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12º 71º

26´ 03,3´´ N 34´ 48,8´´ O

Taroa Dunes, Guajira, Colombia

Why GO EXPLORE COLOMBIA? Colombia is a magical destination, full of wonderful tales, different cultures with an astonishing beauty that surprises you, awakening your curiosity until it compels you to explore it all. However, traveling around the country can be complex, long and sometimes contain a bit of uncertainty due to the fact that is just starting to open to the world in terms of tourism and developing infrastructure. Discovering and enjoying a real alternative experience beyond the typical commercial coach tour through the most famous spots can be complicated and difficult. We want to make it easy for you and take you to discover Colombia in depth! We have travelled to all of our destinations and will take you by the hand to engage in the best experiences, the kind that we are certain that no commercial tour will offer as our experiences develop while in route with the people and friends that you are traveling with, living out to the fullest each adventure.

Together we will discover places and sensations, we will share with the locals nurturing our explorer’s spirit with their stories and we will be able to get lost in a desert beach and try fruits that you never even knew existed.

All this we are going to do through hostels and hotels owned by locals in order to support their economy, encouraging local communities and their leaders to get involved in new and sustainable business like this model of tourism, which will in turn help to develop their people. We want to GO EXPLORE COLOMBIA with you in a different and alternative way. With GO EXPLORE COLOMBIA -You will know stories, people and the everyday life of its culture. -You go with an experienced and friendly EXPLORER with the best attitude to take you to live a wonderful experience. - We have already discovered every destination in depth to take you and enjoy every detail.




WITH YOU And take you to discover




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Fin del Mundo, Putumayo - Colombia

Through alternative routes that will give you the chance to have a deeper vision of this grandiose and beautiful country 2º 76º

01´ 46,5´´ N 10´ 51,4´´ O

Bordones Canyon, Huila - Colombia

LET’S GO EXPLO We want to invite you to enjoy a magical country! Colombia’s geographical privilege allows you to discover a large variety of ecosystems that we are sure you won’t find in any other parts in the world. Places where you can stay in a volcano at more than 5000mts (16,400 ft) of altitude surrounded by glaciers, and that same day enter in a tropical primary jungle that extends as far as the horizon, as well as travel along virgin deserted beaches and meeting indigenous cultures.

ORE COLOMBIA! Without a doubt, Colombia is a destination to be enjoyed by exploring thousands of stories, landscapes, cultural, musical and gastronomical traditions with the chance to make hundreds of new friends that will remain engrained in your memory for ever.

We are Travelers like you Kind Flexible Respectful Patience Honest We love to GO EXPLORE the world!












Activity Index This are the types of adventures and places that you can enjoy with us.














Cable Car


Hot Springs


Horseback riding






Monkey watching


Whale Watching


Archaeological Vestiges

Sugar Cane

Afro-American Culture

Coffee Process



Indigenous Cultures


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Guajira - Colombia

Let yourself be seduced by the explorative nature of a Roadtrip A Roadtrip is a tour by land in a private vehicle that will tell you stories as well as take you to enjoy amazing places in the company of a friend who already knows all the ins-and-outs of the places that we will visit, ready to live the experience on the road with you, a partner for the trip and someone you can trust. With thousands of kilometers ahead, a Roadtrip tells us its stories through the dream landscape and the exuberant and changing vegetation of the different and distinct regions that you will cross. This trip takes you to some virgin and lesser known and visited places around the country that still preserve their natural and local charm. Do you want to GO EXPLORE them with us? This is a flexible trip, allowing you to deviate a bit from the overall itinerary in order to further experience something that has stood out along the way. Or, if the raw beauty and nature of the Colombian landscape has overloaded your senses, you can feel free to just let our guides know that you want to spend some extra time chilling in a hammock, not worrying about having to adjust the logistics. More than anything, we want you to be able enjoy your excursion in a stress free environment!

12º 26´ 40,6´´ N 71º 41´ 02,6´´ O Punta Gallinas Night, Guajira - Colombia





Punta Gallinas

Local Accommodation

Manuaure Salt flats

ia has 84 different indigenous cultures

Come with us to the hallucinating landscape of the only desert on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, located next to one of the most iconic places in the world, The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Guajira is a magical place, where the Wayuu traditions get mixed with its particular and surprising nature. Surrounded by incredible jungles and beautiful beaches, you will be able to find archaeological vestiges, bordered by majestic glaciers above 5000mts (16,404ft) peaks.

