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93% fix rate, 24/7/365

QuickChange features

January 2014 - Issue R2.18.14 Not for sale, published for Manroland PACKAGING ACCOUNTS exclusively.

Colour control system, both Inline & Online

Inline Inspector system for 100% perfect delivery piles PAGE


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Colour control systems





DUAL DRIVE How Manroland’s weather the test of time

 QUICKCHANGE FEATURES The best choices for Manroland make-readies.





SUPPORT 24/7 Telepresence performance. EXTREME REPORTS From IntegrationPilotPlus to Process Monitor.

Manroland Direct Drive



LANGLEY HOLDINGS plc Chairman’s review for 6 months ended 30th of June, 2013



24/7 support


Quality control & more

THE WINNER Still the defending CHAMPION KEEPING SAVVY is... Kingston Carton, Fastest make-ready continues

 INLINE COLORPILOT World’s fastest colour control



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 INLINE BENEFITS Single pass, one step production.


DIRECT DRIVE The make-ready artisan of the Print Industry


 OFFENBACK FACTORY A glimpse into the heart of Manroland


BIG PICTURE Quality controls


SELECTSYSTEM ECOLOGY Performance driven ancillary equipment



Full of absolute dynamic

Direct Drive!


QUICKCHANGE FEATURES Automation packages



Information about Manroland

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Benefits from foiler to register





Langley Holdings



In the six months to 30 June 2013, the group posted a profit before tax of €40.4

Top-rate professional approach

million on revenues of €386 million. This compares with €39.3 million for the same period last year on revenues of €238.2 million. Net assets at June 2013 were €488.1 million (June 2012: €330.7 million) and net cash €274.2 million (June 2012: €182.3 million). The group has nil debt (June 2012: nil). The trading results for the six months are the best recorded for a first half to date. However, whilst projections for the full year indicate another very satisfactory year, I

activity. The balance is expected to even out in the second half. Claudius Peters, which

do not expect the record 2012 trading performance will be quite reached and the non-

principally produces plant machinery for the cement and steel industries from its

recurring gain that bolstered 2012 result by some €25 million will not be present this

headquarters near Hamburg in Germany and in a separate facility at the location, aircraft


components, is ahead at the half way and I expect will exceed its planned profit for the

Although profits from normal trading activities are in absolute terms similar to last year,

year. ARO, which produces welding machines for the automotive sector from its principal

they are significantly less as a percentage of revenue when compared with 2012. This

facility near Tours in France and from its factories in Detroit in the United States and

is due to the inclusion of Manroland Sheetfed from 1st January this year. The group

Wuhan in China, performed well ahead of expectation in the first half of 2013. Although I

supported the acquisition of the German printing press builder in February 2012 and

do not expect ARO to reach last year’s outstanding results, which significantly exceeded

oversaw its restructuring during the remainder of last year. By the end of 2012 the

all previous years, I do foresee another exceptionally good year, overtaking 2011, which

business was structured to break- even, which it has done slightly better than in the

was the division’s previous best.

first half and the second half will be similar. Together with its international network of

Other businesses, which comprise Bradman Lake, the packaging machinery specialist

around forty subsidiaries, Manroland is one of a handful of offset litho printing press

situated in the United Kingdom and United States, and Clarke Chapman, the nuclear

manufacturers worldwide and highly regarded in the industry. However, there remains

handling equipment specialist, together with several smaller diverse business units

significant over-capacity in the market for these presses and with prices virtually

situated around the United Kingdom, performed slightly behind plan in the first half but

stagnant since 2008, it is not difficult to see why the sector is languishing. The pace of

should be at or close to their target by the year end. Although these businesses combined

capacity realignment amongst competitors is slow and until such time as supply and

represent the smallest of our divisions and their result does not significantly impact the

demand in the sector are better matched and prices increase, I do not expect to see any

group’s overall financial position, each is regularly evaluated and its contribution assessed

significant operating contribution from the division. However, Manroland has a strong

