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Manufacturer: GEC ALSTHOM Rating: 39,780KW Type: PG6541B Serial Number: T-705 Fuel: NATURAL GAS Heat Rate (ISO): 11.3 MJ/KWH Speed of Turbine: 5,100 RPM Exhaust Gas Flow: 141 KGS/SEC 538 DEG C Generator Rating: 50,235 KVA Generator Voltage: 11KV, 3 PHASE, 50 HZ


Power Factor: 0.85 Generator Speed: 3000 RPM Generator Type: AIR COOLED Gear Reducer: 5114 RPM TO 3000RPM Control System: IV Starting: MOTOR NOx Control: STEAM INJECTION Year Built: 1993 Number of Starts: 120 Last Major Overhaul: 2007 (shut down 2008)

Scope of Supply: Gas Turbine Skid, Inlet Air Filter with Silencer, Exhaust Plenum (For Side Exhaust), Gas Fuel Skid, Lube Oil Coolers, Lube Oil Vent Mist Separator, Air Cooled Generator, Speed Reducing Load Gear, Mark IV Controls, Generator Breaker, Protection and Control System. The Parts are available to convert this to 60 Hz or Dual Fuel.



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Cream-cheese maker KARWENDEL says that its CHP plant powered by MWM engines has paid for itself in just two years.


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FG Wilson has provided gensets at three different STOR sites across the north of England, reports WIP.



Case Study which looks at Edina’s development of the Swancote Energy site in Shropshire, UK. Blackfriars - a bridge too far? P.20.

London Blackfriars Solar Project


Solarcentury installs the world’s largest solar bridge.

Company*Profile - Huegli Tech


A profile of a leading supplier and wholesaler with a global clientele and an international network of distributors.



The Lichterfelde CHP facility has been developed by the Swedish group Vattenfall with GE 9-F gas turbines, reports WIP.

MWM engines & Karwendel. P.38.

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* WIP - Worldwide Independent Power IBERDROLA is working on the latest 300MW Baja California III * IPA - Independent combined-cycle power plant project in Mexico. Power Asia Maintenance/Biomass 32 & 34 * MEP - Middle East Power We look at the work of the Wood Group GTS (p.32) + Croatia’s * APN - American latest biomass plant based in Babina Creda (p.34). Power News * UKPN - UK Power News Biomass.CHP/Gensets 36 & 38 * ENERGY4POWERLIVE How a Yorkshire chicken ranch struck a deal with Lombard Combined*cycle


The premier energy event - London

(p.38). Plus - a report on Edina’s work with Yorkshire Water p.36).

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For over 90 years, LOVATO Electric has grown and developed in world electromechanical and electronic components market for electrical equipment. LOVATO Electric was one of the first companies in Italy to obtain ISO 9001 certification in 1992. It offers over 10,000 product codes complying with the strictest international standards.

40 & 42 Cogeneration Directory

WIP looks at a new power station contract awarded to Toshiba in Turkey (p.40) Plus - Uruguay’s dual-fuel mobile turbines. supplied by APR Energy (p.42).



What’s new on the European contract front.

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Geothermal energy breakthrough reported by Iceland researchers more effective harnessing of geothermal energy has been achieved by a research team working in Krafla, northeast Iceland, as part of the Icelandic Deep Drilling Project. It all began in 2009 when a borehole succeeded in tapping into magma at only 2100 metres depth, with a temperatures of up to 1,000°C. The borehole, IDDP-1, was the first in a series of wells being drilled by the IDDP in Iceland in the search for high-temperature geothermal resources, reports WIP. Wilfred Elders, Professor Emeritus of Geology at the University of California, Riverside, USA, comments: "Drilling into magma is a very rare occurrence anywhere in the world and this is only the second known instance, the first one, in 2007, being in Hawaii. The IDDP, in cooperation with Iceland's National Power Company, the operator of the Krafla geothermal power plant, decided to investigate the hole further and bear part of the substantial costs involved." He explains: "In the future, the success of this drilling and research project could lead to a revolution in the energy efficiency of high-temperature geothermal areas worldwide. Several important milestones were achieved in this project.” The IDDP team found they were able to drill down into molten magma and control it by setting a steel casing into the bottom of the shaft allowing superheated, high-pressure steam for months to blow through at temperatures exceeding 450°C. This well proved to be the hottest in the world, setting a record for geothermal heat. Subsequently, it was discovered that steam from the IDDP-1 well could be channelled directly in a practical way into the existing power plant at Krafla thus proving that a high-enthalpy geothermal system could be viable. Currently, enhanced or engineered geothermal systems are being created internationally by pumping cold water into hot dry rocks at 4-5 kilometres depths. The heated water is pumped up again as hot water or steam from production wells. If you can tap into a magma reserves a system can be made to be even more efficent, the IDDP results suggest. The IDDP is a project and consortium of the National Energy Authority of Iceland (Orkustofnun) and four of Iceland's leading energy companies - namely: Hitaveita Krafla power plant Sudurnesja (HS), Landsvirkjun, [left] can now tap Orkuveita Reykjavíkur and directly into the Mannvit Engineering. The heat from liquid consortium is referred to as magma. 'Deep Vision'. The IDDP consortium believes that producing steam from a reservoir hotter than 450°C (840°F) — and at a proposed rate of around 0.67 cubic metres per second (24 cu ft/s) - should be sufficient to generate around 45 MW.










In brief... ABB wins US$55m power order for Dudgeon Windfarm ABB has won an order worth around $55 million to supply a submarine AC power cable system for a new wind farm, located off the coast of Norfolk. The underwater cables will feed the electricity generated by the 400MW Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm into the UK national grid. The order was received from Dudgeon Offshore Wind Limited, a company owned by Statoil and Statkraft.

Duddons Sands starts producing power The West of Duddon Sands windfarm development, 8 miles off Cumbria's coast, has revealed it will ultimately feature 108 turbines. About a third are built and four are ready for use. When fully operational the site will generate up to 389 MW, powering 280,000 homes. The wind farm is the fourth to be built off Barrow and could create up to 60 jobs. The development is being built by Scottish Power Renewables and Danish firm, Dong Energy.

Cruachan Hydro capacity to ‘double’ The output of the Cruachan hydro electric power station in Argyll could more than doubleunder plans revealed by Scottish Power. The company is to carry out a two-year feasibility study before deciding whether to go ahead with the project. Its rival, SSE, has already announced plans for the Coire Glas hydro electricity scheme in Lochaber, Scotland, says a new report.


WWII bunker is now green energy power plant Energy and utilities company Hamburg Energie has joined forces with IBA Hamburg to transform a former WWII anti-aircraft flak bunker into a green energy power plant in Germany. The Hamburg-based ‘Energy Bunker’ has already begun producing energy for the local community, but once running at full capacity will provide up to 3,000 homes with heating, and another 1,000 homes with electricity. Originally constructed in 1943 to serve as an antiaircraft bunker, complete with gun turrets, the 42m (137 ft) high building also sheltered local people from Allied bombing raids during WWII. Though postwar attempts were made to demolish the building after 1945, blowing up its massively thick walls was deemed too dangerous to nearby buildings. Much of the interior was subsequently demolished and the bunker remained in a neglected state for over 60 years. Plans to transform the building into a green energy hub first arose in 2006, with the renovation commencing in 2011. The total cost of the project

came to €26.7 million (roughly US$36.5 million) and was funded by both the the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Hamburg Climate Protection Concept.The Energy Bunker is outfitted with several sustainable technologies. The main feature is a 2 million litre (528,000 US gallon) water reservoir which acts as a large heat store and plugs into the existing Reiherstieg district heating network. The reservoir itself is heated by several methods: a biomass power plant and wood chip burning unit which feed into a large boiler, a solar thermal array installed on the roof of the bunker, and waste heat produced by a nearby industrial plant. A large photovoltaic system is installed on the southfacing facade of the building to produce electricity, and the wood chip burning unit is also used to produce electricity. A peak-load boiler and large battery array ensure that the energy output is kept steady at all times.

Cummins Generators Technologies - STAMFORD P6 This month Cummins Generator Technologies launched a new 1,250kVA generator at The Middle East Electricity Show 2014. The STAMFORD P6 – LVI634G, 1,250kVA generator is the newest addition to the STAMFORD product portfolio, boasting an efficient electromagnetic design and highly effective cooling system in a compact package. The STAMFORD P6– LVI634G has been designed to provide its customers with an alternative generator for standby and island mode operation in the 1,250kVA power node versus the STAMFORD PI734A. The PI734A is suitable for

all continuous and prime power operation modes including; key paralleling to the grid, marine, CHP and critical protection. The STAMFORD P6 will be available to order from Q2, 2014. STAMFORD gensets have proved popular, especially in Europe. In a notable 2013 contract based at Rodewald, Germany, 4 STAMFORD HC4 generators form the core of a new Combined Heat & Power/Cogeneration plant. This is connected to the grid in addition to heating a SCHNELL Motoren AG company building and an extensive nearby commercial greenhouse complex.

In 2013 the power plant was commissioned by a consortium, Erneuerbare Energien GmbH & Co, which involved ten farmers from local surrounding villages. Today, the plant consists of four dual fuel 265 kW generating sets running a full 24-hours-a-day and 7-days-a week, and providing dependable continuous power thanks to the STAMFORD brand.


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In brief... First Solar breaks ground First Solar has begun construction on Phase I of the Barilla Solar Project in Pecos County, Texas, west of Fort Stockton, USA. The 22MW AC project is expected to begin commercial operation in mid-2014. First Solar will build, commission and operate the power plant, and offer the output to customers, including key municipal utilities, electric co-operatives, and commercial and industrial users. The project, located in West Texas, will have access to one of the best solar resource areas in the state and can provide electricity to more heavily populated areas with greater peak energy demand.

AREVA and GAMESA in offshore windfarm joint venture AREVA and GAMESA announced the entry into exclusive negotiations to create a 50/50 joint-venture company in the field of offshore wind power. The offshore market represents one of the most promising areas for the development of renewable energies, particularly in the coastal countries of northern Europe, where the installed base should reach over 25 GW by 2020, and in Asia. By joining forces, AREVA and GAMESA feel this will will enable the Joint Venture to become one of the leading players in the global offshore wind market says a spokesman for the JV.


CHP/District Heating Event in London - May 22nd The fourth of GMP’s unique one day Conference shows – The CHP/District Heating Conference & Networking Event - will be held on 22nd May, 2014, at Prince Philip House, London. The last 2013 Conference attracted in excess of 200 key industry professionals from UK & Europe to listen to a variety of speakers, as well as key representatives from 25 of the leading original equipment manufacturers. Industry expert and head of the Claverton Energy Group, Dave Andrews, commented: “It is gradually dawning on experts that the key issue in the UK today is how to heat buildings both economically & efficiently. This can only be done realistically with CHP and District Heating technology.” He tells WIP: “This is a vitally important issue which opens up a huge market for independent power generation focused on at least 20 million homes. In total,

this involves a capital investment of £12 billion+ from 2014 onwards.” Call for Papers This is an official Call for Papers for the Conference, to be held on May 22nd 2014 at Prince Philip House, London. Potential speakers are invited to submit abstracts of 250 words (max) to be submitted for peer review by Thursday March 6th, 2014. The Conference theme looks at the CHP and District Heating sectors, as well as the Future of UK/European Energy & Power for European Homes & Industry. The one day event will be free to all Conf. attendees. For Exhibitors taking a stand at one event

costs just £2,100 and to exhibit at two events will cost £3,600 (£1,800 each). UKPN Editor Aidan Turnbull comments: “Britain is facing the rising risk of an energy shortfall within three years, Ofgem has warned. Spare capacity in the UK could easily plunge from current historic high levels of 14% to as low as 4% in 2015/16.” Energy4Powerlive-4 Another leading exhibition event for this year is the new Energy4Powerlive Show also held by GMP. This will comprise a total of four unique Conferences & Tabletop Stand Exhibition areas (including an Outdoor exhibition space) located under one roof. This will be held on the 5th November, 2014, at the prestigious Queen Elizabeth ll Conference Centre, London. Details are available on the GMP website at:

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics required 1,000MW load Running the 22nd Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, has taken up a lot of power. The estimated load required was 1,000 MW, double Sochi’s typical daily load, and a supply which fed a host of new thermal power plants and other smaller localised power sources. Because grid stability was a significant issue, Parker Hannifin’s Power Conversion System (PCS) was installed to manage power fluctuations and help to prevent outages throughout the course of the Games. Working in partnership with EnerDel, a leader in utilityscale lithium-ion battery energy storage systems, Parker Hannifin’s Energy Grid Tie Division supplied one of its highly efficient and compact PCS solutions as part of a 1.5 megawatt, 2.5 MW-hour installation connecting large banks of battery energy storage to the grid. The unit has been specially designed to smooth out fluctuations and aid the supply of backup power for the local substations supporting the Games. The system included Parker’s precision cooling units which increased the throughput of high power electronics by up to 40%. Parker also provided other ancillary equipment, such as outdoor battery enclosures, climate control, fire suppression and monitoring systems.



