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Based on the former island of Urk, Marble Automation designs and delivers alarm, monitoring and automation systems for all


types of vessels and buildings. In addition to the delivery of maritime products from our own line of products – from alarm units to complete watch alarm systems (BNWAS) – Marble Automation is also a global expert in ship automation. Having started out as a specialist in automation systems for fishing vessels, we have grown into a globally renowned and reliable partner in automation for all types of vessels, including the finest sailing yachts and luxury motoryachts.

NO-NONSENSE The characteristic no-nonsense mentality of Marble Automation’s specialists, their constant search for innovation, excellent radar for maritime developments and eye for buyer needs form the basis for a first-class cooperation with customers. Marble Automation employees have the right qualifications to ensure you a high-quality product. Our standards are continuously maintained at a premium level via the repeated certification of our systems by well-known agencies. Experience the pleasure of working with true experts.

Unique Selling Points Fast reaction! E-mails are answered within 24-hours and questions over the phone are answered immediately. Always the right person! One phone call is enough to immediately get the right person on the other end of the line. We will not endlessly transfer you to other departments. Short lines of communication ensure our


flexibility as a company.

Marble Automation’s mission statement is summarised in our motto ‘Full Control’, which reflects our efforts to ensure customers have

Taking action! Are you facing a problem? Our practical handling

complete control over their own systems.

is faster than the administrative procedures we

Partner with us and you can rest assured that

need to go through. Replacement units are sent

the complex needs of your systems will be in

to the customer immediately and the forms

the best possible hands. This mission statement

are filled in later. When we get the replaced

is a core value of our company and underpins all products, systems and internal and external

unit back at the workshop, we check what the problem was and take it from there.

processes. Flexible! All agreements incorporate a solid understanding


of the project. They can be changed as necessary

Alarm, Monitoring and Control System��������������04

if the customer experiences problems. In


addition, we don’t deal only in our own products

Alarm Annunciators��������������������������������������������14

– our engineers are also familiar with other


solutions. And nor are we against flying to the

Emergency Telegraph�����������������������������������������20

other end of the world to examine a problem


should your needs dictate.

Yachtica���������������������������������������������������������������26 Fast delivery! Delivery from stock is a permanent ambition for us. No compromises!


Alarm, Monitoring and Control System Alarm system Our system consists of classified parts.

Alarm and alarm history screen:

Classification and FAT as required by any authority can be included. A FAT test is carried out at our office to be sure the system is ready for use after it has been wired up onboard. An approval test scan also be carried out at our office. Marble Automation provides complete systems with drawings and a system layout. Software: The main alarm system is custom built. Each


alarm can be set with a lock, inhibit, delay or change NO/NC function. The alarm history page shows the history of the last 128 alarms. Text labels can be changed on the touchscreen. For vessels built with unmanned engine rooms, the system provides the necessary timers and alerts for the engineers’ cabins. To reach the highest luxury standard in automation, the alarms can also be directed to pagers or sent by SMS to the mobile phone of the engineer or another responsible person in charge. A few features available in the Alarm & Monitoring Module: • Current alarm overview • History alarm overview • Real time trending of analogue values • Grouping alarms by function or equipment • Monitoring values in graphic view • Alarm forwarding to pager / SMS • Interconnection with IPAD

Parameter page:

Power Management System


Software: Marble Automation can provide a Power

the owner or the representatives. A wide range

Management System (PMS). This requires a good

of readouts are available to present the values,

functional description according to which we will

including bar graphs, gauges or numerical fields.

write the software. A short meeting to discuss the

Digital signals such as the ‘engine running’ signal

description can be useful to clear up any differing

can be displayed as a light or as a button, in any


shape or colour desired.

Marble can build our own PMS or readout units which are then used to control the power – these include DEIF or Woodward, for instance. Communication can take place via Ethernet, Modbus RS485 or Profibus. Example picture

Tank sounding Software: The liquid level is measured by a sensor mounted near the bottom of the tank. The sensor is connected to a calculation module which measures actual liquid levels by means of specific

Main Engines

liquid gravity.

