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Marble Matters

Whatever Gets You Through

Dr. Michael Bos Senior Minister

We’re hopeful that soon we’ll be on the other side though the mountains tremble with its tumult. There is of this pandemic, but we’re not there yet. It’s hard for a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the us to hold on because surviving this has taken its toll. holy habitation of the Most High. God is in the midst It’s been over a year of stress eating, binge watching of the city; it shall not be moved; God will help it when Tiger King (an early pandemic guilty pleasure), and the morning dawns. buying exercise equipment we never used. When we It reminds us of the who in our lives who will talk with one another, we say, “Hey, whatever gets always help us in hard times. God. And not only will you through.” God help us make it through, God will This really is terrible counsel help us grow through and from the “…faith directs us experience. God will help us develop and consolation because many of the things that get us through toward the who and a new appreciation for life and see are detrimental to our wellbeing. new possibilities in it. God will draw not the what.” Sure, we make it through, but in us deeper into community and deepen what shape? Physically, psychoour relationships. When we look to the logically, and spiritually, we’re who and not the what, we will make left feeling like we’re a lesser version of ourselves. it to the other side changed… changed in a way that I think this is why faith directs us toward the who makes us better versions of ourselves, not lesser versions. and not the what. The truth is the “whats” of life aren’t what get us through. It is the who in our lives As we make our way through this pandemic, it’s that makes the difference. This is why one of my “go never too late to change our focus. If you’ve been to” passages during hard times is Psalm 46: focusing on whatever it takes to make it through, now God is our refuge and strength, a very present help is the time to turn your focus to the One who can help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth you not only survive difficult times, but actually grow and thrive when you get to the other side. should change, though the mountains shake in the heart of the sea; though its waters roar and foam,

Finished Table

ORIGINAL 1854 ALTAR/COMMUNION TABLE RESTORED! Virgilio Belen spent weeks repairing Marble’s Altar Table. From a quick glance, you wouldn’t have known the disrepair it was in. But the table, dating back to the original furniture of the church, was in much need of surgery. He hand-cut and re-tooled over 20 missing or broken segments from the mahogany table; hand sanded and re-stained it, and then polished it to its original glory. To celebrate, most of the Maintenance Team gathered in the Sanctuary to have a ribbon cutting ceremony since they all saw the work in progress from his basement workshop. We are very proud of what he did with God’s table!

Sanctuary, 1854

Joshua Hansen, Luis Furniel, Jerry Williams, Virgilio Belen, Yvon Plaismond Virgilio at work

Marble Matters

A WORD FROM OUR EXECUTIVE MINISTER LAND OF MIDNIGHT SUN Imagine a light emerging in deep shadows when you By Rev. J. Elise Brown, Ph.D. have lost your way and are feeling around for where The last time I was out of the country was New to go. Year’s 2019. My destination was Paris, but I stopped The midnight of the soul is that middle of the night over in Iceland on the way. I had been to Iceland awakening when you feel disoriented, afraid, alone, before but not in the middle and issues seem more overof winter. I knew the land of whelming and unsolvable than the Midnight Sun from visiting “We have held fast to in the light of day. A friend Reykjavik in August when the hope and now light has used to say, “The difference sun never fully sets but just sits between hope and despair is on the horizon during nighttime come forth…” a good night’s sleep.” hours, only to rise again in a Easter is the season of light. few short hours. We have journeyed through wilderness. We have I had experienced the thick window coverings that experienced the dryness. We have witnessed the pain keep the light out during nighttime sleeping hours in and isolation. We have held fast to hope and now August. I had felt the disorientation of trying to go to light has come forth on the horizon of our souls. sleep when it was fully light outside. The light and hope of Christ is like August in But in December, it is the exact opposite. It is dark Reykjavik. This light never sets. It never goes away. 20 hours of the day in Iceland with the sun never fully Even if we try to block it out with the thickest of denirising. als or the hardest of hearts, the light just simply will As our plane began the descent to the airport not go away! That is because of Christ’s deep love for in Reykjavik, it was the middle of the night. As we us. Christ’s overwhelming commitment to us. Christ’s approached, I could see all sorts of lights twinkling on desire to draw us in toward light and hope and resurthe horizon. I wondered if it was just the airport, but rection life. as we got closer I realized the entire city was aglow Bask in the light, my friends. May your midnight of in lights…in the middle of the night. the soul become a land of midnight sun. There is something about light that draws us in.

