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Mar 2009

North American Nagarathar Association Newsletter during the Memorial Day Weekend (May 23-25). Details on reservations are on page Dear Readers, 38 of this edition. Do hurry up and make Welcome to another edition of your reservations now so that you can be NANAL! Our focus in this issue is on Edu- part of all the excitement! cation. How fortunate we are to have been If you have not yet become a member of blessed with a wonderful family that pro- NSNA, we urge to get your membership. vided us with the gift of education. Educa- In an effort to tighten our belts, we are looktion is what enables each of us to dream big ing into making NANAL hardcopy availand reach for the stars. While each of us are able for NSNA members only. All others on our journey let us not forget those who will have access to the online edition of want to make their mark on the world too. NANAL at It is indeed gratifying to see so many Nagarathars come forth with their contributions towards education, marriage, and humanitarian funds in an effort to reach out to those who need a helping hand. We are humbled by your goodwill.

Thank you for all your contributions to NANAL and for keeping us on our toes! Please send all contributions to and Until next time!

On a more anticipatory note, we are all ea- Geetha Alagappan & Meenakshi Kannan gerly looking forward to the National (Editor and Coeditor, NANAL) NSNA Retreat in Dallas that will be held NANAL Committee Members Thilahavathy Annamalai,



Karu Manickavasakam, Kannan Nachiappan,

Regional Briefing


Malar Narayanan, Nachal Sethuraman, Jeyam Thiagarajan,



Nacha Vadugunathan.


Upfront Dear North American Nagarathars, It has been a great pleasure to work with a wonderful team of young committee members who are professional, open, brimming with enthusiasm and a desire preserve our tradition and culture. I wish to acknowledge some of their accomplishments and contributions.


Nanal Team: Publication of a vibrant NANAL, creative presentation and optimization of the NANAL format, introduction of a youth profile section, are just a few of the accomplishments the NANAL Team has achieved in such a short time. EC Team: The EC team encouraged our multitalented, professional Achis to lead the NSNA. The Achis are leading five of the nine committees and 70 +% of the committee members are Achis. This brings new view points and ideas to our operation. I thank them for volunteering and devoting time to the NSNA in between office and home life. Individualized survey packages were sent to 1000 + Nagarathars. We are planning to publish an address book and a book of family profiles titled ―Nagarathars of North America.‖ We are in the process of conducting Conference calls and Town hall meetings with the Regional Nagarathars. A Bylaw Committee was also created under the leadership of Mr. Sam Sadaps. Treasury Team: Treasury team started the Endowment Fund Management Committee to safeguard and manage our endowment funds on a long term basis. Obtained Umbrella liability insurance for the NSNA and started credit card processing to make it easier for Nagarathars to contribute generously. Web Team: Updated and completed the database software program (Originally developed by Detroit Team) for managing the 500+ education award process. Opened up the WEB to all the regions to help maintain and update the website. They have provided an updated website are investigating a Regular News section. Planning to release all web-based NANALs to speed up the release time and reduce NANAL cost. Education Committee: Introduced two $ 1000 merit scholarship for North Americabased kids. Developed a web-based information library with articles on a number of processes to help our youth in India and North America. Investigating a new concept to match the donor with the receiver to form a lifelong partnership. Completed this years 450 + scholarships to Indian youths. Marriage Committee: Marriage committee is trying to improve and safeguard our website marriage files. The committee meets every month to process 15 + marriage assistance sto India. Collecting funds is a major task for this committee. Youth Committee: The NSNA Youth Committee and the Chetty Youth Group is currently planning a three-day youth retreat parallel to our National Retreat in Dallas. They are our future NSNA members. EC has opened the doors for their input and is encouraging their participation.

Behind the Scenes: Youth Committee (pg 15)

Education Committee (pg 41)

Web Committee (pg 41)

Financial Committee (pg 70)

Marriage Committee (pg 72) Health and Humanitarian Committee (pg 73)


Retreat Committee: Our volunteers are in full swing to have a great retreat in 2009. The Retreat invitation DVD was well received. Upcoming Retreat will be an important milestone in the history of the NSNA. We are looking forward to a fun-filled get-together during the Memorial Day weekend in 2009. Health and Humanitarian Committee: Two Eye Camps were conducted this quarter and a number of deprived Nagarathars have received assistance. Promoting Awareness among our Community is one of the priorities of H&HC – they have announced two essay competitions with Rs. 10,000 cash award. Medical assistance has been provided to Nagarathars. And support to Old Age Homes in India. Religious Committee: Five new temple projects have been completed. Developed for the first time Special Project application form and process details. They are investigating assistance to 9 temples on a regular basis. FANS: Conducted an essay competition in India in collaboration with Achi Vanthachu Magazine and awarded cash prizes of Rs 35,000. This has been well received and has brought new uplifting ideas among our community and youth in India. We are always open to your ideas. We have already implemented several ideas from our regional Nagarathars. We want to make this a national effort. Together we can have fun and do great things for our community.

Thank you for all your support and hope to see you all in Dallas –NSNA National retreat in May 2009.

Yours Sincerely,

Ravi Ramanathan

Dear fellow Nagarathars,

All of us are deeply saddened by the sudden demise of Mrs. Ramu Annamalai.(1926-2009) wife of Dr. PR. Annamalai, the first President of our Sangam, who led the NSNA with great wisdom during his term. Dr. PR. Annamalai is from Kulipirai and his wife was born in Veguppatti. Dr. PR. Annamalai did his schooling in Burma , went to Stanley Medical College in Chennai, India and practiced medicine at Malaysia, Madurai, UK and later moved to USA. Mrs. Ramayee Achi, fondly known as Ramu is well known to our community, and one of the earlier Nagarathars who took up residence in this country. She is the beloved mother of Dr. A. Periakaruppan (NY), Dr. Nadarajan (AL) and four daughters Visalakshi (GA), Vallimayeel (GA), Meenakshi (GA) and Malaiarasi (GA) and a grand mother of twelve grand sons and daughters. Her son-in-laws, sons and daughters are all actively involved in NSNA activities. Son-in-laws, PR. Nagappan, Kalyanasundaram,Vaithiyanathan and Sampath are resident in Georgia and PR. Nagappan is the regional secretary of NSNA. Our deepest sympathy and prayers are with her family in this time of grief. Dr. P.Chockalingam Founder Member-NSNA.


OP-EDITORIAL Are today‘s high school teachers encouraging ―real learning‖ in the classroom? Musings of a High-Schooler’s Mother by Geetha Alagappan, Houston, TX

One has to only wander in the corridors of a local high-school in our neighborhood to come across an exhausted, sleep-deprived high-school student. In today‘s world of high expectations for the young child, it is only natural that these students juggle academics and extracurricular activities in to attempt to excel or ―stand out‖ among many of their peers. When I went to high-school, the choices were few and simple. We all had the same core cores, English, Physics, Chemistry and choices between Biology and Math and choice of other Indian languages. Today a high-school student is offered a wide array of choices, depending on their level of interest. Frankly, the list is fairly daunting. As my daughter brought home the curriculum listing, I asked her if there was a ―Choosing High-School Courses 101‖ offered by her school as a prerequisite to entering High-School. As I pored through the wide array of mind -boggling choices available, I was grateful that I was not a high school student in this wonderful land of opportunity. Sometimes, too much opportunity can have its own drawbacks especially when offered to people (like me) who can‘t make up their mind easily. Let me see, there are four levels of English – Regular English, Enriched English, Pre-AP English and Pre-AP/GT Leadership English. I suppose our children are offered so many choices here every day that they don‘t balk. I waited for the proverbial orientation and was immensely gratified that I came out far more enlightened than I went in. I gathered that a GT Leadeship English was also an introduction to the essential skills of leadership, and their real world applications. Teachers were preparing the children and the parents for the amount of homework that was involved in each of these courses. Apparently, a GT Leadership English course entailed about two hours of homework each day. Frankly, that in itself was a big ―no-no‖ for me. But, I wisely refrained from discouraging my daughter. I looked at her reading list or should I say reading library. It looked great – ―Tale of Two Cities‖, ―Scarlet Pimpernel‖, ―Jane Eyre‖ , ―Animal Farm‖ and I fondly recalled with nostalgia the enjoyment that I had derived by reading these classics and as a teenager. I skimmed further down the list and the title, ―Twenty One Effective Qualities of a Leader‖ caught my eye. The course curriculum definitely appeared interesting and challenging. Many motivated children sign-up for these challenging courses in an attempt to get the most out of their high-school learning experience. But, sadly there seems to be a disconnect between the course material and the teaching. I believe that true objective of a course such as Leadership English is to introduce the children these wonderful writings and help them derive joy from reading and analyzing it. However, the teachers overwhelm them with home-work and assignments that defy logical thinking. You have to fill a writing packet with about 275 questions on ―Tale of Two Cities‖. Is that really necessary? Wouldn‘t a 40-50 question packet test the understanding and present a good analysis of the story? This is only one such course, if teachers give large quantities of homework in every subject, how can a fatigued/ overworked child come up with a brilliant analysis of the plot when he/she is just too tired to think anymore. It might just be a few teachers at each school but I do read that there is a growing trend in High Schools to overwhelm bright children with excessive amounts of homework. This in itself kills creativity and defeats the purpose of the course. I agree that the children should be trained into analyzing and processing information quickly in challenging courses but the teaching/homework methodology should be improved. In Language Arts and similar subjects there should be more group discussions on the book/topic, where children can analyze and learn from each other. The teacher should simply trust that a child who signs up for the course is going to read all the books assigned. If the teachers are afraid that the children are resorting to short-cuts without reading the books assigned, it is more the child‘s loss than the teachers.


Frequent testing and grading of massive homework assignments take away valuable instruction time from the students. There are too few teachers in schools who instill the love and passion for learning and many more who are looked upon by students as instruments of torture. It is small wonder that a research study conducted on the drop -out rate in US High Schools over the last 25 years reveals that an estimated 25% of students who entered US high schools in 2000 failed to graduate in 2004. The most cited reasons why children dropped out were, ―missed too many days of school‖ (44%), ―getting poor grades/failing in school‖ (38%), ―did not like school‖ (37%) and ―could not keep up with school‖ (32%). The negative outcomes of these dropouts create a huge burden for society. Many of those who persevere are probably too burnt out before going to College. High School students are encouraged at school fairs to take challenging courses and to excel in them. But challenging a child intellectually does not mean overwhelming them with homework so that they are presented with a time management problem. I am sure educators who designed these courses did not intend it to be that way. The courses are very intelligently designed and the textbooks are an amazing source of knowledge and very well created. However, teachers need to look at the longterm goals and provide a better assessment of how the student is doing without imposing routine, dull, massive amounts of homework. The quality of the homework is more important that the quantity in assessing the knowledge gained by the student. By cutting down on the bulk mundane work and providing better assessment of the lessons the students will really learn and enjoy the subject. An effective teacher is one who is very knowledgeable in the subject area and who encourages students to think, to make connections, to reinforce and to learn from other learners. They observe their students for signs of boredom and genuinely WANT their students to learn, understand and develop critical thinking abilities as well as master the content. Many of the teachers that I have come across in the spectrum of my children‘s school do not seem to genuinely care about the student or the learning process. Why does the education system see a need to identify Gifted and Talented children at the elementary school level if only to curb the creative thinking process in high school? Here in the Unites States or in any other part of the world, today‘s student is better-rounded and more prepared for college than I ever was. The credit for that lies more with today‘s hard-working, motivated child than with the lesson plans in high-school. Many of these students juggle their numerous activities like debating, sports, dance, music, orchestra and band practices with their school work at the expense of

sleep. To a high-schooler the best weekend may be one that involves more rest and relaxation. In his book ―Brain Rules‖, John Medina stresses the importance of sleep and physical activity for a healthy mind and active brain. Given the powerful cognitive effects of exercise or physical activity the current High-School model makes no sense. If you have to take rigorous challenging courses to constantly prove that you are motivated and are challenging yourself with high GPA scoring Pre -AP and AP classes accompanied by a heavy homework load, where in a 24-hour day would you find the time to do every thing without being inordinately tired and excessively irritated?

“A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on cold iron”. — Horace Mann

Today‘s colleges are raising the bar on applicants causing the current high-school students to find numerous ways to stand out. To do so they take on an impressive curriculum in an attempt to stand out among their peers. It is only natural that most of them are becoming larks and owls to accomplish this. It is a well known fact that lack of sleep hurts learning. I believe that a successful high school student can be set up for precipitous academic downfall by just continuing his trend of going with minimal sleep. The evidence is all around us that sleep is rather intricately linked with learning and the current High Schoolers should be encouraged to really learn in and out of school with intelligent rather than dull homework. A teacher should give the student something else to take home to think about besides homework! Meanwhile, while high school children are floundering to strike this optimum balance between choosing the right academic courses and sticking with their extra-curricular activities, we parents should hold on to our sanity. I firmly believe in Horace Mann‘s saying that, ―A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on cold iron‖. As I write these words I am entrenched in the belief that each of us could make a difference in our own way by spending a little bit of our time volunteering in our local schools. We can bring the wealth of our experience in our own fields to the classroom and enrich our lives as well as those of our children and work with the teachers in creating a better educational system.




periences and laughter we hold together.

through the eyes of a teenager Overall, Pillayar Nonbu is a link to our past and a bridge by Abinaya Thenappan to our future. It connects those ancient Chettiar customs and beliefs in this rapidly modernizing world. It molds them together into a religious foundation for the young and a review game for the elders. Why is it that if somet was January 1st, one tells you that there are a million stars in 2009, and in order to the universe you beunwrap the New lieve them, but if Year with a flavor of someone tells you that Indian tradition, in a wall has wet paint on Southern California, it you need to touch it Pillayar Nonbu was to be sure? In the same held that evening. way, Pillayar Nonbu is All the hard work like a tangible way for my family and I put people to believe our into organizing the intricate past and recfunction (at our ognize the importance newly furnished of it. It‘s marvelous house) paid off as how halfway across people began arrivthe world, we, the ing. Have you ever first, second, and third wondered how fast generations who came lightning would be if Abinaya Thenappan, Deepa Kannappan, Jotti Kannapan, to America are still it didn‘t zigzag? continuing this ChetWell that‘s how fast Meena Nagappan, Visala Solayappan tiar tradition. our guests poured in after the scheduled time. A multitude of bright individuAs the uncles prepared the ―elai‖s, the aunties brought the als fanned out into an amazing spectrum of color and exfood and arranged the altar. The aunties-in-training daincitement. tily sat around talking and taking pictures while the unAs people mingled with old and new participants of the cles-in-training played basketball outside and the little function, they seemed to blend together like ―a great big ones raided the game room. Followed by the prayers, it happy family‖, as Barney puts it. Everyone melted at the was amusing to look for the people who would carry out sight of friends they hadn‘t seen in a while. . ―Be who the difficult feat of eating the elai without blowing the you are and say what you feel, because those who mind fire off the wick. I will never forget that delicious elai don‘t matter and those who matter don‘t mind.‖ Dr. Suess and how I always impatiently waited for the extras. Year once said. All that mattered was the fact that old bonds after year, Pillayar Nonbu continues to serve as an inand golden relationships were revived. Classic happiness credible reward for the toil and effort we put forth seeped through every conversation, every smile on ac- throughout the past year. It congratulates us for our persecount of some hilarious joke, and every photograph that verance (and for putting up with our siblings) and gives was taken three times just for perfection. Twenty photo us one exhilarating evening to escape the responsibilities albums couldn‘t possibly be large enough to stuff all the of life – unless you‘re hosting it. photographs taken, just like twenty Harry Potter books couldn‘t possibly be large enough to cram in the all ex-



Thank You Amma by Aruna Deivanai Chidambaram

The smell of freshly chopped onions mixed with a spicy masala curry wavers near my nose. Beads of sweat form on my eyebrows from the heat radiating from the stove. I laugh at the look on my mother‘s face as she plops a huge slice of tomato into the cooking pot, creating a splatter of zesty sauce everywhere. She carefully dices the chicken into thin, long pieces and sprinkles coriander powder into the steaming dish. After quickly wiping her hands on a used towel, she pours water into a measuring cup and then, in one swift, skillful motion she pours the water onto the dry chicken. As she sautés, I watch her with awe. As a Future-Achi-to-be, I am supposed to know how to make red chutney, yellow sambar, and other mouthwatering home dishes. So for fifteen minutes every day before dinner, my mother calls me into the kitchen to learn how to prepare a traditional Indian dish. Being the stubborn teenager that I am, I initially refused. The smell of curry powder below my nose and my mother‘s incessant talking proved to be exasperating. I would sigh overexaggeratedly, but my mother would tell me that one day I would be thankful she taught me how to cook. That day never came, but another did. As time passed, those mere fifteen minutes that I spent with my mother every day turned out to be something incredible. My heart fluttered rapidly as she described the same sentiments that I feel almost every day – the conflicts between two juxtaposed cultures. I look at myself and see the same conflicts.

And just for those fifteen minutes, our relationship as mother and daughter dissolved and we became close friends. My mother spoke nostalgically of her mother, childhood, and most cherished memories. She gushed about the naughty things she did and her experiences in school. I would chuckle at her flushed face as she would frantically try to describe the time when the boy next door made fun of her pigtails before our few minutes were up. Through her many stories communicated during those few minutes that we spend together every day, my mother made me realize something. It took me seventeen years to recognize what a remarkable influence my mother had on me. Originally, a stay-at-home mom, she would drive me to dance classes, music lessons, tennis courts, and play dates to make sure I was always busy. She hated to see me watching Molly and the Comfy Couch, munching away on

stale animal crackers, wasting my time. My mother‘s enthusiasm for activeness has compelled me to be involved in numerous after-school activities. There is never a moment in my day where I find myself bored and lacking ambition. I have gained so many leadership positions in school, benefited from numerous opportunities, and succeeded extremely well academically because of her enthusiasm. During our cooking sessions, she even describes her experiences balancing both American culture and Indian culture. She spoke of the time when she was at an office-party at my father‘s work, dressed in a vibrant, ornate silk sari while others showed up in black cocktail dresses. My heart fluttered rapidly as she described the same sentiments that I feel almost every day – the conflicts between two juxtaposed cultures. I look at myself and see the same conflicts. She has made me proud of the many cultural decisions I have had to make; consequently, my decisions have shaped me into the strong self-assured person that I am today. I am a proud Indian American who continues to evolve. While washing the dishes after preparing our dinner, she always ends our petite conversations with her life as a student in India. She speaks sincerely of her studies and her heartfelt passion for zoology. With a glint in her eyes, she describes with fervor her zoology professors who taught her the magical workings of plants and animals. Her genuine zest for education has influenced my education, too. Four years of high school have made me realize how much, I too, value learning. My love for languages has taught me to treasure Albert Camus‘ L’Etranger, Nathaniel Hawthorne‘s The Scarlet Letter, and Claudie Ossard‘s Paris Je t’aime. After scraping obvious debris with a large rubber spatula, my mother lathered the foam expertly. She finishes preparing her chicken tikka and looks at me. Knowingly, I look at the clock and realize that our fifteen minutes are up. She turns over her shoulder and yells that dinner is ready. Turning back, she looks at me and I smile. Our relationship has flourished, and I know that she has raised, sheltered, educated, and influenced me in ways that I can only hope to emulate in the future. I leave the kitchen and get ready to indulge in a piquant chicken tikka that I can proudly say I have prepared with my mother. Next year, I will be at college. But no matter where I go or where I am, my mother will always be in my heart and I genuinely thank her for making me the person I am today. 7

Brick Walls: Are They for You or for Others? by Lakshman Somasundaram (Editor's Note: Each one of us faces brick walls in our lives.

Lakshman, an 8th grader from Avondale, PA, highlights how Randy Pausch, a cancer victim and author of the national best seller, The Last Lecture, broke the brick walls until the last day of his illustrious life. Lakshman’s article inspired me to read book and it is a must-read autobiography! It makes us realize how lucky each of us are with the gift of time in our lives and how we ought to make the best of each moment and live it with honesty, integrity and make our lives really count.)

―The brick walls are there for a reason. They‘re not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.‖

It is your first day as a freshman in college. You walk into the Computer Science class and the professor starts the class by smashing a brand new VCR with a sledgehammer. What do you think? You probably want to come back to class the next day, to see Professor Randy Pausch‘s next act. The maverick professor did that only to demonstrate the public‘s frustration with lack of ease of use with modern technology. Ironically, Paush‘s last lecture also ended with a big bang! Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and less than a few months to live, Pausch decided to break the brick wall by focusing on life and not death. His now famous last lecture, given to an audience of 400 at Carnegie Mellon University, and the subsequent book The Last Lecture have left an indelible mark on more than 10 million people. Throughout his life, Pausch faced many brick walls, some of them were people; he refers to them as the most impenetrable brick walls. Pausch was waitlisted to Brown University. He adhered to his mantra, ―never give up‖, and persistently called the admissions office until they realized his passion for Brown. When applying to graduate school, Pausch was rejected by Carnegie Mellon, and took the help from his mentor to meet with the head of the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon. That visit propelled his admission!

