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“Faith in the Marketplace” a working women’s conference STEP

OUT & change your life!


S c h e d u l e 6:15P 6:30P 7:15P 8:00P 8:30P


Doors Open Welcome & Worship Celebration Holly Wagner, “Stepping Out in God’s Confidence” Breakout Session Preview Closing Celebration


8:30A Continental Breakfast 8:45A Welcome & Worship Celebration 9:00A Laurie Beth Jones, “Elements of Success” 10:00A Breakout Session #1 11:00A Breakout Session #2 12:00P Lunch 12:45P Laurie Beth Jones “Jesus my CEO” 1:30P Closing Celebration

Saturday, Breakout Sessions

(For class locations, please see campus map on the back of this program) PM r224 LDB r208 LDB r207 LDB r205 CC LDB r200c PM r221 PM r224 LDB r206 LDB r203

Balanced Lives, Listen to the Voice of God – Shelly Juskiewicz Entrepreneur 101 – Cheryl Williams Establishing Your Mission and Vision – Lydia Knopf Gender Communications – Jacquelyn Coffey Get Organized – Penny Lambright I’m Too Busy to be Lonely – Mary Scott Market Yourself – Nancy Piper Moms at Work – Andrea Rubio/Denise Ristenpart Team Building – Sarah Sumner Value Based Investing – Mary King

Women in the OC... Stepping out takes courage

and faith working together everyday As we come together, we will be refreshed and encouraged, through this conference that was designed just for you. We will address the issues that face you everyday. As we hear from various, dynamic speakers that have been there, done that; who want to come along side you and mentor you as you step out as

the woman God ha s created you to be! 2008 Faith in the Marketplace

We l c oDear Women m inethe Marketplace,

Welcome to the first annual Faith in the Marketplace Conference! This conference is the first of its kind for women of faith in Orange County. We are women who know what it means to juggle and balance. We are women who strive to do our best at work and outside of work. We are unique and different in every way, yet identical. We are women who thrive in the shoes we wear and on any given day wear many different pairs of shoes. It is our hope, as a committee of women who have planned for over one year, that during this weekend you will be encouraged, laugh, learn and meet other like-minded women who share much in common with you.

Holly Wagner and Laurie Beth Jones, our keynote speakers, have so much in store for us. Their messages transcend all areas of our lives. They will encourage and inspire us to step out in greater confidence everywhere we go. Our breakout sessions will allow you to engage more specifically in an area that is on your heart and mind. Our desire is that you will leave this conference changed. You will leave here confident to step out in who God has made you to be at work, at home and everywhere you go in between. Blessings on your journey,

The 2008 Faith in the Marketplace Committee Pamela Curry Chair, Orange Coast Christian Outreach

Shelly Juskiewicz Pastor to Women, Mariners Church

Debbie Eaton Director of Women’s Ministry, Saddleback Church

Grace Marestaing Chair, Marketplace Women of Orange County

Denise Ristenpart Director of Women’s Ministries, Mariners Church

Mary Scott Provost, Concordia University Irvine


We proudly congratulate Mariners Church on the Working Women’s Conference 2008 Springfest 2008 Special 20% off tickets to the concert of your choice: Rite of Spring May 29 - 31, 2008 Beginning at 8:00 PM Tickets (regular prices): $25, $35, $55, $75, $85, $95 The powerful, stirring Rite of Spring caused riots on the streets of Paris following its premiere! This orchestral tour de force showcases the brilliant artistry of Russian master composer, Igor Stravinsky. Pianist Gabriela Montero will wow in Rachmaninoff’s flashy Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini.

Russian Passion June 2, 2008 Beginning at 8:00 PM Tickets (regular prices): $15, $25, $30, $40, $50, $90 Rachmaninoff’s irresistibly romantic works for tandem keyboards are a playground for powerhouse virtuosos. This all-Rachmaninoff program features the two-piano wizardry of Boris Slutsky and George Vatchnadze from the famous Toradze Piano Studio.

André Watts June 5 - 7, 2008 Beginning at 8:00 PM Tickets (regular prices): $25, $35, $55, $75, $85, $95

More than 40 years after Leonard Bernstein tapped him to replace an ailing Glenn Gould, André Watts remains one of the world’s most celebrated and beloved piano superstars. He returns to Orange County to perform Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2.

