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THE new marketing tool!

The recent #ShareTheLoad campaign of Ariel shows a father doing laundry to help his working daughter; the hidden message being that household chores are gender-neutral. The #HerLifeHerChoices ad for a luxury watch brand subtlety shows that it is a woman’s choice whether to be a home-maker or not. Further, a commercial for a face cream brilliantly shows that today dark is the new beautiful! Why are marketers desperately trying to showcase ideal woman of today? Who is really benefitting out of this? Is it just another marketing gimmick to get people interested? To openly showcase the point of view of rising women, young marketers today have started adopting new tools – using feminism as the tipping point of marketing strategy! Advertisers have now become braver by pushing the clichés aside while introducing different needs, priorities and viewpoints of today’s women. Cultural trends also affect the context around which advertising and mar-

keting of products are planned. The Nirbhaya movement marked the beginning of Indian Feminist Revolution which sparked conversation around the safety of women. From 2013, many products started challenging the stereotypical position of women in society. Moreover, with consumers not willing to spare more time , it became necessary for brands to get the story right the first time and then get it right every time.

“Dark is the new beautiful” Moreover, as women learn to be more assertive and exercise their power in today’s time, brands have realised that they no longer represent the lowest denominator in the social hierarchy. Women take majority of purchase decisions across geographies,be it from purchasing a simple soap bar to finalizing your dream house. Major companies like P&G and


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Unilever have started to develop a relationship through their marketing campaigns to capitalize on women’s power as consumers. And with more number of brands using the concept of fem-vertising, companies today have also learnt to weave right stories to target right set of audiences. For example , while Unilever’s top-selling brand Dove celebrated beauty of all forms through ‘Real Beauty’ campaign, its other popular brand Axe depicted women in overly sexualized and photo-shopped body images as a trigger to sell its products! Contrasting messages like these sometimes act as a grim reminder that such marketing tools serve more as a lip service rather than a harbinger of change! But with passing time, the entire industry seems to genuinely undergo a change. From the city which came under fire after turning down women for wearing flats instead of heels at Cannes film festival, Cannes has now introduced the Glass Lion Award for recognizing work that challenges biases and for spreading more gender-neutral communications. Lately, it can also be seen that stories are being told more honestly with good intentions in mind. Among such recent cam-


paigns are Dabur Vatika’s ‘Brave and Beautiful’ campaign which showcases the struggle of female cancer survivors who suffer from hair loss and social negation , a surprise element in Airtel’s #Boss ad which depicts a modern woman as the boss of her husband or a Havell’s ‘Hawa Badlegi’ ad which shows a husband using his wife’s last name. These few ads attempt to show our society in a progressive light giving us the hope for the future of marketing innovations, and above all probably even humanity. Use of such pro-woman messaging, catchy hashtags & campaigns to make advertisements look modern have become quite common. Hypocrisy, feminism or gimmickry — whatever be the ulterior motive of these brands, we should acknowledge the efforts of these marketing professionals to raise public awareness of gender issues. Though it makes sense for them to communicate empowering messages that shows them in inspiring or respectful ways, I still hope for a day when it is no longer notable for such commercials to exist. Today’s youth understands that we need more equality at workplace and homes rather than exorbitant commercials or marketing promises. This sentiment of feminism is a tightrope, and we need to be very careful before we push it too long. In all, it means we need stories for all, be it on LGBTs, child abuse or on social discrimination - to get consumers hooked on the movement and, of course, your brand!

CAMPAIGN ANALYSIS OF CADBURY’s DAIRY BY Pragya Gulati MILK MICA Marque - The Marketing club, IIM Rohtak

“The Real Taste of life”

A girl is watching a cricket match as the batsman is on 99. He hits the ball, there is tension I have grown up with Cadbury Dairy Milk. In as he may be caught but the ball falls for a the early nineties, a walk to the nearby groboundary line for a six. The girl, leaps on the cery store meant a tiny treat. I would choose field, does an impromptu dance, runs past a Cadbury Dairy Milk. It is worth rememberguard, and shares a Cadbury with her hero. ing how I use to get so happy with that small packet of 5 Rs. It was a mystery to me why my parents wouldn’t eat chocolate even when I was willing to share.