Since childhood, Pausch had great admiration for Disney. Soon after graduating from Carnegie Mellon, he applied to Disney Imagineering, the ―Happiest Place on Earth.‖ Pausch received a rejection letter but was persistent in his quest to work for Disney. Several years later, as a professor at the University of Virginia, Paush was ready to take his sabbatical. He convinced a senior executive at Disney Imagineering to allow him to spend his sabbatical there. Pausch later reflects that he would have even gone to Neptune to meet with the executive, and that demonstrates his passion and perseverance. Pausch had to receive permission from his boss, a second brick wall, for his sabbatical. Pausch‘s unwillingness to take ―no‖ for an answer from his boss motivated him to approach and successfully convince the Research Dean. As a bachelor, Pausch met a very caring woman, Jai, at the University of North Carolina. He wanted her to move to his hometown so that he could marry her, but, Jai was reluctant. Pausch knew how to overcome the brick wall. He sent her a dozen roses and a card that said: ―Although it saddens me greatly, I respect your decision and wish you nothing but the best. Randy.‖ Jai finally agreed to relocate and marry him! One of Pausch‘s childhood dreams was to experience floating in zero gravity. As a Virtual Reality professor at Carnegie Mellon, he was eager to achieve this feat. His class submitted a proposal for an experiment on the NASA plane and was chosen to have a ride in the ―Weightless Wonder.‖ Even though his class was selected, Pausch had to face his own brick wall. The NASA policy stated that the students were not allowed to bring a faculty advisor inside the plane. Pausch tenaciously found a loophole through the brick wall: he thoroughly researched the program literature and noticed that the students were allowed to bring a journalist. Pausch signed up as a journalist and later summarized his perseverance, ―…if you can find an opening, you can probably find a way to float through it.‖ You can listen to Pausch‘s speech at: His book, The Last Lecture, reinforces the existence of brick walls in our lives and provides useful insights on how to overcome them. Pausch‘s book is not just confined to brick walls; he also shares useful tips about how to live your life. He indulges the reader through his thought provoking and humorous style. I received this book as a gift from my uncle, Shanmugam Manickam of Chicago. The Last Lecture is a great gift to receive or give. 8

Pausch‘s advice on how to break the brick wall: Keep on dreaming! “We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.” Leverage what you have learned in sports: teamwork, sportsmanship, perseverance, and hard work When you face adversity don‟t fall into pieces; don‟t say “this isn‟t fair,” focus on the positive and ride the wave. Learn from your failures. “Failure is not just acceptable, it‟s often essential.” Have a „Dutch Uncle‟ (i.e. one who will give you honest feedback.) Don‟t complain; it won‟t make anything any better. Don‟t worry about how others perceive you. The best shortcut is the long way. “Sometimes, all you have to do is ask, and it can lead to all your dreams coming true.” “If you want something bad enough, never give up (and take a boost when offered)." “Brick walls are there for a reason. And once you get over them – even if someone has practically had to throw you over- it can be helpful to others to tell them how you did it.” “The brick walls are there to stop the people who don‟t want it badly enough. They‟re there to stop the other people.”


testing room awaiting to see who would win first, second, and third place. After the names of the winners were announced, I was heart broken because I had not made it into by Muthu Chidambaram, Manassas, VA the top three. My dad and I went home, and in a couple of This summer, I had attended the NSF (North South days I forgot all about the competition. Foundation) regional and national One fateful day, my dad called me to come downcompetitions for vocab. When I first stairs from my room and look at the computer. At first I walked into George Mason Univerthought I was in trouble, but when I came downstairs my sity (GMU) in Fairfax, VA, I was dad just told me to read the e-mail he had received. My jaw brimming with excitement. I was fidropped, there written in bold were the names of all the nally going to get a chance to test my finalists, and my name was on the list. However, this bewilsmarts against other Indian kids who dered me because I had not made it into the top three. I shared my thirst for knowledge! I asked my dad why I was on the list, and he explained that I walked slowly inside GMU, admiring had made the cutoff and as I had been one of the younger the college‘s structure, when I reached the sign-up spot. Until then I kids (as I had just entered middle school). I broke into a had been thinking that this competition would be a breeze. huge grin and my face was as radiant as the morning sun. Then I looked around and saw all the other Indians quizUnfortunately, the NSF finals took place in the zing each other, practicing Math and Vocab, and also skim- summer, and I was forced to study during vacation. Finally, ming through pages of notes that they had laboriously the fated time arrived. My family and I drove to Boston, made. I gasped in disbelief! All I had done to study was MA and entered the MIT building looking for the registratake a couple of online tests, do the word power part in tion spot. My dad was especially thrilled about this because Reader‘s Digest magazines, and look up a couple of words! he had always wanted to look inside MIT. Anyways, I Now I was taking deep breaths, and was scared to have to walked into the test taking room calmly, and with an air of match wits with the kids next to me. confidence. I was surprised to see that everyone else was as

The NSF Challenge

Soon the time to begin had arrived, and all the kids marched into the test-taking room for Vocab. Though I looked rather calm, I was actually really tense inside. Next the proctors passed out the Vocab test and we were told to begin. When I looked through the test I was surprised at the words that had been listed. Some were really easy, and others… others were simply words—ones I could never have dreamed of. One particular word I remember quite clearly was the word ―hart‖. Many people marked the definition of ―heart‖ as the answer, but I realized that this could not be. All the other answers looked incorrect too. However, for some reason I marked the answer choice that said, ―male deer‖. I still don‘t know why I picked that answer. Anyways at the end of the test there were some tiebreaker questions that were actually really easy. I finished the test in a short span of ten minutes and walked outside the room quietly. Then I took one glance back, and then dashed toward an online dictionary located on the first floor of the college. Once I got there I quickly searched up the word ―hart‖. The definition came out as a male deer. I read the definition, and then jumped for joy. Through god‘s grace I had actually gotten that question correct! Next, after my fortyminute break was over, I returned to the test taking room for the oral vocab round. Much to my surprise and delight I did wonderful in this round. I got a perfect score of eight out of eight questions correct! I praised my luck for getting words that I had already known. After the round was over I walked out of the room once more with a smug smile on my face to find my dad so that we could eat lunch. After a pleasant lunch, my dad and I once again returned to the

calm as me. The kids around me were all recounting their stories of how they made it to finals. I let my ears wander, and found out that the kids around me were no ordinary kids. Even calling them extraordinary would be an understatement. These kids were the best of the best and now I was among them. The proctor then started explaining the rules which snapped me out of my daydreaming. He then started passing out the vocabulary tests. I quickly finished the test, and walked outside. There I met one of the other kids and we became quick friends. After that he and I explored the campus a bit. Then we headed back to the test room for the oral round. This oral round is what I depended on to improve my score. Unfortunately, it turned out there would only be three oral questions. I got the three questions right, but I knew I wasn‘t going to win. In a little while the results came, and I was not surprised to see I had not made it to the top ten. Anyway I sat down and watched the special round for kids who had made it into the top ten, and it was absolutely amazing. I was exposed to the real world that day. Out of the reach of good old Virginia I felt rather pathetic compared to all the geniuses I had met here. After that my family and I went and explored Harvard, which was also in Boston. Then we retired to our hotel, packed our bags, and departed for home. All in all I would say this experience was amazing, and I would recommend any other kid to enter the NSF contest if they get the chance. Visit for more information on the NSF yearly contests.


Accolades Karthik Ramanathan (Toronto)

Top ACT Performer

Priya Valli Shanmugam (16), d/o Manickam & Malathy Shanmugam of Lisle, IL (Nachiapuram) earned the highest possible composite score on the ACT in Feb. 2008. The junior/soon-to-be-senior was one of only four collegebound students in Illinois (of 14,000) and one of 56 of 300,000 in the U.S to achieve a 36 on the February 2008 national test administration of the ACT. Priya scored 14.8 points higher compared to the average composite score for Karthik Ramanathan (centre) and his team mate (far the national high school graduating class of 2007. While right), in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). His team was she is still is deciding on her college plans, her future looks placed first in the 2008 Delta Competition, sponsored by bright and she and her family are proud of her success. Royal Haskoning, for their paper: Design and Deployment of Aquaponic Grid Communities (November 2008). Priya is the granddaughter of (Late) Sri. VE. S. Manickam Karthik Ramanathan is the son of Meenal and Ramanathan Chettiar, B.Com (Hons), Sakunthala Achi [Nachiapuram] of Kottaiyur. He is doing his 3rd year engineering at Uni- and Dr.V.K.Chetty, Dr. A.K. Chetty of Boston, MA [Pudhuvayal]. versity of Toronto.

Anu Chellappan (Philadelphia) Congrats to Anu Chellappan for finishing her basic sciences of Medical School. She is looking forward to her clinical rotations in the U.S. and is happy to be back home with family and friends. Anu‘s parents visited St.Martin and traveled the length and breadth of the Dutch and French sides of St.Martin!


Brick by Brick Karthik Chetty, an 8th grader and son of Ashok and Uma Chetty from Richmond, VA was in the 7 member team that won the 2008 Virginia/DC FIRST LEGO League State Champions. They competed against many teams from DC and Virginia and won the Champions Award for Division 2 (ages 12-14) in the State Finals for Robotics held in Harrisonburg, VA on Dec 6th and 7th, 2008. They will go on to represent Virginia and DC and be one of the US representative teams at the World Festival to be held in Atlanta, Georgia

Block by Block Kumaran Singaram, son of Malathy and Singaram Thiagarajan was part of The BLT, the Brilliant LEGO Team, which won the first place overall (Champion‘s Award) at the Virginia FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Competition. The BLT, after meeting Zack Fields, an aide to county Supervisor Gerry Connolly, discovered that geese droppings are a substantial problem in the Fairfax County area, since geese are staying longer into the fall and winter seasons in the southern areas. The geese droppings penetrate water systems and can potentially poison humans with E.Coli or destroy ecosystems. To solve this predicament, the team came up with various solutions, all of which are explained in their You Tube video, The Canada Geese Problem.

in April 2009. Karthik Chetty (far left) Kumaran Singaram (second from left)

Going for the Gold Anirudh Ramanathan(2nd from right), son of Ram & Viji Ramanathan a 12 year old 7th grader won the Washington state final and made it to the Nationals for the Lego Robotics Competition. Ani's team came first and will be going to Atlanta for world festival this April to compete with the rest of the teams from across the globe.

Acknowledgement: The cover page pictures are from the book “The Chettiar Heritage” by S. Muthiah, Meenakshi Meyappan, Visalakshi Ramaswamy. Photographs: V. Muthuraman.


Girls Orphaned by the 2004 Tsunami benefit from Philadelphia Youth‘s Leadership

Lakshmi Somasundaram of Avondale, PA, has raised astounding $ 40,000 to benefit orphan and destitute girls at the Kasthurba Gandhi Kanya Gurukulam in Vedaraniam, Nagapattinam District. Lakshmi spent two weeks, during the summer of 2007, with 800 orphan girls at the Gurukulam. Since then she has been making several presentations in many states about the plight of the Tsunami victims, particularly young girls. Her poignant speech at the Tamil Nadu Foundation (TNF) convention in Pittsburgh drew a spontaneous donation of $18,000. As Presi-

dent of the Youth Philanthropy Board of TNF‘s Philadelphia Chapter, Lakshmi organized a cultural program on November 9th to raise funds for providing scholarships to the girls and to build a science laboratory. Mr. Nick Shenoy, President of the Council of India Organizations lauded Lakshmi for her leadership and humanitarian initiatives. Congratulations, Lakshmi! The event was supported by several Nagarathar families. Usha Bhaskar, Visalakshi Chinniah and Uma Sundar were among the top five volunteer leaders in raising funds for the orphan girls.

Usha and Bhaskar Sundaram honored with TNF‘s Philanthropic Family Award Usha and Bhaskar Sundaram of Downingtown, PA, are the proud recipients of Tamil Nadu Foundation Philadelphia Chapter‘s Philanthropic Family Award. The award was presented on November 9th at the TNF event in West Chester, PA. Somalay Somasundaram, President of the TNF Philadelphia Chapter said that the award is a fitting recognition of Usha and Bhaskar for their generous support in sponsoring orphan and destitute girls in India. Usha and Bhaskar are a great role model young couple who have made a difference through their philanthropic efforts. We are proud of you!

Hearty Congratulations !! Sockalingam (Sam)Kannappan Annan

Sockalingam Sam Kannappan from Houston, Texas was selected as a recipient for the ―Ulaga Tamil Mamani" (Crystal Jewel of the Tamil World) award by The Madras Developmental Agency. Sam Kannappan received this award at a ceremonial function during World Tamils Economic Conference on January 7th at Taj Coromandel Hotel, Chennai. This award was given as an appreciation for Sam Kannappan‘s lifetime contributions, activities and achievements. Sockalingam Sam Kannappan is a very active Indian American in the Socio-economic landscape of Texas. He was also honored by Sankara Nethralaya Eye Hosipital on Sunday Jan 4th at Lady Andal School -Chennai.

Education Committee and NANAL would like to introduce a new section in NANAL to showcase the achievements of the youth who have secured admissions to prestigious schools and programs. If you wish to share your insight with others, please let your peers know how you did it and any other special information / requirement of the school that helped you secure admission. Please send your responses to and Education Committee & NANAL Committee


Small Research has Big Impact-

Deepa Kannappan—In freshman biology she learnt

success rate of adenovirus transfection makes it an ideal process to increase heart contractility‖. At this time his colleague asked, ―Why can‘t you just rub the virus onto your head and cure baldness?‖ Though she had not researched the subject thoroughly, she did not hesitate to spurt an answer back that just drew a silence in that distinguished audience ―The heart cells, sir, are normally present inside the body, and are not as resistant to viral transfection as skin cells, such as the ones on the scalp, which are actually part of the immune system. So, infecting yourself with a virus is probably more harmful than helpful.‖ That was a well delivered coup de grace! Later during the dinner, Dr. Karl Muller, a biochemist and Nobel Laureate, gave a speech titled, ―What if everything you ever knew turned out to be false?‖ T he essence of the speech was that man would never unearth all of nature‘s secrets, because the world we inhabit is continuously changing. However, knowing this should not stymie our curiosity. At the precise moment when we pride ourselves on having ―solved‖ the secrets of nature, a new discovery challenges the prevailing theory. Does this mean that our pursuit is futile? Dr. Muller‘s answer was: ―Of course not! Scientists seek the truth, not the most convenient theory. The more a theory adapts to include new discoveries, the closer it is to the elusive ―correct‖ theory, and that is the only upgrade science seeks.‖

about the power molecule of the cell, adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. Little did she know then that she would have the unique opportunity to spend precious moments and dine with it‘s discoverer, the distinguished scientist, Dr. Paul D. Boyer. Deepa‘s academic talent enabled her to excel at school and stood her in good stead in being selected to the California State Summer School for Math and Science (COSMOS) program at University of California at Davis. Her study was in the exciting field of Biotechnology and for her project she designed an experiment to increase the contractility of Artificially Engineered Heart Tissue using gene therapy. As the winning project, her prize was a dinner with ―Ten Noble Lau- Sitting amidst these Nobel Laureates inspired Deepa to reates, the Swedish Consul, the Chancellor of the UC Sys- emulate both their curiosity in the quest for unknown entities and their humility in recognizing that nature defies extem, and the CEO of the Getty Museum.‖ planation. This, according to her, was the most academiShe was put to the test before dinner as she opened the cally stimulating experience of her life! Deepa, congratulafloor to questions from the crowd. Dr. Boyer asked tions and we hope that you can emulate these folks as a ―Deepa, can you explain the relevance of your project to future Nobel Prize Winner!! me?‖ Taking a deep breath she explained that ―the high

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Reach Out Speak Out

NSNA Youth

Promoting Positive Development for All Youth

Youth Retreat 2009 NSNA‘s Youth Committee joins hands with the Chetty Youth Gangstas Group on Facebook to host a grand and festive Youth Retreat in Dallas, TX from May 23rd – 25th. We invite all the youth from the various regions to join us for this awesome weekend of fun. We hope to make these few days the most memorable! For the first time, we plan on bringing all the youth together to put on a big fashion show for the Cultural program. We have already set up different themes and songs that you can choose from. We would love for everyone to participate, the more the better! Just fill out the fashion show information section on the youth registration portion on our website. Remember, you can register for the retreat even if unaccompanied by your family for a reduced fee. We also need your participation in the Youth Pattimandram at the cultural show. This is our chance to say what we want to say. We will also have an enlightening speaker who can talk to us about our culture and traditions. We are also going to join the adults for a fun picnic in the sun to enjoy outdoor games. After being surrounded by adults for a long time, I‘m sure we could use a break from them. The youth will be going out for a bowling/ice cream party. Our DJs and media team are getting ready to rock the floors with a mix of Western music and Indian music. This will be a party you do not want to miss. We hope to see each and every one of you there. Looking forward to making this event a blast, NSNA's Youth Committee 2009! P.S. - Sign up for the fashion show ASAP, and fill out the Youth Registration Forms. Questions? Send an email to,



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Student I

Voices Featured

Listen to What Your Peers Have to Say! Name: Anand Narayanan School: Emory University - Atlanta, GA City of Residence: Sugarland, TX Major: Neuroscience Behavioral Biology (NBB) Why did you choose this major/career? I have always been interested in Behavioral Sciences. Most rewarding career moment: Attending the Oxbridge Summer Program at Oxford University, UK What do you do for fun? Hang out with friends, listen to western rock and Bollywood, play the trumpet for Emory Pep Band, play tennis, surf the web. Favorite food: South Indian, Tex-Mex, Italian and anything with chocolate Favorite books: Da Vinci Code, To Kill a Mocking Bird, Call of the Wild Favorite movies: Rush Hour, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ocean‘s Eleven, and Shahrukh Khan or Rajinikanth movies. Favorite TV Shows: House, Friends, Heroes Email Address:

Name: Arun M. Vaithi Degree: M.D./J.D. School: Mercer University Why did you choose this major? Even the greatest doctor has his/her limits. If you truly want to influence health care and patient care on a grand scale, there is no better avenue than through political legislation. This can only come through a broad education including law as well as medicine. Politicians are not experts in medicine. Physicians are unaware of the political landscape. This is where an M.D./J.D. fills the gaps by working with Politicians and Physicians. Most Rewarding Career Moment: Being President of Mercer University, President of the Young Democrats and Vice-President of the College Republicans at the same time. Meeting Vice-President Cheney and Speaker Newt Ginrich while being the Health Policy Advisor for General Rick Goddard.

Send Youth profiles (Age 18-30) in the aboveformat to and

Favorite Food/Drink: Sweet Tea. Favorite Books: Tuesdays with Morrie, Gone with the Wind. Favorite Movies: Shawshank Redemption, Rain Man. Email address:

City of Residence: Alpharetta, Ga. What do you for fun: Watching Alabama Football and Fishing. 17

Name: Vairavan Saravanan Subramanian Undergraduate: Yale University Graduate: Baylor College of Medicine Why did you choose this major: I've found medicine and particularly surgery to be a very rewarding career because of the interactions with patients and the opportunity to constantly learn new skills and advancements in science. Most rewarding career moment: The first few times I was able to complete a surgery on my own. City of residence: Cleveland, OH What do you do for fun: I like playing tennis, watching basketball games, photography. Favorite food: Home cooking Favorite books: Midnight's Children, The Count of Monte Cristo E-mail: Name: Karthik Rajendran


School: Nicholls State University (LA)

Favorite Book: Philo Taylor Farnsworth and Vladimir Zworykin invented the Television for a reason.

Major: Business/Pre Law Why did you choose this major?: I opened the dictionary up during my orientation and law was the first word I saw. Your most rewarding school/career moment?: That I won the 2007 High School Cross Country State Championship, and I have a ring to prove it! City of Residence: Katy, Texas. What do you do for fun?: Chilling with friends, playing video games, pulling pranks.

