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What the Resurrection Looks Like

All of us have heard of Habitat for Humanity. Some and the inspiration they of us have heard of Millard Fuller, who started Habitat. found in Clarence, the Very few of us have heard of Clarence Jordan, who pro- dream of Habitat was vided the inspiration that gave birth to Habitat. born. Clarence was born in Georgia in 1912 and was raised At this point you Southern Baptist. His educational background was may be thinking, this is unique in that he studied agriculture and then became a great story but what a New Testament scholar. To combine these two loves, does it have to do with he started Koinonia Farm. “Koinonia” is the Greek the Resurrection? What term used for “community” or “fellowship” in the New is important to know Testament. Amidst the poverty and entrenched racism in is that Clarence was society and the church, Clarence’s vision was to create moved and motivated Dr. Michael Bos an interracial community that would provide support for by the Resurrection. He those who were struggling. said this: Because Koinonia Farm brought together blacks and The proof that God raised Jesus from the dead is not whites to work and worship together, there was tremen- the empty tomb, but the full hearts of his transformed dous backlash from the community. Threats of violence disciples. The crowning evidence that he lives is not a were routine. Gunfire was vacant grave, but a spirit-filled fellowdirected at the farm daily. ship. Not a rolled-away stone, but Equipment was sabotaged. “ …Christ’s continuing a carried-away church. presence… the way it is Crops were destroyed. Yet Clarence didn’t see the Clarence and the Koinonia Resurrection as a thing of the able to shape us, change community continued. past. He saw the reality of the us and transform us.” Finally, in an attempt Resurrection every day in the to close the farm, people life-changing encounters people boycotted buying their produce. However, Clarence continue to have with Christ. He saw the reality of the had the conviction of faith that they must not give up. Resurrection in Christians working together to resurrect Therefore, he started a mail order business to sell their hope, embolden faith, and spread love. pecans, and he added a touch of humor to their marketIn sacred scripture the Resurrection is never ing. He created the slogan, “Help us ship the nuts out of described. It’s almost as if it’s beyond our capacity to Georgia!” This captured the attention of all who knew understand. But scripture does point to the reality of their plight and would save the farm. People from farChrist’s continuing presence, and the way it is able to away places began purchasing their pecans to support shape us, change us and transform us. their work. As we celebrate Easter, may we all be reminded of Millard and Linda Fuller made a visit to Koinonia the reality of the Resurrection and what it can look like Farm in 1965, only intending to stay for a few hours. in us and through us. Instead, they were so inspired by what they found, they would eventually move there. Through their experience

APRIL\MAY\JUNE 2019 SUNDAY WORSHIP, 11AM Dr. Michael Bos Senior Minister preaching



Easter Sunday The Art of Living: Looking Beyond Yourself Surprised

APRIL 14 Palm Sunday

The Reversal


Where Do I Go from Here?

#WEWO: WEDNESDAY WORSHIP, 6:15PM Every Week, except April 17



Marble Matters

A Word from Our Executive Minister

CLAIM THE GIFT By Rev. J. Elise Brown, Ph.D. Christ is risen, and so have we! Jesus could have given up. He could have said, “I tried and they didn’t listen. I loved and they didn’t There is nothing more glorious than the Easter love me back. I have given my all to this work and celebration. The music, the lilies, people dressed in they rejected me.” But that is not what Jesus did. He their Sunday best, Spring fully in the air. It is a day walked the hard road to the cross. And then showed that says “life is full of possibilities and miracles the world that love and hope prevail; death, denial can still happen.” But we have to look deeply at the whole Easter story to understand the profound nature and betrayal do not have the final word in God’s world, in God’s story. of what we celebrate during this season. During this season, hold fast to the reality that The events leading up to Jesus’ glorious resurrecChrist has risen and in that rising, we rise, too. tion were filled with disappointment, betrayal and Christ’s rising draws denial. Jesus was God’s gift us up and out and into to the earth, God incarnate, “Christ’s rising draws us up and the world as beloved One who came to walk out and into the world as beloved people of hope and alongside human beings life. Christ’s rising lifts and experience the joys people of hope and life.” us up out of whatever and sorrows of human threatens to hold you down and puts you on a path life. Jesus came to show the world another way, a of new possibilities. way that put love and grace at the center of human relationships, a way that believes forgiveness opens Those possibilities are for you... what might God the door to new possibilities, and inclusion of people be drawing you into this year, in this new Easter at the margins of society is holy work and part of the season of hope and life? call of discipleship. Remember – when the days get tough and the Every part of Jesus’ way was counter-cultural; road seems long and rocky ahead of you – Christ has radical love and inclusion of all people is counterrisen, and so have you! Lay claim to that gift, for it is cultural. Yet that was the way Jesus showed us as yours and one filled with divine promises. God’s beloved child. This way was rejected by the world in which Jesus found himself.

