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TRY THIS QUIZ AND SEE 1. You’ve promised to meet a friend to go shopping, but another friend hsd just phoned to invite you to do something better. Do you: A: let your first friend down and not go shopping? B: keep to your original arrangement and go shopping? C: phone the first friend and explain the situation? You get on well with them, so they will understand. 2. People are saying that your friend cheated in a test. Do you: A: not speak to your friend the next time you see them? B: stick up for your friend by saying that they would never do anything like that¿ C: tell your friend and ask them to explain what happened?

3. Your friend asks you to lie to their mum about where they were last night. Do you: A: tell their mum the truth- you can’t lie to your friend’s mum? B: lie for them, of course? C: ask them why and then decide if you agree with their reasons?

Friend? 4. Your friend completely forgets your birthey. Do you A: fall out with your friend –that’s the last time you’ll sepeak to them! B: realise that your friend is probably worried about something else and not maje a fuss about it? C: wait until the next day and then ask your firend why they forgot it?

5. Your friend has broke on of the school computers.People think it was you. Do you: A: tell on your friend, so that they get into trouble,not you? B: just say you did it and stand by your friend? They would do the same for you. C: do your best to explain it wasn’t you, and hope no one finds out that it was your friend?

HOROS ARIES No problem is insurmountable to you and your amazing personal energy! Figure out a few creative solutions just to get warmed up, then wow the crowd with an improvised reaction that looks impossible! 21/3 – 19-4

TAURUS Let others lecture the room -- you need to marshal your resources and avoid looking too pompous now. You should find it easy to improve your position if you just keep quiet for much of the day. 20/4 – 20/5.

GEMINI Don't hold back! Your opinions are firmly held (well, for now, anyway) and should be well received. The social whirl you live in may create a bit of confusion, but it shouldn't last for long. 21/5 – 21/6.

CANCER Sometimes your impulses get the better of you -- and then there are days like today, when they make life infinitely better for you! Some little action you quickly decide on sets a positive cascade in motion. 22/6-22/7.

COPE LEO People are really paying attention to you today, and you can understand why -- you can even see in the mirror how dynamic and charismatic you are! Have fun and try to remember the little people. 23/7-22/8.

VIRGO The day gets a little out of hand by this afternoon, and you could find yourself wishing you could just go to bed early. Work through it all -- you've got some great energy coming, and you want to be free to enjoy it!. 23/8-22/9.

LIBRA You see more than most people today -- and that doesn't mean you're hallucinating! It is just a reflection of your improved sensitivity, so make sure that you follow up with all your observations. 23/9- 22/10

SCORPIO Can you keep a secret? Of course you know you can -but do you really want to do it this time? Your mental energy should offer up a good answer to that question, and you should stick to it. 21/10- 21/11


Try not to get too mixed up in conflict with authority figures today -- they've got more power than you realize. You can get a lot more done if you try bypassing them than engaging them directly. 22/11- 21/12


Make sure that you're putting this terrific mental energy to good use today -- you need to make plans and ensure that all the little details are well taken care of. Someone close is in need of reassurance. 22/12-19-1

AQUARIUS Work and business can be difficult or even treacherous today -- so be careful! Someone may have painted a target on your back, but your creative ideas should help you wriggle free in no time. 20/1- 18/2

PISCES Your people are looking to you for guidance -- or maybe just waiting for you to make the first move! Your energy is good enough to take the lead in all relationship issues, and now is the time to do so! 19/2- 20/3

PLOT OF THE FIRS SEASON Jordi arrives at the hospital for the amputation of his leg, at the hospital, he gets to know Lle贸, and they are planning to start a new group of friends at the hospital inspired by one fellow- rehabilitation patient, mister Benito. The members needed to complete the group are the leader, the second leader, the essential, the handsome one, the clever one and the girl. The girl will be Cristina, the handsome one Ignasi, the clever one Toni, who has the Asperger syndrome, and Roc will be the essential one. When have the group formed, they will help each other with the problems that they have. Finally Ignasi dies during operation, Jordi Cristina and Toni leave the hospital, and Roc and Lle贸 stay there.

PLOT OF THE SECOND SEASON At the moment only a few details are knwn about the second season, but we know some things. The action wil ealepse two years after the first season and some secundary characters of the first season will have more prominece as Alex(Mireia Vilapuig ) and Roger ( Marcel Borras) and also will be 10 new bracelets. Albert Espinosa set: one of the key things is that the second season is young and if anything caracterizes adolescence is sex. In this regard, the first episode will be moving to Lleo to the adults ground.

