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WELCOME TO MARBLE AUTOMATION! Based on the former island of Urk, Marble Automation designs and delivers alarm, monitoring and automation systems for all types of vessels and buildings. In addition to the delivery of maritime products from our own line of products – from alarm units to complete watch alarm systems (BNWAS) – Marble Automation is also a global expert in ship automation. Having started out as a specialist in automation systems for fishing vessels, we have grown into a globally renowned and reliable partner in automation for all


types of vessels, including the finest sailing yachts and luxury motor yachts.

NO-NONSENSE The characteristic no-nonsense mentality of Marble Automation’s specialists, their constant search for innovation, excellent radar for maritime developments and eye for buyer needs form the basis for a first-class cooperation with customers. Marble Automation employees have the right qualifications to ensure you a high-quality product. Our standards are continuously maintained at a premium level via the repeated certification of our systems by well-known agencies. Experience the pleasure of working with true experts.

FULL CONTROL Marble Automation’s mission statement is summarised in our motto ‘Full Control’, which reflects our efforts to ensure customers have complete control over their own systems. Partner with us and you can rest assured that the complex needs of your systems will be in the best possible hands. This mission statement is a core value of our company and underpins all products, systems and internal and external processes.

3 The logo of Marble Automation is designed in a way

to examine a problem should your needs dictate.

that it reflects multiple meanings. The logo is circular

Short lines: One phone call is enough to immediately

which refers to the curve of a marble. The second

get the right person on the other end of the line. We

expression can be found in the character M of Marble,

will not endlessly transfer you to other departments.

which is displayed in a wavy way. This refers to the

Short lines of communication ensure our flexibility as a

fact that Marble is specialized in automation solutions


for the shipping industry. The 3rd expression can also

Practical: Are you facing a problem? Our practical

be found in the character M, which express the two

handling is faster than the administrative procedures

main sails of a sailing yacht.

we need to go through. Replacement units are sent to the customer immediately and the forms are filled

Unique Selling Points

in later. When we get the replaced unit back at the

• Fast Delivery!

workshop, we check what the problem was and take it

• Fast Reaction!

from there.

• Experienced!

Customized and Standard: Marble can do both. Do you

• Flexible!

wish to customize your system to your needs, or to

• Short lines!

the interior of you vessel, or do you want our standard

• Practical!

system? No problem at all! We have delivered already

• Customized and Standard systems and solutions

more than 500 systems and product variations since 1997.

Fast Delivery: Delivery products from stock is a permanent ambition for us. No compromises! Ordered today, delivered tomorrow.


Fast Reaction: Questions and requests are answered

Marble Automation delivers AMCS Systems (Alarm,

within 24 hours and questions over the phone are

monitoring and Control) to a wide range of markets,

answered immediately.

which have their own specialized systems. The main

Experienced: with more than 20 years of experience,

markets in which Marble Automation operates are:

Marble Automation is the leading partner for

1. Commercial Vessels

automation, products and solutions in the shipping

2. Yachting


3. Industrial Solutions

Flexible: All agreements incorporate a solid

4. Offshore

understanding of the project. They can be changed as

5. Products and product development

necessary if the customer experiences problems. In addition, we don’t deal only in our own products – our

On the last pages you will find our most recent

engineers are also familiar with other solutions. And

reference list for each product and system per market

nor are we against flying to the other end of the world

which we have delivered since 1997.

Alarm, Monitoring and Control System


The Marble ship automation system is the most

their experiences in ship automation results in

powerful and complete automation system you

a reliable automation system with a sensitive

can get on board a ship. A world of possibilities


will open when a Marble Automation system

The software is build up by several software

is installed onboard. Complete integration

modules, integrated in a SCADA environment.

with equipment onboard creates innumerable

Each module takes care for the functions it is


written for. Due to this modular set up, the

Each Marble Automation system is custom build.

interaction between several modules is reliable.

Due to differences in equipment, wishes and

The system will incorporate all relevant process

vessel types each system is unique and therefore

functions, in such a way that the operation of the

it deserves an unique automation system.

machinery will be as simple as possible. All the

system consists of mainly classified parts. Marble

That is why the images in this description are for

Automation provides complete systems with

indication only. The layout and colours that are

drawings and a system layout. A list of possible

used will be tuned in to the ship’s interior design

modules and pages which Marble Automation can

and created in conjunction with the owner or the

include in their systems are:


1. Alarmsystems, with history and parameter


Roughly speaking the Marble Automation system

- Option for UMS extension.

can be divided into two parts: the hardware and

2. Powermanagement systems

the software.

3. Tank measuring

To reduce cabling, the hardware is located

4. Generator & Main Engines

in strategic positions. This can be the main

5. Powerpage (DC and AC)

switchboard, control panels, bridge desk, engine

6. Machinery, ballast systems.

or any other location.

7. (Navigation) Lights

8. Hatches and Doors

The hardware consists of reliable, well approved

9. Burglar Alarm

components which are certified by major

10. CCTV

maritime inspectorates.

