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Location based services work thanks to the GPS/localization capacity of users‘ devices (mobile, tablet…). According to their location they will get games, information on what or who is around them.

 Example

: Foursquare allow to show to people where you are and interact with people in the same place.


ď‚ž Online

travel agency (OTA) are specialized in offering planning sources and booking capabilities. They can include hotels, transports or even car rentals. They often have interesting prices

ď‚ž Expedia

is one of the leader OTAS


 Last

moment booking aps give last-minute deals on hotel’s unsold rooms, with discounts. They allow to book online with smart phones or tablets.

Example Hotel Tonight

Example Hotel Tonight

 When

a guest purchases a trip with a supplier, without the involvement of a travel agent or any other actor. Direct bookings can be made online on the hotel’s website, by on calling the reservation center or directly on spot.

 Hotels’

websites booking tool

Hotels’ websites booking tool

ď‚ž Aggregator

sites search on numerous and various Web sites at the same time, compare prices and organize results in different categories. They can be used for flights or hotel rooms.

ď‚ž Example


 Hipmunk

ď‚ž Skyscanner

is a booking aggregator where users can compare hotels, flights and car rental options.

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