– as are every one of the seventy or so business units around the world which comprise

cash position and is trading without need of the group’s financial support. Moreover, due

the divisions that in turn make up the Langley Holdings plc group.

to the bargain purchase of the assets in 2012, the transaction has increased the group’s

The group is organised in five divisions with business units in each and a small overall

net assets by just over €100 million, net of reorganisation costs.

headquarters function comprising fewer than ten people. Each business unit maintains

The group’s orders on hand at the half-year totalled €312.5 million and are forecast to

sufficient financial resources to meet its foreseeable requirements and pays surpluses as

increase slightly to €318.6 million at the year end; a healthy enough situation. Piller,

dividends up to its division annually, which in turn pays its surplus by way of dividend to

which principally produces power conditioning and back-up systems for data centres,

the group, normally in March each year. Total dividends of just over €55 million were paid

along with aircraft ground power and naval military equipment from its facilities near

up to the group by the divisions during the period. A shareholder dividend of €25 million

Hanover in Germany, is expected to have a similar year to 2012 and has reported roughly

was proposed by the board in February and paid in July.

half its planned profit for the year at 30 June. Although capital equipment revenues were

Anthony J. Langley, Chairman

behind budget in the first half, has been compensated by higher than planned aftermarket




bo G t de r th No EA CO L O sig ain a ot l N R M ba dri n p sys ong her G T B IT R IN ck vin ro te itu pr m v -la g id U AI E di es i D N D po sh po es nt na s v IN & S o w . T w e ev t l s h e n H A pr er p he r w en hei aft dor AF L ev r o p r i t h d i r p a b do en vi eci n str re nd uil T sp u ts de se o ib ss ge ds ee bli re d ly ge ut . T a d n g g i by c o a r i o n h e r i os s al wh ster Du ntr too of cil te en sh alD oll th la red th if ri ed t i o , e t a ve n or pr nd t ad imi whe ess ju ng n st is ed .


Manrolands are known for their ability to weather the test of time. With Dual Drive as a significant reason why.



TelePresence 24 hours a day • 7 days a week • 93% fix rate

TelePresence Remote Service System Boasts a high success rate with 93% occurrence of repair done on-line by Sean Springett

In a recent survey conducted by Manroland Sheetfed, North America, it was concluded customers with access to the TelePresence Remote Service system get their presses back into production a whopping 93% of the time solely utilizing the system. Remote repairs are done typically within hours if not minutes once initiating a remote service request through TelePresence. When a Service Technician is required, repairs requested through the TelePresence system are completed as much as 80% faster because the problem has been narrowed down to a small number of possible causes. This allows the Technician to arrive with the right tools and parts needed to fix any of the alternatives.

According to Matt Braun, Director of National Service, Manroland was the first press manufacturer to offer remote service via the internet. The TelePresence system has been a standard offering for all new Manroland sheetfed presses since 2007 and older presses can be retrofitted to accommodate the valuable and cost-effective service. Nearly 100% of the customers who have utilized this value-added service have renewed it.

TelePresence Service, which won the PIA InterTech Technology Award in 2005, is unlike other remote diagnostic services in that it provides Technicians on the network with complete access, not just to the main console, but to all of the computers networked with a modern sheetfed printing press. For example a Manroland six-color coater/perfector can be connected to as many as 26 computers, and remote Technicians can work with

Braun said the Manroland PAGE


all of them as easily as if they were standing next to the unit in question. As for mechanical components, remote Technicians can see what his happening in various locations by way of embedded webcams or with the aid of a hand-held video camera that is provided by Manroland. Once a service request has been initiated through TelePresence, response is fast. It only takes 6 seconds for it to reach the factory in Offenbach, Germany, where


From Barbados to Indianapolis, TelePresence is there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

COT Media COT Media Group in Christ Church, Barbados, has been using the TelePresence service on its Manroland R505LV.

linked over to the North American Remote Service Center in Westmont, IL. A full-time staff of remote Technicians keep pace with service requests as they occur. If specialized expertise is required, factory Technicians in Offenbach may also be brought into a remote diagnostics session. Today, Manroland provides free access to the TelePresence service for as long as the press is under warranty. After the warranty period, the owner can renew for a nominal annual fee, which covers all of the appropriately equipped presses in a plant.