Key plans for new 27MW renewable energy power plant for City of Los Angeles

In brief... HHI & SIDEM SIGN KUWAIT POWER DEAL Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) and Sidem, a subsidiary of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, have announced the signing of a US$1.4 billion EPC contract with SHAMAL AZZOUR AL-OULA to build the first phase of the Az-Zour North Independent Water and Power Project (IWPP) in Kuwait.

Forth Energy to proceed with biomass CHP plant for Rosyth Forth Energy, a joint venture between Forth Ports Ltd. and SSE plc, has announced that the Scottish government has granted consent for a wood-fuelled renewable combinedheat-and-power plant at the Port of Rosyth. The CHP plant would use sustainably sourced wood fuel primarily from overseas with the capacity to generate 120MW of low carbon renewable electricity and 30 MW of heat. The equivalent of over 40% of the Fife Council area’s electricity needs could be met, with the additional benefit of the potential for a heat distribution network. The plant would represent a capital investment of £325 million (US$538.66 million). It would create approximately 300 construction jobs, peaking at 500 during parts of the build process; then around 70 operational jobs, running the plant and handling the fuel. It is projected that it will deliver around £26m in annual economic benefits to the area. The plant would demonstrate significant carbon savings over its operating life compared with fossil fuel alternatives. The wood fuel for the plant would be sourced from overseas and delivered by ship, the lowest carbon means of transportation for bulk goods. The plant’s location within the Port of Rosyth would allow the fuel to be discharged directly to the plant. Forth Energy has said it will now engage with the relevant authorities, including the Scottish Government and Fife Council, to examine the details of the consent granted. “We are delighted that the Scottish Government has approved our proposal for a renewable energy plant at Rosyth. We look forward to engaging with the Scottish Government, Fife Council and the local community,” said Calum Wilson, Managing Director of Forth Energy. The plant would represent a capital investment of £325m. The project will create approximately 300 construction jobs, peaking at 500 during parts of the build process; then around 70 operational jobs, running the plant and handling the fuel. It is forecast to deliver around £26m of annual economic benefit to the area, says project report. Energy Minister Fergus Ewing told WIP: “The combined heat and power plant at the Port of Rosyth will create hundreds of jobs during its construction, and while in operation will continue to support local employment while generating renewable power for local business and industry.”


Constellation has signed an agreement with the City of Los Angeles to design, build and operate a 27MW renewable energy power plant at LA Sanitation’s Hyperion Treatment Plant. The sewage treatment process at Hyperion generates a Class 1 renewable fuel known as digester gas. The new power plant, which will cost about US$130 million to construct, will use the digester gas produced at Hyperion as its primary fuel source. By 2016 the power plant will produce steam and electricity which will be used to operate Hyperion’s treatment operations. Constellation and its subcontractors will develop, construct and operate the cogeneration facility for 10 years, with an option to extend the agreement for five additional years. Commercial operation of the Hyperion cogeneration facility is expected by the end of 2016. Hyperion, which is claimed to be the tenth largest wastewater treatment facilities in the world, generates a Class 1 renewable fuel known as digester gas, which will be used as a primary fuel source by the cogeneration facility. The power plant’s main mission with be to work 24/7 to will generate steam and energy to power Hyperion's key sewage & water treatment operations. L.A. Sanitation COO, Traci Minamide, said: "This state-of-the-art facility will reduce emissions at the Hyperion plant and secure for our city a new energy source which is reliable, efficient and sustainable."


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EBRD commits more than €20 million to Ukraine’s district heating improvement programme

Despite a wave of serious political unrest in the country, The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is continuing to provide further resources to modernise district heating systems in Ukraine. District heating accounted for 20% of the country’s total CO2 emissions and consumes almost 44% of its resources for heat energy. These new investments in district heating systems aim to increase energy and costefficiencies, improve financial sustainability and support the regulatory reform of municipal utilities. The latest of these projects is being implemented in the eastern municipality of Luhansk, for which the EBRD will provide a loan of up to €20 million to the leading Luhansk municipal communal enterprise known as ‘Teplokomunenergo’. This has been secured by the guarantee of the city of Luhansk and will be co-financed with investment grant funding of up to €5 million from the Eastern Europe Energy

Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P) to which the EU is the largest contributor. The city, formerly Voroshilovgrad, is located in south- eastern Ukraine. It is the administrative centre of the Luhansk Oblast (province). The city itself is also designated as its own separate municipality within the oblast. The current estimated population in the city & its environs is estimated to be around 445,900 Funding from the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership will be channelled to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy losses, gas and electricity consumption and improve district heating services for almost a quarter of a million residents in Luhansk in nearly 90,000 households. The loan will finance the installation of 300 individual heating substations and the decommissioning of 15 obsolete basement boilers. It will also enable the replacement of old small and medium-sized boilers with new gas boilers, the modernisation of 50 boiler houses, the replacement of almost 30 kilometres of distribution network pipes with pre-insulated pipes and the installation of a monitoring and dispatching system. The project is expected to begin in March 2014 and will take three years to complete, EBRD said. The city is currently tendering for contractors to perform the work. Technical assistance, in the form of consultancy services, necessary for both the preparation and implementation of the project was provided by the government of Sweden. The EBRD is the largest financial investor in Ukraine. The Bank has committed more than €8.7 billion (US$ 11.9 billion) through 318 projects in Ukraine.




Microgrids: 1,897MW of CHP capacity will be deployed by 2018, reports Navigant

According to analysis by Peter Asmus of Navigant Research, a total of 518 MW of CHP capacity was deployed in microgrids in 2012. This technology leads all forms of microgrid DG deployments, he reports, and will continue to hold the edge by 2018 with 1,897MW, representing more than US$7 billion in annual revenues. Given that it is a base load electricity resource which also provides thermal energy, today’s microgrid CHP capacity is the largest of any DG option besides diesel generators, says Asmus. Peter Asmus told WIP: “The bulk of CHP installations are with grid-tied systems within institutional campus environments. The current low cost of natural gas in North America translates into the ability for microgrids to provide lower cost energy services than the incumbent utility grid.” He says: “For example, the University of California San Diego microgrid is saving over US$4 million annually thanks, in large part, to on-site combustion of natural gas.” US-based Pike Research believes that declining solar PV costs will be one of the largest drivers for microgrids worldwide, and also in terms of numbers of key, new installations, solar PV will be the market leader. CHP will lead in terms of total capacity due to the relative scale of CHP systems compared to solar PV. With the price of solar PV reaching grid parity in key markets by 2014 and 2015, the variability of this DG resource will also necessitate a greater reliance upon energy storage (as well as the networking function of microgrids). All told, this microgrid solar PV market adds up to almost US$2 billion globally by 2018. If one also includes distributed wind and fuel cells in the overall microgrid DG mix, this segment of microgrid enabling technologies is, by far, the largest target of new investment: 3,978 MW of new generation capacity valued at US$12.7 billion.


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Today, uptime is critical for all power generation installations. Hospitals, airports, concert events and other operations depend on secured and continuous power supply. That’s why Volvo Penta engines are reliable and safe – and a perfect match, whatever your specific application may be. By meeting present and future environmental legislation they are also your investment in a more sustainable tomorrow.


SHAREWATCH MHI supplies new turbine for OK Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has been selected by Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA), Oklahoma's state-owned electric utility, to supply an M501J gas turbine for GRDA's Chouteau power station. This is the first U.S. order for a J-Series gas turbine. Gas turbine is the core component of a gas turbine combined cycle (GTCC) power generation system. Gaining momentum from high evaluation of the market on J-Series gas turbine, going forward MHI will further accelerate the marketing activities of this state-of-the-art J-Series gas turbine in the U.S. and other countries.

First Solar begins work in Oz First Solar has begun building Australia's largest utility-scale solar project, a 250 hectare solar plant in Nyngan, New South Wales. Less than six months after AGL Energy Limited achieved financial close for project, First Solar broke ground on the installation of around 1,350,000 advanced thin-film photovoltaic (PV) modules. These will generate clean, renewable energy with no emissions or waste during operation.

Alstom & ČEZ in boiler deal Alstom & the energy company ČEZ have signed a contract worth €11m for another stage of the modernisation of Počerady power plant in the Czech Republic.


Foster Wheeler wins order for circulating fluidised bed boiler islands for Turkey

Foster Wheeler AG has revealed that a subsidiary of its Global Power Group has been awarded a contract by Harbin Electric International Co. Ltd. (HEI) for the design and supply of two circulating fluidised-bed (CFB) boiler islands and flue gas scrubbers for HIDROGEN Energy Import, Export, Distribution and Trading Inc., a subsidiary of Kolin Group of Companies. HEI is acting as EPC contractor for HIDRO-GEN’s power project to be built near the town of Soma in Turkey. Foster Wheeler has received a full notice to proceed on this contract. Commercial operation of the new steam generators is scheduled for the beginning of 2017. Foster Wheeler will design and supply two 255 MWe steam generators and auxiliary equipment for the boiler islands, flue gas cleaning systems with Foster Wheeler CFB scrubbers, and technical advisory services during erection and commissioning. The CFB

boilers will be designed to burn local lignite. “This is the largest CFB project yet to be awarded in Turkey, and Foster Wheeler is looking to a bright future within the Turkish power market,” Tomas Harju-Jeanty, Chief Executive Officer of Foster Wheeler Energia OY Group told WIP in a recent interview. “Due to the significant economic benefit of using lignite for power generation, we expect that Foster Wheeler CFB technology will be the technology of choice for future power projects in the country.” Guo Yu, Chairman of the Board and the President of the Harbin Electric International Co. Ltd. (HEI), commented:.“We are happy to have this opportunity to work in collaboration with Foster Wheeler on this important project in Turkey. With the combination of HEI’s engineering management and Foster Wheeler’s CFB, we are certain this project will mark a new trend for power in Turkey.”

NRG Energy deal & Virgin Limited Edition NRG Energy, Inc. and Virgin Limited Edition have signed a cutting-edge Diesel Reduction Agreement for the provision of renewable power to Necker Island. Under the terms of the deal NRG will develop a renewables-driven microgrid for the entire island, supplying high quality, reliable electricity powered at least 75% by an integrated array of solar, wind and energy storage technologies. This system will be supported by new energy efficiency and energy control automation designed to reduce overall energy use and synchronise energy consumption with renewable energy production

on the island. The agreement was signed and announced at the "Creating Climate Wealth Summit," by Sir Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin Group, and NRG CEO David Crane. By deploying highly distributed and locally automated and controlled installations, many island nations of the Caribbean can reduce and ultimately eliminate their dependence on fossil fuels for electricity. The high cost of imported fossil fuels across these islands creates an opportunity to deliver clean energy solutions today at a much lower cost, without subsidies and



with immense economic and environmental benefit to the people of the Caribbean, said a Virgin Limited Edition spokesman.



Gas gensets rise to prominence as energy providers in the US/Europe Since 2011 gas gensets have risen in prominence in Europe and the US due to stricter emission laws and lower gas prices. The shale gas boom in the US and increasing adoption of biogas in Europe have kept the gas gen-sets market in the two regions buoyant, reports Frost & Sullivan.

n the last three years, gas gensets have risen in prominence in Europe and the US due to stricter emission laws and lower gas prices. The shale gas boom in the US and increasing adoption of biogas in Europe have kept the gas gensets market in the two regions buoyant while liberalisation has given a leg up to the market in emerging countries. In fact, China and India have become the largest production hubs for gen-sets with many large manufacturers building their capabilities organically or through tie-ups and alliances. New analysis from Frost & Sullivan Global Gas Gen-Sets Market, reveals that the market earned revenues of US$4.14 billion in 2013 and estimates this to reach US$8.59 billion in 2019. The study covers the end-user segments


of residential, commercial and industrial. Gas gensets easily comply with environmental regulations by producing greater amounts of electricity through highly efficient, decentralised natural gas combined heat and power (CHP) systems. Gas property as a clean burning fuel coupled with gen-set advantages such as lower noise, quicker permit obtention, and reduced capital costs make gas gensets the ideal choice for end users across segments. “The surge in natural gas availability and improved infrastructure for delivery have together lowered the price of gas, greatly assisting the sales of gas gensets in developed regions,” said Frost & Sullivan Energy Industry Analyst, Pritil Gunjan. “Though technological improvements, such as the automatic control system, are making gas gen-sets 50% more expensive than their diesel counterparts, their reliability and lower lifecycle costs will keep demand high.” This is especially so in emerging countries, which do not have access to adequate reserves of gas and lack the necessary infrastructure to pipe gas from other regions. The widening demand and supply power gap will escalate gas gen-sets as a source of prime and continuous power. In this

“The surge in natural gas availability and improved infrastructure for delivery have together lowered the price of gas, greatly assisting the sales of gas gensets in developed regions.” ­ Frost & Sullivan Energy Industry Analyst, Pritil Gunjan scenario, highly flexible generating units with fast response times can provide utilities with a flexible power generation infrastructure, allowing them to make the most of the high electricity prices during hours of peak demand. “Gas-fired gen-sets, with their low-risk technology, favourable capital costs, and higher efficiency have become the technology of choice for intermediate load and increasingly, for base load power generation,” noted Gunjan. “Effective policies and regulatory frameworks, natural gas availability, and high consumer awareness will further fuel the growth of the gas gen-set market.” Asia-Pacific will be the fastest growing and largest region for sales of commercial and residential gas gen-sets. For the industrial segment, participants need to focus on offering hybrid gensets and fuel flexibility, advises Frost & Sullivan.