11. Trending and logging

12. Statuspage (e.g. motoring/sailing/main

The software is written by the software


development department of Marble. Their

13. Customized pages

specific knowledge of maritime solutions and

14. IO Pages 15. Remote support and remote login


Software: Alarmsystems The main alarm system is custom build. If an

NC function. Also it is possible to categorize the

alarm arises, the alarm page will be shown and

alarms in groups, colours per group, priorities and

the alarm is flashing with a red background. At


the same time the horn output and the buzzer in the screen will be activated. When there is an

Option UMS

alarm, first the horn should be silenced with the

Unmanned Machinery Space (UMS) can be

“stop horn” button and then accepted with the

integrated into the system. There is a screen

“accept” button. An alarm shown on the alarm

for entrance engine room and one for the mess

page disappears when the alarm status changes

and two for a cabins. These screens will show

to normal. In the alarm history page it is possible

functionality for UMS and show the alarms,

to see the history of the last 128 alarms. Texts can

according to the IMO regulations. The screens are

be changes on the touch screen. Each alarm can

part of the main system. The UMS system can

be set with a lock, inhibit, delay or change NO/

handle multiple enginerooms.

Monitoring Power Management System


Marble Automation can provide a Power

like DEIF or Woordward. Then the Marble system

Management System (PMS) which is programmed

will readout these units by Ethernet, Modbus

according a functional description operation of the

RS485 of Profibus and visualize the different

PMS system. Once the operation is described, the

values and parameters. Together with digital

functionality of the system will be programmed

inputs from the total system the alarm list and

and commissioned accordingly. The system

the list with values of every separate engine is

can operate with all kind of synchronization units


Tanksouding To ensure a clear readout, this page shows a view

The liquid level is measured by a sensor. Marble

of the vessel with the complete tank plan. Using

can read out all different kind of sensorsystems.

different colours for the bar graphs, the difference

The sensor is connected to a calculation module

between fuel oil, fresh water, grey water and all

which measures actual liquid levels by means of

other liquid type, the readout comfort rises. The

specific liquid gravity. Finally the calculated value

content is displayed on the touch screen, the

also appears on the display in a clear way, as a

system calculates the tank content in litres or

bar graph or a numeric display. Functionality for

cubic meters, using the specific tank sounding

Trim and Heel adjustments can be an add-on to


the delivery of the tank sounding system.


Generator and Main Engines The automation system can provide information

pages is designed in close cooperation with the

form the connected equipment e.g:

owner or owner representative. A wide range

• Main Engines

of readouts are available to present the values,

• Auxiliary engines

including bar graphs, gauges or numerical fields.

• Bow/sternthuster engine

Digital signals such as the ‘engine running’ signal

• Generators

can be display as a light or as a button in any shape or colour desired.

Most modern diesel engines feature the

Communication to diesel engines is based at a

possibility to connect to a serial or network

100% engine protection by the engine supplier

interface so that a third party can access the

itself. Together with digital inputs from the total

available data. The collected information is

system the alarm list and the list with values of

displayed on the graphic pages. The layout of the

every separate engine is shown.

Powerpage The powerpage can show any detail information

voltage this page gives a clear overview of the

about the electrical status of the vessel. The

powerconsumption and status of the (active)

mains and batteries power are visualised for

generators and batteries. A detail subpage can

example by a single-line diagram. Together

be provide to visualize detail information per

with the total values of power, current and


Machinery / Ballast / Hydraulic system


On the Machinery page it is possible to have different

hydraulic page Marble Automation can visualized the

pumps or valves to be opened or closed by pushing

schematic of the hydraulic system, with the pumps

the button. These signals are sent by the Marble

and valves on the correct place. In this way a clear

Automation system. Also the system can show

overview is given to provide hydraulic information in

whether the device is on or ff.. If an alarm arises, the

combination with efficient reaction of the engineer.

can start and/or a valve will close. An automatic

An extra add-on can be provided to have logged the

mode can be programmed on request. On the

running of the machinery (running hours)

(Navigation) Lights This page shows a profile view of the vessel, or

module can notify the user immediately. The

just buttons preferred. All connected lights are

navigation light are alarmed if applicable. The

indicated on screen. The state of each light can be

screen displays the failure and a new alarm goes

indicated with additional colours. If a failure occurs

off. If the automatic mode is selected, the system

in one of the lights, such as a broken bulb or power

will switch on the emergency light in case of

failure, the Navigation Light Control & Monitoring

failure in the main lamp or main power supply.


Hatches and doors/Burglar Alarm The hatches, security and watertight doors pages

burglar alarm will require to enter an code for

show the location of fires or open watertight

entering and leaving the vessel with all hatches

doors on a graphic display. A floor plan of

and doors open/closed. It is possible to overrule

the corresponding deck appears with a clear

certain hatches/doors, to be temporarily no part

indication of the possible insecure location. This

of the burglar alarm system. Also it is possible to

page in the Marble Automation system shows

have a short alarm signal go off when entering

buttons or lights which will indicate whether

the vessel / when a motion sensor is activated.

the door is closed or open. A burglar alarm can

The burglar alarm can be adapted to the demands

be built as an extra add-on on the system. The

of the end-user.