Rev. J. Elise Brown, Ph.D. Executive Minister

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WELCOME OUR NEW STAFF MEMBERS! Pascal Kabemba, Chief Financial Officer, comes to us from the Archdiocese of New York where he was an Associate Director, Parish Finance; a trusted advisor to pastors, principals and directors of 35+ Archdiocesan churches, schools and cemeteries in the Bronx. Pascal holds a Bachelor of Arts in Natural Science Pascal Kabemba (Mathematics and Physics) from Colgate University and a Master of Business Administration in Finance and Accounting from NYU, Stern Graduate School of Business.

Alyssa Meyers, Events and Space Usage Manager, comes to us from the Constellation Culinary Group at the New York Botanical Garden. She has worked in a range of event-related positions at institutions such as Opera America, Yale Opera, Manhattan School of Music, and CUNY Graduate Center. Alyssa holds a Bachelor of Music in Voice and Opera Studies and a Bachelor of Alyssa Meyers Science in Arts Management, both from SUNY Purchase College, and is currently working toward an Advanced Certificate in Management at CUNY School of Professional Studies.

MAY 2019 SUNDAY WORSHIP, 11AM Dr. Michael Bos Senior Minister preaching

MAY 5 Rev. Brittany Juliette Hanlin preaching MAY 12

Finding Your Why: The Why of My Life

MAY 19

Finding Your Why: The Why of My Relationships MAY 26

Finding Your Why: The Why of Our Church


Marble Matters

Marble’s Mission Priorities

For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord,…to give you a future with hope. — Jeremiah 29:11

Growing Deeper ­— Seeking to grow in our faith in God, we commit to being a safe place to explore what it means to follow the way of Jesus who, as our source of hope, leads us to new possibilities. Growing Relationally ­— Seeking to grow in our relationships with God and one another, we commit to being good neighbors in the world by seeking peace and justice for all people and cultivating a community of healing, reconciliation and transformation.

Growing in Generosity ­— Seeking to grow in our generosity as a grateful response to God’s blessings in our lives, we recognize everything we have belongs to God, and we commit to giving and serving as acts of worship. Growing Young and Across Generations — Seeking to grow in our capacity to be a beacon of hope and life for all people, we commit to welcoming young people and their ideas, building an inter-generational community of respect, care and belonging.

Holy Week 2019

APRIL 21, EASTER SUNDAY Prayer Circle – 8:15am Led by Rev. Gregory Johnson. Holy Communion. Prelude for Brass and Organ – 8:45 & 10:45am Worship – 9:00 & 11:00am Surprised is Dr. Michael Bos’ Easter message at two identical services. Music by The Marble Choir with Manhattan Brass. 11:00am Worship will be live streamed as usual – a wonderful way for your friends and family around the world to join you for Easter at Marble! Children 3rd Grade and up are encouraged to worship with their families. Younger children will be provided with an Easter lesson and activity as well as an Easter egg hunt! Walk the Labyrinth – 1:00-3:00pm Add this special walking meditation to your Easter celebration!

APRIL 14, PALM/PASSION SUNDAY Bible Study with Rev. Barbara Crafton, Prayer Circle, Family Worship – 10:00am Worship – 11:00am The Reversal, Dr. Michael Bos preaching. Music by The Marble Choir, Festival of Voices, and Marble Children’s Choir. APRIL 18, MAUNDY THURSDAY Worship – 7:00pm Looking for the Light, Dr. Michael Bos preaching. Commemorating Jesus’ final night with dramatic readings and special music by The Marble Choir. Holy Communion. APRIL 19, GOOD FRIDAY Instrumental Music for Prayer and Meditation – 11:30am Worship – 12 Noon When It’s Not Good, Dr. Michael Bos preaching. The Marble Choir, Festival of Voices and soloists with orchestra: Mozart Requiem. This service will be live streamed. Prayer Vigil – 1:00–3:00pm Join the Prayer Ministry Team in the Labyrinth Room (1 West 29th St., downstairs) to pray for members and friends of Marble. Come when you can, leave when you wish. May we pray for you and your loved ones? Please use a Good Friday Prayer Request card, found in the pews and Prayer Room; return to Marble by Palm Sunday, April 14.

Remember to visit MarbleWomen.com for daily Lenten inspirations, through April 18.

