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Vol. 3 Issue 7

July 2012



Making a leap to RL

Ballet Pixelle

Ballet like you’ve never seen

Ode to Vivienne A tribute to the iconic Fashion Designer

Ravenswood Theatricals A Unique approach to theater



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Editor’s Note

The start of a bright new future for Maniera has begun. We are embarking on an exciting new journey not attempted by any magazine in a virtual world. Maniera is taking it’s in-world publication and making it a real world one. We are in a unique position to carve out our niche in an industry that is ever changing. What makes Maniera unique, is its origins and current trajectory. Since Maniera started in a virtual world, the publication has gained a readership, something a new real world magazine lacks when it first starts. We hope our current readers will continue to enjoy the Maniera they’ve come to know and love. But the work starts now. Producing a successful magazine is no easy feat. It takes the hard work of a group individuals who are dedicated to making the magazine succeed. It takes careful planning and scheduling. It’s a logistical tango we must play to ensure the publication meets its deadline and hits the shelves when our readers expect it to. While working for a magazine may seem 8 | Maniera SL |

glamorous, it’s not. It’s a job that requires long hours and hard work. Sometimes the stress sets in and the long hours start to affect your sanity but the joy of seeing the fruits of your labor make it all worth it. The feeling you get is indescribable. No matter how crazy things get during deadline, it’s the feeling at the end that reminds me why I do it. The experience is humbling. After being a part of the publishing industry in the real world for around five years now, I’ve gained knowledge from my experiences as well as from the people I’ve met and worked with. If I’ve learned anything, it’s you got to be resilient and hard working. With Maniera, we have a team of people who are just that. Everyone works hard to produce something to be proud of. This month we released Maniera Magazine’s preview issue. Lots of hard work, by everyone at Maniera, have gone into making sure the magazine is everything we want it to be. Our preview issue is just a little taste of what you can expect from each issue of Maniera, where we will continue to bring you all the things you’ve come to love with Maniera SL and much more. We have a little something for everyone — from fashion and beauty to technology and business. Be sure to check it out at

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JULY 2012

Assistant Editor’s Note

Art is a basic human activity. While there have been instances of cats and monkeys, even an elephant creating paintings, but in the main artistic endeavors are the purview of humanity. Sherlock Holmes in “The Greek Interpreter” by Arthur Conan Doyle said, “Art in the blood is liable to take the strangest forms.” Holmes was speaking of the many varied ways in which our innate talents and creative energies are likely to be expressed. This is our art issue and it is devoted to those imaginative and innovative people who express themselves through various media and who bravely share their creations with a larger public. In the performing arts, we have three articles. The first focuses on dance at Ballet Pixelle. The second and third are musical theater and we feature a long running staging of The Phantom of the Opera and an upcoming production of Rent. The Phantom show is presented by Ravenswood Theatricals featuring an all furry cast and Rent is being produced by a former filmmaker. Finally, artwork needs to be seen, and con-

10 | Maniera SL |

necting artists with their audience is an important process. Many artists do not have the talent of marketing but Zena Zemlja does We profile her many art galleries that represent a number of RL artists. Our pictorial Designer Showcase features designs by Aliza Karu. This reminds us that fashion design, modeling and photography are essential artistic pursuits. The Pretty Bald in Pink activity is designed to support women with cancer by creating thousands of portraits of women who appear bald in artistic photographs. This program began in Second Life® and is soon to move into the RL. This month our columns, Mani Style, Fashion Passion and The Men’s Corner, take looks at artistic environments you can explore and how to create an art object out of yourself.

JULY 2012

Editor in Chief Ji Nirvana

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July 2012 Volume 3 Issue 7

Features Brewster’s New Show

Rent hits SL

Artist & Agent

Zena Zemlja

16 20


Ravenswood Theatricals A unique show

The art of Motion


Ballet Pixelle


Tribute to a legendary fashion Designer

Maniera LLC, makes a tribute to iconic fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, who is best known for her punk style and tartan print.

On the cover 3D Work and photography by Berto Firanelli

Regulars Editor’s Note Asst. Editor’s Note Fashion Passion Mani Style Men’s Corner


Pretty Bald in Pink Goes RL

in-world campaign 8 The breaks out of SL 10 48 NV Corsetry 50 Contest 52


‘Rent’ goes virtual Brewster Entertainment brings the hit Broadway musical into Second Life

By Nox DeGian Photo by falbala fairey


he rent is due in Second Life®. One of Broadway’s longest running, awardwinning musicals is coming to Second Life. From the same people that brought Second Life “Into Midnight” — a vampire drama pilot aired on MetaverseTV and the upcoming show “The Park” — comes a retelling of a story about love, passion, artistry and living under the shadow of AIDS/ HIV off-Broadway. Based on Giacomo Puccini’s opera “La Bohème,” which premiered over 100 years before, Rent replaces the fear of tuberculous with the uncertainty of AIDS/HIV and Paris with New York’s East Village, a hot spot for artsy avant-garde types. The two performances of Rent will take place at 2 p.m. Oct. 20 and 27 at the Phantasmagoria Theater (http://maps. “‘Rent’ came about because I’ve been involved with machinima for four years now,” Brewster Entertainment’s Vincent Brewster said. “My partner, Clover Fenwitch, and I created a vampire series ‘Into 16 | Maniera SL |

