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Mark Gomez 2/26/11

Query Letter Publication: Worship Leader Magazine Types of Article: Feature, culture, history Audience: Churches across the USA and worship leaders Past Research: Profiles of leaders including Lincoln Brewster and Phil Wickham. An Article called “Qualities of Championship Teams�.

Mr. Armstrong, Throughout the years we have seen the music trends within music shake the style of modern worship teams throughout the ages. It is interesting to explore this topic due to its relevance throughout church culture. I have some ideas for an article to explain the direction of guitar playing in contemporary worship music. This could include the perspectives of guitar gee such as amplification, guitars, and pedal board. I have an idea for it to have history lesson from worship music of the past to showcasing current artists and interviewing them as well I am willing to interview various worship pastors in the field to get good thoughts and comments on the subject for this culture article. I have contacts with artists including Evan Wickham, Parable, and Lovelite. I am willing to submit a 750 words article as well. What sets me apart from other journalists who would write about this subject is the fact that I write and have experience in this field. I have been involved in various worship teams for about 8 years. I have an A.A. in Communications and will be receiving a B.A. in Journalism and Media in the spring of 2012. I have the experience to receive great knowledge upon this subject. I look forward to hearing back from you following my article submission.

Mark Gomez Senior Writer, The Banner 760 717 8860

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