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table of contents 0 2 M APPING MEMORY Dr. Kristy Nielson earns a Haggerty award for work detecting early markers of dementia and strategies for slowing the disease. Plus, fellow Haggerty awardee Dr. Craig Andrews targets public health gains with better health-risk warnings.


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F IXING MEDICARE FROM WITHIN Former D.C. policymaker Lisa Grabert investigates the implications of health care legislation that she helped pass.



E XTENDED REACH NIH R01 grants are where Marquette professors have the greatest potential health impact— and the university is getting creative to help more researchers achieve at this level.

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ESEARCH IN BRIEF R An outside view of U.S. foreign policy law; helping stroke victims speak again; treating trauma-exposed children; an app to help autism caregivers; how Airbnb affects property values; fighting dental plaque; bridging a religious divide; portrayals of migrants in Spanish culture; and documenting endangered terns.


H ISTORY REVEALED New scholarship by Dr. Bryan Rindfleisch calls for a change in the conversation about early indigenous Americans.



2 6 S PARK Protecting Central American water; research partnerships with corporations; a student-run shop in Milwaukee; challenge funds inspiring innovation; a sneak peek at the Athletic and Human Performance Research Center. 3 3






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