The automation system provides information from

The system calculates the exact contents of

the connected equipment.

the tank in litres or cubic meters using the specific tank shape tables, and the information

• Main engine

is displayed on the touchscreen. It can also be

• Auxiliary engines

shown as a percentage. Finally, the calculated

• Bow/sternthruster engine

value also appears on the display in a clear way, as a bar graph or a numeric display.

Most modern diesel engines feature the possibility to connect to a serial or network

To ensure a clear readout, the page shows a view

interface so that a third party can access the

of the vessel with the complete tank plan. Using

available data. The collected information is

different colours for the bar graphs makes is easy

displayed on the graphic pages. The layout of

to distinguish between fuel oil, freshwater, grey

the pages is designed in close cooperation with

water and all other liquid types.

Example for tank measuring

Control & Monitoring Module notifies the user immediately. The screen displays the failure and a new alarm goes off in the alarm screen. If the automatic mode is selected, the system will switch on the emergency light in case of failure in the main lamp or main power supply.

Machinery Software:


The buttons show whether the device is on or off. We send the signal to switch on and switch off. The input gives the status of the device, e.g., watertight doors, lights, and start or stop of pumps. An automatic mode can also be programmed. If there is an alarm, the pump will

Hatches and doors

start and the valve will close. Software: The hatches, security and watertight doors pages show the location of fires or open watertight doors on a graphic display. A floor plan of the corresponding deck appears with a clear indication of the possible insecure location. The buttons show whether the door is closed or open.

Navigation lights Software: The display shows a profile view of the vessel, or just buttons if preferred. All connected lights are indicated on screen. The state of each light is indicated with additional colours. If a failure occurs in one of the lights, such as a broken bulb or power failure, the Navigation Light

Closed circuit cameras Software:

Service contract:

A multiple view or single view display can be

Marble Automation offers the possibility to sign a

selected on the screen for the CCTV system,

service contract that allows minor modifications

showing either the feedback from four cameras

to the Marble system to be made via the internet.

on screen at the same time, or one.

The contract is signed for a period of three years and can save on travel costs when small and simple modifications are needed. Naturally, the actual hours required for a service are still charged. Complex modifications, e.g., changes to the Power Management System, cannot be made over the internet. The line between simple and complex modifications is determined by the experts of Marble Automation. Please contact our sales manager for more information.

Software for remote log in For us to offer the possibility for remote log in, an extra device has to be placed onboard for the software and connected to the existing network. This enables various options, such as monitoring onboard cameras. We do not provide the internet connection. A licence to watch cameras over the internet is optional. It is possible to access the camera network via a website. The use of this service is agreed through an additional service contract. Various options which are not included in this offer are available if you wish to see your Marble system remotely.


4 8

Advantages: • All the elements stipulated by IMO 128(75) in a single casing • Communication interface to VDR and ECDIS (NMEA) • Extendable by means of extra reset buttons

MS 421B Bridge Nautical Watch Alarm System Safety comes first, especially on the bridge. The MS 421B Bridge Nautical Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) ensures that the duty officer doesn’t unintentionally fall asleep. By demanding action regularly, it guarantees alertness and reduces the chance of accidents. The MS 421B is type approved according to current legislation for bridge nautical watch alarm systems as laid down by the IMO in resolution 128(75). IMO Res. A. 694(17), IMO Res. MSC. 128(75), IMO MSC/Circ. 982, IMO Res. MSC. 191(79), IMO Res. MSC. 282(86), IEC 61162 Series, IEC 62288 Ed. 1. 0 (2008), IEC 60945 (2002), IEC 62616 (2010).

• Reports to the officers’ cabins • Cost-efficient installation • No light pollution thanks to the dimming function • Possibility to switch on automatically together with the automatic pilot. Features: • Dimensions: 72x144x100 (WxHxD) • Cut out: 68x138 (WxH) • Power supply: 18-28VDC • Current: 145mA max • 4 potential free outputs • Autopilot input • Reset input Type approved by Lloyd’s Register, IVW, Bureau Veritas and Wheelmark approved

5 9

MS 410 - WM MS 410 Alarm Buzzer

The MS410 is a substation for the officers’ cabins. A flat version of the MS 410 that can be easily mounted on a wall is also available.

