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Hong Kong Outstanding Students’ Association

Annual Newsletter 2010-2011

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The 24th Executive Committee: (from left) Marco (AO), Jason (SSO), Christie (FS), Vivienne (IS), Edison (P), Loretta (VP), Theodora (ES), Lillian (PRO), John (IRO)

WORDS FROM THE PRESIDENT one to world and world to one Text// Edison Tam

Welcome to the Annual Newsletter of the 24th Executive Committee! Bearing the theme "One to World and World to One", we have put in our utmost effort to uphold the fine traditions of the Association while adding plenty of new elements to make it better than the best. By dedicating ourselves to serving our community and organising a myriad of different activities, we hope teenagers would better understand their identities as well as acknowledge their roles in society. We also wish that this year's programme would raise their awareness on social issues and introduce them to innovative and fresh experiences that will broaden their horizons and eventually


develop a global mindset. Reaching from the individuals to our society, then to the rest of the world - we are sure that the young generation will have confidence that they can overcome all challenges ahead and make our world a better place to live in. Not only is OSA keen on collaborating with external parties, we also pay great attention to the close bonding among all OSArs. Through joining our Mentorship Programme and numerous internal gatherings, the senior OSArs and the junior ones were able to get to know more about each other and to share their experiences. This indeed helps bring OSArs of different ages together and strengthen the

unbreakable relationships among everyone in the warm and friendly OSA family. On the other hand, OSArs were able to meet up with the others when doing social services occasionally. There were a number of services held within this session, namely the MidAutumn Festival Service, the Lunar New Year Service and the Dragon-boat Festival Service. You will find brief accounts of all the above-mentioned meaningful activities in this volume as well. In a moment, you will read about whom the Executive Committee members really are and what we have prepared for everyone in our session – and now, let the wonderful memories Ablaze!












INTERNATIONAL CONVERGENCE 2010 globe in a scope Text// Vivienne Ng

Bearing the theme “Globe in a Scope”, International Convergence 2010 was successfully launched on 17th October, 2010. The programme spanned over approximately 5 weeks with 4 event days, namely Orientation Day, Cultural Exchange Day, International Day and Booth Day, and a 2week Cultural Experience Session. Our focus of this year's project is “Multicultural Mindset”. Being world citizens, we believe that every single one of us has the responsibility to respect and appreciate the uniqueness of different cultures. Therefore, in addition to the previous elements, an international forum was held on Cultural Exchange Day. In the forum, international issues were discussed in the cultural perspective of different countries. Students expressed their opinions on the topics of equality of race and child labour in support of the country their group represented. With in-depth discussions at the end, we hope that the participants can gain new insights, have a growth mindset, and be objective when they encounter international issues in the future before making conclusions. Another highlight of the programme was the language learning session with exchange students. In the 1-hour sharing period, student advisors representing their countries taught the participants basic vocabulary and sentences in their own languages. Some also taught them dances and songs of their homeland. Several groups even


engaged in games that were conducted in the foreign languages they just learned. Keeping the booth session was proven to be a success as participants were able to learn more about other countries’ cultures in a fun environment. Other than holding interesting games, many booths also provided their visitors with self-prepared food and mini souvenirs. For example, the group representing Germany brought along several kinds of sausages for other participants to taste. The group representing Spain designed their own bracelets using strings in red and yellow, colours on the country’s flag, and gave their products out. Moreover, a few groups dressed up in the costumes of their assigned country. The Booth Day gave a fun and happy closing to International Convergence 2011. As the first external project of the session 2010-2011, the International Convergence marked a successful beginning and provided valuable experiences to the EXCO in getting ready for future projects.

Experiencing Different Cultures We tried to let the participants experience different cultures and learn from people from different countries in order to instill a sense of global perspective. Right: Bart Wong (2640) trying out an exotic outfit. Left: The guest speaker and two exchange students conducting a sharing session in their group




HOTOGRAPHS FROM THE SCOPE hotography// Jason Wong

Above: The group photo of all participants in International Convergence 2010 Bottom Left: A participant presenting her group’s booth on the Booth Day Upper right: The participants playing ice-breaking games on Orientation Day Lower Right: The participants visiting a Thai Buddhist center

COMMUNITYOUTREACH society at a glimpse

COMMUNITY OUTREACH 2011 society at a glimpse Text// Theodora Lai

“We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” This February and March, after 5 days of training, the 80 participants of Community Outreach 2011 set out to send their love and care to different parts of the community. First the participants were inspired by the seminar given by Mr. Wayne Chau (1406), Founding Vice President of The Outstanding Givers, who spoke of his personal story of overcoming life’s disappointments and challenges, and of giving back to the society. Being a new immigrant, Wayne nearly gave up because of language barriers, peer discrimination and poor living conditions in his early days in Hong Kong. But thanks to his teachers’ inspirations, he endeavoured to overcome every obstacle and realise the impossible. Now he is a successful entrepreneur and an enthusiastic volunteer, passionate in giving himself to the ones in need. He ended the seminar with an encouraging saying, “we are like basketballs, the harder we were hit, the higher we fly. Don’t ever give up, and you’ll get there.”


But to lend a helping hand, one must first understand the ones in need. Hoping to give our participants a taste of the everyday lives of the less fortunate, we organised a one-day experience trip, which brought our participants to some of the poorest districts in Hong Kong. The participants were required to complete tasks such as building cardboard houses and bargaining for fruits before earning the clue to the next station. Though tired and exhausted, our participants exhibited extraordinary team spirit and completed the trip with flying colours. Another highlight of the programme is the forum on social issues. Though reaching out to help society is essential, it is important that we recognise the heart of the problem and find remedy to it, which is why the forum was organised. Our participants enjoyed voicing out their opinions and bouncing ideas off of each other very much; and after the heated discussion, the day came to an end while our participants brought home with them increased social awareness and sense of civic responsibility.

As the participants learned to serve the community, they also learned the OSA signature pose. Above: The group photograph from the Orientation Day of Community Outreach.

Now equipped with the basic voluntary skills and a motivation to serve, our participants wrote their very own service proposals and organised their very own service sessions. From EM teens to the disabled elderly, our participants showed the community their passion to serve the others. Their enthusiasm was reflected in the “Ripples” video, where they combined their voluntary experiences with the knowledge gathered from the seminars and workshops. All groups showed great creativity while sending their message of love to everyone. Little actions become great when done with love. Our participants were inspired to discover the astonishing power of these tiny actions through the project, which could make the world a nicer place.

Photography// Jason Wong


COMMUNITYOUTREACH society at a glimpse

Above: Christie (FS) and the participants discussing about their service plans Below: Wayne Chau (1406) sharing with the participants his personal story of overcoming challenges and developing compassion

Above: The participants experiencing blindness as they cover their eyes and walk through the hall. Right: The participants writing their reflections at sunset


YOUTHSUMMIT bridging the gap

YOUTH SUMMIT 2011 bridging the gap Text// Loretta Fan

It has been a tradition for a group of young people to gather at the University of Hong Kong to exchange their views yearly on current social and economic issues. This year, another group of secondary students gathered in hopes of finding out more on the issue of wealth disparity. Stepping into the ninth year since its launching in 2003, Hong Kong Youth Summit 2011 bears the theme “Bridging the Gap” and began on April 2 and ended on May 28 with the Public Forum. This year, we received overwhelming responses from our member schools with 120 students from more than 50 schools partaking in the programme. Participants were divided into ten Leadership Groups, representing ten social sectors. Six Commissions were then formed from members of Leadership Groups. After a series of discussions and negotiations, participants put forth elaborate and new solutions to today’s problems in the form of resolutions. We are also honoured to have the support from government officials and professionals. Participants were given opportunities to learn to develop their critical thinking skills in response to socio-economic issues in society, through informative seminars by eminent members of the Hong Kong Government and experts in the field, educational games and interviews with professionals. Speakers at the summit include Mr. Leung Chun-ying, non-official member of the Executive Council, Mr. Ronald Arculli, Chairman of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing, and


The Median Monthly Income The poorest 10% household HKD3,000 The richest 10% household HKD80,900 Hong Kong possesses the highest Gini Coefficient of all regions 43.6 Statistical Department, Hong Kong

“What can we, as the future of the society, do to change this situation?

The Guest Speakers This year, for our Youth Summit, we have invited a list of honorable guest speakers to present their views on bridging the wealth gap in Hong Kong. Bottom Left: Participants together with our Guest Speaker Mr. Michael Tien Bottom Right: Our President Edison presenting the souvenir a sprout (Qing Miao) to Professor Sung, the Vice-chancellor and President of the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Professor J.Y. Sung, Vice-chancellor and President of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. As with all previous Youth Summits, this year’s Hong Kong Youth Summit 2011 was not short of exciting debates and heated discussions. In addition to that, a few novel elements were added this year to further enhance the insurmountable YS experience.

YOUTHSUMMIT bridging the gap

HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE FORUM panel discussion and public forum Text// Loretta Fan

A panel discussion held on Day 3 was one of the highlights of the programme. We have invited Mr. Michael Tien, Deputy Chairman of the New Peoople’s Party, Mr. Fred Lam, Chief Campaigner of the Roundtable Community, and Legislative Councillors Hon. Audrey Eu Yuet-mee and Hon Lau Kong-wah to discuss on the opportunities and threats encountered by youngsters in pursuing their career. With this diverse group of speakers debating on the topic, participants were inspired to reflect on their future prospects from multiple perspectives.

On the 28th of May, participants presented their ratified resolutions to the mass at the public forum. Legislative Councillor Mr. Alan Leong Kah-kit, political activist Miss Chow Ching, members from youth organisations, the press, as well as the general public were invited. They debated over the proposed policies and to provided constructive feedback to the participants. The public forum was a success as it amplified the voice of youth and aroused public’s attention to the issue of wealth gap.

Conclusion All in all, the Hong Kong Youth Summit provided a platform for youth to explore more into social issues and think more about the future of their society. It is our sincere hope that the Hong Kong Youth Summit 2011 has broadened the horizons of participants.


YOUTHSUMMIT bridging the gap


Photography// Jason Wong

Top Left: Commission Meeting Top Right: The participants listening intently to the speaker Left: A participant asking the speaker questions Bottom: Group photo of Youth Summit 2011



INTERFLOW CAMP 2011 mystory Text// John Wang

We believe each person has a unique story to tell. In his or her story, struggles are inevitable. That is why we picked "Mystory" as this year's theme. We wanted to highlight different types of conflicts and struggles that one would have to go through in life, to provoke reflection upon these decisions. To achieve this theme, we tried to link all of our games to the theme, to elicit reflections. For example, in our video task, each group chose one theme, such as career, one relationship, such as sibling, and one quote that the participants gave in their applications. Using these elements, each group produced a 10-minute long video that established, and resolved a conflict. The winning video, for example, was a story about a twin brothers, who both were successful detectives. They were asked to assassinate each other in order to be trusted by their bosses. Neither could accomplish the mission, and thus they decided to report the crimes of their bosses and set up their own business together. Not only did the video accomplished the goal of the task, it also proved to be highly entertaining and "chok". Another highlight was the workshop held by Mr. Freddy Law. Freddy shared his experience working at Google in India, and eventually starting his own social enterprise - Inter Cultural Exchange (ICE). He said, "I remember, that day I was going to home from work in the company car as usual. An Indian kid came asking for money. Since I had nothing to do, I decided to do

Team Spirit The participants have built remarkable team spirit during the camp. Left: The participants showing support for each other Right: The partipants in their group T-shirt


whatever he did. I moved my hands the way he did. I shook my head the way he did. He was frustrated, so he leaned on the window. As my face drew near the window, at that instant, I felt something magnificent. Even though the kid was only 2 inches away from me, I felt we were so far apart. Yet the only difference is our circumstances. That was the turning point in my life." The games also impressed many participants. The plot of city tracing was highly engaging as the participants took up the role as an old man searching for his long lost wife. The night orienteering, having adopted a new format, was a successful hit. The life monopoly also encouraged the participants to contemplate about the struggles in lives. One station for example, asked the groups if they would sacrifice their groupmates in order to win more "money". The participants also took part in the famous negotiation game "Win as much as you can", and successfully came to a compromise in the end. The camp ended with a fun-and-emotionpacked concert. Many groups thanked their fellow campers as well as Jo Ba Jo Ma during this concert. The most emotional moment was perhaps when Ricky Wong, a camper, sang 友共 情 to farewell his friend who was also in camp as he leaves for England next term. Overall, the Interflow Camp 2011 was a successful event that, we believe, will leave a lifelong impression in the participants’ heart.