View from El Pilon de Azucar

The trip includes a tour full of clear and beautiful nights, plants that struggle to survive in this dry and mysterious land, where you are accompanied by the sound of the wind moving the sand between the bushes along the desert and the stars in the sky. This is something that you don’t want to miss!

Desert beaches





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13´ 59,6´´ N 10´ 07,3´´ O

Tatacoa Desert, Huila - Colombia

Sibundoy Valley


Colour Idol

Grey zone Pool La Cocha Lagoon

Take part in one of the most amazing Roadtrips that you can find, The Turn of the South. This marvelous trip of approximately 15 days invites you to go deep inside the south of the Colombian mountains. This is a magical place where the three Cordilleras (three mountain chains) and the Magdalena River, both of which cross the country from south to north, originate. In our tour we will come across ancient and still unknown indigenous vestiges that remain a mystery for archeologists, impressive canyons with 400mt (1,312ft) tall waterfalls and semi desert ecosystems with spectacular clear nights full of bright shining stars. We will travel together until The End of the World, where the majestic Amazonian jungle begins in Putumayo Region, and on to then climb through the mountains from 400mts (1,312ft) to a height of 3200mts (10,499ft) above the sea level in just few hours, following old and twisted roads opened by military engineers in the 1930s. This tour will allow us to arrive to a land of ancestral Volcanos and Paramos, full of different kind of greens, home of Frailejones, the Condor of the Andes, as well as beautiful lagoons.

The biodiversity in Colombia is equal to 20% of the entire world.

6º 75º

47´ 58,2´´ N 13´ 59,5´´ O

Guadalupe Falls, Antioquia - Colombia




Cable Car, Guadalupe Falls, Antioquia, Colombia

Hospedaje Casa Raquel

Coffee Finca La Teresita

Ancient country side hou

A cable car that within 10 minutes, allows you to experience a temperature change between approximately 16 Cยบ (60.8 F) to 28 Cยบ (82.4 F).


Deep within the Antioquian Mountains are tucked away the Guadalupe falls with more than 250mts (820ft) in altitude. A cable car built in the 1950s takes you to a place from where you can enjoy a landscape loaded with stories and sensations. This two day route takes you to meet traditional towns in Antioquia like Carolina, with colonial architecture full of history, and then ending the day in Angostura, another small town to the north of Antioquia full of traditions and not barely touched by tourists until now. From there we will spend the night in a colonial traditional house built 140 years ago. Step by step we will get to see old sugar cane mills where they produce one of the main products of the local agro-industry and a national sweetener, Panela. The next day we have the chance to be delighted by a premium cup of local coffee, and see where the most dedicated and detailed processes of coffee cultivation are born. La Teresita Special Coffee Origin, is a perfect example and demonstrates why Colombian coffee is the best of the world!

Sugarcane Mill

73º 6º

82´ 51,87´´ W 06´ 35,30´´ N

Landscape at El Peñon, Santander - Colombia



Colombia is also known as the “1,000 rhythms country”, you can find 1,025 catalogued musical rhythms, and at least 30 are famous such as, Vallenato, Cumbia, Bambuco, Porro, etc

140 meters under the ground, Santander, Colombia

Underground river

Panamá canyon

Entrace to a cave

Let yourself amaze and come to discover with us one of the last frontiers of the nature and the biodiversity in Colombia. El Peùon, Santander, let’s go and visit this little town at 2100meters above the sea level, with its unique and beautiful landscape at the south of Santander, where just about 5 hours by car from Bogota and from the hand of experts in geology and speleology we will discover the magic of its Karstic landscape. All this area of the west side of the East chain of the Colombian Andes is rich in calcareous formation that mixed with a leafy humid mountain forest allows us to enjoy a unique landscape, where caves abound per dozens and its possible to find in this area the biggest and the oldest of its kind in Colombia, creating a complex and strange ecosystem which even that we note that is green, rich and humid we cannot see the rivers crossing the mountains, because the waters are only flowing underground, snaking along the intricate maze that this karstic landscape has created looking like a giant cheese. We are going to have the accommodation at a local farmers house and from there we are going to visit several places during the day, like caves, forests and amazing rocky formations!.