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From 3 to 3000 kVA

Power outages jeopardise businesses and industrial operations. The world cannot afford power failures. Seek continuous and secure energy. HIMOINSA is your trusted supplier.

Compliant engines / long running fuel tanks / fully bunded / low noise levels / great return on investment Ctra. Murcia - San Javier,Km. 23,6 | SAN JAVIER (Murcia) SPAIN | Tel. +34 968 19 11 28 | Export Fax +34 968 33 43 03


Ultra-efficient CHP plant pays for itself in less than two years Short payback times are decisive criterion in the procurement of capital goods. Karwendel, the manufacturer of the well-known Exquisa brand of cream cheese, has crunched the numbers and confirmed that its CHP plant with MWM engines has paid for itself in less than two years. uchloe im Allgäu is the headquarters of one of Germany's leading dairies and the location where KarwendelWerke Huber GmbH & Co. KG maintains its production facilities. A successful family owned company with powerful brands, Karwendel-Werke Huber GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1909 by Franz Xaver Huber in Buchloe, Bavaria. Karwendel is one of the most successful private dairy companies in Germany. Its cream cheese, fromage frais and cheese specialities are distributed under the wellknown and established brand names of Exquisa and Miree. Around 450 employees process 182 million litres of milk, producing 90,000 tons of cream cheese and fruit quark annually. This production output makes Karwendel one of the biggest European cream cheese manufacturers. On these manufacturing premises, energy is an essential cost factor in the production process. "In the face of rising overall costs for heat and electricity, we searched for a longterm alternative," reports Josef Scheuermeyer, Technical Director at Karwendel-Werke Huber GmbH KG & Co for the past 10 years.



Three TCG 2016 V12 C engines from MWM form the heart of the CHP plant at Karwendel-Werke GmbH & Co. KG. As the company found itself able to utilise all the heat towards production, a cogeneration power plant proved to be the most economically attractive option. This was put into operation in January 2012 with three TCG 2016 V12 C engines. The TCG 2016 C is said to offer the highest efficiencies in its class (1,660MWe - with 2,920 gensets in use worldwide). It provides the following features: * High profitability: low fuel consumption due to an improved combustion & spark plugs; * High availability: due to extended maintenance intervals thanks to soot-free combustion with prechamber spark plugs; *Lowest lube oil consumption: improved components reduce lube oil consumption by up to 40% to reach the best value in competition, reports MWM. * Low installation costs: a compact design allows lower investment for engine compartment and colling water module; * Varieties of gas & gas qualities: a gas

mixer and TEM evolution allows the engine to burn a diverse selection of gases; * Perfect emission control: high efficiency & clean combustion comply with all common emission requirements. Today, Karwendel-Werke Huber GmbH & Co. KG produces 70% of its own electricity demands and 45% of its heat requirements thanks to these MWM engines. Karwendel achieves an overall efficiency of 87.9% in the CHP plant. After nearly two years and some 15,000 hours of operation, Technical Director Scheuermeyer says he is very satisfied: "The investment in our own cogen power plant paid off rapidly, the payback time was less than two years. The system production is trouble-free, and we can always rely on MWM service."


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Outstanding efficiency, economy and reliability. The MWM Series TCG 2020. Maximum efficiency, impressive economy and high overall availability through extended maintenance intervals. When you want one of the best energy solutions.

TCG 2020


Making Progress with controlling the UK’s power surges The UK’s National Grid overcomes significant spikes in demand or failures of existing energy production facilities by using its Short Term Operating Reserve. The Progress Group, part of FG Wilson’s global network of 380 dealers, has just successfully completed installations at three different STOR sites across the north of.England, reports WIP. very year the UK’s National Grid commits considerable resources to predicting when these major power surges will occur. Such surges generally impose an extra demand of around 200-400MW on the Grid and require a comprehensive contingency plan involving a network of stakeholders to activate power to ensure a constant electricity supply is provided. One of the most important tools at the National Grid’s disposal for meeting electricity needs during significant spikes in demand or failures of existing energy production facilities is STOR – Short Term Operating Reserve. Formerly known as Standing Reserve, this is an agreement which National Grid has in place with energy providers to balance the supply and demand of electricity on short timescales that could not be achieved using conventional large-scale power sources. The Progress Group, part of FG Wilson’s global network of 380 Dealers, has recently added to its portfolio of STOR projects by successfully completing installations at three different sites across the north of England. The contracts for the projects – located in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and in



Nottinghamshire – were awarded to the Progress Group by Abbey Power following its successful tender process with National Grid. Completed earlier this year, these installations bring the total number of STOR projects successfully delivered by the Progress Group throughout the UK to 16 since the programme was launched three years ago. There are 61 FG Wilson generator sets in total across these latest three sites – comprising a mixture of P1875 and P550 generator sets – each specifically arranged and customised to meet the individual project requirements. Commenting on the successful delivery of these latest successful STOR projects, Phil Starr of the Progress Group told WIP: “We have quickly developed a wellearned reputation as a specialist in the delivery of STOR projects, bringing our expertise to bear for a line of work which is vital to the overall balance of the National Grid power supply. A key element of the service we offer clients is the pedigree of the FG Wilson name and the

guarantee of world-class manufacturing which comes with its generator sets.” He said: “From the outset of the STOR programme, the Progress team devised a strategy which ensures that the power solution delivered for each site provides the optimum value for money. “A key component of this strategy is our policy of using a large number of smaller generator sets, from 500 kVA to 1875 kVA, rather than a few large units, and, even more importantly, designing the most effective arrangement of the units on site.” He concludes: “With an unusually large number of generator sets involved in each project, up to as many as 52 in our most recent installations, devising a control system capable of effectively synchronizing the units was vital to the overall success of the installations. This is where our partnership with FG Wilson was crucial.” WIP

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IT’S OUR MISSION Whenever and wherever today’s diesel fuels are stored, there’s a risk of contamination and degradation – this can pose a real risk to your diesel engines and the power they provide.

A Diesel Defence Fuel Polishing System from IPU is a common sense solution. • Automatically re-circulating, cleaning and filtering your fuel • Routinely removing water and damaging particles • Maintaining your fuel within industry standards • Consistently ensuring you’ve got power when it’s needed Systems are available for any size or type of fuel storage tank for any standby power, fire pump or other critical application. They come complete with easy-to-use control systems and optional features including live fuel cleanliness information. For expert advice on how to keep your stored diesel clean and dry, call a member of the IPU Fuel Conditioning team on 0121 511 0400.

For details, visit

IPU Group, Churchbridge, Oldbury, West Midlands, B69 2AS England T: +44 (0) 121 511 0400 F: +44 (0) 121 511 0401 E:

maximising your performance



Alternators can now offer real system advantages A DC power convertor from Mecc Alte can be combined with an AC alternator to deliver a quality DC power output customised to suit all Cell tower systems. There are important fuel-saving benefits which have emerged as a result of this development, reports WIP. ERCURIO works with fixed, twin or variable speed control systems and it can control AC or DC inputs from other devices such as the grid, and renewable power resources like solar panels or micro wind turbines, reports the manufacturer. Mecc Alte’s MERCURIO system converts the AC output of a Mecc Alte generator to 24/36/48 or 60 Volts DC power whilst functioning as an alternator and genset supervisor. This gives it the ability to stop


ECO28 alternator. and start the gen-set system. The MERCURIO power converter uses established and robust electronics to deliver an extremely clean DC power supply to Base Transceiver Station loads MERCURIO 5 module.


“A Permanent Magnet Generator system can meet unrivalled levels of efficiency, although outlay costs are much greater and systems are more costly and complex.” and battery systems for the telecom industry. The benefits on fuel saving is key to the concept, as well as integrated variable AC input and genset controls. The system is based on a rotating generator with Digital AVR which can be either a Conventionally Rotor Wound (CRW] generator with power converter, or based on Permanent Magnetic Generator (PMG) technology. Mecc Alte’s CRW system offers several benefits: it offers the winning choice in case of cost per kW optimisation. In addition, spare parts and design footprints match existing Mecc Alte products, ensuring consistency of spares and ensuring proven reliability, reports the company. “A PMG system can meet unrivalled levels of efficiency, although outlay costs are much greater and systems are more costly and complex,” explained a company spokesman. Using the Mecc Alte digital regulators the CRW machines can operate in dual speed and full variable speed. Which is a distinct advantage over previous solutions where the costly PMG systems have to be used.

J A N U A RY- F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 4

Systems diagram: how the MERCURIO Hybrid System delivers a quality DC power output customised to suit Cell tower systems. VISPA variable speed alternator

Load and speed is thus controlled by the MERCURIO. The greatest benefit of the MERCURIO system is said by its makers to be its ‘simplicity of implementation’. The system is designed to manage through programmable delays all the power transients which may occur during the genset startup and load changes in a simple plug and play solution. Battery status, as well as the speed variation triggered by the powering system, are functions of an increase in power, reports Mecc Alte. WIP

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World’s largest solar-powered bridge at London Blackfriars station Network Rail, First Capital Connect and Solarcentury surprised passengers arriving at Blackfriars Station on January 22nd, 2014, with a free cup of tea drawn from Britain’s biggest tea cup - all to celebrate the launch of the world’s largest solar bridge, reports WIP. ondon Blackfriars Station now has 4,400 photovoltaic panels covering the roof of the station - these produce enough energy to make almost 80,000 cups of tea a day. In fact, London’s longest array provides up to half of the station’s energy, reducing its CO2 emissions by an estimated 511 tonnes per year – this is equivalent to approximately 89,000 (average) car journeys. The system is the largest array on a bridge in the world, and provides up to 50% of the stations energy. • System size: 1.1 MWp • Number of panels: 4,400 • Area of Solar PV system: 6000m2 • Annual generation: 900,000 kWh • Annual CO2 savings: 513,000 kg The array crowns the revamped Blackfriars station, which now boasts a new entrance on the south bank of the Thames, four new platforms and a redeveloped Underground station, offering longer trains and a better interchange between First Capital Connect and London Underground services. It sits at the heart of the £6.5 billion Thameslink Programme, transforming the route through central London to provide longer, more frequent services.



Simon Kirby, managing director of Network Rail Infrastructure Projects, said: “The dramatic transformation of Blackfriars station from a small and cramped station to a modern landmark is typical of how we are enhancing one of Europe’s busiest rail routes – using smart, sustainable technology to reduce the cost of running the railway at the same time as giving passengers the longer, more frequent trains that are so desperately needed.” David Statham, Managing Director of First Capital Connect which runs Blackfriars Station, said: “Electric trains are already the greenest form of public transport – this roof gives our passengers an even more sustainable journey. The distinctive roof has also turned our station into an iconic landmark visible for miles along the River Thames.” The design and installation of the 6000m2 of PV panels was carried out by Solarcentury. Frans van den Heuvel, CEO of

Solarcentury, said: “Our work at Blackfriars demonstrates two key benefits of solar. Firstly, it can be integrated into the architecture to create a stunning addition to London’s skyline. “Secondly, it can be integrated into the most complex of engineering projects; in this case being built above a construction site, over a rail track, over a river. We are confident that future major infrastructure projects can and will benefit from solar.”


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Bigger. Better. On Demand. At Mecc Alte we’re totally focused on bringing you the world-class alternators you need. Being totally independent means we can also respond to new demands quickly and effectively. That’s how we’ve been able to increase our manufacturing capacity, especially on our large alternator range. The world is moving fast. At Mecc Alte, we’re totally ready to keep pace.

Totally Focused. Totally Independent.


