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Join me for a summary of my design work that highlights the skills I gained during my college career...

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n E composition

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design process

academ ic 2004-2009

University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning Cincinnati, OH Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, 3.4 GPA on a 4.0 scale


*Participated in the Professional Practice Co-op Program alternating quarters of college study with quarters of professional work in the field of Interior Design


Pike High School Indianapolis,IN Academic Honors, 3.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale

professio n al 2008 co-op (6 months)

Goettsch Partners Chicago, IL

2007 co-op (6 months)

F.A. Hunter & Associates Atlanta,GA

2006 co-op (6 months)

Corporate Design

responsibilities: creating and managing furniture data sheets, organizing finishes, photoshop rendering, and assembling a hyperlinked digital document for design presentation, managing various test-fit exercises knowledge & skills gained: understanding of the importance of programming in the design process, understanding of time management in relation to what is most expedient for the project

Hospitality Design

responsibilities: creating and coordinating construction documents, assisting with design deci sions, finish and furniture selection, space planning, signage design knowledge & skills gained: space planning, experience selecting appropriate materials and furniture for interiors, budgeting, understanding of client/designer/contractor relationships

Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart Atlanta,GA

Corporate Design

responsibilities creating and coordinating construction documents, assisting in selection and responsibilities: management of finishes, assembling finish presentation boards, some marker rendering and field verifiation knowledge & skills gained: interior detailing, coordination of details with elevations, sections and other construction documents, finish selection

*references references available upon request




composition I’ve developed the ability to compose information, ideas, graphics, materials, and words in whatever form they are required, including anything from verbal and graphic presentations to written reports.


mArlEnA BAnks *re 317.370.8878 ces av ail ab le up on req ue st

fer en

I’m good at finding the concept, or governing strategy, necessary to build a design upon, unify elements, or organize information. I also understand that a concept can be as concrete as a list of goals or as abstract as a piece of crumpled paper.

design process I understand that in order to create effective design solutions it is necessary to use research and analysis of the client, user, goals and precedents to construct a firm foundation upon which a conceptual strategy can be built. The conceptual strategy then becomes a stable reference point for all design decisions and ultimately leads to the winning solution. This is the design process I’ve learned and applied in both educational and professional environments.

miscellaneous Adobe InDesign/Illustrator/Photoshop CS4, AutoCAD 2004-2007, FormZ, Microsoft Office, marker & Photoshop rendering, creating hyperlinked pdf documents & graphic layouts, drawing & sketching

= concept lysis ana research +


composit ion

client desires: • updated furnishings • color • within budget

dull, outdated interior seeks


Glen Cove Hotel & Conference Center Lounge F.A. Hunter and Associates �Fall 2007

desires met, client satisďŹ ed. This was a small project over which I was given leadership under the supervision of a senior interior designer. I was given a budget and list of client desires for the space from which I began selecting furnishings. I selected a number of schemes and submitted them along with their pricing perameters to the client. The client chose the composition below and absolutely loved it for their space. It was a very successful interior selection and my ďŹ rst opportunity to have responsibility for a professional project.

click on a location

select an item

see an enlarged floor plan with furniture options

Jenner & Block Chicago Office Relocation Goettsch Partners �Spring 2008

see the cutsheet

*Hyperlinked pdf created in Adobe InDesign

big client, major presentation. When given the responsibility of creating the ancillary furniture presentation for one of our major clients, I chose to create this hyperlinked pdf document. Within it, I composed the several oor plan and furniture options, furniture cutsheets and overall design progress. I operated the presentation while a partner gave the verbal presentation. It went very well.


ks ban a n rle

a by m

Hi I’m Concept, I’ll be your guide today.

Hi I’m Design, so nice to meet you.

Great, well just follow me and you won’t get lost. If you have any questions... just ask.

what a DREAMboat! I think we’re made for each other...


ospel, then g n a rb u f o re n e g l for the create a music labe for that label. x o b y sk ry u x lu a design


going against the grain...

“U p Ele strea cti m ve usic Stu ”L dio u �S xury um Sky me box r2 00 Desi gn 8

*images FormZ generated, hand traced & rendered using marker & colored pencil


1st floor: entertainment

viewing area









the “bar”

In order to uphold the integrity of the music label I was challenged to find a way to go against the program’s bar requirement. I decided to let the “bar” be more of a social zone where delicious, non-alcoholic drinks would be displayed while not being the total focus of the space.