Favorite TV Show: Family Guy, I have watched all 17 seasons of Survivor. Favorite Movie: Super Troopers Email Address:

Favorite Food: Anything that is not Indian food. Mostly Name: Laxman Pichappan School: University of Florida Major: Accounting Why did you choose this major: It's in my blood and there are several job opportunities as it encompasses every business major and has great scope. City of Residence: Tampa, Florida What do you do for fun: All Sports, play and compose music, travel, hang out with family, meet new people, and become more knowledgeable Favorite Food: Mom's Dosa with red chutney Favorite Book: Freakonomics, 7 habits of highly efficient people, Harry Potter Favorite Movies: Comedy and Action

Education Committee and NANAL would like to introduce a new section in NANAL to showcase the achievements of the youth who have secured admissions to prestigious schools and programs. If you wish to share your insight with others, please let your peers know how you did it and any other special information / requirement of the school that helped you secure admission. Please send your responses to and Education Committee & NANAL Committee


Name: Muthiah Subbiah aka Muthu School: University of Texas at Austin' 09 Major: Business (Management Information Systems) Why this Major: Solid skill; Trains logic; Like it. Most Rewarding Career Moment: Switching from Finance to MIS City of Residence: Katy, TX What I Do For Fun: Dance, Act, and Read Favorite Food: My Mother's Cooking (Can't be beaten) Favorite Books: The Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew; Harry Potter series; Monkey Business; Planet India by Mira Kamdar; Oliver Twist (the unabridged version) Favorite Movies: Slumdog Millionaire; Kaakha Kaakha; Aiyutha Ezhuthu; Mahanadhi; Ocean's 11; Will Smith movies E-mail: Name: Muthu Alagappan School: Stanford University Major: Biomechanical Engineering City of Residence: Houston, TX Favorite Food: Chicken and Jalapeno Pizza, Chinese Food, (most) Indian food Favorite Movies: Copenhagen, The Dark Night, Slumdog Millionaire Favorite Books: Prey by Michael Crichton, Holes by Louis Sachar, Freakonomics by Steven Levitt What I like to do for fun: I am a huge Houston Rockets fan, so I spend a lot of my time watching their games. I play a lot of basketball, tennis, and table tennis. I keep up with politics and current events, and I like random stuff like rubik‘s cubes and magic tricks. Also, one day, I want to be really good at Bridge, the card game. Best Career Moment: Most rewarding school moment would probably be traveling to other out-of-state for debate tournaments and meeting students from all over America. Email Address: Name: Sid Gandhinathan

What I do for fun: Chill with friends, and play basketball.

School: Portland State University

Favorite Food: Anything that my Mom makes and Pad Kee Mao

Major: Accounting & Finance Why I chose my Major: I chose Accounting & Finance at PSU is because I love to crunch numbers. PSU's graduate business programs and its accounting programs are accredited by AACSB International, the world's leading accrediting body for business education. So I felt it was a great way to stay in the northwest and pursue a degree in business. Most Rewarding Career Moment: Winning Premier every year I have worked at Washington Mutual while being ranked in the top 25 Senior Tellers in the Northwest Region.

Favorite Book: 1984 Favorite TV Show: Heroes, Scrubs, Fresh Price Of BelAir, Chuck, House E-mail Address:

City of Residence: Portland Oregon, Home of the Portland Trail Blazers


Alagappa Arts College in 1947. 1985 brought the well-deserved recognition of this and over 30 afEstablished by Nagarathars filiated colleges located in the dis―I resolve to stop accumulating and betricts of Sivaganga and Ramanagin the infinitely more serious and difficult task of wise thapuram, as a University. Other distribution‖, Andrew Carnegie, the great philanthropist nagarathars have helped establish said before deciding to donate his great wealth to the betmany of these colleges as well. terment of our world. Many a nagarathar has silently said One such college, Seethalakshmi this to himself or herself at sometime in his or her life. Achi College in Pallatur, more This, almost genetic, trait of nagarathars has singlecommonly known as ―SA College‖, handedly given them the honors that very few communi- is also featured in the cover. Thiru U.A. Peri M. Arunaties in India enjoy. salam Chettiar established this privately funded college in 1956. Seethalakshmi Achi College was the center of the Among various types of giving, educational philanthropy 7th National Youth Parliament (2004) with the mission of is unique in that the philanthropists spend their money or increasing the awareness of the Parliamentary Democratic time to educate people that they would never get to know. System. On its Karaikudi campus alone, the Alagappa Nagarathars have established and have contributed to hun- University has 15 departments, 3 centers and 2 colleges. dreds of educational institutions. NSNA alone has has It also has rewarding relations with various academic insupported over 440 students in 2008. stitutions, research laboratories and industrial establishments around India. It collaborates with universities and The institutions featured in the cover pages are some of the well-known institutions established by Nagarathars in institutions of higher learning in the United States, China, Malaysia, West Indies, and South Korea. Exchange proTamil Nadu. grams attract many teachers and students from abroad. The Annamalai University in Chidambaram owes its existence Kalaithanthai Karumuthu Thiagarajan Chettiar, freedom fighter, industrialist and the founto the farsighted vision and wisder of nineteen educational instidom of Dr. Rajah Sir Annamalai tutions established the ThiagaraChettiar. He founded Sri jar College of Engineering in Meenakshi College at Madurai in 1957. TCE is affiliChidambaram in 1920, which in ated with Anna University in 1928 became the nucleus for the Chennai. It offers 9 undergraduUniversity, which is although ate programs, and 11 postrural in its settings is very prograduate and doctoral programs in gressive in its outlook. After his passing away in 1948, Engineering and Science. Thiagathe Founder‘s eldest son, Dr. Rajah Sir Muthiah Chettiar rajar Advanced Research Centre gave new dimensions, direction and new goals to the func(or TARC), a TCE entity, is part tioning of the University, including his flagship efforts of of India 2020 TIFAC‘s (Technology Information, Forepioneering distance education. Dr. Muthiah Chettiar also casting and Assessment Council) Mission REACH helped establish the faculty of medicine, which in 1985 (Relevance & Excellence in Achieving new heights in became a full-fledged medical college. After his passing away, his son Dr. M.A.M. Ramaswamy has been guiding educational institutions) that aims to create a constellation the institution into the 21st century, with focus on techno- of world class COREs - Centre of Relevance & Excellence logical advancements, physical and sports education. The - in diverse disciplines across the length & breadth of the University, which started with only 7 departments in 1928, country. Mission REACH intends to create 80-100 such has, over the last 80 years, developed into a mighty insti- COREs, which together will emerge as a network across tution of higher learning with 48 departments. This is one the country with high caliber human workforce with foof the very few institutions in India with all the Faculties, cused relevance to Indian industries & society. TARC‘s central library and research facilities, located in the same focus is in Wireless Technologies. campus. Ignorance is always more expensive than education. The Nagarathar community has long realized this and has con―Excellence in Action‖ is the motto of The Alagappa University in Karaikudi that caters to about 100,000 stu- tributed immensely to raising the level of education in Indents. Padma Bhushan Dr. RM Alagappa Chettiar, a great dia. NSNA believes that this great tradition of giving will visionary and philanthropist, established the first college, continue for generations to come!

Cover Feature

Educational Institutions




The Natural Satellite, MOON

Kutties Corner Funky Monkey by Skanda Muthiah – Moline, IL (Age 9)

Once there was a funky monkey, who had a Mohawk,

by Divya Odayappan (Age 10)

he was spinning on his head on a low rock.

That night I was looking for the moon But there were only stars like a cartoon My mom said it was called a new moon My dad said the waxing crescent will come soon When I got home that night, My brother said there were 8 phases alright First it‘s the new moon nd

Then it‘s the waxing crescent (the 2 stage of the moon) Next is the 1st quarter This is half the order The waxing gibbous is next That‘s what it said on Google in the text Next is the full moon that rocks Just like the Boston Red Sox After that is the waning gibbous in sight

Every day he would ride his cow, unfortunately he didn't know how. His oversized glasses that were red went over his puny, plump head. He had a puppy shaped nose, which he touched to his toes. He also had a stain, shaped like a cane. Whenever he climbed the banana trees, he would get stung by Montana bees! He would use their comb as a phone, but he complained because it had no real tone. He drives a boat, with a leopard coat. He said "going to Maine, is such an impossible strain" He did all this to be cool, but he accidentally fell in a deep cold big pool.

And that is the start of loosing light

Everyone who saw that couldn't stop laughing for the rest of the day, that made him think he had to become famous in a better way.

Then comes the third quarter

He went to learn how to fight, and he practiced hard to make it right.

There is no second, so that is our full order Now we are at the waning crescent Then the cycle starts again, but the full moon is more pleasant.

To get a new look, he started writing a book. The book said "Little monkeys should run on a roof, and jump on your opponent with a strong black eye poof" His useful book was a hit, and he became famous for it. The Funky Monkey became a legend, and that was the great end. Moral: You don't have to act weird to get attention; there are many other good ways . 21

The Pursuit of Happyness A talk to Newlyweds by V.K. Chetty, Boston, MA ( At my wedding reception long time ago, my eldest brother said, ― I am not giving you any gold; I do not have any gold.) I can only bless you with words.‖ He wrote a beautiful poem, which I recollect with pleasure even today. I cannot say, like my brother, I do not have gold, and I cannot write poems. So I thought I will share with you something which cannot be bought thru your wedding registry: My experience and reflections. My professional life has been divided equally between the U.S. and India. And my friends tell me that my wife and I have raised three wonderful children. My recollections and thinking about the east and the west may perhaps have some value. I am an economist, and not a moral philosopher, and my profession has been to train students to think. I have learnt a lot from the experience and observations of my children, students and friends. My purpose in writing this is not to provide you with pearls of wisdom (for I know I have none!) but to express some of my beliefs with the hope that it will lead to further thinking. I am sure I will learn more from you in the years to come, not only about eastern and western cultures, but about a more interesting, and useful, "World Culture".

vide some answers to these questions. I will stop here if all cultures agree on the answers. But they do not. We meet a friend in the street. Tradition makes us smile, fold our hands and say ―Namaskar‖ if we are in the east, and say ―Hi‖ and shake hands in the U.S. In absence of such behavioral ―rules‖, we may have to start thinking about all possible acts (including running away!) and use precious time and reason to choose one among many actions. Thus tradition helps to save time for other uses. To criticize either behavior is a great mistake. The western economic philosophy is that the society will be better off if everyone uses time to take care of oneself. In other words, be selfish. This is contradictory to the moral philosophy according to all religions and cultures, and even according to the father of economics, Adam Smith. In the east, there is more emphasis on altruism and devoting time to care for others as the following saying in Tamil suggests: ― If you feed children in the community and bring them up, your child will grow by himself.) Or, ―Give blood; all you will feel is good‖ as the Red Cross says. Benjamin Franklin said ―Time is money‖. Time lost is money lost. Eastern traditions recommend, ―Every day, devote some time to do nothing- Meditate‖. ―Meditation has been shown to make people calmer, less reactive to the ups and downs and petty provocations of life.‖

If all traditions and cultures provide the same answers to all questions, life will be a lot easier but perhaps less interesting, with no question to answer. Since traditions evolved during different times, and in different regions, some answers may differ, though the questions are the same! While laws of physics and chemistry are true at all times and all places, moral principles must be adapted to time and place. The challenge, and the success, lie in understanding and choosing the best alternative or to create a new one. To you newlyweds, ‗coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.‘ We are among the fortunate few to be endowed with both physical and human capital. The ultimate purpose of life is to be happy and contribute to the general good. This may be easy for an individual. But, for a married couple, some time may have to be devoted to make that happen. For, as R.L.Stevenson said, ―Marriage is one long conversation, chequered by disputes.‖ And its ‗quality is proven by its Three basic questions about the use of time are: What to a b i l i t y to tolerate an occasional do, how to do and when to do. Culture and tradition pro- "exception."‘ (F.Nietzsche). How to resolve or minimize Nature endows everyone, rich and poor, genius and dumb, young and old, black, brown and white, with 24 hours every morning. How we use this scarce resource makes all the difference in life. Time has fascinating features. For practical purposes, it begins with Jesus Christ! One‘s time in this world, age, is always calculated by appealing to Him! It has a past, present and future. We should learn from the past, live for the present and plan for the future. An interesting mechanism which makes one think, and learn from past mistakes, is the confession, unique to Abrahamic religions and Buddhism. The concept of sin could perhaps be made more inclusive, and dynamic, by including self-improvement targets and renamed, positively, as ―Declarations‖ or ―commitments‖. Periodic declarations will then include past targets achieved, failures to make the previously planned self-improvements and corrective actions.


Both of you are well-educated and will be good at argu- A learned friend of mine wrote, ments. One of our family friends, Prof. C.R.Rao, a world famous statistician, who was honored in the White House ―Marriage is all about (and only about) one two years ago, stopped by our home in Delhi with his wife thing, that is, the two partners should learn to during their evening walk. During our conversation, he love each other so that they can prepare themmentioned to my wife, ―You know a problem with your selves to successfully raise offspring with such husband – He thinks that every problem can be solved by cultivated soil of love. In turn, love means mathematical logic.‖ And another mathematician reminded one's happiness (or fulfillment in life) entirely me, ―Heart has its reasons which mind cannot depends on the happiness of the partner.‖ fathom.‖ (Pascal). Hence, it is good to let the (sweet?) With the pleasures that we derive from our chilhearts decide at home and give some rest to the left brain! dren, I completely agree with my friend. Another interesting use of time is to resolve conflicts by The time of marriage is being postponed. During the last inaction. At young age, it is typical to spend a lot of time thirty years, the mean age for mothers at first birth has intrying to convince the other person that he or she is wrong. creased by four years. For Massachusetts, it is 27.8, the I have learnt over the years that very often simply lapse of highest in the U.S. This trend suggests that the pleasures time can clarify issues and help reconcile a differences. of the present dominate the future, un-experienced pleasWhen views differ, and an immediate action is not needed, ures of raising children. When the realization comes, it is it often pays to wait and resume the discussion as late as sometimes too late. I also notice an increasing trend for you can. Growth of one‘s own family is another important outsourcing even in this context, thru adoption from develsource of happiness. A family can be as small as one indioping countries! vidual (Isaac Newton) or as large as almost the entire world; Madame Curie‘s source of happiness was not just An unfortunate feature of time is it is irreversible. While from her four immediate family members (with 5 Nobel the growth of the extended family is feasible at all ages, the prizes!) but almost from the entire world using her unpat- growth of the immediate family is limited to a short period; ented invention. Scientific discoveries have expanded the while it is possible to have first hand experience of money set of activities enormously, but not the hours in a day! We and knowledge by direct transfer from parents and others, still have only 24 hours! So, in order to enjoy to the maxi- there is no short cut to experience the pleasures and pains mum possible extent, young people avoid or postpone for- of bringing up children. When a dollar and a child compete mal commitments such as marriage and children. This is for your time, the winner is always the child and the consenew to all religions and traditions. quences are less stress, more pleasure and less demand for marriage counselors!

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Q&A Health Focus: Talking with Dr. P. Vadugunathan


Dr. P Vaduganathan, one of the leading Cardiologists in get converted to Triglycerides in the body and stored as fat. Houston talks to NANAL Editorial Committee member, Jeyam Some of the advanced lipid profile tests are Berkley profile and VAP test by Quest Lab. High Sensitive C Reactive ProThiagarajan on his specialization Cardiology. tein is another test which is being used as a marker of Coronary artery disease. JT: Who and what inspired you to choose this profession and what field have you specialized in? Dr. VP: I wanted to become a Doctor from a very younger age and I got inspired by my uncle Dr. Subramanian who is a Cancer Specialist in Chennai. I am a Cardiologist practicing in Houston.

JT: How does a person know that they are at risk of heart disease and give us some risk factors for heart disease? Dr. VP: The risk factors that cannot be changed: Increasing age, male sex, heredity including race; Heart disease is more common among Mexican Americans, Native American Indians, Asian Americans which includes us. Modifiable risk factors: Smoking, Hypertension, Diabetes, Family history of premature heart disease, High cholesterol, Obesity and Physical inactivity.

JT: What is heart disease and can you give us some signs and JT: What are some common tests to diagnose the heart problems? symptoms to look for? Dr. VP: When we say Heart disease, it generally refers to Coronary Artery Disease which includes angina (chest pain) and myocardial infarction (heart attack). Angina in its typical form refers to a pressure in the chest like a weight sitting over the chest. It comes whenever one exerts (climbing stairs, walking fast or running or carrying heavy things) and gets relieved when one rests. Unstable angina refers to a more serious form of angina and the chest pressure is more severe and happens even while resting or wakes one up from sleep, it may be associated with sweating, shortness of breath etc. Unstable angina, if not identified and treated, can lead to heart attack. Heart attack is associated with the same symptoms more severe in intensity lasting longer. If these symptoms occur, one should take aspirin 325 mg( preferably chew) and call 911 or go to the ER immediately. JT: How can we understand our Cholesterol level in our report? Dr. VP: Now there is more advanced lipid testing available. I am going to limit to the more basic form of the testing. Total cholesterol should be less than 200 mg/dl; HDL is the ―Good cholesterol‖ and should be more than 50; if HDL is less than 45 in men and 35 in women means high risk for Heart disease. The LDL cholesterol or the ―bad cholesterol‖ should be less than 100. If some one already has heart disease or has diabetes, LDL should be less than 70. The Triglycerides are another form of fat and are derived from fats eaten in food as well as from excess carbohydrates which are not used immediately,

Dr. VP: Regular treadmill stress test (about 60% accurate), Nuclear Stress Test or Stress Echo (80% accurate) and Angiogram or Cardiac catheterization (invasive test, but the gold standard test) and now we also have CT angiography (64 Slice CT coronary angiography) which is gaining popularity. JT: What is the difference between heart failure and heart attack? Dr. VP: Heart attack is myocardial infraction and is the result of a total blockage in one or more of the arteries of the heart. Heat failure is a condition where heart is not working as pump well and leads to fluid build up or congestion in lungs and swelling of the legs. Heart failure could be due to previous heart attacks and scarring of the heart muscle or due to a condition called cardiomyopathy or weak heart muscle which may be hereditary. JT: I have heard that moderate alcohol is good for your heart. Is it true? Dr. VP: Alcohol in moderation can lead to a small increase in HDL, the good cholesterol and this benefit seems to be linked to red wine in particular due to the flavanoids or other antioxidants. Moderation means one or 2 drinks per day as it apply to westerners. I would say for Indians only one or two drinks over the weekend. Drinking more alcohol increases such dangers as alcoholism, high blood pressure, obesity, suicide etc.


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Arizona Regional News By Senthil Annamalai

Pillayar Nonbu 2008 Thanks to Uma and Chellappan for generously hosting the event on 12/31/08. It was a memorable evening filled with lots of traditional food prepared by our Achi's. 37 ezhai's were distributed. We welcomed 2009 with lots of fun and games orchestrated by Preethi and Ramu.

Moveâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;in Welcome to Chockalingam and family who relocated from Texas.

Move-out We wish Muthiah, Kalyani, Sneha and Varsha, who are relocating to India, all the best. We will definitely miss you.

Pittsburg Regional News

We celebrated this year's Pillayar Nombu on January 3rd, 2009 Saturday at Dr.Muthu's House in Pittsburgh, PA.

By Kalyani Muthu

Dr.Padmanaban presided the function and had the honor of giving the Ezhais. 45 Ezhais were taken. The function started with singing of devotional songs. All Achies brought amble quantity of delicious food. The menu included Vellai paniyaram, Kantharappam, Vadai, Kaviniarisi, Idly, Therattuppal and other Dishes. After the dinner we played Nagarathar trivia game. The game was formatted by Vaithi family from Atlanta. The achis' team and chettiars' team played against each other and it was lot of fun.


Atlanta Regional News by Peri Nagappan Pillayar Nombu – the Georgia Way! What a great Pillayar Nombu we had here in Georgia over the weekend on January 3rd, 2009. My family hosted the event at the Hindu Temple of Atlanta, Riverdale, Georgia. There were 28 Pullies of well over 115 attendees and guests it was simply a blast.

We started the event at 3:00 p m in the afternoon and had a door prize for all the attendees. Coincidentally, my Periamma, Sala Nagappan ended up winning the prize. My brother Arun Vaithi ―MC‘d‖ the event.

The day started with Uncle Nachiappan hosting kid‘s games including ―Who am I‖ and ―Hot Potato‖. Then, we had a Nagarathar Trivia show as the ―Achis‖ faced the ―Chettiars‖ written by my dad, Pitchappan Vaithi. K. Ramanthan Uncle was the host and he did an awesome job as he engaged all the participants! Because the Chettiars ended up winning, they went ahead and let the Achis eat first and served them food!

Then, roughly twenty children sang songs in honor of Pillayar which was led and organized by Vallikanu Muthiah. A special thanks to Uncle Muthiah Subramanian for taking pictures of the entire event as it allowed the families to remember the fond memories from the event. Also, we learned about the origins of Pillayar Nombu as Sharada Krishnappan, Karthik Srinivasan, Lavanya Nachiappan and I read the genesis of Pillayar Nombu and what it means. Of course, we can‘t forget the scrumptious food we ate which was prepared by all the Achis as well!

