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Reopening Celebration membership appeal package for the Morgan Library, New York


Philadelphia Museum of Art Renoir/Kahlo Campaign 2008 Maxi Gold Award, Direct Marketing Association


Holiday appeal letter for Foothill Unity Center food and assistance center


Holiday appeal letter for Foothill Unity Center food and assistance center


Monet in the Garden membership appeal package for Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio 2008 Maxi Silver Award, Direct Marketing Association


Pompeii membership appeal package for Birmingham Museum of Art, Alabama 2008 Maxi Silver Award, Direct Marketing Association



your overhead.

Save repair costs invest in a new roof now. Call us to arrange an expert evaluation of your roof!

Is your roof

getting up

there? Don’t put it off until the last gasp. Call us to arrange an expert evaluation of your roof!

Keep wet weather where it belongs.


Call us to arrange an expert evaluation of your roof!

Surprise Drop-ins

National Roofing Contractors Assn. postcard campaign


The road to success is clearly Marked.

The new Century Corridor used to be LA’s best–kept business secret. Now it’s emerging as one of the brightest business decisions in Los Angeles. This is the last place you can still have it all. Fast airport and freeway access. Plentiful off–LAX parking. A wealth of quality hotels and restaurants. Easy access to beaches, entertainment and sports venues. Robust support services. And one of the city’s safest settings.

We l c o m e t o t h e N e w C e n t u r y You just made a smart move.

6151 Century Boulevard, Suite 121 Los Angeles, CA 90045

5200 W. Century Building 949.794.8099

Airport Spectrum 310.789.1900

West Century Plaza 310.215.2955

Carlsberg LAX Center 310.258.9000

Skyview Center 949.794.8099

Gateway to LA Airport Business District Magazine advertising


Prudential California Realty


Promotional mailer for NuVisions photography, Santa Ana CA


Powerful writing “Linda, you are wonderful. I don’t know of anyone who can put so much information in a few words that grab the attention of the reader.” Jolene Cadenbach, Pastor, United Church of Christ, Arcadia, CA “You are a copywriting fiend, girl! The copy for Winterthur was fabulous...thanks!” Jamie Clemens, President, NPO Direct Marketing “Never have I felt so comfortable standing in front of so many and delivering a message that was so aligned with my heart and mind. This morning, one of our key physicians stopped by my office and said, “I hear you gave an amazing speech at HCHC.” It just doesn’t get any better than that!” Lise L. Luttgens, CEO, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles “I love the copy!!! What a joy it is to read well-written prose and feel the merchandise come to life through words. It has been a long time since I have felt this glow. Thank you.” Colleen Keller, “You are amazing! You are making me fall in love with my own listing just based on your wonderful writing!! … it sounds fantastic! Thanks!” Valerie Punwar, Prudential California Realty “This was getting to be a big headache of a project until you sent your copy. What a pleasure excellent copy makes! Thanks so much.” Leslie Baker, Baker Design “Splendid, splendid, splendid! You have such a wonderful knack for pulling the heartstrings and making music for the mind!” Charlotte Schamadan, Monrovia “Yes on Measure L” Campaign “Another round of MAXI winners to add to your collection! These campaigns won silver and gold from the Direct Marketing Association of Washington DC in 2008. Thank you for all you do for NPO – you are truly a star! Shelagh Megeath, NPO Direct Marketing “You did an excellent job on the President’s Letter — one of the best we’ve ever produced. Thanks also for your fine work making the New Members bios come alive.” Diana Manchester, Diana Manchester Advertising


Effective editing “The rewrite is awesome! It always amazes me how everything sounds better after Linda’s done.” Tina Manavi, Site Crew Inc. “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your enormous contribution to our book and to us. Your fun spirit and warm support gave us the boost we needed to head in the direction we knew we wanted to go. You made our little book special.” Bobbi Mezger and Martha Burgoon-Karelius, authors, “The Real Deal” “Much thanks for an editing job more than well done. 99.9% of your changes stuck, and they made the book the professional effort I had intended and the members of the industry deserved. Bless you.” Pat Rosengren, Huntington Advertising & PR