All concerts take place at the new Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall 615 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa, California 92626

Please contact the Pacific Symphony Box Office and mention “Working Women’s Conference” to purchase your tickets: 714.755.5799 The Center’s Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall is located within Segerstrom Center for the Arts.

Holly Wagner Holly Wagner believes it is no accident that you and I are alive and on the earth at this time in history. What an awesome privilege it is. Granted, terror is alive and real on the planet but so are we and the purposes for which we have been placed here. The King of heaven is waiting for women to take their places on the earth; we have a job to do. Proverbs 31:8-9 says it like this: we are to open our mouths for those who can't speak for themselves open our mouths for those who are left defenseless. We are to judge righteously and administer justice. How can we do this if we are not confidently living our life as God's girl on the earth? In God Chicks, Holly encourages women to embrace their God-given roles, such as the Warrior Chick, the Friend Chick, and the Just b.u. Chick. "We are invaluable," says Holly, "and more women need to see themselves this way. We do not have to strive or force our way we just have to confidently walk as we were created daughters of a King."

Holly Wagner Holly Wagner co-pastors Oasis Christian Center in Los Angeles, alongside her husband, Philip, and she oversees the Women’s Ministry of Oasis GodChicks - which has grown beyond the church walls to reach thousands of women each year. Holly is a popular conference speaker known for her challenging, humorous style of addressing real-life issues. She has written several books including, When It Pours and He Reigns. Holly and Philip have been married for over 20 years and have two children.

Laurie Beth Jones Laurie Beth Jones has written several best-selling books, including Jesus CEO; Jesus, Life Coach. Her books have been BusinessWeek and Wall Street Journal bestsellers. Using practical wisdom, bursts of humor, and reality-based thinking, Ms. Jones has become one of the world's leading consultants for businesses that want to take their work-and their workers-to unparalleled levels of performance, satisfaction, and success.

Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership is a practical, step-by-step guide to communicating with and motivating people. It is based on the self-mastery, action, and relationship skills that Jesus used to train and motivate his team. It can be applied to any business, service, or endeavor that depends on more than one person to accomplish a goal, and can be implemented by anyone who dares. The secret to team success is elemental. You depend on groups. You depend on the successful outcomes of teamwork. And the keys to productive relationshipswhether in a billion-dollar organization or a family are as basic as fire, water, wind and earth. In The Four Elements of Success, best selling business author Laurie Beth Jones unlocks this ageless wisdom and marries it with a modern personality theory. The result? Powerful new possibilities for collaboration,change, and success. Discover the four elements of success, and you'll also find the secrets for influence and leadership.

Laurie Beth Jones



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Holly Wagner co-pastors Oasis Christian Center in Los Angeles, alongside her husband, Philip, and she oversees the women’s ministry of Oasis GodChicks - which has grown beyond the church walls to reach thousands of women each year. Holly is a popular conference speaker known for her challenging, humorous style of addressing real-life issues. She has written several books including, When It Pours and He Reigns. Holly and Philip have been married for over 20 years and have two children.


Elements of Success (Laurie Beth Jones, author)


Laurie Beth Jones has written several best-selling books, including Jesus, CEO; Jesus, Life Coach. Her books have been BusinessWeek and Wall Street Journal bestsellers. Using practical wisdom, bursts of humor, and reality-based thinking, Ms. Jones has become one of the world's leading consultants for businesses that want to take their work-and their workers-to unparalleled levels of performance, satisfaction, and success.

2008 Faith in the Marketplace

Notes 2008 Faith in the Marketplace

Team Building:

(Sarah Sumner, Ph.D)

Lesson Objective: To introduce a tool called “The People Model” that will take you to the next level of leadership. The People Model has three types of power: explanatory power (to increase self-awareness, help explain confusing situations, and predict likely scenarios, motivational power (to help you make changes that you haven’t made in the past, to help others on your team get unstuck, to enable you to be a better person), and creative power (to help you approach hard conversations more effectively, to help you build a stronger team, and to help you think in ways that are counter-intuitive for you).