CCTV A multiple view or single view display can be

camera’s on screen at the same time. Depending

selected on the screen for the CCTV system,

on the type of camera installed it is possible to

showing either the feedback from one or multiple

add tilt, pan and zoom functionality.

Trending and logging


In the Marble Automation AMCS system it is

during the project. When data is logged it is also

possible to trend and log data. For trending

possible to import and export and manipulate

and logging it is important to determine which

the different kinds of data from these pages.

parameters and intervals will be set to log the

The information can be used for reports. This is

data. The frequency of the logging actions and the

dependent on the demands of the end-user. Some

time when how long it should be possible to see

examples for trending data are e.g. All tank levels,

historical data influences the amount of hard disk

Engine data for main engine and both gensets (eg

space, number of hard disks (physical space) and

oil pressure, temperatures, fuel consumption etc),

cooling of the area. This should be determined

Power consumption by phase etc.

Status page With a status page the user can determine

a custom-build page which shows all this data

which combination of data is shown on a page.

combined on the desired place of the page. This

For example, if you would like to have all data

makes it convenient for the engineer or captain

combined which is important for a main overview

and prevents switching from page to page all the

or sailing mode, Marble Automation can make

time during sailing or motoring or other process.

Customized pages In case extra pages are needed it is possible to design your own pages and let Marble Automation develop the pages according your demands. Please feel free to ask to have all possibilities.



The Alarm, Monitoring and Control systems of Marble Automation can be developed for all can of different resolutions and screen sizes. For example you can choose to have wide screens of 24 inch in the bridge and to have smaller 10 inch screens in the mess room or engine room. This is flexible and can be programmed according the customers’ needs or according regulations. Also it can be choses to run the software on Panel PC’s or a combination of a PC and a screen. The Panel PC’s are limited to resolution and size but available in a wide range of possibilities. Also it can be chosen to use standard polycarbonate fabric or high quality glass panels.


IO Pages The IO Pages shows the lay-out of the configuration of the PLC. The led’s indicate whether an input or output is working correctly. By adding this page in the system, the engineer does not have to enter the engineroom or investigate the PLC cabinet to determine if the IO connection works properly.

Remote support and login To prevent the cost of traveling Marble

license will be disconnected and removed. After

Automation offers the possibly to support and

disconnecting the license, the license will not be

adapt software remotely when small and simple

available for the next 24 hours.

modifications are needed. This can be done by

- It is also possible to install

placing a remote unit on board or by installing

Secomea Sitemanager

remote support software on the engineers

hardware module. This

laptop or a Marble PC. For each remote session

module can be directly

all working/support hours will be invoiced

connected to the internet


or via a SIM card

The following option can be chosen:

to a GSM network.

- For remote support through a computer or

This module must

laptop we have introduced the Secomea Embedded SiteManager which will be installed at the engineers laptop or a computer on

be installed at a fixed position. In this case a laptop or PC at your side is not needed.

board. The additional costs for the delivery and installation of an Secomea Embedded

Complex modifications, for example modifications

SiteManager will be charged on-time for one

on the Power Management System are not free


of traveling and will not be executed over the

- We also have the possibility to use the Secomea

internet. The line between simple and complex

Embedded Sitemanager for single use per

modifications is judged by the experts of Marble

session. The costs will be an amount as start-up

Automation B.V. Please contact our sales manager

costs for each session. After each session the

to receive more information.

14 MS 421B Bridge Nautical Watch Alarm System Safety comes first, especially on the

The MS 421B is type approved according to current

bridge. The MS 421B Bridge Nautical

legislation for bridge nautical watch alarm systems

Watch Alarm System (BNWAS)

as laid down by the IMO in resolution 128(75).

ensures that the duty officer doesn’t

IMO Res. A. 694(17), IMO Res. MSC. 128(75), IMO

unintentionally fall asleep. By demanding

MSC/Circ. 982, IMO Res. MSC. 191(79), IMO Res.

action regularly, it guarantees alertness

MSC. 282(86), IEC 61162 Series, IEC 62288 Ed. 1. 0

and reduces the chance of accidents.

(2008), IEC 60945 (2002), IEC 62616 (2010).

MS 411 Remote Reset The MS411 is the remote panel for resetting the BNWAS from different places on the bridge. This device may only be placed on the bridge. The green LED indicates that the watch alarm is active, while the red LED and internal buzzer indicate that the 3/12 minute watch alarm timer has been exceeded. Pressing the reset button on the MS411 panel resets the watch alarm timer and the bridge alarm/call officer/call crew stages.