Sunrise in the mountains



and the east of Boyacรก

a land of exquisite beauty

5° 43´ 10,04´´ N 72° 47´ 57,94´´ W Ocetá Paramo

In the Mountain

Monguí, Boyacá

Paramo Landscape


Rock canyon at 3600 mts

This exploration will take us to a mountainous area at the north of Bogotá, in the east of the department of Boyacá, in which we will visit, some beautiful colonial towns like, Monguí, or Iza, an important monuments of the independence of Colombia like Pantano de Vargas or Boyacá bridge, the Tota Lagoon which is the second biggest in Latin America after Titicaca, and at last the Ocetá Paramo natural reserve.

Tota Lagoon at 3000mts

Although Colombia is 10 times smaller than Brazil it has nearly the same amount of plants, around 55,000 species!

Ocetá Paramo is a regional natural reserve that is a magical place which is located at 3900mts above the sea level, three hours hiking away from Mongui, a Colonial well preserved town of the east of Boyacá; once sacred to the Muisca culture, today a natural heritage of the country, that holds amazing landscapes at the ¨Paramo¨, unique landscape of Colombia located above 3000mts above the sea level that contains a very special and dedicated type of vegetation which due to the height, the cold weather and the less oxygen level is lower, thicker and takes longer time to grow, creating a bonsai garden in a large amount of greens that includes the king of this vegetation, the Frailejon, a rare type of tree that only grows in the tropical ¨Paramo¨ land of Colombia and Venezuela, this one looks more like palm tree, and takes at least one year only to grow one centimetre.






5° 48´ 36.75 ´´N 73° 57´ 42.48´´ W Cave Tisquizoque Windows


Colombia is also known as the “1,000 rhythms country”, you can find 1,025 catalogued musical rhythms, and at least 30 are famous such as, Vallenato, Cumbia, Bambuco, Porro, etc.

Waterfall Tisquizoque Windows

Undergroud river in a cave

This is a 7 days’ adventure that will take us to enjoy one of the ultimate borders of the biodiversity in Colombia. We will do an exploration by the southwest part of Santander Department, to see one of the best well-kept secrets of the incredible nature of this department, located in 3 different towns: Florian: El Peñón and Guadalupe. Rocky formation with pool shape in river View from a mountain

In this places we will visit, rivers, waterfalls, underground rivers, amazing fog and unique karstic forests. The first place that we are going to visit is Las Ventanas de Tisquizoque at Florian, we will be there by 2 days, this is an incredible waterfall that has around 300mts, which opens a hole in the rock wall of the mountain creating a cave through it flows downs the cliff precipitating another 3 steps like creating stairs with the water. Surely the landscape will amaze you!


6º 10´ 20,4´´ N 77º 28´ 24,8´´ O Bahia Solano beach, Choco, Colombia

Dare yourself to enter into the depth of the most hidden places of this beautiful and huge country with Expeditions using a larger variety of activities during the trip to improve the experience. Let yourself wade into an unknown world that awaits you! We will take you to live amongst and come in contact with the local communities as you will encounter unique and interesting animals as well as unknown places that are sure to remain engrained in your memory.




5º 77º

59´ 44,8´´ N 21´ 32,0´´ O

Humpback Whale Watching, Choco, Colombia

El Valle Hanging Bridge

The rainiest place on earth can be found in Choco, Colombia, where it on average rains more than 10 times the amount in any other normal place in the world.


Sunset at the Pacific Coa


Choco Jungle Flowers

El Chocรณ is a wild and barren region of Colombia and a territory invaluable for its biodiversity. Because of its geographical location as the conduit between South and Central America, it is home to a vast array of animal and plant species from both subcontinents. Its geographic variety ranges from high Paramos (alpine moorlands) ecosystems in the Andean mountains to vast expanses of exuberant jungle. A large number of streams and rivers run from east to west, where they empty into the Pacific Ocean. Beyond its rich fauna and flora, El Chocรณ is home to Colonos (descendants of white sugar planters), Afro-Colombians and indigenous people. Travelers who visit El Chocรณ have the privilege of experiencing a place of magnificent natural beauty that has remained largely isolated through the years.

