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Choose your own rainfall with Ocmis

Chris Robbertse is very pleased with his Ocmis. It suits his circumstances like a glove. Here he is seen with his maize which is ready for making silage.


erfect irrigation for his maize production was what Chris Robbertse from Rustenburg was looking for, and the answer was the willing Ocmis hose reel irrigator from Irrigation Unlimited. “The first quality that impressed me was the fact that it takes only thirty minutes to move, set up and uncoil the irrigator to irrigate a strip of 60 m to 90 m wide by 300 m long for the R2/2 and 50 m to 70 m wide by 220 m long for the R1/1. When moving quickcoupling pipes, it may well take up to two and a half hours before the first droplets can be applied. “With my water pressure of 7,8 bars, I can also determine exactly how much water I want to place on my field,” says Chris. Minimum pressure required is 5 bars.

man who knows how to keep a farmer satisfied. He listens to my ideas and remarks, and he acted very professionally when he delivered and set up the irrigator.” According to Chris, the Ocmis needs the bare minimum of maintenance, but, as with any other farming equipment, it will serve you better if you look after it properly. “If you only service and lubricate your irrigator punctually, if you see to it that the irrigator stands in a level position while working, and if you always roll out the hose perpendicularly to the reel, the Ocmis will provide you with perpetual pleasure,” Chris says.

“Presently, the Ocmis sprayer cart covers 20 metres per hour to apply 40 mm of water. In total, I provide 56 760 litres an hour with a nozzle of 26 mm. The sprayer reaches 51 metres.” A square spray pattern “I could have erected a pivot, but as my existing fields are square shaped, the Ocmis was a better choice because I can thoroughly irrigate and utilise every corner of each field. Presently, I irrigate 30 hectares of maize, but the Ocmis can easily irrigate 40 hectares. I am definitely going to buy an additional irrigator to also earn money from the fields planned for the future,” says Chris. “Tobie from Irrigation Unlimited is a

Chris demonstrates how he can choose various settings to apply precisely the desired amount of water for his crops. Contact Tobie van den Heever at +27-12-736-2121 or +27-82-6586054 or or visit for more information on their extensive range of irrigation equipment.

ProAgri Zambia 01

October 2015


ProAgri Zambia 01  

ProAgri Zambia 01

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