Brief Description of the Campaign

The Framework for Campaign Analysis

I started with the sign, the signifier and the signified. I, then, began with the Discursive Level, by analyzing the visual signs. Then I


delved into the deeper Axiological Level that emerges wherein people define concepts in terms of what they are not. I, then, took it up to the Semio-Narrative level wherein the visual and the aural signs come together to create the meaning that the piece is trying to convey as a whole. I also constantly drew attention to whether I was looking at a connotative meaning or a denotative meaning.

“Metaphorically, she wears these for the society but doesn’t care if they fall when she is on her own”

The Analysis of the Campaign The piece – the cropped and blurred version of the shot is depicted in the following figure. The campaign under which this TVC was shot was “The Real Taste of Life”.


The Discursive Level The Frame

The girl occupies almost the center of the frame, which signifies her being the heroine of the TVC. Her actions connote happiness and self-assuredness at the same time.

The Light and Setting The setting of a cricket ground signifies fun and adventure. The natural sunlight of the

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ground goes with the theme of being real and the real taste of life. Light signifies joy and happiness.

packaging of the Dairy Milk chocolate. Blue color is also symbolic of vastness and infinity, which could imply the infinite amount of love that the girl had for the boy. Flowers are an integral part of our culture. We generally use them while offering prayers. The She is fair and tall. Her body connotes beau- girl is also seen offering prayers so that her ty and glamour. Her spread out arms in the boyfriend can score a 100. The floral print is above shot and during the process of dancing generally worn in the summer season, which signify freedom. Her held up chin and partalso comes out when the sweat trickles from ed lips signify immense happiness. She has the hero’s eyebrows. Blue symbolizes coolness long, straight golden-brown hair that shine and yellow symbolizes sanctity. This could and flow because of the air. Her flowing hair also mean that girl, though being cool, does is also symbolic of freedom that she feels not lose the element of sanctity and tradiwhile she dances her heart out. It is a belief tions. that long hair makes one look appealing. Her The multiple colored flowers signify multiple straight hair are also symbolic of the straight- dimensions of the personality that the girl forwardness that she has in her relationship, has. On one hand, she can sit and pray for a relationship where she doesn’t have to think her lover and on the other, she can run, dance twice while hugging her boyfriend in the and hug him in the public. Her revealing legs public. Thin hair symbolizes delicacy, mean- signify glamour. The yellow colored strap ing that she was not in sport herself but knew around her waist and the band in her wrist, how to conserve her energy while sitting and signify control and tradition. Metaphoricalpraying for her boyfriend. Her straight hairly, she wears these for the society but doesn’t line is indicative of her being a rebel, who care if they fall when she is on her own. believes in breaking the rules (which she does by walking past the guard), just to bring a positive change in her world. The pigeon or the dove signifies love, since ages, which goes with the theme perfectly.

The Body Language

The Pigeon

The Dress

The signifier of the ad, the purplish blue dress worn by the girl resembles the purple

The Axiological Level The few elements that related and opposed to


each other, in the context of this piece, are as follows: • Girl and Boy: The girl is sitting in the audience and the boy is playing on the field. The brand has capitalized on the universal theme, love. At a macro level, men’s cricket was much more popular than women’s cricket in those times.