Bahia Solano Beach





3º 67º

27´ 58´

51,2´´ N 05,2´´ O

Mavecure Hills, 800meters (2625Feet) height Inirida River, Guainia, Colombia

Although Colombia is 10 times smaller than Brazil it has nearly the same amount of plants, around 55,000 species!

Mavecure Hill 170 meters (558Feet) Height

Charapa Turtle

Mono Hill View 480 meters (1575Fee

The Mavecure Hills are located in one of the most remote regions of Colombia in the Guainia province. Three stunning 800 meter rocks rise above the Colombian Amazon and the majestic InĂ­rida River, and are part of the Escudo GuayanĂŠs, one of the oldest geological formations of the planet present in the north-eastern part of the Amazon.

Puinave Indigenous crossing the river

et) height

Sunset over the Hills

This is a magical excursion through the most beautiful rivers of the Amazon, where visitors will have the chance to sleep by the Mavecure Hills, climb to one of the summits, bathe in the Jungle Rivers, meet the indigenous communities and observe the biological and cultural diversity of this beautiful and wild territory.

2° 15´ 53,95´´ N 73° 47´ 47,75´´ W Caño Cristales




CaĂąo Cristales

The biodiversity in Colombia is equal to 20% of the entire world.

Photography: Mario Carvajal cc 2012

Caño Cristales is one of those destinations that you don’t want to miss, it is an amazing marvel of nature. Caño Cristales is a small river coming down La Macarena Sierra which is part of a very unique region. Its rock Quartzite is part of the Guyanan Shield,one of the most ancient geological formations in the world with more than 1.2 billion years old. Is famous for the Macarena Clavigera, a unique aquatic plant which lives in this river that spans 100kms, and changes its colour into red only once a year between July and November, and then turns into green again, as if it was starting to hibernate until the next year.

Caño Cristales

Caño Cristales

This amazing expedition will take you to a small chain of mountains with a unique ecosystem. There is no better day during that established season to see the river and its colors, maybe at the end of October and November it will start to change the colors again. The Colours can vary and the water level, the climate and the sunlight.

2° 34´ 20,90´´ N 72° 41´ 14,11´´ W Lagoon in the jungle





View of the Amazonian Jungle

Hiking through the jungle

Rock Pictograms

Waterfall in the Jungle


Lets go to enjoy a 4 to 5-day expedition in this unique and incredible landscape of Guaviare. Formed between the regional borders of the Orinoquia Flat lands, and the Colombian Amazon Jungle. Located precisely at the heart of the mostly unexplored and almost forgotten part of Colombia due to the presence of illegal armed groups in the last decades. Nowadays, it is much safer, permitting this amazing land to opens its doors for us to explore in a sustainable way.

Colombia is also known as the “1,000 rhythms country”, you can find 1,025 catalogued musical rhythms, and at least 30 are famous such as, Vallenato, Cumbia, Bambuco, Porro, etc.

This land is graced by amazing protruding rock formations, full of labyrinths, natural bridges and rivers that flow over the plain rock, forging a path alongside a single reddish stone slab. These slabs are where you will find the stunning Macarenia Clavigera, the famous endemic and delicate plant which changes its colour to red in the second semester of the year in the same manner as Caño Cristales. We can visit the three following different landscapes at the same time in very short distance: The Orinoquia flat lands, the Amazon jungle and the Serrania landscape. This region contains a wide variety of flora y fauna, boasting an exuberant biodiversity.

Rocky formation river

MOUNTAINEERING 4º 71´ 67,68´´ N 75º 30´ 58,94´´ O Tolima Snowed Peak Summit

Come and conquer the highest peaks of the northern part of South America, with Mountaineering, specially designed for the most daring adventurers. Mountaineering is the perfect experience for those who enjoy hiking and climbing as their way of discovering the world below them with the incredible sensation of step by step, absorbing what the beautiful and rugged landscapes have to tell you. Challenge yourself to conquer and enjoy mountains with a height of 5000mts (16,400 ft) where you will encounter endless changing landscapes along the trails, from tropical jungles to perpetual glaciers, the owners of the last snowed peaks in the northern part of South America.