Huegli Tech - a leading supplier & systems wholesaler HUEGLI TECH is a leading supplier and wholesaler with core competences in Engine Governing Systems, Generating Set and Vehicle Controls, Hydraulic Engine Starting Systems, Gas Engine Management System, Engine Accessories and Dual Fuel Conversions. Today, it maintains a global clientele and a well-developed and comprehensive distribution network. UEGLI TECH was founded in Switzerland in 1929 as an internationally successful family business and today is still driven by the spirit of enterprise. The company employs 67 personnel worldwide and has Branch Offices in Australia, Czech Republic, England, India, Pakistan, Russia, Singapore and Vietnam. Its areas of activity include Europe, Middle East, N-Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand - it maintains distributors in all the major countries of the world. Major OEM customers for HUEGLI TECH include: VOLVO, SCANIA, SISU, MAN, DEUTZ, MTU, HATZ, IVECO, LOMBARDINI, CIL, KIRLOSKAR OIL ENGINES, GREAVES, HYUNDAI, DAEWOO, and others. The company’s core activities include wholesale - servicing - prototyping and mass production of electrical, electronic and hydraulic equipment for combustion engines diesel and gas, generating sets, industrial vehicles and a variety of other industrial applications. HUEGLI TECH today is a leading supplier of our own products as well as operating as

a main distributor of some suppliers and as a wholesaler for the following companies: * GOVERNORS AMERICA CORPORATION, USA (G-A-C) Electronic Engine Governor Systems for Combustion Engines Synchroniser and Load Sharer for Generating Set Applications * HT AUTOMATION, IT - Genset and Co-Generation Automation Systems, Accessories for Gas engines * KOCSIS TECHNOLOGIES Inc., USA (K-T-I) Hydraulic Starting Equipment for Combustion ECC 328 Engines & Hydro-Pneumatic Accumulators for success in the market and HUEGLI TECH * HED Inc., USA Vehicle Control Systems cares about it. Regular training sessions * HT BATTERY CARE, IT Battery based on the company’s invitation call or Management System on customer demands are carried out in * FLUID POWER ENERGY Inc., USA (FPE) company premises using simulators and Thermostatic Control Valves Oil Treatment real equipment. and Recycling Systems Prototyping: In HUEGLI TECH’s workshop * TROMBETTA - KBI - C.E.I Motion its technicians and engineers carry out Solenoids - Engine Emergency Start and prototyping work for electronic speed Stop Systems. Products from HUEGLI TECH shown at BAUMA 2013. governing systems such as defining and Consulting services: HUEGLI mounting actuators on pumps, testing the TECH’s experienced sales and pumps with the electronic control system technical engineers can in combination with electronic equipment, consult and work out an ideal before putting it into various engine series. solution for clients, whether Assembly: Design and assembly work for this involves a complex power customised non-electric engine starting plant application or a simple systems are regularly carried out for all stop solenoid for an engine types of applications in ships, mining and series. hazardous areas. Training: The company Service & Repair: Experienced & qualiregularly train its representafied engineers test and repair returned tives and end customers with goods and decide about warranty issues. In basics in electronic speed addition, deep technical questions can be governing, as well as in genset answered and advice is given by HUEGLI automation tools. Deep TECH’s handpicked personnel. product knowledge is the key





COMPANY PROFILE any engine type. REWIND works with GPRS technology. A new rotary actuator from HUEGLI TECH is the HT-TM2200-75-E4. This is a compact, robust and reliable rotary brushless actuator designed for use on Cummins engines with PT fuel systems. Energised by a signal from a speed control unit, this actuator is capable of delivering fuel at rates up to 1700 Onsite Support: On demand HUEGLI TECH Ibs/hr. Since the motor is totally send engineers from its onsite start-up sealed, outstanding reliability is help facility to support customers for first achieved. installations or to solve application The ECC-328 speed control unit is problems. an electronic device designed to In October 2013, HUEGLI TECH and HED control engine speed with precise working pressures up to 350 bar. HUGELI Inc. announced the expansion of their response to transient engine loads can supply tested and certified burst discs rugged (-40C to +70C), sealed (IP67) changes. of stainless steel with optional tolerances display series. The closed loop speed control, when of +/-10% or +/The CL-709 display integrates a high CuteLine - Input/Output Modules. 2%. resolution 11 cm TFT LCD in a compact This burst disc enclosure that can be either dash or RAM should be defined mounted. to complement The combination of a bright LCD the key pressure (> 450nits) along with optically bonded control and relief anti-reflective glass allows the display to valves in the oil be easily readable regardless lighting supply of Huegli conditions. Tech hydraulic The display contains a powerful 32 bit starting systems. PowerPC based processor allowing the This additional display to serve both, as a display and as a Universal usable modules to safety solution master control module, in the vehicle expand a gen-set controller. can also be control system. connected to a proportional actuator and retrofitted on all installed accumulators. With two CAN ports, the display can read supplied with a speed signal/ frequency HUEGLI TECH is also marketing a new engine/ chassis data along with CAN-Open from the main AC generator, will control a integrated system for remote control of or J1939 messages from other vehicle wide variety of engines in an isochronous one or even many generator sets via GPRS devices. mode. The speed signal input must be in technology. The CL-709 is also equipped with up to the frequency range of 40 to 80 Hz. With this innovative system it’s possible eight software configurable inputs and four Features of the ECC-328 include: to transfer the needed data from the PWM outputs rated up to 3 amps. • Isochronous Operation controller, using the mobile network and The CL-709 can be programmed using • No Magnetic Speed Pick-Up Required connecting to the internet. HED’s do-it-yourself GUI software package, • For Genset Only/Max 260 VAC GPRS cost is based upon data volume only CANLink Orchestra™ or the display can be • Rugged Hard Potted Design and allows permanent connection at configured (both display screens and • Gain And Stability Adjustments modest cost. This would be prohibitively control logic) via Excel to interface with • Lower System Cost expensive with more traditional timeHUEGLI TECH has also based communications such as GSM. HT - TM2200- 75-E4 introduced a new compact and This electronic device fits into the control rotary actuator. robust adapter with integrated panel and is connected to HT-Controllers gas admission valve and burst it allows them to automatically send data disc. at fixed intervals or in case of an event This solution provides happening to a central server. continuous protection against This provides users with all the control overpressure of nitrogen in the benefits of a smart and reliable system accumulators, both during preover a fleet of generator sets. charging and in normal WIP operation for accumulators without an integrated burst disc. Internet link The adapter is made of less steel and designed for high CL709.




Berlin’s new combined cycle plant will boost power by 300MW GE will provide a GE 9F gas turbine and long-term services for the Lichterfelde CHP facility, developed by the Swedish utility Vattenfall and constructed by Iberdrola Engineering. The new combined-cycle plant is expected to supply 300MW of electricity, reports WIP. he Lichterfelde power plant, developed by the Swedish utility Vattenfall, can supply 300MW of electricity and has a thermal capacity of nearly 230MW for south-western districts of Berlin. GE will now provide operations and maintenance for all its turbines. In 2009, Vattenfall signed an agreement with the local Senate (federal state government) to reduce the utility’s carbon emissions in Berlin by 50% until 2020 in comparison to the base year 1990. The new plant will replace a combined cycle plant which has been operating there since 1972. By combining state-of-the-art combinedcycle technology and district heating, the new combined-cycle plant’s fuel efficiency will rise up to 85%. This allows carbon-dioxide reductions of more than 100,000 tons a year compared to the 40-year-old plant in BerlinLichterfelde. “We are very glad Vattenfall has selected our advanced combined-cycle technology to replace the existing equipment and help meet Germany’s stringent emissions parameters," said Stephan Reimelt, CEO of


Working principles of a combined cycle power plant: 1-Electric generators, 2-Steam turbine, 3-Condenser, 4-Pump, 5-Boiler/heat exchanger and 6-Gas turbine.


GE Energy Germany. “The GE 9F gas turbine supports the choice for climatefriendly power production in the German capital, and we are pleased that our technology allows us to reduce carbon emissions and to take an active part in the German energy transition plan (“Energiewende”) emphasizing greater industrial energy efficiency.” GE’s fleet of F-class gas turbines - the largest in the world - has a proven record of performance with more than 45 million operating hours. The 9F-7 gas turbine for the FlexEfficiency 50 Combined Cycle Power Plant, for example, offers power generation which excels in performance, efficiency, reduced emissions, and operational flexibility compared to previous GE technologies, says GE. GE’s advanced air-cooled 50 Hz gas turbine technology, the 9FB is said to meets customer demand for flexible cyclic operation by delivering power with industry-leading start-up capability, improved turndown capability, and higher efficiency in both cyclic and base load operation. Especially well suited for use in GE’s FlexEfficiency 50 Combined Cycle Power Plant, the new 9FB Gas Turbine provides

J A N U A RY- F E B R U A RY 2 0 1 4

improved energy efficiency and operating flexibility while maintaining NOx and CO emissions compliance, reaching new heights in flexible and efficient power generation, says the manufacturer. The turbine offers: * An advanced 3-D aerodynamicallydesigned 14-stage compressor which delivers improved operating and fuel efficiencies; • A DLN 2.6+ Combustion System to enhance fuel staging capability, enabling turndown to 30% of base load while accommodating fuel composition variance; • Modern 4-stage hot gas path design using advanced cooling and sealing technologies and materials improves efficiency and allows more starts per inspection interval; • GE’s patented Mark VIe* model-based control system which is designed to enhance performance and increase operational flexibility; • The fuel-flexible 9FB Gas Turbine offers operation on natural gas or distillate fuel, allowing operators to take advantage ofthe best fuel prices & supplies. WIP

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> Genset synchronization/load share up to 48 gensets > Mains paralleling, up to 16 mains > Single genset parallel with mains, soft transfer in both directions > AMF unit, with uninterrupted transfer > ATS unit with uninterrupted transfer > Remote start controller > Manual start controller > Engine controller > Remote display unit for the same family, up to 1200m > 7 different topologies, covering the entire world > Internet connection through GPRS and Ethernet port > Remote monitoring through internet, 2 years free of charge > Remote control through internet, 6 months free of charge > Parameter setting through internet, 6 months free of charge > SMS sending > E-mail sending > SNMP communications > Modbus TCP/IP > Modbus RTU through RS-485 > Data logging on USB flash memory

Phone: +90 216 466 84 60

Fax: +90 216 364 65 65


Combined cycle power plant - a boost for Mexico Iberdrola S.A. has been awarded a contract for the construction and operation of the 300MW Baja California III combined-cycle power plant in Mexico. Work on the US$270 million plant and associated facilities will begin in April 2014 with full operation planned for August 2016. BERDROLA has just been awarded a contract for the full development, construction, ownership, operation and maintenance of the Baja California III combined-cycle power plant in Mexico. This facility will produce about 300 MW of installed capacity, as well as include associated facilities necessary for the connection of the plant to the country´s electricity grid. The commissioning of this new power plant, to be located in the State of Baja California, will require an investment of about US$270 million. Work on the plant will begin in April 2014 and commercial operation is scheduled for August 2016. IBERDROLA was the successful bidder in an international tender process and, under the terms of the contract, the Company has secured a 25-year power purchase agreement with the Mexican Federal Electricity Commission (CFE). The gas for this new plant will be supplied by CFE. This will fuel the plant’s gas turbine and a steam turbine which are based on GE technology. The new contract consolidates IBERDROLA’s position as Mexico’s largest private electricity producer and the country’s second after CFE, the stateowned electricity utility. More specifically,


MAN Diesel & Turbo’s MAN B&W 12K80MC-S engine


Panorama view of the CFE power plant at La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. The power plant’s Sur I, II and III phases already feature MAN Diesel & Turbo engines in the form of MAN B&W 10K90MC-S and two MAN B&W 12K80MC-S engines. A Sur IV engine – another 12K80MC-S unit – works in single-cycle mode and produce 42.3 MW at site ambient conditions.

the company already maintains an operating capacity of over 5,200 MW, mainly through a medley of combined-cycle gas power plants, as well as wind farm facilities. The Baja California plant is the first to be awarded to IBERDROLA in Mexico since 2004. In a combined cycle power plant like this one the heat of the gas turbine's exhaust is used to generate steam by passing it through a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) with a live steam temperature between 420 and 580 °C. The condenser of the Rankine cycle is usually cooled by water from a lake, river, sea or cooling towers. This temperature can be as low as 15 °C. For large scale power generation, a typical set would be a 270 MW gas turbine coupled to a 130 MW steam turbine giving 400 MW. A typical power station might consist of between 1 and 6 such sets. Plant size is important in the cost of the plant. The larger plant sizes benefit from

economies of scale (lower initial cost per kilowatt) and improved efficiency. A single shaft combined cycle plant comprises a gas turbine and a steam turbine driving a common generator. In a multi-shaft combined cycle plant, each gas turbine and each steam turbine has its own generator. The single shaft design provides slightly less initial cost and slightly better efficiency than if the gas and steam turbines had their own generators. The multi-shaft design enables two or more gas turbines to operate in conjunction with a single steam turbine, which can be more economical than a number of single shaft units. IBERDROLA’s combined-cycle power plants in Mexico currently feature a total of 4,987 MW of installed capacity. WIP

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Woodlands Generators incorporated in 1950 and is one of the largest generator hire companies in the UK. As one of the market leaders in temporary power supply and ancillary equipment you can be assured of fast, friendly and efficient service, both in the UK & Worldwide Market.

0800 358 3525


New turbine control panels provided under US$1.4m turnkey contract Wood Group GTS has been awarded a US$1.4m contract by the City of.Austin to replace four obsolete and proprietary GE Millennium turbine control panels at the Sand Hill Energy Center in Austin, Texas. The panels will be replaced with Wood Group GTS icon™ control systems. he Sand Hill Energy Center in Austin, Texas will get replacements for its four obsolete and proprietary GE Millennium turbine control panels thanks to a US$1.4m contract awarded by the City of Austin to Wood Group GTS. The panels will be replaced with Wood Group GTS icon™ control systems, which give power plant operators the ability to modify turbine controls themselves to meet differing plant conditions. Under this turnkey contract, Wood Group GTS will be responsible for the design, control system equipment, software, site installation, testing and commissioning of the new systems. The control panels will be replaced with an open-architecture Rockwell ControlLogix® platform. ControlLogix® systems use a common control engine with a common development environment to provide high performance in an easy-to-use environment. ‘Users can perform standard and safety control in the same chassis for a truly integrated system’, reports Rockwell Automation. Frank Avery, president of Wood Group


GE’s LM6000 gas turbine.