FASHION ALERT: Our Favorites Prom Dresses

We know that choosing your prom dress is a huge (but still really fun!) task, so we're making it easy to find your perfect look for your big dance! Visit every day in February and enter for your chance to win a dream dress from Blush, Tony Bowls Shorts, and Jovani! We love this Tony Bowls Shorts dress (above) that retails for $298. With sparkly details and gorgeous blue and green shades in the skirt, it's sure to make your eyes pop! Here's your chance to play fashion editor and be featured in the April/May issue of TWIST! Leave us a comment telling us what you think about Carly Rae Jepsen's outfit and it might be printed in the magazine! So cool! And remember -- don't just tell us you 'Love it' or 'Hate it,' tell us why! What works about the outfit and what doesn't? Be as specific as you can and explain why you think Carly Rae's outfit is a fashion do or a fashion don't! Can't wait to hear what you have to say!

Nicki Minaj has debuted her new Pink Friday fragrance! The fragrance combines fruit and floral overtones with the warmth of vanilla and caramelized pear for a one-of-akind scent that matches the individuality of Nicki herself! The irresistible scent is perfect for a night out with the girls, or a great date! The fragrance comes in an Eau de Parfum(49-$59), Hair Mist($22), and Body Lotion ($25), available at Macy's. Three different ways to rock one fierce fragrance! One lucky TWIST reader will win the Pink Friday Eau de Parfum, so tell us

Here's your chance to play fashion editor and be featured in the March issue of TWIST! Leave us a comment telling us what you think about Lea Michele's outfit and it might be printed in the magazine! So cool! And remember -- don't just tell us you 'Love it' or 'Hate it,' tell us why! What works about the outfit and what doesn't? Be as specific as you can and explain why you think Lea's outfit is a fashion do or a fashion don't! Can't wait to hear what you have to say!

Miley Cyrus is the former protagonist of the series Hannah Montana the Disney Channel

They can pretend that things are fine all they want, but more and more evidence just keepson piling up that suggests that even if Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are still engaged, then their days are NUMBERED!

Oh hey Miley Cyrus ! Is that Pharrell you’re hanging out with? We wonder what they were doing... looks like a music studio, so probably music stuff! No juicy cheating on Liam Hemsworth pics but you never know what’ll turn up on your favorite celebs’ twitter feeds !

JUSTIN BIEBER FAINTS AT LONDON CONCERT. It seems that having a not-so-good birthday, multiple encounters with the paparazzi, and an intense touring schedule have stressed Justin out. "Sometimes when people shoving cameras in your face all day and yelling the worst thing possible at u...well I'm human. Rough week" Justin Tweeted. But, don't worry Beliebers, your love and support are making Justin feel much better. He even Tweeted "getting better. thanks for everyone pulling me thru tonight, best fans in the world.

Last night, March 7th, at a concert in London, Justin fainted backstage after feeling light-headed and out of breath during most of the show. But, given how much Justin loves his fans, that didn't stop him from finishing his set! Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber's manager, spoke to the crowd last night, saying: "Justin got very light of breath, [the doctors] are telling him that they want him to go see somebody, but [Justin's] just told me that in 5 minutes he's going to come out and finish the show."

Selena Gomez's best friend Taylor Swift loves her new music! Selena told Ryan Seacrest: "Taylor has heard my music. We were in her kitchen and she was dancing around which means I get the approval if I can make Taylor dance. That was good. She was really sweet about it." Selena will be premiering her new single "Come & Get It" April 8th, but the lyrics have already leaked! Check them out below:

Niall Horan just got his braces removed today! The One Direction cutie has had braces since December 2011, and was so relieved to get them off! Niall excitedly Tweeted, "Morning ! This is it! I'm goin' to the dentist! I think this is my last hours with braces! Oh, how I'm gona miss them! Naaaaaaat!"Check out this before and after picture Niall Tweeted. We think he looks good either way! Do you think Niall looks good without his braces?