Type approved by Lloyd’s Register, IVW, Bureau Veritas and Wheelmark approved


MS 410 - WM The MS410 is a substation for the officers’ cabins. A flat version of the MS 410 that can be easily mounted on a wall is also available. Type approved by Lloyd’s Register, IVW, Bureau Veritas and Wheelmark approved

MS 410 Alarm Buzzer The MS410 is a substation for the officers’ cabins and/or mess. This panel has a green LED which indicates that the bridge watch alarm is activated and the timer is counting down (3/12 minutes). The red LED and internal buzzer indicate if an officer on duty fails to respond by resetting the watch alarm and direct assistance from the backup officer on the bridge is required.

MS 415 BNWAS Remote Reset Watertight The MS415 is a remote unit for resetting the BNWAS from places outside the bridge. This device may only be placed on the bridge (wing). A waterproof version is available especially for outdoor installation. The buzzer indicates that the 3/12 minute watch alarm timer has exceeded. By pressing the reset button on the MS415 unit, the watch alarm timer and bridge alarm/ call officer/call crew stages are reset.

MS 422 BNWAS Selection Switch MS 411 Remote Reset


The MS 422 is an optional selector device for the Marble MS421B bridge nautical watch alarm system. This device is used to select which backup officer is to be alarmed in case of

The MS 411 is the remote reset panel for emergency situations when the watch alarm enters the “call resetting the BNWAS on different places onofficer” the stage. This situation occurs when the officer on the

MS 415 Reset does BNWAS not respond toRemote the signalling watch alarm. Bridge. This device may only be placed on bridge the The six yellow LEDs indicate which backup officer is to be bridge. The green LED indicates that the watch Watertight

ordered on the bridge during emergency situations. Use the alarm is active the red LED and internal buzzer indicate that the 3/12 minute watch alarmrotary timerswitch on the panel to change the backup officer. The MS 415 is a remote reset unit for resetting maximum of six officers can be selected. has exceeded. By pressing the reset buttonAon the BNWAS on different places on the Bridge. the MS 411 panel the watch alarm timer will This device may only be placed on the bridge. restart and recover bridge alarm/call officer/call Especially for outside a watertight version is crew stages. made. The buzzer indicate that the 3/12 minute Type approved by Lloyd’s Register, watch alarm timer has exceeded. By pressing the Advantages: IVW, Bureau Veritas and reset button on the MS 415 unit the watch alarm • Easy to connect Wheelmark approved timer will restart and recover bridge alarm/call • Complete in the same line as the MS 421B officer/call crew stages. • LED’s and reset button integrated Advantages: Features:

• Easy to connect

• Dimensions: 72x96x75mm (WxHxD)

• Watertight

• Cut out dimensions : 68x92 (WxH)

• Completes the BNWAS system

• Power Supply:18-28 Vdc

• LED integrated in reset button

Type approved by Lloyd’s Register, IVW, Bureau


Veritas and Wheelmark approved

MS 423 • Dimensions 110x75X75 mm (WxHxD) • Wall Mount BNWAS Selection Switch panel • Power supply 18-28 Vdc To complete your system, Marble Automation can deliver a custom-made panel completebywith a selection for the Type approved Lloyd’s Register,switch IVW, Bureau three differentVeritas duty officers. The system will be ready to use, and Wheelmark approved including drawings for all connections in the configuration.

MS 431 The MS 431 is made for the BNWAS system. It is easy to use – simple connectors allow a


straightforward installation. For drawings, see our website (after login), or the MS431 packaging.

MS 432 The MS 432 allows five buzzer units and two reset units.

MS 433 The MS 433 enables connection to the selector switch.

MS Terminal The MS Terminal is made for the BNWAS

MS 422 BNWAS Selection Switch

system. It is easy to use and the wiring and drawings are included. The system configuration can be changed at will. The MS MS 423 Terminal is made for a very large system. BNWAS Selection There is no need to add extra inputs. No extra is required to set up the terminal or to Switchwork panel

The MS 422 is an optional selector device for the Marble MS421B bridge nautical watch alarm system. This device is used to select

make changes if the configuration is different.

which backup officer is to be alarmed in case of emergency situations when the watch alarm

To make a complete system Marble Automation

enters the “call officer” stage. This situation

can deliver a custom made panel. Complete with

occurs when the officer on the bridge can’t

selection switch for the different duty officers.

respond to the signalling watch alarm.

Marble Automation deliver a complete system

MS Horn The six yellow led’s indicate which backup officer MS Horn/Beacon is to be ordered on the bridge during emergency

Including drawings for the connections of the complete configuration.

situations. Use the rotary switch sounder at the panel This general-purpose electronic for industrial change backup officer. A maximum of sixincluding backup all applications gives a choice of 32 tones,


officers can be selected. major standards. It has universal acceptance.

• Easy to connect • Complete in the same line as MS 421B

Advantages: The only difference from the horn version is the

• Selection switch to select officers of watch

• beacon, Easy towhich connect flashes if the alarm sounds.