CAMP PHOTOGRAPHS Photography// Jason Wong

Above: The group photos of all participants on the last day of Interflow Camp 2011 Below Left: A participant looking intently as fellow group mates cross obstacles Below Right: A group presenting group name and slogan



The Big Event Top Left: The OSArs’ group photo Top Right: Marco (AO) acting as the terrorist who eventually detonated the bomb Right: Jason (SSO) acting as Chinese representative in the company arguing with Theodora (ES) acting as representative from the United States

FUTURE YOUNG LEADERS’ FORUM the drama performace Text// Marco Chu

Bearing the theme 「綠色救地球」, the Future Young Leaders’ Forum was a success in conveying the idea of green living to the general public. The Forum was held on 30 November last year in Queen Elizabeth Stadium. It started with various kinds of performances and activities which encouraged the spectators to reflect on their lifestyles. We were privileged to have the chance to cooperate with the organising committee of the Forum from The Outstanding Young Persons’ Association (TOYPA) and performed a drama simulating the negotiation on reducing carbon emission among major industrial countries. In the drama, a terrorist broke into a conference room in the headquarters of a multinational, and threatened to kill all the business leaders inside.


The hostages were forced to make a concerted decision of slowing development in order to be released. The arising struggles and conflicts provided the audience a glimpse of the failure of the COP15 Conference. The drama plot was created by the Executive Committee and the performance was expressive and well-received with the help from Bernice Lin (2327). The Forum ended with the representatives from TOYPA, student organisations and other related parties in society pronouncing their green declaration in hope for a more environmentconcerned future. The FYLF would not be an end of such green initiatives; instead, it shall but the start of many more.


IFC Magical Brunch chi heng foundation Text// Christie Cheung

OSA has been honoured to be in close collaboration with the Chi Heng Foundation, which aims at helping AIDs affected children, funding their education, monitoring their growth and development as well as taking care of their needs. This time, 7 Chi Heng sponsored university students came to Hong Kong to join the Standard Chartered Marathon. OSArs were invited to join them after the race to have a heart to heart chat with them in the IFC Building and have brunch with them.

But despite all this, we see how these “big brothers” and “big sisters” have strived to live out their best with their positive attitude! Mantou, a Year 3 student, who is studying Chinese Medicine, vows to work on research on curing AIDs to help his HIV positive mother. Nannan, another Year 3 student, is now employed by a computer company and is anticipating towards his new job, which would further unleash his web designing potentials!

Next, we reflected deeply on how lucky we are to live in such comfy and The experience was an eye-opener luxurious conditions. When asked if for OSArs for many reasons. To begin they felt tired after the race, they said it with, each of the university students has is common for some of them to walk a touching story to tell. Their stories these distances to school from the are living evidences which reveal how remote, hilly villages from one hill to discrimination towards AIDs in China is another... The children have school still prevalent and how the social stigma seven days a week with a two-hour of living with HIV in China has deep holiday! Most of these holidays was and distressing implications. We heard spent walking home and back to school. about a grandfather whose grandchild How lucky we, Hong Kong teenagers, was in hospital. He had a debt of RMB are as compared to them! $2000 because he had abandoned his fields to stay at the side of this little After the sharing, it was child on whom he spends his every last encouraging to see the solemn faces of cent. The sadness of this was OSArs. It was a great learning exacerbated when we discovered that experience and we would keep on both of the child's parents had died of reminding ourselves not to take AIDs through selling blood. anything for granted and to lend a helping hand to those in need. Although the government gives full subsidies for AIDs patients' medical care, the suffering of family members is still intense, especially when they are hospitalised. Later we found out that a great number of children born in the late 80s contracted AIDs when they were born through blood transfusions. This is very serious since these children, with AIDs at a young age, do not have a well developed immune system to fight the disease, which in turn prevents them from competitive learning through frequent hospitalisation. Thus there is no hope for these children to break the cycle of poverty.


MENTORSHIPPROGRAMME mid year and annual

MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME mid-year and annual Text// Edison Tam, John Wang

Mid Year


The Mid-year Mentorship Programme was held right after the joyous Boxing Day. Since it was the first session in this year, all of the Mentors and Mentees seized the chance to reunite with each other, the atmosphere was greatly liven up.

The Mentorship Programme Annual Gathering this year was held at Hong Kong Craigengower Cricket Club on the 24th July. It attracted over 40 OSArs, many of whom are new Mentees from the 26th OSArs. In this gathering, we also had many Mentors who shared a lot about their experiences.

Three groups were divided: Business, Law and Science, and, Medicine respectively. All of them exchanged valuable experiences and the whole session was informative. Most of them also went to Satay King in Mong Kok for the Christmas gathering with spice and chilli. There were a lot of laughters and chats that filled up the dining time as well as the whole restaurant.

We also introduced a university guidance session this year. The session comprised of three groups, one about studying medicine and sciences in local universities, one about studying humanity, business and related majors in local universities, and one about going abroad. The groups were conducted with the help of Mentors, as well as Uni-mentor recruited for this session. Uni-mentors are those who will be entering university or are already studying in one. Following the gathering, 20 of us went to Pancake Colours at Causeway Bay for a dinner filled with fun and activities. It was a night when many of us learned a lot of black magic. Jason (SSO) introduced feats such as drawing nice pictures, clapping hands and many more.

The Group Photos Top Left: Mid-year Mentorship Programme Gathering Top Right: Dinner Gathering after Mentorship Programme Annual Gathering Bottom: Group photo Mentorship Programme Annual Gathering


MID-AUTUMN service and gathering

Mid-Autumn Festival Service

SERVICESGATHERINGS mid-autumn, lunar new year

SERVICES GATHERINGS Text// Jason Wong, John Wang

The Mid-Autumn Festival service and gathering were held on 19th September, 2010. To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, OSArs took part in a meaningful service session followed by a mirthful internal gathering. The wonderful day started in the afternoon with the Mid-Autumn Festival Service organised by the St. James' Settlement Wan Chai District Elderly Community Centre. As the Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for familial union and happiness, we decided to share the joy with some elderly living alone in Wan Chai.

Pleased to have visitors and receive gifts, the elderly welcomed us very much. They invited us into their homes, and enthusiastically talked about their daily life, interests, psychological changes and past experiences. The elderly felt happy to have someone to listen to them and talk with them and they found it fun to have indepth conversations with us. On the other hand, we were encouraged and grateful to the elderly for their sharing. Generally speaking, it was a nice and rewarding experience to chat with them. After the service, the group went on to a dinner gathering at Pancake Colours in Mongkok where everyone re-connected and updated each other on their latest activities.


Chinese New Year Service

Before the visits started, the Centre arranged a seminar to enhance our communication skills and provide us some insights to concealed elderly. Afterwards, to express concerns for the elderly, we supported them by paying visits to them and chatting with them. Moreover, we helped distribute festive gifts such as moon cakes, rice and pears, which were simple, practical and provided by the Centre.

taste of what they experience in their daily life. By Jason Wong Through having enjoyable Most of us view that Lunar New conversations, we tried our best to Year has always been a festival of convey our love, care and spiritual familial fun and we enjoy staying with support to the elderly. Besides bringing our family at this joyful festival. Yet, a warmth to them, our volunteers were group of elderly residents living in responsible for distributing festive gifts, solitude may not experience the which had been prepared by the warmth that we savour at the festival. Centre. In some households, we felt difficult in understanding what the Despite the bitter coldness, in order elderly said due to their accents or they to share the joy with them, OSArs failed to listen to us as their listening partook in a social service aiming to ability had been impaired. However, show them our concern and care. when words failed, love and care spoke: Jointly organised with the St. James' showing smiles on their faces, the Settlement Wan Chai District Elderly elderly simply felt the warmth we gave Community Centre, it let the OSArs them. This sense of satisfaction was seize a chance to visit the elderly living rewarding and carved on our heart ever alone in Wan Chai district and have a after.



DRAGON BOAT service and gathering Text// Christie Cheung, John Wang

The Dragon Boat Festival has always been a joyous time for the Chinese to get together for rice dumplings and a hearty chat. OSArs gathered on the day, not only for sharing the festive joy with the warm OSA family, but also to extend this love to the singleton elderly in Wan Chai. OSArs joined members from St. James Settlement, Hopewell Social Club and outstanding athletes who represented Hong Kong for various international events in the service. In the vibrant, well-mixed small service units, we blended in very well and learnt a lot from these volunteers who are talented in their own special way. We brought the elders an emergency kit for urgent hospital stay, some fruits and specially designed healthy rice dumplings suitable even for those with diabetes or high blood pressure. We also brought with us stories from all walks of life, a lot of laughter and listening ears, which we know is little but what we should do as a blessed teenager in Hong Kong.

After that we decided that we should do something special; after all, what else is more fitting than to make your own dumplings on this special occasion. Together, we made our dumpling from scratch using nothing more than some bamboo leaves, glutinous rice, dried scallop, mushrooms and our hands. The process was fun and as we tried to tie our dumplings together, we also tied a closer bond between the each of us. It is also our first time holding a gathering in our new home - the OSA office. It is an apartment located on Hillwood Road, rented to us for free by our kind advisor Mr. Hung, and is now fitted with some basic furniture as well as a computer and a printer.

The Group Photos Top Left: Dumplings in the making! Top Right: The volunteers in a heart shape formation Bottom: Handmade dumplings from the gathering



SOCIAL SERVICES PROJECT (SSP) serving our community By Jason Wong

The Social Services Project has been run for years as it is a great opportunity for new OSArs to meet one another and senior OSArs, and more importantly, it is a good chance for the new OSArs to put their love and care in practice: to serve and contribute to society through volunteering. The Social Services Project 2011 was held this summer, offering different service sessions for the new OSArs to participate in. Although it was a pity that the service targeted at Children could not be held as the kindergarten changed its plan, there were two other service programmes bringing a lot of fun and enjoyment to our service targets as well as our new OSArs. Jointly organised with Mongkok Kai Fong Association Ltd Chan Hing Social Service Centre and Hong Kong Caritas Lok Hang Workshop, the service programmes targeted at the elderly and the mentally challenged. Â We commenced each service with an introductory session in order to provide basic knowledge of the target group so the new OSArs can handle each kind of targets more easily. The ones enjoyed the introductory sessions most were the co-ordinators. Some new OSArs take up the responsibility to plan for the service sessions, write up proposals and co-ordinating between service centres and the participating OSArs. With the aid from the introductory sessions, the co-ordinators had an insight on the characteristics of each kind of targets and this facilitated the process of planning for the service sessions.

Jason (SSO) and Michelle (2639) as singing at the service

SERVICE E the elderly This year, we co-operated with our long-term partner Chan Hing Social Service Centre again. Thirty elders partook in our service session held in June. In a warm and harmonious atmosphere, we played an ice-breaking game and a question-and-answer game, sang songs and chatted with them. Other than this service session, a few service sessions were also held for the new OSArs to visit the elderly living in solitude in that district. This provided an opportunity for them to show their care for the elderly by paying them home-visits and delivering gifts to them. Through home-visits, the OSArs were able to have a more in-depth understanding of the life of the elderly living in Hong Kong and related social issues.

Vincent (2011) listening to the elder

SERVICE M the mentally challenged

 Every year, playing with the mentally challenged always brings great fun to OSArs. This year, a service programme serving the mentally challenged was also held. We gladly cooperated with Hong Kong Caritas Lok Hang Workshop again. Several mass game sessions were provided to the OSArs for them to have fun with the targets, cease their misunderstanding about the mentally challenged and learn to care about the minority groups in Hong Kong.


 I sincerely hope that you do not only view the Social Services Project as an educational programme, but also a rewarding project that you truly enjoy. Last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all supporting organisations and participating OSArs. Your support is the key to the Project!




