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mario garcia

When design looks outdated Typically, five years or more after even the best redesign, wrinkles start to show in a publication's appearance. The first wrinkles appear in typography, often in the headers used to identify sections and individual pages, or in small type areas such as listings and the type used for infographics. The second wrinkles appear in story-structuring details. Redesigns of a few years ago paid less attention to the process of creating hierarchy on the page. Many publications relied simply on headlines to get readers into the text; we now know that it takes other devicers such as summaries and secondary headlines to achieve that. The third wrinkles usually show up in the use of color. A palette acceptable a few years ago may no longer look as good, or the publication may be after a different target readership, or it may have different printing equipment with different color capabilities. When wrinkles appear, first study what they are, how they affect the overall design of the newspaper. Often, one does not have to redesign the entire publication to make some quick but long-lasting fixes that can have a wonderfully rejuvenating effect. 


Pure design: When design looks outdated  

The fourteenth "fable" from Mario Garcia's "Pure design"

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