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Eli Lilly and Company Foundation Lisa* and Kenneth Ellis James* and Sandra Engel Mary Kate* and Stephen Engel Ann Engelkemeir* and James Moyer* Rosemary* and Roger Enrico Enterprise Holdings Foundation Scott H. Evertz* Rita Fagan* Jennifer* and Joseph Fahey Louis* and Katherine Fava Mr.* and Mrs.* Daniel G. Feder Nancy (Morris)* and Thomas* Feit Margaret* and Michael* Felber Michael* and Andrea Ferris Cheryl Figg and Stephen Franzoi Bill* and Claudette Finke Robert* and Arlana Fischer Michelle* and James* Fitzpatrick Robert* and Rosemarie Fitzsimmons Bernard Flatley* Kevin* and Susan Flynn Sharon* and Robert* Flynn Donna Rae* and David* Foran Janet* and Robert Frederick Marilyn* and Thomas* Frenn Christine* and LG* Friedrichs, Jr. Lynn Friedrichs* Ann and Andy Friesch James G. Fritsche* and Colleen McAllister Fritsche Gail* and Stephen* Froehlich Patricia* and George* Frommell

Peter* and Michele Frommelt Christopher* and Christina Fugman Fulcrum Foundation Jeffrey* and Kathleen Fuller Fusion OEM G.O.T. Partners Michael* and Cynthia Gallagher John Garvey* Frances Gautieri Brown* Phyllis and Clement Gebo Carol and Paul Gehl Geiger Family Foundation Jeffrey and Susan George James Ghiardi* Laura* and David* Giesen Gary* and Bronwyn Glojek Ann and Mark Gmach GMDA, Inc. Carol Goeckermann David* and Jane Goesch Stephen* and Anne Marie Gonczy Steven Gorski* Stephen* and Bernadine Graff Sara* and Louis* Gral Joan Caresio Grassman* Greater Green Bay Community Foundation Greater Milwaukee Foundation Otto Borchert Family Fund Cecelia A. Borenitsch Fund Michael and Patricia Dunn Fund Bernardine and Stephen Graff Fund Journal Foundation/Donald and Barbara Abert Fund

* Denotes Alumni

Journal Foundation/Ione Quinby Griggs Journalism Scholarship Fund Journal Foundation/Francis D. and Jane Keogh Kelly Fund Journal Foundation/Jack and Eileen Koller Fund Journal Foundation/Donald and Eleanor Massa Fund Journal Foundation/Harvey and Geraldine Schwandner Fund Dorothy M. Mundschau Fund for Women’s Higher Education David C. Scott, Sr. Marquette University Scholarship Fund Dr. Nick J. and Fay K. Topetzes Education Fund William H. Wasweyler Fund Wisconsin Mortgage Bankers Education Foundation Martin* and Beverly Greenberg Law Offices of Martin J. Greenberg, LLC William Greenwood* Renee* and Paul* Griepentrog Karl Gross* Grunau Company Amy Guidry Kerry* and Michael Guthrie Ray Habelman, Jr.,* and Staci Habelman Hager, Dewick & Zuengler, S.C. Neil Hamilton* Julie Hanley Sue* and Bill* Harnett Michelle* and David* Harrington Denise Harron* and Donald Linneman* Jeanie Hart-Grunau and Paul Grunau Kathleen and Michael Hart Joseph* and Mary Hartl Clifford* and Susan Hartmann Jeffrey* and Diana Hartnett Steven Hein* Lisa* and William Henk Joseph* and Geraldine Herberger Mark* and Cis Holzhauer Julie Ziegman Hood*

Anne* and James Horner Patrick Horning* Virginia and John Horning Peter* and Jeanne Hosinski Jeanne Hossenlopp and Dan Pautz Richard* and Eugenia Hoy Donald* and Joyce Huml Robert Ippel* J&L Foundation Donald* and Diane Jacquart Jessica* and Benjamin* Jagoe Robert* and Christine Jahncke Jim* and Elizabeth Jameson Patricia* and James* Janz Anne* and Edward* Jarosz Kathleen and Richard Jensen Robert* and Carlotta Johnson Tracy* and Jeremy* Josetti Jeffrey* and Susan Just Justinian Society of Lawyers Wisconsin Chapter Bradley J. Kalscheur* Lisa* and Paul* Kanning David* and Donna Karp Joellen* and James* Kaster Timothy Kellen* Mary and Ted Kellner Jessica and Michael Kelly Nancy and Leon Kendall Maureen* and Mark* Kenfield Suzanne H. Keohane* John Kerscher* and Sandra Bucha James* and Lia Kieckhafer Judith* and Joseph* King Marcia* and John* Kircher John* and Mary Klein David* and Diane Klimisch Patricia and Philip Kohls Jack* and Eileen Koller David Kolpak* Lisa Konieczka* Patricia* and John Konkel Lee and Benedict Kordus Louis Korompilas Jamie* and Mary Kowalski Eugene Kralicek* Patricia* and David* Kraninger, Sr. Jacquelyn* and Gary* Krawczyk Douglas Krueger* Kimberly* and Brandon* Krugman Shelley Kuehneman* Lee* and Eileen Kummer Ladky Associates Foundation

| NAMES in bold denote young alumni who also qualified for membership at the Brooks, McCabe, Burrowes or Lalumiere level.


2013 President's Society Honor Roll  
2013 President's Society Honor Roll