JUNE 2019 SUNDAY WORSHIP, 11AM Dr. Michael Bos Senior Minister preaching

JUNE 2 Rev. Anthony Livolsi preaching






The Friendship Formula: Affirm

The Friendship Formula: The Friendship Formula: Dream Challenge Pentecost

Pride Sunday

Every Week



Marble Matters

The Marble Easter Offering 2019

Rev. Susanah Wade Associate Minister

BUILDING BRIDGES OF HOPE By Rev. Susanah Wade The word passion connotes for us, a meaning of emotional intensity – feelings that are strong and perhaps even all consuming. However, when we look at that word as it was used around the story of Jesus in his final days, we are told that the Greek word for passion refers to the suffering endured by Christ in his final hours on earth. The passion narrative as recounted in the Gospels takes us through Jesus’ last days on earth – days that saw him riding triumphantly into Jerusalem, breaking bread with his disciples whom he loved; and yet likely experiencing feelings of disappointment in knowing that amongst the ones he trusted was one who would betray him. And Jesus’ eventual crucifixion would take him away from those he loved which led to much weeping. These were days that were book-ended by triumph and disappointment, joy and sorrow, entry and departure; yet despite the somber nature of where those days ended, they were days that led us into hope; and indeed, we might say that they were days that acted as a bridge of hope for humanity. Jesus died on that cross on Good Friday so that we might live and live abundantly. He died on that cross to draw us closer to God. He died on that cross to give us a future of hope. But he needed to be that bridge that connected us to that hope. This idea and reality of hope is appropriate for the theme of the offering that we make here at Marble

on Easter Sunday – to Build Bridges of Hope. Once again, this year’s Easter Offering will support nonprofits doing important work to alleviate human suffering for the vulnerable in our city, the nation and the world – nonprofits that help provide shelter, food, education and healthcare, work vigilantly to promote peace and reconciliation, and uphold human rights. We invite you to support these efforts by donating to our Easter Offering. Our goal is to raise $230,000, and 100% of your gifts (no overhead) will be granted to nonprofits that are making a positive difference in the lives of many. Here are the ways in which you can give: • Use an Easter Offering envelope found in the pews, the Marble Loft and at Reception • Give online: MarbleChurch.org/give/ easter-offering • Text GIVEMCC Easter and any amount to 73256 (standard messaging rates apply) • Mail checks to Marble Collegiate Church, attention: Easter Offering • Call 212-686-2770, ext. 248 to give over the phone or get information about making a matching gift And to you, our Marble congregants and friends – we thank you for your ongoing support and may we continue to live into Jesus’ call to us in which he says, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” — John 13:34 (NIV)

MARBLE COMMUNITY OUTREACH (MCO) MCO was established to enable contributions from individuals with charitable giving matches offered by their employers. It also allows us to support efforts important to members of the Marble Community that are beyond the missional care of the congregation. Members of the MCO Board are available during Coffee Hour to answer questions and visit with you about the giving opportunities. Marble Community Outreach is a 501 (c) 3 organization: IRS 990 approved for tracking and reporting: ID Tax #: 81-3229252 established with seed money from Marble Collegiate Church. MCO will support

outreach needs in the community and allow a channel for employer matching gifts. Funds will be used as directed and for support of the agencies selected as beneficiaries of Easter offering and other outreach choices of Marble ministry groups. How to give: Cash, check, or credit card online. Please send check, payable to Marble Community Outreach, Inc., to Marble Community Outreach, 1 W. 29 St. New York, NY 10001, or visit marbleoutreach.org and click Donate.

Marble Matters

In the Marble Spotlight Marble Music Presents JUILLIARD ORGANISTS IN CONCERT Thursday, April 4 | 7:30pm The entire class of The Juilliard School’s organ department, chaired by world-renowned organist Paul Jacobs, present their annual recital, featuring the music of Aaron Copland, John Weaver, Charles Stanford, Florence Beatrice Price, John Cage and more, on Marble’s magnificent Glück organ. Free and open to all. SOUTH AFRICA: LOOKING BACK & LOOKING FORWARD Sunday, April 7 | 12:15-2:00pm All are invited to celebrate two decades of Marble Partnerships with our South African friends. Rev. Nicodemus Setshedi, Branch Manager from Mould, Empower, Serve (MES) in Johannesburg, is our special guest. Please bring an item of children’s clothing (ages 2-6 years old) or monetary equivalent, to support our South Africa Partners. Light refreshments served. Please register by Wednesday, April 3, with Rev. Susanah Wade (SWade@ MarbleChurch.org). In the Labyrinth Room. JESUS WEPT: WHEN FAITH AND DEPRESSION MEET Sunday, April 28 | 12:30-3:00pm We all hope and expect to find joy in our faith. But sometimes joy cannot reach us — like an impenetrable glass wall, depression can separate us from all that is lovely. Sad is one thing, but this is something else: puzzling, seeming to come from nowhere, impervious even to the comfort of those who love us. Many people of faith have personal experience of depression, or love someone who does. Sometimes it makes us doubt ourselves — if I am really a Christian, why do I feel so empty? Come to an afternoon workshop with Rev. Barbara Cawthorne Crafton that explores the riddle of depression and faith, offering avenues of hope for you or for someone you love. In the Chapel (1 W. 29th St, downstairs).