Marque - The Marketing club, IIM Rohtak

The Semio-Narrative Level

The run and dance signify the action sequences and outline certain fundamental characteristics (the subject: the girl and object: the boy) of the narration. The voice-over which says “Baat hai, khaas hai…kuch swaad • Cricket and the rest of the hai kya swaad hai…zindagi mei”(worth notSports: The setting is that of a cricket ing that the brand did not appear at all in the ground. The brand wanted to leverage the lyrics, sung in Hindi to appeal to the masses), passion that people had for cricket. The craze which is at a faster pace than before, reinforcfor cricket had immensely increased after es the idea of the action sequence. During India had won the first world cup title against this process, the girl has to manipulate her West Indies, 1983. hands, be courageous to dance and cross the • Outdoors and Indoors: The setpigeons, which qualify her as a ‘competent ting is a cricket ground, which is an outdoor subject’ and allow her to overtake the security sport. The brand communicates that it is fine guard before reaching her hero, the boy. to enjoy in the open because outdoors are actually where we are more comfortable in. Indoors are artificial and outdoors, natural. At the macro level, internet and mobiles were Being full of life and enjoying that we are not so popular in those times, none of the soalive is actually an age independent feeling cial networking sites were present that made (not restricted to childhood). outdoor games fashionable. • Child and Adult: The girl, while dancing in public, signifies the child in each one of us. The brand, essentially, wanted to communicate that it is ok to enjoy life to the fullest, no matter what age we are. At the macro level, an uninhibited performance by Michael Jackson took place in Mumbai on 31st OctoThe brand, ber, 1996. He helped accept that it is good to be youthful and show our joy when we feel. essentially, • Silence and Shouting: There is comwanted to plete silence when the boy bats after the 99th run. The crowd gets up and starts cheering communicate that the moment the boy strikes the 100th run. it is ok to enjoy life The brand communicates that with the chocolate on our side, the silence will turn into to the fullest, no joyous shouting. At the macro level, Antakshari, the TV show, that aired on Zee TV, had matter what age we commenced in 1993. It made shouting and are shrieking with joy acceptable.

Brand Message in a Line





“You... are the symbol of the revolution that will transform the Aryavarta; you are the one who has brought us to this. Panchali Draupadi” -Krishna Udayasankar

Women, even before the birth of Christ, have had the power to bring the revolution to the milieu they live in. From Razia Sultan to Jhansi Ki Rani, from Indira Gandhi to Benazir Bhutto, from Indra Nooyi to Priyanka Chopra; these women have set benchmarking examples in their own fields which has swayed their next generation towards getting empowered. In an interview, Priyanka Chopra said: “it is a difficult task to influence people or move people but I am able to do it and I am proud of it”. Well, we are proud of you, Pee Cee, for representing India on HBO.

These female leaders have always enjoyed a huge fan following and regard in the society. Marketers have realised the value of this fan following and have adopted Femvertising, the art of selling products for women to women and by women. The advertising industry once bent on selling us sex is now selling us its wrath against sexism. Experts in this field, point to Virginia Slims, the godmother of allegedly feminist brands, selling female empowerment as far back as 1968. The art behind Femvertising is, to sympathize women in an empathetic way. Like in the recent “Share the load” ad by Ariel, it showed men that they could also contribute to household chores, by breaking the common belief that household work is to be done only by women. This ad not only captured the imagination of women but also won the approval of men. This resulted in the ad becoming an


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instant hit. Let’s take, for instance, Sport England’s This Girl Can advert. The national promotion was capably viable, hitting a passionate harmony while imparting its message of feasible wellbeing for ladies of every kind imaginable boisterous, pleased and clear. Tending to the sexual orientation gap amongst ladies and men who do general exercise, the multi-layered advertising effort pushes ladies to quit putting off hitting the gym and encourages them to confront their feelings of dread of being judged head on. Pantene’s ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ campaign also seeks to re-empower women. However, as opposed to urging ladies not to apologize when


a statement of regret isn’t requested, it has influenced ladies to seem discourteous and catty, as better than men.