Resources: “Leadership Above the Line ” by Sarah Sumner , “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” by Patrick Lencioni, “Turnaround” by Mitt Romney, “Talking Straight” by Lee Iacocca, “Leading Change” by John Kotter Sarah Sumner, Ph.D. is Special Assistant to the Dean for Strategic Development and Professor of Theology and Ministry in Haggard Graduate School of Theology at Azusa Pacific University. She also serves as a regular Teaching Pastor at New Song Church and an Aerobics Instructor at Bally Total Fitness. She travels nationally as both a speaker and a consultant. Her media appearances include The Early Show for CBS News and “Faith Under Fire” hosted by Lee Strobel which airs on PAX T.V. Her books include: Men and Women in the Church: Building Consensus on Christian Leadership (now in its 6th printing) and Leadership Above the Line. Her third book, Just How Married Do You Want to Be? is scheduled for release in July 2008. Currently she’s writing three more books. Sarah has been married to her husband, Jim Sumner, for over ten years. They are in the process of adopting a little girl from India.

Get Organized: (Penny Lambright)

Lesson Objective: To educate and give helpful tips to helping one to un-clutter your life. So many times we get so busy with our everyday life, that we hold on to things that can keep us in the past and hold us back. Learn what you need to keep and how long to keep it. Learn to store up your "treasures" in Heaven, not here on earth. You will receive a handout full of handy practical tips you can take home and apply right away to un-cluttering your life. Learn to let go..., open yourself to be able to bless others with your treasures.

After working more than 20 years on Corporate America, Penny felt a calling to do more, a calling to make a different kind of difference in people's life. Nine years ago, she started Clutter Cleaners out of a need for more in her life, wanting to feel like she was making a difference in people's lives. God opened up the doors for her in what had been a dream and in the works for many years in her mind, it now was reality. While working in many different industries, including the entertainment industry, Penny would work her way out of work because she was so organized. Since starting Clutter Cleaners, Penny has been featured on a segment of "Dateline NBC, with Stone Phillips, featured on a Nashville local morning show and in the local press multiple times. Through Clutter Cleaners, Penny has been enjoying a new ministry of speaking and sharing her experiences. God has opened doors for her to bring her knowledge to many.

Market Yourself: (Nancy Piper)

Lesson Objective: Do you want to be remembered for "who" you are and "what you do"? Let's talk about you. This workshop will provide insights into unearthing your talent which is the first step in personal branding for women in the marketplace.

Resources: "Make A Name for Yourself" by Robin Fisher Roffer; "Go Put Your Strengths to Work� by Marcus Buckingham; "Going to the Top" by Carol Gallagher;; Nancy Piper is the owner of Insight at Work a successful, cutting edge Talent Based consulting business. Prior to starting Insight at Work, she held Executive Human Resource positions in both for profit and non profit organizations in O.C. Nancy and her husband Doug are members of Mariners Church.

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Public Relations

Moms at Work:

(Andrea Rubio & Denise Ristenpart)

Lesson Objective: Andrea and Denise are both full time working moms. Working all day, bringing home the bacon, and frying it up in a pan. Oh, and while we're at it, we're raising children, one as a single mom and the other with a spouse. As any working mom knows, we are multi-taskers and often battle with guilt. Join us in this workshop and learn new tools to help you day to day as a working mom.

Andrea Rubio is Project Manager, Clinical Affairs – Transcatheter Heart Valve, responsible for managing active clinical studies in the department and organizing and coordinating national Principal Investigator meetings and trainings. Andrea is a member of Mariners Church. She is a single mom. She has served on the board of Miracle Ranch and volunteers on a regular basis wherever needed.

Denise Ristenpart has served as Director of Women’s Ministries at Mariners Church for 5 years. She, her husband of 19 years, and their three daughters have attended Mariners since 1993 and love being a part of the Mariners Church family. Denise has led events at Mariners, taught Bible studies, served at Miracle Ranch in Tecate Mexico and the Free Wheel Chair Ministry in Peru. Through it all she works

Entrepreneur 101: (Cheryl Williams, Ph.D)

Lesson Objective: Many entrepreneurial start-ups are led by motivated people who often have little or no experience with the basics of running a business. This workshop will focus on the “Must Have” Management Skills dealing with personnel issues, such as hiring and managing employees, as well as knowledge of federal and state laws. A quick review of interviewing, hiring and selection tips will be shared as well as a toolkit for behavioral interviewing given.