FRIDAY NIGHT JAZZ VESPERS May 10 | 6:15pm Catch your breath after a long week in this casual service of music and meditation. Hear God whispering in the silence and jiving in the jazz. Message, Resurrection – New Riffs on New Life, by Rev. Anthony Livolsi. Chris Whittaker, musical director. Marble Loft (next door, 274 5th Ave). ANNUAL SPRING PRAYER INTREAT Saturday, May 11 | 9:30am-2:00pm The Marble Prayer Ministry Team invites you to join them for this exploration of prayer. There will be presentations on Ways to Pray, Labyrinth walks and more. Led by Rev. Brittany Hanlin and Jean Ando. Cost, $20, includes light breakfast and lunch. Stay tuned to MarbleChurch.org for details or contact Judy Tulin (JTulin@MarbleChurch.org). TOWN HALL MEETING Sunday, May 19 | 12:15pm Come hear an update on Marble’s Ministry Priorities, the results of the recent congregation-wide survey, the building project next door, and an update on Marble’s budget and finances. 3ND ANNUAL MARBLE SUMMER ARTS FESTIVAL June 24 – 28 | 6:00-8:30pm This all-church event will feature a full week of various programs featuring music from classical to jazz, dance, film, poetry, plays and fine art including paintings and photography. Building on the success of the past two years, this Festival will also have an Open Mic on the last day! We are especially interested in original material. Artwork will be on display each day 4:00-6:00pm. $5 suggested donation. Sponsored by the Arts Ministry. Stay tuned to MarbleChurch.org for details. MEMBERSHIP AT MARBLE Have you ever wondered what Membership means? Make the change from being a welcome guest to a member of the Marble Family. For more information, please look for one of our Membership Team, someone wearing a red carnation, after Worship in the Sanctuary to right of Chancel, next door in the Marble Loft during Coffee Hour or contact Kim Sebastian-Ryan (KRyan@MarbleChurch.org). Give yourself a gift and become a member of the family! Online Membership also available.



Marble Matters

Loving the Word

Rev. Barbara Cawthorne Crafton

TIME FLIES still requires a Leap Year tweak, so that our clumsy By Rev. Barbara Cawthorne Crafton attempts to reconcile solar and lunar timekeeping can One day tells its tale to another. – Psalm 19:2 make something approaching sense. The clocks just sprang forward as I write this. Me, Calendar change or no calendar change, night I did not spring – a reluctant shuffle was the best I continued to follow day, spring followed winter and could manage as I got up that first Sunday morning in yielded to summer, just as it always had. The conthe dark, wishing I could have that hour of sleep back. stellations, along with our own sun, continued their By the time you read this, though, stately progress across the seathe time change is forgotten: you sonal skies as always. emerge from your office at the “However long your Date and time-conscious end of the day into bright sunas we are, we are still part of stay here on the light. Not bad, you think as you nature. Like all living things, walk down the block. earth, today is the we have a life span. The oldest Of course, it’s only the clocks only today you will living human being – who, at that change. Clocks and calenthis writing, is 116 and lives in ever have.” dars measure human activity Japan – will still never have – the earth and the heavens today again. The most we can ignore their counsel and go do with time is measure its passing – we can’t buy about their own affairs. In the 18th century, England ourselves more of it. However long your stay here on lost eleven whole days when it changed from the the earth, today is the only today you will ever have. Julian calendar to the Gregorian in order to do busiToday is a gift. Some people didn’t receive the gift ness more efficiently with countries on the European of today, but you did. Here it is, spread out before you. continent, who all used it – that year, 1752, actually Take it up and make it matter. included a February 30th! Even that one, though,

CYF CORNER FAMILY WORSHIP Sundays, April 14 & May 19 10:00am All invited to join the Children, Youth & Families Ministry in the Marble Loft when both Children’s Choirs will sing and families will participate in the service. The message will be by Rev. Brittany Juliette Hanlin.

Mr. Charles taught the lesson of Jesus walking on water and the 1st and 2nd graders made bagel faces reflecting the disciples’ range of feelings from fear to joy.

MOMENTS & MEMORIES To celebrate the Chinese New Year, our 1st and 2nd grade teacher, Oanfa Quan, invited her father to teach her class how to write their names in Chinese. He helped the adults, too!

Marble Matters

Reflections of My Years at Marble By Stuart Cole As I’m nearing the end of my work life at Marble, with my retirement date fast approaching, it’s become a time of reflection, gratitude, and joy. I’ve been able to have this incredible journey on the Marble Staff for 31 years. My partner, Gary Thompson, and I joined Marble in 1986, after hearing about this “great” church, on a movie set in 1985. We initially came to the “Actors Fellowship”, but finally attended a service on Easter Sunday, and were hooked.