MEMBERSHIP MATTERS – NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE Whoever you are, wherever you are in your faith journey, wherever you live – we invite you to take that step and journey forward with us as a Marble member! All you need to do is participate in two online New Member Orientation Sessions offered via Zoom video chat after Worship. These sessions are conversational and informal – designed to give you the chance to get to know more about us, and us about you. Following the orientations, we’ll set up a special Zoom call to record your reception New Member Orientation Sessions: into the Marble Family which will be shown the The Value of Community following Sunday during Worship. Connection and Belonging – Consider becoming a member. We would be so Wednesday, June 2, 7:00-8:00pm, via Zoom glad to have you, and think you’ll find it will make a difference knowing you belong – knowing you Engagement – are welcomed and loved for who you are. For more Sunday, June 6, 12:00-1:00pm, via Zoom information, please contact Kim Sebastian-Ryan Recording of the Reception of New Members – ( or 212-686-2770), or sign Sunday, June 13, 12:00-12:30pm, via Zoom up at /engage/join/become-amember. Worship showing Reception of New Members – Sunday, June 20, 11:00am, at


Rev. J. Elise Brown, Ph.D. Executive Minister

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Marble Matters

Holy Week 2021

Please visit for all services. APRIL 1, MAUNDY THURSDAY Worship — 7:00pm (Prelude, 6:50pm) Commemorating Jesus’ final night. Love Is the Way, Dr. Michael Bos Holy Communion. Please have ordinary elements of bread and juice nearby.

APRIL 4, EASTER SUNDAY Prayer Circle —10:00am (via Zoom) Prelude for Brass and Organ — 10:45am Worship — 11:00am An Unexpected Beginning, Dr. Michael Bos The Marble Choir with Brass

APRIL 2, GOOD FRIDAY Music for Meditation — 11:40am Worship — Noon Reflection by Dr. Michael Bos The Marble Choir, Festival of Voices with Orchestra Time of Prayer & Reflection – 1:15pm Join the Marble Prayer Ministry Team as we pray together via Zoom. Link at

Marble’s Easter Offering

For well over 50 years, Marble has collected an Easter Offering for carefully vetted charitable organizations across the city and the world. Your dollars and prayers have helped to give hope to many. In the midst of a pandemic that has triggered and revealed extensive needs, we are continuing this tradition to which God calls us. Our goal is to raise $220,000, 100% of which will support nonprofits that help provide shelter, food, education, healthcare, promote peace and reconciliation, and uphold human rights. No amount is too small and know that whatever you give will help to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Here are ways in which you can give: • Give online at • Text “GIVEMCC EASTER21” to 73256

• Mail checks to Marble Collegiate Church, attention: Easter Offering, or use the Easter Offering Envelope you received in the mail. (please note, processing will take longer) • Call the Business Office, (212) 686-2770, ext. 252, to give over the phone or get information about making a matching gift. Matching Gifts offered by employers are eligible through Marble Community Outreach (a 501 (c) 3 organization). Please contact Clay Hale ( for assistance. Thank you for prayerfully considering making a generous contribution to this year’s Easter Offering.

WITH GRATITUDE TO ALL THOSE WORKING BEHIND THE SCENES Thank you to all involved in creating the Holy Week Care Packages – a meaningful addition to this year’s Holy Week. Thank you, once again, to our hard-working Maintenance Team for all they do, including planting bulbs around our trees so people can enjoy beautiful flowers this Spring.