So last week the guys auctioned off the clothes they wore in Ghana on Ebay, to help support Red Nose Day… The auction has now ENDED and we’re delighted to announce that they have raised a massive £11,000, which will go straight towards supporting the life-changing work of Comic Relief - money that will help not only those in Africa, but also those who in need right here in the UK. Caitlyn Vining :I so do love you louis tomlinson I realy want to meat you if only I could sea you in real life. if I saw all of you boys on the streats of bolton I would scream the hole town of I love you so much guys I realy hope I get tikets tosee you and meat you for real. Faith Audrea: all of your grammar errors killed me.. im dead now.. Ellie Robinson-Lah: Your grammar errors killed me hunny, that and your inability to use capital letters. I'm alive but I'm barely breathing.

Everything you need to know about this year’s hottest shows!

Coachella When: Apri1 12-14, April 19-21 Where: Indigo, CA The Low-Down: Music-lovers get down and dirty, camping out at Coachella to see huge acts including The Lumineers, Tegan and Sara, Beach House, plus 172 other bands. Pull out the tribal prints and get ready. If You Can't Make It: Camp out with your friends and blast "Closer" by Tegan & Sara in your tent. Bonus points if you resist the urge to shower the next day.

MAC Whips up Sweet Beauty Treats for Summer This mouth-watering line of dessert-inspired makeup is the best indulgence you'll try all season. Do you want win a lot of make up? So, clik here ďƒ You can win all types of make up! what you waiting for?

MAC Whips up Sweet Beauty Treats for Summer

2. Which celeb would you love to hang out with for a day?

'The Host,' starring Saiorse Ronan, Max Irons, and Jake Abel, hits theaters on Friday, and J-14 has your exclusive first look at a brand new TV spot for the movie! J-14 hung out with the movie's stars earlier this week, and they told us they can't wait for fans of the book to see this sci-fi love triangle to hit the big screen. Check out the clip below!

Joe, Kevin, and Nick aren’t the only hot bros in Hollywood. Seventeen has uncovered the cutest celebrity siblings!

Zac Efron and Dylan Efron In Charlie St. Cloud, Zac’s character has a special connection with his younger brother, and in real life, things are no different between the Efron bros! Zac and his little brother Dylan love going to the beach and watching football games together. Hmm, maybe they’ll invite us on their next surfing trip?

Have you picked up our April issue yet? After you finish reading it, take this survey for the chance to win up to $500! There's one grand prize drawing, but five readers win $100 just for participating. We want to hear what you really think about this month's magazine! Are you obsessed with Ashley Benson's cover? What about our love quiz blowout? Tell us your favorite spring trend! What was your favorite part of the issue? Any changes you'd like to see? Let us know in the comments & take the survey!

emblem3's drew: "i've been on both sides of bullying" As part of Seventeen's Delete Digital Drama campaign, Drew of Emblem3 talks about his emotional experience being on both sides of bullying. A lot of people, especially middle and high schoolers, struggle with being bullied. As someone who has been both a bully and a victim of such behavior, I have unique insight into the real reasons people bully and the effect it has on victims. When I was in middle school and early high school, I was a punk who used to try and prove my strength by picking on other people I thought were physically or mentally inferior to me. In reality, this was just a juvenile reaction to my own insecurities. I thought that by bullying people and bringing out others’ insecurities would mask my own feelings of inadequacy. In retrospect, I see how immature that mind frame was and that bullying is the result of ignorance Then, I moved to Arizona and attended a new, bigger high school. I went from feeling like a king and bullying those I believed to be inferior to being a “nobody” among nearly 5,000 students and a victim of bullying. The situation escalated to the point where I was hiding between classes in order to avoid being physically bullied or publicly humiliated.

CODY SIMPSON SHOWS OFF HIS SURFER VIBE! Cody Simpson has been on set for a surfer photo shoot! Cody posted the above photo of him getting some great waves, in a pool!

Cody also added to the photo by saying, “Photo shoot for the new album today! sick 90′s surf vibe.” We wonder what the photo shoot could be for? Perhaps for his new album that he has been working so hard in the studio for!


Demi Lovato continued to prove she’s an inspiration for young girls everywhere when she tweeted a photo of herself without any makeup the other day. She added with the photo, “Ladies, be brave today…take off your makeup and stop using those filters!! WE are beautiful!!!!!” She even retweeted some fans who sent in photos of themselves sans make-up. Talk about a great role model!

