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appreciators of dope goods, this is for you One of the few Newcastle spots that you can depend on to always have nice, fresh gear for the ladies and gents. Not only a store to pick up threads, Pink Metal also holds killer shop parties and has amazing art and design covering its walls. Brands gracing the shelves include Stussy, RVCA,

Gravis, Neuw, Malade, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Cassette Society and a whole score more. Pink Metal also stock a select range of shoes, accessories and jewelery so rest assured that you can leave the store feeling dope as the pope with all new gear.

guaranteed to not leave empty handed This store is not just a great to properly scour the place. Ansource for hard to find records in other Newcastle gem. great condition, it is also a legitimate gold mine of treasures from another time/world. Every square inch of the store is utilized to pure perfection so make sure when you go in to take the afternoon off as you will need the time

if rolador ain’t open, i ain’t drinking coffee Thats just a stone cold fact on how well the baristas do their thing here .Tasty, fresh, eclectic and satisfyingly original in their approach to the hospitality industry, Rolador has indented itself in this Underground Guide for bringing a quirky vibe and rustic personality into a city

where people have been longing to be swept up in a environment straight out of a Melbourne Alley or San Franciscan dream. Delicious food and ballin’ drinks make this place exceptional but I must say it is truly the cultured experience of Rolador that keeps me going back.

the hidden gem of newcastle. now you know This just happens to be my personal choice for an afternoon pot of earl grey tea with soy milk, always with a selection of One Penny Blacks homemade truffles as a side. Only a few tables grace its space, leaving you with that sense of satisfaction and gratitude that you are one of the few

that get to enjoy the One Penny pleasures. You sit back with your book, paper, laptop or sketchbook, and enjoy the tunes of the day playing from the cafe. All in all, this is a real gem in the Newcastle cafe scene worth many a return. The experience is as plush as the vibe.

more than just the spot of newcastle King Edward is definetely “the spot� on a nice sunny Newcastle morning or afternoon. A pristine picnic location with views over the whole of Newy and a favour-

ite for hangliders, joggers and those who simply love chillin’ like a villian. Go forth now and enjoy the spots I enjoy on the regular.

An Underground Guide to Newcastle by Marcus Dixon  

A uni project I made about a year ago. It is a description of places to visit in Newcastle in a day. However, Pink Metal doesn't exist anymo...

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