Soon after, each family took ehzai and followed by this, the yelam was conducted. There were twelve yelam items of great significance were donated by the members. Valliyappan Swaminathan enthusiastically conducted the yelam and he was the great reason for this big amount, two years in a row. The yelam was processed and assisted by Kannappan Sekkappan and Krishnappan Subbiah. The ehzais were given out by my Periappa, Peri Nagappan, the coordinator for Atlanta region NSNA and Uncle Meyappan Chetty helped him in handing out the ehzais. Through the yelam and voluntary generous contributions from many families, there was well over $6000 raised for Atlanta Nagarathars Endowment Fund for Education Charity, that was established with last year‘s yelam fund with $ 5800, and which is governed by NSNA. This was the most money raised to date for Georgia Nagarathars!

As the guests left, they were each given an awesome goodie bag which my mom Meena Vaithi had prepared in advance. It was so much fun seeing all of my friends, aunties and uncles this year as we wished each other a Happy New Year and prayed (Continued on page 32)


ehzakpF efuj;jhH msT ghHf;Fk; tsTf;fhuiu csT ghHj;j Cjhup Nfl;lhuhk;.. nrl;b nuhk;gf; nfl;b! tl;bAk; KjYkha; nfhl;b> ngl;b ngl;baha; NrHf;fpwPNu.. NghifapNy fl;bf;nfhz;L Nghtjw;fh? - vd;W! ml mjpy;iy ma;ah.. mbmbaha; mse;J itj;J> msNthL tl;b itj;J.. kf;fis> eyNkhL tho itj;j-ew; Fyka;ah vk;Fyk;! m/jpy;yhky;> mfyf;fhy; nfhz;L.. msTf;F kpQ;rp.. mkpHjKk; eQ;rhfp> midtiuAk; tQ;rpj;j mwpthspfshk;.. mfpy cyf Nkijfshk;.. nghUshjhug; Gypnay;yhk; nghUspd;wp gypahd nfhLik fz;BNuh.. Mf.. Mj;jf; fl;b ,iwr;rhYk; Mjhakpy;yhky; ,iwg;ghuh nrl;b mHj;jkpy;yhky; mHr;rpj;NjhHf;F Mfhaf; Nfhl;il fl;bNahHf;F mjsghjhsNk mbthuk; Mfptpl;lJ ,d;W! vijANk.. ePz;l ghHitapy; neba Nehf;NfhL rpe;jpj;J nray;gl;lhy; rPuhFk; tho;TjhNk..! (Continued from page 31)

to Lord Ganesha. I can‘t wait for next year‘s Pillayar Nombu!



Ohio Regional News by Sathu Alagappan

Diya Sundaresan Parents: Meenu and Sam DOB: May 27th 2008

Ohio was blessed with three beautiful children in 2008. We are so happy that they chose to join our ever growing family here in Ohio and love the fact that there are new babies to play with! Dhivya M. Muthupalaniappan Parents: Nacha and Gynani DOB: May 1st 2008

Varun Shanmugam (sister Shreya) Parents: Vidya and Shanmugam DOB: Nov 11th, 2008

Pillaiyar Nonbu This year, Pillaiyar Nonbu was hosted by Nacha and Gynani Muthupalaniappan at their home on January 1st, 2009. The function was a grand success from beginning to end. We had a great turnout from across Ohio. We started with prayers and songs and read the stories. Keeping in line with tradition, each family came up and took their ―elai‖ – a total of 61 this year! And of course, the function would not be complete without the wonderful food. Kids enjoyed learning about the significance of this special day and had a chance to color pictures of Pillaiyar.

NSNA thanks Arizona, Florida, Kansas, Milwaukee, Ohio, Portland, South California and Texas Nagarathars for donating Pulli Panam to NSNA funds.


NSNA Education Committee thanks

Mrs Anitha Chidamabaram and Mr PR. Chidambaram of San Diego, CA

for donating $ 5,000 to Education fund.

Once Upon a Time in Mexico


With the gentle touch of white sand,

Somewhere upon the ocean,

resting upon the shores of cozumel,

my dad too lay in a raft,

soaking my feet in the cascading waves


of the mystical caribbean,

And I sat there,

listening to the silent music


of the birds, of the crashing waves…

holding up the camera,

My sister‘s pats awoke me,

pleading with my sister ―say cheese‖,

to take pictures with her

thinking all the while

on a water tube

being with them

floating somewhere far far away.

was the best part of any vacation.

My mom sat behind us,

- Karthik Sethuraman (Houston, TX)



NSNA Education Committee thanks

Geetha & Perry Alagappan of Houston, TX for their contribution of $ 5,000 towards Attangudi AR. Periyannan Chettiar & Meenakshi Achi Memorial Scholarship in loving memory of their parents and their lifelong commitment to education.

NSNA National Retreat May 23-25, 2009. 1)

nrl;ba tPl;L Ngr;rpy; mrj;jg;NghtJ ahU? Mr;rp & nrl;bahH> Mj;jh & kfd; my;yJ mg;gr;rp & kfs; 2 epkplq;fs; nrl;ba tPl;L Kiwapy; NgrNtz;Lk;.


jhyhl;L ghb J}q;f itg;gJ ahU? 2 epkplk; jhyhl;L ghbf;fhl;l Ntz;Lk;. Please contact to register :- Meena Subramanian, Houston. ; 281-495-2779

Fiscal Fitness College Costsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; Tips for lightening the load Search for all scholarships and financial options. If possible finish basic credits in high school so that the credits can be transferred to four-year school. Check the schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s financial aid office for ways to lower tuition. Breaks on tuition may be available for students who work on the year book editorial staff or are student government leaders. Living in dorms with seven-day meal plans is typically the least expensive housing. Students who work part time are generally better at managing their time and have an appreciation for the cost of education. Sources: The Collegeboard ( Off to College (


NSNA is very thankful for the generous donation of $25,000 from Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan family through the

Visalakshi Alagappan Scholarship Foundation (VASF). This donation supported 250 one time awards in 2008 for deserving Indian Nagarathar students. Mrs Visalakshi Alagappan family and VASF have been a major sponsor of the education awards for the past several years.



NSNA RETREAT 2009 Grand Ball Room The National Retreat held once every two years, has become a highly significant NSNA event in recent years. It has gained increasing popularity with over 700 Nagarathars attending the last Retreat, held at Detroit in 2007. The 2009 NSNA Retreat will be held in Dallas, TX over the Memorial Day weekend. Preparations are well underway for this event. Several educative, informative and entertainment sessions are being planned.

Event Days: May 23- 25, 2009

With over 25,000 square feet of elegant and flexible event space, the Sheraton Grand DFW hotel offers adequate area for the Retreat. The grand ball room shown in the picture above provides an impressive 10,000 square feet of space and can accommodate over a 1000 guests. With a spacious reception area, reception desk and an adjoining convention office, the grand ball room becomes a great choice for the general sessions. The Sheraton also offers stage lighting, concert sound systems and technical service for guests using the meeting facilities.

Venue The Retreat will be held at the Sheraton Grand Hotel DFW, which is centrally located between Dallas and Fort worth. Less than just 5 miles away from the DFW airport, this facility offers a unique blend of comfort and convenience for guests. The hotel offers complimentary shuttle service to all guests for pick-up and drop-off at the DFW airport. Hotel Information: Sheraton Grand Hotel DFW Airport 4440, W John Carpenter Freeway, Irving, TX 75063 Tel: 972-929-8400 Fax: 972-929-4885

The 4,000 square feet Galleria Ballroom and a wide variety of boardrooms provide space for the planned breakout sessions and gatherings. (Continued on page 39)


(Continued from page 38)

With spacious guest rooms, suites and exclusive club level accommodations, the Sheraton Grand allows guests to have a relaxing stay.

You can register online at retreat2009. Stay tuned to this web site for updates about the event.

Presenting a casual, yet elegant ambience, the facility ofFor any additional information or questions about the Refers several amenities for the guests including indoor/ treat, please contact the following people outdoor heated pool, whirlpool and dry sauna, fully equipped fitness center, high speed internet access and a 24 -hour Business center Chockalingam Arunachalam Registration Information Rajamani Rajaram The following is the registration fee structure. Ravindran Ramanathan Registration Fee (per Family) $100 Registration Fee (Individual)


NSNA Life Member Discount


Early Reg. Discount (by March 31)


Room Rent at Sheraton (per day)


Food per person (for the entire event) Adults


Children (ages 10 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 18)


Children (below 10)


s Package

Vallal - $1000 (for the family) - Registration - Food

Basic - $600 (up to 4 fam- - Room ily members) - Third Level Seating - Registration - Hall of fame - Food - Qtr. page in Souvenir - Room Perum Kodai Vallal Kodai Vallal $3000 (for the family) $1500 (for the family) - Registration - Registration - Food - Food - Room - Room - First Level Seating - Second Level Seating - Full page in Souvenir - Half page in Souvenir - Full page in Profile book - Half page in Profile book - Momento 39

Event Schedule

Youth activities

Check-in will be between 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM on Saturday, May 23rd. Retreat activities will begin Saturday afternoon and go through Monday afternoon. Watch for further updates about the agenda on retreat2009

The youth committee is planning on several exciting activities for the youth including an interesting fashion show, speech about nagarathar culture, youth pattimandram, dancing, bowling and ice cream Recognitions & Awards

General Body Meeting

The NSNA executive committee would like to take this Several new initiatives will be discussed at the General opportunity to recognize contributions made by generous Body Meeting. Your inputs and participation will add great nagarathars, and academic achievements of nagarathar value to these sessions. To name a few youth during the retreat. By-Laws Approval

Local Attractions

Endowment Fund Management

If you have the opportunity and plan to spend time in the DFW area before or after the Retreat, here are some local attractions that might interest you.

The cultural events are the most anticipated part of the Retreat. Several entertainment sessions are being planned including

Six Flags over Texas: 205-acre theme park featuring more than 100 rides.

Cultural Events

Speed Zone: Hands-on Grand Prix, road, sprint and drag racing and miniature golf course

Debates Speeches Plays Dances Music Games Youth and Kids activities

Food The DFW metroplex offers some fine dining options including over a hundred Indian Restaurants. The food committee is in the process of choosing restaurants for catering the food over the 3 days. Picnic

Dallas world Aquarium: Aquarium featuring aquatic creatures such as tropical fish, piranhas and octopuses Reunion Tower: Sightseeing is a ball from the observation deck, which offers a 360-degree view of the city of Dallas, from 50 stories up. Temples: DFW Hindu Temple in Irving, Sri Ganesha Temple in Plano, Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple in Frisco

The Dallas nagarathars are highly excited to host this fun-filled event and look forward to seeing all of you at the 2009 National Retreat. Please take advantage of the early bird discount, register early ( March 31) and help in planning the event better.

The weather in Dallas is gorgeous in the month of May and an outdoor picnic with fun-filled activities for everyone is being planned. This is scheduled for Sunday morning (May 24th) and will include an outdoor lunch.


Education Committee Report

We would like to pass on our heart felt thank you to everyone who contributed towards the various NSNA Education funds for the year 2008. This year we were able to provide scholarship to 427 very deserving and needy students and this would not have been possible without the help from each and every one of you. We would specially like to thank Mrs & Mr. UN Alagappan, Arun Alagappan & Family, Vairam Alagappan & Family & Visalakshi Alagappan Foundation for their generous contribution of $25,000 towards Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship fund. This helped NSNA to provide scholarship to 250 needy and deserving students for the year 2008. We had received over 600 postal applications for the year 2008 of which we had been able to provide scholarships for 427 students. Apart from the snail mail apps, we also received over 750 email communications for the past year. A special mention has to be made about all the members of the Educational Committee, who poured their valuable time and effort in processing all the applications and made this task look so easy and fun. Please see following page and visit our website at

education.shtml for a listing of the students who received financial aid from NSNA in 2008. The Education Committee

Web Committee Report

We would like to thank you all for the suggestions given towards web improvements. As a committee, we had multiple objectives and goals for last year including automation of education committee application process, redesign, online retreat registration, and split web work load and involve all regions to participate. We are working with other regions to split and own web work load into multiple categories. This will help us to achieve recent content and materials related to that category (temple, back home events, and so on). We will publish more details in next NANAL One of our major milestones was automating NSNA ESAP (Education Scholarship Application Program) in All the education applications are stored in This substantially reduced their manual coordination with other committee members for student loan review and approval process. We are looking into automating the marriage committee application process as well. Another major accomplishment was new look and feel, redesign of We made sure not to leave any of the existing content. We appreciate your feedback on

Coming to a website near you!! Register online at for ―Retreat 2009‖. In addition, you can register online to participate in retreat events. Please do visit regularly to get updates about ―Retreat 2009‖. This will be our best way to get the information out to you. Please send in your valuable comments to, On behalf of web committee, Muthukumar Karuppiah Team members Kumar Ramanathan Alagu Selvamani (former member) Kamala Muthukumar


2008 Merit Scholarship Awardees ( Rs.25,000 each) Student Name AT. Ramya AL. Alamelu

Father M.Athappan M. Alagappan

Mother AT.Meenal RM. Meenakshi

Native Kallal Karaikudi

Degree B.E B.Tech

Sponsor VasanthiArumugam & RajendranRamanathan Merit Award VasanthiArumugam & RajendranRamanathan Merit Award

S. Chidambaram RM. Nachiappan

K. Sethuraman N.Ramasamy

S. Karpagavalli RM.Visalakshi

Nattarasankottai karaikudi


R.S. Suppiah Merit Award R.S. Suppiah Merit Award

2008 ANSWERS and DYNAMIC Scholarship Awardees (Rs 10,000 each) Student Name K. Sathappan M. Ramaswamy R. Manikam C. Meenal S. Sigappi N. Meenakshi S. Ramachandran S. Geetha AL. Alagappan S. Kokila

Father A. Karuppiah RM.Muthiah M.Ramasamy PR.Chockalingam MR.ShanmugamChettiar V.Narayanan O.Singaram S.Singaram (late) T.Alagappan M.Somasundaram

Mother K.Sathammai M.Sivakami RM.Thevanai C.Lalitha S.Thamilarasi R.Leela S.Vasanthamathi S.Meenakshi AL.Alagammai S.Mangaleswari

Native Karaikudi Konapet Shanmuganathapuram Sevoor Koppanapatty keelasivalpatti Kollangudi Alagapuri Pon PuduPatti Venthanpatty Devakottai

Degree M.B.BS B.E B.Tech M.B.B.S B.E B.E B.E B.E B.E B.E

Sponsor Vairavan Subramanian Answers Suppiah & Kalyani Answers NWest Region Answers Meiyappan-Answer VR.KR.L. Scholarship Singapore Araso Nachamai Dynamic NSNA Answers Annapoorni Achi Scholarship K.RM.N.Thenappa Chettiar Scholarship Meena and Chockalingam ANSWERS Fund

S. Lakshmanan TR. Subbu RM. Sethuraman S. Adaikammai P. Priyadarsini RM. Divya A. Nitya V. Chidhambaram V.E.. Vairavan V. Chinna Veerappan K. Nachiappan L. Kiruthikha PL.. Subramanian K. Annamalai C. Ashwin M. Saranya

L. Swaminathan AV.Thirupathy KM.Ramanathan Not provided NR.Palaniappan P.Ramaswamy KR.Ashokan CT.Valliappan VR.Vairavan ( late) L. Venkatachalam M Kannan SV Lakshmanan S.P.Palaniappan Kasi M.Chidambaram CT.Muthuraman (Late)

S.Visalakshi Not Provided Not Provided S.Shanthi Not Provided RM Sigappi Not Provided Valliyammai. V. V.Unnamalai V. Kamala K Shanthi L Malarvizhi PL.Parvathi Solai C.Shanthi M.Susila

karaikudi Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided Melasivapuri Paganeri Kuruvikondanpatti Karaikudi Devakottai Kalluppatti Valayapatti Rayavaram V.lakshimipuram Thennipatti Natchanthupatti

B.E B.E B.E B.E B.E B.E B.E B.E B.E B.E B.Tech B.E B.E B.E B.E

NSNA Answers NSNA Answers NSNA Answers NSNA Answers NSNA Answers NSNA Answers Virachilai Sri Adaikalamkaatha Ambal and Sri Rangiem Karuppar Vasanthi Arumugam & Rajendran Ramanathan Scholarship Ramaswamy,Seethalakshi Sembanur Scholarship Ariyakkudi Sevugan Chettiar Education Atlanta Nagarathars Endowment The Late Radio Spore M.TR.Arasu Scholarship Saigon Alagappa Trust - Rangiem Scholarship Visalakshi Alagappan Dynamic Scholarship Annapoorni Achi Education DC Nagarathar Dynamic Scholarship

S. Lakshmi PR. Thenappan V. ramanathan Siva Chockalingam V. Meena S. Sathappa Subramanian S. Deivani S. Manikandan

L.Subramaniam ( late) CT Perikaruppan (late) s.valliappan C.Chockalingam (Late) Venkatachalam N SP.Shanmugam (Late) C.Saravanan (Late) AK sundaram(late)

S.Meenal PR Alagu v.punitha C.Ramu Visalakshi L S.Thenmozhi S.Thenu S.Seethal

Kandanoor venthanpatti avinippatti kandramanickam Devakottai Viramathi Vegupatti Avinippatti

B.E B.E B.E B.E B.Tech B.E B.E B.E

Kandavirayanpatti RS.Suppiah Family Education Kottaiyur LAMAS Trust Education Kottaiyur LAMAS Annamalai & Sudha Education Madurai Sri Meenakshi Amman and Theivanai Appatha Melasivapuri Ganesh and Karpagam Palaniappan's P.R.A.N. Annamalai Meenakshi of Kallal Scholarship Pallathur KR.RM Sittal Achi and Ramanathan Chettiar Scholarship Puduvayal P.P.V.CT.N. Chidambaram Family Scholarship

2008 Greater Chettinad Scholarship Awardees (Rs 5,000 each) Student Name V. Nachiappan M. Karuppan S. Muthu Karuppan C. Pethaperumal

Father M.Venkatachalam AL. Narayanan T. Sethuraman P.Chidambaram

Mother V.Saraswathi N. Rajeswari S.Gandhimathi C.Seethalakshmi

Native Palavangudi P. Alagapuri Valayapatty Shanmuganathapuram

Degree D.ECE D.M.E D.C.E D.ECE

Sponsor Alamu Lakshmanan Arimalam Manikandan Annamalai Central Ohio Nagarathar Endowment Chockalingam Family Kandavarayanpatti Kaliamman Trust

P. Sri Bharathi P. Manju Bharathi S. Vignesh C. Vigneshwaran P.L. Vijay K. Vinothkumar KM. Annamalai P. Sakthivel PL. Kathiresan D. Balasubramanian R.. Lakshmanan KR.. Manikandan P.. Sivagamisundari N.. Venkata Subramanian KT. Chitammal RM. Manikandan K. Kothai Muthu

(Not provided) (Not provided) (Not provided) S.Chocklingam ( late) R.Palaniappan ( late) AN.Karuppiah A.Kumarappan S.Parvathinathan RM.Palaniappan Devarayan AN. Radhakrishnan K. Karuppanchetty N.Periyakaruppan Nehru S. S. Kathiresan RM. Ramanathan Kasi S (Late)

R.Subbulakshmi R Subbulakshmi R.Subbulakshmi C.Kannnathal PL.Jayalakshmi K.Indrani KM.Valliammai P.Thilagavathi PL.Mangai D.Kamala R. Nachammai KR. Muthu P.Mangaiarkarasi Thillai N. KT. Deivannai RM.Valliammai Meenal K (Late)

Rayavaram Rayavaram Rayavaram Kadiappatti P.alagapuri Tharkadu Thirupatthur P. Alagapuri Rangiyam Aravayal Nattarasankotai Athangudi Rangiem Nerkuppai Valayapatty Rayavaram A Thekkur


Chockalingam Family Murugappan Education Chockalingam Family Sethu Achi Memorial Trust Chockalingam Family Kandavarayanpatti Education Egammai GC Kadiyapatti KMN. Kumarappan Chettiar Kanadukathan SVS Family Kandavirayanpatti RS.Suppiah Chettiar Family Kannan & Jaya of Chicago - 1 Nerkuppai Sabapathy & Sethukkarasi New England Nagarathar Northwest Nagarathar Paganeri Meenakshi Sundaram and Visalakshi Educational Trust Pallathur RM. Ramanathan Chettiar Panangudi Manickam & Chellam Family Sala & Meena Sadaps Educational Trust SCGR Greater Chettinadu Sevugan MangaRathnam

K.R.. Karuppiah Vignesh N. Seetha

Karuppiah .A. N.T. Nishok

Sivagami K.R. N.Vallikannu

Avanipatti Kallal


Sevvur Saraswathi & Seetha Lakshmi Scholarship Vivek & Annam 10th Wedding Anniversary

