2020-21 Warriors BEyond Explorations Guide

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In the spirit of our Destination 2026 strategic plan, Mariemont City Schools believes that student learning will be enhanced through diverse curricular options and enriching experiences that drive deeper understanding and skill development and support global competency. This is why I am so proud of our award-winning Warriors BEyond program. This K-12 initiative allows students of Mariemont City Schools the opportunity for experiential learning beyond the traditional classroom. It seeks to foster passion and interest explorations through hands-on experiences. The core of the Warriors BEyond program begins in elementary school with Explorations, continues through junior high with Expeditions and caps off at the high school level with Intersession and Master Class.. Elementary Explorations provide our fifth and sixth grade learners with their first opportunity for interest-based, experiential learning. These student-selected courses are designed to grow curiosity, discover new skillsets and expand passion exploration. Our goal for Explorations is to foster a love of learning which will grow with the students through their time in Mariemont City Schools. I hope each elementary school family discovers the magic of Explorations and the Warriors BEyond program. Enjoy these course offerings and happy Exploring!

Steven Estepp, Superintendent Mariemont City Schools


EXPLORATION CATEGORIES Explorations, part of our award-winning Warriors BEyond programming, are designed to ignite a passion for learning and foster creativity. Students in 5th and 6th grades will begin each week with a 90-minute, interestbased elective that will take place on Mondays. Each Explorations session will last six weeks with a showcase day following sessions 1, 2 & 4! All Explorations are hands-on, ungraded and focused on giving students the opportunity to learn more about a topic that intrigues them!

The Wellness Warriors Fitness | Health | Sports

The Creators Music | Arts | Expression | Performance

The Futurists Technology | Logic | Strategy

The Global Learners Cultures | Traditions | World Language

The Young Professionals Career Possibilities | College Production | Life Skills



The Wellness Warriors Fitness | Health | Sports

Run Like a Warrior Today

2020 Olympic Games

Let’s get out and run/jog/walk in order to get in shape to finish a 5k (3.1 miles). The Warrior Run is right around the corner and you’ll be ready to run for the cause with hundreds of others in the community.

Are you excited for the summer olympics in Tokyo, Japan? We are too! This Exploration will feature Olympic Games and each week you will play a different Olympic sanctioned event! Can your country win a gold, silver or bronze medal?

Just Jump

Yoga and Mindfulness

Is jumping rope a sport? It is now! We’ll explore all different types of jumping rope, including speed jumping, Double Dutch, performance jumping and more!

Fun, fitness & discovery! Come experience yoga and mindfulness like you never have before! Get out of your school and travel to different locations within your community to practice yoga and deeper mindfulness techniques for relaxation and personal growth!

Brain Games Have you ever wanted to stretch your brain power? Come enjoy learning new word games, strategy games and IQ challenges! Build your abstract thinking skills while having a blast!

Not Your “Typical” Golf Did you know there are many variations of golf? During this exploration you will putt, kick, and throw your way into learning new variations of golf each week! Take a ride down the fairway with variations such as frisbee golf, virtual reality golf, foot golf and of course mini-golf!

Your CrossFit Let’s spend our mornings in the fresh air with an introduction to the world of CrossFit and the craze that is sweeping the nation. Students will enjoy the benefits of not just the exercise but the competition as well. 5


The Creators Music | Arts | Expression | Performance

Your Pet in Soft Sculpture

Knit, Stitch, and Sew

Working from a photograph (that you bring in) design, stitch and create a soft sculpture of your pet. Learn skills in realistic painting, working with acrylics, sewing and working three-dimensionally. End up with a huggable pillow version of your best friend!

Hang out with your friends while creating beautiful hats, friendship bracelets, and cross stitch designs.

Let’s get Crafty! Do you like to build things with your own hands? In this session we will flex our creative muscles to make all types of things! Crafts may include things such as candles and candle holders, stuffed animals and much, much more!

Funky Fiber Arts Do you like to sew and work with fabric? Join us as we try new techniques with stitching and layering fabrics to make beautiful quilts and colorful soft collages. We’ll also experiment with fabric dye and batik.