Marble Matters

In the Marble Spotlight ALL-CHURCH COFFEE HOURS Sunday, April 4 | 12:00-1:00pm Bring your coffee or tea and wear your Easter Bonnet or your Easter Pajamas and join us for fun and fellowship. Sunday, May 16 | 12:00-1:00pm Bring your coffee or tea and join us for this special variety show, Celebrating Hope through the Easter Offering. First Thursdays, 7:00-8:15pm through June 3 We encourage all to attend. Invite your friends. If you miss these or any of the previous Racial Justice sessions, or want to watch again, visit Note: Will meet on April 8, not on Maundy Thursday, April 1. Environmental Justice Thursday, April 8 We’ll explore how we can work toward a livable climate and create an equitable, sustainable, and just world, also discussing the ways in which poorer communities and communities of color are disproportionately impacted by the effects of climate change. Racism and the Asian Community Thursday, May 4 During the pandemic we’ve seen hate crimes against Asians increase, highlighting the racism that exists toward the Asian community. We will learn about the roots of this racism and how together we can address it. Racism and the Latinx Community Thursday, June 3 The Latinx community is the largest minority group in the United States, yet many of us know little about how racism is impacting this community. We’ll learn more about the Latinx experience in America and what we can do to advocate for equity and equality for all.

AFTERNOON TEA WITH KIM & SIOBHAN Fill your favorite cup, grab a delicious treat and join us via Zoom each month, 4:30-5:30pm. Watch and bulletin for more details. Spring Tea Party – Thursday, April 15 Virtual Cherry Blossom Stroll –Thursday, May 20 Get Crafty – Thursday, June 17 ANNUAL SPRING PRAYER RETREAT Saturday, May 22 | 10:00-11:30am Join The Marble Prayer Ministry Team and Rev. Brittany Juliette Hanlin online vis Zoom for Cultivating the Spirit of Prayer. There will be presentations on ways to pray, including journaling, dance and meditation. Stay tuned to MarbleChurch. org for details or contact Judy Tulin (JTulin@

CYF CORNER EARTH DAY YOUTH-LED WORSHIP & PANEL DISCUSSION Sunday, April 18 | 11:00am Afterwards, join the Youth as they Join us for a very special Worship service created lead a 30-minute panel discussion with and led entirely by the Youth of Marble (with some members of the Marble Community telling help from our CYF children.) There will be anthems, memorable stories from the past and prespoetry, and a trio of “sermonettes” centering around ent that will illuminate the question: “Our climate change and the “call for action” for Christians environment has changed for the worse. in a quickly changing world. The Youth will also How can we make it better for our children introduce their Spring/Summer service project and to have it the same or even better?” fundraiser – which will support this movement.



Marble Matters

THANK YOU, JUDY TULIN – CELEBRATING 30 YEARS OF SERVICE These are some reflections from Marble members, former and current staff about Judy and her impact at Marble.

Judy Tulin, Coordinator of Pastoral Care with Dr. Arthur Caliandro, former Senior Minister

It is hard to believe that it was 30 years ago that Judy Tulin walked into my office, and my life, to apply to be my administrative assistant. In no time at all, she became irreplaceable to me and to the whole of Marble’s Pastoral Care Ministry (among many other responsibilities). Judy didn’t just become an invaluable assistant, she became an invaluable, lifelong friend whom I cherish. Like many on Marble’s staff, Judy has moved from one office to another more times than I can remember, and there have been a multitude of shifts in her ministry assignments. Nonetheless, Pastoral Care has always been the centerpiece of her service, and it is that for which she is best known and loved. She has played a vital role in providing continuity for much of the congregation amidst some major changes in leadership. She will always be dear to my heart. – Dr. Rob Williams It’s hard to put into words all that Judy means to us and Marble’s ministry, and I decided the best way to do this is as follows: Care /‘ker/, Verb, See Judy Tulin in action! For thirty years Judy has embodied what care looks like and feels like, and she has touched countless lives with her compassion and care. Thank you Judy for showing us what care is all about! – Dr. Michael Bos There is no one with a larger, more caring heart than Judy Tulin. Judy has helped people navigate through some of life’s greatest challenges over the 30 years she has served at Marble. She ministers. She loves. She cares. She goes the extra mile. She listens. She’s kind. Marble has been so blessed that Judy came through our doors three decades ago and stayed. She has made a profound impact on our entire community, and we are deeply grateful. – Dr. Elise Brown

