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What is your advice on homework?

Don’t procrastinate! Missing assignments can really affect your grades. This is a great way to put your learning into practice and help your teachers see how you’re learning. Be sure to do your homework and turn it in on time for full credit. Find an organization system that works for you! Color-coded planners, folders and notebooks for each class can really help, as can staying digitally organized on Blackboard.

When can I get extra help with my schoolwork?

Everyone needs extra help from time to time. You can see your teacher before school (7:30-7:55am) or you can ask your teacher for a Warrior Bell pass. You can also ask your teacher if he or she is available to help you after school. There is also after-school study hall in the library Monday – Thursday from 3pm-4pm. There is a teacher in there to help! And remember - your teachers want you to succeed! They also know you’re getting older and more independent and can ask for help when you need it, so don’t hesitate!

Speaking of the library, is the library only for books?

No way. The Mariemont Junior High School library is more of a collaborative workspace. The “fishbowl” is a great space for class as well as group or individual work, too. Plus, this is the place to get after-school homework help. Lots of books are also located in classroom libraries!

What if I can’t get my homework turned in on time?

Homework is used purposefully in the classroom, so completion is crucial for participation. If you turn in homework late, your teacher may still accept it and you might not receive full or any credit but you will still receive feedback. To state it simply: Homework should be turned in the day it is due, so this is why staying organized and focused is really important!

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2019-2020 MJHS Success Guide  

2019-2020 MJHS Success Guide

2019-2020 MJHS Success Guide  

2019-2020 MJHS Success Guide