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Summer 2013 | 1

The Apnea Effect New Album June 2013

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RevAmp (Revolution Amplified) Magazine is Columbia’s media and press source for local music. Featuring artists from all genres from the area, we strive to provide you information on upcoming shows, cd reviews and releases, events, and other things that are going on. RevAmp offers to local musicians a source for their creative outlets to be exposed and promoted to the public. “We help musicians continue to create the music we love!” RevAmp Magazine is released quarterlly, available online via email subscription. Best of all, it’s absolutely free! For musicians we offer exposure through interviews, articles, show promotion, and cd promotion as well as photography and graphic design. This is just the begining! We are just getting started and want to make this experience the best we can! RevAmp may be looking into creating new things in the future including live and recorded interviews, video services, and live show reviews. There are so many new ideas to try, local musicians to promote, and many of hours of hard work and dedication to achieve. So become part of something big and lets start this “Revolution” and get it “Amplified!”

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Summer 2013 | 1

Contents 4. Enjoying a cold one at the 5 Points Pub

From live bands to frat parties, the 5 Points Pub is sure to deliver an unforgetable experience.

6. Local Jam with Atlas Road Crew

Drawing inspiration from their southern roots, the crew from Atlas Road are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

10. Feature Artist: Weaving the Fate

Columbia’s finest and still growing! Weaving the Fate proves that even in Columbia, hard work and dedication, is the true key to a bands success.

18. Feature Story: St. Pat’s Fest

From partying to enjoying local music, there is something for everyone at St. Pats Fest.

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Summer 2013 | 3

The Five Points Pub~ “The bar scene that we have all grown to love and grown to dread the day we must give it up.”

Five Point’s Hotspot 5 Points Pub at 2020 Devine St. - 5 Points Written by: Jade Unser

Photos by: Heather Fowler


o most USC seniors we’ve seen The 5 Points Pub undergo multiple name changes. For most of us we know the name of this classic bar as being Elbow Room, a fun high-energy bar with an 18 and over age limitation. Across USC’s campus confusion spread as 5 Points’ favorite music venue changed from Elbow Room to The House, a short-lived name that had most Greek affiliated students instead associating a bar with a fraternity house. Today we know this misty and dimly lit bar as The 5 Points Pub, or more commonly referred to as The Pub. But no matter the name, students and Columbia residents alike connect The Pub and it’s interchangeable titles with the best place to catch live music in the 5 Points area. Located in the heart of Columbia’s historic 5 Points, The 5 Points Pub boasts an array of events, musical performances and every type of social gathering in between. On any given night you might pass by The 5 Points Pub and hear the pulsating sounds of a mellow jam band performance, the hypnotic beats of a live DJ, or the drunken cheers of a fraternity rush party. The Pub has become a 5 points staple for live music and reasonably priced drinks, drawing in people from every walk of life. Unlike most bars in Columbia’s 5 Points, The Pub has two doors to enter and exit from, each equipped with their own bouncer to either place a brightly colored “21 and over” wristband around your hand or the dreaded “underage” thick sharpie “X”. To bring the lively atmosphere outside of the bar, the front entrance (located on Devine Street) has tables and chairs for patrons to relax at while still remaining close enough to the stage so that none of the ‘live music’ experience is lost. The outdoor seating is also accompanied by strands of overhead lights, adding to the light and relaxed feeling associated with this easy-going yet stimulating college joint. The stage, which is set in front of a row of windows that look out onto Devine Street, is raised high enough so that the performers can be seen from the opposite side 4 | Revolution Amplified Magazine