2008 Special One-time Scholarship Awardees (Rs 10,000 each) Student Name V. Vaidhyanathan T. Dhanalakshmi A. Mekala

Father Name Veerappan .L. Thinnappan A (Late) K.Annamalai

Mother Name Lakshmi. L. Sigapi T A.Vijaya

Native Place Karaikudi Devakottai Ventanpatti

Degree B.E B.Tech B.Tech



2008 Special One-time Scholarship Awardee (Rs 5,000 each) Father Name Student Name V.Ramasamy RM. Ramesh

Mother Name RM.Deivanai

Native Place Chockanathapuram

Degree D.M.E

Sponsor Kannan & Jaya of Chicago - 2

2008 YES Scholarship Awardees (Rs 4,000 each) Student Name M. Umayal S. Thennappan R. Lakshmi A. Muthukumar M. Pon Algappan T. Periyanayaki K.R. Alagammai S. Vallimayil R. Uma S. Kalyani K. Thennamai SP. Kannathal C. Karuppiah A. Annamalai A. Nachammai AL. Meyyamai PL. Kasiraja S. Meenakshi S. Rukmani P. Satya R. Ranganathan U. AlaguSundaram R. Seenivasan A. Sundaram N. Ramanathan AL. Raja V. Nagammai KT. Muthiah V. Umayal K. Meenal M. Karpagavalli N. Rajalakshmanan S. Abirami P. Muthupalaniappan S. Yegammai K. Jeyanthi R. Vijay K. Vijay PL. Vaidyanathan S. Valliappan PL. Thiyagarajan L. AlamuDevi K. UmayalSoundram S. Alamelu R. Annamalai PL. MuthuKaruppan PL. Naganathan M. Nachiappan S. Nachiappan V. Lakshmi VR. Lakshmi PL. Ramanathon MP. MeenakshiSundaram PL. Sigappi S. Karthikeyan K. Meenal V. Vinaitherthan S. Nagaraj PL. Deepak AN. Deivanai S. Palaniappan RM. MeenakshiSundaram K. Saravanan V. UmaDevi CT. Nagaraj M. Nachiappan C. Vallikannu PL. Nagarajan A. Chornanathan S. Chidambaram K. Baghyalakshmi AN. Nagammai P. JayamKondan

Mother Name M. Unnamalai S. Umayal R.Suseela A.Kamalakkannal M.Nagammai T.Muthuvalli K.R . Meyammai S.Thamilarasi R. Alamelu S.Meenal K.Lakshmi SP.Meyyammai C.Nachammai (late) A.Abirami SV.Visalakshi RM.Menakshi P.Paripuranam S.Kalyani S.neela PL.Sigappi R.Vasanthal U.Unnamalai R.Alagammai A.Deivanai N.Valliammai AL.RamuSaroja V.Valliammai R.Kaveri V.Renganayaki R.Annapurani M.Solachi N.Valliammai S.Karpagavalli P.Mankayarkarasi S.Visalakshi K.Rukmani R.Sivagamai KR.Meenakshi PL.Umayal Saraswathi Pl.Valliammai Vislakshi K.Alagammai S.Kalavathai R.Alagumeenal PL.Cauveri PL.Kannamai M.Nachal S.Nallammai V.Sigappi VR.Parvathai PL.Meenal P.Alamelu Pl.Muthammal S.Nachammai K.Alalgu V.menaka S.Sundari PL.Mangalam AN.Visalakasi S.Vasuki Valliammai Achi ( late) KN.Vellaie V.Nagarathanam CT.Mangalam Mallika C.Nachal PL.Jayalakshmi A.Amirtham SM.Lakshmi S.Poonkothai A.Alamelu P.Annam

Native Place Karaikudi Konapet Kadiapatti Kilasevalpatti O.Siruvayal O.Siruvayal karaikudi Koppanapatty Devakottai Valaiyapatti Devakottai Pallathur Thenipatti Virachalai Kandavarayanpatti Karaikudi Venthanpatti Valaiyapatti Kandavaraianpatti Koppanapatti Devakottai Kandavarayanpatti Valayapatti Rangiem Valaiapatti Venthanpati Kulipirai O.Siruvayal Natarasankottai Nachiyapuram Rayavaram Kottiyur Natarasankottai Rangiyam Panaiapatti Karaikudi Devakottai Sirukoodalpatti Kanadukathan Konapet Kopanapatti Viramathi Devakottai Ariyakudi Valayapatti Arimalam Nachandupatti Kanadukathan A.Thekkur Devakottai Devakottai Nachandupatti Kelasivalpatti Arimalam Mithilaipatti Kottaiyur Kandramanikam Devakottai Kopanapatti Kadiapatti karaikudi Devakottai Natarasankottai Natarajapuram Karaikudi Palathur Kandanoor Valayapatti Melasivapuri Devakottai Pallthur Sirukoodalpatti Melaisivapuri

Degree B.E B.E B.E B.Tech B.E B.E B.E B.E B.B.A B.Com B.B.A B.E B.E B.E B.A B.E B.E B.E B.C.A Others B.Tech B.E B.E D.ECE B.E B.Sc B.Com Others D.ECE B.Com B.Sc B.E B.E D.ECE B.Sc B.Sc B.Com B.E B.Com B.Sc B.E B.Tech D.C.E B.Sc B.E B.E B.E B.Sc B.Tech B.E B.Sc B.E B.E B.Sc B.E B.E B.E D.M.E D.EEE B.Com B.E B.E D.ECE B.Sc B.E B.Tech B.Sc B.E B.Sc B.E B.Com B.E B.E

Sponsor Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship

Father Name L. Meyyappan S.P.Sockalingam(late) VE.Ramasrinivasan VE.Alagappan PL.P.Muthiah N.Thenappan C.T. Karupan Chetty MR. Shanmugam V.Rajendran A.Shanmugam T.Krishnan SP.Subbiah V.Chellappan A.Annamalai SP.Annamalai M.Allagappan K.Palaniappan RM.SethuRaman T.R.Selvam SM.Palaniappan (late) L.Ranganathan AL.udaiappan NS.Ramalingam K.Asokan RM.Nagappan M.Alagappan SM.Venkatachalam AN. Kathiresan RM. Vaitheeswaran N.Radhakrishnan CT.Muthu (late) AR.Narayanan K.Sethuraman N.Periyakaruppan S.Sivanadiyan (late) RM.Kasiviswanathan M.Rajendran ( late) AN.Karuppiah PL.Palaniappan V.Subramanian AL.Palaniappan SP.lakshmanan AR.Krishnan N.Srinevasan A.Ravi K.Palaniappan N.Palaniappan CT.Muthuarasappan N.Subramanian (late) Pl.Valiiappan (late) L.Veerappan RM.Palaniappan M.Palaniappan CT.Palaniappan P.selvaraj C.Kumar V.Venkatachalam P.Shanmugam ( late) KM.Palaniappan ( late) T.Annamalai (Late) PL.Shanmugam L.RM.S.Ramanathan Chettiar KM.Kannappan A.Veerappan N.C.Chidambaram KTS.Meenakshisundaram (Late) PL.Chokalingam R.Palaniappan (late) PL.Andiappan (late) R.Somu ALA.Kasi Viswanathan M.Annamalai SP.Palaniappan


CT. Palaniappan N. Subramaniam L. Alagappan V. Nachammai

PL.Chidambaram A.Nagappan AL.Lakshmanan N.Valliappan

CT.Alamelu N.Devi L.Suseela v.malarvilzhi

Kulipirai Nachiapuram A.Thekkur nachiyapuram


Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship

PR. Ganesh M. Shanmugapriya SP. Chokkalingam M. Saravanan M. Subramanian K. Kalpana S. Muthuganesh N. Nachiappan A. Kasiviswanathan G. Muthu ganesh RM. KARTHI S. Ramanathan R. Valliammai P. Kirthiga K. Meenakshi PL. Valliappan

AR.Periyannan PL. N. Muthu M. Subramanian M. RM. Muthuraman S. Meyyappan Kumar M. Subramanian VR NAGAPPAN K.Ashogan S Ganesan KP Ramanathan KS Senthilvelan M Ramanathan VR PILLAPPAN G Krishnappan [ Late ] Palaniappan [ Late ]

PR.Umayal M. Nachammai SP. Umayal M. Alagu Meenal M. Valliammai K. Nachammai S. Muthulakshmi N. NAGALAKSHMI A.Deivanai G Meenal RM Vasanthi S. Lakshmi RM Pethal P Pasumpon Vishalakshi K PL Umayal

Rayavaram Vegupatti Devakottai Vegupatti Devakottai Arimalam Karaikudi Kulipirai Rangiem Kallal VETTRIYUR Devakottai Devakottai Paganeri Ramachandrapuram Devakottai

B.E B.E B.E B.E B.E B.Sc B.Tech B.E B.E B.Tech D.ECE B.E B.Sc B.E. B.Com D.C.E

Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship

K. Alagammai S. Ramanathan N. Krishnan AR. Muthu K. Alagammai KL. Kumarappan T. Alagappan S.. Valliappan A. Uma S. Ramanathan M. NARAYANAN SP. Senthilnathan M.S.. Devi MR. Sathappan R. Meenal M. Azhagu Meena M. Subramanian

RM Krishnan [ Late ] RM Senthil K Natarajan [ Late] RM Arunachalam T Kathirvel Chettiar CT Kulandayan V thiagarajan N Saravanan S Annamalai L Shanmugam not provided PL Subramanian A Meenakshi Sundaram S Murugappan N. Radha Krishnan M. Meyyappan S. Mani

K Parvathi S Yegammai N Valliammai AR Theivanai K Vasanthal Achi KL Udayammai T Sigappi S Manimekalai A Ramathilagam S Sigappi N ADAIKKAMMAi SP Vallikkannu MS Uma MR Meenal R. Annapoorani M. Adaikammai SM. Rukmani

Venthanpatti Aranmanai Siruvayal Pallathur Arimalam Avinipatti Rayavaram Avinipatti Nachaipuram Valayapatti Valayapatti Kuruvikondanpatti Karaikudi Keelaisivalpatti Ramachandrapuram Nachiapuram Arimalam Kilaseevalpatti

B.Sc D.EEE B.E B.Sc B.A B.E B.E B.E B.Sc B.Tech B.E B.E B.Sc B.E B.Com B.Com B.E

Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship

SP. Meyyappan SP. Veerappan RM. Ponnazhagi A. Vishnu Preya SP. Thaiyalnayaki T. Mangaiyarkarasi K. Karthik K. Divya N. Somasundaram N. Muthuraman RM. MuthuArun P. Alagappan S. Nagappan V. Vairavan M. Chitrakala K. Angammaiy

M. Subramanaian VR. Subramanian RM. Ramanathan AM. Arunachalam M. Subbiah V. Thirunavukarasu K. Krishnan RM. Kalyana Sundaram M.Nagendran M.Nachiappan M.Ramanathan M.A.Periakaruppan N.Senthil V.Vairavan S.Malaiyandi PL.Kumarappan

SP. Muthu SP. Vasantha RM. Alagammai P. Nagarani SP. Manimekalai T. Adaikammai K. Lakshmi K. Meenakshi N.Thilagam N.Rukumani RM.Thenral P.Annapoorani S.Kalyani V.Meiyammai M.Thaiyalnayaki KM.Eagammai

Karaikudi Puduvayal Karaikudi Ramachandrapuram Valayapatti Rayavaram Devakottai Virachilai Paganeri K.Chokkanathapuram Kulipirai Pallathur Ponnamaravathy Kadiyapatti Vegupatti Koppanapatty

B.Tech D.M.E B.Com B.Com B.C.A B.Sc B.E B.E B.Sc B.E B.E B.E B.Com B.C.A B.Tech B.Tech

Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship

S. AlaghuVasanthi C. Kamalambigai KP. Alamelu S. Nachammai K. Ramu N. Iswaryalakshmi R. Chellapriya S. Dhivya A. Shanmugapriya AL. Karpaga Ganesh T. Muthukumar K. Muthuraman C. Chidambara Ganesh N. Sivalingam S. Ramu AN. Palaniappan K. Annamalai

M.Subramaniam PL.Chockalingam RM.Karupanchetti L.Swaminathan Ar.Karuppiah RM.Nagappan SP.Ramasamy SM.Subramaniam S.Arunachalam S.Alagappan V. Thirunavukarasu CT.Kannan C. Chockalingam RM.Nagappan M.Subbiah M.Annamalai A.KasiViswanathan

S.Chitra C.Meenakshi K.Manimekalai S.Visalakshi KR.Meenakshi N.Nagammai R.Vallikannu S Kalaiselvi A.Meenal AL.Vasanthi T.Adaikammai K.Vijayalakshmi C.Meyammai N.Valliammai S.Meenal AN.Radha Theivanai

Pudukottai Pulankurichi Devakottai Karaikudi Sirugudalpatti Shanmuganathapuram Rayavaram Panageri Karaikudi Kallal Rayavaram Kandanur Shanmuganathapuram Valayapatti Rangiem K.Alagapuri Teenipatti

B.Com B.E B.E B.Tech D.C.E B.Com B.E B.E B.Com B.E B.E B.E D.Textile B.E B.E D.C.E B.Sc

Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship

S. Chitra S. Mangalam A. Muthumeenal N. Natchiammai T. Nagarathinam

P.L.Subramaniam AN.Solaiappan S.Annamalai M.Nachiappan AL.Thiyagarajan

S.Vijaya S.Muthathal A.Vallikannu N.Paripooranam T.Mallika

Vegupatti Rayavaram Rayavaram A.Muthupattinam Kpppanapatti

B.Sc B.Sc B.E B.E B.Tech

Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship


R. Vidhya RM. Kalayappan K. Thenmozhi PR. Palaniappan

S.Ramakrishnan K.Ramanathan T.Kannan PL.Periyakaruppan

R.Rani RM.Visalakshi K.Alagu PR.Annapoorani

Alavakottai Paganeri karaikudi Kulipirai


Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship

s. kannapriya V. Valliammai K. kannan AR. Ganesan KM. Alamu V. Muthukkaruppan S. Nagarajan M. Rukmani M. Visvanadh AR. Manju AL. Alagumeenal PL. Lakshmi G. Sathappan C. Adaikkalam M. Ramu meena A. Latha

M.Singaram KR.Vairavan N.Kasi N Arunuchalam S Kumarappan M. Vinaitheerthan S.Solaiappan Muthuraman RM SP.Muthu AL.Arunachalam M. Alagappan Palaniappan PL V Ganesan Chidambaram VE M.Muthu Annamalai A

S.Seethalakshmi V.Seethalakshmi K.Meenal AR Maragatham KM Valliammai V. Pethal S.Umaiyal Kalyani M M. Sivakami AR.Senbagam AL.Ramu Umayal PL G Alagammai Seetha C M.Nachammai Meenakshi A

Nattarasankottai P. Alagapuri Mithilaippati Mangiri valayapatti Shanmuganathapuram Nachandupatti Nachandupatti Karaikudi P. Alagapuri venthanpatti Karaikudi Vegupatti Kadiyappatti Koppanapatty Pallathur

B.Sc B.E D.EEE D.EEE B.E B.E B.E B.Sc B.E B.E B.Sc D.ECE B.E B.A B.Tech B.Sc

Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship

A. Ganesan s. Meyyammai RM. Ramanathan M. Nachiappan v.l.. veerappan PL. Meenakshi M. PradeepKumar T. Ranganathan PL. Raja A. Hariharan s. annamalai PA. Arun m. anbu meenal V. Unnamalai M. Meenakshi vr. lakshmi A. A.Sindhuja

V.Azagappan RM.Subbiah MR.Ramanathan R.Muthiah v.lakshmanan AN.Palaniappan S.Mani Thiyagarajan (Late) RM.Palaniappan Amuthan KR N.Sathappan SP.Pasupathi s.meyyappan Valliappan S N.Murugappan l.veerappan SM.Arumugam

A.Nachammai S.Sita RM.Parvatham M.Parvathi l.valliammai PL.Alagammai AL. Sivakami T.Parvathy Latha PL.Sigappi Umayal A S.Sornavalli P.Sivakami m.valliammai Vallikannu SV M.Sala vr.vallikannu A.Vijaya

Kilasivalpatti solapuram Pallathur Kallal thenipatti Nemanthapatti devakottai Athangudi Vendhanpatty Karaikudi devakottai Chockalingam pudur devakottai Rangiyam Kilasivalpatti karaikudi Kulipirai

B.E B.Com B.E B.E B.Tech B.Sc D.EEE Others B.E B.E B.E B.E B.Sc B.Sc B.E B.Sc B.E

Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship

P. Nachammai M. Muthu R. Priya K. Senthil Nathan N. Alagappan C.. Periakaruppan Al. Alagappan S. Muthulakshmi VR. Sethulakshmanan AL. Manikandan SP.. Suganya s. chithirai selvan KN. Kannan N. Muthu Palaniappan M. Parthiban S. Subramanian

L.Pethaperumal (Late) M. Muthu Ganesan Ravichandran S S.K.N.Kannappan AL.Nagappan K. Chockalingham Arumugam M.Shanmugam L.Veerappan Alagappan MPL N. Subramanian s.sivasubramanian K.Kannappan Nagappan N M.Muthuraman Sambantham RM

P.Periyal M.Sivagami Visalatchi R not provided N.Alamelu C. Unnamalai A.Sigappy S.Shanthi VR.Parvathy Unnamalai AL SP. Kavitha pl.meyyammai KN.Inbavali Alagammai N M.Chittal Punitha S

Konapet Vrichalai Koppanapatti Not provided P. Alagapuri Palavangudi Chokkalingam Pudur Puduvayal devakottai V Lakshmipuram Devakottai o.siruvayal Managiri P Alagapuri kulipirai Siravayal

B.Tech B.E B.A B.A B.E B.E B.Sc B.Tech Others B.Tech B.E B.E B.E B.E B.E B.E

Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship

PL.S.. Karthick n. sivakumar p. meiyammai a.r.. ramanathan SM.. Narayanan s. rajamani R. Rajapandian V. Alamelu P. Gowri K. Ramasamy K. Ashok Nagappan N. Lakshmi RM. Sathappan P. Chockalingam S. Kanimozhi M. Nithiya K. Annapoorani

PL. Singaram rm.nachiappan Periyakaruppan rm.arunachalam M. Somanathan rm.senthuraman V.Senthamarai PR.Valliappan P.VR.Pethaperumal RM.Krishnan (Late) A.Krishnan SP.Narayanan S.Ramanathan S.Palaniappan KL.Shanmugam KN.Meenakshi Sundaram N.Karuppiah

S. Jayalakshmi n.shanthi Annapoorani ar.alamelu SM. Vijayalakshmi s.banumathi S Seetha V.Meenakshi P.Panju K.Parvathi K.Shanthi N.Susila RM.Kalyani PL.Kalyani S.Annapoorani M.Kannathal K.Dheivanai

Narchanthupatti attangudi pallathur venthanpattti Karaikudi melaishivapurai K. Alagapuri Kadiyapatti Devakottai Venthanpatti Vegupatti Kadiyapatti Puduvayal Keelaisivapuri Devakottai Siruvayal rayavaram

B.Sc B.E B.Sc B.E B.Tech B.E B.E B.Sc B.E B.Com B.E Others D.ITE B.E B.Sc B.E B.E

Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship

AL. Subramanian PL. Sivagami KR. Alagammai S. Karthikeyan L. Lakshmi S. Valliappan PL. Sivasakthi S. Annamalai M. Vallimayil P. Shanmugam

S.Alagappan M.Palaniappan MK.Karuppiah KM.Sundaram SP.Lakshmanan V.Srinivasan M.Palaniappan A.Senthil Murugan L.Muthuraman T.Palaniappan

not provided PL.Visalakshi KR.Umayal S.Saraswathy L.Shenbagavalli S.Unnamalai PL.Suguna S.Meenal M.Meenakshi P.Karpagavalli

shanmuganathapuram Karaikudi Avanipatti Natchanthupatti Devakottai Chockanathapuram Ariyakudi Natchanthupatti Natchanthupatti Valayapatti

B.E B.Com B.E B.E B.Tech B.E B.Com B.E B.Tech D.ECE

Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship


P. Shanmugam P. Vallikannu RM. Subramanian R.. azhagunachammai A.. Lakshmanan C.. Andappan PL.. Subbu Nachammai E.. Priyadharshini P.. Jayalakshmi SP.. Nagalakshmi M.. Saranya RM. Dinesh L. Janaki K. Rakkammal sp. Kanagam N. Kamala N. Karthiga P. Vallikkannu l.p. muthulakshmi G. Thennappan AN. Murugappan PL. Meyappan R. SeethaLakshmi K. Charumathi VR. Sankaranarayanan AL. Palaniappan S. Balaji RM. Vidhya V.. Chidambaram MR.. Kannamai PL.. Sivagami P.. Thenmozhi K. Lakshmi K. Karthick G.. Meiyappan V. Sivagami Kr.. Kannan L. Lakshmi K.. Kalyani SP.. Somasundaram R.. Arivalagan L.. Devarajan A.N.. Valliammai S.. Manickam RM. Annamalai MR.. Manickavalli S.. Ramanathan R. Srinivasan SP.. Nagarajan SM. Kadappan V.. Vallikannu L.. MuthuGanesh S.N.. SaiLatha S.. Yegammai T. Sivagami S.. Manikandan AN.. Alamelu . T.. Nagappan N. Nagappan S. Subramanian M.. Kaviarasan KR.. Saraswathi N. Nachammai P. Subbiah C. Ramanathan SM. Murugappan S. Muthukumar SP. Meenakshi CT. Veerappan PL. Kalyani C. Swarna Latha M. Meenal RM. Manikandan C. Meyyammai R. Manikandan S. Ramasamy