“Feminism is about women empowerment no matter who does it; the ultimate aim to make women aware of their own rights”

Marque - The Marketing club, IIM Rohtak

Pantene additionally removes the gap between gents and ladies – a contrasting principle to women’s liberation established around comprehension, fairness, and acknowledgment. The approach of previous women activist waves may have been to assault. However the fourth wave is about aggregate illumination for genuine change. Even the best intentions can rebind if they don’t accurately comprehend when being a part of the discussion. Moreover, hostility and selectiveness are offering a route to a festival of woman’s rights and a receptive, comprehensive group – a mentality that numerous brands are sharing. Nike is not left behind in empowering women. Nike has been aggressively advertising for women since 1990s. They’ve had some of the most successful marketing campaigns ever, teaming up with inspiring athletes to help women everywhere with some motivation when they most needed it.

Feminist scholars perceive various reasons for the discrepancy, which include the rising spending power women hold as well as an anti-Trump bandwagon message that brands feel pressured to adopt. “I applaud their intentions but I see window dressing initiatives occur so often that I don’t see it having a sustainable impact,” says Barbara Annis, founding partner of Gender Intelligence Group, and author of Results at the Top: Using Gender Intelligence to Create Breakthrough Growth. “You must think about it in a much more systemic way in order to affect real change.” Eventually, for an excessive number of brands, the advancement of women’s liberation and also the expanded access they need (through web-based social networking, innovation and more buyer touchpoints) is viewed as a remark, exclusively for the advantage of the business – yet woman’s rights are in ex-


Marque - The Marketing club, IIM Rohtak

cess of a fleeting sensation promoting contrivance. Also, when brands come up short, fourth wave women’s activists rush to react. They say there aren’t any women behind the making of such ads; it is just the intention of making profit by a hit advertising campaign which can lure a wide range of population. But, my question to these women’s activists is “is it necessary to have women’s advertising agency which can shoot women-centric ads?’ Shouldn’t we be happy about the fact that men do think about empowering women. And, that the next gena men would give more respect to women and help them break the glass ceiling if these ads continue to teach fine


lessons. All in all, i would say that feminism is about women empowerment no matter who does it; the ultimate aim to make women aware of their own rights. The Art Of Feminist Marketing is when both women and men can come together to make the ad a perfect hit with the intention of educating women and men about women’s rights. But, we might inadvertently fail if we (men and women) bridge unnecessary gaps without realising what we actually are losing.

"You don 't close a sale, you a relationship if you want to long-term, successful enterpris -Patricia


u open build a se." Fripp


#BUZZFEED This is how Marketers celebrate International Women’s Day

Meet Role Model Barbie Building on the success of the recent release of a hijab-wearing Barbie modeled after fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, Mattel is releasing dolls based on 17 historical and current role models from a range of backgrounds and industries. According to Mattel, 81 percent of moms worry about role models for their daughters. New dolls are made in the likeness of Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim and others, while a new Inspiring Women series includes Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and aviator Amelia Earhart.


Ogilvy presses for progress

TGBL has approached key shareholders of Hector Beverages with a proposal to buy out the company along with its popular brand Paper Boat to spice up its portfolio. Even though a formal approach has been made, the talks around Paper Boat are still at an exploratory stage and there is still no guarantee that it will lead to a

And on the agency front, Ogilvy is trying to nurture the next generation with a series of tips and takeaways for younger women. Female executives at Ogilvy will use social media channels to tell their stories about navigating the workplace while offering advice, using the hashtags #PressforProgress and #WomenofOgilvy. The agency also plans to host a panel in New York on gender issues facing the ad industry.

Reebok talk about women breaking stereotypes in their campaigns

transaction. However, Kakkar has categorically denied any discussion with Tata Global Beverages or a possible sale. Paper Boat, if the Tatas buy it, will be a big break in the long narrative of western cultural dominance when tea and coffee were trendier than desi drinks which were confined mostly to kitchens except a few such Rooh Afza. If Paper Boat is deemed fit to sit with Starbucks and Tetley in the Tata Global Beverages’ portfolio, it sure is a signal that ethnic drinks have become upmarket—thanks to the stupendous success of Patanjali Ayurved

Highlighting that most of us perceive bruises and marks on women to be a result of violence, sportswear brand Reebok India conducted a social experiment in which people were invited to observe a girl who is bruised. Majority of the invited guests thought that she is a victim of domestic abuse, eve-teasing or some form of violence. A voice over revealed that she is a combat athlete and that her bruises are a proof of her strength. Reebok has made a petition on to make self-defence mandatory in school


