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Explorations categories are:

Explorations are designed to ignite a passion for learning and foster creativity. Students in 5th and 6th grades will begin each week with a 90-minute, interest-based course that will take place on Mondays for 6 weeks per session with a showcase day following sessions 1 and 3! All Explorations are hands-on, ungraded and focused on giving students the opportunity to learn more about a topic that intrigues them!

THE WELLNESS WARRIORS Fitness • Health • Sports

THE CREATORS Music • Arts • Expression • Performance

THE FUTURISTS Technology • Logic • Strategy

THE GLOBAL LEARNERS Cultures • Traditions • World Language

THE YOUNG PROFESSIONALS Career Possibilities • College • Production • Life Skills

THE WELLNESS WARRIORS Fitness • Health • Sports Geocaching Real-world outdoor treasure hunting experience! In Cincinnati there are 4,300 pieces of geocaching gold. Will we be the next to find one? Let’s combine a mix of hiking, orienteering and the underground (literally) world of Geocaching.

Green Thumb Want to help make our school community a brighter more beautiful place? This Exploration is for you! Come create a garden with your friends and plant flowers around our school community!

Let’s Get Fit This Exploration encourages young men and women to build healthy lifelong habits! This adventure will focus on nutrition, stretching and weight lifting. We will start each class with an overview of healthy eating & mindfulness habits. Then, students will participate in various workouts to explore several fitness options! Mindful Monday Start your week off right with Mindful Monday! Prepare for a week of learning with relaxing yoga, thoughtful meditation, and reflective walks outside. You will learn to reduce stress and enter a mindset of peace.

Nature Hikes w/ a Spanish Twist Let’s spend our mornings in the fresh air exploring the beautiful parks and woods in our own backyards. We’ll turn over rocks, have scavenger hunts and have trash collecting competitions! All with a Spanish twist!

Nothing But Net How would you do with a racquet in your hand? How about a basketball? If that sounds interesting to you, you’ll love to explore the possibilities. We’ll spend time on a court playing games like pickleball, volleyball badminton, and maybe even tennis.


Popular Sports This course will be packed with action, competition and energy. You will play some of the most popular games in the world like basketball, soccer and Frisbee. We’ll mix things up quite a bit, taking part in small-sided and tournament-style games … and maybe even get a little bit better at them!explore the possibilities. We’ll spend time on a court playing games like pickleball, volleyball badminton, and maybe even tennis. Run for Your Life Running and fun go together in this Exploration! So many fun runs await – running on a track and off-road, participating in a splash and dash, great race, challenge course and scavenger hunt. You will find a life-long sport that you can integrate into your daily fitness pursuits.


THE CREATORS Music • Arts • Expression • Performance

Actor’s Studio Come explore improv, monologues, and scene work. Develop your comedic and dramatic skills so you can become a theatre star!

Calligraphy & Illuminated Manuscripts Experiment with pen and ink to create beautiful hand written works. Explore the illuminated manuscripts from ancient times, and design your own masterpiece with text and illustration, embellished with gold leaf.

Egyptian Mural Use virtual reality to tour an ancient Egyptian tomb, and investigate hieroglyphics and the art and symbols of this fascinating civilization. Work with your classmates to recreate the inside of a crypt, with walls filled with Egyptian pictograms and marks.

Everything Van Gogh Dive into the colorful world of Vincent van Gogh! Learn how he applied thick, vibrant, contrasting colors to his works to create some of the worlds most beloved masterpieces. Work on your own van Gogh inspired works, and recreate his paintings on a large scale with your classmates.


Sock Monkey Workshop Create your own stuffed animal from a sock! Learn how to use a pattern, basic sewing skills, and how to embellish a soft sculpture in this fiber arts class. Demonstrate your personality in your customized artistic monkey.

STOMP Love Making Noise? Want to stomp, smash, crash, and thrash your way to the beat? Come join STOMP and we will use everyday items as instruments as we make music.

Ukulele Jam Session In this Exploration, you will learn how to play one of the most fun and interesting instruments! Perfect for both beginners or experienced musicians, ukulele is a fun way to learn an instrument and have fun with your friends! We will finish the session with a concert showcasing your awesome ukulele skills!