Judy’s heart and soul were made for Pastoral Care. She embodies it in her kindness, gentleness, and willingness to be there for everyone in need. She cares so deeply about her colleagues, her friends, and the Marble Community. Judy and I work together almost daily on some facet of helping the Marble Family – I always value and enjoy our time together. She is such an amazing human being and dear, dear colleague and friend. She’ll do anything for you and that spirit – one she lives and breathes every single day – is what makes Judy so very special. – Mike Thurlow The prophet Micah asks: “With what shall I come before the Lord?” (6:6) Judy need not struggle for an answer. She will bring her kindness to the sick and homebound, her patient sympathy in assisting the grieving, and her loving openness to all. And to think – all at Marble have had a 30-year share in her generous and joyous heart! – Sr. Carol Perry Judy Judy Tulin One of a kind A woman of her own mind A heart bursting with compassion for all Our Jewish matriarch who mothered us all with care beyond compare! – Rev. Kirsty DePree Judy Tulin is a living incarnation of caring. She has taken the scriptures, whether from the Torah (Leviticus 19:18), or from the New Testament (Matthew 22:37-39), “You shall love your neighbor as yourself”, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, you shall love your neighbor as yourself” and put them in action. Judy cares deeply – about a fellow staff member who may be going through a tough time, about a walk-in who needs help… When we would put a divorce or grief recovery group together, she was keenly aware of the delicate healing that needed to take place, and especially with the deaths and funerals. She is also an amazing teachercoach at the Seniors art classes, helping “students” discover an eye for art they didn’t realize they had. She cares warmly and she knows how to live, “love your neighbor as yourself.” – Dr. Bill Lutz When I think of Judy Tulin, I think of all that is good, and pure, and commendable. I think of the perfect gift of God’s love overflowing to her and from her. Undoubtedly, her commitment to God’s church and to all of God’s people will be forever unrivaled. Congratulations, Judy! Your unmatched compassion and selfless example are an inspiration to us all. – Dr. Steven D. Pierce

Marble Matters

What a comforting presence you’ve always been! From knowing the answer to and way forward for every question I ask, to impeccably timed words of encouragement and support, to cups of coffee before my meetings with Kirsty (I still make them the Judy way at home, it’s like a warm hug!), to your smile and laugh and kindness and gracious spirit and seemingly bottomless well of patience. What a gift you are to this community. You embody Marble. You *are* Marble. Congratulations. – Abby Shue Judy Tulin is a woman with the God-given ability to “serve with love.” Many of the missions of Marble would not have succeeded without her. I believe, without question, that 30 years ago God placed her among us. She encourages us all to “serve with love” alongside her. We do so because we love you, Judy Tulin! – Barbara Costigan


Judy, you have been one of the strong constants in my journey here at Marble. From the founding of the Stephen Ministry here 10 years ago, with Steve Pierce, to all of the programming that we do to this day, your steady influence has been an integral part of the amazing success of our ministry. I can’t think of Marble without thinking of you! – Ted Gregory Judy, you have been the essential balm of comfort for thousands of people who you got to know and care for in their hours and days of despair. You have held their hands and have been the reliable shoulder to lean on. We have enjoyed your talent in song and benefited from the grace in which you do every task. Your ministry has been so vibrant, even a stained glass window couldn’t portray the thanks we have for what you’ve done and continue to do. – Rick Harper

Reflections from the Editor

By Karla Fritsch Judy Tulin is a giver. Giving is in her DNA. I’m blessed to know her brother and three sisters and, like Judy, they all give so freely to others. In my June 2016 column, I also mentioned Judy’s gift of giving as I reflected on our years as travel buddies – “travelling with Judy, whether on vacation or in day-to-day life, has helped me observe God more. She is such an amazing example of God’s hands and heart on earth. I’m in awe of her pure generosity in giving to others. She is wired in a special way to connect with people, to care and to be so willing to help.” Although she comes by it naturally, in her 30 years at Marble, Judy has taken her gift and built it into a remarkable ministry. Wonderful ministers have come and gone, yet Judy has been the steadfast hub of the Pastoral Care wheel that helps keep Marble’s spokes of love rolling. To her, it’s more than a job. Countless individuals have been blessed by the ways she’s given of her time when they are travelling through journeys of illness, loneliness and grief. The way she cares for others extends beyond the walls of Marble. Over these decades she has also blended her passions for people and art by volunteering at Gilda’s Club, helping people living with cancer