Tyler Ward Talks New Music Tyler Ward has come a long way from opening for the Jonas Brothers. He's even collaborated with Cody Simpson! J-14 sat down with Tyler to chat about his music, new album, and who he dreams of collaborating with! J-14: Tell us about how you got your start in music.Tyler Ward: I got my start in music when I was in the 8th grade. My mom asked me to play bass guitar in church.

C’mon girls: Who are you dying to work with? Tyler: Taylor Swift . C’mon girls: What do you want our readers to know about you? Tyler: I want to make sure they know that their dreams are absolutely possible. Two and a half years ago I was sitting in my dad's basement and now I'm touring the world, wrapping up a twenty-eight city tour. I had no idea it would work like this.

C’mon girls : What was it like touring with the Jonas Brothers? Tyler: It was really cool; they were young at the time. Best experience was when we would play catch [with a football] in parking lots on our off time. C’mon girls :Why did you start posting YouTube videos? Tyler: I started posting as a way to expose my music to my family and friends. I had no idea that it would take off as it did. C’mon girls Tell us about your new album. What made you release it in sections? Tyler: Releasing the album in 2 parts gives my fans something to look forward to rather than giving it away all at once.

Nat Wolff Talks 'Admission' & Selena Gomez C’mon girls : You've been on such a Hollywood journey! Did you ever think you'd go from your success with 'The Naked Brothers Band' to starring in a movie like 'Admission' with some of Hollywood's biggest stars? Nat Wolff: I'm really lucky the way things worked out. I went from the Naked Brothers show, which was such an amazing experience and perfect for when I was that age to doing music full time to now getting to work with Tina Fey and Paul Rudd on 'Admission.'

Leaving his 'Naked Brothers Band' days behind him, 18-year-old Nat Wolff is all grown up and starring in this month's bigscreen comedy 'Admission' (in theaters March 22). J-14 sat down with Nat on a rainy day at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City to chat all about 'Admission,' his real-life college drama, and what it's really like to kiss Selena Gomez.

C’mon girls :Is it true that you had to beg your parents to let you become an actor when you were younger? Nat: My mom's an actress and my dad's a musician, but they both discouraged me from going into the business at first because it's a scary place. So they made me prove to them -- and also prove to myself -- that I really wanted to do it and that I was going to put 100 percent into it. So I put up a sign on my bedroom door that said, "I want to be a child actor," and I guess they just saw my dedication. I'm glad they made me fight for it.

C’mon girls :'Admission' centers around the college admissions process and how nerve-wracking that can be for your character. Any plans to experience that in your own life? Nat: I was actually in the admissions process while I was making the movie! I took the SATs and Tina Fey heard about my results, and she announced my two good SAT scores -- she didn't announce the bad math one -- to the whole crew. In fact, the script stressed me out in a good way because it was so realistic and was making me nervous and uncomfortable about the whole process. Anybody going through the college experience is going to love 'Admission' because it really sheds a light on it that I don't think people have really seen.

Colton Dixon Performs "Love Has Come for Me"

C’mon girls had a blast hanging out with American Idol alumni rocker Colton Dixon when he dropped by the offices earlier today. He gave us all the scoop on his debut album 'A Messenger', what touring life has been like post-Idol, and performed his brand new single "Love Has Come for Me" acoustically for the very first time.

Bella Thorne Signs with Hollywood Records There's no stopping this redhead. Bella Thorne has shown us her acting and dancing chops on 'Shake It Up,' but now she's ready to delve deeper into her vocals. On Friday, March 29, the 15-year-old Disney triple threat announced she was officially the newest artist signed to Hollywood Records! The label Tweeted, "Super excited to welcome @bellathorne to the Hollywood Records family!!!"

She's joining costar Zendaya, CoCo Jones, and the McClain sisters on the label. Fans and friends Tweeted Bella their congratulations and support once the news broke. Will you buy Bella Thorne's upcoming music with Hollywood Records?

Fashion Alert: Our Favorite Prom Dresses We know that choosing your prom dress is a huge (but still really fun!) task, so we're making it easy to find your perfect look for your big dance! Visit every day in February and enter for your chance to win a dream dress from Blush, Tony Bowls Shorts, and Jovani!

We love this Tony Bowls Shorts dress (above) that retails for $298. With sparkly details and gorgeous blue and green shades in the skirt, it's sure to make your eyes pop!

Check out even more amazing prom dresses in the March issue of J-14, on stands February 18, 2013!

