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We are a group of students from Florida who have written decided to write a magazine about interesting aspects of the world we live in. Our magazine will include a title, a cover, a table of contents, a music section, an interview and lots of sections that will talk about different topics. Our aim or objective is to write about interesting stuff that we know about and put them in the magazine so that all of you can read about them. We think that the target readers will be teenagers that enjoy reading from time to time. We don’t think that adults will enjoy reading it because our subjects like games may not interest them much at all. Although, perhaps they may enjoy other sections like sports so they may like having a read. So we can say that the target readers aren’t really specified. The magazine we are going to write will include: a music section with our favorite songs and singers, an interview about a famous person and lots of other small sections that will include information about the real world. There will also be sections about stuff like school work, ships, weapons, games, buildings, sports, cinema, music, etc. We will also be a bias free magazine with no inclination towards any subject at all.


MY FAVOURITE SONG: In my opinion one of the best songs I have ever heard is Gaia, a song written by a group called Mago de Oz. Gaia is a song from their album Gaia. It’s the second song on the disc and in my opinion the best. It’s about 10 minutes long with changes of rhythm and lyrics; they don’t repeat practically any words at all during the whole song. The first time I heard it, I was only 14 years old when one of my dad’s pupils lent him a disc from their favorite group, which was Mago de Oz. The song as such tells a story about a murdered Latin girl called Alma Echegaray who was executed in Atlanta in 2002. This girl resuscitates from the dead and tells the story about a young Aztec. The story is told to the governor of Georgia. Basically the music reveals the honor of conquest and the call of the people for freedom. The right to be free! NICO MOLLÀ My favorite song it’s called Minor Swing. This instrumental jazz song is from Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli whose band was called The Quintet of the Hot Club of France. This song was recorded in 1937 in France and reminds the Paris atmosphere of these years. I heard it for the first time one year ago approximately while I was listening the radio. What I like most about this song is the guitar part because it’s very original and accurate and I couldn’t imagine a guitar could be played like this. Django Reinhardt is considered one of the bests jazz guitar players of all time. He developed a very fresh technical style with gypsy influence. FERRAN ALAPONT My favourite song is “Beautiful soul” of Jesse McCartney. Everything started when some friends came to my house to spend some time together. One of my friends installed a program in my computer, the Ultrastar. This program is the same as the sing star but for computers. When the program was installed in my computer, she downloaded some songs and one of these was Beautiful soul. When it was my turn to sing I listen to it and I had a feeling I never had before. Since then, when I listen to this song in my mp4 player, YouTube, mobile phone or anywhere else, I remember a lot of things that have been special for me in the past, although this song is excellent to dedicate to a person that is important for you. This song talks about unrequited love and what I like of this song is the enthusiasm of the singer. XAVI DOMINGUEZ I have various types of music as a favorite as I like all kinds of music, be it pop, house, some requeton, etc... but in particular there is a song that makes me move the skeleton, that motivates me and also make me glad the moments, International Love.


The first time I heard this music was about 2 months ago, when a friend show me the music and also the videoclip, that reminds me good times that I spent with my girlfriend. The principal singer of the music is Chris Brown and the person who put the base of music it’s Pitbull. It is also a singer at the same time that composer. In many of his songs he sings along with other singers like in this song that comes along with Chris Brown. ADRIAN IBAÑEZ

My favourite song is “Levels” of Avicii, a Swedish Dj and producer, that also profesionally is called Tim Berg, Tom Hangs or Ashwin. It is a song from their album “The batery pack” and mi my opinion is the best. It´s about 3 minutes long and most of the song repeats the same rhythm. The song contain the sample of the song Voices of Rhythm & Blues "Something's Gotta Hold On Me" of Etta James, composed in 1962. Also a very popular song of Florida “Good Feeling” use this sample. The first time that I had listened it was at the radio, when I went with my family at the car. Since then, when I can I always listen it because I very like the rhythm of the song and it make me feel more animated . Avicii is considered one of the best Djs on the world. He creates very succesful songs.