CHERYL E. WILLIAMS, Ph.D., serves as Vice President, International/Cultural Relations and Dean of Global Programs for Concordia University Irvine. She is also the owner of, Communication Works, a corporate training and human resources consultant group that she established in 1997. She has consistently demonstrated successful hands-on management experience with domestic and international employee groups. Having lived and/or worked in over 35 countries spanning Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and North America, she brings a wealth of management practices grounded in today’s global marketplace needs. Dr. Williams is a graduate of Purdue University (B.A., M.S.) and Florida State University (Ph.D.). She resides in Costa Mesa, California. Her hobbies are varied but mostly center around eco-travel.

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2008 Faith in the Marketplace

Value Based Investing:

(Mary King, Harvard University)

Lesson Objective: To empower women of noble character to draw from the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, to trust their inate ability to understand Investing 101, and to glorify God in the stewardship of all He has entrusted to them. "She sees that her trading is profitable." Proverbs 31:18 By recognizing that all economic choices have moral consequences, we will see how our spiritual faith and ethical convictions are a bridge to understanding and evaluating investments. Participants will learn how to engage their financial consultants to ensure that our Lord's talents have not been invested in companies profiting from abortion, pornography, tobacco, alcohol, or gambling.

Mary King is an Assistant Vice President at Merrill Lynch in Beverly Hills, serving individual and institutional clients with portfolios to achieve their goals, while reflecting their social and moral principles. She is the author of academic research published in the Journal of Investing. Prior to Merrill Lynch, Mary worked at KLD Inc. & Co., a premier research firm tracking corporate ethics. Her writing as a featured investment columnist has led to invitations to speak around the country; her experience in the field is highlighted in numerous magazines and six books. She is the first undergraduate in history to graduate with a double major in Economics and Religion (with Honors) from Harvard University.

Gender Communications: (Jacquelyn Coffey, MBA )

Lesson Objective: How to communicate more effectively with men by learning what’s important to them. Practical and easy to apply skills for improving your relationships and increasing opportunities for men to hear, understand, and respond favorably to you. Minor adjustments in your communication style can reap giant rewards. * The Top Ten Important to Men * Thinking “To know and not to do is still not to know.” S. Covey * Being * Doing

Resources: Creative Christian Resources E-mail: Phone: 1-800-230-9566 Jacquelyn Coffey, BA, MS, is founder of Creative Christian Resources, begun in 1981. This ministry is dedicated to encouraging loving and skillful communication in every relationship. Combining her creative degree in dance with a master’s in business management, and a real estate broker’s license, Jackie has served, taught, and consulted with many organizations in the ministry and the marketplace including founding Director of Creative Arts Ministry, First Evangelical Free Church, Fullerton; adjunct professor in communications, Biola University; Continental Ministries, and Crystal Cathedral.


Lesson Objective: The population of Orange County has over 2.8 million people. Have you ever said this to yourself “I’m so involved at ________________ (work, church, school, home or any combination of places)”? So why have I been praying for a friend? Come and learn how to enjoy solitude with God.

For over 25 years, Mary Scott has been a teacher, presenter, administrator and leader in athletics, higher education and the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. She is currently serving as the Executive Vice President of the University and Provost at Concordia University in Irvine, California. Mary has experience working in a changing organization. When she arrived the total student body on the Irvine campus was less than 300 students. Today Concordia, Irvine serves over 2200 students. Dr. Scott is a respected presenter and teacher. She has provided presentations for various churches and schools across the country and most recently in China. Mary has worked with teachers, staff members, church leaders, corporate leaders and led multiple retreats. Having been trained by the Zig Ziglar corporation, Mary combines current information with humor for an interactive and fast paced presentation. Mary has served on various boards and in the community and in church settings. Mary, her husband Dan, their youngest daughter Anna Joy, and their dog Chip reside in Irvine, California.