Jamming in the World of Percussion! Want to try something new with percussion skills but you have never played percussion? No problem! No prior drum skill needed! Think of this like Rock Band, except less guitar. We will rock out to some classic and new rock tunes! All you have to bring is the energy!

Bling it on! Work on a small scale with wire, beads and polymer clay to create your own wearable art. If you like bling, this is your thing. Students will also have the opportunity to bling out logos, necklaces and other wearables!

Garage Band and More Music Tech!

Print Your Personality Learn about graphic design and typography as your design your own custom printed t-shirt and stationery. We’ll practice silk screening, reduction prints and other printmaking processes.

Let’s get creative in Garage Band and some other Music Tech areas. Make your own jams, remixes, loops and more! Discover how some of your favorite artists today make their own material!

Calling All Comics Love making people laugh? Do you find humor in everything? Improv might be for you! On-the-spot improvisation is a dynamic, fun and often very comedic type of theatre. Improv is spontaneous, entertaining and fun. Join the fun! 7


The Futurists Technology | Logic | Strategy

K!d$ Th@t {ode

and independently, that allow them to develop their song idea into a finished product. Additionally, the class incorporates music appreciation, improvisation, lyrical development, dance and interviews with guest songwriters.

Are you into technology and like to create things on your iPad? In this session, you will have the opportunity to create games and learn java. Let’s dive into the world of coding!

Cartooning and Animation

iPad Web Designers

Students will explore the process of creating comics, cartoons and the basic fundamental tools of drawing. You will also have the opportunity to bring your cartoon to life by creating a small 2-D moveable model. Students will gain knowledge of the tools necessary for designing comic strips by using various frame layouts, rendering characters, and constructing backgrounds.

Have you always wanted your own .com? The only limit in this Exploration is your own creativity! We will use Weebly along with other art and design apps on our iPads to build our own websites from scratch! Jumpstart your career as a Web Designer today!

Make It, Play It! Got an idea for a new game or sport? What about building your own instrument? Can you dream up an idea for a new board game? This Exploration is like Shark Tank meets the Dream Squad! Let’s come up with ideas to build our own experience and then play it out!

Photography Students will use iPads to capture images that reflect their perspective of different emotions. Each class will focus on an emotion and how that emotion can be revealed through games, school, life experiences and more. This class is about the student’s interpretation of their own emotions through their personal lens and the lens of a camera.

Come on Down! Do you enjoy watching game shows on television? This is your chance to get right in the action and compete against your fellow classmates. Test your luck in Family Feud, spin the wheel in Wheel of Fortune or challenge your friends in a game of Jeopardy!

Buggin’ Out In this class, students will learn the important role that invertebrates have on our world. During the late summer/early fall months, students will get to explore the natural world of pollinators and even meet some important invertebrates. Buggin’ Out is all about conservation, education and FUN! This program will turn any child into a bug lover!

Songwriting and Recording This class explores the dynamic process of writing and developing a song. Students will engage in creative activities, both collaboratively



The Global Learners Cultures | Traditions | World Language

Sacre Bleu! - All About France

Ritmo - Spanish Meet Rhythm & Movement

Students will be immersed into French culture, learn some of the language, visit some of the major tourist attractions virtually, learn about and taste some French cuisine, learn more about their popular sports/teams and watch an appropriate movie in French with English subtitles.

Ritmo is a fun, creative and upbeat class that combines music, movement and language in a way that engages and energizes both the body and brain! With live rhythm instruments and hands-on learning, participants develop important mind-body skills as they drum, dance and play. A typical class may involve making your own instrument, playing group games, learning rhythms and incorporating Spanish vocabulary words.

Dancing with the Stars Do you think you have what it takes to be the next Mariemont City Schools dance star? Do you like Hip Hop? Ballet? Acro? Come dance with your friends!

Disability Awareness

Discover the wonderful world of music! Interview real professional musicians, explore local instrument shops and investigate the past, present, and future of music!

