How To Buy A Diamond

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GETTING STARTED We realize buying a diamond can seem a bit overwhelming. We are committed to doing everything we can to make it an easy and enjoyable experience.

SHAPE Not to be confused with cut, diamonds are fashioned into a number of shapes depending on the nature of the rough stone. Choosing a preferred shape is the first step.








THE 4Cs The combination of carat weight, clarity, color and cut, commonly referred to as the 4Cs, is what determines the beauty

and value of each and every diamond. The 4Cs are the universal system of measuring and determining a diamond’s worth. A basic understanding of these characteristics will help you make an informed purchase and select the diamond that’s right for you. (Have you already spent some time learning the 4Cs? If so, turn to page 8 to learn the things you DON’T know.)


CUT A diamond’s cut, or proportions, has the most influence on its

brilliance and beauty. Cut is the only human contribution to a diamond’s beauty; cut is pure artistry. Cut refers to the proportions

and the precise placement and angles of the diamond’s planes or

facets. A well-cut diamond has more life; diamonds that are cut

too deep or too shallow lose light through the side or bottom, resulting in a less brilliant and less beautiful gemstone. A well-cut diamond has proportions that enhance its reflection and refraction of light. Releasing the spectral beauty within each rough diamond

requires craftsmanship developed through years of tutelage by

master diamond cutters. It often helps to see diamonds side by

side for comparison purposes; there will always be one stone in particular that speaks to you.




CARAT The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. The word carat is derived from carob, a measurement from ancient times when the

carob seed was used for its uniform weight. Carat is the easiest of

the 4Cs to determine because it describes the weight of the stone. Diamonds can only be accurately weighed when they are loose, free from a mounting. At Mann’s Jewelers, we use an electronic

calibrated scale. A carat is divisible into 100 points (weighing two

milligrams each), which is why a ½ carat diamond can be referred

to as a .50 point diamond, much like 100 pennies equal a dollar. The more points in a diamond, the larger the stone. It is important

to note, however, that the price of a diamond is determined based on a formula including its overall quality (cut, clarity, color and carat weight).

0.50 ct

1.25 ct

2.00 ct

0.75 ct

1.50 ct

3.00 ct

1.00 ct

1.75 ct 4

CLARITY Clarity is determined by the number and size of internal

characteristics (called inclusions) and external characteristics (called blemishes), both of which occur naturally in diamonds. Clarity grades are determined by the number, size, nature, color and location of these inclusions. Diamonds are graded for clarity under 10x magnification. The smaller and less visible the

inclusions, the higher the diamond is graded. Diamonds with no

inclusions are extremely rare. Small inclusions that are visible only under magnification are not as likely to diminish the beauty of a diamond. FL

These grades


These grades

VS1, VS2

SI1, SI2

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VS grades.

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I1, I2, I3

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COLOR Though many diamonds appear colorless, most contain shades

of yellow, brown or gray. Color in diamonds results from traces of other elements that mixed with carbon during the diamond’s formation. The GIA created the color grading system that is the industry standard. Color grades are determined by comparing

each diamond to a master set; truly colorless diamonds are

actually very rare, and this color grading scale assigns a letter grade to a range of color. It is a measure of how noticeably color appears. A truly colorless diamond allows light to return to the eye effortlessly, dispersing a rainbow of colors. One way to see

subtle color differences is to turn the diamond upside down onto its table and view it from its side, against a white background.







Purchasing a diamond that has been honestly and accurately graded is very important, because a diamond’s value is specifically determined based on the grade the stone has received.


It’s important to note that the 4Cs are a universal measuring

standard of grading diamonds. The standards are the same everywhere you buy a diamond. What can change is who grades the diamond and how strict they are when grading. You can choose to purchase a diamond that has been certified by an official laboratory such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

This option will slightly increase the price of the diamond, but

will also give you added assurance that the diamond is represented correctly. Mann’s Jewelers endorses the GIA laboratory because it has the most stringent standards and is considered to be the

universal grading authority in the jewelry industry. You can also purchase a diamond graded by the IGI or EGL laboratories,

however it’s important to note that their grading standards may not be as strict.