do therapeutic art, and has led art classes regularly at Senior Residences, in addition to those at Marble. I’m inspired again and again by a giver like Judy. Although her example is a shining guide to help me stretch to give more, I have to admit, that pesky negative voice in my head can start discounting the ways in which I give to others – if I can even recognize my own giving in the first place. During the Interfaith Covid-19 Memorial, Rabbi Jeremy Kalmanofsky said, “We each have an infinitely unique light…” That stood out to me in how I judge myself for not giving the way Judy does. At times I do realize that if I’m too busy belittling what I do give, the energy to help others gets drained and it gives me less vision to see ways I can serve. I can’t worry that I don’t give exactly as Judy does. I need to use the light she shines in her giving to help me focus on using the unique gifts God gave me to help others. I’m blessed, Marble is blessed, that we know someone like Judy who lets her giving radiate so widely. Judy Tulin is LOVE in action. We all can be that, too.

Karla Fritsch Publications Manager




April/May June 2021

Dr. Michael Bos Senior Minister, preaching

An Unexpected Beginning APRIL 4

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Youth Earth Day Service

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Breaking Routines Forming Inner Habits JUNE 13

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Pride Sunday

Spiritual Growth and Education

Marble’s Bible Study is a casual, come-as-you-can forum that is open to all, and especially newcomers. Remember, if you miss a session of Sunday Bible Study, you can catch up at

Sunday Bible Study

SUNDAYS AT 10AM The Gospel of Mark New to Christian faith and wanting to know more about Jesus? Not sure what you believe about hardto-swallow stuff like the virgin birth? Just like to learn and grow and geek out about what makes one gospel different from the others? Join Rev. Anthony Livolsi and others online as we continue our read through of the Gospel of Mark.

Tuesday Evening Bible Study

TUESDAYS AT 6:30PM The Letters of Paul The writings of the Apostle Paul – the earliest in the New Testament – have shaped how all Christians after him have understood and lived out their faith. There is almost no spiritual question Paul does not address: What does it mean to be “saved”? Who is Jesus? How does the grace of God change us? Come with questions of your own to this jump-right-in, roundtable study. Questions? Email, Rev. Anthony Livolsi (


Online Small Groups

Grow spiritually and connect in a deeper way with others at Marble by being part of a Small Group this Spring and Summer! Visit or contact Baleta McKenzie ( GRACE-FILLED GRATITUDE – A 40-DAY JOURNEY Sundays, April 11, 18, 25 & May 2 | 4:00-5:00pm Join Dr. Elise Brown as she explores living a resurrection life of joy during Eastertide. Rev. Susan Sparks joins us a few times over the four weeks to explore her most recent book, why she wrote it and what she hopes people learn from it. This small group will be an encouraging journey of joy, gratitude, and hope during the Easter season. Register at

Prayer Circle via Zoom SUNDAYS AT 10AM Join us for this weekly time of prayer and music. The Circle is always open – all you need is a willing heart, an internet connection or telephone.

Worship #WEWO: WEDNESDAY WORSHIP - ONLINE Wednesdays | 6:15pm Enjoy the uplifting messages from our ministers and powerful music from Deah Love and the Praise Team, via archival highlights as well as new music from Deah. Note: Jazz Vespers on May 12; Pride WeWo on June 23, Arts Ministry participates. EARTH DAY YOUTH-LED WORSHIP Sunday, April 18 | 11:00am Join us for a very special Worship service created and led entirely by the Youth of Marble, followed by a panel discussion. For more details, please see pg. 5.