Introducing students to adapted sports wheelchair basketball, football, soccer, and more! During this Exploration students will learn about the basics of sport wheelchair use and introduce them to some of the best adapted sports and games you can play. Sport specific chairs will be brought to class to allow all students the thrill of competing in adapted sports. This program will give students the opportunity to learn about the commonalities we all share, regardless of ability, through the vehicle of sport.

Obscure Passport

Lights, Camera, Action

Don’t be late! We have a tight schedule in order to fly to a new country in our short class! We will visit the country of the week in VR, learn about unique traditions and holidays and even play their games and practice their language! 6 weeks of 6 different countries that you may never have even heard of!

Learn to be a camera person, director, writer, actor, editor, set designer and costume designer. We will be making short films and PSA’s (Public Service Announcements) about REAL SITUATIONS STUDENTS FACE EVERYDAY! It’s up to you! We will make short films each week! WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD right here in MARIEMONT!

ASL Music Video Come learn to communicate in a whole new way! Create a music video to your favorite song using American Sign Language.

Musical Overtures



The Young Professionals Career Possibilities | College Production | Life Skills

Center Stage

and social skills contributing to academic success. This Exploration will address skills such as goal setting, progress monitoring, memory skills, social skills (such as interpersonal skills, social problem solving, listening and team-work skills) and self-management skills (such as managing attention, motivation and anger). All three skills work in concert and each requires systematic teaching.

Do you like to act? Do you enjoy expressing your emotions through acting? We will play drama games, do dramatic scenes and maybe you will be the star in a future Mariemont Play!

Making Spirits Bright Do you enjoy bringing a smile to the face of others? During this Exploration students will learn to sing several songs based on the time of year (holiday songs, spring songs, etc.) and travel to various nursing homes or other fun places to sing for the community! It’s time to spread the cheer!

Self Defense

Students will learn about and meet various animals from employees from the Cincinnati Zoo and other local animal/insect organizations. Students will also learn about all of the wonderful career opportunities involving animals!

Have you ever wanted to learn the art of nonviolent self-defense? Students will learn about different forms of self-defense, while having fun! The heart of this self-defense program is Empowerment Self-Defense, an evidence-based primary violence prevention system. ESD teaches individuals how to interrupt violence by listening to their intuition, assessing their options, asserting boundaries and using de-escalation strategies, and it provides tools for a range of responses.

Sportscenter Top 10

All About Science

All About Animals

Science is all about exploration and discovery and there is no better way to get future scientists excited about learning than through hands on science experiments! During Explorations, students will get to explore multiple realms of the science world through fun, hands on experiments while learning and applying the scientific method! From learning how thunder and lightning develop to building their own rocket, students are sure to have fun and become interested in STEM subjects.

You pick, write, and voice over the highlights for a short sports highlight show like you see on SportsCenter. Be ready to research, write and edit video in iMovie and provide a voice to your highlight reel.

Greatness to Awesomeness The Greatness to Awesomeness program is based on three key skills sets for student success: self-management skills, learning skills



EXPLORATIONS MY PREFERRED EXPLORATIONS | 2020-2021 Student Name Grade (2020-2021) You are encouraged to select the Explorations that sound most interesting to you! Explorations provide you the opportunity to pursue a passion you may already have or try something completely new. Below is a worksheet for you to use as you think through which Explorations you want to select. Please read the options and complete the form below with your parents/guardians.

Please consider the following when selecting Explorations: • • • • •

Select your top 2 options from each of our pillars (The Wellness Warriors, The Creators, The Futurists, The Global Learners, and The Young Professionals) Please rank your choices 1-10. The Exploration that you are most interested in should be ranked number 1. Explorations will be offered based on student interest. Selecting an Exploration does not guarantee it will be offered. High-demand Explorations may be offered during more than one session to accommodate student interest. Please note that friends who sign up for the same Exploration may be scheduled during different sessions. This is a great opportunity to try something new for a few weeks.

The Wellness Warriors

The Creators

The Futurists

The Global Learners

The Young Professionals











*Please rank each choice 1-10


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