T.Palaniappan R.Prabhakaran Kr. Ramanathan Rm. Radhakrishnan RM. Annamalai M. Chockalingam SP. Palaniappan N. Elangovan M.R. Palaniappan M. Subramanian SP. Muthu Karuppan Ramu TR PL.Lakshanan C.Karuppiah M.subramanian A. Nagarajan A.Nagarajan S.Ramanathan L.Ponnalagappan Ganesan G Annamalai N (Late) Palaniappan SP Radhakrishnan L S.Kannan Veerappan RM PL.Alagappan Sivanadiyan (Late) AR. Ramanathan CT. Veerapan M. Murugappan Palaniappan S. S. Palaniyappan AN. Karuppaiah Kannan. NS SP.S.Ganesan Sp. Valliyappan KR. Ramu AR. Lakshmanan SP.Kannappan SM.Subramanian RM.Raja AN.Lakshmanan S. Annamalai Somasundaram M. (late) S.Ramanathan S.Murugappan R.M. Subramanian KR.Ramanathan SP. Subramanian K.Somasundaram N. Venkatachalam S.Lakshmanan VS. SingaraNagappan Solaiappan SP S. Thirunavukarasu V.RM.Senthamarai RM.Annamalai SP.Thenappan Chettiar PL. Nagappan RM. Sathyamoorthy K.N.Murugappan KR. Karuppiah V.Nagappan Periyanan. SP S.Chokkalingam M.Somasundaram PR.Subramanian N.Subramanian PR.Chidambaram A.RM.Palaniappan PL.Chockalingam N.Meiyappan AR.Ramanathan S.Chockalingam N.Ramu RM.Subramanian(late)

P.Karpagavalli P.Poongothai Rm. Suseela R. Kalairasi AN. Kalyani C. Saraswathi PL. Meenal E. Meena PL. Vasanthi SP. Umayal M. Nagammai Solai RM L.Alagammai K.Meenal SP.Muthu N.Vasantha N.Vasatha R.Vimala P.Alagammai Muthu Lakshmi G Umayal AN Parvathi PL Nagammai R K.Sivagami Kaveri VR AL.Theivanai S.Visalakshi RM. Visalakshi V. Bhuvaneswari MR. Shanthi PL. Soundaram PL. Chitra KR. Meenakshi K. Shanthi (late) Kalyani Ganesan V.Visalachi KR. Unnamalai L. Kamala K.Prema SP.Alamelu R.Jothi L.Sigappi A.N.Visalakshi Alagammai S. RM.Swarna Kaveri MR.. Muthu S. Meenakshi R.Seethalakshmi SP. Valliammai SM.Alagammai V.Umayal L.Meenakshi S. Amuthal S. Thenammai T. Mangayarkarasi S.Soundaram AN.Gomathi T. Adakkammai N.Deivannai S.Meena M.Meenakshi KR. Meenal N.Sivagami Meenakshi. PR C.Sivagami SM.Vijayal S.Bhavani S.Kamalambal CT.Valliammai not provided not provided M.Theivanai RM.Valliammai C.Nithyakalyani R.Chitra S.Visalakshi

Valayapatti Nattarasankottai Kottaiyur Nerukuppai Venthon Patty Devakottai Palavangudi Vendhanpatti Nattarasankottai Devakottai Paganeri Karaikudi Kuruvikkondanpatti Pallathur Karaikudi natchandupatti natchanduppati poolankurichi Kilasevalpatti Pallathur Naatrasankotai Rayavaram Athangudi kanadukathan Karaikudi konapet Panayappatti Chockanathapuram Puduvayal Kandavarayan Patti Nerkuppai Devakottai Sirugudalpatti Venthenpatti Managiri Kadiyapatti Karaikudi Rayavaram Cholapuram Karaikudi Shanmuganathapuram Karaikudi Nachandupatty Rayapuram valayapatti Karaikudi Attangudi Sirukoodalpatty Nemathanpatti Nemathanpatti Karaikudi K. Alagapuri Vegupatti Arimalam Pudhukottai Alavakkottai Ariyakkudi Valayapatti Managiri Kandanur Melaisivapuri Kilasivalpatti Kadiapatti Venthampatti Avinippatti karaikudi panayapatti natarajapuram nachandupatti valayapatti Not provided Rayavaram nerkuppai kallupatti managiri Kadiyapatti

D.ECE B.E B.Tech B.Sc B.Tech Others D.EEE B.E B.E B.Com B.E B.E B.Tech B.Com D.EEE B.E B.Tech B.Com B.E Others B.Tech B.E B.B.A B.E B.E B.E D.ITE B.E B.E B.E B.E B.E B.E B.C.A B.E B.Sc B.E B.B.A B.Sc B.E B.E B.E B.E B.E B.E D.ECE B.E B.Sc Others B.Com B.E B.E B.B.A B.E B.Com D.EEE B.E B.E Others B.Tech B.Sc B.E B.E B.E B.E B.E B.E B.E B.E B.E B.Sc D.ECE B.C.A B.Sc B.E B.E

Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Mrs. Visalakshi Alagappan Education Scholarship Alaks Sevugan Alaks Sevugan Arun Ramaswamy Arunachalam Subramanian Ashok Alagappan Kalaippan Chidambaram Kalaippan Chidambaram Meena M. Ranganathan Meyyappan Arunachalam Meyyappan Arunachalam Meyyappan Arunachalam Meyyappan Arunachalam Meyyappan Arunachalam Meyyappan Arunachalam Meyyappan Arunachalam Meyyappan Arunachalam Meyyappan Arunachalam Meyyappan Arunachalam Murugappan Periyakaruppan P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram


PL. Meena N. Deivanai N. Padma CMC. Muthukumar MR. Meena P. Valliyappan SP. Subramanian SP. Thennammai R. Madhavan RM. Nachiappan C. Viswanathan SP. Veerappan R. Annamalai S. Rajeshwari A. Meyyammai KR.. Abhiramy B. Ponnalkeppan A. Lakshmi K. Srinivasan KR. Visalatchi M. Priyanka T. Theivanai L.. Singaram A. Meenakshi M. Natchu S. Vijayalakshmi R. Chockalingam M. Shanmugam . Muthu Visuvanathan P. Ponnalagu V. Jawahar Valliappan M.S.. Kaveri S. Prakash VR. Subhathra KM. Thyagarajan T. Subramanian P. Alagu Lakshmi AN. Arunachalam KR. Kannan S. Sharmila SP. Deivanai AL. Alagammai PL. Valliammai C. Muthulaxmi K. MuthuMeenal AR. Muthumeena L. Meyyappan A. Muthukumar S. Sivagami M. Ramanathan PR. Narayanan M. Vallimayil K. Palaniappan AN. Saraswathy PL. Thaiyalnayaki A. Venkatachalam M. Valliappan RM. Thenmozhi S. Dhurka K. Meiyappan

RM.Palaniappan M.Nagappan M.Nagappan Chidambaram M Murugappan S Palaniappan M Subramanian RM (Late) Subramaniam RM (Late) Ramakrishnan M CT. Ramasamy M. Chockalingam KR. Subramanian A. Raman RM. Subramanian A. Alagappan AN. Karuppiah Balasubramaniam R Annamalai S (Late) Kasi S (Late) Karuppiah AL Muthiah N Ramaswamy PR RM (Late) S.Lakshmanan(late) S.Adaikkappan Muthukumar SP Subramanian AN Rajendran. C. Murugappan .S. Muthiah M.V A.P.Pethaperumal E.S.Vellayappan Somasundaram.M (late) M.R.Shanmugam M. Veerappan Kumarappan Thenappan .T. Pitchappan V.R. Annamalai AR Ramu KR Selvamani RM Subramanian M N.Alagappan M.Palaniappan S.RM.Chidambaram M.Karuppiah(late) A.Arunachalam PR.Lakshmanan KR.Azhagappan ST.Srinivasan(Late) MuthuVeerappan CT PL.Periyakaruppan Muthuraman L Kasiviswanathan PL (Late) Annamalai SP PR Palaniappan Annamalai AV SP KR Muthaih VR. Ramanathan CT.sivaprakasam K.Kalyanasundaram

PL.Chandra N.Selvi N.Selvi Mangayarkarasi CT Addaikkammai MR Nachammai P Umayal SP Umayal SP Kannathal R RM. Alagammai C. Meena SP. Saraswathy CT. Meenal SP. Thenamai AL. Lakshmi KR. Meenakshi Sivagami B Seetha L Meenal K (Late) Deivanai KR Abirami M Sigappi T L.Deivannai A.Kalyani Visalakshi M Kasthuri S. Deivanai. R. Gunasundari .M. Latha Muthiah P. Meenal V.Meenal Alagammai S S.Malarkodi Vr.Nachammai KM.Mala Meena .T. Nachammai .P. Chitra AN Unnamalai KR Umarani S Muthulakshmi SP AL.Lakshmi PL.Kannammai CT.Kannapuram K.Meenal AR.Meenal L.Manickavalli G.Lakshmi S.Meenatchi Meena Tamilarasi PR.Annapoorani Vallimayil M Valliammai K Visalakshi SV Visalakshi C Valliammai AN M Deivanai VR. Shanthi S.Alamelu K.Valliyammai

karaikudi Valayapatti Valayapatti Devakottai Karaikudi Nattaarasankottai Thenibatti Madurai Kalayarmangalam Kallal Pulankuruchi Pallathur Nachiyapuram Kalluppatti Kottaiyur Attangudi Palavangudi Shanmuganathapuram A Thekkur Rayavaram Melaisivapuri Kuruvikondanpatti Kandavarayanpatti Chokkanathapuram Arimalam Karaikudi Sevvur Koppanapatty Konapet Kanadukathan Kilasivalpuri Rayavaram Viraichalai Karaikudi Valayapatty Aaravayal Kandanoor Allagapuri Karaikudi Aranmanai Siruvayal Vetriyur Devakottai Aathangudi kallupatti Kilasevalpatti Athangudi o.Siruvayal keelasivalpatti Vegupatti Kanadukathan Kulipirai Nachandapatty Attangudi Kandavarayanpatty Melasivapuri Amaravathiputhur Karikudi Puduvayal Kulipirai Devakottai

B.Sc B.Com B.Com B.E B.B.A D.EEE B.A B.Com D.C.E B.E B.E B.Tech B.Tech B.E B.Sc B.Tech B.E B.Sc B.E B.E B.E B.Com B.E Others D.ECE B.Com B.E B.E B.E B.E D.ECE B.E B.E B.B.E D.C.E B.E D.ECE B.E B.E B.E B.B.A B.E B.Sc B.Com B.C.A B.Tech D.C.E D.C.E Others D.C.E B.E B.Tech D.EEE B.E B.Sc B.Com B.E B.Sc B.Sc B.B.A

P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram P R Chidambaram Ram V Ramanathan Ram V Ramanathan Ram V Ramanathan Ram V Ramanathan Ram V Ramanathan Ram V Ramanathan Ram V Ramanathan Ram V Ramanathan Ram V Ramanathan Ram V Ramanathan Ram V Ramanathan Ramasamy Sithambaram Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Subramanian Periyanan Subramanian Periyanan Subramaninan Natarajan Venkat Aruna Venkat Aruna Venkat Aruna Ramesh Ramesh Ramesh Ramesh Ramesh Ramesh Ramesh NSNA NSNA NSNA NSNA NSNA NSNA NSNA NSNA NSNA

Disclaimer: NSNA will take every effort to meet endowment commitments. Interest income from our conservative investments may not be enough to meet the commitments due to low interest rates and high fluctuations in exchange rate. NSNA reserves the right to reduce endowment awards in future if enough income is not generated. This applies to all past and future endowment funds. Note: This year funds from general funds were used to keep the commitment for all endowment awards.


Bay Area Regional News

By Ram Nakappan

NCNA Camping Bay Area Nagarathar's went on an adventurous camping trip organized by NCNA. They went to the campground Uvas canyon. There were about 60 people, adults and children who were there for two nights as happy campers. The campground was beautiful in the woods, up in the mountains. It had plenty of small creeks with a great tropical forest view. Campers went on strenuous hikes on the mountains that were great exercise and delicious food to off set the exercise. The menu included tomato rice, puliyotharai rice, pulav, burgers, hot dogs, rotis, corn, fruits, eggs, cereal, side dishes and snacks. There were many games throughout the day and at night. Games like charades, anthakshari, mafia, etc got all the campers very energetic and involved. All the families there bonded and had a wonderful time together. It was a great experience for many first time campers. Special thanks to Latha and Narayanan who took the initiative to organize the group camping and many thanks to NCNA for brining the regional Nagarathars together once more, as one community to have fun and cherish our bonds. Pillayar Nonbu Function Pillayar Nonbu, the ritual event, was celebrated with much passion and involvement on Jan 3rd in Livermore temple. While following all the authentic cultures the organizers went above and beyond to bring something new â&#x20AC;&#x201C; innovation the key word for Silicon Valley. There was a game to make the new families mingle with everyone. It had some unique questions as 'Find 2 others with same number of siblings as your spouse'. Oh boy! People just leaped in action to break the ice and also to win the $25 gift card. With 192 families in the bay area and 142 attending, we really needed an ice breaker. Moving the function to the tail end of the holidays really helped many attend it after finishing their holidays. Everyone wondered about how neatly the event was time tracked (3pm-9pm) still hosting 478 people and a variety of cultural programs from kids and elders and the ice breaker. Sure bay area is growing! (Would it beat Singapore !!). Raising money for charity through Yelam is habit of Nagarathars that keeps the tradition rich. The tradition continued raising a record high of more than $10,000.

The New Year was kicked off with a nice event and Bay Area Nagarathars are all set to meet at the next get together â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the Pongal festival on Jan 24th


DC Regional News

Pillayar Nonbu

By Uday Subramanian

We began our new year by aptly offering our prayers to the ―Muzhumuthar Kadavul‖ Pillayar. We got together to celebrate Pillayar Nonbu on January 3rd at Vienna Community center in VA.

Summer Picnic It was yet another fun filled and fulfilling quarter for Team DC. It all began with our summer picnic ―Kodai Kondattam 2008‖ which was organized by Ramu & Alamu, Subbu & Thenu and Uday & Indhu. This year‘s picnic was on August 23rd at Rockledge recreational park in Maryland. We had 180 people in attendance which included guests from Texas and India. Organizers did an excellent job to make sure everyone had a relaxing and fun day. Everyone were constantly treated with delicious food starting from neer moru, corn, fresh veggie skewers, spicy chicken skewers, fresh cut fruits and home made snacks.

This year‘s organizers Nallaperumal Chidambaram & Valli, Ashok & Jaya and Sevugan & Meena did an excellent job. Of late all our get together are becoming too big in size and this event was not an exception, we had a record number of 225 + people in attendance and we took 217 ezhai. Veerappan annan, Dr.Shanmugam annan and my dad Subramanian chettiar handed out the ezhai‘s. Kids sang pillayar songs and we had a group bhajan as well. Ezhai edutal was followed by yelam conducted by the kids and co ordinate by Ramesh and Theo.

We had some very innovative games and for the first For the first time we raised time achis were included in a game of mixed cricket a five figure amount of and to tell the truth some of the achis did better than the $11,000 in auction and dochettiars!! Mixed cricket was followed by hot home made nations. As in the past we food with fresh grilled chicken and vegetable skewers and decided to send 100% of we had fresh sliced the yelam collection to fruits from Taylor Farms for dessert. Thanks to Ramu for bringing the fruits, it was a big hit! NSNA to be used for designated charitable funds. After lunch we had games for the entire family. Family Feud and scavenger hunt were thoroughly enjoyed by all ages alike. This was fol- Annadhanam at Kasi Nattukotai Nagarathar Sangam lowed by snacks that included murukku, thengulal etc. Few members from DC Region pooled together $1111 to Mrs. Sala Velu, NSNA chair for Marriage Committee and sponsor an Annadhanam at Kasi Nattukottai Nagarathar Miss Ramya Velu, chair Sangam during diwali celebration. Around 1500 Nagarafor NSNA Youth Comthars were fed for 6 days. Each day was sponsored by one mittee were visiting their group of individuals. This year‘s sponsors included Dr. family and joined us for MAM. Ramasamy, Wipro, SBI, Bank of India and Washthe whole day and briefed ington DC Nagarathars under the NSNA banner. Thanks us about the Marriage to everyone who contributed to this noble cause and speCommittee and Youth cial thanks to NSNA for working together with us on this Committee initiatives. project.


Diwali 2008 DC Diwali Mela was organized by Shan & Latha, Sendhil & Kavitha and Palani & Divya. We have an on going healthy competition in DC Region amongst the event organizers. Each event‘s organizing committee want‘s to beat the previous one by adding their own touch to the program.

Graduation Meena & Alagappan are pleased to announce the graduation of both their son and daughter. Arun graduated in June of 2008 with high honors from Ross University School of Medicine and is currently doing his residency in anesthesiology. Priya graduated in May 2008 from University of Maryland with a degree in Neurobiology and Physiology and plans on attending medical school .

DC Diwali Mela 2008 was no exception to that rule. This year‘s event was celebrated at Murugan Temple auditorium on Nov 8th and was attended by 200 people. We had a fun filled 6 hours, packed with a wide variety of programs spanning from toddlers fashion show, youngsters group dances, solo instrument performance by kids, ―DC-il Devalogam‖ skit by young kids, bharathanatyam and solo singing and dancing by adults and group dances by DC Achies, followed by a sumptuous dinner. After the yummy treat for the tummy, everyone were treated for a fun filled Pattimandram by DC Chettiars. The event ended with fire works that was enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

NSNA thanks Mrs Kamala Muthukumar and Mr Muthukumar Karuppiah of Irving,TX for donating $ 2,750 to Marriage and General funds.


Toronto Regional News

By Nalini Krishnan

Deepavali – Nov 15 t h , 2008: We celebrated Deepavali on Nov 15th, 2008. The children‘s entertainment was coordinated by Uma Anand. The kids shared some jokes in Tamil. Our Bhajan leads, Subi Subramanian and Valli Adaikappan, and Senthil Perichiappan sang melodies from Tamil films. Our resident stand up comedian Mr. Pazhaniappan Venkatachalan amused the audience with his jokes. We played a game of crossword based on Deepavali, Nagarathars and Toronto. The game was prepared and conducted by Manivannan S e kka p pan.

Pillayar Nombu – Jan 3rd, 2009 The pillayar nombu was organized by Meena, Suppiah, Manivannan and Revathy. The celebration started with a few prayer songs followed by the distribution of elais. The elais were distributed by Mr. PL.Kannappan and Mr. Valliappan. Our auctioneer Pazhaniappan Venkatachalam conducted t h e

Baby Shower for Revathy Manivannan The baby shower for Revathy Manivannan was organized by Meena Suppiah at their residence. Lots of fun games were organized by Meena Suppiah. One game that was enjoyed by all eligible men J was the delivering of the baby. Small baby figurines were put in water and frozen. The eligible men were asked to deliver the baby from the womb by dislodging the baby from the ice. This game was won by the father-to-be Manivannan Sekkappan. Revathy‘s mom had arrived from India in time for the baby shower. Thanks to Meena Suppiah for the great efforts in organizing the baby shower.

NSNA thanks Mrs Meena Chockaligam and Mr Chockalingam Arunachalam of Plano,TX for donating $ 1,151 to Education and Marriage funds.

NSNA thanks Mrs Eswari Natarajan and Mr Natarajan Sethuraman of Princeton, NJ for donating $ 1,000 to Health and Humanitarian fund.


Karthigai Deepam at Dr.Kannan and Valli‘s residence Dr.Kannan, Valli, Siddharth and Sanghavi moved to their new home in October 2008 and celebrated Karthigai Deepam at their house on Dec 13th, 2008. Sanghavi Kannan explained to all the guests the significance of Karthigai Deepam. Murugan festival – Nov 28th, 2008 Starting from last year the Toronto area nagarathars sponsor sangabishekam at the Richmondhill hindu temple one day each year. The event was well attended.