What's your dream prom dress? Tell us below!

Get Must-Have Customizable Holiday Style with CHROMATICgallerie We can't get over how genius this idea is: high heels with customizable heel heights! This holiday season, don't stress over dressing up for family dinners or other festive events -- check out CHROMATICgallerie's shoes in perfect-for-the-holidays colors that you can even wear year round! All of the styles and colors are made with 2", 3" or 4" heights -- it's up to you! -- and are supercomfortable! Check out CHROMATICgallerie for more information!

Do you often get party invitations from friends of friends? o Yes o No Do strangers approach you for a couple dance in parties? o Yes o No Do you take care of your body by exercising regularly? o Yes o No Are you confident about how you look and how you dress? o Yes o No Do you get proposed by the opposite sex very often? o Yes o No Do you get loads of comments and likes on your Facebook pics? o Yes o No Do you get loads of compliments? o Yes o No Are you a head turner on the road? o Yes o No

Do you have a beautiful smile? o Yes o No Do you wear fitting and trendy clothes which suit your body type? o Yes o No Do you regularly visit the salon? o Yes o No Do you pamper your skin? o Yes o No Do you get trendy haircuts? o Yes o No Do you always dress well and apply makeup before going out? o Yes o No Do you keep yourself well-groomed? o Yes o No

From 7-7:20 p.m. tonight, April 8, Austin Mahone is taking over C’MON GIRLS. Twitter (@j14magazine) to answer your questions. Use #AskAustin in your tweet to make sure he sees your question about his music, favorite things, or even embarrassing stories!

Austin will also be on M's Twitter from 7:20-7:40 p.m. and TWIST's Twitter from 7:40-8 p.m. It's an Austin-filled Twitter night, if you're ready for it! Think of the best question to get his attention during his C’MON GIRLS Twitter crawl. Nothing's off limits! What are you going to ask Austin Mahone on Twitter tonight?


If you've missed seeing Miranda Cosgrove on your TV, there's only a short wait until she returns!

The 'iCarly' actress is currently taking classes at the University of Southern California, but she has still found time to work on a new television show called 'Girlfriend in a Coma.' The show is about Karen, played by Christina Ricci, who wakes up from a coma after almost two decades only to discover she has a 17-yearold daughter, Miranda.


"Table read today for the new show I'm working on 'Girlfriend in a Coma.' Such a fun group of people. #excited," Miranda Tweeted about her new project

Candice Glover Wins 'American Idol' -- Do You Agree? Last night Candice Glover became the first female contestant to win American Idol since Jordin Sparks took home the title back in 2007. (Cool coincidence: Remember how Jordin told us that she was rooting for Candice to win Season 12?!) The 23-year-old vocal powerhouse looked pretty shocked when Ryan Seacrest read the results during last night's finale. Backstage Candice described the crazy moment that she was crowned winner: "I don't remember him saying my name. I do remember confetti getting in my mouth." "I always knew for some reason that it would happen if I kept going," she added.

Cody Simpson Reveals How He Picks Fans to Serenade Cody Simpson seems to be taking cues from Justin Bieber when it comes to his tour tactics. The singer has announced that he'll be serenading one lucky fan at each of his concerts!


We hung out with Cody at his photo shoot in NYC yesterday and asked the singer to let us in on his selection process when it comes to serenading a fan. "Before shows I'll go out and look through the crowd from behind the curtains and text my security and tour manager if I see someone who captures my attention," Cody tells us. "It doesn't have to be someone who has the whole outfit and the whole merchandise or a big sign. If I see a person that looks like genuinely a big fan, knows all the words and there's excitement in their eyes I'm just like... yeah."

Well there you have it. If you're a Cody Simpson superfan and know all the words to his songs, you're in the running for a special serenade!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez to Sit Next to Each Other at Billboard Music Awards

It looks like Jelena may be officially back together! Omg! Insider executive producer Brad Bessey tweeted a behind-thescenes picture of the seating plan for tomorrow night's Billboard Music Awards, and Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will sit right next to each other!

Do you think Selena and Justin are officially back together???

Favorite One Direction "One Way or Another" Moments

The minute that One Direction released their long-awaited self-made video for "One Way or Another," the whole J-14 staff was texting each other about their favorite parts of it -- so of course, we had to share them with you.Our consensus is definitely that we love 1D even more for putting together this video for such a good cause. "This year, we decided to make a single to raise a money for Comic Relief," Louis Tomlinson says. "Comic Relief are a British charity that do amazing work helping people all over Africa and in the U.K. living with really tough lives," Zayn Malik continues.