• Custom made

• Complete in the same line as MS 421B

• All in one panel

• Selection switch to select officers of watch • Easy to configure • LED’s integrated Features:



• Dimensions: 150x175x100 mm (WxHxD) Apparent motion is detected when an infrared source • Power supply:18-28 Vdc with a given temperature – a human being, say –

• Dimensions: 72x144 mm (WxH)

passes in front of a Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR). Type approved by Lloyd’s Register, IVW, Bureau

• Cut out: 68x138 mm (WxH)

Veritas and Wheelmark approved The motion sensor resets the MS 421B.

• Power supply:18-28 Vdc Type approved by Lloyd’s Register, IVW, Bureau Veritas and Wheelmark approved

Mounting heights





Coverage (dia)





MS 5B Alarm unit The compact MS 5B Alarm unit has a surprisingly


wide range of applications, such as indicating the status of watertight doors or serving as an alarm for bilges, tanks and auxiliary engines. It is easy to configure – no extra tools or equipment are necessary. Advantages: • The alarm unit is compact, allowing it to be

MS 10B Alarm unit MS 10B-DO10 Alarm unit

installed at any desired location • Channel texts can be adapted by the user using slide-in window • There is no risk of alarm light defects thanks to

Flexibility and simplicity were the main goals in the development of the MS 10B. It is highly flexible, in configuration and application as

the use of LEDs

well as in programming. This has resulted in

• Integrated LED test

a high-end alarm unit that can be applied in

• Alarm unit connects directly to the alarm horn

many situations, e.g., for alarms on critical

• Operational safety and reliability in line with

components in generator sets, main engines and

requirements of heavy industrial applications

other equipment, as well as for the wheelhouse, porter’s lodge, cabins and dayrooms. It can also


be a part of any kind of alarm and monitoring

• Dimensions: 72x96x75mm (WxHxD)

system. The Lloyd’s register and BV type

• Cut out: 68x92 (WxH)

approved MS 10B and MS 10B–DO10 can also

• Power supply: 24VDC

give a status indication.

• 5 digital N.O. and N.C. inputs • 1 lock input N.C./N.O. • 1 group output N.C./N.O. • Galvanically separated inputs • Potential free alarm output


Advantages: • Easy installation using clear manual • Flexible and therefore applicable in many different situations • Simple configuration by means of rotary switches • Easy integration with other systems using the standard RS 485 Modbus interface • Free choice of channel text description

MS 11 Printer Controller

• No risk of alarm light defects due to use of LEDs • Integrated pushbuttons make extra buttons superfluous • Operational safety and reliability in line with requirements of heavy industrial applications.

A small alarm system can be built using the MS 10B Alarm Annunciator: Ideal for a small new boat build or when refitting an existing system. A maximum of 100 digital alarm inputs, 30 inhibit inputs and 30 outputs are available.

Features: • Dimensions: 144x72x75 (WxHxD)

A printer can be attached for to print out alarms.

• Cut out: 68x138 (WxH) • Power supply: 18-30VDC


• Current: 150mA max

• Easy to set up thanks to self-learning printer

• 10 digital inputs (NO/NC) • 10 digital outputs (0.5A) MS 10B-DO10 • Modbus interface (RS485) • 3 group outputs

controller • Modular setup, 1 to 10 alarm units can be connected. • 1 to max. 10 alarm units

• 3 lock inputs • Potential free alarm relay


• Polycarbonate housing

• Dimensions: 144x72x110 (WxHxD) • Cut out: 68x138 (HxW)

Type approved by Lloyd’s Register and Bureau

• Power supply: 18-36VDC


• Current: 145mA max • Power output for Marble printer: 5VDC • Printer Interface: Serial RS 232 • EEPROM time registration: 16kb • Number of registrations: 2700 Printer • Dimensions: 100x75x150 (WxHxD) • Paper: 57.5xMax ø 50mm

MS 2000 series Marble Automation has released the MS 2005-WM series to report specified alarms in the engineer’s or officer’s cabin. From a control panel for manned and unmanned engine rooms to alarm extensions for the engineer, the MS 2005-WM series can be applied in many different situations.




• Standard dimensions

• Dimensions: (WxH)

• Installation can be combined

• Power supply 18-33 VDC

• Applicable in all situations

• Internal buzzer

• Easy to connect

• Integrated push buttons

• There is less risk of alarm light

• Fits on a built-in box

defects thanks to the use of LEDs

• Wall mount unit


MS 715 Tachograph A longer sailing time means greater efficiency. The MS 715 is specially made for this purpose, and meets all requirements laid down in the statutory laws. Chapter 23 of RVBR requires that a well-functioning, approved tachograph be onboard when sailing outside block hours. The tachograph needs to be in operation from at least the beginning of the last continuous resting time of 8 (A1 mode) or 6 (A2 mode) hours, and be available for inspection at all times.




• Investing in the MS 715 means you will


be allowed and able to sail more hours.

• Dimensions: 144x72x110 (WxHxD)

This in turn means more sailing efficiency.