The Awardees of the Hong Kong Outstanding Students’ Award 2010-2011 performing “青苗” together with the 24th Executive Committee

BIRTH OF THE 26th OSArs the new member of the family Text// John Wang

This year, with Youth Arch Foundation as the organiser for the Hong Kong Outstanding Students’ Award, 11 Awardees were born. The ceremony was successfully held at World Trade Centre on the 21st May. At the ceremony, the Outstanding Students’ Award as well as the Doreen Leung Memorial Award were presented. Each awardee received his or her award and gave a brief yet inspiring speech of gratitude. I remember two speeches in particular. The first one is Jennifer’s. She thanked her parents for a lot of things, but more importantly, for supporting her all along. “Even at this very moment, as I am receiving this award, my


dad is busy taking photographs of me,” she said, with tears trickling down her cheek. The other speech I remembered is Victor Lo’s speech, or as he is more popularly known, CEO. He went onto the stage with his diary he started keeping after coming to Hong Kong from Sichuan, and he shared it passionately with the audience. “Today, I received my first English test, I failed it… Today, I received my eleventh English test, I finally passed… Today, I received the Hong Kong Outstanding Students’ Award.” Many OSArs were present at the ceremony and we all had a great time re-connecting after the ceremony.

ORIENTATIONDAY the first encounter Above: Victor Kwok (2620) introducing himself

Above: The in-group sharing session

ORIENTATION DAY OF THE 26th OSArs the first encounter Text// John Wang

The 26th OSArs were elected and registered as official member of the Association, which means it is time for the 26th OSArs' Orientation Day where the 26th OSArs gathered to meet all the other members in this big OSA family.

We then moved on to teaching part of the dance to the association song playing a game invented by our creative Jason. The game is known as 小小勁苗 根枝秀. All OSArs form a circle. There are three kinds of instructions, 小小, 勁苗, and 根枝秀. Each OSAr, when pointed and called 小小, can continue to This year, it took place in a classroom in City point at other OSArs using any of the three University. The gathering started with a new type of instructions. When instructed to 勁苗, the OSAr roundtable self introduction. Each OSAr was to make would have to dance the part 勁苗 of the association a 7-character-long description of him or her self. For song. when instructed to 根枝秀, the one pointed at example, Christie's was 粵曲古箏作古詩, while would have to raise and stretch his or her arms, and Theodora's was 婦科聖手賴熙彤. In this way, not the two neighboring OSArs would have be pose as 青 only could the OSArs express their creativity, other 苗. It turned out to be a very fun and exciting activity. OSArs could also immediately grasp the most prominent character of each OSAr.


OSARS’NIGHT dances and joy

OSArs’ NIGHT AT OSArs’ CAMP a night of dances and joy Text// John Wang

It was the 28th of July; it was the first day of OSArs' camp. As with previous years, it was held again in Cho Kung Tam Outdoor Recreation Centre. What is even more coincidental is the fact that it was a day with a Typhoon Signal 3. But none of this changed the fact that we had a great time in this however short night. At 19:30, OSArs' night started. The EXCOs introduced themselves and the projects at OSA briefly. Other OSArs including Justine (727) , Gideon (803), Karl (2004), Vincent (2011), Hywel (2135), Cindy (2426), Adrian (2444), Timothy (2533) and Sunny (2612) then introduced themselves. Trudi (1424) , who was leading the camp, also introduced herself, and shared her touching experience of true friendship, care and support in OSA. After that, Lilian (2313) and Jasmine (2414) started to teach the songs and dances that we all found ourselves enjoying soon. The night reached its climax when the no-smoke camp fire was set up. It was a huge bundle of glowing sticks erected in circle. Though without the heat, we were all warm both inside and outside after the dances. Unfortunately, the camp was forced to conclude due to the typhoon. But we were glad that the gathering continued on to a dinner that celebrated Lillian's (PRO) birthday.


Top: Trudi (1404), organiser of the camp and Karl (2004) introducing himself Middle: The campers ready to dance under the disco light Bottom: The group photo


MEET THE 26th OSArs who they are Text// 26th OSArs; Editing// John Leung, John Wang

2603 Chan Pui Yu (CPY) 2605 Charis Cheung

I am Charis Cheung from Heep Yunn School. I am glad to become part of the HKOSA family. One side of me is quite To begin with, I am a lamb of God. I active: as a Girl Guide, I am interested always consider myself a match which in camping and outdoor cooking. has a fire that seems small but big Another side of me is quite quiet enough to ignite passion in people though: I enjoy reading and making around me. I am willing to use my life to crafts. I am eager to make friends with pass on my passion of bringing a better all of you! society to others to the next generation. : )

2606 Stephanie Chow

2604 Chan Wing Yan

2608 Teddy Chow

I am a 16-year-old student at LPCUWC. Since the age of five, I have developed special enthusiasm for the Arts. In the past few years, I am frequently invited to perform the cello in charitable concerts with, for example, the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Macau Youth Symphony Orchestra, Wuhan Orchestra, and Hong Kong Pan-Asia Symphony Orchestra, etc. These events greatly broadened my horizon. I believe that music is a truly contagious and inspirational language.

2610 James Chung

Chan Wing Yan, a secondary five student studying at Diocesan Girls’ School, is one of the awardees of this year’s Hong Kong Outstanding Students Awards. She enjoys studying literature and biology, and often spends her free time reading, playing music, exploring various computer programs and taking part in volunteer work.


The short-haired girl in the photo is me, Stephanie Chow. I always allowed my hair to grow below my shoulders when I was small. However, when I was in Form 4, I suddenly felt fed up with my days with long hair and cut them short as shown in the photo. Although sometimes I missed playing with my long hair, I did not regret cutting it. That is me – I often make decisions and act quickly, but I will never regret my actions.

Hi, my name is Chung Kwan Chi, James and I am a member of the 26th OSArs. Currently, I am studying in HKMA David Li Kwok Po College. Apart from studying at school, I also like participating in extra-curricular activities, for example joining the Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps. In my Air Cadet squadron, I am a flight leader in charge of nineteen cadets. Through weekly trainings, I hope to become a responsible leader.


2611 Eunice Fung

Many people, especially elders, are shocked when they discover how much I love to play. I do "work hard" - when at work, I can be very industrious and sometimes even described as a "workaholic", but my favourite activity, in fact, is to "play harder" - to play and enjoy time with people around me.

2612 Sunny Hor

2613 Natalie Hsu

I am Natalie Hsu, a F.5 student from St. Mark’s School. I would say my perseverance is the most crucial attitude that crowned me with the privilege of being an OSAr. For each task, no matter how challenging or trivial it is, I would set myself a clear goal. By going through the circles of trial, failure, reflection and improvement again and again, I would always motivate myself to go towards my destination without delay and renunciation. Life is full of obstacles, but I believe strongly that persistence would always help me overcome all of them and eventually create a lovely future for myself.

2615 Charlotte Huang

Hi! I’m Charlotte from German Swiss International School. I love playing the piano and listening to music and I am extremely obsessed with Jay Chou. (: I am not a very sporty person, but I still enjoy playing badminton. Being a pediatrician when I grow up is my dream, so I will work really hard to make it come true. (: I feel very honoured to be a part of the OSA family!

2616 Michael Keung

2614 Crystal Hsue Hello to all! I am Sunny Hor from Tsuen Wan Government Secondary School. I have been looking forward to becoming an OSAr and part of this family ever since I was selected to be a participant of InCon in Form 3 and iCamp shortly after. Now, my dream has come true. I really hope that I can meet all of you in the OSA family and play my part to support this warm family. Enough about that and let me write a bit about the kind of person I am.  Films and TV and Facebook are necessities for life to me.  Again, I cannot live a day without them! I cannot wait to meet you all in the OSA family!


Hi everyone! I am Crystal Hsue, a form 5 science student from St. Mary’s Canossian College. It is such a pleasure to join this big family of OSA. I love science and reading. I also participated in school drama production and various external competitions. Despite having a tight schedule, I believe that there is more happiness in giving than in receiving. Therefore, I am an active Young Envoy of UNICEF. I look forward to meeting more OSArs and participating in more OSA activities in the future.

I am Michael Keung, a F.4  student from LSTLKKC. I have many goals and sometimes I am so ambitious. Besides that, I am not shy and really want to share opinions by talking to others. THIS is my way to release pressure in tense life. I enjoy my life.


2619 Kwan Ming Wai Pinky

Within my secondary school life, I have joined a number of cultural exchange tours. These were great chances for me to open up my mind and widen my horizon. I still remember the stunning scenery of Stanford University and the heart-breaking rubbles of the dilapidated area in Sichuan after the earthquake. I am sure that I can grow as quick as a seedling through seeing more, feeling more and experiencing more in the future.

2625 Claire Leung

2627 Li Ka Wing

2630 Justin Ng

I am Justin Ng from Diocesan Boys’ School, currently in Form 5. I am an optimistic person, who is seldom Hi everyone! This is Karen Li from saddened by mishaps and misfortunes. Tsuen Wan Government Secondary I am most passionate in mathematics School. It is my honor to be a part of OSA. I am a talkative and cheerful girl. and physics, as they influence our During my leisure time, I enjoy playing planet and livelihood greatly. I look forward to furthering my studies in the piano and badminton with my family. These activities just add spices to these branches of science. my life.

2629 羅偉特

2631 Nicholas Poon

As a saying goes, variety is the spice of life. I love challenging myself and widening my horizon by collecting various kinds of experience. I also believe that everyone has his own talents and strengths so I like meeting people from different backgrounds, hence enriching my life experience.

2626 Li Choi Ha

My name is Li Choi Ha and I am always recognized as a very quiet and tender girl. In fact, I'm also a curious person, and I like adventures and learning new things. My hobby is painting because I love creating. Moreover, I always engage in different kinds of voluntary work as I want to use my capability to help needy peoples and care more about the world.


男,18,單身 來自美麗的四川成都 現任偉特航空公司CEO (還未開通航 線) 一直追尋這自己的夢想, 但就算做 個魚蛋鋪的CEO, 也要把魚蛋推向華 爾街 嗜辣無比, 辣椒就是我的靈魂, 像辣椒 一樣熱情, 也有辣椒一樣的願望 -- 想 把青春演繹得淋漓盡致 不知英文中有沒有”緣分”這個詞, 分 不分及物和不及物, 但希望緣分能涉 及我們每一個人:)

This is Nicholas Poon, a Form Four student from Ying Wa College. It is my greatest honor to join the OSA family. I like debating and playing football. As a member of the Organizing Committee in the Interflow Camp 2011, I enjoyed the miraculous moments working with my partners. I am looking forward to work with more OSArs to make the coming year a fruitful one!


2632 Minnie Poon

Hi everyone! I am Minnie Poon, currently a Secondary Six student at Tsuen Wan Government Secondary School. I am quite an optimistic person and I love making friends. I am really glad to become an OSAr and I hope to learn more through participating in different activities organized by OSA.

2635 Simon Shiu

2636 Nixon Sit

Hi everyone! I am Nixon Sit, currently studying in Form 4 at St. Joseph’s College. I am a new member of the association. Although I am a newcomer, I would like to grab this chance to actively participate in different activities organized by the association, so as to serve the society in the future.

2637 So Hoi Kin

I enjoy taking on new challenges and pushing myself to the limits. “Dream as you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today” is my motto! I’m a fan of John Grisham’s legal thrillers and I like public speaking very much! I’m therefore determined to become a lawyer! :)


2638 Jacqueline Tai

Hi, I’m Jacqueline Tai, a F.4 student from St. Mary’s Canossian College. Many friends often tell me that their first impression of me is ‘a quiet and cool girl’, but everyone will later find out that I’m active and love playing a lot! I look forward to be friends with you. Can't wait to join many activities in the OSA family. :)

2640 Wong Chun Yip Bart

Hi there, I'm Bart Wong from DBS, T.W.G.Hs. Kap Yan Directors’ College OSA number 2640. My hobbies? Reading, writing, playing music, doing With interests in distance running and sports... the crazier the more I enjoy. Maths, I am often described by others My dream career? Still planning, but as a tough and logical person. I might be a little bit slow-to-warm-up at getting law, business and anything mechanical is out of the list. My personality? Talk along with others, but I am sure I will meet lots of new friends and have fun in to me and you'll find out more, but make sure you can stand my humour! OSA!