Nigel Worme, Managing Director of COT, said, “I have worked in this business for 35 years and the uptime of this press has been considerably higher than any equipment we’ve ever run previously. We have a lot riding on this press and TelePresence is our insurance policy.”

Litho Press Pressman Zack Bird said, “TelePresence has allowed us to resolve most of our problems without having to resort to a service call.” Aspects of TelePresence that Bird appreciates most include the ability to show Manroland’s remote Technicians areas of concern with the video camera, Manroland’s immediate access to alarm conditions and its ability to control and adjust press parameters over the internet, and getting responses to TelePresence service requests at any time of the day are just some of the benefits of

Some TelePresence users have as many as 7 presses covered under a single service agreement. Even presses in adjacent buildings can be covered by one TelePresence agreement. Customers are free to use TelePresence as often as needed without any additional charges beyond the annual fee.

Bellwyck Packaging

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“We knew that the capability of remote monitoring and diagnostics of TelePresence would allow the press operators to troubleshoot faults, work through them and return the press to production quickly” said Jerry Malfara, Operations Manager. We are extremely pleased with the performance of our latest Manroland R708 PLV press.



being a Manroland customer utilizing the TelePresence system.

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Flip to the back of your press information package for a sample report.








Ch Pr an oce ec k an aly ss d si M

th i la r s y a of s


Extreme 01 Gliding high The Printer is now becoming a process monitor, more now than ever. Having the information at your fingertips to instantly know how the print run is performing and how “high” of a quality your Press Operators and equipment are performing in real time is a reality. With Manroland’s Process Monitor software suite, (TVI) tonal value increase, trapping, dot gain, CMYK or Pantone special colour variances, even the substrate white space values are online to the console in seconds from production start-up. Formidable and with repeat jobs, record and pull up the previous job run statistics or print quality to ensure you’re matching exactly as printed previously.


02 L*a*b Variances Actual to nominal variance reporting and graphical display, as a Printer, you know the smallest colour differences can develop into some of your largest problems.

03 Climbing high

With Process Monitor and the powerful colorimetric reporting structures, even minute colour details or changes can be recorded numerically and graphically, making them understandable to the Operator. Inconjunction with Manroland’s Inline ColourPilot, corrections can be made within seconds of any deviation due to the fiber optic electronic and digital platform the Manroland 700 Direct Drive employs.

Non-utilised machine time and problems cost money and the only way to eliminate or reduce them is to systemically begin a measuring process for them. How can machine performance be easily, automatically and reliably measured and reported, more-over, with one click or one button? Simply, IntegrationPilot plus 2.0, the MIS system which maintains and records the vital performance of your new press. Need to know precise and complete time tracking of production time, supplies or down-time? Do you need better control or have a better understanding of your start and waste sheet counts? From timesheets to a full fledged production report, vision of how well your press is operating is a “one-click” solution. With external output to JDF, JMF, PDF or CSV, further processing or analysis of the results are available to import into your internal estimating or accounting package.




Best Choice


Manroland’s DirectDrive

The DirectDrive is the benchmark in getting from A to B in print production. This press is compliant and controlled like no other, don’t think improved, think all around different.


A. QuickChange Air Direct Drive & HiPrint Air settings are conveniently memorized for all relevant consumption points via control console and jog wheels.

B. QuickChange Clamp Direct Drive & HiPrint A speed clamp for changeover of the blanket via rachet style connection.


C C. QuickChange Coating Direct Drive & HiPrint Fast coating changeover system, equipped with two pumps/hoses & doctor blades. Enables UV to aqueous changeover in 15 mins.


