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Your sophomore year is when you begin the truly hands-on portion of your education, and you'll spend significant time in laboratory and clinical settings. In the two foundation courses that are a part of this year’s curriculum, you'll learn how to perform health and physical assessments in the context of nursing care. For these classes, we use concept-based learning. How does that work? You might be presented with the scenario of a patient who is short of breath. What questions need to be asked when that happens? What exam needs to be performed? From there, you then would learn intervention techniques to help the patient breathe more effectively. This holistic approach simplifies the learning process by aligning it with real-world nursing care. During the fall semester of sophomore year, all students take part in our Commitment to the Profession ceremony (see page 16). During the spring semester, students begin working with patients in the clinical area.

Sophomore year curriculum FALL NURS NURS HEAL BISC PSYC

2100 2001 2045 3115 2101

Pathophysiology I (3) Foundations I: Health Assessment and Fundamentals (3) Normal and Therapeutic Nutrition (3) Human Microbiology (3) Intro to Lifespan Developmental Psych (3)

SPRING NURS 2200 NURS 2002 NURS 2500 HEAL 1025 TBD

Pathophysiology II (3) Foundations II: Health Assessment and Fundamentals (3) Concepts and Interventions for the Promotion of Mental Health (3) Culture and Health (3) General or health elective (3)

“My sophomore year at Marquette was everything I hoped for and more. The second semester was challenging because of the course load, but through the ups and downs, I learned a lot about myself. I believe that many students, myself included, would not have been able to make it through if it hadn’t been for the wonderful faculty. They went above and beyond trying to help us succeed. This year made me really excited to apply all I have learned into my first clinical experience.” Mackenzie Conn, ’14

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