• Cut out: 138x68 (WxH)

• Only one appliance for a maximum of three propellers

• Power supply: 18-36 VDC • Current: 145mA max

• Easy functionality

• Maximum propellers: 3

• Memory for the registration of past

• Power output sensors: 24VDC

sailing time details

• Signal sensors: NPN and PNP

• Very compact

• Power output printer: 5VDC

• External printer connection

• Printer interface: Serial RS 232

• Easy to install thanks to the supplied

• EEPROM time registration: 16Kb

connection cable

• Number of registrations: 2700

Certified by RDW

Printer • Dimensions: 100x75x150 (WxHxD) • Paper: 57.5 x max ø 50mm


MS Sensor 2

MS Sensor 1 Sensor for RPM meter and warp counter.

This sensor for the MS 715 tachograph has four

Three wire connections.

wire connections with signal NPN and signal PNP.

MS Bracket N

MS Bracket T

MS Bracket D

This bracket for mounting

This bracket for mounting

This bracket for mounting

the sensor on the shaft has

the sensor on the shaft has

the sensor on the shaft has

two sleeves for adjustment

two sleeves for adjustment

two sleeves for adjustment




• Dimensions:

• Dimensions:

• Dimensions:

52x52x75mm (WxHxD) • Cut out sleeve: 0.8x4.0 (WxH)

52x52x75mm (WxHxD) • Cut out sleeve: 0.8x4.0 (WxH)

52x52x75mm (WxHxD) • Cut out sleeve: 0.8x4.0 (WxH)

MS 325 Emergency Telegraph To ensure continued sailing even when the engine controls fail, Marble Automation has developed a Lloyds Register Type approved Emergency Telegraph. The MS 325 is designed specifically for all ships that have a remote controlled engine or a propeller with a variable pitch. Commands for the bridge are transmitted to the engine room via the MS 325, ensuring continued operation of all equipment.

Advantages: • Continued operation in case of lost control over the motor/pitch • Easy to use • No risk of alarm light defects thanks to the use


of LEDs • Built-in dimming function prevents blinding • Cabling costs are reduced thanks to a two-wire communication line • Communication Interface to VDR (NMEA) • The MS 325 can be applied in all ships that have a remote controlled engine of a propeller with a variable pitch Type approved by Lloyd’s Register and


Bureau Veritas

• Dimensions: 96x144x75mm (WxHxD) • Cut out: 92x138mm (WxH) • Power supply: 24VDC • 11 positions (9 commands / 2 signals) • Position indication by LEDs • Max. 4 units system (two bridge & two engine room) • Two wire bus connection between the units (Modified Modbus RTU) • Potential free alarm relay


MS 450 Bezel This bezel is designed for a DIN housing with dimensions 72x96 (WxH).

MS 451 Bezel This bezel is designed for aDIN housing with dimensions 72x144 (WxH).

MS 452 Bezel This bezel is designed for DIN housing with dimensions 96x144 (WxH).

MS Custom Bezel A bezel for any custom solution is also available.


MS 521B Warp counter

MS 921B RPM Counter

The MS 521B warp counter is designed to

Marble Automation developed the MS 921B

measure the distance of unreeled warp or chain.

propeller revolution counter to count the number

The measurement is made possible by placing

of revolutions of a propeller or other rotating

sensors on the winch or drum. This allows the

parts. The LED display clearly shows the number

MS 521B to measure the length of unreeled

of revolutions per minute. The LEDs also show

warp or chain precisely.

the direction of revolution of the propeller. The MS 921B can be applied in a wide range of


situations. The rpm of a winch, (dredging) pump

• Compact design

or bowthruster can all be measured.

• Clear and large LED display • Minimum and maximum alarm are adjustable on the front • Zero reset on the front • Simple alarm setting

Advantages: • Clear and reliable 4 digit display of the number of revolutions per minute • Indication of direction of revolution of the

Features: • Dimensions: 96x72x75 (WxHxD)

propeller • Relay output that switches automatically after

• Cut out: 92x68 (WxH)

a pre-determined number of revolutions per

• Power supply: 24VDC


• Output: 1 relays

• Compact shape

• Input: 2 proximity switches

• Easy installation and configuration

• RS 485 modbus interface Features: • Dimensions: 96x72x75 (WxHxD) • Cut out: 92x68 (WxH) • Power supply: 24VDC • Output: 1 relay • Input: 2 proximity switches • RS 485 modbus interface




The MS WDU (Winch Detection Unit), together with the Triton blackbox from Alphatron Marine, is the

Install this SMS annunciator for improved safety

solution to log activity of the fishing line drums.

at home or in your vessel. It is equipped with

For example when government laws require a

a phone card and can be configured to send

black box detection unit on board of the vessel to

alarms to specified phone numbers by SMS.

log fishing activity. SMS Pro: • The MS WDU is equipped with eight galvanic separated digital inputs for the proximity switches.

