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Engineer Magazine 2011

414.288.6000 OPUS Dean of Engineering Robert H. Bishop, Ph.D., P.E. Executive Associate Dean Michael S. Switzenbaum, Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs J. Christopher Perez, M.S., M.B.A. Associate Dean for Enrollment Management Jon K. Jensen, Ph.D. Assistant Dean and Director of Engineering Cooperative Education Susan J. Michaelson, M.A. Chair of Biomedical Engineering Kristina M. Ropella, Ph.D. Chair of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering Christopher M. Foley, Ph.D., P.E. Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering Edwin E. Yaz, Ph.D., P.E. Chair of Mechanical Engineering Kyuil (Kyle) Kim, Ph.D., P.E.

Marquette Engineer is published for alumni, colleagues and friends of the college. Feedback and story ideas are appreciated. Editor Jessica Bulgrin Editorial Team Becky Dubin Jenkins Stephen Filmanowicz Mary Pat Pfeil Matt Wessel Interim Art Director Jennifer Cooley - Core Creative

01 // Dean’s message: A new platform for transformation 03 // Illuminator of innovation

An educational instrument tuned to the needs of the 21st century, the College of Engineering’s new home opens up the learning process and creates a dynamic setting for finding solutions to global problems.

Plus, an update on the floors still being finished and the equally impressive work still ahead (page 8) and scenes from the building’s opening celebration (page 9)

11 // Research profiles: advancing engineering knowledge, addressing world challenges

Dr. Taly Gilat-Schmidt: sharper imaging, safer patients Dr. Chung Hoon-Lee: going boldly into the tiniest frontier Dr. Philip Voglewede: powering up hope for better- performing prosthetics Dr. Stephen Heinrich: sensors and sensibility

15 // A race for mobility

Children with orthopaedic disabilities are benefiting

from novel treatments and devices, thanks to the Marquette-based Tech4POD partnership.

17 // Laboratory on four wheels The solution-by-solution story of the determined student-faculty effort that created Marquette’s new all-electric safety shuttle

21 // Nuts & Bolts The latest news in brief from the College of Engineering

25 // Wonder women The iHeels program introduces girls ages 6 through 18 to the fun, challenge and excitement of engineering.

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