2643 Jennifer Woo

2644 Yau Mei Wan

Other Member of the 26th OSArs 2601 Shermen Au 2602 Chan Kwok Hei 2607 Chow Yiu Yan 2609 Christine Chun 2617 Clarissa Ko 2618 Jazz Koon

I am Jennifer Woo from Maryknoll Convent School. It is my pleasure to join OSA this year. Being one of the organizing committees of the interflow camp, I enjoyed working with the other OSArs. This camp left me with the sweetest memory throughout my form six life. I love OSA!!!!!

2620 Victor Kwok 2621 Elaine Kwong 2622 Hetty Lee I am Yau Mei Wan. I am a form six student who study at Tung Chung Catholic School. My favourite subject is Chinese History. I love singing, swimming and hiking very much and I love nature. Also, I enjoy to be a volunteer because it makes life wonderful.  

2623 Leung Kit Yu 2624 Leung Wai Ching 2628 Loretta Lo 2641 Natalie Wong 2642 Mandy Wong 2645 Ian Yeung 2646 Beatrice Yeung



MEET The 24th EXecutive COmmittee who they are Edison, Loretta, Vivienne, Theodora, Christie, Jason, Lillian, John, Marco

Photography// Petra Chow



THE SENTIMENTS after a year, what we have experienced, gained, and remembered...

REFLECTIONS president Text// Edison Tam

Taking up the role as an EXCO, or more precisely, as a President, while struggling with piles of A-Level notes and exercises has never been an easy task. Every job starts with great passion, but there were countless exhausting and hopeless times that no one could hardly bear. Yet, when all nine of us are side-by-side, we have an fruitful, rewarding, brilliant year unfolded. A Step Forward My fate in OSA was altered in the evening of 7th August 2010, from an ordinary member to the one has his shoulders supporting the weight of the Association. It was with mixed feelings that I finally took up the role as the President: I was worried about overcoming obstacles and breaking through walls in my term of office; on the other hand, I was excited and cannot wait to start working with my fellow EXCOs. It was a miraculous moment that I had turned a new leaf in my life with anticipation and uncertainty.

would have an experience of struggling between PINK blue and PINK tie (and I can't believe the ladies chose pink blue for us...) and to investigate how the pattern on the tie and that on the shirt could be perfectly coordinated... (:

What comes next was the nightmare of meetings. Items on the agenda never seemed to be finished within the proposed time line. They were boring and exhausting sometimes, but they were necessary. We saved ourselves from boredom during EXCO meetings by having snacks, talking A Voyage Ahead With our atlas and compasses ready, we were broken gags and gossiping. And we often started our meetings with A.O.B. Then jumped between about to start our journey full of variables and items that non-EXCOs could definitely lose our unknowns. It started off with brainstorming tracks, I believe. (That's why my later work was to sessions. I can still see the nine of us sitting at change the date, time and venue merely, adding a Fairwood, with no food bought, discussing what our theme was going to be (I remember how eager few more items sometimes (and can never get them finished... Again... =.=)) were we to translate all those old Chinese sayings into simple English XD) It was fun, but not that We set sail to the external projects soon after fun when we had been sitting there for hours with we adjusted ourselves from administrative work to nothing concluded. Anyhow, we finally managed the work required socialising and collaboration to come up with "One to World and World to with external parties. I will never forget the tight One". Thanks Loretta for helping us squeeze the schedules and the intense atmosphere before each clumsy 「修身齊家治國平天下」into this project; I will never forget how anxious we were beautiful one. when the project seemed to be under-application. On the very first day of InCon10, I was still Then, it was the struggle with EXCO suit, I had never imagined that the five ladies could have packing the info packs with several OCs, preparing for my welcoming speech, so on and so their suit held in the shopping bags much faster forth. Being very inexperienced on giving a than we gentlemen. And I have idly analysed the speech, I simply copied the template made by past following reasons: 1. It was the fault of the EXCOs. I though my speech was acceptable, but "officially authorised boutique" for not selling the ordinary white shirt (I dislike those fancy patterns, it turned out to be too formal and my Chinese pronunciation to some of the words was stitching and accessories .v.) 2. We boys were so disastrous. It was embarrassing, but I learnt and demanding (quoted from Vivi XD). For these improved. reasons I choose the latter. I bet no other boys



I am not good at public speaking, especially when I have to compose my own script, but giving a speech is vitally important for President of OSA as well as to survive in this cruel world. "I must learn how to speak in confidence with my own wildly original script," I though to myself. OSA indeed offered me a lot of chances to liaison with external parties. Not only can I learn the socialising and communication skills from our Honourary Advisor, Ms. Scarlett Pong, at FYLF meetings, but also let me practise exchanging name cards naturally with people with authorities. Not feeling inferior anymore, not getting tonguetwisted any longer, I did manage to give my very own speech at the FYLF Pledge Ceremony cum Press Conference. And it's cool to meet "big people" and talk to them on random topics! A Summit Beyond What I will be missing most from my EXCO life is the everlasting laughter. We were always so hyper with some meaningless things, say, we laughed at Lady Gaga when watching a TV programme which was totally unrelated to her; we screwed things up because we laugh, especially when making the Dgame video for ICamp11 (and I just can't help laughing when looping the NG video on Facebook times and times again... XD); we laughed at each other because he/she had done womething really stupid (and I usually get caught by Christie's eyes everytime I did childish and silly acts during meetings... :P) But we are not ashamed nor embarrassed, because THIS IS THE 24TH EXCOS!!!!!! Composed of 24th and 25th OSArs in this team, we argued, we cried, we laughed, we chatted, we crazed together and played tricks on each other... We are sparkles in OSA, we are fireworks in OSA! Having woked and had fun (for most of the time LOL) with eight of my very best folks for a year, here are some words that I've never told you before. From the deepest of my loving heart: Loretta the super VP: You are simply awesome! I envy whatever you've got (LOL), the high English standard, the way you socialise with others, the well-organised work and of course, your admission to Harvard University!! :D Haha!! I wonder how you can survive with that little sleep and can still manage to wake up early with an excellent outlook (though a little bit "cho dai"... :P) You are a superwoman!! Thanks for taking care of the rest of the EXCOs, I know that you guys have so much fun when hanging around. Thanks for helping me a lot throughout the session, I always regret that I dived and be family-oriented... You are a really


responsible VP!! THANK YOU!! (: Enjoy your life in Harvard!! Vivienne the sister-like InSec: You seem like my elder sister (5 days are enough, right?? XD) every time I'm lost during meetings, you were like "OKay, just you wait, let me finish this point in the minutes first" Haha, thanks for your patience and your high attentiveness during meetings! I really appreciate your great effort in rephrasing and re-organising the minutes and making To-Do Lists for us. This must be exhasting, but you did it brilliantly every single time we have meetings being more than 4 hours long. On the other hand, I will never forget the times you intended to hit my head with your highheel shoes (or my water bottle XD) after I broke a gag or said something silly... LOL Have fun with Psycho at CUHK!! Theodora the "artistic" ExSec: You may wonder why I quoted the word "artistic"... I can still remember you "painting" the food tray with the molten vanilla ice-cream... It indeed opened my eyes (and mouth) Haha!! Thanks for your patience and effort in dealing with friendly packs while you were working on InCon10. It is a challenging task but you did it well! Bravo!! Sorry for asking you to wait for me before school and give me stuff like letter heads and envelops (and the lovely-printed labels... XD), you are a fantastic ExSec who managed the paper work well and did all the proof-reading tasks efficiently. Please also pass my greatest gratitude to your mom and dad for dropping me off after the long project workshop days! Add oil with your Medic studies at HKU!! Christie the elegant FinSec: A big "Thank You" should go to you, Christie!! You have devoted yourself very much to the most complicated job in OSA!! I'm impressed by your great work to ensure the finance of OSA can be secured and to seek for sponsorships successfully!! Hooray!! You are really elegant with your hand-writing, especially the calligraphy on the cover of greetings cards XD You are also so sweet to deliver you care to each of us when we were down or not feeling well. Thanks for keeping the super-heavy cash box and all documents whenever we meet! But do take good care and do more exercises!! Wish you good health while fighting with Medic concepts at CUHK!!


Lillian the nice PRO: You know what? It seems to me that you have become my personal secretary (not ICamp11 Dgame plot, I swear... XD). Thanks for keeping me updated via text every time I'm late or absent or whatever status I'm in... :P Dealing with press, especially SCMP staff, must be tiring and challenging... Thanks for fighting for the Bright Spark column though we didn't suceed... Never mind, we learnt, right? Let's pray for the 25th PRO and wish him/her success! :D Thanks for your effort and help throughout the year, you've done a good job!! Don't panic! Don't bother with DSE, you will never walk alone!! Bear in mind, you still have this adorable P to stand by you for almost a year ahead!! Let's turn our turbos fully on! Support you always, Lil <3 Jason the charming SSO: You are a GENIUS in public speaking!!! I envy you so much that I want to have your brain (and mouth) exchanged with mine... Haha, just kidding :P Thanks a zillion for bringing up new ideas, new games whenever we had "dead air" or idle time during event days.... You are a superduper clever!! Thanks a lot for coordinating OSArs to join various service sessions, I understand your difficulties in inviting OSArs to help with Auntie Dora's tutorial programme... But I know you've been trying your very best, I'm sorry that I did a little to help you out in that situation... Let's go there and help in the future, shall we? (: Anyway, thanks very much for your friendly reminders throughout the year (they did help me check what I had missed :P) and also you superbroken gags and super-difficult games...... XD Enjoy yourself with Medic terms at HKU!! All the best!! (: John the cute IRO: TOFFEE!!!!! Hahaha, I miss Toffee very much (as usual :P) Johnjohnjohn, you are so cute! I've never met a boy like you, thanks for all the laughters you've brought to me (: I can still see your FAIL scenes during Dgame video shooting, it was so much fun and amusement! Back to your work: You are a creative IRO, you've been doing better than the best to coordinate all the marvelous internal gatherings and wonderful mentorship programmes :D IRO has never been an easy position to take up, but you have it well-managed. You are the one who make OSArs smile brilliantly when they meet up with their friends!! BRAVO!!!! :D:D Gayau with the final year at LPC (: there must be hell a lot of work to do and to experience... Enjoy! (:


Marco the hyper-chok AO: No doubt! You are the hyper-chok AO (plus, you are the king of gag as well XD) Thanks for all the effort you've put to manage our website, it must have killed you a lot of time updating and uploading photos, passages, etc. Thank you!!! Every time I see your skinny arms and I was like "OMG... Did you sleep well last night? Don't put much pressure on yourself or else you'll become dust..." I know that you've been trying very hard to make our YS11 a marvelous one with Loretta and Christie, and I'm so glad to see that it turned out running very smoothly! Then you buried your head into piles of documents of ICamp11, I was so worried that you'll get sick easily (and luckily you didn't :P). Thanks a lot for everything you did to make our year a lovely one! And do eat more, otherwise you have to join Christie and learn how to "fly"!! Let's CHOK!! LOL Gayau with GBus at UST!! :D A Team Behind It is impossible for me to handle everything in OSA without the genuine help and support from the following parties: Firstly, I would like to thank our fantastic Advisors for standing by us throughout the year. We may not have time to get to know each other so well, but I enjoy every single minute we spent together and I leant a lot from you! We are truly blessed to have you in our term! My sincere thanks should also go to our Honourary Advisors for their unlimited support to OSA for many years. Wholehearted thanks are especially due to Auntie Dora, who had been inviting us to do the Tutorial Programme for primary students and keeping on bringing a bright future to little kids. However, I should apologise on behalf of all EXCOs for the low attendance to this meaningful Programme due to time-clashes... But I promise to join you in the coming future! (: A special vote of thanks should go to all EXCOs' and Nora Lai's parents for allowing us to mess their places up and have fun together. Special thanks are due to Ms. Joan Wong from CMA who has been working really hard for OSA and OSArs! Thanks for helping me deal with a lot of complicated matters! My sincere gratitude also goes to all project OCs for their devotion and commitment to OSA and make our events the successful ones (: Days after, the nine of us will become Advisors and it is another odyssey where life-long friendship and knowledge could be found. It is an absolute delight to work for this terrific youth organisation! Let's join hands, with our beaming smile on our faces, and let the OSA spirit live on!