"So instead of spending a lot of money on making a music video, we decided to make it ourselves while we were on tour and give the money we save to Comic Relief," Harry Styles explained.

AnnaSophia Robb's Perfect Hair & Makeup

Yes, we loved AnnaSophia Robb's dress at the CW Upfront Presentation in N.Y.C. yesterday, but we loved her hair and makeup even more.Let's start with her mane: The Carrie Diaries star proves that short hair can be very versatile. She's worn her tresses stick straight, wavy and last night, she went for old Hollywood glamour. We love her Veronica Lake curls so much that we plan on recreating this same exact hairstyle on Saturday night. Now, on to her makeup: First of all, could her skin look any more flawless? She's glowing and has picture-perfect rosy cheeks. We also love how she paired a glossy ballet pink lip with lavender eyeshadow. You can run the risk of looking too sweet with a color combo like that, but she kept it sophisticated thanks to her dramatic, feathery lashes. And though it's not hair and makeup related, we've got to give the girl bonus points for her butterfly earrings.

"Got a secret, can you keep it?" Taylor Lautner was spotted out with a Pretty Little Liar! 'The Twilight Saga' star was spotted out on August 9 on a dinner date with 'Pretty Little Liars' Ashley Benson at Red O Mexican Restaurant in L.A. Taylor and Ashley both wore jeans, black tees, and trucker hats while they dined on Mexican cuisine. After dinner, Taylor left in his new silver Fiskar sports car (the same kind Justin Bieber drives!), while Ashley waited for her ride at the valet stand. Sources say Taylor and Ashley are just good friends -- and Ashley is reportedly still going strong with long-time BF Ryan Good. Before being linked to Ashley, Taylor was last spotted out with his on-off high school girlfriend, Sara Hicks, in May.

During an exclusive in-store sneak peek of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2,Twi-hards got their first glimpse of Kristen Stewart as newly transformed vampire, Bella Swan! In the movie clip, fans saw vampire Bella with bright red eyes and lips and extremely pale skin. "It's strange," Bella says following her transformation. "Physically, I feel like I could demolish a tank. Mentally, I just feel drained."

Emma Watson's Cannes Looks: Which Is Your Favorite?

Emma Watson stormed the 2013 Cannes Film Festival to promote her new movie The Bling Ring, and in true Emma fashion, the actress nailed it in the style department.

First, Emma wore a cute and chic two piece Christopher Kane maroon design paired with pointy-toe pumps and a slicked back hairdo. She then went ultra glam in a black-and-white Chanel Couture gown, which she kept fresh and young by opting for minimal accessories and makeup. And finally, the star's most low-key look consisted of a retro floral top, black skirt and funky sunnies. We love how in just three days the actress showed so many different sides to her style. She truly can pull off just about anything!

Demi Lovato Releases New Album Cover and Date Demi Lovato has been teasing



weekend with slivers of her new album with an interactive



site. And the cover was finally revealed over the weekend of March 30th. Her new album titled 'Demi' May








for 'Demi,'


orders begin tomorrow, April 2nd! If that wasn't enough good news, Demi also let fans know her music video for "Heart Attack" will premiere April 9th! We




Demi's new album, but in the meantime we're still


"Heart Attack!"



The Wanted's "All Time Low" While filming their new reality show The Wanted premiered the music video for their new single "All Time Low." In the video, Max, Siva, Jay, Nathan, and Tom give fans a glimpse of what it's like to be in the band. They are shown performing all around the world, meeting fans, and backstage at photo shoots. Not to mention there are a few shirtless scenes.

Adele Leads 2011 American Music Awards Nominations The 2011 American Music Award nominations have officially been announced -- and "Someone Like You" singer Adele is in the lead with four nominations! Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, and The Band Perry aren't far behind -they're all tied at three nominations each. "Just got word of the American Music Awards noms!" Taylor Tweeted. "Artist of the year, Favorite Country Album, Favorite Country Female! This day is so awesome!!"