• 8 x alarm • 3 x output

• The front of the MS WDU shows activity of the fishing line drums. • The MS WDU monitors the activity of the switches

Advantages: • Easy configuration.

and sends the output to a connection port, on

• First configuration by Marble Automation.

which a logging device is connected.

• Antenna included with 2m cable.

• The sensors must be mounted in the included sealable bracket. The bracket should be mounted


next to the drum

• Dimensions: 135x105x25(WxBxH)

• The MS WDU can determine if the switches does not work properly or power supply is cut off. • This contact can be connected to a free channel

• Power supply: 7-15VDC • Output: Max. 3A, 24VDC or 3A, 220VAC • NC/NO: selectable by jumper

on the existing alarm system.

MS SR 110/220 DC Voltage Regulator The SR110/220 is used to regulate the voltage of large DC generators with different loads and revolutions. The SR 110/220 is available for 110 and 220 volt applications and can handle generators up to 80kW with a field current up to 16A. The SR 110/220 has a spring loaded breaker switch which protects the system from overvoltage.When ordering, please state the voltage. The regulator is plug & play, with no additional adjustment required.

MF 1000

MF 2000

MFA 1000

MFA 2000


Description MF 1000/MF 2000


Supply voltage

9-30 Vdc

Minimum Alarm Current

10 mA

Maximum Current per Zone

320mA (Including EOL)

Siren/Buzzer output

12Vdc @ 800mA

Cut out size

Ø 55 mm


90 mm

Dimensions face


Supply Voltage @ 12Vdc Maximum Sensors

14 per Zone

Must use 2K2 EOL resistor Supply Voltage @ 24Vdc Maximum Sensors

8 per zone

Must use 5K6 EOL resistor

Description MFS 1000/MFS 2000


Extinguisher Output

Unit Supply vdc @ 500mA


MF Conventional 2,4,8 and 12 zones

MF Adressable


• Programmable one touch test mode

• With integral power supply and space for batteries.

• Powerful and versatile cause & effect

• Standard two monitored sounder circuits

Config. Features • Comprehensive day/night mode facility


• Fire & Fault VFCO relays.

• Cause & effect wizard including:

• Fire & Fault switched negative outputs

• Cause & effect action

• Class change and an alert input are also included.

• Disablement configuration

• Fully approved to European standards EN54-2

• Test mode confiuration

& 4, Fire Detection Alarm Systems – Control and indication Equipment & the Marine Equipment Directive. Description MF Conventional

Description MF Adressable


1.2mm sheet steel,IP30

16 zonal LED indicators

Enclosure finish

Interpon Radon, Silver Grey, Epoxy Powder Coat

Powerful, network wide cause and effects

2 programmable sounder circuits

Sensitivity adjustment and Drift Compensation

Main Voltage Supply

230V AC 50Hz

5 programmable inputs Apollo protocol

Mains supply Fuse

1.6A 250V

3 programmable relays

Power Supply DC rating

28V 3A

Same look and feel as Syncro range

Aux 24V supply

Fused at 500mA

3A power supply

Battery (24 hour standby)

3.2Ah 12V (2 per panel)(non-networked)

Stores 1000 last events in event log

Large graphic display

Temperature Range

-5C to +40C max RH 95%

Compact, stylish enclosure

Real time clock

Fault contact rating

30V DC 3 amp

Installer friendly, removable equipment chassis

Fire contact rating

30V DC 3 A

Sounder output rating

Fused at 500mA each

Detection Loop

400mA output

Detector Protocol


Different language and character set variants available Fully EN54-2 and EN54-4 compliant


Marble Automation is proud to be dealer of Yachtica® Yachtica® is the first company in the world,

e 220VAC) with highest quality of the dimming

which has applied the principles of “Domotics”

function, in addition to on board comfort by

(Home-Automation) and the advanced lighting

means of the advanced “domotic” control.

control to the yachting industry.The complete

Industrial manufacturing standards ensure

Yachtica® products range is the perfect solution

Yachtica® the total control of the products’

for lighting control on board every size yachts,


from the switchboard to the lighting sources. The production includes: lighting automation

Yachtica Automated Living on Board

system, programmable dimmers, LED Drivers and

Via Poggio alle Viti, 1187

Electronic Transformers; High end High tech Wall

55054 - MASSAROSA - LU - Italy

Plates and accessories. Tel. +39 0584 383354 The marine products allow to manage any

Fax +39 0584 383270

luminous source (incandescent, halogen, fluorescent and LED lights and RGB-W LED lights)

and at any voltage (12VDC, 24VDC and 110 VAC

Automated Living on Board

Yachting 2012 MY TVME 135#4 2013 MY Baltic MY TVME 135#5 2014 SY Contest 72-102 MY Livingstone SY Missy MY TVME 122 ft # 1 MY TVME 135 ft # 6 2015 SY Ghost MY Khaleed Habeeb MY Livingstone SY Ribelle SY Tenax MY TV-ME 110ft #1 MY TV-ME 122 ft # 2 MY TV-ME 125 ft #4 MY TV-ME 135 ft #7 2016 MY Bandura MY Bravado SY Cinderella 4 MY Khaleed Habeeb SY La Cattiva MY Lotus MY Tueq MY TV-ME MY TV-ME 110#2 MY TV-ME 125ft #5 MY TV-ME 155#2

