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Do you have a safe place to take your pet?

Does your dog get the exercise he needs?

200 Cleveland Ave. Huntsville, AL 35801 Located next to the skate park.

Do’s and Don’ts • Dogs must be current of their Rabies Vaccination. • Owners must scoop their pet’s poop. • Dogs must be leashed outside the park and unleashed inside the park. • Owners are allowed to bring two pets. • Dogs must be supervised at all times • Aggressive dogs should be removed immediately! • No digging allowed! • Dogs must be four months of age to play.

Dog Park Knowledge and Benefits • When dogs are allowed to run and play with other dogs, it leads to their social development. • Dog parks offer owners a secure fenced area to let their dogs off the leash. • When dogs are taken off their leash in a neutral environment, they are more likely to be less territorial toward other dogs and humans. • Dog parks offer owners a large space to play with their furry friends. • Dogs that are given a place to exercise safely and freely generally have a reduced barking and behavior problem.

• Female dogs ‘in estrus’ or ‘heat’ are not allowed to play.

• Dog parks promote responsible dog ownership.

• Dogs must be sterilized by a year of age to play.

Dog Spot in Huntsville is a great place to take your dogs, large or small.


dog park brochure for digital resume and portfolio.