In 1988, after I decided to take a break from my acting, I began working at Marble, first with MarbleVision, and then as the Assistant to the Church Administrator, John Hillhouse. He put me in charge of scheduling and coordination of the maintenance and kitchen crews, to give the physical support needed for the many church events. I worked with John for seven years. When he retired in 1995, I become the Facilities & Events Mgr., supervising the Receptionist, Catering and Maintenance Departments. I have many memories of the major events we did. An early one for me was Dr. Peale’s funeral. I was in charge of the seating for the crush of people that wanted to attend, including a President, Governor, and Mayor, and their security details. It was great training for me. A few years later, we celebrated what would have been Dr. Peale’s 100th birthday with a sit-down dinner for 1000 people, all made by our kitchen staff and served under large tents in the parking lot across the street. 29th Street was renamed that day in honor of Dr. Peale, and his statue was dedicated in the courtyard. Talk about a big event! There were so many other events to remember. In the days when we had the 10-story building next door, with a full kitchen crew led by Chef Ron, we had a Winter Wednesday Series for several years, preceded by large dinners, in which we would host notable speakers of the time, such as Kofi Annan, Henry Kissinger, Peter Jennings, Ben Vereen, Anna Quinlan, Marcia Gay Harden, and Rabbi Harold Kushner. I’ll never forget the evening Elisabeth Kübler-Ross spoke on “Death and Dying”. It was in the midst of the

AIDS epidemic, and the Sanctuary was packed with many sick and dying AIDS victims and their friends, all looking for words of hope. Marble was a powerful beacon of light that evening, as it has been again and again. On 9/11, seeing the plane go over Fifth Ave., and then seeing the destruction as our staff huddled around the TV, will be burned in my memory forever. I was very grateful the way Marble responded, by opening its doors, with our clergy robed and out on the streets, comforting and praying with victims, who were covered in ashes. Marble was a spiritual oasis in a very frightening time. Over the years, we’ve also had many fun celebrations, with our Sunday Brunches, All-Church events for Thanksgiving and Christmas, Homecoming Shows (when the Staff and Board performed, including parodies of TV shows), Pancake Suppers, and the special events like our Gratitude Sunday Reception. We’ve also received on-going inspiration from our spirit-filled worship services and beautiful concerts. It’s been a lot of hard work for many of us, but it has built a true diverse community and transformed many lives, including mine. My greatest challenge in all these years was coordinating the wedding of Liza Minnelli and David Guest, with a wedding party of 30 Hollywood stars and a guest list of 900 celebrities. Somehow we pulled it off! I’m very grateful to the wonderful staffs I’ve been honored to work with these many years – some still my closest friends – and I’m also grateful for this wonderful congregation, which I love. I hope to continue to be part of this community for many years to come. We’ve had an amazing past, lots of changes, and now we’re in a new chapter in Marble’s distinguished history with a great new pastor, Dr. Michael Bos. I’m excited about what God has in store for Marble. May God continue to bless our beloved Marble Church!

Stuart Cole Facilities & Events Manager



Spiritual Growth and Education

Bible Study with Rev. Barbara Crafton

Rev. Barbara Cawthorne Crafton Spiritual Teacher

SUNDAYS AT 10AM April 7 – Jesus, on The Art of Living April 14 – The Week that Begins Today April 28 – Finding Your Why: Ultimate Concerns May 5 – What Changes as Life Goes On May 12 – What Do You Live For? May 19 – What Would You Die For? May 26 – Tribes in Scripture June 2 – Love Your Enemies June 9 – Where Are They Now? June 16 – Thanks for the Memories/Love Never Ends Meets in the Labyrinth Room. Please note, no class on Easter Sunday, April 21. A reminder for online students, ask your questions! Click on the blue “Send a Question” button on the live streaming page.

Deep Dive Bible Study

TUESDAYS AT 6:30PM How do we live our faith in times of political discord and national upheaval? Join Rev. Anthony Livolsi for a deep, searching read-through of 1 and 2 Samuel. Newcomers and visitors are always welcome! Please contact Rev. Livolsi ahead of time for the week’s reading, (ALivolsi@MarbleChurch. org). In the Labyrinth Room.

Bread & Bible Rev. Anthony Livolsi Associate Minister

THURSDAYS AT NOON Bring your lunch and join Rev. Crafton for this discussion about many things, including the scripture that formed the basis for the past Sunday’s sermon. In Peale Parlor (1 W. 29th St, 1st floor). Weekly.

