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Construction engineers plan, design and help build everything from skyscrapers to power plants. They love to use their problemsolving and practical business management skills, as well as understanding of the law, to plan and manage major construction engineering projects. Construction engineers are similar to civil engineers. In other words, the people who do these jobs are good at many of the same things. Civil engineers design structures, and construction engineers take it one step further and use math, science and engineering to convert those plans into realities. Construction engineers are versatile and do a lot of behind-the-scenes work to ensure that all aspects of a project are on track. It’s up to the construction engineer to keep workers safe, meet the client’s budget and schedule, and maintain the quality requirements of the project. To do all of that, they need excellent oral and written communication skills. Real-world experience Civil and environmental engineering students enrolled in the Construction Planning, Scheduling and Control course are responsible for completing a site and logistics plan and developing a detailed construction schedule for an ongoing project in the greater Milwaukee area. Students meet with and work with the contractor overseeing the project to ensure the schedule is realistic and being followed according to its deadlines.

Engineering Viewbook 2012  

2012 Viewbook for the College of Engineering

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