THE FUTURISTS Technology • Logic • Strategy Breakout! Escape rooms are all over the country. Try out your escape skills using our Breakout Boxes. Solve puzzles using clues to unlock what is hidden inside. A new adventure each week!

Masters of Strategy Do you love games? Do you like to test your strategic skills against your friends? If so, this is the Exploration for you. Jump into the world of traditional tabletop games and challenge your classmates! Learn and play games such as Chess, Stratego, Chinese Checkers, and more to push your skills to the limit. Musical Genius Hour Let your music passions come alive! Explore the kinds of music and music topics that YOU love! Love pop music? Rehearse for a performance. Want to learn to play a brand new instrument? We can help you do that! In this class you will design your own music-based project and work each week towards your final goal!


Musical Makerspace If you love music and science, this Exploration is for you! Students will design, create, and play their own instruments by exploring different ways to make sound using various materials.

Stop-Motion Video Creation Turn your hobby for playing into a creative art! Whether it’s with clay, Legos, illustrations or whatever else you want to build, bring it to life with a stop-motion video!

Weekly News Update Want to produce, shoot, edit and distribute a weekly news broadcast? Be part of the team to create teacher features, upcoming events, commercials and news updates about your school and community. Your weekly news report will be student created, produced, edited and broadcasted for fellow students, community members and the world to learn about current news and events at your school.


THE GLOBAL LEARNERS Cultures • Traditions • World Language American Sign Language Discover the rich world of signing! Make a sign language music video and learn to communicate in a new way.

Fun with French Bonjour! Come and join us for an exploration of French language and culture! Learn some common and useful French expressions.

Passport to the World Voyage around the world without having to step on a plane! Participants will be able to ‘’visit” various countries, exploring different cultures through hands-on activities such as listening to traditional music, learning dances, making indigenous crafts, learning a new sport, and/or trying “local” foods. Students will develop global awareness and a greater appreciation for cultural diversity


World of Dance Interested in ballet? Tap? Hip Hop? Folk Dancing? Come dance with your friends!

Village Photography Come take a walk around town! We’ll explore our wonderful villages while chatting, photographing, exercising, and investigating!


THE YOUNG PROFESSIONALS Career Possibilities • College • Production • Life Skills Makerspace Interested in exploring the world of makers? Explore different interest areas as you make projects. The MakerSpace exploration is a hands-on experience, where you can create, explore, tinker, design and DIY. What can you make? Rock Band Modeled off the very successful Rock Band Masterclass at Mariemont High School. Have interest in learning to play traditional rock band instruments? Guitar, bass, piano, drums and maybe sing? This is the place for you! No experience necessary, although skill on these instruments is definitely welcome! Shark Tank Build your own business! Whether it’s 3D printing a new product, building your own website or YouTube channel or saving the world with your innovative new service, you will have the opportunity to be a game-changer! Video Game Design Students interested and excited to learn how to make video games finally can! In this Exploration students will learn the basics of creating video games and developing their ideas and intellectual property. They will also learn secondary organizational and documentation techniques which can be applied outside the game design world. Each class, students will learn the different roles and aspects of creating video games as well as documentation techniques from creating their own characters to creating an entire story world and concepts for a real game! Students will also learn how to use beginner friendly software for creating a 2D platforming game to have a way to execute the ideas created in the class. Young Musician’s Club 5th and 6th grade orchestra students get to play together in a full group and learn new and exciting music to perform at the Exploration showcase. Professional string players and student teachers from around the area will come in to work with small groups of students and play with the students in a large group!



Student Name: 2019-20 Grade: You are encouraged to select the Explorations that sound most interesting to you. Below is a worksheet for you to use as you think through which Explorations you want to choose. Please read the options and complete the form below with your parents/guardians. Consider the following when selecting Explorations: •

Please rank your choices. The Exploration that you are most interested in should be ranked number 1.

Explorations will be offered based on student interest. Selecting an Exploration does not guarantee it will be offered.

High-demand Explorations may be offered during more than one session to accommodate student interest. Please note that friends who sign up for the same Exploration may be scheduled during different sessions.

This is a great opportunity to try something new for a few weeks. Consider choosing Explorations from a variety of categories. Please list your top 8 choices here. You will be assigned to 4 different Explorations.

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