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Crayola Calligraphy Brush lettering is a beautiful craft that is a hot trend! In this Expedition, we will learn how to get started with brush lettering techniques using everyday Crayola markers and other art making mediums. *Also offered as a The Creators Expedition

Don’t MOCK it Until You TRI-AL It Innocent or guilty? Conviction or acquittal? Come experience what life in the courtroom is really like – not just what we see on TV or in the movies. From procedures to people in the legal system, be prepared to take part in a MJHS Bar Association Mock Trial.

Electric Circuitry Students will get to learn basic circuit schematics and how to create their own electronic circuits. Students will learn how to solder electronic components together and create their own electronic devices. •Also offered as a The Global Learners Expedition

Elementary School Outreach Want to visit our elementary schools and help your former teachers in their classrooms? During this Expedition, we will volunteer at Mariemont Elementary and Terrace Park Elementary. Students will participate by reading with students, displaying work on bulletin boards, helping students with their work, and leading activities.

Experience the Oaks Students will get to visit different labs at a couple of the Great Oaks Campuses. Some of these labs might be automotive labs, welding labs, heavy equipment labs, or cosmetology, culinary arts and veterinary assistance. Join us as we experience the Oaks! *Also offered as a The Futurists Expedition

How It’s Made Students will get to visit different industries and go behind the scenes. These could include factory tours, recycling plant tours, water treatment facility tours, or maybe even behind the scenes of a bowling alley. Really, what goes on behind the pins? *Also offered as a The Creators Expedition

Intro to Sports Medicine Thinking about a future in sports medicine? Come learn more about what it takes to keep athletes safe, healthy and performing at their best. In this Expedition, you will get hands-on training and practice the tasks athletic trainers and sports medicine staff do on a regular basis for their athletes. *Also offered as a The Wellness Warriors Expedition


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2019-2020 Expeditions Guide  

2019-2020 Expeditions Guide

2019-2020 Expeditions Guide  

2019-2020 Expeditions Guide