The MS410 is a substation for the officers’ cabins and/or mess. This panel has a green LED which indicates that the bridge watch


alarm is activated and the timer is counting

• Easy to connect

down (3/12 minutes). The red LED and

• Complete in the same line as the MS

internal buzzer indicate if an officer on duty


fails to respond by resetting the watch alarm

• Integrated LEDs

and direct assistance from the backup officer

on the bridge is required.

Features: • Dimensions: 72x96x75mm (WxHxD) • Cut out: 68x92 (WxH) • Power supply: 18-28VDC Type approved by Lloyd’s Register, IVW, Bureau Veritas and Wheelmark approved


MS MS 411 411 Remote Reset Remote Reset The MS 411 is the remote reset panel for The MS411the is the remote panel forplaces resetting resetting BNWAS on different on the the BNWAS from different places on the bridge. Bridge. This device may only be placed on the This device only placed on the bridge. bridge. The may green LEDbe indicates that the watch The green LED indicates that the watch alarm alarm is active the red LED and internal buzzer

MS 415 BNWAS Remote Reset Watertight

is active, that while the red minute LED andwatch internal buzzer indicate the 3/12 alarm timer indicate that the 3/12 minute watch alarm timer has exceeded. By pressing the reset button on

The The MS415 MS 415isisaaremote remoteunit reset forunit resetting for resetting the

has exceeded. Pressing the reset button the been MS 411 panel the watch alarm timer will on the MS411 panel resets the watch alarm restart and recover bridge alarm/call officer/call

device This device may may only only be placed be placed on the onbridge the bridge. (wing).

timer and the bridge alarm/call officer/call crew crew stages. stages. Advantages: Advantages: Easy to to connect connect • • Easy Complete in in the the same same line line as as the the MS MS 421B 421B • • Complete LED’sand andreset resetbutton buttonintegrated integrated • • LEDs

BNWAS the BNWAS fromon places different outside places the on bridge. the Bridge. This AEspecially waterproof for version outside is a watertight available especially version isfor outdoor made. The installation. buzzer indicate The buzzer that the indicates 3/12 minute that the 3/12 watchminute alarm timer watchhas alarm exceeded. timer has Byexceeded. pressing the By reset pressing buttonthe on reset the MS button 415 unit on the theMS415 watch unit, alarm the timer watch will alarm restarttimer and recover and bridge bridge alarm/call alarm/call officer/call officer/call crew crew stages stages.are reset. Advantages: Advantages:

Features: Features:

• • Easy Easy to to connect connect

Dimensions: 72x96x75mm 72x96x75mm (WxHxD) (WxHxD) • • Dimensions:

• • Waterproof Watertight

Cut out: out dimensions : 68x92 (WxH) • • Cut 68x92 (WxH)

• • Completes Completes the the BNWAS BNWAS system system

Power supply: Supply:18-28 • • Power 18-28 Vdc VDC

• • LED LED integrated integrated in in reset reset button button

Type approved approved by by Lloyd’s Lloyd’s Register, Register, IVW, IVW, Bureau Bureau Type

Features: Features:

Veritas and and Wheelmark Wheelmark approved approved Veritas

• • Dimensions: Dimensions 110x75X75 110x75X75mm mm (WxHxD) (WxHxD) • • Wall Wall mount Mount • • Power Power supply: supply 18-28 18-28VDC Vdc Type Type approved approved by by Lloyd’s Lloyd’s Register, Register, IVW, IVW, Bureau Bureau Veritas Veritas and and Wheelmark Wheelmark approved approved


MS MS 422 422 BNWAS BNWAS Selection Selection Switch Switch The The MS MS 422 422 isis an an optional optional selector selector device device for for the the Marble Marble MS421B MS421B bridge bridge nautical nautical watch watch alarm alarm system. system. This This device device isis used used to to select select which which backup backup officer officer isis to to be be alarmed alarmed in in case case

MS MS 423 423 BNWAS BNWAS Selection Selection Switch Switch panel panel

of of emergency emergency situations situations when when the the watch watch alarm alarm

To Tocomplete make a complete your system, system Marble Marble Automation Automation

enters enters the the “call “call officer” officer” stage. stage. This This situation situation

can candeliver deliveraacustom-made custom madepanel panel.complete Complete with

occurs occurs when when the the officer officer on on the the bridge bridge can’t does not

with selection a selection switchswitch for thefor different the three duty different officers.

respond respond to to the the signalling signalling watch watch alarm. alarm.

duty Marble officers. Automation The system deliver willa be complete ready to system use,

The The six six yellow yellow led’s LEDs indicate which backup officer

including Includingdrawings drawingsfor forall theconnections connectionsinof the the

isis to to be be ordered ordered on on the the bridge bridge during during emergency emergency

configuration. complete configuration.

situations. situations. Use Use the the rotary rotary switch switch at onthe thepanel panel change to change backup the backup officer. officer. A maximum A maximum of six backup of six

Advantages: Advantages:

officers officers can can be be selected. selected.