D. QuickChange Color Direct Drive & HiPrint Multi-purpose ink flow control via triple roller selection. Optional for light, standard & heavy ink application.

E. QuickChange ColorPlus Direct Drive & HiPrint A self-learning colour adjustment system with computer assisted optimization of the ink slides presets. PAGE


F. QuickChange Infeed Direct Drive & HiPrint Automated selection and motorized settings of the front lays.

H. QuickChange Transferter Direct Drive & HiPrint


Automatic setting of the substrate thickness at the transferter as well as infeed drum gripper bars.

G. QuickChange Job Direct Drive & HiPrint Job changeovers are performed in an automatic sequence, controlled vis a vis through the console, with no Operator input required.

I. QuickChange Surface Direct Drive & HiPrint Ink repelling coating for the ink fountains ensures quick ink colour changeover.

H J. QuickChange Wash Direct Drive & HiPrint Optimized ink roller washing system for the best results and fastest washup.



K. UV Mobile Interdecks Direct Drive & HiPrint Quick release and changeover of mobile UV interdecks with quick release male/female connections.


L. 65% Delta Infeed Slow Down Direct Drive & HiPrint


No other press in the market is equipped with a sheet slow-down of 65% for precise transfer to the infeed grippers.

Automation “a-la-carte” QuickChange packages offer a series of optional auto­mation modules that work together to accelerate changeover from job to job. PAGE








Five years ago, Rosler Druck GmbH in Schorndorf, Germany set a world record by completing 676 plate changes within 24 hours on their ROLAND 700 DirectDrive press which still stands today as the highest production run. The impressive feat allowed them to maintain the WORLD MAKE-READY CHAMPION title they earned in 2007. More importantly, the lessons they learned from these accomplishments have been transferred to the company’s bottom line despite economic turmoil in our industry. Located in the Stuttgart area, Rosler Druck is one of the leading printing companies in the region.



“We are turning jobs quicker. For instance, with books that often have more than 300 pages but the run length is only between 500 and 1,500 copies,” Odak said. “Customers are used to the fact that we offer very short delivery times and even meet many ‘impossible’ deadlines. This has always been the case and sometimes we now deliver even faster. Customers regard these short delivery times as normal, although many reward us with loyalty.” Visit:

THE MAKE-READY ARTISAN SIMULTANEOUS EVERYTHING With QuickChange, the make-ready reducing package with many presetting functions, and APL, the automatic plate change system, can substantially reduce make-ready times. With the simultaneous plate changing system and parallel make-ready operations in blanket-cylinder, impressioncylinder and inking-unit wash-ups, plus ink feed, up to 60 percent of make-ready time can be saved.





Kingston Carton investment pays big dividends


hey just know that by investing in Manroland technology they did the right thing. “Operationally, this Roland is second to none, and has surpassed our expectations at what a printing press can do,” says Arend Buitendam, Managing Director.,


he 700 DirectDrive is their second ROLAND investment, adding it to their 706 UV High-Print press which impressed Kingston Carton with its built-to-last engineering, roundthe-clock technical support and repeatable high quality production. The 700 DirectDrive is the king of multi-tasking. It can reduce makeready time by up to 60 per cent. Plate changing is fully automated and is done in the few minutes needed for simultaneous washing of the impression and blanket cylinders.


r Buitendam says, “customers have always had to pay for make-readies, but with the new ROLAND it’s a thing of the past because we can take out cost from the make-ready, we can reduce the unit cost without distracting from the quality. Clients are naturally demanding and knowledgeable and are delighted we have invested in the right kit. I show them around the factory and they can’t believe the speed of the changeover.”