Sand Hill was developed by Enron North America and Austin Energy and was the first plant of its kind in Texas to be equipped with SCRs.

GTS – Power Plant Services, told WIP: “GE LM6000 gas turbines play an essential part in driving today’s power plants and industrial power generation facilities. “However, the proprietary OEM systems which control those turbines are nearing the end of their natural life cycles and many owners are experiencing issues due to obsolescence, functional limitations or maintainability challenges.” He said: “Our controls upgrade and optimisation products provide increased flexibility and reliability to owners and operators of gas turbines. We look to maximize our customers’ success by providing a proven, flexible and configurable solution that helps to increase their ability to be self-sufficient.” Icon controls are part of Wood Group GTS’ overall products and services designed to maximize the return on plant operators’ investment in gas turbine technology. Exactly a year ago, in February 2013,

Wood Group GTS upgraded the controls system on a GE LM6000 gas turbine at Jonesboro, Arkansas, City Water and Light's (CWL) northwest combustion turbine site. Here, Wood Group GTS replaced the original controls system with an openarchitecture system which enabled CWL to access and configure the turbine to meet fluctuating power demands. Because the new system, built on an open architecture provided by Rockwell Automation, is easy to service, it also provided CWL with the ability to perform maintenance in-house. "Wood Group GTS' solutions provide us with the independence and self-sufficiency to configure our control system and make site-specific modifications without having to call in outside support," said a CWL spokesperson. WIP

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Gas Turbine Powered Generator Sets 4 to 66 MW Base Load and Peaking applications




Croatia’s latest biomass plant in Babina Creda Metso’s Pulp, Paper and Power business - Valmet - is supplying Uni Viridas d.o.o. with a complete biomass fired power plant designed to provide power and heat to the city of Babina Creda in Croatia. Uni Viridas has been established for this specific project, reports WIP. y 2015 the city of Babina Creda in Croatia should be able to draw on power supplied from a biomass CHP plant currently being developed by Metso. The power plant will be delivered by the Metso-Wärtsilä joint venture MW Power. The plant automation system will be delivered by Metso’s Automation business line. The turnkey delivery will include a boiler island, a turbine and buildings as well as installation and construction works. The boiler can utilise wide range of fuels such as forest residues with high combustion efficiency and low NOx and CO2 emissions. The new modular biomass power plant will utilise bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) technology and will use non-contaminated biomass as the main fuel. With the new cogeneration plant, Metso’s new plant will feed 9.7 MW of electricity into the distribution grid and will be able to deliver up to 10MW of heat. The electricity will be distributed to the local grid and the heat will be utilised in a wood pellet factory, other industrial facilities, and nearby greenhouses. Jorma Lehtoviita, Vice President, Heat and Power, Pulp, Paper and Power, Metso, told WIP: “This is our first power plant


Biomass plant delivered to Kotka Energy (Finland) by Metso.


Two views of the Babina Creda biomass CHP plant project being developed by MW Power OY - a joint venture between Metso and Wartsila..

delivery to Croatia which utilises local renewable fuels. This makes the project an important milestone for us. The use of renewable energy sources helps to ensure a reliable energy supply, and creates new business and job opportunities in biomass logistics.” He said: “This project will strengthen our local presence and we plan to use local partners and services during the execution of the project.” The Babina Creda Biomass Cogeneration Plant project was initiated in mid-2011 as a greenfield project. Since then, permits have been obtained, a turnkey EPC contract has been signed, and long-term fuel (woodchip) supply and power purchase agreements have been signed. The cogeneration facility will not only produce power but also supply thermal energy (heat, hot water) to surrounding industrial and/or agricultural facilities to reach higher efficiency levels. Highlights of the project include the following points: * Project Type – Biomass Cogeneration * Main Contractors – Metso-Wärtsilä

joint venture: MW Power OY * Investors – Unit Investment N.V.; Energia Solutiones d.o.o. * Projected Electricity Generation – 68,000,000 kWh/year. * Total Investment Cost – €50,000,000 Metso’s delivery scope includes a Metso DNA automation system (DCS) for the whole power plant, including the BFB boiler, Balance of Plant and electric network. It also includes a Plant Performance Application and systems for thermal stress monitoring and vibration monitoring – all integrated into the control system. A company spokesman commented: “The Automation segment’s process automation and flow control solutions meet the growing needs of Metso’s customer industries to improve production process efficiency as raw materials and energy sources become scarcer and their costs increase.” WIP

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‘Biomass, boilers and ‘ broilers - the energy trinity An industrial farm operation in Derbyshire has undergone a £1m investment in biomass which has generated £100,000 in energy savings a year and will produce about £300,000 generated from RHI income alone, reports Lombard, the UK’s largest asset finance provider. stablished in Derbyshire, UK, in 1990 a major industrialised poultry farm operates from three sites, runs 22 poultry sheds and produces in excess of 5.5 million birds annually. This makes it one of the largest producers in the area and a key customer of the loyal food process factory with which the farm enjoys a strong working relationship. By June 2013, twelve 199kW biomass boilers had been installed on the site to supply 22 sheds - with 4 more units projected for installation in 2013. These C16 boilers made by Passat Energi A/S were supplied by Patchwork Energy of York and replaced an existing LNG heating system. The previous system generated CO2 emissions and required continuous ventilation in the sheds. This loses considerable heat and is not a particularly efficient energy source. CO2 has also been shown to suppress growth in poultry. The investment would save on fuel consumption and potentially increase the weight of the birds as a result of the improved environment having a positive effect on the value of the birds, and ultimately profitability. The site’s management team - who have preferred anonymity because of the risk of adverse publicity - worked with Lombard’s Hiten Sonpal, Senior Director


Passat Energi A/S make the boilers in Denmark.


EN+ wood pellets provide the fuel for the farm’s C16 boilers. Their high calorific value offers low moisture levels and burns clean. The pellets are blown into a silo and then fed into the C16 boilers, making it completely hassle-free. for Green Energy Finance, to secure a £750,000 hire purchase agreement. By using biomass the chicken-producing centre can reduce its energy bill by 30-40% - it anticipates that annual fuel bill savings translate to over £100,000. The farm also decided against installing one large boiler and opted for 12 199kW boilers to heat 22 sheds spread across three farms. “Putting in 12 boilers, rather than one large one, reduces the risk of the whole heating system breaking down if one boiler fails. The farm's original gas heating system remains in place and is available as an automatic backup in case any of the boilers fail,” says one of the farm team. Boilers of under 200kW are eligible for the highest tier payments, whereas larger boilers receive a significantly reduced tariff. A spokesman explains: "We wanted an easy-to-manage fuel which was easily available in the area. We opted for an EN+ wood pellet with a high calorific value that has low moisture levels and burns clean. The pellets are blown into a silo and then automatically fed into the boilers, meaning it's hassle-free." The pellets [bottom left] cost 3.8p/kW versus 5.5p/kW when the sheds were

heated by gas, bringing a saving of 2p/kW, regardless of RHI payment. Fuel options for biomass boilers include wood pellets, wood logs and woodchips, as well as straw pellets, which can offer a cheaper fuel source for those with access to the raw material. Every business with a high reliance on generating heat could benefit from biomass boilers. One of the Derbyshire team reports: "Every business needs to reduce its carbon footprint. We need to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions to get chicks off to a good start, so we're killing two birds with one stone." Lombard’s Hiten Sonpal told WIP: “The day-one capital cost of installing biomass equipment is often the main stumbling block for farmers considering different renewable options, but there are ways to make such a project viable. “Choosing a financing company that understands the biomass concept can help producers access a more attractive financing package.”


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GEN-SET CONTROLLER HT-DST4602 The HT-DST4602 controller from HUEGLI TECH is one of the most versatile and cost-effective units of its kind on the market today. It is designed without compromise for critical applications and supports groups of up to 24 gen-sets running in parallel, with or without mains power. ‡ 'HVLJQHGVSHFLÀFDOO\IRUSDQHOEXLOGHUV     ‡ ,QFOXGHVPDQ\SUDFWLFDOGD\WRGD\IXQFWLRQV      ‡ 6WRUDJHWRGD\WDQNIXHOPDQDJHPHQW     ‡ ,QFOXGHG3/&IXQFWLRQV   ‡ )DFLOLWDWHUHPRWHWHOHSKRQHVXSSRUW     ‡ 0RQLWRULQJE\*356DOORZLQJZRUOGZLGHDFFHVVWRJHQVHW         status ‡ 6LQJOHXQLWRUVHSDUDWHEDVHER[       ‡ &RQWUROOHULQFOXGHVXQXVXDOO\JHQHURXV,2FDSDELOLW\       $OO+8(*/,7(&+SURGXFWVDUHEDFNHGE\RXUZRUOGZLGHVHUYLFH           DQGVXSSRUWFDSDELOLW\  


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From sewage gas to energy at Yorkshire Water’s biggest works Edina tendered for the provision of a CHP plant for Esholt Sewage Treatment Works, one of Yorkshire Water’s biggest sewage treatment works serving around 760,000 people in and around Bradford. The site bought two MWM TCG2020V16s with an output of 1.56 MWe each. sholt Sewage Treatment Works is one of Yorkshire Water’s biggest sewage treatment works serving around 760,000 people in and around Bradford. The facility managers saw the potential for additional Combined Heating and Power efficiency from advanced anaerobic digestion. Subsequently, Yorkshire Water appointed Morgan Sindall and Grontmij as its large scheme delivery partners - they formed a Joint Venture to implement these technical changes. Edina tendered for the provision of the CHP and was successful in obtaining orders for two MWM TCG2020V16s with an output of 1.56 MWe each. The MWMTCG2020 is an engine range renowned for its efficiency and longevity, reports the company. These gensets were to form part of a new energy centre on site which would necessitate the relocation of the two existing CHP units - a factor which was also part of Edina’s brief. The containerised CHP was delivered by Edina and commissioned in October 2013. This had to be operational before the disconnection of the existing units to maintain consistency of operations and no loss of revenue to the operator. In November 2013 the original CHP units were re-connected in their new situation forming part of an integrated energy



centre which can generate over 4MWe. The The TCG 2020 range is said to be highly efficient thanks to its optimised inlet duct, combustion chamber and spark plugs. Edina reports that users can save as much as 15% per annum on fuel costs – and increase plant profitability. With its optimised engine components, the official figures suggest the TCG 2020 range requires up to 50 % less lubricating oil than other similar gensets. In terms of efficiency this means long-term savings. The engines also feature TEM (Total Electronic Management) controls which handle not only the engine, but the entire system including the heat supply from cogeneration. Temperature monitoring for each cylinder and anti-knock control ensure the best possible use of fuel and maximum power output, even if gas composition fluctuates. The latest technology such as the gasmixer and TEM allows facilities to use a wide variety of gases. Even the most problematic gases such as colliery gas, landfill gas and sewage gas can be used without difficulty, reports Edina. The Edina group of companies has

specialised in onsite power generation for over 25 years. With over 140 qualified staff operating at five locations in two countries ‘true’ national coverage for all service and maintenance requirements is provided. A wide spectrum of fuel sources are catered for in the product range, diesel, natural gas, biogas and synthetic gases. Edina offers design, supply, hire and full turnkey solutions and constructs the container and all related operational products at its manufacturing premises in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. WIP

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IT’S A MATTER OF TRUST. Quality, reliability and experience you can trust. At Woodward, we consider ourselves members of a larger team – a team that strives to provide the products, services and support experience that make our customers successful. We value strong customer relationships and work to provide world-class technical and sales service, with a focus on local, personal support. Woodward’s switchgear and paralleling generator control products set the industry benchmark for quality and robustness, ensuring the reliability of power systems in countless critical applications worldwide. ......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

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Geothermal power station contract awarded in Turkey The Toshiba Corporation has won a major order in Turkey to supply turbines, generators and condensers for the construction of the Alasehir geothermal power plant which the Zorlu Energy Group is seeking to build in Alasehir, in western Turkey’s Manisa Province, reports WIP. his year, key equipment for a new power station, including turbines, generators and condensers, will be supplied to Turkey by the Toshiba Corporation. Since the company won a major order in to supply the Alasehir geothermal power plant project, the Toshiba production lines have been working hard. The geothermal potential in the Agean region is described as ‘large’. In Turkey alone it is estimated that more than 31,500 MWt of energy can be harvested, while the proven potential is much greater than this. At present, 2084 MWt is being utilised for direct applications in Turkey and 135 MWt in Greece. In Turkey the geothermal electricity produced meets 166 MW installed capacity, whereas in Greece geothermal energy is presently not used for electricity production, despite its potential. Zorlu Enerji, an independent power producer and member of the Zorlu Energy Group, holds the contract to build the new plant in Alasehir, in western Turkey’s Manisa Province. Toshiba will begin to install the equipment in October 2014, and the plant is scheduled to come online in 2015. Electricity consumption in Turkey is growing fast, driven by population growth


Toshiba geothermal power plant in Kenya.


and economic development. Estimates from the International Energy Agency (IEA) suggest that power demands will more than double in the next decade. The Turkish government is responding by promoting capacity expansion, including boosting geothermal power generation from 300MW to around 600MW. Most of these plants will be built in the geothermal-rich Aegean Region, in the west of the country. Toshiba will install total 40MW of two systems: a 30MW flash steam generation system that pulls hot water under high pressure into a separator to produce steam; and a 10MW binary cycle power facility which uses lower temperature fluid to vaporise a liquid with a lower boiling point. It is the first time Toshiba has supplied any type of geothermal power equipment like this to Turkey. Toshiba is currently the world's top supplier in the supply of geothermal power, with a 23% market share. The company has installed 52 geothermal systems around the world, including North America, Southeast Asia and Europe, with a combined capacity of 2,800 MW.

