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Sophomore Year

Carolyn Rice, sophomore “Marquette's simulation lab has been an amazing learning tool.” "Marquette’s simulation lab has been an amazing learning tool. It’s well-designed and has all the equipment we as nursing students need to practice patient scenarios. And the technology exposes us to things that we would be unable to assess in our healthy partners. For instance, in one of my first-semester courses, I was able to listen to lung sounds on S.A.M.®, an electronic patient. Using S.A.M.® allowed me to hear what the lungs of a patient having difficulty breathing because of asthma would sound like. I also used simulation to practice taking blood pressure. My instructor programmed a particular blood pressure level into S.A.M.® and, after I took the reading, she was able to verify that I was doing everything correctly. The extra practice we get in the simulation lab is invaluable."


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