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Where sea meets soul: Minehead’s allure captured in photographs.

Field Notes #1
Mark Stothard MA ARPS

Hi, I’m Mark, a semi-retired photographer, and for the past few years, I’ve been capturing social images of Minehead.

This zine is the visual diary of my daily life and its surroundings in Minehead, which is our coastal town brimming with character and charm. Through my lens, I share an intimate glimpse into the moments and scenes that inspire me. My approach to photography is rooted in the belief that practice refines skill, aligning with the idea of the rule of 100—consistent effort leads to improvement. However, I acknowledge that perfection is an elusive concept; there’s always room for growth and betterment.

My photographic journey isn’t confined to grand occasions or exotic locales. Instead, it’s embedded in the ordinary, everyday activities — going to the shop, visiting the beach, or walking the dog. This emphasis on the mundane highlights the beauty and significance found in daily life, urging viewers to appreciate their own surroundings more deeply.

The zine itself is a testament to my passion for Minehead. It’s an informal collection without a strict narrative, serving more as a spontaneous celebration of the place I love. Each page invites the audience to see Minehead through my eyes, capturing the essence of its community, landscapes, and fleeting moments.

For those intrigued by my work, this zine offers an interactive element: viewers can enlarge images by clicking on them or scanning a QR code. This feature ensures that every detail of Minehead’s charm is accessible, allowing readers to immerse themselves fully in the visual story I share.

mark@stothard.email www.markstothard.photography Tel. 01643 25 25 25



Nestled along the Somerset coast, Minehead Harbour is a picturesque haven where vibrant boats bob on tranquil waters. Its sheltered embrace offers solace to fishermen and pleasureseekers alike.

Framed by quaint cottages, it exudes maritime charm, beckoning visitors to savour its scenic beauty and maritime heritage.


The fishing boat Belinda Bee BM276, docked at Minehead Harbour, boasts a weathered charm against the coastal backdrop. Its sturdy hull, adorned with nets and gear, hints at countless voyages. A vessel steeped in maritime tales, it epitomizes the livelihoods and traditions of the local fishing community, a testament to resilience at sea.


The Lord Lieutenant for Somerset, Annie Maw, has officially revealed a clock tower in Minehead commemorating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Standing at 15 feet tall, this Victorian-style timepiece adorns the seafront, positioned opposite the West Somerset railway station.

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee clock tower on Minehead esplanade stands as a regal testament to Her Majesty’s enduring reign. Its elegant design, adorned with intricate carvings and gilded details, commands attention against the coastal backdrop. A timeless symbol of celebration and commemoration, it marks a milestone in royal history.


Walking the South West Coast Path offers a mesmerising journey along England’s southern shores. As the sun dips below the horizon, Minehead’s quaint harbour comes alive with hues of crimson and gold.

Pitching our tent, one can relish the tranquil beauty, the gentle lull of waves, and the salty breeze a perfect sanctuary amidst nature’s grandeur, marking the end of a day filled with coastal wonders.


In the hush of dawn’s embrace, I perch upon the weathered bench, a lone sentinel amid the whispers of the waking world. The Bristol Channel stretches before me like a tapestry of dreams, its waters painted in hues of tangerine and gold by the hand of the rising sun. In this moment, time holds its breath, as if awaiting the next stroke of the artist’s brush upon the canvas of the day.



Public overflowing rubbish bin in Station Yard car park, Minehead.

This design of rubbish bins are currently being replaced by the local council with larger recycle versions.


Urban environment transport within the community of Minehead


How does our life change, from the love letters and greeting cards we use to send, the phone box at the end of the road that we use to queue at in the rain, to CCTV keeping a eye on the safe communities, supporting police.


Urban environment transport within the community of Minehead.



In the charming coastal enclave of Minehead, nestled in the picturesque southwest English county of Somerset, a quaint May Day tradition unfurls: the spirited procession of a lavishly adorned hobby horse through the town’s thoroughfares.

The roots of this endearing custom remain shrouded in mystery, with the earliest documented mention tracing back to the year 1830.


Blenheim Garden Bandstand Minehead hosts several bands throughout the year.

The Jamestown Brothers apeared at the towns Steampunk Festival.


September 2021, Minehead in Somerset hosted a delightful fun fair that brought joy to locals and visitors alike. The vibrant atmosphere was filled with laughter, music, and the enticing aroma of fairground treats.

Thrilling rides like the Ferris wheel and bumper cars provided excitement for all ages, while game stalls challenged attendees with prizes to be won. Families enjoyed cotton candy and popcorn, creating cherished memories.

The fun fair in Minehead was a perfect blend of traditional charm and modern entertainment, leaving everyone with smiles and happy hearts.


On New Year’s Day, Minehead Beach hosts a charity swim for St Margaret’s Hospice Care. Hundreds of participants brave the icy Atlantic waters, raising funds for hospice services.

The event features swimmers in imaginative costumes, with all proceeds supporting specialist community nursing care



In Minehead, a thin fog hung low over the town, shrouding the railway line in a ghostly mist. The station, barely visible through the haze, seemed to emerge from another world, its features softened and blurred.

North Hill loomed faintly in the distance, its contours obscured by the clouds that clung to its slopes. The air was cool and damp, carrying the faint, mournful whistle of a distant train as it approached the fog-bound station.


Passenger carriages alongside the platform, waiting for their locomotive on the West Somerset Railway.


At Minehead Station, the Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) Class 115, rests quietly on the siding, showcasing its vintage charm.

Operated by the West Somerset Heritage Railway, this classic railcar, with its distinctive green and cream livery, evokes a nostalgic journey back to the golden age of British railways. The wellpreserved exterior gleams under the sun, standing as a testament to the dedicated efforts of railway enthusiasts who keep history alive on these heritage tracks.


Social images from the Somerset coastal town of Minehead by Mark Stothard.

All images are Copyright © Mark Stothard MA ARPS

Published May 2024

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Summerland Place

Minehead TA24 5BT

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