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The Encyclopedia of Romantic Literature: Volume 1, A-G

By Dr. Doris Walker-Dalhouse, associate professor of educational policy and leadership, and Victoria J. Risko

Edited by Dr. Diane Long Hoeveler, professor of English, Frederick Burwick and Nancy Moore Goslee

Demonstrates how teachers can provide differentiated instruction based on students’ individual and cultural backgrounds to aid struggling readers.

A comprehensive reference resource covering British artistic, literary and intellectual movements from the late 18th century to the early 19th century.

Hungry Planet: Stories of Plant Diseases

Ethics in Marketing: International Cases and Perspectives

By Dr. Gail Schumann, adjunct professor of biological sciences, and Cleora D’Arcy Examines the effects plant diseases have had on human culture from ancient days to modern times.

The Trinity in History: A Theology of the Divine Missions By Rev. Robert M. Doran, S.J., professor and Emmett Doerr Chair in Systematic Theology The first volume in a new series that uses the thought of Bernard Lonergan to develop a unified field structure for systematic work in theology.

Social Psychology By Dr. Stephen Franzoi, professor of psychology The sixth edition expands coverage of social cognition and social neuroscience.

Schools for Marginalized Youth: An International Perspective By Dr. William Pink, professor of educational policy and leadership Discusses the lack of consensus about how to best improve the education of students marginalized by the current theory and practice of schooling, especially students of diverse ethnicities who attend metropolitanarea schools.

By Dr. Gene Laczniak, chair and professor of marketing, Patrick E. Murphy and Andrea Prothero Contains 20 international case studies on a variety of ethical issues that companies face, including questionable selling practices, exploitative advertising, counterfeiting, channel conflict, apparent bribing and product safety.

The Political Construction of Business Interests: Coordination, Growth, and Equality By Dr. Duane Swank, professor of political science, and Cathie Jo Martin Analyzes employers’ struggles to define their collective social identities at turning points in capitalist development and the history of tension between employers, government and labor.

The SAGE Handbook of Interview Research: The Complexity of the Craft Edited by Dr. James A. Holstein, professor of sociology, Jaber F. Gubrium, Amir B. Marvasti and Karyn D. McKinney The second edition provides an overview of how to conduct research interviews, including the history and conceptual transformations of the interview, and the main components of interview practice.

Perspectives on Family Communication By Dr. Lynn Turner, professor of communication studies, and Richard West The fourth edition includes the latest research in the area of family communication and the role communication plays in creating and solving family issues. 24


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Every spring DISCOVER: Marquette University Research and Scholarship showcases some of the most interesting research happening on Marquette'...

Discover 2013  

Every spring DISCOVER: Marquette University Research and Scholarship showcases some of the most interesting research happening on Marquette'...