THE SINKING OF THE COSTA CONCORDIA This year we have witnessed one of the most impressive sea tragedies in decades. The Concordia is a cruise liner larger than Titanic and with a total capacity of more than 4000 passengers, this doubles Titanic’s capacity of 200 passengers. The ship has a brilliant design and is one of the safest ever to be put to sea, but in one day everything went horribly wrong. The Captain of the Arcadia decided to go too close to the rocks in order to give passengers a better view of the island. Suddenly there was a sudden loud scrapping noise on board which alerted passengers that something was very wrong. The lights flicked and the ship went dark for 30 seconds. Immediately passengers put on their lifejackets and disobeying the crew’s orders piled up next to the lifeboats ready to abandoned ship. The captain tells passengers that there is no danger and asks them to return to the lounges or their cabins. Despite the fact he probably knew the ship was taking on water and sinking fast. He orders the water tight doors to be closed and waits for damage inspection to be done. His crew soon tells him that the ship is too damaged and they are going down. He decides to abandons ship leaving all the passengers to die onboard. Panic spreads out the liner and passengers begin to jump and fight in order to get into a lifeboat. The ship however keels over and capsizes trapping more than 20 people in the bottom decks. Luckily other crewmembers stayed on board and helped the terrified passengers to escape the ship. Now we can confirm the death of 6 people is confirmed and the hope of finding any more is vanishing. The captain has been sentenced to prison for an involuntary homicide for abandoning his passengers. People compare the disaster to Titanic’s, but it really isn’t the same by anyhow.



MEGAUPLOAD The 19 of january, 2012, Megaupload was closed by the FBI and 4 of his 7 managers were arrested by the new Zeland police . Megaupload, was a storage and donwloads site, and was closed beacuse it pirated works protected by copyright. It generated 175 milions of dolars and provocated about 500 milions of loss by copyright.

The clousure of megaupload was one day before of the suspension of the polemic S.O.P.A (Stop Online Piracy Act) law, so the F.B.I said that they didn´t have any relation. After, the F.B.I anounced that they have copy the files that they think relevant to the case, so they sent a letter to the two companies that a big parts of the servers that megaupload have and gave the order to delete all the files the 2 of February, but the two companies (Carpathia Hosting y Cogent Communications Group ) have reached to an agreement with the lawyer in charge of defending Megaupload, Ira Rothken, to save the Megaupload files for an aditional time about two weeks, so the about 50 milions of members can have a little posibility to recover the files that they have there. Nowadays, the managers continue arrested and appear new information about the case as FBI spying of e-mails and chats of staff of megaupload, how lived the founder of Megaupload (Kim Dotcom).... All this have caused a politic division in E.E.U.U, the clousure of many pages of downloads out of fear, the protests of millions of people that be in favor of Megaupload, and the most important, the clousure of the most important page of storage and donwloads in the world.



¡THE ARTIST! Have you ever seen a silent film? Recently, a new silent film has been premiered. The film it’s called “The Artist” and it’s about the silent cinema industry crisis when talkies started to be popular. George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) is a movie star who hits hard times when the talkies arrive. Bérénce Bejo is the pretty young actress who flourishes as he declines. But instead of the history, what makes this film special it’s the fact that it’s a silent film and it has been a long time since a silent film came out. In a time of 3D films and great fiction effects, a silent film is a very original project. The film captures extraordinary well the atmosphere of that époque, 1920 in Hollywood, and also captures the style of the old silent films. It’s a tribute to the silent era, a film that inspires grace and elegance in every scene. The actors have done a hard job in this film, because now the techniques of acting are different. They had to exaggerate and dramatize a bit every gesture as the forms and images are the elements that tell the story. Both have wraparound smiles and can hoof it like old-time performers. Once you are inside the plot, it’s easy to forget that this is a silent film. If The Artist is the success that many are predicting, it may help to bring a neglected form back towards the mainstream. Actually, it’s supposed to be well awarded at the Oscars. I recommend this film to every person who like cinema and would like to enjoy a huge part of the cinema history: the silent era. Why did we ever doubt that images work better than words?



MOD CULTURE Sure you’ve ever seen the symbol of the Royal Air Force. But, do you know what else means this symbol? This is also the symbol of the mods. The mod movement was a cultural movement originated in London, England, in the late 1950s and peaked in the early-to-mid 1960s. The word “mod” comes from “modernist” which was a term used to describe modern jazz musicians and fans. The main elements of the mod culture are the fashion, music and the Scooters. They like going to clubs to dance and have fun listening to the new records. They use to wear tailor made suits and clothes by Fred Perry, Merc or Ben Sherman for example. If we talk about music, the followers of this trend listen to a lot of different styles of music such as ska, soul, modern jazz, British beat and R&B. Although there were bands considered mod music, for example The Who, The Small Faces, The Jam, The Times, The Merton Parkas or The Purple Hearts. The scooters were also characteristic of the mod style. They used to ride Vespas or Lambrettas. The mods were against “rockers”, another urban tribe and there were some riots amoung them, for example the Brighton riots at the seaside. The Who’s film “Quadrophenia” explains the mod way of life from the perspective of a mod called Jimmy. In the 1970s there was a revival of the mod culture with new bands and today it’s still alive but not with the same energy.