REFLECTIONS vice-president Text// Loretta Fan

Have you ever had this ambivalent, yet magical feeling of hollowness and satisfaction after reading a good book? This is exactly how I feel right now. A very weird feeling, huh? On one hand, fragments of sweet memories kept flashing back as I look back on the amazing year that has just flown by. On the other hand, a swirl of emptiness kept eating me up from inside as I realise my EXCO life is going to end in less than a month. One thing I am certain though. My experience as an EXCO this year has been a lifechanging one. After all, being an EXCO is much more than a full-time job, it is a self-discovery process. Through ups and downs, I have learnt so much more about myself, who I am as a person, and what I want to achieve in life. This magical journey has been a humbling self-development process. Hereby, I would like to take the chance to give thanks to the following people. Advisors, thank you for the support and guidance throughout the year. Whenever we need help, you are always only a call away. Your advices are of immense help to us. OCs, can’t thank you guys enough for your hard work and devotion. Nothing can be be made possible without your help!

school and every weekend at OSA events. I am so used to having you around that it feels weird not seeing you even for a day! Juggling among academics, college apps, ChemO, and OSA work can be very frustrating; you are my spiritual support who has cheered for me and helped me through all rough patches in the past year. Thanks for enduring my rants and teary face when I am stressed out and putting up with my kai-ness when A big thank you must also be given to my I sent you messages on planet alfalfa. We have fellow EXCO members: gone through so much together this year; we became so close that I can almost always tell what Edison: Mr. President, I know you have been you will order for lunch/dinner. You are the one busy with studies the past year, but you still tried who understands me the most and has seen the your best to be involved and spent so much time to best and worst of me; I am really really grateful to help with our work. Thank you for handling all have you by my side. the external correspondences so well and thank you for cheering for us with your gags. Add oil Christie: Whenever I am in stressed mode, with everything in the following year. Wish you all you are always the one I turn to. You have such the best with ALs! acute judgment on matters that your opinion is Vivienne: My very first best friend at OSA, I really enjoy spending time with you. No matter when we are chatting on the phone, having dinner dates with each other, or just hanging out, we always have so much to talk to each other. Chairing ICamp with you is even more enjoyable as we were both partis at ICamp 08 and OCs at ICamp 09, 10. Thank you for your brilliant ideas the devotion. ICamp wouldn’t be as awesome without mysterious black and fantastic pink! Theodora: $2, how many days were there in the past year that we weren’t spending time with each other? We see each other every weekday at


always of immense value. Talking to you is just so soothing that sometimes we just drag on and on and on into non-OSA matters. You are the most thoughtful and responsible FinSec ever; whenever there are problems over financial matters, you handle them so promptly and meticulously. Working with you during YS has been such a great pleasure. Remember how happy we were jumping up and down when we received the unexpected sponsorship phone call from Henderson? Thank you for being such a patient friend and working partner.


Lillian: It must not be easy working on OSA matters and dealing with DSE at the same time! Thank you for being so helpful throughout the year. Whenever we need help, you are always there to lend a hand. Haha don’t worry we will never forget your birthday! Hope to celebrate it with you every single year! Jason: Grandpa Banana, how do I even begin? Your gag mode, chok mode, and black magic mode are all equally epic. Though Marco often attempts to make chok faces and crack silly jokes, he will never be able to beat you, as you will forever be the king of GitChok. Hanging out and talking with you is never short of entertainment; only you who can think of such genius ideas such as cracking the whole Disney system and getting 18 buzz blasters fast passes within 2 hours. Sorry if I annoyed you too much with my random youtube clips. Rest assured. Even when I’m in the States, I will continue to bombard you with more of them (evil laugh). Even though I did not have the chance to work with you in any external projects, it is clear how hard you have worked in everything you do. In CO and SSP, especially, I can see how much you have poured your heart out in those service sessions. Lastly, thank you for being the only other Hong Kong Island EXCO who would always accompany back home. I will always think of you when I am in the first or last cart of the mtr train. And please please please don’t skip your meals anymore, your 煉仙大計 should not even be happening in the first place!

constantly argue about the smallest details and I can get chodai very easily. That’s inevitable though as we are both perfectionists and would like the best for the projects, but the crazy thing is that after every chodai moment, things would always work out. And due to our workaholic nature, we always get everything done even without prior work distribution. Planning projects with you had been a joy as it is hard to find a person with so much zeal and devotion as you. Really, thank you for being such an amazing partner. And thank you for being a life-saver every time when I need help. Don’t know how my EXCO experience would turn out otherwise without you.

EXCOs, I don’t know where else I can find a bunch of people as devoted, talented, yet as unbelievably fun as you guys. Not only are you my working mates, but you are also my greatest bunch of buddies. Together we also share so many fond memories. Remember the conference skype/ phone calls we had in late nights, where we managed to come up with our infamous “小小勁 苗根枝秀” game at 2 o’clock in the morning? And how people all thought we were out of our minds when we were so loud talking about our dgame plot outside Chong Yuet Ming Building after YS Banquet? Also don’t forget our OSA office cleaning expedition, our hunt for the cheapest projector in Wan Chai, the ‘delicious’ meal we had at Lan Heung and the birthday surprises we had for each other. We are such random group of people that we could have a John: You are such a sweet person. There is so sleepover party under a rash impulse, pull two allmuch love and joy in the air every time you are nighters in four days for no specific reason, and around. Being the IRO is no easy task, as you have put up with weird stares in Tung Chung with our to be in charge of all internal gatherings, annual Mickey hats on. I will never forget these little dinner, mentorship, and newsletter. But you have fragments of memories we all share. done such an amazing job at bringing OSArs, seniors and juniors alike, together. I am so blessed 26th OSArs, the magic of OSA is now passed to be your master last year at ICamp; your faironto you. Enjoy your every bit of moment here. trade organic dark chocolate and vitamin water Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zones have attracted so much envious stares from girls in and actualise your dreams, for OSA is a place my room. This year I am equally blessed to have where the wildest ideas can be sculpted and made worked with you at ICamp. You are always so full real! of crazy, original ideas! Add oil in college apps next year! Marco: King of England! What more can I say, you are the best working partner I can ever wish for. I like to think myself as a workaholic freak, but you are so much worse than me! You are incredibly efficient; every single game, document, and email that you produce is always of extremely high quality. And other EXCOs would always think that we are crazy, as we can manage to call all 50 26th OSArs within a single hour, and are able to finish all documentation work with little procrastination. Still remember the longnight phone conversations we have during YS and ICamp? Very frustrating I must admit, as we



REFLECTIONS internal secretary Text// Vivienne Ng

'MyStory' in OSA began when my teacher nominated me to Interflow Camp 2008 in form 3. I still remember how nervous I was as I walked into the hall of DBS on the Orientation Day, preparing to meet a group of outstanding students. This summer, I had my forth ICamp. I was still nervous. But it was no longer because of meeting new people (To the contrary, I was very excited about working with the 26th OSArs). I was nervous because it was the first time we led a camp. I was nervous because we were responsible for the safety (and enjoyment) of 80 participants. I was nervous because it was our last external project and we were determined to make it a remarkable ending to our session. I think we did succeed in making ICamp a unique experience to everyone present. The puzzled look on the participants’ faces as they tried to solve our many clues; the applause we received after the revelation of the complicated detective game plot; the performances the groups dedicated to their JoBas JoMas at the concert; the tears shed by the OCs and EXCOs during the sharing session: All of these proved to us that our hard work paid off. I would like to say a big “THANK YOU” to all the EXCOs. Without you, ICamp (and all the other external and internal projects) would never be such a success! Edison: It is always a joke between us that whenever you say or do something silly, I would pretend to hit you with my pair of high heels. You would give my a frightened look in return before we both laugh our heads off. =D I will miss your craziness when you shut yourself away to prepare for the ALs next year. All the best in your exams! Loretta: You are our superwoman. Even when you were busily writing college applications, you still managed to be among the firsts to reply emails. I admire you multi-task ability! Have fun in Harvard next year! (By the way, I love your glasses-look. Mainly because you look so different in them that no one notices I am wearing glasses as well xPP) Theodora:


I don’t think I can ever stop counting the many aspects that we are alike. From Forever Friends to X-men: Evolution. From shopping to nightly phone chats. (I remember I almost posted a note on my desk saying, “InSec-ExSec Rule #1: Never call each other after 11pm unless you don’t want to sleep till 1am”xDD) Remember the time we sat on floor of a hall at AsiaWorld-Expo, queuing for Taylor Swift concert, at the same time preparing ourselves for EAS interview? And how excited we were when we got to stand right next to the stage? I will never forget all those crazy times I had with you. Love you lots, my dear <3 Christie: Your presence ensures that our sleepovers are much healthier because you insist us buying fruit as late suppers. I still remember the time we stood in front of the food stall at Taste, debating whether we should buy bananas or watermelon (in the end we bought both xP) Your messages are also the most encouraging. They always warm my heart and cheer me up whenever I feel upset. Love you, sweetie! Lillian: It’s a pity that we didn’t cooperate in any of the external projects but that also makes our conversation less “work”-related =) Being the PRO and preparing for your first public exam at the same time must be a hard job. I really appreciate the efforts you made. All the best in DSE!


Jason: You are the photographer, the “Golden Sentence King”and the “Dark Magic Prince”. The photos you take are always awesome (which reminds me, when can we see the pictures we took at Disneyland? =]) The rhymed slogans you made to promote every souvenir we have never fail to make me laugh. Yet the ‘dark magic’ you asked us is always so difficult that I couldn’t decipher most of them >< Guess I need to think harder xP John: Thanks for all the hard work you put into this newsletter. I remember when most of us were browsing Facebook at the hotel room at Disneyland 4 days ago, you were working on the design of this issue so concentratedly. I am sure the product will be fabulous! Add oil for IB! (Actually, is there any special meaning behind the

‘train’ question you kept on asking during Truth or Dare?) Marco: To me, you are forever the best actor playing the best female character (You know, OSA camp is a memory that no one can ever forget =D) You are also the superman! I think your email-replying probability was 100%. And you still managed to chair 2 projects, design 2 posters, come up with the FYLF script, take care of all the assets and pass everything in school. I will miss your help! “Things end. But memories last” OSA has become my second home. Even though we may head different ways in the future, I will never forget all these times I had with my dear family members!

REFLECTIONS external secretary Text// Theodora Lai

I’ll be honest. I was never good at organising my thoughts and transforming them into sentences, which is why I have been dreading this moment: staring at a blank page of Microsoft Word. But as I try to focus on “OSA”, this random conversation of us girl EXCOs suddenly popped up in my mind: At a Spaghetti House somewhere in Wan Chai “My life this year equates to OSA” “Yea! I don’t know how I survived this year… by the way, <insert unrelated chats>” “Hey but I was thinking the other day… Life without OSA is so… empty” Indeed, life without OSA is so empty. As my life as an EXCO comes to an end, I cannot help but feel a faint sense of emptiness inside me. Sure, life has definitely been hectic this year, with projects ongoing and deadlines approaching all the time; but life this year has, at the same time, definitely been the best I had ever experienced. Why? Beacause the memories that came flooding my mind when people mention the words “OSA EXCO” are the ones when the 9 of us were having fun, be it when we started communicating in Putonghua (Peking style) at 10:00pm on YS Day 2, or when we started talking about “Sailormoon” and “Tokyo Mew Mew” at


MacDonald’s after the massive OSA office cleanup. I was looking at the documents we have written up in the past year a few days ago, and to be honest, I have absolutely no idea how I managed to type out all those letters and emails back then during InCon and CO… But one thing I’m certain of is that I have had tremendous help from my fellow EXCOs, so here are some of my shout-outs to you ♥ Edison: From the start of the year, you have always been the first to “detect” my clumsy or crazy mode (just like how Christie is always the first to detect yours) It’s probably not a good thing,


but I am actually glad you noticed them because you would always go crazy with me, and I truly enjoyed those times with you, so don’t ever lose this crazy side of you! Anyway I must say a big thank you for the times when you had to wake up extra early to hand me the labels/letters/files in the morning outside Victoria Park! It must not have been easy because you looked as if you were almost sleepwalking everytime :P Have enough sleep! Add oil for your A-levels ahh ♥

pause for a second and ask “what happened?” gently, which works like a magic potion that comforts me every single time. Like Vivienne’s, your phone calls always manage to bring a smile on my face. But Christie, don’t be too hard on yourself ! The Christie I see most of the time is too tired… You’re already doing a great job in whatever you’re doing! Try your best and God will do the rest ma remember? Take good care of yourself ♥