of the bar, a plus if the dance floor and it’s surrounding tables are too crowded for your liking. Upon walking into The Pub you are thrown into a sea of college students drinking, dancing and socializing amidst dim lights while basking in the glow of the spotlights highlighting the night’s performers. The bar’s all-around dusky lighting is contrasted by the bright lights behind the bar, showcasing the night’s drink specials and liquor shelves. A smart move on The Pub’s part for allowing patrons to quickly and easily decide what they want to drink, enabling them to quickly get back to the dance floor. The Pub’s bartenders are also some of the best in Columbia; mastering the “3 F’s” of bartending, each bartender is fast, funny and friendly. On any given night you will witness drinks being made fast while the bartenders are smiling and joking with drunken co-eds. Being one of the larger bars in 5 Points, The Pub offers substantial room for mixing and mingling with high top tables, booths, extensive bar seating and a large dance floor located in front of the stage. On most nights the bar will be furnished with at least two bartenders, there to guide you into total inebriation for a cheap price. In true 5 Points fashion, The Pub offers relatively inexpensive beer and liquor prices every night. Along with live music a few times a week, The Pub also hosts Pint Night and Karaoke Night. Flat screen TV’s line the walls of the bar and The Pub even has a projection screen making it the go-to bar for any Gamecock away football game. The layout of The 5 Points Pub makes it especially unique in a town like Columbia. In addition to it’s opposite ended doors there is ample room for moving around and on particularly crowded nights don’t be surprised if you find yourself bumping into a few bar stools that have some how made their way into the middle of the dance floor.

With the spacious dance floor not a minute of a live show is lost. One of the best things about The 5 Points Pub is that the bar is so large that it can almost be divided into 2 areas. The front area consists of the stage, the dance floor and tables, while the back section of the bar includes multiple pool tables that are constantly being occupied by groups of college students’ intensely focusing on each shot of the ball…and each shot of liquor. In between the two sections there is more seating available against the wall that runs parallel to the bar. Nestled in a nook of this wall is where the bathrooms are located, the ladies’ room is usually busting at the seams with girls in high heels spritzing perfume, reapplying lip gloss, and drunkenly complaining about one thing or another, while the guys leisurely stroll in and out of the men’s room, drink in hand. Perfect for renting out for major games, The Pub is an ideal spot for a laid-back event with the impeccable mix of music, drinking and socializing. Look up from the crowded dance floor and you will see everything from fists pumping the air during a dubstep performance to girls dancing on top of speakers to a fast paced hip-hop group. The Pub has an inexplicable ability to morph itself to fit any type of musical performance, creating a high-energy party to be enjoyed by avid listeners of the musical group and by those who have just come along for the party. Partying is what The Pub does best. Hailed as one of the greatest bars to rent out for college parties, The Pub will turn any occasion into a special one. The bumping music can be heard throughout 5 Points as you see drunken students stumbling in and out through all hours of the night. The Pub might be the only bar in 5 Points guaranteed to be fun no matter if you and your friends decide to start the night off there or if it is your final destination for the evening. With performances from everything to jam bands to dubstep to rappers, The Pub will surely satisfy everyone’s musical desires at one point or another.

The 5 Points Pub does an excellent job of catering towards all types of people and greatly accommodating those who rent out the venue. From full coverage of sporting events to hosting private parties, The 5 Points Pub makes sure to deliver nothing but an effortlessly fun environment to every person that steps through the door. The unforced combination of flowing alcohol with a “party all night” attitude is what The Pub is most successful at. On a good night the bar manages to pack in hundreds of college students from wall to wall. Friends get separated from each other, drinks get spilled, and everyone makes a new friend in line for the bathroom, it’s your typical 5 Points bar scene that we have all grown to love and grown to dread the day we must give it up. The 5 Points Pub can rest assured knowing that they are unlike any other venue in the 5 Points area. Their 18 and up policy definitely draws in a larger crowd and aids in the decision of renting the venue out for a private party. Ask any USC student and each of them will have a few memorable stories to share about The Pub. I know I speak for many USC students when I say that The Pub was probably the first bar I ever ventured into as a freshman. From the many name changes to rush parties, to crazy nights jamming out to a live band, The Pub has had a lasting impact on USC students and alumni. Some of us older students still refer to it as Elbow Room while most of us have jumped on The Pub bandwagon, but one thing is for sure, this crazy high-energy bar has never lost it’s flare. So don’t be alarmed when you wake up one morning, head pounding, ears ringing, with a neon colored paper bracelet swathed around your wrist, you’ve just experienced a typical night at The Five Points Pub. 