2nd floor oor:: business (viewing area below)






*plans generated in Auto CAD

swimming upstream... flexible conference room

One of the major tenants of today’s Urban Gospel music today is the encouraging people to rebel against the evil ways of the world by living a godly lifestyle. This made the concept of “going against the grain” the perfect base upon which to create the name and graphic representation of the label as well as the floor plan and other architectural features of the space.

what t

he clie

nt said :

“The im a signag ge weʼre tr y e is sle in ek, hip g to convey , and s with o u ophisti cated.. r new cafeʼs .”

what I heard:

“Can you just make it look like Starbucks...but not?”

* signage designed and dimensioned for construction using Adobe Illustrator

Holiday Inn Airport Jacksonville, FL Signage F.A. Hunter & Associates �Spring 2007

“Essence Fine Southern Cuisine” Restaurant Design Studio �Winter 2007

great food live music chill lounge

southern hospitality


Essence Fine Southern Cuisine

rt o f m o C rn e h t u o S ʼ Good ol



upstairs dining


(stage below)

dining (entry below)

main level n


c kit

N try en

main entry

lounge stage

entry *images FormZ generated, hand traced & rendered using marker & colored pencil

this poem is entitled... The


Process ks

ar by m

n a ba len

hello, nice to meet you...oh really? thatʼs what we do, what do you need? oh yeah weʼre good at those. letʼs get started, whatʼs your budget? we can handle that. whatʼs your vision? goals? how will you use it? how will they use it?

research research research analysis brainstorm concept direction...


Is this right? yes? no? ok. oh...revise, yes? nailed it! next...

implement schematic big picture not too specific estimate feedback...

excited? us too.

letʼs get technical now, details, can it work? will it work? how much? you said how much?!


cut back, make it work, improvise evalute, present. still a little pricey, nice though...



refine refine refine...


remember goals go over it again and again and again...sigh...

presentation. yes? no? yes!

permit it perfect it construct it observe

they built what!? change order, soooo not in our drawings, fix it, weʼre not paying for it, oops,

eat it, bitter, move on, punch list, check off, move in, love it?--one small problem, ok two, just three, weʼll fix it, overall? hate it? love it? love it! good times, letʼs do it again, tell a friend?

celebrate, take a break, breathe again...start...again.

There once was a group of Christians in America that had a vision to change the lives of people in need. They started a ministry that empowered these people to take control of their lives by learning and practicing key Biblical principles. The people they helped became successful and gave millions to the cause. The cause turned into CAMP EDEN: a multi-functional Christian center where potential is cultivated and true prosperity is achieved.

People from every background come here to learn, fellowship, volunteer, get inspired, and become empowered. The camp’s core users are those who come to learn the Word of God and understand how to apply it to their lives in order to develop self-sufficiency and achieve prosperity. These users enroll in the 9-month training program and either live at the camp or commute while taking classes. In addition to these users, others include counselors, staff, visitors, and children. All users are involved in different public and private areas of the camp depending on their reason for coming. The goal for the environment of CAMP EDEN is to help cultivate the potential within every person who sets foot within its boundaries.


Senior Project �Interior Architectural Design �2008-2009

Join me as I take you on the journey

of my senior project which included the programming, design, and construction documentation of CAMP EDEN, the Christian education and community center of Cincinnati, OH. With this project, I was both the client and designer...tough task.

Hereʼs thewith scoop... 1st meeting “client”... Plant the Heavens Ministry Alliance is a national ministry that started on the streets of the U.S. helping homeless and disadvantaged individuals by teaching them Biblical principals to practice in order to take control of their lives.

“hereʼs the scoop...” Plant the Heavens Ministry Alliance project: Christian Adult Education and Family Community Center program: classrooms, dorms, cafe, library, meeting places main functions: Bible training, residence, community presence we are:



“Basically, people from every background come here

to learn, fellowship, volunteer, get inspired, and become empowered. The camp’s core users are those who come to learn the Word of God and understand how to apply it to their lives in order to develop self-sufficiency and achieve prosperity. These users enroll in the 9-month training program and either live at the camp or commute while taking classes. In addition to these users, others include counselors, staff, visitors, and children. All users are involved in different public and private areas of the camp depending on their reason for coming. The goal for the environment of CAMP EDEN is to help cultivate the potential within every person who sets foot within its boundaries.”





