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June 2013 | Volume 1 // Issue 1 DIVISION 19 SOUTH | REGION 8 | CALI-NEV-HA | KEY CLUB

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Welcome to the first newsletter of D19 South! This newsletter is here to recognize all of the hard work that you have done and will do! Right now we do not have real articles, BUT you can change that! This newsletter will contain anything members submit. You can control what we put inside of this present to the Division. In order to submit an article or pictures, please send the information to the News Editor Email: Please send all submissions before the 15th of every month. In addition to articles, we can also use the Newsletter as a tool to let other clubs know what you are doing. Send emails to our editors stating dates of volunteer events, fundraisers, and socials so that everybody is kept updated! For this month, you will find information about the Division Leadership Team and goals from a few of your board members. I urge you to take the time to get to know the people in this newsletter and the people around you, so you can make new friends. I believe that you get what you give in Key Club. If you give a few kind words to someone, then you will receive some back. There is a gamut of kind people in Key Club that will want to be your friend! If you do not think that, talk to the people in this newsletter and you will definitely find a new best friend! I hope you enjoy this newsletter and the many more to come!

Jeena Chon 

  


Personal Profile: o My name is Jeena Chon, I have been in the leadership family throughout my middle school years and I have been volunteering in and outside my community for as long as I can remember. The most supportive people in my life are my family and my friends because they encourage me to push beyond my own boundaries. I joined the Kiwanis Key Club family and instantly, I was introduced to a new world of volunteering and service. My whole life, I was interested in any form of art which increased my creativity. I played many instruments, which influenced me to do more and to do better. This process shaped me into the person I believe I am today: someone who is willing to do anything to change the community while working alongside a group of others who believe the same. Birthday: o January 19, 1997 Graduation Year: o 2015 Hidden Talents: o Amateur Barista; Baker; Designs Clothes Favorite Foods: o Milk Tea Boba; Ramen; Pasta

Jonic Mecija 

   

Personal Profile: o Hello! My name is Jonic Mecija, and I’m 16 years old. I’m from Carson California and I’m a junior at Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy and I am very quiet at first, but very sociable when I get to know someone. I love the spirit of key club! I’m honored to be Division 19 South’s Executive Assistant and I look forward to a fun and productive year. Birthday: o March 12, 1997 Graduation Year: o 2015 Hidden Talents: o Dj; Dancer; Plays Basketball Favorite Foods: Spam; Rice; Noodles; Burgers; Chipotle

Kayla Quiday 

   

Personal Profile: o I’ve known this organization since my 7th grade year in middle school. I fell in love for the Kiwanis Family instantly. I went to a few DCMs as well in my middle school year. I felt welcomed and I felt like I belonged. I sound really corny when I say that this club, this organization, this ohana has saved my life and helped me strive for things I’ve always dreamed of. Key Club is one of many favorite hobbies I enjoy doing. For example, I am a varsity swimmer for my school, I cook and bake, I draw and paint, and I love to make people smile and make their lives better. And after joining Key Club, it hasn’t only helped me with my life, it helps me make a million waves of happiness for those who are in need. Birthday: o March 1, 1996 Graduation Year: o 2014 Hidden Talents: o Singing; Swimming; Can stay up late; Very Ambitious Favorite Foods: o All the food!

Mauricio Hayashi 

   

Personal Profile: o I am now a senior in high school, and when I’m not busy with school and helping others, I’m usually with friends or at home trying to kill time. Dancing is one of my passions, and I enjoy doing it with my friends, who also dance. Another hobby of mine is baking. When I’m at home and I don’t have anything to do, I usually start baking, which combines two of my favorite things: food, and making time pass by. Birthday: o August 10, 1996 Graduation Year: o 2014 Hidden Talents: o Dancer; Baker Favorite Foods: o Pasta; Sushi

 Do you plan on remaining an active member throughout the whole summer?!  What do you plan to achieve over the summer? Are you going to help save the lives of numerous children and mothers through numerous fundraisers for Project Eliminate and PTP?  Do you believe that we could raise a tremendous amount of money before Fall Rally 2013?!

 

 

Yes, and we will attempt to keep as many members active as possible over summer! I would love to help fundraise for project eliminate. I will be organizing beach cleanups and school projects and other events the best I can. I would love to get enough money for Fall Rally!!! - Drew Dates: President of Mira Costa

Not only will I be an active member, but I will also be an ever active president! My club and I have many aspirations we are working towards for the duration of summer. We plan to have at least one restaurant/food based fundraiser a month, while having physical activities such as car washes and sales once a month as well. Most money will be focused for Eliminate, while not overlooking PTP. I KNOW WE CAN RAISE A LOT OF MONEY BY FALL RALLY. My club is looking towards raising $1000 (or more) by Fall Rally. We are already well on our way to accomplishing that. - Janel Ancayan: President of North

 

I plan on being an active number throughout the whole summer. I plan to help save the lives of numerous children and mothers through numerous fundraisers for Project Eliminate and PTP. I also plan to help my fellow club board members in preparing for the upcoming school year.

I strongly believe that we can raise a tremendous amount of money before Fall Rally 2013. - Eliza Ordonez: Corresponding secretary of Carson

  

I plan on being an active board member and focusing on increasing the enthusiasm in our club for the school year! I am going to focus on building a stronger team in the summer so that the club I serve can start fresh and start off the school year strong! We're going to try our best! - Amie Fung: President of West



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D19S June Newsletter  
D19S June Newsletter  

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