Diamonds can also be graded outside of a laboratory by Graduate Gemologists. Our president, Robert Mann, is a Graduate Gemologist (G.G.) of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and has been specially trained to grade stones according to their

very high standards. When Mann’s Jewelers buys an uncertified diamond, Robert Mann strictly grades the stone himself before

making it available for sale. This creates a cost savings that Mann’s Jewelers is able to pass on to you.


Robert Mann, G.G. sorts through a diamond parcel in India.

A QUALITY SELECTION Being a diamond buyer takes a lot of skill and hard work. Why would you want to wade through a bunch of inferior diamonds

to find the one that’s right for you? Mann’s Jewelers works with diamond sightholders instead of diamond wholesalers, which

means that we get first choice of the finest diamonds, in addition to

cutting out the middleman. To purchase, we utilize our worldwide resources and relationships in order to provide diamonds with the best combinations of cut, color, clarity and value. Robert Mann,

G.G. personally selects every diamond that we put into our inventory, rejecting more than 90% of the stones he is offered. The end result is a better quality diamond at a better price.


WHY SHOULD I BUY MY DIAMOND FROM MANN’S JEWELERS? Because we take care of you during the shopping process and after the purchase is made. We feel strongly that the relationship with your jeweler should be much like that of with your doctor, attorney or CPA: long term and trustworthy.


STELLAR SERVICES TO ENHANCE YOUR SHOPPING EXPERIENCE In addition to our commitment to strict grading standards, and our responsible buying practices to ensure you are getting a quality diamond at a great value, we are proud to offer the following services: Educated Jewelry Professionals. Mann’s Jewelers is a noncomissioned environment. Each Jewelry Professional has been carefully trained to spend quality time helping you select the diamond that is truly right for you, in the price range you’ve determined. Also, you can trust their guidance, because every one of our Jewelry Professionals has passed the Diamond Course through the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). They are committed to helping you select a diamond that you are proud to give. A Goldsmith Studio In-House. From setting diamonds, to heirloom restoration, and repair to custom design work, Mann’s Jewelers houses an on-site goldsmith studio, with craftspeople who combine old-world techniques with modern-day technology. Are you an artist at heart? Work directly with one of our talented goldsmiths to craft an extraordinary and unique engagement ring. Financing and Layaway Options. We know savvy shoppers appreciate flexible financing options. You are invited to apply for Mann’s Jewelers’ very own credit card. We also offer a layaway program–you can reserve your specially selected diamond ring for 1/3 down. 12

CARING FOR YOU LONG AFTER YOUR PURCHASE Taking care of you throughout the diamond selection process is important to us, and so is making sure you and your purchase are well-cared for after the ring is on her finger. Mann’s Jewelers has created a comprehensive package of benefits that accompany your diamond engagement purchase: Dollars earned toward your wedding band purchases. At the time of your engagement ring purchase, you’ll receive a gift card to be used toward your wedding bands. A generous referral program. We hope we earned your trust! Tell a friend about how much you enjoyed your Mann’s Jewelers experience. We’ll give you gift cards to share with friends, and gift cards to you as a thank you. Our Ultimate Diamond Engagement Warranty. We stand behind your engagement ring purchase. The next page outlines the benefits you’ll receive.



If within 30 days of purchase, you find a better price for an identical diamond with all of the same qualities, we will refund you the difference


If at any time you choose to upgrade your Mann’s Jewelers diamond, you will receive a trade-in allowance of the original purchase price or current market value, whichever is greater, toward the purchase of a new diamond of at least d ouble the trade-in allowance


• Mann’s Jewelers will guarantee the setting of your diamond against any defects in materials or workmanship • Mann’s Jewelers will replace any diamond lost from your ring because of a defect in material or workmanship


• Free bi-annual routine maintenance service including inspection, polishing, refinishing, loose stone tightening and rhodium refinishing • Free appraisals and updated insurance valuation annually *See our Jewelry Professionals for complete details.

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