VIRTUAL JAZZ VESPERS Wednesday, May 12 | 6:15pm Take a mid-week break to rest, reflect and refresh with our service featuring local Jazz artists led by music director Chris Whittaker. Message by Dr. P. Kimberleigh Jordan, currently Associate Director of Educational Design at the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion, and former Associate Minister at Marble. Dr. P. Kimberleigh Jordan


Marble Matters

STIRRINGS OF THE SPIRIT CALLED TO BE THE LIGHT By Rev. Brittany Juliette Hanlin We’ll walk in the light, beautiful light, Come where the dew-drops of mercy are bright; Shine all around us by day and by night, Jesus, the light of the world. – J. V. Coombs

Rev. Brittany Juliette Hanlin Associate Minister

know if my baby is going to make it. My boyfriend is really upset with God, but I just felt like I needed to pray. God told me to go to church to pray so we came here.” I hugged her tightly and told her I would continue to pray for their family. A month before my graduation from Vanderbilt Isn’t it amazing how many people drive past the Divinity School, my professors and I scheduled a Church, seeing and believing the Church to be a beafinal site visit with my Nashville home church and con of love and light; seeing the Church for who we field placement site, Howard Congregational Church. really are. Yet, we as the Church don’t often recognize When I pulled into the parking lot, one of my profesthe beauty and brokenness of those around us. sors (now mentor) was already waiting in her car for In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus says, “You are me. The sun was blazing and she was sitting in her the light of the world…” The Church is the light of convertible, so she came over to my car where the the world and amidst our failures and shortcomings, air conditioner was blasting. As we waited for the people are still looking for our witness in the world. worship leader to open the building, we talked about The common catchphrase among theological circles my finals and the stress and anxiety of moving to Des is: “The Church is dying.” I disagree completely. In my Moines, Iowa in the coming weeks. As I revealed my opinion, The Church is transforming and moving past worries, a car sped into the lot and parked erratically. antiquated notions regarding salvation. As humanity My professor and I looked at each other in confusion. evolves, the institutions we serve are evolving, too. Whoever was driving was obviously upset The Spirit of God is calling The Church to new life and A man got out of the car, slammed the door, and life more abundantly. It is our responsibility to make threw his hands to the sky as he cussed. My professor ourselves available to the movement of God in the and I watched at a distance, trying to figure out what world. was going on. Within a minute a woman got out of We are called to be the eyes of God, seeing ourthe passenger-side door and fell on her knees. At that selves in the face of another. We are called to be point I knew I had to get out of the car to find out if God’s ears, hearing the cries of the suffering. We are they were okay. I walked over to the woman sobbing called to be God’s hands, to comfort and hold the broon the ground and I introduced myself as one of the ken hearted. We are called to be God’s feet, walking ministers at Howard Church. I asked if she was okay. alongside those in their struggle for liberation from The woman looked up at me with tears in her eyes the ills of this world. We are called to be God’s heart, and said, “Will you pray for me?” I obliged of course, acting with compassion to empathize with each other. but I was nervous. The woman did not specify the kind We are called to be the light of the world, challenging of prayer she needed. I felt inadequate to pray, but I systems of separation and discrimination. prayed anyway. I cannot remember the words of my YOU are called. How will you let your light shine? prayer. I do remember holding the woman in my arms as her tears landed on my shoulder. After the prayer, May we as people of faith accept the call to walk the woman opened her eyes and said, “Thank you so in the beautiful light of God’s love. much. We just left the hospital and the doctors don’t

MORE MARBLE ANNIVERSARIES Whether someone has been part of the Marble Staff for a short time or for decades, we are so blessed by their heart and dedication. In addition to Judy’s and Karla’s 30 years and Ken Dake’s 25 years, others have recently celebrated long-time Marble Anniversaries. Desmond Roberts, Part-time Receptionist – 40 years Yvon Plaismond, Maintenance – 15 years Kim Sebastian-Ryan, Director of Membership & Connecting – 15 years Daphne Kim, Director of Human Resources – 15 years

Marble Matters


Engage – More Upcoming Events We are blessed that we can gather together online for Worship and other events, even as the physical distance created by the COVID-19 pandemic continues. For direct links, more events and the most up-to-date information, visit

Bible Study, Prayer Circle & Small Groups


For information, please see Spiritual Growth and Education on page 9.