In August 2013, Toshiba established Toshiba Infrastructure and Electronics A.S. in Istanbul, to reinforce its power generation system business in Turkey and its neighbouring countries. Toshiba is also seeking participation in a major geothermal plant project planned in East Africa. It will continue to promote and expand its geothermal power business around the world as part of comprehensive portfolio of renewable energy solutions that also includes wind and hydroelectric power generation systems. WIP

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The world we live in never stops changing, so neither do we. FG Wilson generator sets offer a trusted performance with an enhanced choice of options, optimising our product for a variety of diverse applications and environments. With significantly reduced manufacturing lead times from our global facilities, and stock available from both our Product Distribution Centre and our worldwide Dealer network, we can deliver your power when and where you need it.






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Uruguay gets dual-fuel units from APR Energy APR Energy is helping the Uruguayan state power company, Usinas y Transmisiones Electricas (UTE), to overcome the country’s vulnerability to seasonal rainfall patterns and reliance on foreign electricity imports, with the provision of 300MW, via dual fuel mobile turbines. ike many of its South American neighbours, power generation in Uruguay is largely based on domestic hydropower, which leaves the country vulnerable to seasonal rainfall patterns. “Over 60% of Uruguay’s installed grid capacity is hydro, leaving it at times dependent on electricity imports from neighbouring countries like Argentina and Brazil,” Brian Rich, APR Energy’s Sr. Vice President of Business Development, told WIP. “However, given the economic growth and increasing electricity demand of these countries, Uruguay can no longer rely on imports to meet domestic consumption.” The Uruguayan state power company, Usinas y Trasmisiones Eléctricas (UTE), needed a reliable, cost effective and environmentally-friendly bridging power solution to meet demand, while new sources of power generation were, and continue to be, financed and built. The solution was to add reliable, cost effective back up capacity to the national grid to alleviate seasonal and market shortages. APR Energy delivered, installed, and commissioned a turnkey plant, located 45km northwest of Montevideo, consisting of the first four of the eventual 12 high


power density dual-fuel mobile turbine generators in the country. The new mobile turbines integrated seamlessly into UTE’s existing permanent plant infrastructure. “In late 2012, UTE decided that it would need some further supplemental power to eliminate its key dependency on any foreign electricity importation,” added Rich. “It was a strong endorsement of our existing operations that we were awarded an additional contract to provide an incremental 200MW, bringing our total capacity in country to 300MW. At the same time UTE also renewed our original contract, to run into mid-2014.” APR Energy is a London-listed company which specialises in the provision of reliable and efficient electricity, through the rapid global deployment and installation of scalable turnkey power solutions.

In October 2013, APR Energy acquired GE’s power rental business, taking its total fleet capacity to 2.1GW, comprising the world’s leading fast-track dual-fuel mobile turbine fleet of 1.2GW, and a further 900MW of diesel and gas power modules. The deal created a long-term strategic alliance with GE, who became a key strategic investor in the company. Turbine technology provides greater reliability, requires much less maintenance, has higher power density, and produces significantly less emissions than its reciprocating engine counterparts. The fuel flexibility of the turbines, combined with the ability to operate at both 50 and 60Hz, makes them useful for a broad range of applications, with the size and power generating capacity of each individual turbine ensuring easier synchronicity with the grid. WIP

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Our New Range of Generating Sets ...Designed to Deliver More P & S Power Generation are Authorised Dealers for FG Wilson, one of the world’s leading genset manufacturers. Providing the full range of FG Wilson Generators and parts, we ensure all power requirements are fulfilled.

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wear and maintenance co osts resulting resulting fr om cold-starting costs from


engines reduce reduce performance performance and profits. profits. The solution is steady reliable engine pre-heating, pre-heating, no matter what type e steady,, reliable of engine or where where in the world it is located. The solution solution HOTSTART. is HOTST TA ART. HOTST TAR A T is the world le eader in engine heating with HOTSTART leader products pr oducts that carry approvals approvals such as UL, CSA, CE,


ABS, DNV and Lloyds. Ass your engine heating partner, partnerr,


HOTST TAR A T will deliver reliable reliable heating that is AL LWAYS Y HOTSTART ALWAYS READY rregardless egardless of the industry or environment. environment. www



C O N T R A C T S & A P P L I C AT I O N S

Proserv wins US$17m contract Proserv has secured two major contract wins in the Gulf of Mexico worth a combined US$17million (approx. £10.5m), underpinning the company’s fastgrowing status.Proserv has a 40year track record in delivering bespoke technologies & services for the energy industry, particularly in the drilling, production, subsea and marine market sectors. The company operates worldwide & currently employs more than 2,000 people globally.

Isolux has 10 substations to build Isolux Corsán has signed a new contract in Mexico for the construction & installation of 26 kilometres of transmission lines and 10 substations in Mexico City, and the states of Mexico and Hidalgo, with a price tag of US$90 million. This project WAS awarded by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE). The 2nd Phase of the "Mexico Valley Distribution" Project includes construction of four 85 and 230 kV transmission lines and 10 substations, 4 of which are GIS.

NSE’s new deal Nautilus Solar Energy has executed a Power Purchase Agreement for a 1.5 MW solar photovoltaic project with the City of Lordsburg, New Mexico. The project will provide clean, solar electricity to the City's wastewater plant, fluoride and pumping station & Police Station.


HHI & Sidem sign US$1.4bn power contract

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), the world’s biggest shipbuilder and a leading industrial plant contractor, and Sidem, a subsidiary of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, has announced the signing of a new US$1.4 billion EPC contract with SHAMAL AZ-ZOUR AL-OULA to build the first phase of the Az-Zour North Independent Water and Power Project (IWPP). HHI, as the EPC consortium lead, will carry out the construction of the gas-fired 1,500 MW combined cycle power plant. Sidem, as EPC consortium partner, will construct a 107 MIGD (486,000m3/day) desalination water plant on a turnkey basis. The capacity of Az-Zour North will account for around 10% of Kuwait’s installed power generation capacity and around 20% of its installed desalination capacity. The consortium will complete the project approximately 100 km south of Kuwait City in the fourth quarter of 2016. Kuwait’s Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) will be the off-taker of power and water produced from the project under a 40-year long-term Energy Conversion and Water Purchase Agreement (ECWPA). The project is the first independent water and power project in Kuwait developed as part of long-term expansion

plans of the power and water production capacity in Kuwait and a pathfinder scheme for Kuwait’s publicprivate partnership (PPP) programme. As EPC partners, HHI and Sidem have been participating in the development process together with the consortium formed by GDF SUEZ, Sumitomo Corporation and Abudlah Hamad Al Sagar & Brothers, since March 2011. Competition among developers from Europe, Japan, Korea and the Middle East was tough. A positive evaluation of HHI by the Kuwaiti Ministry might have benefited the award as HHI handed over Kuwait’s previous Sabiya Combined Cycle Power Plant far earlier than the required schedule, which enabled MEW to meet the challenging electricity demand during the summer peak load period of 2011. Mr. Chun In-soo, COO of HHI’s Industrial Plant & Engineering Division told WIP: “HHI, GDF SUEZ, and Sidem have worked together on a wide range of projects in the Middle East. The synergy of our alliance will ensure this project is completed in time and on budget.” The new contract reflects the fact that large water and power projects are considered a major priority in the Middle East at the current time.

€11m contract for Czech power station Alstom and energy company ČEZ have signed a contract worth approximately €11 million (CZK 300 million) for another stage of the modernisation of Počerady power plant in the Czech Republic. Under the contract Alstom will refurbish another two 200 MWe

pulverised lignite coal units, boilers 2 and 5, at the Počerady power plant. The Počerady project includes a significant adjustment of the combustion system to reduce the nitrogen oxide (NOx) that is formed during the combustion process and the addition of a Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction installation to further remove NOx from the flue gas. The scope and technical solutions are similar to the refurbishment project for boilers 3 and 4 which has been awarded to Alstom in October 2013. The project is scheduled to be

J A N U A RY- F E B U R A RY 2 0 1 4 •


completed in 2015, before the European Directive that requires power sources producing more than 50MW to cut NOx emissions levels down to 200mg/Nm3 by 2016. “Our success in both public tenders at Počerady will enable us to use synergies to complete these major projects,” Petr Brzezina, Alstom’s Country President in the Czech Republic. tells WIP. The project is part of a series of similar contracts that Alstom has recently won throughout Europe and adds to Alstom’s broad reference basis for Low NOx projects globally.





It isn’t possible to tell you all about us in this much space. control and power at your finger tips VISIT OUR WEBSITE: Telephone: +44 (0)1723 871112 Fax: +44 (0)1723 870625 Control & Power Systems Ltd. 3D Burniston Industrial Estate Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO13 0HG

Exhaust Gas Heat Exchangers Your Partner for CHP Heat Recovery Experience from more than 5000 successfully realised projects Application-optimised design

Exhaust Gas Steam Generators Over 100 domestic and international Steam Generator projects Complete Steam Generator Systems as Turn-Key-Solutions User-friendly operation due to APROVIS Controlling System (ACS)

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Lovato electric genset controllers - a new standard is set Genset controllers featuring a large number of built-in connections - such as three-phase current inputs, three-phase plus neutral voltage inputs and resistive analog inputs for fuel level, oil pressure and water temperature readings - are now available, reports Lovato Electric. ovato Electric has introduced a range of new generating set controllers, namely the RGK600, RGK700, RGK800 and RGK900, available with AMF function (RGK600,700,800), stand-alone versions (RGK600SA,700SA,800SA) and Parallel operations (RGK900 series). A winning characteristic is the large number of built-in connections, like three phase current inputs, three phase plus neutral voltage inputs, resistive analog inputs for fuel level, oil pressure and water temperature readings, CANbus J1939 and serial ports. RGK800 and RGK900 have a minimum of 3 slots on the back to accomodate the EXP expansion modules which let different configurations be implemented. Afterinstallation can also add even more inputs and outputs (static or relay type); analog inputs and outputs (0…10V, -5…+5V, 0/4…20mA, PT100); communication ports



(USB, RS232, RS485, Ethernet, Profibus DP slave) and the GSM/GPRS modem. The module EXP1015, being a GSM/GPRS quadriband modem, is of particular importance because it lets a generator communicate even if wired networks are not available. Since the modem is like a built-in element, the application is easier to use than traditional external modems because there is no need for an auxiliary power supply which must be stable even during cranking or for complex procedures to set up the modem through AT commands. There is no serial wiring which requires the relevant configuration for both the modem and the controller. Once installed with an antenna, besides the connection via GSM with the supervision software, the modem lets the SMS exchange with authorised users for diagnostic purposes, alarm and remote commands sending, Typical controller & genset configuration. mail sending and connection to a FTP server to transfer data relevant to the plant. The most important characteristics of the module are: – Graphic backlight display; – 5 language text (upgrade on web) capable of providing alarms, events and parameter descriptions; – Front optical port for programming, diagnostics, data downloading and firmware upgrade

(compatible with CX01 and CX02); –3 phase current input: 0.05 - 6A; – Degree of protection: IP65 with gasket (Optional for RGK600 series); – Programmable inputs and outputs; – Alarms with programmable property and text; – Analog measurement inputs for pressure, temperature and fuel level; – Analog inputs used as digital type; – Sleep mode function to switch off gensets for rent (only RGK600SA); –Can Bus/J1939. WIP

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Boltight’s new TSR range designed to improve safety Specialist bolt tensioner manufacturer Boltight Ltd has launched a new range of long stroke spring return bolt tensioners that are designed to improve productivity and operator safety. Called the TSR Range, these ex-stock availability tools are lightweight and powerful while offering a long in-service life and low maintenance.A special spring return mechanism gives automatic piston retraction after depressurising the system at the end of the tensioning sequence. This ensures the tools are ready for the next operational sequence of tensioning, commencing from zero stroke.

Meggitt’s new Line of Endevco General Purpose Isotron Accelerometers Meggitt Sensing Systems has announced a significant extension of its family of Endevco brand Isotron accelerometers. This new line of general purpose IEPE accelerometers is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of test applications. The Endevco brand embodies decades of sensor design and application expertise. That legacy, combined with Meggitts global capabilities, has resulted in general purpose accelerometers of the highest quality plus low cost and availability needed by today’s test professionals, says the company. Key features of the new Endevco general purpose line are: Multiple sensitivity options; Wide-band frequency response Hermetically sealed; Signal ground isolation from case; Low noise floor; TEDS capable (IEEE P1451.4),CE marked. The new Endevco models 41A, 42A and 43A are general purpose, single-axis accelerometers. 10, 25, 100, 500 and 1000 mV/g sensitivities are available for the 41A and 42A, with 100, 500 and 1000 mV/g for the 43A. Amplitude response of +/-5% is 1 to 10000 Hz. These stud-mounted accelerometers have a 10-32 threaded hole, and the customer may specify a 10-32 stud, 10-32 to -28 stud, 10-32 to M6 stud or 10-32 to M5 stud. Model 41A mounting bottom is a hex with 10-32 top connector.