Loretta: To be honest I was quite scared of you when I first found out that we both made it to the EXCO this year, because if I screwed up someone at school would know too. But now looking back, having you with me, working and singing and dancing together this year has been the greatest blessing; But now that ICamp has ended, rest! Because when I finally looked more and more awake in class as InCon and CO ends, you started looking less and less awake as YS and ICamp starts…

Lillian: I’m not sure if it’s because of all the reminisce, but the memory of us holding hands during the EXCO election at the AGM last year keeps repeating in my head… I can’t believe it’s already been a year! Thank you so much for being the other Sha-Tin-person EXCO! I know it’s quite weird to be so excited over such a thing but it is only because only very few of my classmates actually live in the New Territories, so thanks for accompanying me back home! Anyways DSE really doesn’t sound like an easy job, but add oil! I’m sure you can do it! ♥

I remembered us joking about how we see each other literally every day, but for that reason I will miss you so much next year. I’ll miss how we made up the story of alfalfa during lunch, I’ll miss how we brainstormed about Dgame during physics lesson, and I’ll miss how we laughed at “Lady Gaga” non-stop in ICamp. Isn’t it weird how even after studying in the same school for 12 years it was OSA who finally made us meet? Perhaps that’s the magic of OSA… Anyways all the best in the US, but dear Sidekick of Captain Underpants, please don’t forget me ♥ Vivienne: I am so glad we became InCon PICs together, and that the 2 of us felt like having $2.5 drumsticks after an OC meeting, and that we felt like shopping afterwards, or else we wouldn’t have become such great friends! I still miss the InCon times so much, because even though we had so much work to do that I felt like I would collapse juggling between schoolwork and OSA, I would always feel 1000 times better after our “phone call meetings”, where we start with a question about InCon, talk about it for 5 minutes, then chat way off-topic for 20 minutes, then repeat the whole process as if nothing happened. I’m going to miss you when we can’t see each other as often next year… But our window shopping sprees and 2-hour (min.) phone calls… promise me we would do them at least twice a semester? ♥ Christie: One of my city tracing buddies! Ever since we’ve met, you have always been the sweet and caring one. I am still amazed at how you came up with the idea of “breakfast for everyone” when you hadn’t had any sleep yourself for over 24 hours… Also I must apologise for all the times I answered your phone with a rude tone… But even as I was so impolite you would


Jason: Working on CO with you has been such a pleasure… But I must say, I enjoy procrastinating with you so much! (and I am not referring to the recent epic fail incident – though that was truly an enjoyable afternoon) I admit that I was actually quite frustrated and worried at first about how our conversations tend to start at midnight and ends at 2:30 when I finally fell asleep; but when I discovered how we could actually get everything done on time (and of considerable quality), I was happy with our random telephone chats about everything around us. But still I owe you a big THANK YOU, for always helping me with my unfinished work, and also for making me laugh using your “high level gags”. Sadly, having worked with you, I realise that you have a tendency to ignore all the meals and sleep a normal human being needs, and so you need to take better care of your body! My dear Grandpa Banana you shall remember – EAT EAT EAT! ♥ John: My secret angel, you are one of the coolest and sweetest guys I’ve ever known!! I can tell you had spent a lot of time devising ways to make your gifts “John-Wang-style” – your girlfriend would be really lucky! And apart from being able to keep the atmosphere wherever you go light and relaxed with your magical and influential aura (and sometimes accompanied by hilarious actions), you are also the thoughtful one who would visit, chat and play with every single group, no matter how tired you were, before going to bed in ICamp. Lastly, I have recently figured that the YouTube videos you sent me are the best and yet also the worst, because my head would still go “My name is Doof and you’ll do what I say


*woot* *woot*” everytime I see merchandises with Phineas and Ferb printed on them …♥

Forgive me – I realise this is a very longwinded and jumbled up memoir; but just one last shout-out to all the EXCOs: I know I haven’t been Marco: Hmm… So let me start with some of the best external secretary, but thanks for bearing the chunks of memory that I have of you: the time with, and more importantly taking care of me this when you were announced the king of UK, or the year. I am indeed the luckiest person to have such an awesome EXCO to work with; I have learnt so time when you asked a certain guard to let you in much from each one of you. OSA is indeed one of a certain place? I have to say, I really admire the bravery you exhibit when you’re determined to do the best places where ideas collide and spark, where differences are celebrated, and where something, no matter how random or silly your goal may be; or I shall say, I really admire how you dreams come true. would always take the initiative to achieve your goal. But as determined as you could be, you are Now that a brand new year unfolds, we will also a very thoughtful person, always sensitive to be going our separate ways to pursue our dreams; but in the future, I hope you would think of us the others’ needs. And although I never had the and of OSA once in a while, and I hope the chance to work with you this year, it is obvious multitude of experiences we had here together will how much time and thought you have put into your work, especially for YS! But it still baffles me bring a smile onto your face. as to how you could work so efficiently, you must give me some tips someday! Last but not the least, you are probably the “chok”-est person I’ve met ♥

REFLECTIONS financial secretary Text// Christie Cheung

三更漸去四更停 心底彷徨慚月影 萬語千言難下筆 五更不寫已天明...... Gazing at the midnight stars, I'm making very slow progress with this piece of reflection. The truth is that the sudden flush and flashback of memories this year as an exco member in the OSA family is too overwhelming to me for words. Thanks to Marco's kind recommendation of wuiyik as the background music, any OSAr should be able to understand how difficult this is to organise all this rationally when you become all emotional towards the very end of your term of service. I have never felt more blessed than to be in the OSA family. Being an exco is an experience that I know will be with me for the rest of my life. Being a Financial Secretary(FS) has been something I've yearned to be, loved to be and will miss to be. For those who wish to be a FS, here's what the post would mould you into: A very cruel person: You see innocent pleading eyes telling you how “thin” his/her purse has become or very sincere apologies about how a cheque has been accidentally written wrongly for the zillionth time. You feel very sorry and feel like you want to give in when you suddenly realise this might be the last time you see these watery eyes... Thus, you are


forced to bite your lip and say “ I don't care how you do it but I need the money NOW”, which gives you a cold-blooded image, you are then forced to look calmly (not guiltily) at this poor soul borrowing money all around the place to pay you cash... Also, you have to reject your dear Excos or OCs when they reason out with you why they need to buy something, usually with an angelic voice with very reasonable reasons. But... Please don't look at me like that! The budget's tight, not me... A very irritably troublesome person Let me introduce you to the many variations our Association's name can have on this neat little line


of a very solemn cheque. Ah never mind you would understand just after you receive applications for your first project. I promise. After all, you can trust us people from HK Owlstanding Student's Associates, right? Sometimes you feel inferior to a tape recorder. “Name, School, Telephone, Bank account number at the back please”... If you don't insist, you get 10 times more trouble later on. And towards the end of every event day when the groups are debriefing, with the emotions just right, you would have to be the one to barge in at precisely the wrong timing, scream at the top of your voice to find the owner of a poor cheque with no name on it. P.S. How many mistakes can you spot in our Association's name in this paragraph? A weightlifting coin collector I have never had a craze to collect HK Legal Tender, especially heavy, noisy coins until I became FS. However, very soon you find that supermarkets love to price their goods with a lot of number 9s. Like $199.9, $29.9, $999.9 etc. You would run out of stock very frequently since you need to pay exact fare every time. As a result you have a bulging purse (filled with cents) and a very healthy pastime of taking your heavy cash box with you and travel around the world with your enormous file of receipts. I have been trained to fly with my heavy luggage bag on my heels. And when none of our 4 gentlemen are around, up a flight of stairs too... You would also be mistaken to have the first sign of insanity when you unconsciously smile at yourself after receiving a whole stack of coins for change... But I love my job as the FS. It had brought me a lot of excitement with sponsorships, dealing with the bank and working with the cheque signatures, drawing budgets for various big or small events and the wonderful feeling of holding cash for purchasing items without the need for claiming the amount afterwards for most of the time... 文化交流眉宇間 社區傳愛贈歡顏 論盡唇槍對舌劍 領營玩樂設難關 If I were to take you with me on a time machine and look back, here would be some of my most treasured shots of my OSA life: the impossible selection test I took which left me thinking “I'll never be an outstanding student. I would definitely get all the questions wrong”; the moment I screamed with disbelief after receiving the finalist email from Joan, which marked the beginning of my OSA adventure; SSP Service H and E, where I met and got to know more about these wonderful, truly outstanding people in OSA; getting soaked with Theo even with our umbrellas in the West Kowloon Promenade for city tracing; leaving OSA Camp and reentering the camp after


the Black Rainstorm; last year's AGM, with limbs quaking like jelly in the Q and A section; wondering how I could survive through this year with our 4 sometimes over chok and gaggy boy excos; taking exco photos under the baking sun with our full suits on; appearing on newspaper the next day in the weather forecast section looking like a team of estate agents stealing some time off work; moving and tidying our storage and the contentment that follows; teaching Professor Bodomo how to dance; sharing my visit to villages affected by AIDs with participants; giggling at the printed YS resolutions as if they were something funny; making excos and scream unintentionally in my sleeping gown in Icamp; holding the key and opening the door of the OSA Office for the first time and talking about serious philosophical issues in McDonalds, unwilling to go home... The list just goes on and on, since OSA is a magical place where you get surprises, happiness, tears and indescribable learning opportunities. 道分何忍揚鑣去 感激之情難入詩 聚首他朝君別忘 輕狂應笑少年時 To my dear fellow excos I would like to say a very big thank you... Edison: Thank you Eddy you've been very kind, caring and helpful to me throughout this year. Everytime I get irritated in your presence you're always the first one to attempt to calm me down. And even if you're not there, you have very good antennas and receive signals very quickly to give prompt care to those who need it. Thank you for crouching under the shelf during Dgame video shooting while I jumped the second time, holding the doors tight and giving me a big hug afterwards. I felt so less afraid and calmed down very quickly... You give me all the trust you can on financial matters and make me smile again after my cold-blooded modes. I hope you don't mind my having a inborn detector for your interesting deeds though... I can't help spotting your eyes through your water bottle telescope during YS breaks; the circular motion of your watch's reflection round and around our minibus' florescent lights after Icamp... I know you are going to be more and more stressed with your Alevels next year but we'll all be striving very hard with you then! Loretta: Loretta dear you are the perfect superwoman to me! You work super efficiently and somehow you can spare time for a lot of fun! I would never forget how I tried to print 1/3 of the stuff you printed for YS, which took me more than 2 hours to complete... At 5 am when I'm near crazy I felt truly humbled at your working capacity and perseverance... Not to mention that the next



morning excos had to meet extra early at HKU... You can work round the clock and look perfectly fine the next day, speak flawlessly and get everything done your way with the help of well thought out planning... When things are under your care, no one would worry, not even the slightest bit. Thank you for your tolerance for me which I do not deserve... You are really so talented and yet so humble... I would never forget the very long, late yet fun Skype chats we had. I sincerely wish you all the best at Harvard! And when you miss us, Skype us anytime... I predict excos would all be terribly lack of sleep anyways next year!

attendance taking for me when I'm not around... I never had to worry about this, which is always my greatest worry every event day. You always notice and remember fine details which is something I really have to learn from you. As our responsible PRO, I always see you always carrying the big heavy bag of PR registration stuff but I have never seen you moan and groan (not like me)... I'm sure DSE is stressful but according to your schoolmates you're a very bright person so let's work hard together next year!!!!!!