Prayer Circle

SUNDAYS AT 10AM This informal gathering centers on singing and prayer for individual and communal concerns. Led by Rev. Gregory Johnson. Holy Communion celebrated. In the Chapel. On the last Sunday of the month, connect with Prayer Circle from around the world via https://meeting.broadviewnet.com/j/1126517182 to access video conference. Questions? Contact Siobhan Tull (STull@ MarbleChurch.org). Rev. Gregory Johnson Prayer Circle

Small Groups

Grow Deeper by being part of a Small Group this Spring! Learn more at the Small Group Table during Coffee Hour on Sundays after Worship, contact Baleta McKenzie (BMcKenzie@MarbleChurch.org), or visit MarbleChurch.org. MORE OPPORTUNITIES FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH JESUS WEPT: WHEN FAITH AND DEPRESSION MEET Sunday, April 28 | 12:30-3:00pm Join Rev. Barbara Crafton for this important conversation. Please see page 5. WORLD LABYRINTH DAY Saturday, May 4 | 12:30-2:30pm Walk as One at One. Do a walking meditation at Marble and join in spirit with others all over the world. A facilitator will be on hand to help guide you. BEREAVEMENT GROUP Mondays | 11:00am-12:15pm Grief has no expiration date. Any significant loss changes life forever. All are welcome to participate in an understanding and supportive community to share your personal story in a confidential atmosphere of love and faith. Meets in Peale Parlor. If you’re interested in attending, please sign up with Judy Tulin (JTulin@MarbleChurch.org; 212-686-2770, ext. 207). CAREGIVERS SUPPORT GROUP First Saturday of Month | 1:00-3:00pm Learn how to provide better care to loved ones while protecting your own health and well-being. Please contact group leader Rev. Marion Gambardella (magambardella@yahoo.com) or Judy Tulin (JTulin@ MarbleChurch.org).

Missons and Outreach: Opportunities to Serve 99

In the Action Spotlight

ANNUAL NAMI WALK Saturday, May 11 Join Marble’s team for the National Alliance for Mental Illness 5K. Sign up at namiwalksny.org or visit the Action Volunteer Table after Worship. P.S. 30 SUMMER ACTIVITY BACKPACKS May through June 9 Please donate school supplies for the students in our P.S. 30 Tutorial Enrichment Program. We will provide them with backpacks that will include age appropriate readers and other activity items. Monetary donations also welcome; make checks payable to Marble Collegiate Church, write “P.S. 30 Summer Backpacks” in memo section, mail to attention of Tom Schneider or place in offering plate. For more information, please contact Tom (TSchneider@ MarbleChurch.org).

PRIDE MARCHES Saturday, June 29 Sunday, June 30 Help serve water to those marching in the annual Women’s March on Saturday, 4:30-6:30pm, also join our celebration of the 50th Anniversary of New York Heritage of Pride March on Sunday. Love. Period T-shirt required. This is a great opportunity to publicly serve and show that ALL are welcome at Marble Church, and loved. Period. Contact Don Piper (DPiper@MarbleChurch.org), or Rev. Anthony Livolsi (ALivolsi@MarbleChurch.org). Please note, because Sunday’s march route has changed, we’ll be celebrating a little differently this year. Stay tuned for details on all our Pride Events – a celebration for the whole church.

Action Volunteers – Ways You Can Serve

If you don’t see what’s right for you listed here, stop at the Action Volunteer Table on Sundays during Coffee Hour to talk with a committee member or contact Tom Schneider (TSchneider@MarbleChurch. org), for more ideas and referrals to organizations that are in need of volunteers. To receive notice of serving opportunities by email, “Action Alerts,” contact Tom. Habitat for Humanity Build Days Saturdays, April 13, May 4 & June 8 Our partnership continues. Help work on a home for a low-income family. No experience necessary. For more information, stop by the Action Table during Coffee Hour or contact Susanah Wade (SWade@ MarbleChurch.org) or Tom Schneider (TSchneider@ MarbleChurch.org). Ecclesia Ministry Sundays, April 14, May 12 & June 9 Volunteers are needed to help with this worshipping congregation for the homeless in Madison Square Park. Prepare lunches, 10:00-10:30am; and/ or transport lunches at 1:30pm and host the service which begins at 2:00pm.