Parle G

The biscuit maker executed a new ad titled, ‘Ziddi Chhoriya’ celebrating women who have fiercely followed their dreams. The film features women achievers who have done the nation proud across various fields. Some of the big names in the video includes Neha Pardeshi (Indian women rugby team captain), Maheleqa Mohseni (air rifle shooter), Sakshi Shitole (archer) and Sonia Kulkarni (motivational speaker), among others.


Women in India have been subjected to various forms of taboo surrounding travel with phrases like ‘Log kya Kahenge?’, ‘Shaadi ke baad Jaana!’, ‘Kya karogi jaake?’ from people around them. The online travel search portal is encouraging women to leave behind all stigmas and travel without any apprehensions. The ‘Ruk Jaana Nahi’ campaign is urging women to go out there and embrace the joy of travel.


#BUZZFEED Personalisation: The New Era of Biba Marketing

Personalised marketing advocates for fitting of at least one parts of the association’s advertising blend to the individual client. Personalised marketing shows an extraordinary division, with an objective section of size one. There are two types of one-to one marketing: personalization and customization. Personalization is the point at which the firm chooses, generally in light of beforehand gathered client information, what marketing blend is appropriate for the person. A decent illustration is’s customized book and music suggestions. Amazon utilizes cooperative sifting to figure out what music or books to prescribe to its customers. Systems of large-scale manufacturing, beliefs of standardization, working on efficiencies, and the one-measure fits-all creation mindset have driven in the past to rationality of business that burdens pitching a standard item to however many shoppers as would be prudent. Advertisers who try to recognize and achieve buyers more absolutely The lingerie brand chose to celebrate its own workforce this Women’s Day through a have a Made contrary draw. Accordingly, there has beenthea film continuous digital applied campaign. by advertising agency Leo Burnett Orchard, features move inofshowcasing thought and shapes practice: promotions, mass marnumber women working on different andmass sizes of lingerie for their customers with a message ‘when women support women, it makespersonalization. for a happy women’s day’. keting segmentation, and specialty marketing, Presently, Amanté claims to employ over 65,000 women across the world working under design, every one of these systems exists next to each other, giving supervisors production, marketing and sales functions. a decision of important choices. This variety of client methodologies



Because a Woman knows how to be Famous-for-beingFamous Marque - The Marketing club, IIM Rohtak


Let me be completely honest for a second - We need more women, marketers, and innovators. Business and entrepreneurship is and has been a male-dominated field, but hey! We, the women, make up 50% of the world’s population! This also means that women are 50% of the world’s product consumers and probably even more. Was that too hard to guess? Well, let me help you tickle your cerebral cells. I am positive that everyone is aware of childhood jokes about women shopping endlessly. When a man comes out of the mall at the end of the day with just one bag and claiming that it was a long day, you can see women coming out with 4 or 5 bags to the least and claiming that it’s just round one! :P Here is the twist – that joke was not a joke! It is a hard-core reality that women make up more than 50% of the consumer list and who knows women better than women? Well, jokes apart, it is obvious that there is room and need for more and more women entrepreneurs and innovators in the world. Talking about marketing, many striking examples are present all over the globe, representing women marketers pulling off the strings unknown to men. Kim Kardashian being my favorite. You might be knowing her from Keep me up with the Kardashians or maybe as the glamour queen or perhaps as a person who broke the internet. Now,

