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Freshman Year

Your freshman year at Marquette is all about getting into the swing of things. With plenty of newness happening outside the classroom, we intentionally structure your freshman year curriculum around general science courses, liberal arts classes and lecture-based nursing courses. You will take two nursing courses during your first two semesters on campus — Nursing and Health in the Jesuit Tradition and Dimensions of the Nursing Profession in the Jesuit Tradition. Both courses are designed not only to help you learn about health care and nursing but also to develop lifelong friendships with your classmates. As the class names imply, Jesuit ideals are threaded throughout both, just as they are through Marquette's entire University Core of Common Studies. From day one, we want you to realize that your education is based on Jesuit principles — things like caring for the whole person and being men and women for others. Beyond the classroom, your freshman year is a good time to become active in the dozens of student groups on campus. The Marquette University Student Nurses Association is always looking for enthusiastic future nurses who want to make a difference in the community — even before they’ve earned their degrees. You can learn more about MUSNA at

Freshman year curriculum FALL NURS BISC ENGL PSYC THEO

1001 1060 1001 1001 1001

SPRING NURS 1002 BISC 2070 BISC 1015 ENGL 1002 PHIL 1001


Nursing and Health in the Jesuit Tradition (3) Chemistry for Health Professions (3) Rhetoric and Composition I (3) General Psychology (3) Introduction to Theology (3) Dimensions of the Nursing Profession in the Jesuit Tradition (3) Biochemistry for Health Professions (3) Principles of Human Anatomy and Physiology (5) Rhetoric and Composition 2 (3) Philosophy of Human Nature (3)

Marquette Nursing

"Life as a Marquette nurse isn’t solely about nursing. Nursing is a part of who you are, but it alone does not define you. I am proud to be a part of many different organizations on campus. Gospel Choir, La Causa Crisis Nursery, Students for an Environmentally Active Campus, Christian Fellowship, intramural basketball, Students for Life and even my friend network are all part of who I am." Stephanie Dlobik, ’15

College of Nursing Viewbook  

College of Nursing Viewbook

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