Congregational Care Prayer Shawl Ministry Mondays, April 1 & 15, May 6 & 20, June 3 & 17 4:00-5:00pm Knit or crochet prayer shawls for members who are ill or homebound. Gather in Peale Parlor for prayer and creating together. All levels welcome. Materials provided. Contact Judy Tulin (JTulin@MarbleChurch.org). Marble Fights Hunger — Please support our continuous food drive by donating CANNED FOODS for Icahn House East (a temporary shelter for homeless mothers.) Leave food at the 29th Street Reception area, the Fifth Ave Narthex or the Marble Loft. Nutritious, canned/bottled items only. Suggestions: fruits, vegetables, pasta sauce, meats, fish, pasta, soups, peanut butter, jelly, juice, etc. Also, vacuum-packed cartons of milk/juice and baby food in plastic/glass containers. We encourage everyone to bring something every time they come to Marble! Used Eyeglasses — Donate used glasses and sunglasses which are given to The Lion’s Club who recycles the glasses and distributes them in developing countries. Marble Coffee Pourers — Volunteer one Sunday a month to serve after Worship. Contact Kim Sebastian Ryan (KRyan@MarbleChurch.org). WeWo Visuals Ministry — Volunteer to help with the projected visuals during Worship, approximately one Wednesday a month, contact Jennifer Doerr (JDoerr@MarbleChurch.org).


Program Ministries

Keep up with our different Program Ministries by visiting their pages at


and attending Coffee Hour after Worship.

Arts Ministry

We celebrate our 3rd Annual Summer Arts Festival, June 24-28, submissions due by April 30. See MarbleChurch.org for details or contact Mario Sprouse (MSprouse@MarbleChurch.org). If you’re interested in being part of Marble’s new Dance Ministry, please contact Mario.

GIFTS: LGBTQ Fellowship

PrimeTime Fellowship

Join us for lunch and programs on Wednesdays, April 10 & 24, May 8 & 22, June 5 & 19. Contact Baleta McKenzie (BMckenzie@MarbleChurch.org).

Women’s Ministry

Join us Mondays, April 29 – May 20 for our Bold Authenticity: Answering the Call to Greatness series. For more information, see page 11, visit our Table during Coffee Hour or check MarbleChurch.org. Contact Don Piper (DPiper@MarbleChurch.org).

All welcome at our Coffee Hours after Worship on Wednesday, April 24 and Sundays, May 19 & June 16. Mark your calendars now for our June events including the Spring Intreat on Saturday, June 8 and all our Pride Celebrations, including the Pride March Gather with other students and young professionals 50th Anniversary on June 30. See page 11 and stay for discussions of a podcast, TedTalk or article through tuned to MarbleChurch.org for more details. Contact the lens of Christian faith, Sundays at 12:30pm. Led by Rev. Anthony Livolsi (ALivolsi@MarbleChurch.org) or Rev. Anthony Livolsi (ALivolsi@MarbleChurch.org). Don Piper (DPiper@MarbleChurch.org).

Young Adult Ministry

Marble MeetUp!

You voted and the Marble Adult Ministry has our new group name! All are welcome! Contact Rev. Anthony Livolsi (ALivolsi@MarbleChurch.org).

Reflections from the Editor

Karla Fritsch Publications Manager

By Karla Fritsch God is always communicating with us – through quiet inner whispers, unexpected messengers who cross our paths, and hopeful reminders that come exactly when needed. In September 2014, I wrote about some Divine encouragement delivered through storefront signs and chalk on the sidewalk. Yet sometimes, there are messages in front of us on a daily basis that in some ways may become invisible as they also become part of us. When I was growing up, there was a wall-hanging in our kitchen with a hand-painted design with “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it!” (Psalm 118:24) I saw it every day, plus my mom quoted it often. After my dad died when I was 15, I headed into a very long, deep depression. I still saw that banner on the kitchen wall, yet it was through a darkening fog and it was beyond hard to live it. Even then, those words were there in the background seeping into the fiber of my being.

Decades later that banner hangs in my apartment. I was sad years ago when I thought I might have to get rid of it after water damage from the apartment above left big brown spots all over it. Of course, I know the verse by heart, but having that reminder in front of me is important, especially on that piece of fabric with so many memories woven into it. Thankfully, I was able to get the spots out. In addition to seeing the banner on my wall, I do my best to sing or say the verse when I first wake up in the morning. To be honest, some days it’s rote and I definitely don’t feel it. However, it’s still part of me and I keep recommitting myself to live it throughout my day. What Divine messages have been a backdrop in your life? Is there one of them that has become somewhat invisible that you feel nudged to bring to the forefront? Do it. Honor that nudge – for this is the day.