Thermal fluid specialist launches maintenance plans Global Heat Transfer has launched three new maintenance plans: essential, premium and ultimate. Each of the maintenance packages is designed to ensure compliance and increase productivity for companies which operate systems using synthetic thermal fluids for heat transfer. In addition, all three maintenance plans come as standard with a rapid response facility to help business cope in the event of an emergency.The essential maintenance plan provides all the basic requirements to ensure efficient operation and employee safety in accordance with the UK’s DSEAR and HSE (Health and Safety Executive) standards. The 36 month long package includes biannual thermal fluid sample and analysis, 5% top-up thermal fluid, and a thermal fluid return programme.

Pairing a 7F.05 gas turbine with two LMS1000 units in power plant upgrade for Los Angeles In the US, The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is losing the weight of old technology and exercising its right to use a more environmentally-friendly approach. The utility is upgrading its Scattergood Generating Station to cleaner power generating technology from GE. LADWP plans to phase out Scattergood’s 460-megawatt (MW) Unit 3 conventional steam boiler, in operation since 1974, and replace the capacity with cleaner, faster, breakthrough technology from GE. For the Scattergood repowering project near El Segundo, LADWP chose the combination of GE’s advanced heavy-duty and aeroderivative gas turbines, integrated using GE’s modern distributed control system (DCS). This is a pairing of one GE GT-7F.05 gas turbine in a ‘Rapid Response’ combined-cycle power island, with two LMS100 gas turbines into a hybrid power plant, specifically configured to meet LADWP’s unique requirements. GE’s ecomagination qualified advanced combined-cycle power island with ‘Rapid Response’ technology will feature a 216-MW 7F.05 gas turbine, a GE ST-A650 steam turbine operating in combined-cycle mode and a heat recovery steam generator. GE also will supply two of its ecomagination qualified 104-MW intercooled LMS100 aeroderivative gas turbines. With their rapid startup capabilities, the turbines are ideally suited to meet the grid’s need for highly responsive .and flexible units. Described by GE as ‘the most efficient simple-cycle gas turbine available’, the LMS100 can change load at 50 MW/minute per unit as well as start and stop multiple times per day to suit rapidly changing grid loads.

7F.05 gas turbine from GE. batteries on show from SAFT at MEE 2014 This month, Saft Nife® ME Ltd, a representative of the world’s leading designer & manufacturer of high-tech industrial batteries, showed the latest version of a battery for solar photovoltaic (PV) installations in rugged and remote locations at the Middle East Electricity Show 2014 in Dubai. New for 2014, the battery has been upgraded for even better performance with improved charging efficiency, higher cycling capability, extended maintenance intervals and an increased capacity range. Saft developed the battery specifically for use in off-grid solar photovoltaic (PV) installations, where its robust construction and high power cycling capability ensures long life and improved low maintenance requirements even under erratic charging conditions and fluctuating temperatures.






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Specialised Courses in Gas Turbine Technology for Engineers and Managers in the Power Industry For information please contact: Mrs Karen Swan School of Engineering Cranfield University Tel: +44(0) 1234 754683 Fax: +44(0) 1234 751566 E-mail:

Second Avenue, Centrum 100 Burton-on-Trent Staffs DE14 2WF

Manufacturers of Load banks for sale or hire AC/DC Resistive/Reactive 2kVaâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;6000kVa Contact: David Gould â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Sales Director Tel: 01283 531645 Fax: 01283 510103 E-mail: Website:


DRIN G power plant limited

Supplier for the complete range of genset electronics Internet monitoring Synchronization, load sharing Mains synchronization AMF controllers ATS controllers DC genset controllers Battery chargers AVRs e-mail:

The Mitsubishi diesel engine line up for power generation comprises of engines from 6kw to 15000kw. These engines can be found in a multitude of applications including generator sets for stand-by or emergency power, prime power for peak loping or base load power. We have a relentless focus on product quality and production management which Â?Â&#x192;Â?Â&#x2021;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2014;Â&#x2022;Â&#x192;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2021;Â&#x17D;Â&#x2039;Â&#x192;Â&#x201E;Â&#x17D;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2019;Â&#x192;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2013;Â?Â&#x2021;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2018;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2018;Â&#x2014;Â&#x201D;ÇŻÂ&#x2022;Ǥ The engines are built to last and with ease of maintenance in mind, with easy access points to key components.




Established in 1964, we have tailor-made generating sets operating in almost every country in the world. No matter what your requirement we can provide a generating set to meet your needs. We design, test and build in our own purpose built factory from 20 to 3000kVA single units and synchronised multiples both low and high voltage. Tel: +44 (0)115 9440072 Fax: +44 (0)115 9440235 email: website:

James Dring Power Plant Ltd, 8 Eagle Road, Quarry Hill Industrial Park, Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 4RB, UK

Governor Technical Solutions 

GTS specialises in the supply, repair, overhaul and technical support for Heinzmann and other well known governor actuators, controllers and generator accessories.

Tel:01833696712Fax:01833696713 Email:sales@governorͲ www.governorͲ

Design, Sales and Rental of Electrical Distribution Equipment â&#x20AC;˘ Equipment tailor made to your specification â&#x20AC;˘ Stocked distribution boards, cables and accessories â&#x20AC;˘ Comprehensive Rental Service Head office â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Cannock, Staffs: 01543 574111 London depot: 01708 863963 Email:

Maximum performance Minimum Fuss

THE ULTIMATE IN ACOUSTIC FOAM Foam Techniques Ltd, manufacturer and specialist in producing acoustic and thermal insulation foam products. A comprehensive range of insulation materials offer a solution to almost any problem, specification and budget. As a market leader, we export our sound insulation products and services globally to the Gen-Set and Acoustic Enclosure Markets For further information, samples, specs, brochure and pricing, please call Neil Blythe quoting WIP Office: 01933 400096 Mobile: 07801 469997 Email: ISO 9001

Precision Controls Ltd Distributors for:

ENGINE GENERATOR CONTROLS AIR & HYDRAULIC STARTERS The single source for diesel & gas engine products


Industrial & Marine Silencers Ltd. Tel: Tel:+44 +44 (0)1509 (0) 1162 506792 604985 Email:

T: +44 (0) 121 511 0400

Specialists in: Coal Mine Methane, Combined Heat & Power, Landfill Gas, Sewage Gas, Bio Gas. T: +44 (0) 161 432 8833

Foam Techniques Ltd, 39 Booth Drive, Park Farm South, Wellingborough, Northants NN8 6GR UK Tel: 01933 400096 Fax: 01933 400095


Industrial & Marine Silencers Ltd.

Europeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading energy equipment and service suppliers

Installation, commissioning, breakdown service, repair, site survey, technical support and training. Contact: Alistair Hickey Tel: +44 (0)161 476 4606 Fax: +44 (0)161 476 5639

CLASSIFIED INTERPOWER INTERNATIONAL LTD PO Box 70, Pickering, England YO18 7XU Tel: +44 (0) 1751 474034 Fax: +44 (0) 1751 476103

World-Class Alternators

T: +44 (0)1572 771 160 F: +44 (0)1572 771 161

Manufacturers of diesel and gas generator sets, containerised sets, chp systems, marine sets and bespoke systems

Gold Dealers for

SDMO GENERATORS Ocktcom are experts in complete installations from standby sets to fully synchronized power plants. Control systems, in-house bespoke built containers and fuel tank systems.

01789 722330


Mecc Alte UK Ltd 6 Landsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; End Way, Oakham Rutland, Leicestershire LE15 6RF

Email: Website:

Total Generator Power Solutions



OMICRON is an international company serving the electrical power industry with innovative testing and diagnostic solutions. Services offered in the area of consulting, commissioning, testing, diagnosis, and training. * Secondary Testing & Calibration * Primary Testing & Diagnosis * Testing with Communication Protocols Contact: David Brazier OMICRON Electronics UK Ltd Unit 9, Marconi Gate Staffordshire Technology Park Beaconside Stafford ST18 0FZ T: +44 1785 251 000 F: +44 1785 252 000


OPRA turbines is an engine manufacturer providing gas turbine gensets in 1-10MW power solutions using the 2MW range OP16 Gas Turbine. INFO +31 (0) 74 245 2121 SALES +31 (0) 74 750 5720 INFO a OPRATURBINES.COM SALES a OPRATURBINES.COM WWW.OPRATURBINES.COM

Synchronizing and Load Sharing Engine Control and Monitoring â&#x2013; Process Alarm Monitoring â&#x2013; 


Generating Silence iso containers, acoustic & weatherproof enclosures, CHP and plant room equipment


Powerplus Engineering


School Road, Langham Colchester, Essex CO4 5PB T: +44 (0)1206 271266 F: +44 (0)1206 271208

Power Projects Estimating & Solutions Professional low or medium voltage secondary power infrastructure consultancy providing design technical proposal and project management services 11 Fanshaw Way, Eckington SHEFFIELD S21 4HX T 01246 432 689 M 07800 985 942 e-mail


The complete range of power solutions from desktops to datacentres.

t.6-5*.&("8"55*/45"--"5*0/4 t4"-&43&/5"t4&37*$& */45"--"5*0/$0..*44*0/*/(

Riello UPS Ltd


Contact us: Tel: 0800 269 394 Email: Web:

0800 358 3525


+)2)6 %836 7 4) ' - % 0 - 7 8 7Š


;3 3 ( 6 3 0 * ) 6 ;33(630*)6( ;33(630*) 6( ( 8300)7&96=)77)< 8300)7&96= 8 3 0 0 ) 7 & 9 6= ))77)< 77) < 8)0 8)0 8 ) 0         **%< % < <         IIQEMPIRKMRIIVMRK$ZSPWTIGGSYO Q E M P  I R K M R I I V M R K $ ZS P W T I G  G S  Y O


SELCO is a pioneer within generator control, alarm and indicator panels as well as arc fault detection equipment.


Our solutions are used in hazardous applications onboard ships, at oil rigs, at power stations, in windmills, etc.

(1) 40MW GEC FR-6B GAS 50/60hz




Since the establishment in 1984 we have continuously expanded our activities worldwide. Our products have been approved and certified by the major marine classification societies and we are ISO 9001 certified.

Watford Control Power Management Units and Protection Relays for Diesel/Gas engines, power plants, emergency power systems and cogeneration applications.

Designers and Manufacturers of A.C. Voltage Stabilisers and Power Conditioners For Further Information contact E-mail:

Tel: +44(0)1536 401345 Fax:+44(0)1536 401164

P.O. Box 546, 1970 AM IJmuiden The Netherlands T +31 255 530304 F +31 255 521587 E-mail



Tel: +49 711 789 54-510 Fax: +49 711 789 54-101 E-Mail: +44(0) (0) 1454 1454 227 522 +44 522 HANDLINGAND AND STORAGE STORAGE SOLUTIONS HANDLING SOLUTIONS FORFUEL, FUEL, OIL OIL AND AND WATER FOR WATER

w w

To advertise in the Classified Section please contact the Power Division Sales team on

Tel: +44(0)1403 220750

ENGINE MANUFACTURERS GUIDE MAN Truck & Bus AG, Sales Unit Engines develops and manufactures high speed diesel engines for gensets with rating 280 up to 1117kW and gas engines for cogeneration with ratings 37 to 420kW.