• • Easy Easytotoconnect connect • • Complete Completeininthe thesame sameline lineas asMS MS421B 421B

Advantages: Advantages:

• • Selection Selectionswitch switchtotoselect selectofficers officerson of watch watch

• • Easy Easy to to connect connect

• • Custom Custommade made

• • Complete Complete in in the the same same line line as as MS MS 421B 421B

• • All-in-one All in one panel panel

• • Selection Selection switch switch to to select select officers officers of onwatch watch • • Easy Easy to to configure configure

Features: Features:

• • LED’s Integrated integrated LEDs

• • Dimensions: Dimensions:150x175x100mm 150x175x100 mm(WxHxD) (WxHxD) • • Power Powersupply: supply:18-28 18-28VDC Vdc

Features: Features: • • Dimensions: Dimensions: 72x144 72x144mm mm (WxH)

Type Typeapproved approvedby byLloyd’s Lloyd’sRegister, Register,IVW, IVW,Bureau Bureau

• • Cut Cut out: out: 68x138 68x138mm mm (WxH)

Veritas Veritasand andWheelmark Wheelmarkapproved approved

• • Power Power supply:18-28 supply: 18-28VDC Vdc Type Type approved approved by by Lloyd’s Lloyd’s Register, Register, IVW, IVW, Bureau Bureau Veritas Veritas and and Wheelmark Wheelmark approved approved



Apparent motion is detected when an infrared source with a given temperature – a human being, say – passes in front of a Passive Infrared

MS Horn MS Horn/Beacon This general-purpose electronic sounder for

Sensor (PIR)

industrial applications gives a choice of 32 tones,

The motion sensor resets the MS 421B.



The only difference from the horn version is the

• Easy to connect

beacon, which flashes if the alarm sounds.

including all major standards. It has universal

• 110° angle and 360° overview Advantages: Features:

• Simple first fix installation

• Dimensions: 110x40mm (ØxD)

• Smooth flow cabling for faster installation

• Ceiling mount

• Quick connect/disconnect

• Power supply: 24V AC/DC

• No locking screw required • Tone and volume can be pre-set or adjusted offbase

Mounting heights





Coverage (dia)





Features: • Dimensions: 97.5x104.1mm (RxH) • Power supply: 8-35VDC • 32 tones • Current: 6-35mA • IP65 • Frequency: 400-2850Hz • Operating temp: -25 °C to + 70°C • Compliance: EN54 3 Type B • Cable Entries: 2x20mm cable glands


MS Terminal The MS Terminal is made for the BNWAS system. It is easy to use and the wiring and drawings

MS 431

are included. The system configuration can be changed at will. The MS Terminal is made for a

The MS 431 is made for the BNWAS system.

very large system. There is no need to add extra

It is easy to use – simple connectors allow a

inputs. No extra work is required to set up the

straightforward installation. For drawings, see

terminal or to make changes if the configuration

our website (after

is different.

login), or the MS431 packaging.


MS 432

• The BNWAS system is easy to install according to the pre-wired terminal • Template for drawings is enclosed

The MS 432 allows five buzzer units and two reset units.