4º 75º

39´ 19´

25,1´´ N 46,8´´ O

Tolima Snowed Peak 5220 meters (17126 Feet) Height, Tolima Colombia




Cocora Valley trail

Sunset at basecamp

Primavera Basecamp

View of the Tolima Snowed Peak at Dawn

Glacier on the Way to the summit Los Nevados National Park is located in the central mountain range of the Colombian Andes, between the Caldas, Risaralda, Quindío and Tolima departments. Within the park boundaries one can find three snow-covered volcanoes (Ruiz, Santa Isabel and Tolima), large expanses of paramo forests, lakes and streams, where a diverse array of animal and plant species coexist. The park spans an area of 583 km2 (225 sq mi), with a maximum altitude of 5,321 meters (1,053 feet) above the sea level at the top of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano, and a minimum altitude of 2,600 meters (8,530 feet).

Colombia has more than 60 different Frailejones trees, unique at the Paramo ecosystem. Frailejones trees grows one centimeter each year, and in some cases only 1 centimeter each 10 years, exist specimens of 10 meters height.

The following excursion is a beautiful hiking trip through the Central Mountain Range of the Colombian Andes. It starts on its western side at the Cocora Valley and ends in the city of Ibagué, on the eastern side. The trip ascends through the cloud forests, the moor, and the barren and sandy zones until reaching the Nevado del Tolima summit (5.240 m). Afterwards, we will visit Termales de Cañón (hot springs) before descending through colonial stone trails until Ibagué.


4º 40´ 04,6´´ N 75º 23´ 03,7´´ O Trail at Los Nevados National Park, Colombia

Come and meet amazing places through our Treks. We want to you to GO EXPLORE destinations out of the typical commercial package, and truly see the awe inspiring natural beauty of Colombia! These routes on foot awaken your curiosity as an adventurer, and will make you want to continue further. Step by step you will discover on these trails the secrets of the most exuberant mountains. We have designed different types of Treks for you according to your personal experience, physical level and the difficulty of the terrain. We have Treks for thrill seekers of all skill levels ranging from short 2 hour routes all the way to 5 days Treks exploring through the jungles and mountains. Just make your choice!

6º 72º

29´ 17´

39,8´´ N 49,2´´ O

Ritacuba Blanco Snowed Peak 5330mts ( 17550fts) Cocuy National Park, Colombia




Colombia has the tallest mountain in the world with respect to its location at sea level, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Campanilla Blanco Summit view

A day at a summit

Sunset at the mountain


Devil´s Pulpit View

El Cocuy National Park is located in the western mountain range of the Colombian Andes, between the Boyacá, Arauca and Casanare departments. El Cocuy’s majestic geography offers snowy mountains, paramos, jungles, valleys, lakes and streams. Within the park exists a vast array of animal and plants species. The park spans an area of 3,060 km2 (1,180 sq mi), with a maximum altitude of 5,330 meters (17,487 feet) above the sea level at the top of the Ritacuba Blanco peak, and a minimum altitude of 2,700 meters (8,858 feet) at the forested areas of the Andean foothills. This excursion follows a splendid route through some of the most emblematic locations at El Cocuy, including an ascent of the Pan de Azúcar peak.

Camp in paramo area at 3900 meters (12796Feet) height




4º 75º

46´ 24´

30,3´´ N 48,1´´ O

Otun Lagoon, Los Nevados National Park - Colombia

View on the way to the summit

Paramo Landscape at 3200 meters Early in the morning at the Otun (10500Feet) height

Paramo is a unique ecosystem that only exists near the terrestrial equator line countries, and Colombia has more than the 60% of the existing Paramos in the world.

¨ Moon¨ lan

Landscape at 3500 meters n Lagoon Frailejon (11500Feet) height

ndscape at 4300 meters (14108Feet) Height

Los Nevados National Park is located in the central mountain range of the Colombian Andes, between the Caldas, Risaralda, QuindĂ­o and Tolima departments (states). Within the park boundaries one can find three snow-covered volcanoes (Ruiz, Santa Isabel and Tolima), large expanses of paramo forests, lakes and streams, where a diverse array of animal and plant species coexist. The park spans an area of 583 km2 (225 sq mi), with a maximum altitude of 5,321 meters (1,053 feet) above the sea level at the top of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano, and a minimum altitude of 2,600 meters (8,530 feet). This excursion is a beautiful three-day trek that includes a summit attempt to the snowed peak Santa Isabel. The trail crosses the paramos that surround the snow covered peaks and the campsite is situated by the shore of the majestic OtĂşn Lagoon.