Commercial Vessels Alarm and Control


Alarm and tanksounding Alarm and Control

Yacht Yacht

Alarm and Control Alarm, monitoring and control Alarm, monitoring and control Alarm and Control Alarm and Control

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Alarm, monitoring and control Alarm and Control Control System Alarm, monitoring and control Alarm, monitoring and control Alarm and Control Alarm and Control Alarm and Control Alarm and Control

Sailyacht Motoryacht Motoryacht Yacht Yacht Yacht Yacht Yacht Yacht

Refit Refit Refit Fire alarm System Alarm, monitoring and control Fire alarm System Refit Fire alarm System Alarm, monitoring and control Alarm, monitoring and control Alarm, monitoring and control

Yacht Yacht Yacht Yacht Yacht Yacht Yacht Yacht Yacht Yacht Yacht

Industrial solutions 2007 TRC SKID Control system 2010 Heineken Vietnam Control power supply Heineken Point Noire Control power supply 2011 Brinks SMS alarm system Auction Harlingen Shore power system Heineken Brazzaville Control power supply 2012 Boermarke Proserver Heineken Congo Control power supply VCU Urk Measuring system Zanting City heating boiler control 2013 Heineken Bukavu Control power supply Heineken Ethiopia Control power supply Visscher Seafood Lighting Control 2014 Heineken Brazzaville Control power supply Heineken Rwanda Control power supply Heineken Point Noire Control power supply Hobre Instruments Alarm and Control ROC Friese Poort Alam system 2015 Heineken Ivory Coast Control power supply 2016 RH Marine Development Controlsystem HIG Research Hobre Instruments Alarm and Control Hoekstra Control heating system 2016 Crown plaza Research Heineken Cambodja SC4U HGG Software assistance 2017 Heineken Brazzaville Communication Catterpillar

2014 Northern Rock Alarmsystem Smit New Build 372 Alarm and Control TX 68 Alarmsystem Viking R Alarmsystem 2015 Idun R Tanksounding Fishery Vessel Alarm, monitoring and control MS WDU Control SST Capilano Alarm, monitoring and control TCDVCU Flyshoot system UK 158 Alarmsystem UK 224 Tanksounding 2016 DMD Shipyard Fire alarm System Baltic Alarm, monitoring and control Boann Alarm system HD 36 Alarm system Palfinger Boats Fire alarm System SC 10 Alarm, monitoring and control SC 10 Hydraulic control SC 10 Flyshoot system Siann Alarm system Uk 148 Alarm, monitoring and control UK 150 Alarm, monitoring and control UK 150 Hydraulic control UK 150 Flyshoot system UK 227 Alam system UK 87 Alarm system WR 109 Alarm system Z 182 Alarm system Z468 Alarm system Zr. Ms. Mercuur Sewage water treatment

Freighter Tugboat Fishery TSH Dredger TSH Dredger Fishery Productdevelopment Tugboat Fishery Fishery Fishery Dredger Freighter Dredger Fishery Special Vessel Fishery Fishery Fishery Dredger Fishery Fishery Fishery Fishery Fishery Fishery Fishery Fishery Fishery Military

Offshore Shore/Industry Shore/Industry Shore/Industry Shore/Industry Shore/Industry Shore/Industry Productdevelopment Shore/Industry Productdevelopment Productdevelopment Shore/Industry Shore/Industry Shore/Industry Shore/Industry Shore/Industry Shore/Industry Productdevelopment Shore/Industry Shore/Industry Productdevelopment Shore/Industry Productdevelopment Shore/Industry Shore/Industry Shore/Industry Shore/Industry Shore/Industry

2006 Spirit Alarm and control 2007 Red Waterweg Depth Measurement 2009 Stemat Spirit Alarmsystem supplier 2010 DUC Robot Submersible Robot Control MultiCat Alarmsystem Oceantek H0706B Alarm and tanksounding 2011 Acta Marine Tanksounding Guardian Alarm and Control 2012 Coastal Challenger Alarmsystem Windmill farm Protocol analyser Wind mill farm Protocol analyser 2013 Eekels Acta Marine Alarm and tanksounding Oceantek H1015 Alarm, PMS, tanksounding 2014 Acta Orion Alarm system Acta Worker Alarmsystem Oceantek H1017 Alarm, PMS, tanksounding Oceantek H1018 Alarm, PMS, tanksounding 2015 Smit Loire Alarmsystem Smit Missouri Alarmsystem Smit Rhone Alarmsystem TAQA Alarmsystem

Offshore vessel Offshore Offshore

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Marble Automation - Product Brochure  

A complete overview off all Marble Automation products and services.

Marble Automation - Product Brochure  

A complete overview off all Marble Automation products and services.