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EACH SUNDAY Grace Notes: Inside the Music with Kenneth Dake | 10:48am Hear historic and theological background on the day’s music. In the Sanctuary or online. Talk Back | 12:15pm Each week, watch online to learn about our program ministries and special events. Then, bring your questions and join Dr. Bos in the Sanctuary for a discussion at the end of each of his Sermon Series. (Check website and Sunday bulletin for specific dates.) Hosted by Mario Sprouse. To submit questions, email: Connect@MarbleChurch.org. Young Adult Discussion Group | 12:30pm Newcomers always welcome! Meets weekly at 276 5th Ave (next door), Room 300. EACH WEDNESDAY Walk the Labyrinth | 5:00-6:00pm Take time for a walking meditation before WeWo. #WeWo: Wednesday Worship | 6:15pm This blend of traditional and contemporary worship styles can be a helpful mid-week spiritual boost. Our ministers offer thoughtful preaching, joyful music led by Deah Harriott with a praise vocal ensemble and band, in the relaxed atmosphere of the Marble Loft. Bring a friend! Please note, no WeWo on April 17. FIRST SUNDAYS Walk the Labyrinth | 1:00-3:00pm A facilitator will be available to help guide you and answer questions, while allowing you the space to walk in your own way, at your own pace. Please note, not available April 7. See page 8 for information on World Labyrinth Day, May 4. EASTER SUNDAY, APRIL 21 Walk the Labyrinth | 1:00-3:00pm Give yourself the gift of doing this walking meditation as part of your Easter celebration. SUNDAY, APRIL 28 Reception for Stuart Cole | 12:15pm All welcome to join us for this special gathering in the Marble Loft. Please note, Brunch returns May 26 & June 16. Peale Society Reception and Presentation 12:30-2:30pm Peale Society members gather for refreshments in Peale Parlor before moving into the Sanctuary for a presentation by Martin Rambusch of the Rambusch Stained Glass and Lighting Studio.

MONDAYS, APRIL 29 – MAY 20 Women’s Ministry Series | 6:00-7:30pm Bold Authenticity: Answering the Call to Greatness. What does it mean to live an authentic life? It’s not about changing, but evolving into the complete person you are called to be. In this 4-week interactive workshop, led by presentation coach and consultant Greta Muller, explore, expand and gain a fuller appreciation for your gifts, talents and interests. $25 (4-part series); participants are asked to commit to all four sessions. Register online or contact Don Piper. Greta Muller

SUNDAYS, MAY 19 & JUNE 16 GIFTS: LGBTQ Coffee Hour | 12:15pm All welcome for this time of fellowship. In the Labyrinth Room.

SUNDAYS, MAY 26 & JUNE 16 Monthly Brunch | 12:15pm Join us for this time of fellowship and good food, with live music. $12. No reservation needed. In the Marble Loft. Please note, June 16 is last Brunch until September. SATURDAY, JUNE 8 GIFTS: LGBTQ Fellowship Intreat We gather for a day of study, worship, and fellowship. Stay tuned to MarbleChurch.org for details. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26 Pride #WeWo: Wednesday Worship | 6:15pm GIFTS hosts our annual Pride #WeWo: Wednesday Worship, followed by a Festive Coffee Hour. Bring your friends and show them what God’s inclusive love looks like. SUNDAY, JUNE 30 Pride Breakfast | 9:00-10:00am All are welcome, whether you identify as LGBTQ or ally. Cost, $12. Please register by Friday, June 28, online or Sundays during Coffee Hour. Note: The Calendar of Events schedule subject to change. Please call to confirm.


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Touchpoint: April/May/June 2019

Marble Music Presents JUILLIARD ORGANISTS IN CONCERT Thursday, April 4 | 7:30pm Join us for this amazing opportunity as the entire class of The Juilliard School’s organ department performs on Marble’s amazing pipe organ. Free. Please see page 5. MONDAY SOUL BREAK CONCERTS Through May 20 | 12:30pm 30 minutes of nourishment for your spirit featuring Marble’s 101-rank pipe organ and some of New York City’s finest musicians. Free admission. Sanctuary. Please note, no concert on Easter Monday, April 22. April 1 – Samantha Scheff April 8 – Kenneth Dake, organ; Boris Baev, English horn; Joshua Coyne, violin (TBC) April 15 – David Simon April 29 – Michael Ryan May 6 – Alistair Reid May 13 – Aaron Tan May 20 – Ryan Kennedy

PENTECOST CONCERT Sunday, June 9 | 3:00pm Be one in the spirit with the Marble Community Gospel Choir as they celebrate the holy day of Pentecost with historic and contemporary anthems of faith. Directed by Stacy Penson. Stay tuned to MarbleChurch.org for ticket information. THE LAST WORD Woven into our lives is the very fire from the stars and genes from the sea creatures, and everyone, utterly everyone, is kin in the radiant tapestry of being. — Elizabeth A. Johnson

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A BLESSED COMMUNITY Thank You, Stuart Cole! Whether as a Marble member involved in the Actors Fellowship and the beginning of GIFTS: LGBTQ Fellowship, or your thirty-one years on the Marble Staff, you have blessed us beyond measure! Thanks for all the extra hours you worked, the laughs at Homecoming, your attention to detail... Most of all, thank you for all we’ve experienced over these three decades that was touched by your deep spirituality and beautiful heart. Enjoy retirement!

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Touchpoint April May June 2019  

Touchpoint April May June 2019