his machine will do so many different processes at the same time. It allows us to do the very, short production runs which would have been prohibitive within the lithographic market previously. It has opened up new markets and allowed us to enter market sectors which historically we felt we weren’t competitive at.” Makeready isn’t the only area of savings. The operator can correct the print length electronically during production, thus avoiding time-consuming addition or removal of underpacking sheets in the printing unit. TelePresence, a remote service system, allows support off site, saving time and money. There’s even an App that allows Smartphone users to monitor what their machine is doing while they are not on site. “It’s the Rolls Royce of print and we have

effectively future-proofed our business for our customers,” says Mr Buitendam.“


here is a passion for print that we feel is already coming through from the new Manroland — embracing the technology, embracing the future-proofing and embracing the training element which are all important to us. The confidence that Manroland people have in the product is critical” concludes Mr Buitendam. “It is a new machine for a new generation of print.”




Using your phone, you can take a picture of the above QR code and be directed to a video of Kingston Carton’s R700 Direct Drive in action.

Kingston Carton opted for the Online ColorPilot Smart 2.0 for colour control on their new Manroland R700 Direct Drive.

It’s the speed and consistency of the 700 DirectDrive that has Kingston Carton so positively purring with pleasure.



INLINE COLORPILOT: Only 3 Sheets to Read

World’s Fastest Colour Control Manroland offers two solutions, Inline ColorPilot & Online ColorPilot, both are the fastest systems in the market reading the printed colour bar. Both systems regulate the inking units far better than any other system available.

SPOTLIGHT BUBBLE Manroland’s Inline ColorPilot requires 3 sheets for a measurement and no more than 40 sheets to make corrections.


ustained production efficiency. The ROLAND InlineColorPilot measures ink density at full production speed without the need to pull sheets for inspection. The print control strip on the sheet is measured with the precision known from the ColorPilot. Colored flash illumination enables



the complete print control strip to be measured within three sheets, regardless of the number of colors printed. A high-resolution CCD sensor with polarizing filter which is insensitive to the influence of reflections from wet ink and scattered light is used for measuring.



Inline ColorPilot

Great Colour as usual

“The prime benefits of the 700 DirectDrive are the very quick makeready times, particularly on multi-print activities, and the ColorPilot system which is exceptional and gives us consistency throughout the run” Mr. David West Wilson, Company Chairman

Kingston Carton, UK


Using a high-resolution CCD sensor, the InlineColorPilot measures the complete print control strip within three sheets. The proven OnlineColorPilot high-speed measuring and control system scores points for you on two counts: as standard equipment, colorimetry takes care of quality management, and densitometry takes care of production control.


01 InlineColorPilot Measuring and controlling color – non-stop – without the need to pull sheets. This saves time and waste sheets, improves color stability, and offers complete documentation of the production run.

02 CCD Camera Pictured to the top & middle right, 01 & 02 show the multi-point CCD camera systems which require no moving parts and feature a self-cleaning system to ensure consistent and accurate readings.

03 OnlineColorPilot ColorPilot measuring and control system is integrated into the color inspec­ tion console. The system measures print control strips at the high speed of 25 centimeters per second

04 FM19 Head A trend display helps the press operator determine if the necessary stability in the inking and dampening units has been achieved. All quality measure­ments are documented and available for analysis of quality.






INLINE REGISTER InlineRegister does not need any additional measuring device, requiring only the InlineColorPilot and software that recognizes the special Control Bar with register marks to control lateral, circumferential and diagonal register.

Above Control bar with register marks located in the green circle.


easurement of density and colorimetry is separated with the Manroland Inline ColorPilot. The reason for this is to ensure 100% accurate valuation of density & spectral readings. Measuring under a polarized filter for spectral values (which we do not do) as color values must fundamentally be measured unpolarized. With Manroland, a separate colorimetry measurement device is supplied (optioned).