whether you hate Kim Kardashian or you are keeping up with the Kardashians, she is the best female marketer or probably the best marketer of all! That woman knows how to sell and how to pave her own path amidst dense forests. Starring recently in the news for the launch of her new perfume line, KKW fragrances, Kim sold ten million dollars worth of products on the very first day of its launch. Earlier, her first KKW Beauty launch got sold out in under three hours! It made $14.5 million (£10.5m) in sales in just five minutes. But how? Well, if somebody has tapped over the rising potentials of social media, it’s the Kim and Kylie family empire! With over tens of millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter, Kim has grown as a brand of herself and she makes sure, that wherever you see her, she represents an exotic lifestyle. The most prominent and simplest secret behind her marketing success is her understanding of the market. She has developed a niche. You do not see Kim giving relationship advice or Investment tips. She has developed a market around Beauty and Lifestyle. Put in simple words; she knows that when you try to sell to everyone, you are selling to No One. So, each of her posts revolves around a definite niche she is targeting at. Kim is not the only kid in


Marque - The Marketing club, IIM Rohtak

her family to build a business empire. Her half-sister Kylie Jenner owns Kylie Cosmetics, which is estimated to be worth a billion dollars by 2020. No doubt these girls got it in their veins and brains to shake the entire beauty world, thanks to their ever-growing social media power. As of March 2018, Kim has 106 mn Instagram followers and 59.4 mn followers on Twitter. That was all about beauty products. Kim is also a tech-fan herself and has launched multiple mobile applications by her own name. Her Kim Kardashian Hollywood app has been downloaded 45 million times. It was reported to have earned 1.6 million US dollars in the very first five days of its launch! Does it bring in the nostalgia of terms like Economy of Scope? Well, today, Kim has multiple sources of income. She gets cheques for wholesale earning cuts for her Kardashian Kollection, a clothing line sold at Sears and Kardashian Beauty cosmetics line (sold at CVS and Kroger among other large chains) and Kardashian-branded tanning products, including ‘Sun Kissed’ self-tanner and ‘Glow’


bronzer and various other sources like DASH a four-strong chain of boutiques selling the sort of sexy, clingy party dresses she and her sisters are often captured wearing by paparazzi. Besides that, the Kardashian clan is paid to tweet out ads to their many millions of fans on social media. She has made more cash than anything else by just making short appearances at places like clubs and public events. Oh and of course, she receives cheques for both Keeping Up With The Kardashians and for her supporting role on her sisters’ vehicle, Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons, such is the perceived importance of herself she has built over the years. Women like Kim are truly an inspiration for all the women over the world. She is a live example of “Success doesn’t happen overnight, but you can make it happen in your own elegant fashion, squeezing out fruit juice from every single opportunity you see.” Famous-for-being-Famous star definitely has a lot to teach us, the women!

Marketing: Role of Product packaging and other factors Marque - The Marketing club, IIM Rohtak


The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous. The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself. -Peter Drucker product. Now a Days, Marketing is seen as a social Packaging plays a vital role in determining process because it involves interaction of peo- the customer attitude towards the product. ple and focuses on needs and wants of people. Sometimes, by looking at the packaging the Thus, the modern concept of marketing is customer tries to assess the product qualbased on the following pillars: ity. This article focuses on the marketing • Identification of market (or consumstrategies adopted by CADBURY AND ers). KURKURE. • Understanding needs and wants of consumers. • Developing goods and services to satisfy customer needs. • Satisfying customer needs better than the competitors. 1. Primary Packaging: It refers to the • Doing all this at a profit. product’s immediate container 2. Secondary Packaging: Additional As per Philip Kotler, the God of Marketing, layers of protection that are kept till the prod“Marketing management is the art and sciuct is ready for use. ence of choosing target markets and getting, Transportation Packaging: Further keeping and growing customers through cre- 3. ating, delivering and communicating superi- packaging necessary for storage and transportation. or customer values of management.”

It is of three different levels:

Packaging: A Silent Salesman

Packaging refers to the act of designing and producing the container or wrapper of a

• •

Components of a Package

AESTHETIC COMPONENT Size and shape Material


Marque - The Marketing club, IIM Rohtak

• • •

Colour Text Graphics

An Eco-friendly Packaging for eggs made of Hay.