Nick Jonas May Join 'American Idol' as a Judge 'The X Factor' has Demi Lovato -- now and American Idol may also be getting a former Disney star judge: Nick Jonas! According to a source, Nick is "pretty close to signing to be the 'Idol' judge. They flew him in to L.A. last week for final meetings." Nick would be replacing either Randy Jackson, who is rumored to have dropped down to be a mentor next season, or former judge Steven Tyler. Rapper Pharrell Williams may also join the judges' table alongside Mariah Carey, who will be Jennifer Lopez's replacement.

Jaden Smith Opens Up About His Relationship With Kylie Jenner A fashionable rapper falls for a popular reality TV star. Sound at all familiar? If the recent rumors are true, then get ready to meet young Hollywood's newest couple: longtime pals Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner. While the pair haven't confirmed that they're dating yet -- and in fact, there had been talk of a relationship between Jaden and Kendall Jenner -- everything seems to point in that direction. The latest evidence? Some new quotes from the "Hello" rapper in the May issue of Wonderland magazine. "I was in LA, we were all hanging out. Then I went to New York and she came too, then she came here [to London] and surprised me, so that's pretty baller," Jaden told the interviewer. "She's one of my best friends. It's pretty awesome."

Ke$ha Says She's Been Texting Harry Styles!

It looks like Ke$ha and One Direction's Harry Styles have developed a new friendship! According to the "Tik Tok" singer, the two have been texting back and forth -- though by the sounds of it, Ke$ha would like to be a little more than friends with the British heartthrob. In an interview with the UK's Now Magazine, the 26-year-old opened up about her crush on the 1D member, "I'm kind of a sucker for you guys! It's the accent. Harry Styles is pretty cute -- he looks like a young Mick Jagger." And she may just be his type! Judging by Harry's dating patterns, the singer definitely likes older women. Elaborating on her crush to E! News, the singer says, "We've texted here and there, [but it's been strictly friendly]. Interesting... While Ke$ha insists the two are just friends for now, we're curious to see how things pan out.

Exclusive: 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1' PremierePart 2

Although you won't be able to see your favorite vampires and werewolves on the big screen until November 16, Target is offering an exclusive sneak peek at the brand new Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 on February 10! In celebration of Breaking Dawn, Part 1 finally coming out on DVD, Target will be showing a never before seen clip of the upcoming sequel.

Buy Rihanna's New MAC Lipstick Today!

Rihanna's style may be hard for the average girl to emulate, but her beauty choices are much easier to copy -especially her signature red lip. And that's why we are so pumped about this news: The "Diamonds" singer teamed up with MAC Cosmetics to create a line of makeup called Riri Hearts MAC, and the first piece of the collaboration is Riri Woo, a matte red lipstick inspired by the star's go-to MAC shade Ruby Woo. Riri Woo is available starting today (like right now!) for $15 at The lipstick will also be available at Rihanna's N.Y.C. tour stop at Brooklyn's Barclay Center on May 4 and 5. So though we can't pull off Rihanna's over-the-top outfits, we definitely plan on rocking her red lipstick. Are you going to buy RiRi Woo? Tell us!

Style Showdown: Vanessa Hudgens vs. Crystal Reed Vanessa first wore the long-sleeve crop top Usually, we can name a winner of a style and full skirt to a showdown rather quickly, but our latest Madrid photocall for match-up has left us divided. Vanessa Spring Breakers in Hudgens and Teen Wolf star Crystal Reed February. She donned the same white Chantilly lace completed her look Katharine Kidd two-piece design -- and both with a vampy black girls looked super-pretty. mani and Jerome C. Rousseau's lilac sandals. Crystal sported the belly-baring ensemble to last night's Nylon's Young Hollywood bash. She opted for gold peep-toe pumps and a soft pink lip to finish off the romantic getup.

Miranda Cosgrove is Headed to College!

iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove just revealed that she'll start college at the University of Southern California in the fall! Miranda was accepted to both USC and New York University earlier this year, but decided to put off her acceptance for a year so she could continue acting. Miranda dished, "I have a friend that actually went to USC and got to keep acting at the same time, and she goes back when she's not filming, so that would be my ultimate dream. That's what I really want to do." We know she'll do great as a USC Trojan!

Joe Jonas was spotted with a new gal pal in California on Sunday! Joe just got back from a trip to New York to see his brother Nick in the Broadway show How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. On their date, Joe took his mystery girl out to dinner at CafĂŠ Habana in Malibu and tweeted, "#Sunday #Funday".