Jason: Thank you for letting me be FinSec I'll always Vivienne: be grateful for this. From your little deeds I know Vivi I feel so blessed to have you here! You are that you are truly a considerate person... When always very understanding and kind... As the most half of us boarded a departing train and half experienced Icamper who had been to Icamp for couldn't make it, you stayed and waited at the 4 consecutive years, I have never tired myself platform for the other half. You were the one who chatting with you since you were the one who told worked, I dare say, the hardest in keeping our me the most about OSA, its culture and all, and OSA home spick-and-span. After taking a break I we never seem to have run out of topics in our found you finishing with the mopping... Thank discussions! I can see that OSA is a really big part you you really deserve so much praise! And you're of who you are and working with you in InCon always full of ideas, be it games for programmes, was one of the nicest experiences since you are a or solutions to problems, or basically anything! I know-it-all... You always raise topics which are of nearly missed this point: between working time, big importance to excos but are forgotten and you're also full of Black Magic ideas which keeps would stay forgotten until you bring them up me constantly irritated but amazingly focused at again! You are so huggable and supportive that I the time... And of course you have the charisma... feel really blessed to have known you in person! I'd never forget how you could adjust the And I love to see you taking minutes. When you atmosphere of the functions just by your do so you become very professional and your mesmerizing voice... Thank you so much you've facial expressions show how serious you are, that always been the supporting hand behind the is, with the exception of our gossip minutes, of scenes and an amazing talent under the spotlight! course... John: Theo: John! You're always so kind... and too kind We got to know each other so well after being now that you have to wait without sleep for our city-tracing PICs in Icamp10... Still remember us reflection articles tonight... You're always so polite buying trousers after we got soaked in the trials? and my mother really praised you and auntie for Still remember our Hong Kong Parks tour? Still teaching you so well! You have been very caring remember our long long whole day trials that and I still remember that time you sent me so started in the morning and ended late in the many hymns when I thought I'd break down from evening? You are the caring mummy of the whole too much pressure. It was really soothing and it exco, who always asks if you could be of any was so nice of you. You're a language genius! I help... and if you are not doing so then you will be remembered how you came up with the InCon texting very kind and caring smses to spoil us. I name “Globe in a Scope” in such a short time that am very certain you would make a very good saved us a lot of ineffective thinking... You really doctor with your compassionate heart! The two of cared for others' feelings too... I recalled how you us love crafts and cooking so much that seriously I were really busy one day but you were worried think we can have a little desert shop when we about me going to Cheung Chau alone and came retire, selling scrumptious cakes with beautiful along with me. wrappings! Your parents are very kind people too and I feel very guilty to have troubled Uncle so Marco: much to drive me home every time when it's very I think it is very naughty of me but seeing you late, for example after YS... Thank you you are so “shut down” in the middle of the night had been lovely! something fun for me since you always do a lot of unpredictable stuff while you're asleep and no one Lillian: could wake you up... However, we all know why – You are really helpful! I would really like to during icamp you worked so hard and was too thank you for always being here and jotting very physically and mentally drained that you really clear notes for receiving cheques during needed sleep... And you act so well! From OSA


Camp to FYLF to Dgame you've challenged yourself with a wide variety of roles which you did very successfully. I really admire the fact that you always eagerly try, regardless of how silly or how impossibly serious the thing would be and almost everytime you master these items as if you've known how to for a very very long time! Thank you for teaching me so much...

No matter how far we would part next year, I know the 24th Exco would always be together, get together and if not, laugh together in the near future while watching the silly videos, funny photographs, touching notes and not yet discarded materials. I would also like to send my best wishes to the 25th Excos and sincerely wish that they would enjoy their term as much as I did.

願望將來多通訊 憶昔共事解疑難 下筆難記千重意 離別心情五味翻

REFLECTIONS social service officer Text// Jason Wong

My story Here is my “if ” story: If I had not been affected my impulsiveness, I would not have decided to go for the OS award. If I had not been one of the finalists, I would not have known OSA this family. If I had not taken part in the SSP and I Camp, I would not have fallen in love with OSA. If I had not gone for being an exco, … I would not have been busy throughout the year; I would not have had insufficient sleep; I would not have owned my personal name cards; I would not have worn my suit (and my pink tie) so often; I would not have so many remarkable experiences; I would not have been worked and played fanatically with my dear excos; I would not have…   My story seems like a series of coincidence, but this doesn’t matter ---- because I’m savouring the joy of OSA and I’ve found my story here :)   My memory   Edison I think you were facing a lot of stress this year. Being a president is definitely not an easy job, not to mention being the president of OSA. You got to deal with a lot of external affairs, venue booking, emails, arranging exco meetings, and more importantly, your study! Next year, you can eventually be freed from the burden and fully concentrate on your study. Good luck with your AL and hope we can hear your good news next summer!


Loretta You are really a superwoman! Your sky high productivity is impressive indeed: during YS, you managed to produce a thick pile of documents within one night’s time, contact loads of speakers, co-ordinate with the venue provider and publish a quality resolution booklet! I’m sure that you’re more than ordinary (perhaps that’s why you’re a Harvard student XD). Sometimes I doubt if you are a workaholic or if you have 48 hours a day! Being admitted to Harvard isn’t easy, but surviving the u life in Harvard is even harder! Good luck!   Vivienne Vivienne, you are an artist! The Little Green Man, the Donald Duck and the Winnie the Pooh that you drew were simply stunning! But going back to work, you showed your side of calmness and seriousness. If I had not spent a year’s time with you, I would not have discovered your artistic side! The worst thing of you is that you are unable to appreciate my gags! I shall teach you the art of gags some day after AGM XD  


Theo Theo, after working with you for a year, I’ve found that your “laughing point” is simply as low as John’s! You like to laugh a lot, no matter you’re stuck at work, you fail or succeed. Though both of us got poor time management XD, working with you during CO made me feel great as you were patient and able to comfort me when I was annoyed by troublesome stuff. My classmate, let’s do our best in the coming year and get distinction together! Christie Our financial secretary, you are so caring and considerate! Every budget was finely adjusted and we hardly got over budget. You are one of the most penny-and-pound-wise financial secretaries I’ve ever met. Sometimes you were a bit overworried but we came through the year, so let the anxiety go! Your Chinese poems also impressed me a lot! I’ll never forget the Chinese poems you wrote for the detective game and the poem you gave Michael as a secret angel’s gift! CUHK medicine is undoubtedly one of the harshest subject among all universities in HK, but I’m sure that you can get it through :)   Lillian The only Form 5 student among excos, you must have had a hard year as you needed to cope with both your study and OSA work. Being the only Form 5 student among us may have made you feel alone, but 9 of us are not individuals but a unity. We’re always beside one another when

REFLECTIONS public relations officer Text// Lillian Wat

Time flies. 2011 Interflow Camp: Mystory – Our last external project has passed for around 2 weeks, but it is just way too memorable that it feels like happened yesterday. A year ago, being one of the organizing committee of 2010 Interflow Camp, the first OSA activity I have ever joined, as well as a fresh member of the OSA family, I could never have imagined myself being one of the 24th EXCO of OSA. Frankly speaking there was hesitation before decided to become a candidate of EXCO last year. Not only because of the nervousness of walking on the stage, doing self-introduction, answering challenging questions from advisors and


problems (and deadlines XD) come, so we’re more than happy to share the burden with you! Work hard for DSE and hope we can hear your good news next summer :) John When I move on to your part, the first scene popping up in my mind is that you shouted “CHOK樣” when Voldemort turned his head back in Harry Potter 7. You’re definitely the funniest person I’ve ever met: you hid yourself in a wardrobe; you shouted at Voldemort; you pronounce “2535” your way…  If you had not been part of us, we would have been bored to death XD. Another big thank for your IR work, especially teaching me how to make rice dumplings (my dumpling tasted great though most of it was glutinous rice and green beans XP)! Good luck with your university app (this is not an iPhone app)!   Marco Future CEO, you are so chok! Joking joking =] No matter what job you’re working on, you’re always serious about it. Though my first impression of you was a serious businessman, I discovered another side of you: a relaxing “joker”! I still remember you told us a joke regarding yakult in YS, you “ckoked” a lot in I Camp and you created numerous funny dialogues during video shooting :) As a GBus student, I reckon you have to train yourself to sleep less. Otherwise, you may fall asleep  during work (as we’ve seen this a few times) XD


last years’ EXCOs in last year’s annual general meeting, but also the heavy work load from school as a Form 5 student under the 334 syllabus. Here by I have to say, looking backward, it is definitely a regretless decision! This year, I fully experienced the incredibly amazing efficiency and multi-tasking ability of EXCOs. From flooding documents, followed by dozens of printing work; to dealing with IT problems that I probably won’t solve in ten days alone; turning bits and pieces of evaluation meeting into well-organized minutes.

“OSA again?”, “ How come there are endless OSA events?” ,”Still working on OSA business?” – These are questions which I have been frequently being asked throughout the year, by friends, family, and teachers. Yes I may do have lost some weekends and time for fun hanging out with friends or dining with my family, but what I have gained is no doubt multiple of what I have lost! Thank you OSA so much for giving me this once in lifetime experience and wonderful year to broaden my horizons, accompanied by every EXCO and advisors with endless laughter and joy, caring and encouragement.

Sitting at the reception desk of every external projects, screening cheques, parents consent letter and health declaration form, I know my duty is no longer just about taking attendance of participants This year of being an EXCO has become a on event days, but to help bringing happy colourful page in my story. memories and true friends to every name on the participants list.

REFLECTIONS internal relations officer Text// John Wang

I have been trying to think about how I should start this reflection properly. How should I summarize this year in this mere few hundred words? There has been so much that I have experienced, so much that I have gained, so much that i have learnt, but only so much space for me to share. Plus, I am not a man of expressive words. Putting my thoughts into words, my emotions into strings of characters, these are no easy tasks. Right now, as I sit here in front of my desk, contemplating about how to start this reflection, I figured perhaps I should go back to the very beginning of this year, the moment when I became a member of the executive committee. Perhaps then, I may write up this reflection properly. And so I went to the beginning of this all. I remember I was thinking about joining the executive committee election last year around this time. I was quite decided to pick up the role as IRO at that point already, though I was uncertain of the exact cause. Perhaps it was because I thought the role would be a fun one, perhaps I thought the work would be manageable, perhaps… But after this year, I have learnt the true motivation for me to join the executive committee. Or rather, I have learnt so much more about myself that I realize who I really am. I love the


friendship here in OSA. I enjoy these moments in this association when we would be together, doing everything and anything, be it external projects, or proofreading for Youth Summit resolution, be it cracking up jokes, or going out for dinner together. The friendship in this association is unique, unlike any other friendship I have found elsewhere. It is unique because of our shared experience. We have done external projects, held gatherings, went to Disneyland, shot videos, chatted, slept and not slept, and so the list goes on. The final concert of Interflow Camp 2011 flash-backed to me. I was controlling the audio. the performer were singing 友共情 to farewell his friend who would soon leave for England. I looked to my fellow members of the executive committee,


or rather, my dear friends. I saw them hands in hands, singing this everlasting song, everlasting for it has been a "classic" for moments like this. Moments later, I found all of us singing THE everlasting song. …連同學也許 從沒有這般的相處… Yes, that line quite precisely capture how unique OSA is to me. I do not have many friends beyond those in my schools. But OSA has changed it all. OSA has introduced to me new friends, friends from all schools, from all background. OSA has discovered new land for me, new areas to explore, new skills to acquire, new events to remember. And being a member of the executive committee makes the experience all the more special.

I remember quite vividly the moments when we were still taking the executive photos, when suddenly the idea of making our very own festive animated e-cards popped up, when we started posing hilariously, when we drank Vita lemon tea together, when a reporter for Singtao by chance shot a photo of us by the harbor to report the weather. I remember the scenes from Future Young Leaders' Forum, Jason acting as Jia Bo, Marco as the terrorist whose name secretly meant climate change, and Vivienne hurrying back to finish her application for the Universities of California. I remember when we were rehearsing for the opening for interflow camp, for detective game video, but not for singing in the concert.

REFLECTIONS administrative officer Text// Marco Chu

It’s 04:06, 4th August, just two days before Annual Dinner, some other EXCOs also working on their reflection. It seems we have had a tacit agreement to leave (or procrastinate) it till this late, for we all want to make our minds clear, pick the most suitable words, and perfect this very last “project” of our session. I’m always into the idea of completely different people working together on one thing, for one goal. I always feel thrilled when I come across such feeling, as in this night, and in every other project and task we went through.


We started International Convergence from scratch. I couldn’t imagine how our three secretaries Vivienne, Theodora and Christie managed to squeeze their time as to plan such a complicated function with countless details, nor could I feel how frustrated John was when he utilised nearly his entire social network to invite exchange students from LPC to be student helpers – but was let down for most of the time.

only to find out many were unable to provide service opportunities.