• Drawings can be adapted to the actual configuration

MS 433


The MS 433 enables connection to the selector

• Dimensions: 400x80x100mm (WxHxD)


• Power supply: 24VDC Advantages: • The BNWAS system is easy to install • Straightforward connection Features: • Dimensions: 145x105xm30m (WxHxD) • Power supply: 24VDC


MS 5B Alarm unit


MS 10B Alarm unit MS 10B-DO10 Alarm unit


Flexibility and simplicity were the main goals

• The alarm unit is compact, allowing it to be

in the development of the MS 10B. It is highly

The compact MS 5B Alarm unit has a surprisingly wide range of applications, such as indicating the status of watertight doors or serving as an alarm for bilges, tanks and auxiliary engines. It is easy to configure – no extra tools or equipment are

installed at any desired location • Channel texts can be adapted by the user using slide-in window • There is no risk of alarm light defects thanks to

flexible, in configuration and application as well as in programming. This has resulted in a high-end alarm unit that can be applied in many situations, e.g., for alarms on critical

the use of LEDs

components in generator sets, main engines and

• Integrated LED test

other equipment, as well as for the wheelhouse,

• Alarm unit connects directly to the alarm horn

porter’s lodge, cabins and dayrooms. It can also

• Operational safety and reliability in line with

be a part of any kind of alarm and monitoring

requirements of heavy industrial applications.

system. The Lloyd’s register and BV type approved MS 10B and MS 10B–DO10 can also

Features: • Dimensions: 72x96x75mm (WxHxD) • Cut out: 68x92 (WxH) • Power supply: 24VDC • 5 digital N.O. and N.C. inputs • 1 lock input N.C./N.O. • 1 group output N.C./N.O. • Galvanically separated inputs • Potential free alarm output

give a status indication.


Advantages: • Easy installation using clear manual • Flexible and therefore applicable in many different situations • Simple configuration by means of rotary switches • Easy integration with other systems using the • Free choice of channel text description

MS 11 Printer Controller

• No risk of alarm light defects due to use of LEDs

A small alarm system can be built using the MS

• Integrated pushbuttons make extra buttons

10B Alarm Annunciator: Ideal for a small new

standard RS 485 Modbus interface

superfluous • Operational safety and reliability in line with requirements of heavy industrial applications. Features:

boat build or when refitting an existing system. A maximum of 100 digital alarm inputs, 30 inhibit inputs and 30 outputs are available. A printer can be attached for to print out alarms.

• Dimensions: 144x72x75 (WxHxD) • Cut out: 68x138 (WxH)


• Power supply: 18-30VDC

• Easy to set up thanks to self-learning printer

• Current: 150mA max • 10 digital inputs (NO/NC) • 10 digital outputs (0.5A) MS 10B-DO10 • Modbus interface (RS485)

controller. • Modular setup, 1 to 10 alarm units can be connected. • 1 to max. 10 alarm units

• 3 group outputs • 3 lock inputs


• Potential free alarm relay

• Dimensions: 144x72x110 (WxHxD)

• Polycarbonate housing

• Cut out: 68x138 (HxW) • Power supply: 18-36VDC

Type approved by Lloyd’s Register and Bureau

• Current: 145mA max


• Power output for Marble printer: 5VDC • Printer Interface: Serial RS 232 • EEPROM time registration: 16kb • Number of registrations: 2700 Printer • Dimensions: 100x75x150 (WxHxD) • Paper: 57.5xMax ø 50mm

MS 2000 serie Marble Automation has released the MS 2000 series to report specified alarms in the engineer’s or officer’s cabin. From a control panel for manned and unmanned engine rooms to alarm extensions for the engineer, the MS 2000 series can be applied in many different situations.

MS 2004 Watch Alarm Extension Watch alarm, run

16 MS 2002 Alarm Extension Alarm, engineer’s alarm, fire, on duty and horn/ lamp test.

MS 2005 Alarm Extension Insert your own description Advantages: • Standard dimensions • Installation can be combined • Applicable in all situations • Easy to connect by means of a removable connector • There is less risk of alarm light defects thanks to the use of LEDs

MS 2003 Alarm Engine Room

Features: • Dimensions 80x80 (WxH) • Power supply 18-33 VDC • Internal buzzer

Alarm, engineer’s alarm, engine room manned,

• Integrated push buttons

engine room unmanned, on duty and manned/

• Fits on a built-in box


• Panel mount or wall mount unit


MS 715 Tachograph A longer sailing time means greater efficiency. The MS 715 is specially made for this purpose, and meets all requirements laid down in the statutory laws. Chapter 23 of RVBR requires that a well-functioning, approved tachograph be onboard when sailing outside block hours. The tachograph needs to be in operation from at least the beginning of the last continuous resting time of 8 (A1 mode) or 6 (A2 mode) hours, and be available for inspection at all times.