12 resident students


6 resident counselors

helping commuting counselors


18 resident children

prospering applying


fellowshipping visitors

“our goals are to...” shine: stand out and allow the community to see whatʼs going on inside attract: encourage community habitation of the campgrounds and interior exhibit: show off and encourage godly living innovate: be like nothing thatʼs been done before multiply: be a model for all other CAMP EDENʼs placed around the world studying achieving 6 camp managers

5 greeters

12 commuting students

precedents: preceden Montefiore Childrenʼs Hospital imaginative and uninstitutional design

NYU Dpmt. of Philosophy similar program features

Pacific Garden Mission similar client & program type

UC College of DAAP;

community space & atmosphere

design issues & themes stability accessibility

bringing out potential separation

low operational cost privacy



space planning

Camp office

Meditation Station

Oasis Cafe


Area Type public

Users All users


Adult Dorm

Youth Dorm

Counselor Dorm Laundry

Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment (4) Heavy Duty Washers (4) Heavy Durty Dryers

ease/comfort indoor environmental air quality uninstitutional circulation therapaeutic security

water conservation

Counselor Study

space criteria & analysis


site selection & analysis COURT



traffic levels



35 MPH

heavy & fast












recent renovation

Lincoln Community Center


2nd level


new main level




original main level


visitor access


vehicular access

bus stop

pedestrian access

existing night lighting

site selection & analysis

N 36

dents for this ce re p t n va le re on g much research s and estabin d o e d e n t, ʼ n rs ie cl se u e s th u ith vario cilafter meeting w researching the s, e su is for this type of fa n s g ce si a e d sp y f o ke m g ra in ntify prog facility type, ide veloping a solid e d s, e m e th n g desi lishing necessary


.. . n g i s e d o t n a g e b y l l a n fi I , te si a g n si o ity, and cho

entry, cafe, headquarters, backyard, meditation station, camp ofďŹ ce, gardens

adult dorm, youth dorm, study areas, nursery

counselor dorm and counselor study

Phase 1:

putting the program into the shell

The program included private areas (adult, children, & counselor dorms, classrooms), and public areas (cafe, meeting areas, camp ofďŹ ce) which had to be reconciled within this massive building shell. My solution was to use the concept of gradiation to separate public and private areas with semi-public transition zones while taking advantage of the architectural boundaries already provided by the existing character of the shell.

Phase 2:

exhibition and attraction

After delegating public and private areas to their respective parts of the building, I had to remember the goals of the client of standing out and attracting. In order for the activity of the facility to stand out, transparency of the building’s facade had to be achieved. The existing facade was very closed and private. I proposed opening up the facade with glazing and populating the front with the most public spaces of the program. This produced activity up front which would easily attract visitors, thereby accomplishing two goals of the client.

*Site model generated using FormZ

Phase 3:

how does it look

Taking cues from the site’s context and the spirit of CAMP EDEN’s mission, the first round of conceptual thinking centered around CAMP EDEN being this living thing growing through the cracks of a “dead” environment. The entry experience became a transition from the concrete jungle outside to the interior oasis thriving within. Considering the use of innovative materials inspired by the camp’s mission was also a priority.

longitudinal section through main floor

main floor plan walking up existing feature ramp

main entry


g Phot

s *image


d, hand

or AC

erate AD gen

usin ndered e r & d ce


learning zone entry

Phase 4:

refining the aesthetic

The biggest criticism of the aesthetic solution at this point was that it was still not meeting all of the client’s goals. Although it was attractive and used innovative materials, it was not yet thoroughly exhibiting the great things the camp had to offer. The challenge was to exhibit this Christian ministry in a way that wasn’t expected. I had to find a voice for this ministry that wasn’t confined to the walls of conventional religious ornamentation but that would be true to its ideals, foundation, and goals. The client knew they didn’t want to see crosses and stained glass, they just didn’t know what they did want to see. I had to find that for them.

considering ways to exhibit the prayer, study, and teamwork involved in the curriculum... existing wall to become

ex ist in


a l l to

win become full


attra ctive





all w w

a leaf section provides inspiration

using CAMP EDENʼs “rock” foundation, Bible scripture, to ornament the space.