Balanced Lives, Listening to God: (Shelly Juskiewicz, Pastor)

Lesson Objective: As working women in OC, we face multiple demands on our time. Every minute is utilized for someone or something that is critical. The longing of our heart is to hear from God above the noise and demands that surround us. We need to hear from God. We want to hear from God. What do we need to do in our lives to find the way to do this? In our time together we will explore how to balance our lives in a manner that allows us to prioritize and recognize the voice of God so that He may direct our path. • A time and a space for God • Distractions from within • Recognizing the voice of God


“Sacred Thirst” by M. Craig Barnes, “The Practice of Godliness” by Jerry Bridges, “Overcoming Overload” by Steve and Mary Farrar, “Practicing Greatness” by Reggie McNeal, “When the Heart Waits” by Sue Monk Kidd Shelly Juskiewicz – After a corporate career in Real Estate Finance and attending Mariners Church for 15 years, she became the Pastor to Women. She is also a member of the Executive Ministry Team, Pastor of New Believers and Assimilation. It is her passion and desire to help those that come to Mariners Church to connect in relationships with others and God in such a way that Mariners Church may become their church home. She has been married to Ron for 21 years and has two children ages 13 & 15.

Establishing Your Mission and Vision: (Lydia Knopf, M.A.)

Lesson Objective: This workshop consists of inspiration; resources and exercises to help you begin to either establish or further clarify your mission, vision and values by learning to listen to God and become a co-worker (power walker) with Him. As you choose to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, God reveals purpose, ignites passion, fulfills promise and infuses you with power to fulfill your specific calling! Come with me on a Scriptural journey to get to know God as a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path.

Resources: “Strengthen Yourself in the Lord” by Bill Johnson, “The Path” by Laurie Beth Jones, “LifeKeys” by Star, Hirsh Kise, “Organizational Vision, Values, and Mission” by Scott, Jaffe, Tobe, “Courage and Calling: Embracing Your God-given potential” by Gordon T. Smith www.; Lydia Knopf is a graduate of Biola University with a B.S. in Business Administration and an M.A. in Organizational Leadership. She served as the Director of Undergraduate Recruitment for nine years prior to pioneering the department of Biola Youth at Biola University, now in its twelfth year and currently serving over 10,000 parents, students and leaders annually from schools, churches, camps and the community at large. In addition to leading and managing, Lydia especially enjoys being a wife and mom and coaching, mentoring and consulting on her life passion topics of personal calling and organizational mission, vision, and values. Lydia and her husband Greg have four precious sons, Geoffrey, Joshua, Jacob, and Jeremiah.


(Laurie Beth Jones, author)


Laurie Beth Jones has written several best-selling books, including Jesus, CEO; Jesus, Life Coach. Her books have been BusinessWeek and Wall Street Journal bestsellers. Using practical wisdom, bursts of humor, and reality-based thinking, Ms. Jones has become one of the world's leading consultants for businesses that want to take their work-and their workers-to unparalleled levels of performance, satisfaction, and success.

2008 Faith in the Marketplace

Notes 2008 Faith in the Marketplace

A Note of Thanks!

Thank you

to each and every one of you who have taken the time out of your busy schedules to attend this event. We do hope it was a meaningful time in which you were encouraged and refreshed in your important roles as working women.

Thank you

to all of our wonderful speakers. To Holly Wagner and Laurie Beth Jones who balance so much in their lives and have faithfully come to serve and inspire us. To our breakout speakers as well, thank you for sharing with us your areas of expertise and bringing your unique gifts to each workshop.

Thank you

to all of our sponsors. Without each one of you this event would not have been possible. You have all made an invaluable contribution and we are honored to have worked alongside each of you to make this event happen.

The 2008 Faith in the Marketplace Committee

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2008 Faith in the Marketplace

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2008 Faith in the Marketplace

Campus Map LDB = Life Development Building PM = Port Mariners CC = Community Center WC = Worship Center

Faith in the Marketplace 2008  

This two day working women's seminar program at Mariners Church in Irvine, CA features Holly Wagner & Laurie Beth Jones