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Lancer Academy

Lancers Lead, Others Follow

Link Crew members lead a group activity where freshmen students introduced themselves, and shared some of their interests.

Every freshmen student at East Union High School attends the Lancer Academy to learn about school values, meet fellow classmates, and become acclamated with the high school.

Lancer Academy is organized by Link Crew students and occurs seven times over the course of the school year.

Four of those days are Workshops, where students communicate with upperclassmen to learn about the aspects of high school. For example, the workshop held at the beginning of the school year focused on how freshmen can become involved with school activities, clubs, and committees.

The remaining three days are Academies. Academy days are filled with fast-paced activities, where students participate in small to large group settings. These activities focus on communication, teamwork, and interaction with each other. The objective of these days are to help freshmen become more comfortable among other students, and give students the opportunity to create long-lasting friendships.

The Lancer Academy has been an East Union tradition for over 13 years and has helped welcome thousands of students onto the campus. It has been a successful way to teach new students what it truly means to be an East Union Lancer.