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Holka Polka

Holly Maplestone as Brenda the Good Witch


(a mystery in fairyland)

It is incredible to think that Butler College has now been operating for a full semester; and what a semester it has been.

December 2013 Performing Arts students are rehearsing for up to 3 hours a week for the College Production of Holka Polka. Auditions were held and successful students were given roles that suited their talents.

Lauren Henry


as ‘Shoeless Cindy’

20th August

Coming Up

From our opening day to the end of Term 2 and now into a new semester, the College has been operating at a frenetic pace to ensure that we are able to offer our foundation students a learning experience second to none as we aim to embed our three pillars “Knowledge, Integrity, Respect”.

23 August School Development Day 11th September

Jason D’Oliveria a


wolf with self-esteem issues.

Fairy Godmother and Fairy Godfather played by Jayde Broun and

The students have embraced this wholeheartedly as can be seen by the standard of the work many have produced and the enthusiasm that they have shown for the variety of activities on offer. It does not seem to matter if it is sitting in the library reading, mulling over a chess board, performing acrobatics as part of the Cheer Leading Squad, attending Homework Club or doing Community Service as part of the Bush Rangers program; our students are up for it and we are very proud of them.

Jaden Newman

Humpty played by

Walter Vander Pinocchio played by Liberty Willes

The support for the College uniform has also been outstanding and it is obvious as you walk around the campus and at events we attend that the students take great pride in being identified as students of Butler College. We know that this is reflected in the community thinking and believe that as we grow this community pride will afford our students many more new opportunities.

We will be performing matinees for the local Primary Schools and strutting our stuff to the community and parents of Butler College in December 2013.

For more information please contact Miss Rogers – Coordinator of Performing Arts

15 McCormack Boulevard Butler WA 6036

Telephone: (08) 9561 4200 Facsimile: (08) 9561 4275 Email:

Student of the Month - Jaimee Bennett Jaimee is a delightful student who is well respected around the College. She is a persistent worker, particularly in English and Science. We commend Jaimee for the way she has modelled the three pillars of Knowledge, Integrity and Respect. Her second term at Butler College has been outstanding

Mark Humphries | Manager of Student Services

Our growth is happening at a very rapid rate. As of this week we have 300 students at the College, with 320 more expected next year and a further 650 by 2015. To cater for the growth we will be beginning our search in the coming weeks for new staff as we expect to double the number of teaching and support staff needed in 2014. The building program also needs to keep up with this growth and Stage Two works are now scheduled to start later this year, a full year earlier than originally intended. This stage will deliver a lecture theatre, dance, music, art and media suites, general classrooms, a fitness centre and computing rooms. In all, Stage Two is budgeted at $33m. On a final note in this edition of Connections, I would like to touch on the topic of exams. Our students recently sat their first exams at the College. In Year 8, the aim of these exams is to help develop in students (and in some parents) an understanding of exam protocols and techniques. By the time the students reach their senior school studies they will have sat six exam periods as well as having completed the NAPLAN testing. By then exam procedures should be second nature to them. These procedures include good planning, a solid revision and study regime at home, and being up to date with all class work. Students also need to master useful techniques to ensure a good exam result such as reading questions carefully, mentally preparing answers to possible exam questions, timing themselves with written answers in the exam and reviewing answers at the end. It is essential that these procedures and techniques are ingrained into students to ensure their future success, so the exam periods are a very important part of their overall program and should not be disrupted with any planned absence. The Semester Two exams are scheduled for the week beginning Monday 2 December.

Mr Giglia

Principal - Butler College


VISUAL ARTS Shaun Tan Award for Young Artists

Butler College has an inaugural debating team. Debating is an academically challenging activity; it builds self-confidence and public speaking skills whilst developing the art of rhetoric or argument. This experience refines the students’ ability to research and analyse current affairs that affect society. This year we entered two teams in the novice competition; students spent time researching the provided question and developing their arguments for the competition night. Their enthusiasm culminated in winning their first match in the last round of qualification. The win was fantastic as the league contains schools with well-established experienced debating teams.

Each year the City of Subiaco presents the Shaun Tan Award for Young Artists; open to all West Australian school aged students between five and eighteen. Now in its eleventh year, the award encourages imagination and innovation and provides a great opportunity for students to develop their skills in the Visual Arts.