Summer 2013 | 5

Atlas Road Crew Written by: Jade Unser Photos by: Heather Fowler


hen the appropriately, yet affectionately, termed “SAE Band” first appeared on the back porch of their fraternity house a few short years ago, it would have been hard to predict that this rambunctious group of guys would soon become the breakout stars of the Columbia music scene. Hot on the tail of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Atlas Road Crew is in the midst of the “calm before the storm” intermediary period as their fans anxiously awaited the release of their first EP. A perfect concoction of passion, talent and personality, the minds behind Atlas Road Crew are wise beyond their years in regards to goal setting and producing not only music, but also an unprecedented relationship with their fans.

Remaining true to their classic rock influences of Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, ARC is known for infusing their heavy-guitar driven-blues rock sound with the soulful styling’s reminiscent of Widespread Panic or the everlasting improvisational jams of Phish. Whatever it is that ARC is doing, you will nonetheless be tapping your foot, bobbing your head and jamming out to the hard hits of the piano keys all the while being teleported back to the tapestry coated, smoky rooms of your college days. Music aside, the foundation of ARC lies in each of the quirky personalities of the guys. Original members consist of Taylor Nicholson (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Dave Beddingfield (lead guitar), and Max Becker (bass guitar), all former members of the USC chapter of SAE fraternity, hence the short-lived “SAE Band” appellation. Along the way, Atlas Road Crew gained Patrick Drohan (percussion) and newest addition, Bryce James (keyboards and backup vocals). Much of the band’s local success can be attributed to their original and lighthearted personalities that entice audience members and have fans beckoning for more and more. 6 | Revolution Amplified Magazine

Separately, each of the guys has his own quirks: Taylor, the front-man of the group, attracts the ladies and even has a few not-so-subtle stalkers, Patrick is the laid-back one, Max cracks the jokes, Dave is the fundamental ‘young professional’ and always the butt of one or two jokes, and young-blood Bryce is the “puppy”, as the boys like to say, of the band and considered throughout USC’s Greek Village to be the “ultimate bachelor”. But together they make up ARC, coming together to create an incredible sound. Rehearsing in a storage unit, which the band lovingly refers to as “the shed”, located off of Atlas Road, the guys spend hours collaborating in the poorly ventilated stench-ridden aluminum box engulfed on all sides by heavy metal thrash bands. “It’s a hell hole. It’s worse than Vietnam,” says Dave. “The first time I drove through, I thought it was some ‘rock society’. Everyone’s outside smoking cigs, wearing all black and we get there wearing short shorts or we’re just getting off work and wearing polo’s and khakis”. They each will admit that if you find yourself at the shed alone, at night, it can be quite a daunting experience.

Within the past year, the band has readjusted their method of rehearsing. Finding that coming together at one time and attempting to learn a new song to be too much of a stressor, they now rehearse more individually. “It’s important for us to know what we need to work on ahead of time,” explains Bryce. This new approach to rehearsing has proved beneficial to the band as they played their Welcome Back show in September, at The Five Points Pub, with unbelievable energy creating a pulsating rhythm that could be felt in the air. At ARC’s Welcome Back show, tickets went on presale that evening at 7 PM, shortly before 10PM the show was completely sold out. A horde of people had begun forming outside of The Pub’s doors, young guys were yelling obscenities and girls were literally crying as they were getting turned away from the show. Prior to the show, Dave was constantly updating his personal Facebook page with the status of ticket availability. As the numbers began to dwindle down by the minute, people so desperate to see ARC play, began calling the guys individually asking if tickets were available online. It was a type of popularity and admiration that

the band doesn’t feel at every show, but judging by their recent performances, it’s something the band will become very familiar with, very soon. Calling the show a success would be an understatement; leaning back in his chair with a smile on his face, Max proudly says that the guys “nailed it”. Musically, the band has grown exponentially, and much of this is accredited to their time with Mark Bryan, Grammy award winning, founding member and former lead guitarist of a little, Columbia-grown band, Hootie & The Blowfish. The boys took a weeklong break from the sweltering summer heat that is so characteristic of Columbia, to join Mark at his home in Bulls Bay, Charleston. Escaping the sounds and pandemonium of Columbia, the guys spent the week tediously rehearsing in Mark’s studio along with the occasional alcohol infused boat ride, which one night led to all 5 of the band members thinking they could swim the Intercoastal Waterway… during the darkest hours of the night. But when the boys weren’t out on, or rather in, the Atlantic, they were exhaustively rehearsing in the studio. For a band that relies so heavily on their improvisational live shows, playing in