A pleasure to work with “Thank you so much for your skill, intelligence and flexibility in working with me to make the introduction of CHLA and the First Lady such a success.” Lise L. Luttgens, CEO, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles “I know you are busy, and if I need to squeeze out more time, I think I can, because there is no other copywriter I want to use but you! You are the best.” DD Hunter, Hunter Kelly Advertising “My hat is off to you for your creativity, vision, follow-through, and overall professionalism. This is one content, and enormously pleased, customer.” Royston D. Thomas, Los Angeles Community College District “My secret weapon is Linda Taubenreuther. You can call her “Linda T”, like the rest of the world! I’ve worked with Linda for over ten years – we’ve met in person less than five times. She is REALLY smart, and is able to work beautifully over the phone and internet.” Heidi Hockenberry, Prudential California Realty


A positive reflection on you “Bill is very happy with our article. I saw him yesterday and got a big smile and handshake, with thanks again for a very well-crafted article.” Diana Manchester, Diana Manchester Advertising “Good work! If all clients could be this pleased!”

David Jamgotchian, JJLA Associates

“I had a great conversation with our client yesterday, who was very pleased with your copy. Thank you for always doing such a terrific job.” Sylvia Ghazarian, NPO Direct Marketing “I sent your education story on to Harry with a note that I thought it raised the bar for our stories. Here’s the note he sent back: “SMOKIN’!” Candace Pearson, Editor, Imagine Magazine, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles “The client is very happy with your work. She has told me no less than three times what a good writer you are! She said she learned a lot from your article, which is really saying something, since she has worked there over 27 years.” Diana Manchester, Diana Manchester Advertising “We have gotten compliments about your writing from several people already, and the issue has not even come back from the printer yet.” Diana Manchester, Diana Manchester Advertising “The reports are wonderful. I cannot thank you enough for the exceptional and exquisite job you have done. All the folks connected to the project who have seen it are delighted and squealing.” Royston D. Thomas, Los Angeles Community College District


Experienced and fast “Thanks again for the outstanding job. Not only was the content well-handled, but you also picked up on the tone and marketing emphases first time around. We are all quite pleased.” Diana Manchester, Diana Manchester Advertising “Fabulous work! We all think you have done such a splendid job of capturing the essence of Vanmark and our products. We look forward to working with you again.” Vivian Buchanan, Creative Director, Vanmark “Your ability to quickly translate information, knowledge and thoughts into words for my public speaking engagements always makes me the star presenter.” Margo Scavarda, Scavarda & Associates “I love the warm tone and the word picture you paint of this service. It’s so very human, yet has the professional features that will reassure our readers and make the department feel proud. You’ve included all the points I wanted to make and have woven them into the story so seamlessly.” Diana Manchester, Diana Manchester Advertising “As always, a very nice job making (very!) complex copy easily understood! More to come!” Cheryl Friedling, VP Marketing, MWH “Lisa showed me the new copy. Nice work. I’m especially excited about the new inside cover … excellent job. Thanks for partnering with us on this — and for the fast turnaround time to help meet these tight deadlines.” Lori Poole, Watchdog Print Media “Wow! Great article! And done before our deadline!”

Diana Manchester, Diana Manchester Advertising


Effective “Yesterday, we celebrated Jo’s life with a wonderful church service and reception at our club. I touched the hearts of everyone there with my “memory of Jo” remarks. There was not a dry eye in the church. Margo Scavarda “We just entered escrow on that property! I believe strong marketing (including your great writing!) really helps sell a home!” Valerie Punwar, Prudential California Realty “Thanks a million for your splendid press release! Good reaction from the papers in New York. Let’s see what the stores think about it. Again, my thanks. Malini Johnston, Malini Lingerie

inwords :: Linda Taubenreuther  

inwords :: Linda Taubenreuther