TANK THE WEAPON OF MODERN WARFARE The one, the best war machine ever created, the tank. This beast is able to fire explosive rounds up to the size of a rugby ball. These machines are the weapons that marked the Second World War and the death of many soldiers. A tank is basically a metal vehicle with a turbine engine capable of going straight threw a house with its powerful engine that gives it up to 4000 horse power. The crew inside it is formed by four men. One man is driving it while the other three are in charge of managing the main gun and the top turret which is a fully automatic machine gun, the 50 cal as the Americans call it. The tank doesn’t need many men to handle it because it works on its own practically. When it fires the tank provokes a lot of damage to anything it hits. It is also capable of seeing another tank at night due to it has night vision, infrared and thermal vision. Giving the crew a clear vision of their target.

These machines are unstoppable and are a primary force in all modern armies. They were first used in the First World War and have destroyed cities such as Berlin which was attacked by Russian tanks and buildings, such as the Reich, vanished literately. Nothing can penetrate these beasts except for rocket launchers and an other tank of course, or any other armed vehicle. In fact not long ago, an American tank ran over a car with a bomb in it, and despite the huge explosion the crew inside was able to walk out as if nothing had happened. These machines are an impressive advance in military technology. Watch it aliens because we now are able to defend our planet! NICOLAU MOLLA


“La Copa del Rey” In this moment “la Copa del Rey” hasn’t finished yet. Indeed, there are 4 Spanish teams fighting for the cup. “La Copa del Rey”is a cup where teams of first division, second division, top 6 teams of second division B and the best of third division, play against each other. In the first round only the teams of second division B and the best of third division play. They only play one match and the loser team is eliminated. The second round is the same but in it, the winners of the first round are the ones who play, plus the second division and it happens the same as in the first round. In the fourth round –knockout phase– is included the first division and there are two matches to know which is the loser and which is the winner.

From the fourth round until semifinals the teams need to play two matches to pass the following round, but in the final they only play one match, and this match must be played in the same conditions for all the people that want to see it, so they can go. The winner of the cup can play competitions such as UEFA Europa league and the “Supercopa de España de futbol” (against the team that won the season). Now “La Copa del Rey” is in semifinals and only there are still two matches to be played. One match will be played by Valencia and Barcelona (the first round) and MirandésAthletic (the first round) this week, and the next play Barcelona-Valencia (the second round) and Athletic- Mirandés (the second round). The winners of these matches will play the final a month later. XAVI DOMINGUEZ


THE LEAGUE There are many leagues in the world and of different categories. In Spain the best league is the league of first division that compete twenty teams of Spain. There are two rounds: The first round is finish when all the teams play against all and the second round is the same but if in the first round you play in your field, in the second round you have to play in the field of the other team, for example if the first round the Valencia team play in her field against the Barcelona team, in the second round, the Valencia team plays in the field of Barcelona. The teams compete for win the league and the cup that credited that this team is the best of season. In the season 2010-2011 won the league the Barcelona team, but, that year did very interesting because this team and the Real Madrid team competed very strong and had the best punctuation.

This year, in the first rounds the Levante team that the year ago competed for be in the first division, this year the Levante team is winning all the matches and her position was 1ยบ, although that lost 3, 4 matches and he stay in fourth place behind of the Valencia, Barcelona and Real Madrid teams. In this moment, the table of classification is in the first position is the Real Madrid, and in the second position is the Barcelona and Real Madrid have got 7 points more than Barcelona. The people comment in all of places that the league is just for Real Madrid or are there still possibilities that the Barcelona team, win?. XAVI DOMINGUEZ


Withdrawal of so of silicone implants Is to run the voice of the withdrawal from the market of the product of silicone for implants that he has been considered as defective due to their frequent breakage. After investigating this product, professionals have realized that their manufacture was a fraud because that is a poor quality material where doctors that implanted the product cheated to their patients, to women who wanted an increase in chest, this product is known by the name of Poly silicone breast prosthesis implant prostheses (PIP)from France. This company was founded in 1991 and in 2010 closed after her implants were removed from the market. This type of product isn't now in the market for bad using. Because of this, the authorities decided to carry out an inspection to the place of production of these prostheses. During the visit, they discovered that the manufacturer was using a silicone gel that did not correspond with the appropriate. French police have arrested the owner of the French company Poly Implant Prothese (PIP), Jean-Claude Mas Florent, creator of breast implants defective silicone sold in several countries in the world, by the reason that the international police emit a red alert around the world to alert women who have had one of these implants to be alert and to be frequently doing reviews. The public prosecutor of Marseilles has opened an investigation to find out whether there is crime in the case.



