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Why Third Party Travel Sites Are NOT Usually The Cheapest With advertising like this : "We Promise the lowest Rates Online or We'll Refund the difference " staring at you, would not this make you think this site had the lowest rate available for the hotel you want to stay in? it might me. But wait - EVERY third party site says the same. They can't ALL possess the lowest or least expensive rate, can these people ? And what about business chain sites which guarantee a free evening if THEY don't have the lowest rate available? Assume for a moment you are looking for inexpensive luxury hotels or last minute hotel offers. Keep in mind that getting a inexpensive rate does not necessarily mean you are searching for cheap hotels. REcently i searched the major travel sites for Fisherman's Wharf and found a hotel (which I won't name ) listed for $133.75. On the resorts own website, they'd a rate of $179.00. It appears the third Party site did have a lower rate. But wait! there's a Best Rate guarantee on the hotel website and it says they will match any lower rate you see on any website - simply call them and let them know. Therefore the rates would be identical and each would have the lowest rate available. Just in order to confuse matters more , consider that on the competitor's website, this particular hotel had a rate of $134.twenty five. This site offers to reimbursement the difference AND will give a $50 travel discount if they don't have the lowest rate. It may well be considered a marketing strategy for this website , to grant the $50 coupon for a 50 cent distinction. Or perhaps they assume people just don't go to the trouble over 50 cents and will by no means apply for the discount , a much more likely scenario. The bottom line is that for you to find low cost hotels and the cheapest ADVANCE rate feasible , the cheapest rate you can get almost always comes from one of many other sources. Phoning the hotel directly may or may not get you a lower rate - that will rely on their occupancy when you call. At the least they should match the Third celebration rate but you have to know what that minute rates are in order to make sure you receive it! You would need to do some minimal research but in the end you will usually save at least 30%, which could be between $20 up to $100. Not a bad rate associated with return for 15-20 minutes worth of work. Costa Rica marketing

Why Third Party Travel Sites Are NOT Usually The Cheapest