This Jo Bro is no stranger to dating - his past girlfriends include Ashley Greene, Demi Lovato, and Taylor Swift! We'll keep you posted as this romance develops!


Flick Pick: 'Mindless Behavior: All Around The World'

I have to admit that when it comes to boy bands, One Direction takes up so much room in my heart that there's not much space for anyone else, so I was a little wary when I was given tickets to the advance screening of the 'Mindless Behavior: All Around The World' tour flick. Could I make room for another boy band? The answer is definitely yes. 'All Around the World' tells the story of each of the four boys (Roc Royal, Ray Ray, Prodigy and Princeton -- my personal fave) from the age of two on: how hard they've had to work, what life on the road is like and how they've never lost their dedication. Of course, the film also mixes in live performances of all their hit songs -- complete with awesome choreography -- on stage.

Kevin Jonas about his work with Ronald McDonald House! He told c’mon girls "Honestly,why we do what we do. We get to play shows and do different things, but what really matters is giving back." Kevin and his brothers Nick and Joe want others involved in charity as well, especially their fans. "It's a little easier for fans to say, 'Oh wow! They believe in this. Maybe I should try it out too.' We've always said that it's not about one [person] doing something great. It's about a lot of people doing something great together. That'll make a difference, and that's kind of been our motto from day one," Kevin spilled. So how can you get involved? Kevin shared, "Something that I'm a part of is DoSomething.Org. It's [a site dedicated to] your local volunteerism, which is really important to me... That's where you're the most connected. You might not know that there might be some place that you can go volunteer right down your street that will make such a huge difference."

Two of our fave fantasy movie stars are lined up to costar together in a new movie! HP'sTom Felton and Twilight's Ashley Greenewill be in the spooky new movie, The Apparition, which will be released later this year! So what did they chat about onset? "We actually spent most evenings, instead of rehearsing lines, we would debate who would actually win out of Edward Cullen and Harry Potter. It's still ongoing. We haven't settled it," Tom said. Tom was joking (they got along great), but seriously, guys, who do you think would win? I can't decide!

Leave us a comment telling us what you think about Debby's outfit and it might be printed in the magazine! So cool! And remember -- don't just tell us you 'Love it' or 'Hate it,' tell us why! What works about the outfit and what doesn't? Be as specific as you can and explain why you think Debby outfit is a fashion do or a fashion don't!

Kris and Adam Lambert

The pressure is on for the remaining two Idols! In less than seven hours, Kris and Adam will be hitting the Idol stage for their final performances. You'd be nervous, too, right? On a scale of 1 to 10, Adam and Kris measured their nerves. "Five...I'll get more nervous right before," Adam dished. "I think we're both really excited." As for Kris, he's at a "Five or six. We'll be nervous tonight. We'll be like, '10!'"

Emily Osment's new CD Fight or Flight comes out today! Are you going to buy it? Emily recently stopped by the TWIST office to dish to us about the inspiration behind her new album: "This album is really different than my past ones. It's more of a dance record and is a little bit electronic...All the songs came from a personal experience or some specific day in my life." There's a special meaning behind the name of the CD, Fight or Flight. Emily describes it as experiencing a moment of fear and having to decide if you are going to run away or stay and fight. Powerful stuff! She also told me there's one song on the album in particular that means a lot to her. It's called 1800-Clap-Your-Hands. You'll have to listen to the song to figure out why it means so much to Emily!

If you're going crazy waiting for David's next album, we have some news that you're gonna love! The "Crush" singer recently announced the name and release date of his upcoming CD! It will be called "Other Side of Down" and will be coming out on September 14th! If you're wondering where that album name came from, you may soon find out as David tweeted "I'll explain sometime soon haha. There's a few different reasons for the title :) ". His catchy single "Something 'Bout Love" also comes out everywhere very soon on July 20th!

Last week, we reported that Taylor Lautner was obviously over his Abduction co-starLily Collins when he was spotted with his ex-GF, and apparently Lily has moved on as well - to Zac Efron! Zac and Lily were spotted eating together at a steakhouse in Los Angeles Saturday night. After dinner, Zac tried to escape unseen from the paparazzi. "Zac literally ran to the car and jumped in, leaving Lily behind. But Lily kept her cool and took her time. She wasn't as worried about not being seen by us. She took her time. She probably didn't want to trip in her heels!" a source dished. Oooh! New couple alert?