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S ierra marine engine o il range

sp ecifically designed for the marine en g ine

COM P LETE PROTECTION F OR YOUR MARINE EN GINE All oil is not created equal, and it’s vital to recognize and

Sierra oil and lubricants are blended to the same high standards

understand the differences. Sierra NMMA certified marine

as the OEM oils and meet the same FC-W and TC-W3

engine oils have been developed to meet the specific lubrication

certification standards. Sierra offers specific oils for your brand of

needs of marine engines operating under unique and

engine, not a “one size fits all” product.

challenging environmental conditions. This includes the development of specialized additives designed to inhibit corrosion and moisture and protect engine surfaces in a watery world.

Sierra offers the widest variety of oils on the market to match your engine’s needs including 4-stroke, 2-stroke, gear lubricant and engine grease.


From petroleum based to full synthetic, Sierra has the correct

- 25W - 40 Premium blend

engine crankcase oil to match the needs of your gasoline or

- 25w - 40 synthetic blend - SAE 30 full synthetic - 10W - 30 full synthetic

diesel inboard or sterndrive engine. Sierra offers a full line of direct replacement weight oils that are specifically blended to protect your engine in the harsh marine environment and the extreme load conditions that your engine is subjected to every time you push down on the throttle. Unlike automotive engine oils, Sierra oils are specifically designed to prevent moisture and corrosion from harming your engines internal components. Best of all when you choose Sierra engine oil, you can feel confident that our marine specific oils are backed by the Sierra’s Industry Leading Warranty. Remember when it comes to oil you do have a choice, so choose Sierra!

GASOLINE - OUTBOARD ENGINE OIL - FC-W (4-STROKE OIL) - 10w - 30 premium blenD

Today’s 4-stroke engines burn cleaner and run quieter than their

- 10w - 40 synthetic blend

2-stroke counterparts. But unlike you car, the demands on a

- 25w - 40 synthetic blend - 25W - 50 synthetic blend - 10w - 30 full synthetic

4-stroke outboard require very special oils and oil additives. All Sierra 4-stroke outboard engine oils meet the same tough standards as the OEM engine oil and are FC-W certified by the NMMA, just like the OEM engine oils. Sierra offers many weights and blends of 4-stroke outboard engine oil to meet your particular situation. And just like every quality product that Sierra makes, our outboard engine oils are backed by Sierra’s industry leading warranty.


Sierra Premium Blue TC-W3 is the right choice for carbureted

- direct injection synthetic blend

and EFI engines.

- full synthetic

Sierra Direct Injection TC-W3 has been specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s high-tech direct injected engines (DFI) like Mercury Optimax®, Yamaha HPDI® and Johnson/Evinrude Ficht® and DI motors. Sierra’s Direct Injection is a synthetic oil that will protect your engine in the most demanding marine conditions. Sierra Full Synthetic TC-W3 has been designed for use in all outboards including Johnson/Evinrude E-Tec®. So when you want the ultimate protection for your engine, Sierra Full Synthetic is there to handle the job.

GEAR LUBRICANTS - premium blend

Sierra brand gear lubricants are specifically formulated to

- hi-performance synthetic blend

perform in the marine environment and no matter what you

- full synthetic

own chances are Sierra has a gear lubricant for you.

- type c, electric shift

Sierra Premium, Hi-Performance Synthetic Blend, and Full Synthetic Lube are all GL-5 rated to provide maximum protection under extreme pressure and meet or exceed the requirements of all major OEM engine manufacturers. Sierra Type C gear lubricant is only for use in older OMC outboard and sterndrive engine applications that are equipped with electric shift. All Sierra gear lubricants contain additives specifically manufactured for the marine environment. Sierra gear lubricants will keep water suspended longer than the leading OEM supplier. With our full range of gear lubes, no matter what type of engine package you own Sierra has the lube for you!

OIL DISPLAYS Outboard 4-Cycle Oil Display

TC-W3 Oil Display

Display comes complete with:

Display comes complete with:

• Corrugated display with high impact graphics

• Corrugated display with high impact graphics

• One case of quart bottles

• One case of quart bottles

• One case of gallon bottles

• Once case of gallon bottles

• Installation instructions

• Installation instructions

• 10W-30 Premium Blend (18-9498)

• Premium Blend (18-9499)

• 10W-40 Synthetic (18-9497)

• Full Synthetic

• Display only (18-9495)

(18-9496) • Display only (18-9494)

• Easy to Assemble • Consumer friendly • Mobile, Free Standing Display • More profits per square foot

Part No DESCRIPTION SIZE CLASSIFICATION Gasoline - inboard sterndrive engine oil 18-9400-2 18-9400-4 25W-40, Premium Blend 18-9400-7 18-9440-2 18-9440-4 25W-40, Synthetic Blend 18-9440-7 18-9551-2 18-9551-3 10W-40, Synthetic Blend 18-9551-6 18-9551-7 18-9410-2 18-9410-4 SAE 30, Full Synthetic 18-9410-7 18-9690-2 10W-30, Full Synthetic 18-9690-3