ISO Standard 126472 Densitometry is currently the only dependable process for controlling the ink film thickness in the inking unit. With inline measuring in the press where the inks are of course wet, the film thickness can only be precisely recorded and controlled by densitometry using a polarizing filter. For standardized printing in accordance with ISO 126472, it is necessary to print the target color (L*a*b) within the defined tolerance. In order to achieve these

colorimetrical values, it is recommended to establish the target densities for each inkpaper combination in advance and store them in the system as a data file. With the Manroland InlineColorPilot, these target densities are quickly and precisely set during production. The system automatically achieves the colorimetrical target values as well. The optional okBalance® maximizes printing stability for the very highest demands.

With Inline ColorPilot, the availability for Inline “Folding Carton Production” where register marks are placed and read by the

Bobst inline systems to register against for make-ready assist in the die-cutting.

Manroland inlinefoiler


anroland’s InlineFoiler is a groundbreaking enhancement solution that meets market demands for more creative, more eye-catching and more vibrant print. Using the InlineFoiler, printers can cold foil and overprint a full spectrum of colours inline on a broad range of substrates in a single pass and it can be combined with delicate embossing and effect

“Integrated into the printing process it also allows us to offer creative inkon-foil applications that were not

previously economically available.” Lauren Drevlow, American Spirit PAGE


or spot coatings or varnishes for maximum impact. It is compatible with all presses in the ROLAND 700 B1 & 500 B2 series and can be used with conventional or UV inks, the InlineFoiler delivers exact print and foil registration, more precisely, more cost-effectively and quicker than any hot foil process available on the market. Samples are included within your information package.




s e i d

ge d chan e ng e ha plat ess c r g o ein ed t this p s b t a are lloca sult, few s a te re as pla to be As a bs ( ts of e i h . jo d t e h a s n g e s r u n e n e f i ve n r a b t ay o t i m e c h a h o r o u s c t D t , w s i e n y t n g o bv D i r t m e a an s if n ” pla i d s e m e a e e sh , it’s tim rfor to th e, th adju uring a e c sly ero t p ew on on ngth ing d t b neou g “z nt a diti s at le s ck mu ulta ablin ficie In ad tion print e pa f c lat sole. sim ll; en ally e ns). un onic s p f s e e n r a i o re at spec essi ltipl lect hang e co o tp t e e r u h c s p is e imp ng m s an d to om t o f f by u b e d i a 0 r e o e 50 form lso h e nee led f etf tim sks t ect e l r a y r h a pe tem ng th ntro e s read nt t h Di ing v i i o r d it re sys inat er c t D make iffe ss w inclu and v c m d e ire ase eli ngeo of r pr nce ates be D r a l o e u 0 n re ch 70 dec umb colo ns at ing p s ca ion s ’ e t t n d 8- tio to un l plat gura ket c lan ers ing a . An o n o i l fu nf w nr lan ly int g, m . A M a s p r y a l l o e o u s m a ny s h i n f e w s s c o n d b le t b e a pre on a wa tan rm ab en rcen imul erfo nder nam the essi r p pr pe yli ds t to te 60 lete y can ion c r jus mat he im og ress nsfe , no se t mp co hnol p au ra ute ec nd im file t min , bec t er al i ve ta ne Dr anke digit an o owev h bl ting s t its. H s a e un ilit in l fac ged o 12 t an PAGE ch or up f 17 d an





m o t

e t c i


n a st


e r e k a

d d a


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d t in


r eP



y ad



o e h


y. r t s


-r e ak


sa i t r

t of


Direct Drive Shine This multi-tasking, multiple award-winning champion is the world’s first offset press with an independent electronic drive and a patented double-clutch system.

T Caption for image: Simultaneous roller washing.

he Manroland DirectDrive system is ideal for short-run, high performance packaging printers, or those who use long perfectors with 8, 10, or 12 units and do a high volume of perfecting work. It uses computer controlled servo-motors to power plate cylinders in the printing units. By isolating the print cylinder, it reduces the time to perform make-ready tasks. Since plate changing and wash-up occur simultaneously – therefore, zero platechanging time – printers can save

“The manroland R700 Direct Drive provides you with the most advanced sheetfed press in the world”

a substantial amount of time and money. No other 40-inch press offers such value-added options. Numerous QuickChange modules reduce makeready time for the ROLAND 700 DirectDrive even further. Ingenious QuickChange features allows for an automated sequence of all makeready steps preselected by the printer, and this is done without any further operator involvement, which allows other tasks such as loading the feeder to be attended to. The myriad of QuickChange features raises productivity considerably with the simultaneous functions of the Direct Drive.