Reza Fahlevi’s outstanding pencil drawing of a soldier was selected to represent Butler College in this year’s awards. Judges are currently assessing the artworks and finalists will be notified.

On the last day of Term 2 the Debating Club held a public display of their skills;

Australian Animals

During Term 2 students explored the printmaking process of lino printing. Inspired by Aboriginal Art symbols and Australian animals, students produced a series of prints, exploring colour, relationships, and capturing line and texture in their prints.

During September the Subiaco Library will host a presentation ceremony and finalists’ exhibition.

Young Originals

the teams debated ‘Should Science replace Religion?’ The Positive argument was supported by Mrs Richards and Mr Pittard supported the Negative side of the debate; both sides presented well thought out points and rebuttals with Science just winning after Mr Pittard’s team was penalised for speaking over time. The Debate was enthusiastically supported by the student body. Mr Pittard

HEALTH EDUCATION - Health Education Heads in a Positive Direction.

Exhibition 2013

A number of Butler College Visual Arts students have put their work forward for consideration to represent the College in the 2013 Young Originals Exhibition to be held at Spectrum Project Space at Edith Cowan University, Mount Lawley. Judging is currently taking place and students will be notified in the coming weeks if their work has been selected for inclusion in the event.

Students had a visit from Family Planning WA (FPWA) where they looked at how to recognise and deal with the social, emotional and physical changes of adolescents and how to cope in a Secondary School environment. The students went away with important information and resources to assist them when transitioning from childhood to adulthood. Thank you to Sue from FPWA and Karen from SARC services/detail.cfm?Unit_ID=319


The exhibition is an exciting event in the calendar of public schools and promotes excellence across the range of artistic mediums including computer generated works, graphic design, printing, photography, printmaking, sculpture and textiles. Reza Fahlevi’s drawings of ‘rats’ inspired by English street artist Banksy have been entered along with the textile plushie soft sculptures by Teri Ferguson, Maiana Noble and Emma Michell.

MATHS DEPARTMENT All College students have access to Mathletics, an online worldwide Maths program that provides information on current Mathematical topics that are being studied in class. There are practice questions and easy to follow, step by step explanations available (by clicking on the question mark on the left hand side of the screen) when help is required. It is recommended that students access this program to consolidate daily concepts taught and for revision for assessments. If students are experiencing difficulties logging in please speak to their Maths teacher or Mrs Olejnik. Mrs Olejnik

Students in our Specialist Program participate in Community Access, this involves awareness of moving around the local community and provides students with activities for safety, interaction and life skills; all of which are important components of Curriculum and require ongoing reinforcement and practice for students.

MEDIEVAL Bush Rangers Butler College Bush Rangers have focussed on conservation projects; they have planted over 350 seedlings in Mindarie bush land to help rehabilitate the dunes, and have also adopted the Kahana Bushland in Butler which will require clearing and regeneration to continue to support the local wildlife. The Wanneroo Shire is very pleased with the positive work ethic and respectful nature of our students. Well done Butler College!

During Term 2, Society and Environment students were required to research, design and create a medieval castle. Students constructed well thought out replicas of castles, all of which were displayed in Block D and the Library Resource area where staff and visitors have commented on the creative craftsmanship. Miss Croxall, Mr Pittard and Miss Mingay would like to congratulate all students on their positive commencement to the study of Society and Environment at Butler College. Miss Croxall

PHYSICAL EDUCATION NEWS As a Department we attempt to expose students to a variety of sports during their three years of lower school, often with students experiencing some activities for the first time. The learning of new skills can be a little frustrating; however, staff applaud students who overcome these initial issues and keep trying. There are many life lessons experienced in playing sport, one of our main mantras is, ‘we don’t mind how good or bad you are at a sport, it’s about having a go.’

Lightning Carnival

All students participated in the North Coast Secondary Schools Lightning Carnival on Thursday 8th August. A high degree of sportsmanship and conduct was shown during the day, with students showcasing their talents and skills in a variety of sports, we were certainly proud of their efforts.

Athletics Carnival

During Term 3 all Physical Education classes will focus on Athletics, this will culminate in Week 8 of Term 3 (September 11th) with our House Athletics Carnival. Mr Sherriffs

Butler connections august 2013  
Butler connections august 2013