Quart Bottle 5 Quart Bottle 55 Gallon Drum Synthetic Blend Quart Bottle Synthetic Blend 5 Quart Bottle Synthetic Blend 55 Gallon Drum Quart Bottle Gallon Bottle 16 Gallon Drum 55 Gallon Drum Quart Bottle 5 Quart Bottle 55 Gallon Drum Quart Bottle Gallon Bottle



GASOLINE - OUTBOARD ENGINE OIL - TWO-CYCLE 18-9500-1 18-9500-2 18-9500-3 Premium Blend 18-9500-4 18-9500-6 18-9500-7 18-9530-3 18-9530-6 Direct Injection Synthetic Blend 18-9530-7 18-9540-2 18-9540-3 Full Synthetic 18-9540-7

Pint Bottle Quart Bottle Gallon Bottle 2.5 Gallon Bottle 16 Gallon Drum 55 Gallon Drum Gallon Bottle 16 Gallon Drum 55 Gallon Drum Quart Bottle Gallon Bottle 55 Gallon Drum

Inboard Sterndrive Engine Oil

2-Cycle Outboard Engine Oil




GASOLINE - OUTBOARD ENGINE OIL - FOUR CYCLE 18-9553-2 18-9553-3 18-9553-5 15W-40, Premium Blend Diesel 18-9553-6 18-9553-7 18-9420-2 18-9420-3 10W-30 Premium Blend 18-9420-7 18-9440-3 25W-40 Synthetic Blend 18-9440-8 18-9552-3 18-9552-8 25W-50, Synthetic Blend 18-9552-6 18-9690-2 10W-30 Full Synthetic Blend 18-9690-3

Quart Bottle Gallon Bottle 5 Gallon Pail 16 Gallon Drum 55 Gallon Drum Quart Bottle Gallon Bottle 55 Gallon Drum 4 Liter Bottle Liter Bottle 4 Liter Bottle Liter Bottle 16 Gallon Drum Quart Bottle Gallon Bottle

API CI4-Plus/SL; Volvo VDS-3; Cummins CES 20078, 20077 & 20076 NMMA FC-W API SL NMMA FC-W API SL NMMA FC-W API SL NMMA FC-W API SL

GEAR LUBRICANTS 18-9600-0 18-9600-2 18-9600-5 Premium Blend 18-9600-6 18-9600-7 18-9650-0 18-9650-2 18-9650-5 Hi-Performance Blend 18-9650-6 18-9650-7 18-9680-2 18-9680-5 Full Synthetic 18-9680-7 18-9620-0 18-9620-2 Type C, Electric Shift 18-9620-5

10 Ounce Tube Quart Bottle 5 Gallon Pail 16 Gallon Drum 55 Gallon Drum 10 Ounce Tube Quart Bottle 5 Gallon Pail 16 Gallon Drum 55 Gallon Drum Quart Bottle 5 Gallon Pail 55 Gallon Drum 10 Ounce Tube Quart Bottle 5 Gallon Pail

4-Cycle Outboard Engine Oil

API GL-5, MIL-L-2105D, Mack JO-J, API MT-1 (PG-1) and proposed PG-2 API GL-5, MIL-L-2105D, Mack JO-J, API MT-1 (PG-1) and proposed PG-2 API GL-5, MIL-L-2105E, Mack JO-J, API MT-1 (PG-1) and proposed PG-2, SAE J2360


Gear Lubricants

Miscellaneous Oil and Lubricants Sierra offers a full line of support products to keep your engine and your boat in top operating condition. Part No




eGuard, Ethanol Treatment/Stabilizer

8 Ounce Bottle


eGuard, Ethanol Treatment/Stabilizer

1 Quart Bottle


eGuard, Ethanol Treatment/Stabilizer

1 Gallon Bottle


Grease, Lithium Spray

12 Ounce Aerosol Can


Grease, Premium Marine

10 Ounce Tube


Grease, Premium Marine

14 Ounce Cartridge


Grease, Premium Marine

3 Ounce Cartridge (2 pack)


Grease, Premium Marine

3 Ounce Cartridge (4 pack)


Grease, Spline

14 Ounce Cartridge


Fogging Oil

12 Ounce Aerosol Can


Fogging Oil

Gallon Bottle


Fuel Stabilizer

Gallon Bottle


Fuel Stabilizer

8 Ounce Bottle


Fuel Stabilizer

32 Ounce Bottle


Rust Remover, Marine Biodegradable

Gallon Bottle


Rust Remover, Marine Biodegradable

5 Gallon Pail


Tilt & Trim Fluid

10 Ounce Tube


Carbon Free

12 Ounce Aerosol Can


Combustion Cleaner

12 Ounce Bottle


Bellows Adhesive

2 Ounce Tube

SIERRA WARRANTY Sierra offers the best warranty in the marine business, hands down! Using Sierra oil or any Sierra product will not void your original engine manufacturer’s warranty. As a matter of fact, Sierra offers the most extensive warranty in the marine industry. No engine manufacturer backs their oil and lubricants with a longer or more extensive warranty. We will pay for parts and labor to repair, plus we pay for incidental expenses like haul-out and towing.

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