Midnight,’ and we only shot a pilot episode that aired on MetaverseTV. They helped us create it. We were so thankful for that.” Brewster Entertainment began holding auditions for “Rent” in June, wanting to wrap up the crew by June 23 — but it could take longer to find the perfect Second Life crew to bring Brewster’s favorite musical to life, he explained. At the end of the day, it is about bringing dedicated, passionate and reliable people to the stage. One major character for the production has already found with the perfect actor to bring him to life on the virtual stage — Anthony Deveraux (antyfreeman). Devereaux spent several years in musicals and theatre in real life and sought to find ways to occupy himself as a new resident of Second Life. He responded to a posting on the Second Life forums about the SL “Rent” auditions and delivered four songs for his audition. For Brewster, Devereaux, who sang Collins’ solo in Rent first, was a natural fit for Angel. “I had him sing ‘I’ll Cover You,’ which is Collins’ solo

in ‘Rent,’” Brewster said. “He sounded more like Angel than Collins so I made him sing ‘Today For You,’ which is Angel’s song ... and he nailed it. I said ‘Great, you’re Angel.’ It was that easy.” Originally, Devereaux came to secure the part of Tom Collins, a gay philosophy professor at New York University and anarchist with AIDS. Instead, he walked away as Collins’ love interest, Angel Dumott Schunard, a gay drag queen percussionist with AIDS. “My first reaction was very excited,” Devereaux said. “I always wanted to do Angel, but I got a little afraid thinkin’ they’d already found a perfect match for Angel.” But it’s not just the cast Brewster must find. Part of recreating Rent in Second Life successfully would, in large part, have to do with the set — for which the production still seeks its prop master and builder as Brewster does not want the set to be “just a box,” he said with a laugh. “There’s not too much to the set,” Brewster said. “A couple tables – a basic set. That should be easy to do. I’ve seen JULY 2012

Brewster Entertainment owner Vincent Brewster stands outside his theater where “Rent” will be performed.

‘Rent’ like 10 times.” Just as important, though, are the animations to bring the avatar’s bodies to life in “Rentish dance moves” as created by Janelle Darkstone, who is also animating Brewster Entertainment’s “The Park,” a television show about a group of teenagJULY 2012

ers in a trailer park down south and all the mischief they get into. “Once we get the animations in place, I’ll feel more at ease about it,” Brewster said. But until then, Brewster is due for another sitting of the real life version of ‘Rent’ in

New York this October. With the SL production due in October as well, Brewster Entertainment will give the opportunity for residents to share the love, passion and artistry of ‘Rent’ in its first virtual debut. | Maniera SL | 17








Zena Zemlja

agent and artist, Setting Standards for art Sales

by Deepthinker Oh photos by Kynne Llewellyn Vincent Van Gogh is one of the world’s greatest painters. After his death, three of his paintings sold for well over $100 million USD each, but he sold only one painting during his lifetime. If Van Gogh had Zena Zemlja as his gallery representative, things may have been much different. Zemlja is a landmark figure in the sale of registered legal RL art in Second Life®. She is the formal representative of RL artists and sells their works in digital form. No copyright theft or hashed up pixels here. Just quality artworks which are respectful of the creator’s intentions. She works with other galleries in SL through two groups she created — Legal Quality Art Galleries and Legal Erotic Quality Art Galleries. Zemlja started the groups because many gallery owners, like Mae Fay (Maena Tammas), felt “too many illegal pictures are uploaded without the RL artists’ permission.” But

20 | Maniera SL |

these groups have helped established standards for selling art legally in SL and work to halt copyright infringement. “It can be really frustrating for hard-working artists, marketing and selling their art legally, to see blatant copyright infringement going on in SL,” said Zemlja on the need for legal art sales in SL. “And that in almost all of the cases the RL artists have no idea their art is being sold illegally in SL.” Nima Benoir feels Zemlja’s groups are important for artist members like herself. “As far as I know, there are no other groups thinking along these lines, and although there are other groups that rate galleries based on popularity, it says nothing about the specifics of an art piece itself,” Benoir said. “Instead both Legal Quality Art Gallery groups, by addressing the issue of a standard of quality, raise the perceived value of the artwork itself.” Zemlja has established 14

Zena Zemlja created Legal Quality Art Galleries and Legal Erotic Quality Art Galleries and champions the sale of registered legal art in SL.