“the work of CAMP EDEN is founded on the Word of God...if anything epitomizes the Word and work of God, CAMP EDEN efinitely does.”

“Come to me all you who are weary...”

ramp entry

longitudinal section showing bentwood feature wall

exterior view

occupiable bentwood feature wall

bentwood, live plants and carved stone accomplish the aesthetic

a more reďŹ ned concept and a little more inspiration...

feature wall aesthetic entry exhibition ideas

NYU Dpmt. of Philosophy, Steve Holl

Belzec Memorial

exhibit display details 3”=1ʼ0”

main floor rcp fragment nts

cross section detail nts

Phase 5:

main floor plan fragment nts

construction documents

Construction documentation and final interior design were focused only on the entry experience. By focusing on such a small fragment of the facility, I was able to go into much more detail of how important aspects of the design should be constructed. This phase involved thorough documentation of exterior as well as interior conditions.

final solution...

reception area: exhibiting Godʼs goodness and what the camp has to offer

ramp exhibits people taking part in the camp and serves as a transition space into major public areas of the camp

open and attractive

ut o s d n sta e d a c a r f o i t r n e e t r n i a ng i t i transp b i h x e e l i h w t nigh

d day an activity

As you can see, the final design for CAMP EDEN met and exceeded the clientʼs desires for their

space to shine their light on their community, attract people in, exhibit what they had to offer, be innovative and a great example to be multiplied to other locations. The final solution is both beautiful and functional while epitomizing the clientʼs vision.

The following presentation

tells the story of what I learned and designed during a crash course in retail design and branding administered to my studio by design professionals from FRCH Design Worldwide. First I learned their process, then I used it to design a brand and retail environment that absolutely nailed the needs of our consumer: 18-24 year old college student; Cincinnati, OH From this experience, I gained the knowledge and confidence to create successful brands or any design solution because it taught me the value of thoroughly understanding the consumer, the user, the client.

(By the way...this compositionʼs aesthetic is inpsired by the character of

the advertisements the consumer.)

and flyers I studied in order to learn about

“Switch” Branding and Environment Design Retail Studio: Proctored by FRCH Design Worldwide �Winter 2008




What made this project such a success was the wealth of information found in the consumer research. I chose to consult the mind of the 18-24 year old college student in Cincinnati, Ohio by studying the hundreds of advertisements and yers this consumer posted all around campus in addition to the research conducted from a prior exercise. From these I gleaned the information above and the perfect name for this user group: “Young and In Transition.â€?

composing the


From analysis of the research I discovered that this consumer group is just trying to advance further in life. Therefore, I composed the brand “Switch� using images, words and concepts that spoke to this need and offered this poor consumer the solution: advance by education, exhibition, and exchange along the premise of interdependence.

*Image FormZ generated, hand traced & rendered using Adobe Photoshop


storefront concept

The next part of the story is telling the consumer more about the brand by the enticement of the storefront. The storefront is the the answer to the consumer’s love of personal expression and advertisement through digital media and offers them freedom to make their voice and their needs visible.

paling the


Every successful brand knows it’s competition as well as who it is and who it is not. Switch is not a garage sale, flea market, or internet business. It’s a dynamic retail venue for face to face contact with people and their “stuff”. This composition of images on these pages helps convey this idea.


and services

A retail store is more than what it sells. This consumer demands a cool retail environment inside and outside of the actual store that allows them access to more than one stimulating and rewarding experience. Compositionally, this advertisement to our consumer had to include the added beneďŹ ts of shopping at Switch.

*Floor Plan drawn in AutoCAD & rendered using Adobe Photoshop

ďŹ nally


*Image FormZ generated, hand traced & rendered using Adobe Photoshop

*Image FormZ generated, hand traced & rendered using Adobe Photoshop



not least


ng! i w e i for v u o y Thank

mArlEnA BAnks


To God, the Master Designer, and Jesus His Son, you are and always will be


M.Banks Portfolio of Skills  
M.Banks Portfolio of Skills  

Here is a graphic summary of my creative skills illustrated by design work I did while in college.