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AI-driven navigation is expected to improve situational awareness, object identification and tracking.

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Predictive Navigation One Of the key changes in the maritime industry is the implementatiOn Of artificial IntellIgence (AI). Developments in ai will soon enable computers to predict the future positioning of a vessel minutes, or even seconds, in advance, improving situational awareness and decision-making and, ideally, creating safer outcomes.

AI is becoming increasingly important for the maritime industry. the rise of automation in the maritime supply chain, along with the demand for more autonomous shipping, has led to an increase in the demand for AI. predictive navigation is another area in which AI plays an important role. AI-driven navigation assistance is evolving from dynamic positioning (Dp) technology by linking Dp with advanced algorithms and machine-learning tools. the idea is that with the help of AI, shipping routes and driving speeds could be optimised and marine navigational safety could be improved.

Optimal Navigation

AI-driven navigation technology would start off by calculating optimal manoeuvres set against specific criteria and requirements. the AI system would learn to perceive its

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environment and recommend optimal actions that support onboard crew. the main goal here is to use Big Data to predict an optimal route that reduces fuel and a reduction in cost.

Safer Navigation

Another benefit of predictive navigation is the hoped-for safety improvements en route. “the maritime industry today is highly manual and has a relatively high accident rate, largely due to human error”, michael Johnson, founder and ceO of sea machines states. “one solution to this includes deploying advanced perception and situational awareness technology.” sea machines’ AI-system is expected to improve at-sea situational awareness, object identification and tracking, and will provide intelligent information directly to the wheelhouse. Ultimately, it should increase

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