Coca-cola I am sure that you have ever drunk a Coca-cola , but, do you know the history of his invention? Do you know the ingredients that it had at first moment? Do you know funny things about it? The coca-cola was created by a pharmaceutic, John Pemberton, at 1886 in a pharmacy in Atlanta (Georgia). At first time it was created to relieve headache and to reduce the sickness and it was made with coca leaves and seeds. The current logo also was created at the first time. After, it was sent in his pharmacy, as a drink to reduce thirst. Due to the success of the drink, Pemberton sold the company and the secret formula in 1886 by 23.300 dollars. Later, the company was bought by a group of lawyers, since then the name of the company was Coca-Cola Company and they expanded the Coca-cola around all the world.

No only exist three types of Coca-Cola as we think, there are more types as the CocaCola Orange that emerged 2007 and it only is available in Great Britain ; the Coca-Cola Light Sango, that emerged in 2006 and it only is available in France and Belgium;..... Nowadays, the coca-Cola is a very popular drink that are in more than 200 countries and we can find some funny things about it as: every second of the day is consumed about 8,000 drinks of "The Coca-Cola Company� around all the world, if someone of your forefathers had bought a action in 1892, nowadays you would have 2 thousand millions of dollars,..... MARIO GAO YAO


Copper thieves Some bands of thieves of copper have stolen this week the pipes of the water of the interior of two buildings of the neighbourhood of Sants of Barcelona. These thefts were realised during the early morning of the past monday and the tuesday when the thieves agreed into the quarters of the water meters and ripped copper pipes leading water since the entrance of the general to the homes. The first theft take place in the building of the GavĂ Street and the second, the next night, in the building of the street of Begur, which have four floors.

According to neighbors who have been affected by these thefts have explained that the thieves agreed to the building overcoming two access doors and the door of accountants. Once inside, they stole 30 meters of copper pipes leaving some residents without water supplies and also some shops of the low. Also said that in this building from the street of Begur, metal thieves had also stolen metal door knobs. This situation cannot continue and the police must put and end to it before it is too late.




-DO YOU FELL ANYTHING SPECIAL TOWARDS SOMEONE? OR ANY OF YOUR FRIENDS? I have lots of friends and I love them all a lot, although I do feel something special towards a particular girl. Unfortunately I can not tell you her name because it’s private. -WE KNOW THAT YOUR FAVOURITE SPORT IS FOOTBALL AND THAT YOUR TEAM HAS LOST 3 MATCHES IN A ROW. WHAT DO YOU THINK THE PROBLEM IS? DO YOU THINK THERE IS A SOLUTION? I think that the coach doesn’t know how to handle a group of teenager on a field. Nevertheless we haven’t had any luck at all at scoring goals. The solution is found in changing the coach and playing seriously. Otherwise we will continue in the bottom of the table. -NOT LONG AGO CARLOS IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY, IF I’M NOT MISTAKAN IT WAS THE 28 OF JANUARY WASN’T IT? HOW DID YOU CELEBRATE IT? DID YOU GET ANY SPECIAL PRESENT? Yes you are right my birthday is the 28 of January and I had a great time with my friends. In the morning my friends came to my house to wake me up. Then they made breakfast and later they gave me a superb present, which was a video with unique moments with all of my friends. Afterwards of course, we went for supper and after having a nice supper, we had a party. A lot of drinking and disco music. -WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE OR STUDY IN THE FUTURE? I MEAN IF YOU DON’T GET ENOUGH MARKS IN BATXILLERATO DO YOU THINK THE ARMY WOULD BE A GOOD PLACE TO WORK? I would like to be a Kim boxer, although I know it is very difficult. If I don’t get a high enough grades in batxillerato I do consider the army as a good option to get a career. -THANK YOU CARLOS FOR YOUR TIME No problem at all. Ask me when ever you like again, it has been pleasure.