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By Marco Leonardo

It was all over the news. People stop working, they were crazy. The Show was canceled. The Show has been on air for 12 years. It was the best show ever created. It was about cats and dogs.

I was 7 when I created The Show. I am a gifted kid. I graduated when I was 14. I’m 19. I am the son of two movie starts. I have been writing movies ever since I graduated. The Show was just a kids thing.

My two best friends, Taylor and Ben. Ben, 16 year old. Very violent. Taylor’s younger brother. Taylor, 19. She is the prettiest girl I know. I met them when I moved out from my parents house. I love Taylor, secretly.

I saw my friends sad about the show. I decided to go on a quest to find out what has happened. I asked my them both to come with me. We were going to find the truth!

We went to studio where they make the episodes. At first it was scary. Everyone gave us bad look. They didn’t want us to ask questions. They told us to go to the producer’s house. I was scared, but I did not want to let my friends see I was. I was the man.

When we arrived, I could sense the evilness in the air. It was a scary house. Taylor as scared as birds being shot at. I knocked on the director’s house, he said he had nothing to do with the show being cancelled. As he said that, he pushed a button that trapped us in a box, along with the producers of The Show.

In order to get out, we had to answer questions about The Show. No one, not even the biggest fan knew the answers. Only I did. I answered the questions on lightning speed. We were all free to go. The director was going down.

I had to overcome one more thing. The director’s coming ghosts. They said funny stuff every time they sensed fear. The only way to defeat them was to make a not-so-funny joke. One of the ghosts was named Michael. He was the worse. His jokes were not funny. I defeated him in a one on one free style battle.

It was easy beating Michael. We called them police and told what the director did. He was now in jail. The only thing now was, who was going to produce the show?

I told the producers I created The Show, they made me the new producer. I was more then happy. 2 years later I proposed marriage to Taylor. We had been happy ever since. Unfortunately Ben died. He was killed by Michael the worse comic ghost. He died laughing.



A short story about solving a mystery.