a structured fashion was completely unheard of. But there’s no denying that the time spent with Mark in his studio changed the band’s sound and their way of playing. The band that was once a pure jam style free for all has discovered it’s mature sound through the structure and demanded perfection of Mark Bryan. “Meeting Mark has changed our band forever,” says Max. As the band grew closer to Mark they also began growing closer to their musicwhere it comes from, what it means, and above all else how to translate their passion for music into an entity that can be shared with and experienced by others. “He got the best out of us and it didn’t even seem like business, we were just hanging out,” explains Patrick. The natural fluidity of ARC’s music corresponds with each of the guy’s inherent ease at communicating and networking themselves. When the guys received backstage passes from Mark for the Hootie & The Blowfish concert on Daniel Island, the 60 business cards they had brought with them were given away in less than 15 minutes. Each of the guys has a background in some type of business or managerial field, which is wholly evident by the way they articulate

in conversation and carry themselves. “We look at the band as a business, with our product being the music,” explains Patrick. From just listening to the guys talk for a few minutes, it is especially apparent that they take this band seriously- it’s what they love, it’s what they’re good at, and it’s where their future lies. When asked where they see themselves 10 years from now, they didn’t miss a beat- with bright eyes and ear to ear grins, the wheels began turning in each of their minds as they imagined what their future could look like if they kept pushing steady on this prevailing path. “We wanna go the distance,” Patrick describes, “I wanna tour and play our music in front of thousands of people. We wanna be big.” The guys jokingly compare themselves to the rockers of the 70’s- playing huge shows, trashing hotel rooms, and living the dream. ARC reveals that they’re more than ready to take their music on the road, they’re a group of young guys with bottled up eagerness and excitement, ready to burst at any minute. “We wanna ‘wow’ people,” says Max, “we’re all doing this because we want to and we want to have fun, but we wanna do it right, we want to come out of this big.” Summer 2013 | 7

If you had asked the band this question a year ago, their response would have been entirely different. ARC is now operating on a higher level, they’ve paid their dues in the studio with big-time executives and musical influences. They’ve rubbed elbows with some of music’s most legendary personalities like Doc McGee who got his hands on their EP and is excited to see where the boys will go from here, and they’ve produced a tangible representation of their music to be held in the hands of thousands. That was last year’s goal, and they’ve passed that with flying colors. The next thing to check off of the list is to expand their reach outside of the confines of Columbia. With the help of ARC’s loyal fans and with a little bit of the boys’ infamous charm and networking, the band completed a successful Kickstarter campaign. The campaign, which is designed to put fans in control of the music, allows for those who pledge money to become involved with the success of the music. The band set their goal at $4,000 but instead raised $4,467- 111% of their initial target. Patrick spent 6 hours building the band’s Kickstarter website, which includes an original video created by who else? – Themselves. “It’s pretty bad ass,” says Dave, “it shows our goofy personality and the crowd’s energy.” For now, the guys (along with Taylor’s black lab, Marley) spend their days working, studying and jamming out at their polygon shaped elevated home in Hopkins, the “ARCdagon” as they like to call it. With a strong fan base that the boys like to describe as “rowdy”, a new EP soon to drop, and a fall schedule that has them playing at colleges across the state, Atlas Road Crew has risen far above their days of playing on the back porch of the SAE house. As the pieces begin to fall in place for the guys of ARC, they sit back and keep doing what they do best, making music. 

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new record out later this year!