Edina Unit 13 Rugby Park Bletchley Road, Stockport SK4 3EF T +44 (0) 161 432 8833 F +44 (0) 161 4328833 Sole distributor of MWM generating sets in the UK and Ireland Electrical Electrical Model Fuel rpmOutput Efficiency (kW) % TCG2016V08 g 1500 372 41.9 TCG2016V12 g 1500 556 41.7 TCG2016V16 g 1500 736 42.0 TCG2020V12 g 1500 1138 43.1 TCG2020V16 g 1500 1513 43.0 TCG2020V20 g 1500 1902 43.4 TCG2032V12 g 1000 3333 43.5 TCG2032V16 g 1000 4300 43.5 All engines available for both natural gas and biogas. TCG2032V12 and V16 also available for syngas. NOx level: 500mg/m3 Ratings to ISO 3046/1 Methane Number (MN): 70 Model TCD2016V12 TCD2016V16 TCD2020V12 TCD2020V16

Fuel rpm Elec O/P Elec O/P Continuous Prime d 1500 548 736 d 1500 736 832 d 1500 547 624 d 1500 1875 1964

Standby diesels from 50kVA to 3000kVA also available

GE Energy Jenbacher gas engines Headquarters A-6200 Jenbach (Austria) T +43 5244 600-0 F +43 5244 600-527 Manufacturer of gas driven generator sets and cogeneration systems in a power range from 0.25 to 3 MW. Model Fuel rpm Pel Pth JMS 208 GS g 1,500 330 358 JMS 208 GS g 1,800 335 406 JMS 312 GS g 1,500 625 731 JMS 312 GS g 1,800 633 808 JMS 316 GS g 1,500 834 988 JMS 316 GS g 1,800 848 1,079 JMS 320 GS g 1,500 1,063 1,190 JMS 320 GS g 1,800 1,060 1,313 JMS 412 GS g 1,500 844 892 JMS 416 GS g 1,500 1,131 1,194 JMS 420 GS g 1,500 1,415 1,492 JMS 612 GS g 1,500 1,820 1,792 JMS 616 GS g 1,500 2,433 2,399 JMS 620 GS g 1,500 3,041 3,020 Ratings natural gas standard, NOx ≤ 500 mg/m3N. Dry exhaust gas; based on 5% O2. For engines with 1,200 rpm please contact GE Energy’s Jenbacher product team. TAD1242GE TAD1640GE TAD1641GE TAD1642GE

352 393 433 485

409 462 509 570

MAN Truck & Bus AG Sales Unit Engines Vogelweiherstr. 33 90411 Nuremberg, Germany Tel: +49-911-420-1745 Fax: +49-911-420-1932 E-mail: Contact: Huber Gossner, Head of Power

MAN Diesel Engines for Gensets PRP Prime Power Model rpm kWm 50 Hz D2866 LE 201 d 1500 280 D 2876 LE 201 d 1500 355 D 2848 LE 211 d 1500 405 D 2840 LE 201 d 1500 451 D 2840 LE 211 d 1500 495 D 2842 LE 201 d 1500 543 D 2842 LE 211 d 1500 590 D 2862 LE 221 d 1500 700 60 Hz D 2866 LE 201 D 2876 LE 201 D 2848 LE 211 D 2840 LE 201 D 2840 LE 211 D 2842 LE 201 D 2842 LE 211 D 2862 LE 221

d d d d d d d d

1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800

322 405 460 515 565 620 695 800

LTP Limited Time Running Power Model rpm kWm 50 Hz D 2866 LE 203 d 1500 360 D 2876 LE 203 d 1500 451 D 2848 LE 213 d 1500 495 D 2840 LE 203 d 1500 545 D 2840 LE 213 d 1500 610 D 2842 LE 203 d 1500 633 D 2842 LE 213 d 1500 702 D 2862 LE 223 d 1500 880 60 Hz D 2866 LE 203 D 2876 LE 203 D 2848 LE 213 D 2840 LE 203 D 2840 LE 213 D 2842 LE 203 D 2842 LE 213 D 2862 LE 223

d d d d d d d d

1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800

kWe 249 318 362 409 452 502 543 640 285 357 407 462 498 566 633 720 kWe 325 410 450 500 560 580 650 800

400 360 507 450 539 480 585 530 660 600 718 660 800 735 1117 1000

MAN Gas Engines for Cogeneration Plants Natural Gas Model rpm kWm E 0834 E 312 g 1500 37 E 0834 E 312 g 1500 47 E 0834 E 302 g 1500 54 E 0834 LE 302 g 1500 68 E 0836 E 312 g 1500 56 E 0836 E 302 g 1500 75 E 0836 LE 202 g 1500 110 E 2876 E 312 g 1500 150 E 2876 LE 302 g 1500 210 E 2848 LE 322 g 1500 265 E 2842 E 312 g 1500 250 E 2842 LE 322 g 1500 420 E 0834 E 312 g 1800 45 E 0834 E 312 g 1800 53 E 0834 E 302 g 1800 62 E 0836 E 312 g 1800 64 E 0836 E 302 g 1800 85 E 0836 LE 202 g 1800 110 E 2876 E 312 g 1800 170 E 2876 LE 302 g 1800 210 E 2848 LE 322 g 1800 295 E 2842 E 312 g 1800 280 E 2842 LE 322 g 1800 420 Special/Bio Gas Model E 0834 LE 302 E 0836 LE 202 E 2876 TE 302 E 2876 LE 302 E 2848 LE 322 E 2842 LE 322 E 0836 LE 202 E 2876 LE 302 E 2842 LE 322 E 2848 LE 322

rpm g 1500 g 1500 g 1500 g 1500 g 1500 g 1500 g 1800 g 1800 g 1800 g 1800

kWm 68 110 130 200 265 380 110 200 380 265

MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH 88040 Friedrichshafen Germany Phone +49 7541 90-7006 Fax +49 7541 90-7084

MTU Detroit Diesel Inc. 13400 Outer Drive West Detroit, Michigan 48239 USA Phone +1 313 592 57 08 Fax +1 313 592 51 58 Fuel rpm Hz kWm Diesel engines 50 Hz" Series 60 d 1500 50 280 Series 60 d 1500 50 298 8V 2000 G d 1500 50 303 8V 2000 G d 1500 50 336 12V 2000 G23 d 1500 50 452 12V 2000 G63 d 1500 50 515 16V 2000 G63 d 1500 50 655 18V 2000 G63 d 1500 50 720 12V 2000 G63 (U) d 1500 50 515 16V 2000 G63 (U) d 1500 50 655 18V 2000 G63 (U) d 1500 50 720 8V 4000 G61 d 1500 50 735 12V 4000 G61 d 1500 50 1095 16V 4000 G61 d 1500 50 1450 20V 4000 G62 d 1500 50 2000 8V 4000 G61 (U) d 1500 50 735 12V 4000 G61 (U) d 1500 50 1095 16V 4000 G61 (U) d 1500 50 1450 20V 4000 G62 (U) d 1500 50 2000 12V 4000 P61 d 1500 50 1140 16V 4000 P61 d 1500 50 1520 Diesel engines 60 Hz" Series 60 d 1800 60 280 Series 60 d 1800 60 354 8V 2000 G d 1800 60 370 12V 2000 G43 d 1800 60 561 12V 2000 G83 d 1800 60 625 16V 2000 G43 d 1800 60 743 16V 2000 G83 d 1800 60 835 18V 2000 G83 d 1800 60 900 8V 4000 G81 d 1800 60 750 12V 4000 G41 d 1800 60 1020 12V 4000 G81 d 1800 60 1120 16V 4000 G41 d 1800 60 1360 16V 4000 G81 d 1800 60 1495 20V 4000 G82 d 1800 60 2060 12V 4000 P81 d 1800 60 1380 16V 4000 P81 d 1800 60 1840 1200 rpm / 60 Hz 12V 4000 G71 d 1200 60 870 16V 4000 G71 d 1200 60 1140 Gas engines natural gas 50 Hz" 12V 2000 L60 1) g 1500 50 450 12V 2000 L60 2) g 1500 50 480 16V 2000 L60 1) g 1500 50 600 16V 2000 L60 2) g 1500 50 640 18V 2000 L60 1) g 1500 50 675 18V 2000 L60 2) g 1500 50 720 12V 4000 L61 2) g 1500 50 1200 16V 4000 L61 2) g 1500 50 1600 NOx emission < 250mg/m3 NOx emission < 500mg/m3" Series 60 Series 60 Series 60 Series 60

d d d d

1500 1500 1500 1500

50 50 50 50

272 313 321 362


260 275 285 315 430 490 620 685 485 615 675 700 1040 1380 1900 700 1040 1380 1900 1085 1445

224 285 295 450 500 595 670 720 600 815 895 1090 1195 1650 1105 1470 695 910

425 450 565 600 635 675 1130 1505

250 290 295 335

Series 60 8V 2000 G 8V 2000 G 8V 2000 G 12V 2000 G23 12V 2000 G63 16V 2000 G23 16V 2000 G63 18V 2000 G63 12V 2000 G23 (U) 12V 2000 G63 (U) 16V 2000 G23 (U) 16V 2000 G63 (U) 18V 2000 G63 (U) 8V 4000 G61 12V 4000 G21 12V 4000 G61 16V 4000 G21 16V 4000 G61 20V 4000 G22 20V 4000 G62 8V 4000 G61 (U) 12V 4000 G21 (U) 12V 4000 G61 (U) 16V 4000 G21 (U) 16V 4000 G61 (U) 20V 4000 G22 (U) 20V 4000 G62 (U) 12V 4000 P61 16V 4000 P61 Series 60 Series 60 8V 2000 G 8V 2000 G 12V 2000 G23 12V 2000 G63 16V 2000 G63 18V 2000 G63 12V 2000 G63(U) 16V 2000 G63(U) 18V 2000 G63(U) 8V 4000 G61 12V 4000 G61 16V 4000 G61 12V 4000 G62 8V 4000 G61(U) 12V 4000 G6 (U) 16V 4000 G61(U) 20V 4000 G62(U) 12V 4000 P61 16V 4000 P61

d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d

1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500

50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50

411 330 365 409 565 625 720 805 895 565 625 720 805 895 895 1205 1330 1600 1760 2200 2420 895 1205 1330 1600 1760 2200 2420 1320 1760 280 298 303 336 452 515 655 720 515 655 720 735 1095 1450 2000 735 1095 1450 2000 1140 1520

380 310 345 385 530 590 675 755 840 530 590 675 755 840 850 1145 1265 1520 1670 2090 2300 850 1145 1265 1520 1670 2090 2300 1255 1670 260 275 285 315 430 490 620 685 485 615 675 700 1040 1380 1900 700 1040 1380 1900 1085 1445

Diesel engines 60 Hz" SUN2105 SUN3105 SUN3105T SUN4105E SUN4105TE SUN4105IE SUN6105IE 3R 700 G40 3R 700 G80 4R 700 G80 6R 700 G80 Series 50 Series 50 Series 50 Series 60 Series 60 Series 60 Series 60 Series 60 Series 60 8V 2000 G 8V 2000 G 8V 2000 G 12V 2000 G43 12V 2000 G83 16V 2000 G43 16V 2000 G83 18V 2000 G83 8V 4000 G81 12V 4000 G41 12V 4000 G81 16V 4000 G41 16V 4000 G81

d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d

1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800

60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60

24 37 44 48 71 88 113 25 39 55 83 186 235 261 309 339 365 410 474 511 455 511 570 735 835 1007 1115 1250 1100 1490 1640 1990 2190

19 30 35 38 57 70 90 20 31 44 66 170 215 210 285 310 335 375 435 410 430 410 535 690 670 945 1050 1000 880 1415 1560 1890 2080

SCANIA ENGINES SE-151 87 Sodertalje Sweden Tel +468553 81000 Fax +468553 898 12 e-mail Web UK Contact Ian Cooper Scania GB ltd Tel +441908 329385 Fax +441908 329483 E-mail Diesel engines for power generation Prime Power 250 to 550kVA Stand by Power 250 to 600kVA Engine Range Prime Power 50hz at (70% load factor) Model Spec RPM kWm kVA DC9 65 (10-93) 1500 225 250 DC9 65 (10-94) 1500 247 275 DC9 65 (10-95) 1500 266 300 DC12 59 (10-31) 1500 270 300 DC12 59 (10-32) 1500 313 350 DC12 59 (10-33) 1500 356 400 DC12 59 (10-34) 1500 399 450 DC16 45 (10-25) 1500 400 450 DC16 45 (10-30) 1500 439 500 DC16 44 (10-27) 1500 481 550 Engines are also available for 1800 RPM for 60hz Bio Diesel The engine range above can be operated with bio-diesel providing the fuel meets the requirements of EN14214 standard

Volvo Penta 405 08 Gothenburg Sweden Tel +46 31 235460 Model TAD530GE TAD531GE TAD532GE TAD550GE1) TAD551GE1) TAD730GE TAD731GE TAD732GE TAD733GE TAD734GE TAD750GE1) TAD751GE1) TAD752GE1) TAD753GE1) TAD754GE1) TAD940GE TAD941GE TAD1341GE TAD1342GE TAD1343GE TAD1344GE TAD1345GE TAD1351GE1) TAD1352GE1) TAD1354GE1) TAD1355GE1) TAD1640GE TAD1641GE TAD1642GE TWD1643GE TAD1650GE1) TAD1651GE1)

Spec Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel

RPM 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002)

kWm 75 88 113 76 89 113 132 162 175 213 114 132 158 173 217 241 280 271 303 325 354 388 279 314 328 355 392 430 503 536 393 430

Engines are also available for 1800 rpm / 60 Hz

kVA 85 100 130 86 101 130 152 186 201 245 131 152 182 199 250 277 326 315 352 378 412 451 324 365 381 413 461 505 591 630 462 505

Turn-key Power in Record Time Operating from over 190 locations worldwide, Aggreko is the world leader in providing interim power plants. We offer a complete turn-key project management including equipment, installation, maintenance and operation by highly experienced engineers to ensure reliable and flexible power. Whether you need a few megawatts for a remote mine site or a few hundred megawatts of baseload power to support the national grid, Aggreko delivers the power solution that is right for you, wherever and whenever you need it.

Aggreko, Power Specialists in Utilities Head Offices Americas (USA) T: +1 281 985 8200

Europe, Middle East & Africa (UK) T: +44 1543 476100

Aggreko operates from over 190 locations throughout the world. For the location nearest you, please go to:

Asia Pacific (Singapore) T: +65 6862 1501



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