4º 75º

40´ 18´

36,2´´ N 23,4´´ O

Sunset at Cañon Hot Springs, Los Nevados National Park, Colombia




Trail view of the Tolima Snowed Peak on the way to the Hot Springs

Primavera Basecamp

Flowered Frailejon

CaĂąon Hot Springs

Colombia maintains the second largest diversity of bird species in the world

Los Nevados National Park is located in the central mountain range of the Colombian Andes, between Caldas, Risaralda, Quindío and Tolima departments. Within the park boundaries one can find three snow-covered volcanoes (Ruiz, Santa Isabel and Tolima), large expanses of paramo), forests, lakes and streams, where a diverse array of animal and plant species coexist. The park spans an area of 583 km2 (225 sq mi), with a maximum altitude of 5,321 meters (1,053 feet) above the sea level at the top of the snowed volcano of El Ruiz, and a minimum altitude of 2,600 meters (8,530 feet). This excursion is a magical four-day trek that starts at the Cocora Valley, crosses cloud forests, climbs up to the paramo, skirts the Nevado del Tolima volcano, reaches Cañón hot springs, and finishes back at the Cocora Valley through a different route.

Cocora Valley

75º 5º

8´ 27,94´´ W 55´ 55,41´´ N

Melcocho river, Antioquia - Colombia




Morro Gacho, Antioquia, Colombia

Roads in the jungle

Melcocho’s river canyon

Camino de Murringo

The biodiversity in Colombia is equal to 20% of the entire world.

Are you one of those how usually believe that for experiencing the jungle has to travel to The Amazon? This adventure wants to invite you to break down that stereotype! Dare yourself to explore the incredible jungles of the east of Antioquia, between the towns of: San Francisco, El Carmen, Sonsón and Argelia. Taking the road that from Medellin takes us to Bogota, and just 2 hours and a half from the first we find San Francisco, a small and simple peasant’s town nestled in the jungle mountains of the east of Antioquia, which will serve us as entrance to the deepest secrets that this vast forest hides inside its well preserved area of at least 30 to 40 square kilometres of pure tropical jungle, without roads, any type of towns or extensive crops, only connected by ancient trails into the mountains and crossed by pristine water rivers, that just until ten years ago was not possible to visit because it was one of the strongholds of FARC in Antioquia, and that today thanks to the disappearance of this group in the area and the humanitarian demining task that the government, the army and some international NGOs has done over the past 5 years, today we can enjoy its wildlife as well as its geography.

Waterfalls in the jungle

WHEN CHOOSING US… Y A genuine and unique opportunity as we are working with locals, which is the best way to see a new place as they share their world with you.

Quality, as our trips are designed for you to live the best experience possible at a fair price.

Reliability we will never cancel your trip due to a minimum size travel group.

Colombia and its experiences first hand enjoying life on the road.

Amusement, our new way to travel is different, alternative and more realistic. You will get to know one of the “best and new destinations” according to Lonely Planet.

Friendship, with others who want to join you in this experience.

YOU WILL EXPERIENCE Comfort and adventure, you always will have enough comfort to enjoy every new experience with energy.

Relaxation, release yourself from the load of fixing every logistical detail of going to a new place. Just enjoy every experience that we help you to discover.

Surprises, we love to take care of you and plan the best interactive vacations for you, let us surprise you!

Creativity, our greatest purpose is to please you and we work every day to be creative and bring you a new adventures.

Like at you are at home, because your EXPLORER LEADER, more than being your guide, wants to be a solid companion on your trip. Hospitality is just amazing in the local communities that we visit, which is why we want to help them by supporting their local economy, encourage their leaders, and help their communities become developing agents.

3º 70º

45´ 52,6´´ S 22´ 58,8´´ O

Indigenous Maloca, Amazonian Jungle, Colombia