18 Advantages:


• Investing in the MS 715 means you will be


allowed and able to sail more hours. This in

• Dimensions: 144x72x110 (WxHxD)

turn means more sailing efficiency.

• Cut out: 138x68 (WxH)

• Only one appliance for a maximum of three propellers

• Power supply: 18-36 VDC • Current: 145mA max

• Easy functionality

• Maximum propellers: 3

• Memory for the registration of past sailing time

• Power output sensors: 24VDC


• Signal sensors: NPN and PNP

• Very compact

• Power output printer: 5VDC

• External printer connection

• Printer interface: Serial RS 232

• Easy to install thanks to the supplied connection

• EEPROM time registration: 16Kb


• Number of registrations: 2700 Certified by RDW

Printer • Dimensions: 100x75x150 (WxHxD) • Paper: 57.5 x max ø 50mm


MS Sensor 1 Sensor for RPM meter and warp counter. Three wire connections. Advantages:

MS Sensor 2

• Easy connection • Short housing models. This sensor for the MS 715 tachograph has four Features:

wire connections with signal NPN and signal PNP.

• Dimensions: M18 • Power supply: 15-34Vdc


• Cable length: 2m

• Easy connection • Short housing models Features: • Dimensions: M18 • Power supply: 10-30VDC • Cable length: 2m • Operation LED

MS 325 Emergency Telegraph To ensure continued sailing even when the engine controls fail, Marble Automation has developed a Lloyds Register Type approved Emergency Telegraph. The MS 325 is designed specifically for all ships that have a remote controlled engine or a propeller with a variable pitch. Commands for the bridge are transmitted to the engine room via the MS 325, ensuring continued operation of all equipment.




• Continued operation in case of lost control over

• Dimensions: 96x144x75mm (WxHxD)

the motor/pitch

• Cut out: 92x138mm (WxH)

• Easy to use

• Power supply: 24VDC

• No risk of alarm light defects thanks to the use

• 11 positions (9 commands / 2 signals)

of LEDs • Built-in dimming function prevents blinding • Cabling costs are reduced thanks to a two-wire communication line • Communication Interface to VDR (NMEA) • The MS 325 can be applied in all ships that have

• Position indication by LEDs • Max. 4 units system (two bridge & two engine room) • Two wire bus connection between the units (Modified Modbus RTU) • Potential free alarm relay

a remote controlled engine of a propeller with a variable pitch.

Type approved by Lloyd’s Register and Bureau Veritas

21 MS 450 Bezel This bezel is designed for a DIN housing with dimensions 72x96 (WxH).

MS 451 Bezel This bezel is designed for aDIN housing with dimensions 72x144 (WxH).

MS 452 Bezel This bezel is designed for DIN housing with dimensions 96x144 (WxH).

MS 453 Bezel This bezel is designed for a 3.8� touchscreen with an external buzzer.

MS Custom Bezel A bezel for any custom solution is also available.


MS 455 Wall Mounting Box This wall mounting box is designed for a DIN housing with dimensions 72x96 (WxH).

MS 521B Warp counter The MS 521B warp counter is designed to

MS 456 Wall Mounting Box

measure the distance of unreeled warp or chain. The measurement is made possible by placing sensors on the winch or drum. This allows the MS 521B to measure the length of unreeled warp or

This wall mounting box is designed for a DIN

chain precisely.

housing with dimensions 72x144 (WxH). Advantages: • Compact design • Clear and large LED display • Minimum and maximum alarm are adjustable on the front • Zero reset on the front • Simple alarm setting Features: • Dimensions: 96x72x75 (WxHxD) • Cut out: 92x68 (WxH) • Power supply: 24VDC • Output: 1 relays • Input: 2 proximity switches • RS 485 modbus interface


MS 821 Protocol Convertor Marble Automation developed the MS 821 for the conversion of any serial protocol. This converter can, for instance, be used to read out the statuses of an alarm monitoring system and export this information in NMEA to a VDR (Voyage Data Recorder). The serial port for the incoming data is RS485. For the outgoing data you can choose between RS232 and RS485. Any protocol and every communication parameter can be implicated and should be available before purchasing the MS 821 protocol converter. NMEA and Modbus RTU are protocols with which Marble has experience. Advantages:

MS 921B RPM Counter Marble Automation developed the MS 921B propeller revolution counter to count the number of revolutions of a propeller or other rotating parts. The LED display clearly shows the number of revolutions per minute. The LEDs also show the direction of revolution of the propeller. The MS 921B can be applied in a wide range of situations. The rpm of a winch, (dredging) pump or bowthruster can all be measured. Advantages: • Clear and reliable 4 digit display of the number of revolutions per minute • Indication of direction of revolution of the propeller • Relay output that switches automatically after

• Conversion from/to any protocol

a pre-determined number of revolutions per

• RS 232 / RS 485 interface can be chosen


• Every baud rate is possible.

• Compact shape

• Small housing.

• Easy installation and configuration

• LED indication for incoming and outgoing communication.

Features: • Dimensions: 96x72x75 (WxHxD)


• Cut out: 92x68 (WxH)

• Dimensions: 100x50x24mm (WxHxD)

• Power supply: 24VDC • Output: 1 relay • Input: 2 proximity switches • RS 485 modbus interface



Install this SMS annunciator for improved safety at home or in your vessel. It is equipped with a phone card and can be configured to send alarms

MS SR 110/220 DC Voltage Regulator

to specified phone numbers by SMS. The SR110/220 is used to regulate the voltage SMS Basic:

of large DC generators with different loads and

• 8 x alarm


• 1 x output

The SR 110/220 is available for 110 and 220 volt applications and can handle generators up to

SMS Pro:

80kW with a field current up to 16A.

• 8 x alarm

The SR 110/220 has a spring loaded breaker

• 3 x output

switch which protects the system from overvoltage.


When ordering, please state the voltage. The

• Easy configuration.

regulator is plug & play, with no additional

• First configuration by Marble Automation.

adjustment required.

• Antenna included with 2m cable. Advantages: Features:

• Suitable for generators up to 80kW

• Dimensions: 135x105x25(WxBxH)

• Field current up to 16A

• Power supply: 7-15VDC

• Adjustable overvoltage protection

• Output: Max. 3A, 24VDC or 3A, 220VAC

• Adjustable voltage

• NC/NO: selectable by jumper.

• Proven technology • Durable casing for harsh environments Features: • Dimensions: 280x195x145mm (WxHxD)


MS 221 LED monitoring system LED navigation is more and more common in shipping. These types of navigation lights are very popular for their long lifespan, low power consumption and high brightness. The only problem was finding a suitable LED navigation monitoring system that would work. Until now… Marble’s MS 221 LED navigation monitoring system measures the LED navigation light current continuously and indicates measurements below 5%. The MS 221 also measures the power supply so it can compensate the measured values of the navigation lights when the power supply voltage fluctuates by a few volts. Advantages: • 7 LED light measuring inputs • 1 power supply measuring input • 8 alarm transistor outputs • 8 LED indicators

Marble Automation is proud to be dealer of Yachtica® Yachtica® is the first company in the world, which has applied the principles of “Domotics” (Home-Automation) and the advanced lighting control to the yachting industry.The complete Yachtica® products range is the perfect solution for lighting control on board every size yachts,


from the switchboard to the lighting sources.

Automated Living on Board

The production includes: lighting automation

Yachtica Automated Living on Board

system, programmable dimmers, LED Drivers and

Via Poggio alle Viti, 1187

Electronic Transformers; High end High tech Wall

55054 - MASSAROSA - LU - Italy

Plates and accessories. Tel. +39 0584 383354 The marine products allow to manage any

Fax +39 0584 383270

luminous source (incandescent, halogen, fluorescent and LED lights and RGB-W LED lights)

and at any voltage ( 12VDC, 24VDC and 110 VAC

e 220VAC) with highest quality of the dimming function, in addition to on board comfort by means of the advanced “domotic” control. Industrial manufacturing standards ensure Yachtica® the total control of the products’ quality.



Marble Automation BV Keteldiep 6 8321 MH Urk The Netherlands T: +31 (0)527 68 79 53 F: +31 (0)527 68 79 54 E: I:

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A complete overview off all Marble Automation products and services.

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