Caption for image: Double clutched & servo driven, only Manroland.



Caption for image: Coating form change simultaneously as well.

“Wash the blankets & impression cylinders, ink rollers, plate change, load ink profile and change the coating form all at ONCE.”

The ultimate in delivery, the 700 Direct Drive delivery is designed for sheet travel aerodynamics. The flat upsweep allows stable sheet travel and perfectly formed delivery stacks.


he Manroland 700 Direct Drive feeder is also treated with features exclusive to the Direct Drive concept with the world’s fastest quasi-continuous carrier plate movement. Coupled with unprecedented press controls via a swivel control panel and fiber optics control based communication platform, this press is built for blinding make-ready speeds. MetroMail coined it best referring to the Direct Drive as a “multi-tasker”, an original all digital printer adding the Direct Drive press as their first entry into the competitive offset market.



“The key word to describe this unique press is “multi-tasker” and one that shortrun printers can reap enormous competitive benefits.” Mr. Alan Purvis, MetroMail Printing

Assembly at Offenbach Factory

Casting at Manroland’s Foundry

OffenbAch factory visit

R900 Series Print Unit

PTC with R506LV on Display

Success of Manroland under Langley Holdings further promotes the innovation of new technologies for the Printing Industry.


he recession in the printing industry did not disrupt the pace of Manroland’s technological innovation. The application of computer technology has become the mainstream of technological innovation. In October 2006, manroland launched a new technology – DirectDrive – in Mainz, the birthplace of Johannes Gutenberg. Directly driven plate cylinders enable makeready time to be reduced by 60 %. In 2011, Manroland introduced autoprint: it turned into reality the vision of an ideal printing press – one that, at the push of one button, One Touch, brings the highest degree of automation of offset printing. The global economic crisis triggered by the outbreak of the credit crunch in 2008 had brought Manroland a number of tough issues, however, manroland presses are still the Porsche of the printing industry. The large number of orders shows the broad customer base of Manroland presses, a testament to their reliability and credibility. Under new ownership, The Langley Group, Manroland is taking bold, new steps towards innovative application. In the new era, Manroland is leading the development trend in the printing industry backed by its glorious past, toughened by crises, and armed with a forward-looking vision. The founders of Manroland, Reichenbach, Carl Buz, Faber and Schleicher, were not alone in the constant expansion and advancement of this area with new technologies and designs; they and their successors were, however, always at the cutting edge of development.



Unmatched quality control summarizes Manroland’s Inline Inspector & Inline Sorter This system compares the printed image with the customer’s specification contained in a PDF file. The function is very simple: after the PDF with the customer’s specification is loaded into the operating console, the reference sheet (OK sheet) is compared to the PDF. Variations between the PDF and reference sheet are displayed for the printer to decide whether to make changes or not. In the following production run, all sheets are compared with the reference sheet. PDF comparison thus provides an objective and easy to understand quality control from production startup onwards.



picture of QUALITY



Inline Inspector:

Offsetdruckerei Schwarzak

WITH A HUNDRED YEAR PEDIGREE, 335 STAFF, AND PRODUCING 24,500 TONS OF FINE CARDBOARD PACKAGING A YEAR, THE PEOPLE AT ONE OF AUSTRIA’S LEADING PRINTING COMPANIES DON’T MAKE INVESTMENT DECISIONS LIGHTLY. Award-winning Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach produce high-quality package and label solutions for the food and beverage, chocolate, confectionery and pharmaceutical industries. After deciding they needed to add to their plant they began a series of tests of the different presses on the market. The result was the purchase of a seven-colour ROLAND 700 with coating – the first Manroland high-speed press in Austria. “Flexibility, high productivity and constant high quality. These are the three major points to survive in the competitive packaging industry in Europe and why we chose Manroland,” says Ing. Eduard Fischer, General Manager, based in Vorarlberger. His colleague, technical manager Johannes Knapp, adds: “The service, the reliability, the spoken quality of the machines and the partnership from Manroland made the difference. We trust Manroland.” “The investment in the InlineColorPilot together with the InlineRegister will bring us further quality improvements. The InlineInspector with our eight-color ROLAND 700 PLV proved it could guarantee the best print quality. This time, we need InlineInspector again on the new press, but its upgraded version, InlineInspector 2.0 with pdf check”, Johannes Knapp noted. The InlineColorPilot together with the InlineRegister, and the InlineInspector 2.0 with pdf check are the new technological developments of Manroland. InlineColorPilot is the fastest system in the market that measures the printed sheets inside the press and automatically regulates the inking units. It is a non- stop process without the need to pull sheets. This improves colour stability, and offers complete documentation of the production run. Using a high-resolution CCD sensor, the InlineColorPilot measures the complete print control strip within three sheets. It is upgraded with InlineRegister, which ensures the automatic InlineRegister regulation, measurement and regulation at print run.

CAPTION FOR IMAGES ABOVE: Top picture: High resolution CCD camera. Second image: View path of the CCD camera to the impression cylinder. Third image: Control system sample whereas defected sheets are tagged in the delivery. Last image: PDF flight check at the console.

With the InlineBobstRegister it is possible to integrate the register marks needed for the diecut-process into the already very small printcontrolstripe. In addition, in order to guarantee the production of 100% good sheets in the delivery pile, the InlineInspector 2.0 is now available in a single or a multiple camera system which will check for hickeys, scratches, streaks, doubling, noticeable color deviations, noticeable register deviations and substrate defects at the maximum press speed of up to 18.000 s/h. The advantages of the system are fully automatic inspection; fully automatic mark of bad sheets; no hand-operated random inspection required; high delivery quality and reduction of waste sheets.



VIEW THE BEST SCENERY From this height the advantage of being vibration free as well as away from heat generating sources keeps the performance and quality 100%

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guaranteed perfect production inconjunction with the inline sorter, all defects can be ejected prior to the delivery providing perfect production.


anroland’s InlineInspector 2.0 stands for 100% Inline quality check of the job run.

You are able to deliver fault free stacks. The System captures the printed image at production speed and compares every printed sheet against the reference sheet.

How it works The job data can be transferred automatically from Integrated PilotPlus, as soon as the printer has the first ok-sheet, the reference can be recorded. The pdf- verification begins fully automatically when a pdf- document is loaded and a reference recorded. The customer designed pdf document can be also be loaded at the inspection console.

“Metropolitan Fine Printers in BC are a BIG proponent of Inline Inspector”

When a defect is found what happens

sheet, a signal tone informs the printer and helps him to prevent further waste. The press operator can react in

Defects like hickeys, scratches, streaks, time and waste sheets can be reduced. smearing, doubling as well as color

Defective sheets can be marked via

deviations (no color measurement and

tab inserter or automatically taken out

control) and substrate defects can be

via InlineSorter. Detected defects are

detected. If defects are detected on a

recorded, a protocol can be printed.



When it comes to make-readies, there is no comparison

The multi-tasking, make-ready artisan of the Print Industry • 60% reduction in make-ready time • Simultaneously completing 6 tasks at once • Up to 18,000 impressions an hour • Worlds most technologically advanced press. For more information on the Direct Drive or any other products of Manroland, please contact your local representative.

Your local office: Address: Manroland Canada Inc. Tel: 905-265-6300 Fax: 905-265-6312 Web: Email:




Direct drive magazine digital  
Direct drive magazine digital  

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