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Date:11 -12 March,2013 The workshop on Sustainable Development at IRCTC conducted by WhiteSwan Consulting Group from 11th March-12th March, 2013 at Central Kitchen, Noida received an overall feedback of 4.4/5 from the participants. Please find below a detailed analysis of both quantitative and qualitative feedback from the participants. Quantitative Feedback: AREAS

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Qualitative Feedback: Participant’s Speak: 1)

“It’s a wonderful workshop organized on Sustainable Development. I had no idea how small things can save the resources”. – Manoj Kumar Sharma, Assistant Supervisor. Workshop Rating 5/5

2) “Today, I realized the importance of resources on which our life is depended. I learnt how to use the resources in a better way and save it for upcoming generation. Thank you so much for this awareness.”- Anjali harsh Sharma, Assistant Supervisor. Workshop Rating 5/5 3) Today, I, Sanjiv Pillai would like to thank the facilitator/host of the training programme to make me realize and feel that our natural resources are to be used effectively as they are depleting on a much faster rate. We should also work towards social development. Waste Management processes should be inculcated in our daily work procedures”. - Sanjiv Pillai, Assistant Supervisor. Workshop Rating 4+/5 4) “It was a very good learning experience. I have heard the work sustainable development earlier also, but today true meaning of that was taught to me by our faculties. It has developed a sense of responsibility in me towards my environment, society and to my future generation also”. - Amit Rana, Assistant Supervisor. Workshop Rating 4/5 5) “Faculty had a deep knowledge of the subject and has a good skill to deliver it. Workshop will create a definite tool for improvement on sustainability. It was a very good training and workshop”. - Gaurav Kumar Singh. Workshop Rating 4/5

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WhiteSwan Consulting Group Leveraging competencies Providing wings to Organizations in India 6) “I am feeling more confident, full of positive energy, will change myself & would myself in a way so that I can save energy and non renewable resources. And also teach my subordinates about it”. Ashish Bhardwaj, Assistant Supervisor. Workshop Rating 3/5 7) “Now I feel more responsible and will definitely ensure optimum utilization of natural resources and work towards converting wastes into energy or other useful purpose”. - Kausal Anand. Workshop Rating 4+/5 8) “Sustainable development workshop is really impressive. It is something to be inculcated in our daily and professional life. These kinds of workshops need to be conducted on larger scale. A majority of people are totally unknown to this kind of social responsibility”. - Devender, Assitant Supervisor. Workshop Rating 4/5 9) “I came to know about the importance of sustainable development in our daily life and it will bring change in my attitude with the respect of my daily lifestyle from today. I will try my best to avoid any wastage and will try to protect the natural environment.”- Deepak Kumar Mukaria, Assistant Supervisor. Workshop Rating 5/5 10) “I felt that sustainable development is a very nice topic. I got to know it more widely as it’s a vast topic. It will help us in implementing the ideas for better usage of resources and conservation of resources in different manner for us and for our future generation”. - Sanjeev Ahuja,, Assistant Supervisor. Workshop Rating 4/5 11) “From today, I have accountable for giving my children safe and free environment i-e water, electricity, wild life etc.”- Amarjeet Singh Bagla, Chief Supervisor, Catering. Workshop Rating 4/5 12) “From today, I will try my best to control wastage of natural resources”. – Subhash Chander,Senior Executive. Workshop Rating 4/5 13) “I got to learn a lot of things about the resource management and the small small steps to preserve them. So, I will try to implement those things in my life so that I can contribute to the beneficial cause of planet saving.”- Vipul Vashishtha, Workshop Rating 4/5 14) I have realized that the sources like water, fuel,electricity etc are very important for our living and soon going to vanish if not saved at individual manner. Electricity saving when not in use, turn off car engine at red light, close tap when used immediately, segregating garbage for its recycle and further use. All these points I am going to implement in my day to day life and also spread awareness in the family and subordinates. - Gunjan Mehta, Assistant Supervisor. Workshop Rating 4/5 Objective Feedback What did you like in the workshop? Methodology and Presentation Presentation of the workshop Group Project work on SD Trainers Faculty’s interacting behaviour Made us think about over consumption of natural resources and its necessity for future generations WhiteSwan Consulting Group Website:

WhiteSwan Consulting Group Leveraging competencies Providing wings to Organizations in India Topics covered in the workshop were very interesting as it makes us realize the facts of the universe. The way workshop was conducted Wastage control Steps suggested to control wastage Presentation on different areas of concern Knowledge sharing Intellectual idea Awareness about the environment Participants’ involvement Learning new things Water management video Recycling of e-waste Try to implement things at my home Good learning experience Steps suggested for implementing Sustainable Development Positive energy Area of concern & area of influence What will you apply from the workshop? Reusing and recycling of products Proper disposal and use of waste management Save resources & avoid unnecessary wastage of energy Reduce, Recycle and Reuse I will save water, electricity etc Accountable for giving my children an eco friendly environment. Less use of water Proper disposal of waste Less paper wastage Conserve natural resources Implement personally and create awareness about Sustainable development Try to change area of concern to area of influence Change my habits & living style accordingly Try to change my life so that can contribute something to mother earth Utilization of limited resources properly Minimize the wastage Plant more trees Work on social equality Work on sustainable development Stop overcharging of phones, laptops during nights Proper disposal of waste at home Put alarm system for my water tank Reduce consumption of resources at individual and organizational level Proper disposal of food Save paper as much as I can WhiteSwan Consulting Group Website:

WhiteSwan Consulting Group Leveraging competencies Try to implement small things in my life Proper E-waste management Proper water management Initiative on sustainable development at personal level Recycling of products Go for sharing of transport Minimize the use of electronic items Minimize the wastage of resources every time.

Providing wings to Organizations in India

Suggestions for future improvement: Conduct these training programmes for regulatory bodies and ask them to be more strict and practical for implementation Carry on with such training for more companies More areas to be covered for better sustainable development Increase number of training days Handmade sheets should be used Bring more case studies More audio visual slides should be used Paper can be saved for future Spread this message to other people in the organization More games to be introduced during training More exercises to be conducted More classes and such training programmes

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