AFTERNOON PRAYER Weekdays | 4:00-4:20pm Wind down your day with a brief time of sharing and prayer, led by the Marble ministers. Join us via Zoom or Phone.

WOMEN’S MINISTRY SPRINGTIME BIRD WATCHING: A VIRTUAL TOUR Saturday, April 17 | 10:30am Spring is here, birds are back, and while you may CHAIR YOGA not be able to celebrate your love of birds in a physical Every Thursday | 10:00-10:45am group tour (just yet), an online alternative is available. Center yourself physically and spiritually with this No cost, register at For May beginner-friendly time of gentle movement. program information, visit the Marble Women’s Ministry webpage. CAREGIVERS SUPPORT GROUP First Saturday of Month | 1:00-3:00pm GIFTS: LGBTQ FELLOWSHIP Learn how to provide better care to loved ones VIRTUAL COFFEE HOURS while protecting your own health and well-being. Sundays, April 18 & May 16 | 12:00-1:00pm Please contact group leader Rev. Marion Gambardella Get together online after Worship for a chat with ( or Judy Tulin (JTulin@ Marble’s LGBTQ+ fellowship and allies. Newcomers are always welcome. PRIMETIME (55+) Wednesdays | 1:00pm Gather with this energetic group via Zoom video chat or phone to visit with your friends, meet new people and hear meaningful and interesting presentations on various topics. To receive a schedule, please contact Baleta McKenzie (BMcKenzie@ or 212-686-2770, ext. 219). BEREAVEMENT GROUP Every Monday | 11:00am-12:00pm Are you mourning the loss of a loved one? You need not travel this road alone. Share your story in a confidential atmosphere of love and faith. Led by Dr. Ken Ruge. For video link and more information, contact Judy Tulin ( or 212-686-2770, ext. 207).

IF YOU MISSED IT Did you miss watching the Black History Spotlights in February, the Covid Interfaith Memorial on March 14 or other video events – or do you want to see them again? Visit the homepage at and click on the “If You Missed It” image to watch a featured event or go to the Watch page to see all our archived services, concerts, classes, events and more.

Engage – Volunteer

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Touchpoint: April, May & June 2021 ALL CREATION SINGS GOD’S PRAISE: AN EARTH DAY CELEBRATION Sunday, April 25 | after Worship The Marble Music Ministry presents this virtual concert featuring music lauding the beauty and mystery of nature, performed by The Marble Choir and Festival of Voices with soloists and instrumentalists under the direction of Kenneth Dake. The concert is a musical offering of prayer for our one precious and fragile Earth, to lift up in song our hope of healing and renewal. THE SOUND OF REVIVAL: A GOSPEL CELEBRATION Sunday, May 23 | after Worship Join us for a virtual celebration of renewal, refreshment and restoration. Through soul-stirring Gospel music, both familiar and new, The Marble Community Gospel Choir, led by director Rashad McPherson, will take you on a journey of song to usher in the Spirit of hope and healing on this special day in the liturgical calendar.

VIRTUAL SUMMER ARTS FESTIVAL Monday, June 21 – Friday, June 25 This all-church event will feature a full week of various programs highlighting music from classical to jazz, dance, film, poetry, plays and fine art including paintings and photography. Sponsored by The Arts Ministry. Stay tuned to for details or contact Mario Sprouse ( MSprouse@ HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, MARBLE ARTS MINISTRY! The Arts Ministry is proud to announce we recently completed our 40th year at Marble! A lot has happened during those four decades, but the arts are alive and well and as relevant as ever. A large celebration is being planned for next year, but for now stay tuned for our events in April, May, and the 5th Annual Marble Summer Arts Festival in June.

THE LAST WORD Healing does not mean going back to the way things were before, but rather allowing what is now to move us closer to God. — Ram Dass

ANTI-RACISM RESOURCES Marble is dedicated to sharing the best resources we have found on learning and growing in our shared commitment to racial justice and anti-racism. Please visit anti-racism-resource-guide/ for a list of books, articles, podcasts and films so you can learn and help us in the on-going conversation.

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