Summer 2013 | 9


Weaving the Fate – Destined for Awesomeness Written by: Matt Finethy

Photos by: Sean Rayford


fter the success of Hootie and Blowfish and Crossfade, what is the next great band to come out of the city of Columbia? There may be a debate but an overwhelming majority of people will say Weaving the Fate, formally known as Villanova, and still referred to many as the same name. A band with a great variety of rock, funk, and knock your socks off hip-hop, the band provides a mix for all ears and all ages. Weaving the Fate is made up of a mix of some great musical characters of the Columbia music scene. The front man Brian Conner better known as BC is the man with magical vocals and guitar skills to bend the sole. On bass guitar we have Bobby “Dredd” Guider with the Schecter bass to put you into the groove in any location at any time. With the killer drums, we have Jeremy “Finesse” Robinson. And last, but not at all least, on the wheels of steel and keys, DJ Able 1. The mix of amazing talent is one that forms an indescribable sound. The band was formed in 2005 under the original name Villanova. Two years later in October of 2007, their first full length album called “Make Noise” produced songs such as Slade Stone, Player’s Life, and Better Deal. It was the beginning of a great music career for the band. With an encore to this first act, the band had to step up it’s game to a whole new level. In 2010 the album “Things I Have to Say” was released with much anticipation. This album went on to create two major hit songs, Str8 to the Bottom and Hard to be Around. After the release of this album you could say Villanova spread like wildfire from the southeast to the rest of continental America, “From South Carolina to California.” This new found fame caught the attention of Universal Records and scored the band a record deal with one of the largest labels in the United States. Soon after the record label signing, the band formally known as Villanova was no more. It was made known to the the public at a concert in Columbia known as Homegrown on April 9th, 2011 that the band will be changing its name and in August of the same year it was announced that Weaving the Fate was the new name. Soon after all the announcements the band went to L.A. to work with Howard Benson. Some of the bands Benson has worked with include Three Days Grace, Flyleaf, My Chemical Romance, Theory of a Deadman, Skillet, Seether, Papa Roach, and P.O.D. After much time and effort in the studio, WTF the EP was born. The tracks off this album are an updated version of Str8 to the Bottom, The Fall, Fading Star, another fellow Universal Record label mate Tyga’s Rack City, and Drink and Party. A few high points for Weaving the Fate’s career include opening for Evanessance. Playing at the Carolina’s biggest rock show “Carolina Rebellion” in 2012 with national acts including Shinedown, Korn, and 5 Finger Death Punch. They also played an extended tour with other Columbia national act, Crossfade. For everything you need to know about Weaving the Fate, check out the Weaver’s of Fate Official Fan Page on facebook.

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Summer 2013 | 11

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Summer 2013 | 13

Interview with Weaving the Fate Photos by: Sean Rayford

How was the band formed? BC: I guess it started with me and bobby. I approached him at Group Therapy in 5 points. [a bar in downtown Columbia] That was the place we all hungout at the time. I always saw him in a reggie and funk bands while I was in high school and was like hey that mans got a thick sound; it would be cool to get together with him. Some of the songs I have been writing, thinking in that funky way. I finally got the courage up and approached him. I was like yo man I gotta holla at ya. He was like yah olla at me whenever man. Bobby:

6 months later!!

BC: It took me a minute, then we started jamming out at his house. We had a drummer for a while but that didn’t work out. He really didn’t have what we were looking for. Bobby: He wasn’t funky enough for us! Nice guy though BC: One day we were playing up in this club in Clemson, SC. Able is from Easley [South Carolina] which is like 45 minutes from Clemson. So he was up there DJing. We knew him from here. He went to college down here and was at Manifest Disc and Tapes [a music store in Columbia, SC] for a while. We knew him from that. So we asked him have you ever been in a rock band. He said no but he would give it a try. Bobby: Once we heard him we both went outside and said we have got to get him! BC: There was one gig and our drummer 14 | Revolution Amplified Magazine

couldn’t make it. I was like do you know any drummers and he was like yea so we tried this dude out. Jeremy learned 30 songs in an hour. So y’all have had a lot of success. What has been your favorite part of success? What has been the highlight of your career?

seeing Slash from here to that table. Bobby: Just looking over and seeing him eating a sandwich BC: He eats sandwiches like everybody else. How do you feel about people thinking that way about y’all?

Bobby: Just being able to actually get out there and do it is a blessing. The fact we get to go to other parts of the country where people have never seen us and get love and respect and people love the music and they know the songs and go crazy. We also get to meet some of our idols like Slash, Korn, and Five Finger Death Punch. We also get to play in front of 50,000 people and just being able to go out and meet new people. That is just what I love personal about it.

