. At Green Mountain at Fox Run, change

is neither. As the nation’s oldest weight-management retreat dedicated to

women, we have spent the last quarter century developing and refining intelligent

strategies that have helped women find and maintain a healthy weight. In fact,

Green Mountain can claim the country’s highest rate of success for weight lost

and maintained. If you’ve tried every diet, read all the books and followed strict

meal plans up and down the scale only to end up afraid to hope for real solutions...

Consider the possibility of lasting change at Green Mountain.

Changing the way you feel is one of the most joyous results of managing your weight. Our past participants, even the most sedentary, have told us that they started to feel better physically and mentally almost immediately after exercising here. Feeling good was a strong foundation for mastering their eating and stress, a skill they began to learn at Green Mountain. We believe it is vitally important to provide you with a variety of physical activity solutions that can be modified to accommodate all fitness levels. As with the nutritional element of our program, we will help you develop a personal fitness plan that’s enjoyable, do-able, and specifically designed for you and your situation back home. We know that the key to sustaining physical activity over a period of time is - quite simply - whether it’s accessible and fun! That’s why we offer many options to help you find what works for you. Whether it’s a morning walk with the Green Mountains of Vermont as a backdrop, aerobics, aquatics, tennis, cross-country skiing, strength training or any of the many activities we offer, we want you to discover the happiness of movement. To exercise your mind as well as your body, you’ll attend lectures on how much exercise is enough, the psychology and physiology of exercise, and the myths about exercise and activity in relation to metabolism are also program components. You also have the opportunity to meet with our credentialed fitness experts one-on-one. Specializing in intrinsic fitness and motivation, they can help you create a plan that works for your “best” days and your “worst” ones, too.

With exercise, I have begun to firm up and feel more flexibly as well. I’m much more confident in myself and my talents. I feel like and entirely different person! Wendy Lieberman, Therapist Glendale, IL

Changing the way you think about eating is the first step towards managing your weight. Diets are all about restricting, not about eating. And common sense will tell you that when it comes to permanent weight loss, feeling deprived is not a reasonable long-term solution. In fact, forty years ago, Green Mountain pioneered the non-diet approach to healthy eating that health and medical experts are only now realizing is the key to weight m management.

Changing the way you think about food leads to healthy eating behavior. The ability to ‘de-powerize’ the role food plays in your life is a skill that can be practiced and acquired. In the same way competent women master other areas of their lives, eating well can be learned. You’ll have the opportunity to practice eating mindfully with tasty, healthy meals that prove eating for weight loss and maintenance doesn’t have to be restrictive or ultra-low in calories. Our menu provides plenty of energy for activities while promoting a sensible loss of weight. Each woman also develops her own personal eating plan for back home. We can help you create one that fits your specific needs, because ours is not a cookiecutter solution. We know that for lasting weight loss success, women need strategies that are flexible, livable and fit their individual lifestyles.

The non-diet approach was a very freeing aspect for me. Turning eating into a matter of decision rather than ‘diet’ created a new mind-set for me. This process has allowed me to treat food as it is meant to be as mourishment - rather than some forbidden activity. Sharon Helmsley, Physician Dallas, TX

Changing your priorities

can often be the

foundation for a healthier weight and lifestyle. For many women, weight and well-being form a delicate balance, with the stress from an imbalance of personal priorities showing up as extra pounds and inches. Over the years, we at Green Mountain have discovered that successful weight management means making yourself a priority something that doesn’t always come naturally to women, the caretakers of the world. In our unique, all-female environment, you have the opportunity to take time to reflect, re-assess and establish new priorities in a supportive atmosphere. Our educational approach, focusing on topics ranging from nutrition to stress to exercise to self-esteem has inspired women to set healthy goals not only for their weight, but for their lives.

For me, a lot of things I already ‘knew’ jelled at Green Mountian. Now it all makes sense in a comprehensive, sensible, livable way. It has shown me how to stop pointing ‘out there’ and to begin looking inwards for the control in my life. Gale D’Aloia, Teacher New York, NY

With so many changing opinions about what makes for healthy living, who can you trust to make sense of emerging scientific and medical research? We are proud that Green Mountain alumnae have told us we helped them separate fact from fiction and to debunk the myths surrounding diet and exercise. After working with our professional staff of outstanding nutrition authorities and downright inspirational eating behavior specialists and exercise physiologists, you’ll leave Green Mountain with the tools that will help you make healthy decisions back home. Feedback from past participants also tells us that our caring attitude has been as important to them as our excellent scientific and academic credentials. Experiences has given us a deep understanding of the personal challenge weight and stress management presents to women. Each staff member brings and equal measure of professionalism and enthusiasm to her work. We offer participants continued inspiration through informative blog articles and emails after they leave. Phone consultations at home with

I felt each and every one of the staff truly cared about me and my goals and more genuinely interested in how I could reach them. Their positive voices will stay with me. Betty Soloman, Kalamazo, MI



behavior specialist are also available as a personal option. Perhaps it’s this kind up





Green Mountain a published five-year success



time greater than any other program.

Green Mountain at Fox Run Brochure  

Healthy weight loss retreat in Vermont has been helping women lose weight without dieting since 1973

Green Mountain at Fox Run Brochure  

Healthy weight loss retreat in Vermont has been helping women lose weight without dieting since 1973