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Senior Year

Your senior year prepares you for professional practice, and you'll focus on safety and quality in patient care. During your spring semester, you'll take a leadership in professional nursing practice theory course and a fivecredit transition into professional nursing practice clinical. This clinical is different from others you will have already experienced because it exposes you to patient care and the administrative aspects of nursing. You’ll also participate in your health care organization’s quality initiatives and any ongoing research projects. To practice as a registered nurse, you must be licensed. To help you prepare for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses, you must successfully pass the NCLEX-RN predictor exams before graduation. Because our curriculum emphasizes course-specific NCLEX-RN-type questions, you will be well-prepared. And it’s an extra step of preparation that goes a long way. Our graduates have been, and continue to be, highly recruited in Wisconsin and across the country.

Senior year curriculum



Nursing Concepts and Interventions for the Care of Adults–Older Adults II (3) Nursing Care for Persons with Acute Conditions–Practicum (4) Quality and Safety in Nursing (3) (Common Core literature or performing arts credit) (3) (Common Core theology credit) (3)

SPRING NURS 4800 NURS 4984 HEAL 4901/5901 MATH TBD

Leadership in Professional Nursing Practice (3) Transition into Professional Nursing Practice– Practicum (5) Palliative Care (3) (Common Core mathematics credit) (3) Nursing or health elective (3)

Marquette Nursing

“I have had an incredible experience in the College of Nursing. I found a strong support network in my advisers, professors and Project Beyond coordinators. It was through this support system that I was able to receive an incredible education and find my identity within the health care field at the same time.” Jacob Thayer, ’12

College of Nursing Viewbook  

College of Nursing Viewbook

College of Nursing Viewbook  

College of Nursing Viewbook