Bobby: It’s interesting man. We are just regular dudes. We are fortunate to be able to do this. It’s about the fans. We never take an egotistical stance and don’t talk to the fans. We just sit down and relate to the people. The only reason we have gotten this far is because of our fan base. Our fans put us on the map by requesting our songs on the radio. Just people loving the music and coming out the shows. Sold out shows.

Who is your dream artist to work with?

What advice would you give to up and coming bands?

Bobby: We have a lot Prince, Red Hot Chilli Peppers BC: Michael Bolton Everyone:

Kenny G.

What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened on tour? Bobby: I pled the 5th on that. We just got off the Jägermeister tour so every night was crazy. We had a lot of fun in Syracuse, New York. We have some friends up there. They had a big bon fire for us. Abel: Probably at Carolina Rebellion and

Bobby: Don’t stop doing it no matter what. If someone tells you, you can’t do it or change you style, don’t. If you passionate enough about anything you can make it. It’s about putting the work in. then you rest on it all. Once you get to a certain point, that’s not ooo I made it. You gotta keep going cuz you want to make it to the next level. You can always advance yourself. You never wanna give up. Be persistent. You don’t want to give up on yourself when things get rough in your personal life, or home life, or with the band (people come in or you break up). You gotta keep it moving.

BC: I would also add there is a misconception that business side is more important than the arts side. We will agree that business side is important. You definitely need to know you business but people say that business side more important than the music side and that’s a bunch of bullshit. You have to practice you music to where you unstoppable. It’s all about the songs. Like if you want to get a business manager that handles all of that stuff. Be aware of your business and everything but it’s all about the art. Don’t ever stop. Play your instrument 8 hours a day. You really need to focus on you vocals. Don’t worry about selling cd’s or whatever the fuck people trying to get you to do. It’s all about writing the song that connects with the listeners, thats how you really do it. It’s all about the music. Its kind by accident. You do it because you love it and it just so happens everyone else loves it too. Bobby: Once you get to the level we are at you definitely need to know your business. Read some books about contracts and lawyers. Learn you business. If your good your gonna have all kinds of people coming at you. A lot of them are going to be Charlottens that are going to tell you this and tell you that and you will be out there touring and playing and the next thing you know your ass is broke. You have to pay attention to that side as well. It’s not much of the fun side. Learn your music get your craft down first once you get to a certain point then be studying your music and business at the same time. We all know touring is extremely important but just how important is it? Bobby: it’s essential. You gotta do that. if your music is great at a certain time its gonna peek. You gotta get outside your comfort zone. You going to have to get out of Columbia or wherever your at and go to these big cities and small towns and clubs and let people know that you’re out there. Live shows make the music real to me. When they can actually come up, sit down and talk to you or give you a hug, buy you a beer or share a joke or take a picture. That means something to me. You gotta get out there and touch the people. Jeremy: You never know what they have been through. Its always good to go out there. You may have someone that comes up to you and say man your song changed my life. Something changeable to them is you being there.

What’s the hardest thing the bands been through? Bobby: We have lost important family members. Jeremy’s a cancer survivor. We have been through a lot man. We take those experiences. That’s how we grow. We take that and put it into our music. We put that passion into the music. How has this changed your lives? Bobby: It’s been great man. It’s great to get out there and see more of the world. Definitely get to see more of the country. Met some great people. Met some great contacts. Also killer bands. Met a lot of new fans. Seen a lot of new faces. Played in some legendary places. Some places we have played in Motley Crue has played there, Nonpoint has played there, Mushroom Head has played there, and all these great bands. Just to be able to stand on the same stage is phenomenal for us. Jeremy: That and knowing that there are people out there that share the same love of music. They might not be able to play but they love the music. How is being signed to a record label different than being a local band? Bobby: Well it gives you a bigger platform. They may be able to get you down certain avenues you couldn’t be able to get in yourself. It’s definitely a good look. It will open more doors but that doesn’t define who you are. Buts it’s a good platform to take to help get you to the next level. Jeremy: The work load doesn’t get any smaller. Bobby: No it doesn’t Jeremy: If anything you have to work harder. Especially when you get on a major deal. You have to think about the other bands on this roster and you’re the new guy. You have to prove yourself each and every day and every time you go out. You have to stay relevant.

