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June 24, 2011 We drove from Marquette to Waukesha and back. We drove 40 miles on 70 percent of the van’s charge in 1 hour, 48 minutes. It seems 50 miles on 90 percent charge is likely, but these were nearly ideal conditions of temperature, only one passenger and not as much stopping as a real LIMO route. We fit with traffic on a variety of well-traveled roads. It handles and rides as one expects from a big van. Brakes and power steering performed as expected. Professor George Corliss’ takeaway from the first eLIMO ride: “This drive was personally VERY satisfying. We drove a BIG van 40 miles with 30 percent reserve charge remaining. The Chevy Volt claims to go 40 miles on pure electricity. Now, when I finish (if ever) bragging about this project, there is no need to add, ‘ ... for a student project.’ Its performance is impressive. Period.” Fall 2011 The eLIMO now is part of a 16-vehicle fleet providing more than 300,000 rides annually for Marquette students. Sources: and emails from Dr. George Corliss, Greg Novak and Edward Speck-Kern


For student team members, the project’s payoff was more than academic. On team spirit “The eLIMO team will be in complete full force this coming year with THREE senior design projects, fully manned. In fact, we had more interest for the projects than we could have for practicality’s sake! These projects will include the vehicle team, a charging station for the 16th Street Parking Structure, and the user interface and controls. It is VERY exciting to have had so much interest for this project, as it simply goes to show you the desire that many on campus have to make this vehicle a huge success.” Greg Novak, Eng ’08 2007–08 and 2008–09 eLIMO teams, Aug. 28, 2008

On perseverance “The team has hit some setbacks, but the eLIMO project continues to progress! The teams, with faculty assistance, continue to generate solutions for problems associated with replacing an eight-cylinder gas engine with an electric motor. ... The team plans to test the van with power from a 480 V wall supply. Enthusiasm is high.” Edward Speck-Kern, Eng ’09 2008-09 eLIMO team, March 30, 2009

On collaboration “We had four electrical engineers, one computer engineer, one mechanical engineer, one computer science major and an IT/finance major working on the project this year. The technical work included designing the power system and creating a user interface for the driver to monitor power, speed, and odometer readings from the power and motor systems. I think the biggest benefit that most of the team members, both past and present, gained was learning how to interact with people from all different types of disciplines and not just the people that were within their area of study.” James Lubow, Eng ’11 2010–11 eLIMO team, June 17, 2011


Scott Sullivan, Bus Ad ’12, shows the DC-DC converters that step down the 340V current used by the motor to 14V used by headlights, radio and other standard vehicle systems.

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