North Carolinas Regional News by Kanan Kanagasabai

We celebrated Pillaiyar Nonbu on Jan 10th, 2009 at Kamesh – Suhanthi house in Charlotte , North Carolina . Once everybody assembled at their house, everybody introduced themselves. Then kids did performances such as singing, dancing, and recited the story of Pillaiyar Nonbu. Also the Satyanarayana story was read at the end of the performances. Following this, Swaminathan annan gave out ezhais to everybody. There were about 45 people at the occasion. The maavu prepared by Kothai achi was delicious that the kids even wanted a second ezhai. Achis cooked delicious dinner and provided the chettiars and kids with dishes such as vellai paniyaram, kantharappam, vadai, kavanarisi and much more. After eating, kids performed a Tenaliraman drama directed by Sharulatha Kannan and Arthi Kannan . Then people who had to drive far, left Charlotte with a satisfaction of attending a wonderful occasion. Meena Annamalai conducted games for all the adults and kids. Some families stayed overnight at Charlotte and played until 3 am the next morning. Everybody left Charlotte the next day and was eager to meet again next year for another Pillaiyar Nonbu.

“Opportunity knocks only once, but Temptation leans on the door bell”. - Anonymous


NY NJ Regional News By Vallikannu Muthiah

Anu's First Birthday Chidambaram and Shanthi celebrated their daughter Anu Thirulokam's first birthday on Nov 2nd, 2008, onboard in New Hope Vintage train with family and friends. Anu's brother Kishore Lakshman had great fun with all his friends and adults enjoyed the ride as well. Deepavali Kondattam in Tri-State area – Nov 1, 2008 Kondattam started on Nov 1, 2008 3 PM at Pomona temple, NY. Occasion started with social hour where Nagarathars warmed up to say Hello to friends and neighbors and also to know New Nagarathars who have moved in recently. At 4 pm, the cultural program started with children and teens showing their distinct talent. For couple of songs, parents had to perform along with their children to keep the move going. It was great pleasure to watch the same. Fast numbers song kept the audience on the move to keep the beat going. Cultural program started with Tamil Thai Vazhthu followed by US National Anthem. Cultural program was mixed variety with dances from latest tamil, Hindi movie songs, semi classical dance, carnatic vocal song, tamil movie songs by super singers, devotional songs and ended with grand finale dance by senior chetti rock stars. With all warm up by children the program continued with ―Show time‖ for adults. First Program was Varthai Vilaiyattu where the hosts will have a interactive session with participants for 1 min. Participants can only respond in Tamil. Goal of the game is to keep the conversation active for 1 min only in Tamil. For the participants, 1 min seemed to be the longest time of conversation. Still our Nagarathars proved that they have not forgotten Tamil and we had 5 winners. Game was hosted by Pulavar Nagappan and Singaram Arumugam. Next program was a very popular show – Neeya Naana and the topic was ―America Nagarathar vazhvil Minji irrupadhu Avathiya? Aananthamaa?‖ Avathiye


Dr. Arun Muthuram Chidambaram Palaniappan Vellayappan Narayanan Chidambaram Boominathan Kaveri Kumarappan

Dr. Venkatachalam Dr. Periakaruppan Arun Thyagarajan Ramu Ganapathy Kumarappan Annamalai

Ramya Balaji Kannathal Singaram Shanthi Subramanian Alamelu Sekkappan

Balaji Chockallingam Abimanyu Singaram Theivanai Ramaswamy Sivakami Kannappan

Devi Nagappan

Laxmanan Meyappan

Sowmya Muthukumar, daughter of Kumar and Solai celebrated her third birthday on Dec 28, 2008 with her brother Arun, Grandparents from India (Arunachalam Chettiar and Meenakshi Achi), family and friends from NJ. She had a blast! (Continued on page 54)


Both team shared their personal experience to support their team and the debate started off warm and moved on to be hot debate which kept the audience and the team locked up for one whole hour. Moderators Ramesh Natchiappan and Chinna Chinnakaruppan were busy to keep the conversion at the debate level. Husband was one team debating Minji irrupathu Aananthame and wife was in other team debating minji irrupathu Avathiye. Mom and son were in different teams to express their views. Audiences were encouraging the team to support their view as well. It was a great show to express their thoughts which is discussed in gathering even after a month. The event was concluded by guest of honor, Pulavar Nagappan, who summarized both teamâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s argument. Event slowly ended around 9 pm with dinner. With more than 200 Nagaratharâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s active participation, event was great fun and the memories will be cherished until next gathering. DJ of the program were Hari Palaniappan and Anitha Thenappan who presented the show very lively with jokes and interactions with audiences. Thanks to all volunteers and participants.

The Diwali event Organizers were: - Yegammai & Ramesh Natchiappan , Vallikkannu & Muthiah Sundarresan, Viji & Lakshmanan Veerappan, Radha & Muthukaruppan Annamalai.

Wedding Reception for Deepa Nachiappa & Somu Chetty Held in the grand ballroom of Royal Albert's Palace, Fords, NJ, Dr. Nachiappan Narayanan and Shanthi Nachiappan had the wedding reception of their daughter, Deepa Nachiappan, and son-in-law, Somu Chetty on December 20, 2008. Family and friends gathered from various places including Somu's parents Mr. P.K. Chetty and Mrs. Valli Chetty from Singapore, and many friends and relatives from Canada and all over US came to join in on the festive celebrations. Laks Meyyappan and Sathu Solai, Masters of ceremonies did a tremendous job of entertaining the guests. All the guests enjoyed the appetizer and drinks from the upstair's open balcony while watching the Wedding Video that was screeened in the Main Hall. Anu Subbu (Somu's sister) and Maya Nachiappan (Deepa's sister) presented slide shows of Deepa and Somu. There were several speakers who talked about the couple. Then came the sumptuous food which was followed by "Find the eyes of the special couple" show by Sathu Solai. When the dance floor was opened at the end of the function, plenty of people rushed to dance the night away to popular Tamil and Hindi songs.


Illinois Regional News By Meena Sathappan Annual Picnic This year‘s annual picnic was memorable, relaxing with fun , food and entertainment. Even though we were little worried about the weather, it turned out to be good for the month of September (No rain!!!). Received good feedback about the menu as well as appetizer, butter milk (neer more), food, desserts, snacks… Appreciation goes to everyone for bringing delicious items. Men enjoyed the volley ball game (5 games in total!!). I am sure kids and adults enjoyed all the games. Lot of volunteers helped in this event to be a huge success. 130 Nagarathars in and around Chicago. started with kids exhibiting their talents.


Socializing followed by Bhajans & Prayers. The highlight of the evening was the talent show ―Nagarathar‘s Got Talent‖ (NGT) that was organized by Muruganathan Ramanathan and Akila Muruganathan. NGT included kids dance, instrumental fusion (Violin, Cello, Viola), Violin and flute recital, slogam and Gita chanting, Carnatic vocal songs and story telling. It was a great pleasure to see upcoming and evergrowing talents in our community. Finally Mrs. Veena Swarnam had organized a funfilled music

Deepavali Function The Midwest Chicago area Nagarathars celebrated the Diwali 2008 - organized by Mrs. Akila Muruganathan of Woodridge, Mrs. Cinthamani Annamalai of Woodridge and Mrs. Visalakshi Swaminathan of Aurora. This event was celebrated on Saturday Nov. 1st at Mrs. Cinthamani and Annamalai‘s house in Woodridge, IL. The event was attended by over

based family game.


Pillayar Nonbu Function

The 2008 Pillaiyar Nonbu function for the Chicago area was held on December 20th at the Lemont temple. The event was attended by almost 150 adults and children and was well received. The evening started of with bhajans performed by a number of children and it was organized by Thirumathi Abirami Palaniappan. The children had put in a lot of effort practicing and sang very well. Thiru M. Annamalai, as the eldest person attending the event, gave the ellai to every one. This was followed by dinner, which was ordered via the temple for the most part and was very good. Traditional items, namely Vellai Paniyaram and Kandharappam were made by Thirumathi Periyal Gandhi, Thirumathi Sudha Annamalai and Thirumathi Seetha Muthappan. The food was followed by yelam, which was conducted by Thiru Mani Subhramaniam and Thiru Solayappan. Everyone enjoyed this event and we were able to raise a record amount. This was followed by a skit on Pillaiyar Nonbu performed by several kids and last but not least there was a kids game conducted by Thirumathi Radha Chidambaram, which all the kids enjoyed. The organizers Uma & Muthu Sekkapan, Abi & Planiappan Gandhi, Vallikannu & Solayappan Alagappan would like to thank everyone for participating and helping out to make the event an enjoyable.

Welcome to Bala Ramaiah, Alamu & Sriram who recently moved from St. Louis, MO to Naperville, IL

Birthday Chittu & Rajeshâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s daughter Anjali's 1st birthday was held on Nov 2nd at Saffron (restaurant) and attended by approx. 85 people. It was a costume party and all the kids came dressed up accordingly - there were tigers, knights, princesses, ninjas, etc. The birthday girl was an angel and her big brother (Ajay) was a pirate. There was amazing food followed by amusing games. Finally there was a very yummy cake and then all went home with witch & goblin-themed goodie bags.


Seattle Nagarathars had their Pillayaar Nonbu on New Year day. Devotional songs and prayers prec eded the 96 ezhais offered. Colorful and delicious items in the dinner table kept everyone busy.

NorthWest Regional News

By Ravi Velayutham

Seattle Nagarathars celebrated Deepaavali on 1st November 2008 in Issaquah King County Library Hall, with tons of cheer and enthusiasm. Some kids (Meena, Visali, Nivedha, Divya, Karthik and Vinny) performed assorted music program while some other kids (Aadhithya, Sidhaarth and Anush) enacted a comedy skit. After dinner, we had a Quiz program based on Ilaiyaraja's musical scores and Tamil Cinema names, conducted by Selva Chithambaram - our local music and media authority.

Lalitha Veerappan and Ravi Velayutham were blessed with a baby boy Pranay V. Ravi on September 24th of 2008. Big sister Neha is thrilled and posing with her baby brother. Indhu and Ram of Bellevue were blessed with a baby girl, Mira Deivanai Ram on Oct 29th 2008. Mira can't be happier, been taken care by Anniversary Aayaa Meenal. Chittu & Rajesh‘s 10th anniversary was on Nov 22nd and Chittu‘s parents Sala Achi & Nathan Annan threw them a party on Dec 6th with all of their friends & family to celebrate. It was held at Sala Achi & Nathan Annan‘s home but the food was catered in. Everyone had a good time reflecting on all the changes & wonderful events that had transpired over the past 10 yrs and the night was then capped off w/ some cake and toasts.

“Isn‟t it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do „practice‟?” - George Carlin

Rajesh & Chittu also had their own celebration a few weeks prior with a trip to Maine. They always wanted to go & visit the New England area and thought this was the perfect time & occasion to go - they got to see the spectacular fall foliage and got to celebrate their anniversary together. They stayed at the beautiful Black Pointe Inn near Portland, Maine - it's a historic bed & breakfast type inn right on the beach. We enjoyed leisurely walks, quiet dinners, and trips downtown to enjoy the wonderful architecture that is so unique to the New England area. The people were wonderful, and the food even more amazing - I think the lobster population is still recovering!


'Labor' Day weekend truly turned out to one for Mani & Chikku Sundaram. They had their daughter Mangai Alamelmani Sundaram on September 2nd, 2008. Big brother Venkat Subbiah Sundaram is all excited and proud about his new baby sister.

Seethai and Sinna Annamalai were blessed with a baby girl Shivani Unnamalai SinnaAnnamalai on January 1st of 2009. Both the grandparents are here enjoying their stay with the newborn.

Ramu and Neela Ramanathan's son Shekar got married to Aarti, daughter of Rm.R. Ramanthan and Visalakshi, on August 20th, 2008 in Rayavaram, India. They had a grand reception on October 11th in Portland, OR, attended by close family and friends

Sivagami and Annamalai Viswanathan hosted the Pillayar Nonbu in Portland for Nagarathars from Greater Portland area. Ezhai distribution was followed by Ealam. All Achis prepared a delicious dinner.

Portland Nagarathars continued their tradition of having Mens Cooking Party for several years now. On December 13 th of 2008, Meena and Somu Subbiah hosted this event at their house. All Chettiars cooked delicious dinner for Achis and kids. One of the highlights this time is the custom made T-Shirts for Achis from India with the wordings ―I Love My Chettiar‖. Thanks to Mr. KR. Veerappan (Lalitha‘s dad) from Tiruppur for making them.


Philadelphia Regional News

By Chellapan Ramasamy

Pillayar Nombu at Usha / Bhaskar‘s Home Philly area Pillayar Nombu was celebrated on 27th December at Usha / Bhaskar‘s home in Downingtown, PA. More than 68 Nagarathars & kids from Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland attended the event. Viswanathan annan gave out 81 Ilais, (another record for Philly after Phillies baseball and playoff-advancing Eagles football … sorry, Dallas!)!! The event was very well organized by the hosts with help from all the Achis in preparing the delicious food, pooja decorations, melodious prayers and mystical chants (Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra by Karunamayi (CD) and Om Chanting by Chellappan). After-dinner entertainment was organized by Nithya and Nachi who compiled 100s of Q&As for the Jodi Porutham. All the couples actively participated to answer the 5 (million-dollar) questions, though only 2 ‗jodi‘s – Sampath & Annapoorani, Sundar & Uma emerged as winners! Chellappan informed the gathering about NSNA fund raising, membership drive and Dallas Retreat Move In Newlyweds Raja and Divya have moved to Media, PA. Welcome! Diwali 2008 Philly Nagarathars celebrated Diwali at Muthu Alagu‘s home in Delaware. The event was attended by over 18+ families. Everyone had a great time at the event. Thanks to Muthu Alagu, the proud hosts! The entertainment was in the form of dumb charades and ―guess‖ the Tamil song (Organized by Usha).

by Nithya Nachi

Congrats Nithya and Nachi! Nithya and Nachiappan were blessed with a baby boy, Surya, on July 5th, 2008.


South California Regional News

By Alagu Vairavan

Pillaiyar Nonbu Kicking off the New Year to a bright and prosperous start, the nagarathars of Southern California gathered to celebrate Pillaiyar Nonbu on January 1st 2009 at the residence of Annam and Sundar Thenappan in Cerritos CA. The function was attended by nagarathars who came from the terrains of Southern California from San Diego to Riverside to Irvine, Los Angeles, Bakersfield and Portersville. This was a gathering that featured a lot of young couples who have recently moved to realize the potential of the IT rush on the west coast. The host and hostess created an ambience for the traditional Pillaiyar Nombu as well as had a simultaneous housewarming. The function started at 4.00PM with devotional songs sung by children and adults leading to bhajans and group prayers. Jeganathan Manickam and Ramanathan Vairavan gave the Illai to the nagarathar families. Family introduction The Kannappanâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s hit a quarter century!! was followed by a scrumptious feast featuring all the delicacies of Chettinadu cuisine. On October 25th, 2008, Mr. Kannappan and Dr. Tillaikarasi cele115 Illais were given to the 32 families who brated 25 years of wedded bliss. The event began with a Murugan attended this joyous event. Thirukalyanam, invoking the blessing of Muruga for the wedded couple. It was followed by a short exchanging of the garlands, presided over by Mr. MK Meyyappan, the groom's father. Various family members came forward to recite Tamil Valthu for the couple, and the couple was blessed by more than 300 friends and family members gathered in the house for this wonderful celebration.

An Achi is born in Vegas!

A dazzling array of South Indian food was provided by Vasantha Bavan, and the after dinner stupor was counteracted by the playing of couples games!

Appachi: Dr. Ravi Ramanathan



Athal: Meena

Ooru: Las Vegas


Vaikunda Ekadesi Ekadesi is a Sanskrit word that means 'the eleventh'. It is an auspicious day dedicated to Lord Vishnu that falls on the eleventh day of every lunar fortnight in the traditional Hindu calendar. The special feature of Ekadesi is that people cleanse their body, mind and soul through fasting, austerity and prayer.. Vaikuntha Ekadasi is observed in the Margali Month (Margazhi Masam) as per Tamil Calendar and is considered very auspicious. It‘s significance can be traced back to the Padma Purana which indicates that Lord Vishnu took the form of ‗Ekadesi‘ – female energy – to kill the demon Muran during the month of Margazhi. Impressed by ‗Ekadesi,‘ Lord Vishnu told her that whoever worships him on this day will reach ‗Vaikunda‘ (heaven). This festival is of great significance at the Thirupathi Venkateswara Temple, Srirangam Sri Ranganatha Temple and at the Bhadrachalam Temple. It is widely believed that the gates to heaven are open on this day. It is customary to stay awake on the eve of Vaikunda Ekadesi reading Ramayanam, Bhagavat Geetha and other sacred texts. Now that you know the meaning, pray on this auspicious day for prosperity and the passage to Vaikundam!

59th Birthday for Chidambaram Thabathikal

Unnamalai, Murugappan and Pavitthra celebrated the 59th birthday of their father with their brother‘s family Sundar and Vishalakshi at the Concord Shiva Murugan Temple in Concord CA on 9th Jan 2009. Close relatives and friends came for the East and West coast to get blessings from the couple.

NSNA National Retreat - Breakfast and Health Seminar May 24th, Sunday (8:00 AM to 9:30 AM) Interesting health topics relavant to Asian Indians will be discussed. Physicians, Dieticians, Pharmacists and other allied health care professionals who would like to give a five minute talk or join in the panel please contact Dr. P. Vadugunathan ( - Health and Humanitarian Committee “There are no elevators to success. Everyone has to take the staircase all the way to the top”. - Source “Reflections” by IITians

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MidWest Regional News By Ramasamy Sithambaram

Pillaiyar Nonbu 2008 – St. Louis, MO.

It has been a superb experience to participate in Pillaiyar Nonbhu Celebration every year and follow our ancestors‘ custom to thank Lord Ganesha. Kannan Sundarresan and Annapurani, and their family graciously came forward to host the 2008 Pillaiyar Nonbhu on December 20th at O' Fallon, MO. Annapurani and Kannan put in lots of effort to set the stage for the function. Local St. Louis Nagarathar and families from Nashville, KY joined the function. It was a delightful moment to prepare the Ellai for the celebration. 5 new life memberships and 9 Annual memberships were gathered. Pullipam collection was 100%. In total we had sixty one Ellai. Bajans were performed to praise the Lord Ganesha and Nallu narrated Pillaiyar Nonbu story. Thanks to St. Louis Nagarathar for arranging the sumptuous dinner for the occasion. Following the traditional dinner, it was fun time for the children. Anushya Ramaswamy from St. Louis conducted bowling. Karthik and Meenu organized merry go round for the couples, a test for the strength and bravery and celebrity guessing game. Exciting part of the entertaining time was the dump charade game for the everyonr. We gathered at the host residence for a brunch the next day. We had a wonderful time communally on the renowned occasion. As a fellow Nagarathar we are thankful to Lord Ganapathi for the giving us the opportunity to participate in the occasion. Pillaiyar Nonbu 2008 – West Field, IN. Meyyappan Narayanan and Viji Meyyappan, and their family courteously hosted the 2008 Pillaiyar Nonbhu on December 20th at West Field, IN. Relocation: There have been several move-ins and move-outs in our region. Shiva Solaian and Sonu Solaian have relocated to O‘Fallon, MO from New England area. Warm welcome Shiva and congratulations to Sonu! Sonu has started a new career as dentist. They can be contacted at 636-203-4433.

Wedding Arunprakash Palaniappan and Deepa Ramanathan got married on August 21 2008 and have started their journey of life. We wish them happy married life! They can be contacted at 571-332-6968

Narayanan and Vijaya Narayanan, their son Navin, have relocated to St. Louis area recently, from Illinois. Warm welcome Narayanan and family to our region! They can be contacted at 314-991-1828. Sekkappan Subramanian and Kirthi Sekkappan have relocated to Fort Worth, Texas, recently. We will miss you Sekku, and we wish you a bright future! They can be contacted at 405-308-9611.


Detriot Regional News

By Arumugam Shanmugam

Picnic 08 We were looking for a train station with tracks when we reached Metro Park on July 26th. It took a few minutes before we finally found the tree by the road which was supposed to be the train station in the map. We took a train, no tracks though, to reach our destination, our picnic shelter. Viji and Subbu had reserved this shelter few months in advance. It had all the amenities and provided a much needed private facility like experience. Morning started with Cricket for interested Adults and Soccer for Kids. Kids from losing team were seen discussing until dusk about missed calls by referees. Following the lunch that included barbeque and on-the-spot parotha, the group games for both adults and kids were organized. Our team was winning from the get-go but half way through the game, organizers Visa and Annam made changes to the teams citing imbalance. This did not help our team as we finished 4th among the 6 teams. Viswanath and Seethalakshmi, the newly married, cut the cake and were presented with a gift. We spent rest of the afternoon in small groups in multiple outdoor activities. As we waited for coffee to arrive, played the game of ‗PASSWORD‘ that was well organized by Nachu and Alagappan. The 1 and 2 teams ‗fought well‘ to make sure their team finished first. Vivek‘s dad Mr. Thiagarajan made the difference for the winning team. Radha and Manivannan have volunteered to organize Picnic ‘09. Skantha Shasti at Parasakthi temple Nagarathars have volunteered to organize three of the major Murugan functions Skantha Shasti, Thai Poosam, and Vaikasi visakam every year at the Parasakthi Temple, Pontiac, MI. This year‘s Skantha Shasti was on November 4th, Tuesday evening. Festivities included Bhajans by Nagarathar kids, Thirupugazh singing, and Chariot procession of Lord Muruga around the Sanctum. Mrs. Umayal Muthu gave an eloquent and informative speech titled ―Murugan Perumai‖ on the occasion. Soora Samharam was the highlight of the evening. One of the priests dressed in 4 different costumes symbolizing various Ashuras while the head priest performed ‗Soora Samharam‘ on each Ashura with a Bow and Arrow.