• •

FUNCTIONAL COMPONENT Structural Design Brand Advertisement

be a core element of how a brand is differentiated versus its category. It can offer cues (sound, visual, aroma) that signal and establish a connection to a brand’s essence. Sun Chips had a bag that was biodegradable and very loud and noisy. It didn’t succeed with adults but kids loved it. Dr. Pepper’s flip top can lid makes a distinctive pop that is different than Coke and Pepsi. And Nike Air is wrapped – in air.

Functions of Packaging •

PROTECTION: Packaging can help

PRESERVATION: It can help extend

to protect a product from damage.

the shelf life of food and beverage through consistent control of the atmosphere.

• IDENTIFICATION: What’s in the package? What are you buying? It mentions the safety labels such as FPO mark, ag-mark displays info about the product on the container. • EASE OF USE: It depends upon packaging if the goods are portable, lightweight and easier to open. • POSITIONING: The package can help frame a product’s value, meaning or purpose. • VALUES: It can help connect with a significant consumer value like protecting the environment.


•DIFFERENTIATION : The package can


package can make the product special or give it a unique convenience. It solves a problem that you may have like, I want to drink this wine now but I don’t have a glass. Who hasn’t burnt their hands on hot pizza? Serengeti Tea replaces the tea bag and makes the stirrer the tea bag. Packaging can solve problems or consumer pain points.

“Packaging plays a vital role in determining the customer attitude towards the product”

Marque - The Marketing club, IIM Rohtak


Gems Quantity: 18.69 grams Price: Rs.10 Contents: ONLY gems Packaging cost: less than Rs.1

Gems Quantity: 17.8 grams Price: Rs.40 Contents: Gems + Small Toy(Hardly costing Rs 8) Packaging cost: Rs.2-3 From the above Figures, one can easily conclude that how profitable is an attractive packaging for companies. The quantity of the actual product in all situations remain nearly same, but the prices change due to the different packaging styles

FESTIVE SEASON Festive season is the time when most of the companies spend time to enhance their product’s packaging. This not only happens with the food companies but the festive fever is very much seen on the popular commerce and cloud computing company Amazon and its various competitors. Here is how packaging is important for a company during this time period. Let’s take the example of Kurkure

Gems Quantity: 17.8 grams Price: Rs.20 Contents: ONLY gems Packaging cost: less than a rupee

The data shows that if the contents were sold without the secondary packaging or festive packaging, It costs Rs.88. But the package shown above has an MRP OF Rs.150 printed on it. This is how packaging works!!


Marque - The Marketing club, IIM Rohtak

Other Factors affecting sales PRODUCT PLACEMENT: Whatever

cool or attractive a product’s packaging is, it will be beneficial only if the customers see that product. So apart from laying emphasis on packaging, the product must be kept at a place where it can reach the audience. At supermarkets like Big Bazaar, the products kept at cash counters such as chocolates or socks or other small


things get the maximum sales record.

ADVERTISING: Any product in order to

be sold must be reached to maximum people. Nowadays social media marketing is the most famous one, and the firms are hiring maximum interns for social media advertising.


Marque - The Marketing club, IIM Rohtak





How latest trends in Big Data Analytics improve Marketing? Marque - The Marketing club, IIM Rohtak

BY Rishika Sarin IMI Delhi

On a very basic level, ‘Big data analytics and decision making’ is a term which alludes to the procedure of examining huge information resources with a specific end goal to observe trends and infer insights for a discerning methodology for settling on right choices. There is a developing conviction among organizations that data analytics empower them to get a competitive edge and gather insights enhancing leadership decisions. Organizations today are perceiving that quality decision-making relies on the nature of data accessible to help their choices, thus making the distribution of value data the key to pick-

ing up an upper hand. Analytics is a tool or a set of methodologies that transform raw data into meaningful and useful information helping in the revelation and correspondence of significant patterns in data. While, data analytics is based on a firm grasp of statistics and probability. These aptitudes are utilized to find valuable data, recommend conclusions, and bolster decision making and leadership. Today, the more information that organizations accumulate and use to enhance their marketing methodologies, the more income potential they stand to produce. This is the


reason it is becoming increasingly critical for small-scale organizations to ride the Big Data wave with a specific end goal to win more from their marketing procedures