Don’t ever stop. Play your instrument 8 hours a day. Don’t worry about selling cd’s or whatever the fuck people are trying to get you to do. It’s all about writing the song that connects with the listeners, thats how you really do it. It’s all about the music! ~B.C. and Bobby Weaving the Fate

Summer 2013 | 15

16 | Revolution Amplified Magazine

So how was it working with Howard Benson? Bobby: It was an honor. To be honest with you he was the coolest most down to earth producer I have every worked with. He is an honest guy. If he doesn’t like something he will tell you. If he likes something he will bring the best out in you. He really captured the whole sound; we had a lot going on with our sound, so he captured the whole sound. That some of the best recording that I have done personally. He just captured our sound perfectly. BC: He had no ego either. With some people if they have a little success if can go to their head and they kind of have the ego about them and can boss you around and stuff in the studio. He was totally laid back. I mean if anyone should have an ego it should be him because of all the bands he worked with but yet he is as cool as a cucumber. He is just totally laid back. He’s a nice dude. Abel:

It was a learning experience

that’s for sure. So now I have some fun questions! Did you mean to come up with WTF when coming up with Weaving the Fate? Was that your intentions? BC: [BC shaking his head] At one point is was gonna to be weaving of fate because that was the song it was actually named after. It was called weaving of fate. It was one of my brothers song and then we came to the conclusion and after to talk to some friends and stuff to call it weaving the fate: 1. Because it rolled off the tongue and 2. The abbreviations were quite humorous. So is all yall every do is drink and party? Bobby: On this last tour that’s all we did! The Jägermeister tour was crazy. Jägermeister has been good to us though. We would love to go on another tour with them though. Abel: We may need to do a powerade tour after this last one! 

Summer 2013 | 17

The Kick Off to Spring Music, Food, and Drink Written by: Josh Riggins Photos by: Marlin Carpenter


reat music, alcohol, awesome food, lots of people, and a guaranteed good time; this is the definition of St. Patrick’s Festival in 5 Points. The feel good atmosphere of the St. Pat’s Fest draws thousands of people each year, to hear and see a mixture of local, as well as big name bands perform on numerous stages scattered around the 5 Points area while enjoying great food and an ice cold beverage.

This year one of the more popular local bands, Death of Paris, got the awesome opportunity to be the opening band on the main stage. From the moment the first note was played the crowd roared with enthusiasm. They managed to keep the crowd’s excitement up, and even maintained involvement by doing things such as, bringing on a guest to play tambourine during one of their songs. The atmosphere and good vibes put off from their performance left the crowd screaming and begging for more as the show drew to an ending.

18 | Revolution Amplified Magazine

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The festival kept people entertained with everything ranging from great music to the big ass turkey leg the guy next to you was eating. They provided a range of music from local bands, such as Capital City Playboys (Rockabilly), Jahson (Reggae), and Ben G. (Rap), as well as tons of artists from nearly all types of genres. They also provided music from national acts, such as Chevelle, Foxy Shazam, and Eve to Adam. The festival also had food choices from numerous vendors, as well as a variety of cultures. When things started to heat up and people started to become parched for thirst, they had vendors set up for alcohol, sodas, water, and other assortments of drinks, as well as the majority of the bars in the area were open for your service.

The 5 Points St. Pat’s Fest is an excellent opportunity for any and all local music ranging from every genre. The amount of people attending offers bands with even the smallest of fan base a chance to get their names out there and grow in a numerous amount of ways. The festival is not a set genre of music, therefore any genre can perform the genre of their choosing and provide music for audiences who may, or may not like the style of genre they are playing. The 5 Points association provides advertisement for the bands and performers in ways that most local music groups would not be able to achieve on their own. They also encourage crowds to check out and explore new music and merchandise from all artists at the festival by spreading out the stages to the majority of the area.

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By the end of the day most people end up leaving the festival feeling sunburnt, a little tipsy, (possibly wasted for some of the partiers), and had their guns loaded up with all new music and gear to listen to and share with their friends and families. The St. Patrick’s Day Festival in 5 Points is one of the more entertaining festivals Columbia provides for us, and an experience one will never forget. The atmosphere and opportunities for everyone attending to hear a variety of good music from a mixture of genres is not something people should pass up. ď ľ

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