Wedding Congratulations to the newly married Kuppan Subbiah and Raji Karuppanchetty. Their marriage was held at Devakottai on September 4th, 2008. Raji came to Detroit in September and enjoying her first Michigan winter.

Murugappan and Devimeenal celebrated their daughter shruthika‘s first birthday on January 5th in Sterling Heights, MI with friends and relatives. Kids enjoyed the activities that included Magic show, games and Animal balloons. After delicious buffet lunch, musical chair was arranged for gents and ladies separately to avoid any collisions due to behavioral differences. Congratulations

Viji and Subbu Natchiappan are proud second -time parents as they had their second son Keshav Natchiappan on December 9th 2008. Kishore is happy to have a playmate.

Vivek Thiagarajan has been elected as Secretary for Michigan Tamil Sangam for the year 2009. He served as the chair of NSNA Education committee during the period 20062007. Thanks Vivek for serving the community. 63

Detroit Diwali

Move In

Detroit Nagarathars celebarated Diwali‘08 at Dr. Subramaniam & Ranjani‘s residence on October 25th. It was a two-in-one function as baby shower for Kannammai Annamalai was also arranged for the same day. All of us enjoyed variety pot-luck dinner followed by fun and games. Day‘s events were well organized by Sakunthala Nagappan and Annam Vivek.

We welcomed Dr. Yegappan Lashmanan and family in August as they moved from Maryland to Bloomfield, MI.

Pillaiyar Nonbu

Move Out Rajesh Alagappan & Nachammai moved to Dallas. M.Viswanath and Seethalakshmi – moved back to India in December. Murugappan and Kavitha – moved back to India in December.

This year‘s Pillaiyar nonbu was organized by Dr Muthuvasuki and Mr. VeerWe wish all of them good luck. appan and was held on November 27th at United Methodist Church Hall [ aka Nagara Madam ] Bloomfield Hills, MI. Though the weather was unusually warm, most of us did not come on time, making the hosts little nervous. 35 families attended this year‘s function. Once the function got started, everything went well.

Chettiars helped preparing more than 100 Elai‘s. After preparation of the Elai, we started with Kootu Vazhipadu which had good participation from all age groups. Elai‘s were distributed by Dr. Andiappan, Alex Lakshmanan, and Sadaps in the order of arrival at the venue. Kids and Adults from various Age groups entertained us with skills ranging from instrumental music, dance, and individual singing. Sumptuous dinner which included most of the traditional Nagarathar preparations were served ‗panthi‘ style to Kids, Chettiars, and Achis. This was followed by ANSWERS auction that is conducted every year. Following were successful bidders this year. Dr. Yegappan Lakshmanan, Kalaiselvi Lakshmanan, Meyyappan Meyyappan, Shanthi Subbu, Dr. Viji Nagappan and Janaki Chettiar. Several games were organized as part of the function. Veerappan had planned the game events well and distributed good prizes for every game.

NSNA thanks Mrs Valli Kumar and Mr Kumar Narayanan of Irving,TX for donating $ 1,200 to Education and Marriage funds.


Sadaps & Amudha‘s 25th Wedding Anniversary

Arriving in the company of Dr. Nagappan‘s family, my parents were awestruck to see what all had been planned without their knowledge. We had many honorable guest ―Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives speakers that night including my parents‘ earliest and closit meaning.‖ For my sister, Sala, and I, we learned the true est friends in America who shared heartwarming memories meaning of love after seeing the ideal paradigm of our par- of their long friendship. ents. The Canadian Nagarathars took the time and effort to preNow, 25 years later, I can still see in their ever sparkling pare a poem praising the exemplar qualities of each of my eyes the happiness that they bring to one another and the parents individually and as a couple. joyous moments they share. It was to celebrate their union that Sala and I, along with the help of numerous friends and Tears were shed, hugs were exchanged, and the love of my parents and their friends shone. The night family, anxiously began planning our parwas truly unforgettable. Thanks to everyone ents‘ surprise 25th wedding anniversary. From finalizing the guest list to the small who helped make it as special as it was! details of decorative centerpieces, the list by Sala & Meena Sadaps of responsibilities grew interminable. Every moment we had to spare went into meeting with linen companies or visiting various sweet stores. The biggest surprise, however, arrived two days before the start of the festivities: the arrival of my dad‘s parents from India. In fact, the event became more memorable with the presence of many friends and family members who made the long journey from such distant cities as Chicago, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Houston, Toronto, Madurai, Chennai, and many more.

Birthday Swaminathan and Abiramasundari along with Birthday Bash their family and friends celebrated their daughter Sridevi's first birthday on September 6th, 2008 at their home in Troy, Ganeshbabu and Sivakami celebrated their son Varun‘s first birthday on November 9th in Sterling Heights, MI with MI. friends and relatives. Kids enjoyed the activities that included Magic show, games, Animal baloons and cotto-

Baby News Jasmine, Daughter of Dr. Andiappan and Kannathal Achi from Windsor, ON and her husband Mr. DeGaia were blessed with baby boy Ansel Paul DeGaia on November 21, 2008 in Columbus, OH. candy that was made to order by Sivakami‘s cousin who visted from Ohio. Varun‘s grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Rajendran visiting from Coimbatore, India graced the occasion.


South Central Regional News

Baby Birth

By Naren Venkatachalam

Arun Nagappan & Seetha had a baby boy SUGIRTHAN NAGAPPAN on July 13, 2008.

Meenu‘s B‘day Rama Subramanian & Mangai celebrated their daughter Meenu‘s birthday at Chucke Cheese. Meenu turned 3 on August 14th. Meenu‘s photo with Chucke looks awesome.

Sowmya's 10th birthday party

Sowmya Sivakumar celebrated her 10th birthday with family and friends on Nov 9th, 2008. Parents, Chellammai and Sivakumar Thiyagarajan of Irving, A Surprise baby shower for Meena Shekar was very well Texas arranged the birthday celebraorganized by Dallas Nagarathars on Nov 1st 2008. Over thirty families from Dallas and Detroit participated in this tion at Aaahar Indian Restaurant. Dallas fun-filled event. It was a pleasant surprise for Meena to Nagarathars athave her sister Visa and brother Subbu join the happy occa- tended with their sion. family and blessed the birthday girl. Krish Chidambaram, a heartful, hugful, bundle of joy and delight—a sweet little package of love at first sight beginning on Dec 12, 2008.

A sweet smile to brighten our day, A small hand to hold on the way for Meena and Shekar.

Navarathri – Kolu

Nachal and Sethuraman Raman of Sugarland [Houston] hosted a Navarathri – Kolu gathering [in the month of September2008] like every other year . It was well attended by more than 40 nagarathar families from Houston area and other friends.


South Central Pillaiyar Nombu at Houston ,Texas. The 2008 South Central Region‘s Pillaiyar Nonbu was held on Dec 27th and 28th, 2008 at The Guest House Inn International Hotel, in Houston, Texas. This year‘s Nonbu was attended by a record 310 attendees from Texas, Louisiana and other surrounding areas. The programs started on the evening of the 27th with a Prayer to Pillayar. This was followed by a packed kids program of group dances, bharatnatyam dance , song, bhajan and instrumental recitals..

Kids Pattimandram

Also there was Kavi arangam and Kids Pattimandram [Both authored by Mr. Karu Manickavasakam]. It was a pleasure to see kids 11 – 15 recite verses in for Kavi arangam on

Kids Bhajan

Way to go kids.

-- This was the topic for kids pattimandram – and was received very well by the cheering audience. Following the kids program, the Nagarathars from Houston led us through the religious activities which included singing of prayers for Lord Pillayar and distribution of Ezhai by four of our community elders to everyone. The Maathur Koil nagarathars led us in taking the Ezhais, followed by the rest of the Nagarathars in the alphabetical sequence of their Koils. After the religious ceremonies, we were treated to a dinner feast that included many Nagarathar delicacies prepared by our Achis. The Jeopardy game that followed the dinner helped all of us stay sharp and not doze off from the wonderful feast. All events start off with a bang, but we also ended day one with a bang .The most awaited dance medley [Kalakkal kadambam 2008] was performed by 8 houston couples and it received a thunderous applause from the audience. This was the last event on day1 which was like the icing on any cake. We ended that night and went to sleep around midnight with lot of excitement. 67

Day 2 started at 9 am after break fast, with a comedy Skit ―Siri Siri Siri – Nagaichuvai Neram‖ depicting the day in the life of a physician in rural Chettinad. The Houstonians followed it up with a flaming hot Pattimandram on ―Chinna Thiraiyinaal Samoogam Payanperugirathaa? / Pazhadaigiratha?‖. After the Pattimandram,there was a small briefing

Houston couples who participated in dance medley

SouthCentral Nagarathar Youth

about NSNA activities and the Dallas retreat. Later we all gathered for group photos. As always we had a great, exciting and memorable time at the Nonbu this year .Hats off to the nonbu co –ordinators,,all committee heads ,and volunteers ,who made this event a grand success. This has become the Event of the year that all South Centralites look forward to each year.

SouthCentral Chettiars

NE News

SouthCentral Aachis

Welcome Malar & Kathiresan Solaiyappan recently moved from Chicago to Boston. A warm welcome to them from all the NENA families.

Farewell Nacha & Vishwanathan from Nashua moved back to India for good. We wish them Good luck with their move!

Celeberation Sudar Meyyappan celebrated his second birthday on October 4th, 2008 with family and friends. Big brother Kathir and parents, Sujatha and Meyyappan Meyyappan of Tyngsboro, MA made elaborate arrangements for the party including preparing the food for all of the 178 guests!! After cake cutting & dinner at the party hall, nagarathar friends gathered for an after party at their home


New England Regional News

By Viji Ramanathan

Summer Picnic‘08 The traditional event of summer was as usual fun packed! New England Nagarathars met at the Hopkinton State Park. The weather was perfect and activities included barbeque, lunch and games. Adults played volley ball and it got even more interesting when we decided to play with our Spanish friends seated next to our group in the park. The competition was intense and of course we won! It was an all day event and everyone was exhausted by the end of the day.

tai Idli, Nerkuppai Sambar, Madhegupatti Biryani, etc... It was actually a good opportunity to find out where our talented cooks were from. After dinner we had open floor dance and we wrapped up at midnight! Pillayar Nonbu ‗08 Chittal & Ram Subramanian, Sethukarasi & Sethuraman organized the 2008 Boston Regional Pillayar Knonbu. This was celebrated on Jan 1st, 2009 in Sadhu Vaswani Centre in Dracut. The evening started with elai preparation, followed by bhajan led by our Isai Guru Rajaan Narayanan. The elai was distributed by P. Karuppan Chetty Annan from Aatangudi and M.Murugappan Annan from Karaikudi who are visiting their kids. Yelam was conducted by Vellayapan Annan and was a

Deepavali‘08 Bostonites celebrated Deepavali with festive fervor and enthusiasm in Trinity Church in Northboro, MA. The phenomenal programs, MC‘s, coupled with crisp stage management gave a professional touch to the event. The MC‘s Ram Ramanathan and Shanmugam Palaniappan kept the audience engaged with their humor & wits. The entire evening was packed with a variety of programs like classical dance, music, folk, Kollywood & Bollywood dances, Bharathiar Skit and the Finale was the famous couples dance! Couples danced to hits of 70‘s, 80‘s, 90‘s & 2000 and mesmerized the audience with their performance! It was a Potluck Dinner and a humorous twist to the menu was added when all the items prepared by achi‘s were labeled and prefixed with their ―ooru‖ names. For e.g. – Aatangudi Lassi, Devakot-

huge success. The dinner included traditional pallagarams like paniyaram, kantharappam etc. The younger kids performed a skicalled―Pillayar Peerenthe Kathai‖ and the older ones enacted a conversation from a traditional chettiar wedding and it was very amusing to see our American bred kids talk in a nagarathar slang. Odi Odayappan was the naduvar for Patti Mandram titled ―Living in America – Good or Bad for our future generations?‖ It was a very interesting topic since all of us have pondered about it at some point. Both parties had strong points and it was a tough call for the Naduvar who finally weighed in and concluded that for now Living in America seems good and we all have the responsibility to maintain it so that it stays that way.




Marriage Committee Report Vanakkam. As the saying goes ―Marriages are made in Heaven‖ but definitely not for our less fortunate nagarathar brides. Many of our Nagarathar families are facing a lot of hardship these days for various reasons. Just as important as educating our Nagarathar youth is, so too is getting our youth married in a timely manner. Our wealthy community that had once built many great temples, established Nagara Viduthis‘ and Veda Patasalai‘s and given many charitable donations to perform the marriages of poor Brahmin girls, have some families in such a pitiable state today. They have to live on the charity of fellow Nagarathars to educate their youth and to get them married too. Through our NSNA marriage committee, we assist needy families with Rs 6000 per wedding. The funds for this, comes from the generosity of our Nagarathar families settled in North America. While we wanted to give assistance to about 120 families last year for weddings, we only managed to give for 94 marriages. We need more assistance from our community here in America to support this needy and noble cause. With the cost of living going up in all countries, this meager amount of Rs 6000 is merely a drop in the bucket when compared to the expenses needed for a very basic simple wedding. Many families are struggling to meet these marriage expenses. We would like to publish a few letters we received from needy families requesting assistance for weddings. Names of applicants, their native place and place of inhabitance have been withheld to protect their privacy. All of them have been translated from Tamil. From a bride ------ I am 26yrs old and my father is blind and has been bedridden for the past sixteen years. My brother is mentally handicapped. My marriage that had been delayed for these reasons has now been finalized. The marriage has been arranged at our Nagara temple. We are greatly in need of donations from associations like yours for my marriage. Please help. From a bride’s mother -------I am enclosing my daughters wedding invitation along with this application letter. My husband who was a mute person passed away five years ago. I am working in XYZ city as a day laborer doing tailoring and earning Rs 1,500 per month. My in – laws are also not there any more. Under these circumstances, I am finding it extremely difficult to get my daughter married. I would like you to consider my situation and humbly request you to assist me in getting my daughter married. From another brides mother -------- My husband passed away twenty years ago and I have 3 daughters and have been living in my elder sisters’ house. I would like for you to consider my financial situation and help me get my last daughter married now. Kindly help. As you have all seen, these letters show their desperation and they also reveal how some of our proud Nagarathars have to live today in abject poverty. It takes a lot of courage for these family members to admit their poverty and inability to perform their own girl‘s weddings. We would definitely like to increase the assistance amount to a substantial Rs 10,000 per wedding but we have not even been able to support the 120 weddings as planned with Rs.6000 per marriage. Nagarathars please try to do the best that you can in supporting this much needed worthy cause. The NSNA marriage committee would like to thank our generous donors of the past and would like to urge others to donate as much as possible. Pl send your checks to NSNAwith the memo line stating ―for marriages‖. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. Contribution choices are $151 Malai fund - One time donation that will provide for one wedding. $3000 Thirumana Nithi fund - that will provide for one wedding every year.

On Behalf of Marriage Committee, Valli Subramanian


Health and Humanitarian Committee Report We are pleased to provide the Health and Humanitarian committee‘s progress in the last quarter. We have been receiving assistance for medical ailments such as cardiac bypass surgeries, cancer treatments, accidental injuries, birth related surgeries, etc and humanitarian assistance for loss due to natural calamities and for old age people either living on their own or in old homes. We are happy to announce that we are getting reasonable amount of donations so far and able to manage well at this point. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to all the donors who have come forward to help this cause. We have completed one of the 2 eye camps we have planned in our term on Jan.23 rd 2009, which was a grand success. It was conducted in Sembanur which covered almost seven neighboring towns including Sembanur, Kallal, Paganeri, Pattamangalam, Sokkanathapuram, Kandramanickam and Madhagupatti. There were close to 350 people for the eye check up which is a very good turn out. The 25 member team including doctors and nurses came from Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai. Prescription eye glasses were provided to around 110 people. Nearly 50 other people who needed eye surgeries were all transported to Aravind eye hospital, Madurai on the same day. They were transported back after recovery and will have a follow up in 4 weeks. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Mr. Subramanian, Madurai who orchestrated this whole event in a grand manner, provided hospitality to the team of doctors and nurses, and took care of the publicity and transportation. In this regard, we also would like to thank some of the staff members of Vadivambigai Mills who volunteered their time. We also thank Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai for helping us in conducting the event with their tireless service. This grand event was sponsored entirely by the families of KM.N.SP.N Chinna Chettiar House, Sembanur. On behalf of the NSNA and Health and Humanitarian Committee we appreciate all of their generosity for bringing light to hundreds of lives. Entries for Essay contest in India is due Jan.31 st, 2009. We are getting a tremendous volume of entries. Members of the Health and Humanitarian committee will designate the judges, who will be reviewing the essays in the month of Feb, 2009. The names of winners and their essays will be posted in and published in the NANAL. In this regard, we thank Nagarathar Malar, Nagararthar Kural, Achi Vandhachu and Poocharam magazines in India for their continued support. We sincerely thank Mr. Chockalingam Subbiah, Dr. Lakshmanan Ramaswamy, Mr. Balasubramanian Subbiah, Mr. Manickam Nachiappan, and Mr. Sivanarayanan Ramaswamy for their contribution of $1000. Thanks to Eswari Natarajan for their contribution of $1000 towards Nerkuppai Old home. More pledges are on the way. For those of you who need to refresh on our committee‘s plans. NASH Endowment fund -


Arokia Endowment Fund -


HAP (Health Assistance Plan) –

One time $250

CASP (Camp Sponsorship Plan) –

One time $ 1,500.


We are working on a new project which is a Special need project to support a particular old home, village or a temple. The fund can be either for a one time event or for an on going basis to help that cause. Email (or) call for more details about this project.

NSNA thanks Mrs Visalakshi Velu and Mr Raman Velu of Plano,TX for donating $ 1,303 to Marriage fund. "When we involve ourselves in service to others, it fulfills the needs of our soul â&#x20AC;&#x201C; for it brings us joy when we make a difference in someone's life. We encourage you to donate liberally for Marriage funds to help us serve our less fortunate Nagarathars in Indiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2013; - The Velu Family


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Achi‘s Corner Healthy Fish in a Foil by Valli Chellappan Ingredients: Tilapia Fillets Aluminum Foil Chili Powder Lime Juice Ginger Garlic Paste Salt

Modhakam (Poorana Kollakattai) by Meena Kannappan, Houston TX

1) Marinate Tilapia with the ingredients listed above for one hour 2) Wrap aluminum foil tightly around each piece of fillet to prevent the juices from leaving 3) In a frying pan, place the aluminum foil wrapped fillets (with foil) and cook on both sides until done (about 10 min/ side) 4) The foil will trap all the delicious juices and flavor while cooking. Do not use oil when cooking in the pan, as this is supposed to be a healthy dish One cup of rice flour One cup of water One teaspoon vegetable oil

Editors Note: These Kolakattais are absolutely delicious! Kid Tested Universally approved! Texas Nagarathars enjoy these delicious Kolakattais made painstakingly by Meena Achi each year during Pillayar Nonbu! Coconut Filling- Pooranam

¼ teaspoon of salt Add salt and oil to water and heat on stove. Once it begins to boil turn off the stove and add rice flour. Mix flour and cover for ten minutes. Then take a small portion of the dough and thoroughly mix, you can add small amount of oil if necessary. Make the dough into small balls that will be used to make the shell.

Ingredients: One cup coconut ¾ brown sugar ground cardamom (powder) When making a large quantity you may substitute cooked Channa dhal for coconut or use a half cooked Channa dhal and half coconut.

Making the Kollakattai Flatten each rice flour ball Add prepared Pooranam to the center

Fold the Kolakattai into shape by closing the rice flour shell around the pooranam. Steam the Kolakattai on Add coconut, brown sugar and cardamom to pan and stir on the stove, using the same medium heat until both mix well together, it should take process to prepare idly. about five minutes. Make the pooranam into small balls. Rice Flour Shell Ingredients:


NANAL March 2009  

NANAL March 2009