Personalisation: Any individual who has looked for an item on Amazon or requested a movie from Netflix will discover suggestions for additional buys or different motion pictures they may like. This is the consequence of big data and machine learning, collecting data on past customer practices to anticipate those of future customers. Advertisers for any business can utilize such information to propose other products or services as well. Another part of personalization is targeted marketing in view of predictive analysis. At the point when leads come into sales groups, they can be classified as hot, warm, or cold, in light of how comparable leads have acted before. This permits sales groups to invest their energy all the more astutely concerning those leads.


Marque - The Marketing club, IIM Rohtak

Perfect Pricing

McKinsey found that 75% of an ideal organization’s income originates from its standard items and that 30% of the enormous number of pricing decisions organizations make each year neglect to convey the best cost. With a 1% cost increment converting into an 8.7% expansion in working benefits, expecting there is no loss of volume, pricing has critical upside potential for enhancing profitability. Every day, data is being assembled on how much customers are willing to pay for items and services an organization is offering. With the help of big data algorithms and analytics, it is feasible for organizations to rapidly obtain information on competitors’ pricing, price changes in the sector as a whole, and even price points at which customers may be dismissed. As more data is amassed about such pricing information, an organization can exploit these Big Data discoveries to know how to focus on the correct pricing structure to pull in more purchasers. By changing pricing to fit the data, they can easily expand sales without doing a great amount of speculating about how to value products

and services being advertised.

Customer Loyalty & Retention Attempting to acquire new leads is far more difficult and wasteful than retaining loyal customers. Consequently, utilizing Big Data to distinguish which of your dependable customers will probably go ahead to spend cash on your business, again and again, is similar to the goose that laid the brilliant egg. Big Data analytics not only enables a business to recognize these customers and involve them with company’s products and vision but also helps sketch the characteristics these customers possess to enable an organization to target such people with similar sorts of characteristics in other promoting endeavors to enhance the customer retention strategy.

Online Marketing Avenues: 58% of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) say search engine optimization (SEO) and promoting, email marketing, and mobile is the place big data is having the biggest effect on their advertising programs today. From picking the best SEO systems to streamlining site rankings and creating fruitful email crusades, Big Data can recognize which web-based

marketing strategies deliver the best revenue. Big Data can likewise distinguish what the best mobile marketing techniques are for a given fragment of the online mobile commercial landscape. The information is available for review, it just relies upon how gravely an organization needs to filter through that raw data to figure out how to advertise by the measurements that assist to uncover the most smoking patterns of customers inside the given industry.

Improved Content Marketing: The ROI of a blog entry used to be to a degree hard to gauge, however now, because of, big data analytics, advertisers can without much of a stretch examine which bits of content are best at moving leads through a marketing and sales funnel. The accurate big data analytics tools, however, would now be able to creep through related content throughout the web and dissect reactions to everything. This gives advertisers “pain points� to address, and with offers, for example, loyalty programs and discounts. Indeed, even private companies can bear the cost of instruments to execute content scoring, which can feature the pieces of a substance that are most in charge of bringing deals to a close.


Building Better Customer Relations: A ton of solid marketing comes down to client relations. Data can give insights into who your customers are, the place they are, what they need, how regularly they make a buy, when and how they want to be reached, and numerous other imperative elements. Organizations likewise can break down how customers communicate with their site – or even their physical store – to enhance the customer encounter. Knowing something as mind-boggling as which sales representative works best while drawing in a specific client with a given set of characteristics will influence these connections to work out smoother with a higher rate of sales volume.

“Data can give insights into who your customers are, the place they are, what they need, how regularly they make a buy, when and how they want to be reached”

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Marque- The Marketing Club, IIM Rohtak, March 2018  
Marque- The Marketing Club, IIM Rohtak, March 2018