Community Outreach was a step out of the comfort zone, as in we needed to look for many new clients for the participants’ service projects. I could recall the times when Jason, Theodora and Lillian desperately brainstormed for the project details, and reached out to tens of service centres,

Interflow Camp, though seems to be the easiest project of all, has not been easy to manage when it had been extended to 4-day-3-night. More programmes needed to be packed in and a few large-scale games was to be designed in order to better convey the theme to participants. Despite all of this, we were privileged to have a team of

Youth Summit, being my first project, was not an easy task. We were stuck as early as in setting the theme and generating the list of guest speakers. But after the initial work was done, all other things seemed to be much easier and they went somehow automatically.


very devoted OCs composed of OSArs and nonOSArs, who brought the camp so many great ideas. We encountered countless obstacles in the course. But for the support we gave to each other as one entity, we in the end managed to survive the year and accomplish all of the projects. The spirit that we strived with the greatest efforts for the same goal impresses me the most. On every event day, Christie dealt with financial affairs, Lillian maintained the control of the reception table, Theodora was always there for offering help, Jason broke a few gags to relieve everybody’s tension, John made himself a gag for the same purpose (:P), Vivienne was involved in helping and directing OCs around, Loretta alone built the image of authority of the EXCO, and everybody else eagerly found him or her self a place in the team. This is the unique way in which OSA astonishes me, in which such a small group of people can accomplish so much with their concerted efforts.

packs to be dispatched, and the time when we were crazy about taking funny behind-the-scene photos besides dull, formal EXCO photos. Every single moment appears to happen just days ago. I never realised, and would never wish, time had passed so swiftly, so swiftly as I don’t even have the time to say what should have been said: I’m always thankful for the many helpers in our nine-person combination. For them I may probably be the most “blessed” AO in these few years. As I’m reading through the old newsletters, I truly feel how lucky I’m with such a group of helpful and selfless co-workers. With Theodora’s car, I seldom needed to carry boxes of OSA assets home or to the warehouse. With our professional photographers Jason and John, I needed not screen every photo from thousands of them for uploading but simply download from their facebook albums.

I’m also impressed by the quality of work of our fellow EXCOs. Jason and Theodora are superman and superwoman. Both often stay up till Our projects also brought together groups of very late to finish off their unimaginable amount participants with strong bonding. The magic of of work with astoundingly high quality. Christie is OSA is bringing people so closely together in just the highly organised Financial Secretary and a few days. At the closing ceremony of every manages to keep the books unusually clear and project, we could see participants seriously writing rightful. Loretta is my favourite working partner, down every word they feel to each other, who is incredibly competent in doing all kinds of sometimes with tears trickling down their cheeks. jobs, ranging from planning to paper work. If not One unforgettable experience is the OC sharing for her we couldn’t have had those thoughtful session of Interflow Camp, in which I was deeply guidelines and agendas for commission and faculty touched by the strong and close the relationship meetings in Youth Summit. She being the one between OCs and participants established in who is very much aware of the working schedule, merely less than a month. When seeing re-union the others can therefore concentrate on their own updates of the groups keep popping up on work. She is also the one who stayed up till late facebook, I start to contemplate how their life and woke up very early in the morning to print all ahead will be full be support from and fun induced sorts of guidelines and documents before every by their best pals and all of a sudden all the efforts Youth Summit event days, for which I’m still very seem worthwhile and repaid. guilty about. But the year of cooperation with her is still a delight. We even managed to finish everything separately during Youth Summit with At times, the chemistry among us even turned hardly any communications for nearly three weeks hardships into smiles, giggles, and laughter. There – the exactly mechanisms of which remains a comes many familiar scenes, such as how assets mystery. transferring turned out to be a joyous event in which we happily appreciated our fruit of hard I’m especially intrigued by funny moments work in tidying up those heavy, bulky and dirty that we spent. Jason is the master of gags among boxes of documents; the joke-provoking drama all. Though some being highly profound and rehearsals that we had all around Hong Kong, hardly understood, his gags have brought us lots of from Kowloon Tong to Fortress Hill; and also the laughter to see through the boring meetings, first night of the cancelled OSA camp which was exhausting event days and such. John is the replaced by a cosy and warm sleepover party at an “happy nut”, behaving in his own witty yet a style. EXCO’s granny’s place. Other amusing moments were contributed by Christie who would be serious and keep talking As I look back at the fruitful year behind from about financial stuff when people were making now, I can even clearly recall those fragments of fun of it, and Loretta who occasionally did some memories early in the year: the time when we silly but cute poses, accidentally noticed by some were elected as the new EXCOs, waiting eagerly of us. for the year to unfold, the time when we were frustrated by the seemingly overwhelming friendly



I’m, for the largest part, grateful towards the close friendship that I got from this one-year adventure in OSA. I could never forget those all the joyous, exciting and tough moments we had together, nor the mid-night talks at HKU Canteen, McDonalds’ and Disney Hotel covering all sorts of topics. All of you have given me lessons in friendships, life, and values, which is such an invaluable experience that I could never expect before. Before becoming an EXCO, I especially looked forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead. But I realised later - what is really important is not the exposure to foreign, exotic cultures, the chance to speak to legislators, nor any other unusual experience that we could get, but simply the smiles of participants, tears of joy of OCs, and the sigh of relief we breathed after every project. It’s nothing but the unbreakable bonding among the nine of us built up from these pieces of memories that truly means to me. This year-long experience will not accompany us for only a short while, I’m sure. It’s actually my genuine belief that, at some time of our life, when we have grown older, loaded with heavy burdens on our shoulders and probably standing at the crossroads of life in a bitter, cold night, we will still find ourselves beaming in a proud and contented smile, for this everlasting song we sing we share remains in our hearts.


ECARDS a 24th exco production


We wished you a happy: Mid-Autumn Festival Halloween (merry) Christmas Lunar New Year Dragon Boat Festival in the past 12 months!

The eCARDS a 24th EXCO production

OUR HONORARY ADVISORS The Honorary Advisors 2010 - 2011

The 24th Executive Committee wish to hereby express their gratitude to the Association’s Honorary Advisors for their advice and support to the Association.

Mr. Frank BURBACH Former German Consul General in Hong Kong Mr. CHAN Chung-bun Bunny, SBS, JP Chairman of the Hong Kong Commission on Youth Prof. Tony CHAN Fan-cheong President of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology The Hon. Anson CHAN FONG On-sang, GBM, GCMG, CBE, JP Former Legislative Councilor Dr. CHENG Wing Executive Director of CJR Education Limited Mr. CHEUNG Wai-leung, MBE, QGM Chairperson of the Outstanding Young Persons' Association 2008-2009 Dr. Philemon CHOI Yuen-wan, SBS, JP Non-Official Executive Committee Member of the Commission of Strategic Development, Central Policy Unit The Hon. Audrey EU Yuet-mee, SC, JP Legislative Councilor Prof. Dennis K.K. FAN, Ph.D Associate Dean of Faculty of Business Administration of The Chinese University of Hong Kong Ms. Christine FANG Mang-seng, JP Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service Ms. Dora HUNG Vice President of the Lion and Globe Educational Trust Mr. Peter HUNG President of the Lion and Globe Educational Trust The Hon. Regina IP LAU Suk-yee, GBS, JP Legislative Councilor Prof. KUO Way President of the City University of Hong Kong Mr. Martin LEE Chu-ming, SC, JP Former Legislative Councillor Mr. Joseph LEE Chung-tak, SBS, JP Chairman of the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education


The Honorary Advisors 2010 - 2011

OUR HONORARY ADVISORS Dr. Eddy LEE Wai-choi Chairperson of the Outstanding Young Persons' Association 2002 - 2003 Mr. George LUNG Chee-ming, MH, JP Chairperson of the Outstanding Young Persons' Association 2003 - 2004 Mr. Ringo MAK Wing-hoi Chairperson of the Outstanding Young Persons' Association 2009 - 2010  Ms. Emily MOK Fung-yee, JP Chairperson of the Outstanding Young Persons' Association 2004 - 2006 Ms. Scarlett PONG Oi-lan Chairperson of the Outstanding Young Persons' Association 2010 - 2011 Mr. SONG Li-young, MEd, MIL Chairman of the Chinese Speech Sub-committee of the Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association The Hon. Michael SUEN Ming-yeung, GBS, JP Secretary for Education Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Prof. Timothy TONG Wai-cheung President of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University The Hon. Jasper TSANG Yok-sing, GBS, JP President of the Legislative Council Prof. TSUI Lap-chee, OC, PhD, FRS, FRSC Vice-chancellor and President of the University of Hong Kong Prof. WONG T.J., Ph.D Dean of Faculty of Business Administration of The Chinese University of Hong Kong Dr. Rosanna WONG Yick-ming, DBE, JP Executive Director of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Mr. Samuel YUNG Wing-ki, MH Chairperson of the Outstanding Young Persons' Association 2000 - 2002 

*In alphabetical order according to surname


OUR ADVISORS The Advisors 2010 - 2011

The 24th Executive Committee wish to hereby express their gratitude to the Associationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Advisors for their advice and support to the Association and the work of the Committee.


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OUR SPONSORS Acknowledgements

The 24th Executive Committee wish to hereby express their heartfelt gratitude to the Association’s sponsors of the year for their generous sponsorship and their kind provision of the venues for our events.

Venue Sponsor for Community Outreach - “Society at a Glimpse” Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College

Sponsors for Hong Kong Youth Summit 2011 - “Bridging the Gap” Title Sponsor: Hopewell Holdings Limited

Venue Sponsor: The University of Hong Kong

Sponsors for Interflow Camp 2011 - “Mystory” Sponsors: Pearson Asia Pacific

Hopewell Holdings Limited

Venue Sponsor: Queen’s College

Venue Sponsor for the 25th Annual General Meeting The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Sponsors and Donors for our general administration of the year Mr. Peter HUNG, President of the Lion and Globe Educational Trust Ms. Cindy LOK (0102) Mr. Raymond WOO (1032) We would also like to thank the Youth Arch Foundation for granting us the use of the flat at Hillwood Road as the OSA office, made possible by the generosity of Mr. Peter HUNG, who kindly provided for the office equipments.



Our acknowledgements also go to the following speakers, interviewees, schools, consulates, temples and organisations.



The Hon. Ronald ARCULLI Professor Adams BODOMO Ms. CHAN Yuen-han, SPS, JP Mr. Hugh CHEUNG Miss CHOW Ching Crystal The Hon. Audrey EU Yuet-mee, SC, JP Mr. Fred LAM The Hon. LAU Kong-wah, JP The Hon. LEUNG Chun-ying, GBS, JP The Hon. Alan LEONG Kah-kit, SC Mr. LEONG Kee Cheong The Hon LEUNG Kwok-hung Professor Gordon MATTHEWS Professor Joseph J.Y. SUNG, SBS Mr. Michael TIEN Mr. Vincent WONG Mr. YAU Shing Mu, JP

Diocesan Boys’ School Kwun Tong Maryknoll College La Salle College Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong St. Joseph's College Wa Ying College Wah Yan College, Hong Kong

Interviewees: Mr. Juan Luis Flores ARROYUELO Dr. Fernando CHEUNG Chiu-hung Mr. Gaddam DHARMENDRA Mr. M.A. Tabatabaei HASAN Mr. Amikam LEVY Ms. Norris LAM Dr. the Hon LEONG Che-hung, GBM,


The Hon. LEUNG Yiu-chung Mr. LUNG Wai Man James Mr. Andres PENA Ms Scarlett PONG Oi-lan Mr. Jitti SUWANNIK Mr. Paul TANG Kwok-wai, JP The Hon. Ronny TONG Ka-wah, SC Ms. Fermi WONG Mr. Eric YEUNG

Consulates: Consulate General of Mexico in Hong Kong Consulate General of Islamic Republic of Iran Indian Consulate General In Hong Kong Israeli Consulate General in Hong Kong Consulate General of Spain in Hong Kong Royal Thai Consulate General in Hong Kong

Temples: Khalsa Diwan Sikh Temple Kowloon Mosque

Organisations: Chan Hing Social Service Centre Chi Heng Foundation Hong Kong 200 Club Hong Kong Caritas Lok Hang Workshop Hong Kong Joint School Electronics and Computer Society Kids’ Dream St. James Settlement The Outstanding Young Persons' Association Unicef Young Envoys Club Wing Han Education Foundation Ltd. Youth Arch Foundation

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HKOSA 24th Executive Committee Annual Newsletter