JULY 2012

galleries on the Petrichor sim, which she calls Art Galleries - Body, Mind & Spirit. The sim itself is lovely with a series of buildings running along the main street, each one a gallery for an individual. In the middle of it all, is a garden but beyond the garden, lays a grassy hill leads to a replica of Stonehenge and beyond Stonehenge is the Better World Heroes Gallery in Second Life — a place dedicated to her father, where anyone can put up a picture of their own personal hero. The themes of the photographs, paintings and poems displayed for sale deal with witches, magic, the mystic, the goddess, BDSM and Valentine’s Day. Zemlja has four galleries in other locations, as well. Some of the RL artists include Samuel Edelstein, Mickie Mueller, Marcus Ranum, Francois Benveniste, China Hamilton and Mick Payton. Several of Zemlja’s galleries also include her own work. She pairs her poems with an appropriate photograph and sells it as a framed art piece. In addition, Zemlja has a unique form of expression she calls poetry art. She creates pictures that have a poetic expression. The images she uses, with permission from the photographer, are combined with a few words, the edited and molded into a wholly new artistic expression. “The image is the artwork,” 22 | Maniera SL |

she said. “The word and the photo and the composition express what it means to me. Each image is a poetry artwork on its own.” Some poetry art is a single picture while others are a series of pictures that interrelate and reinforce each other. “I made this series last year by blending the four photos together in various combinations,” said Zemlja. “I felt I had to make each image be in a circle and I called the series the Circle of Life. I guess it tells a lot about where I am in my life and how I experience it.” She finds her inspiration in many things. “Sometimes a person. Sometimes an image, and I write a poem to it. Sometimes just things that happen in life and I need to write about it,” said Zemlja. “I write poetry in RL and have written hundreds of poems in my own language. I started writing in English for SL use five years ago.” Coming back to Van Gogh, we know his life was marked by poverty, disease and sadness. His artistic journey would have been easier and fuller had his works produced an income. Maybe if Zemlja had been selling his paintings he might have been able to buy that little house in the South of France and perhaps take his dream vacation to Tahiti. For further information see: JULY 2012

The phantom returns in Ravenswood Theatricals’ production of ‘Phantom of t Opera’ a bit f rier than befo


f the furore.


playing the

TEXT AND PHOTOS by LovelyMiwako7399 Menna People naturally feel passionate about something specific. A feeling so strong, it creates a connection between the person and the activity. For some it may be painting or singing, while for others it may be sports. But for Alexiel Czaczkes, commonly known as Alexia de Ravenswood, her passion is the stage. “Theatre is my life,” said Ravenswood about theater and performing on stage. “Music, movement, emotions. Every aspect of it has been my life since I was a kid. I love the stage, and in a digital environment you can fully immerse yourself and your audience. It seemed a perfect marriage between my own ideas and the ideas of others.” For her it is the music, movement and emotions created by a performer along with the audience that makes it perfect. “It doesn’t really matter what we do, but being able to show the world our hearts and our brains... It’s been fun trying to figure out what we can do to make the next show even better than the last.” cast member Aspera said. This love and passion for theater led her to start a little theater


company in real life named Ravenswood Theatricals. This theater company was originally created as a way of producing shows outside of school and continuing to explore her passion further. In 2008, she was attracted to Second Life® because of the seemingly endless possibilities the virtual platform offered. It was later in 2010, after reconnecting with an old friend, that bringing Ravenswood Theatricals into SL became more plausible. Phantom Munster and Ravenswood had lost touch with each other but it was a chance meeting at Munster’s store, which sold “Phantom of

the Opera” items, which helped Ravenswood put the wheels in motion for her theater company. Making Ravenswood Theatricals a reality in Second Life was no easy task. Ravenswood wanted to create a reproduction of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Phantom of the Opera” that stayed true to the original. While it is a very difficult play to stage in RL, it is even more difficult to script and stage in a virtual world. With the help of Munster, Marjan Tomba, Aspera Eponym and others, Ravenswood started bringing the play to life. One major undertaking was set changes. She found using the

28 | Maniera SL |

Horizons Holodeck was a perfect solution. Ravenswood also used some scripting done by friends and others who slowly started joining the team. “Theater always has a level of difficulty if you are doing it properly,” said Ravenswood. “We have found a workable system for the long run of the show. I am sure it is different for everyone.” Once the stage was set, the scripting was done and the team was together, it was time to cast and bring the play to life. Ravenswood’s team took a large gamble when they decided to cast the show with only furry avatars. JULY 2012

wood Theatricals, an all furry production company, puts on their edtion of ‘Phantom of the Opera.’

“Many times I heard some opinions that furries are only good for the sex and party industry in Second Life,” Ravenswood said. “I wanted to prove that this is false.” After taking a photo of herself in the Phantom’s costume, volunteers for the cast came pouring in. “This excited people and soon enough we had a full cast,” she said. “Casting the show wasn’t the most difficult aspect, ironically.” Finally, Ravenswood’s dream was about to come true. But something was still missing, something essential to theater: the audience. JULY 2012

Ravenswood’s unique vision for “Phantom” had her wondering — would an audience be there to watch furries singing opera? Would those in attendance make that perfect connection with the theatrical experience? With her dream in tow, she pressed on with the show. Opening night came Oct. 28, 2011, and the team was on pins and needles, anxiously awaiting for the curtain to rise. The audience they had hoped for appeared. But they kept on feeling like something was wrong. Something wasn’t clicking. But the moment they heard

Christine Daae, the female lead of the show, singing “Wish you were somehow here again,” the full cast broke into tears. At that moment, they knew it worked. “We’ve got it,” Ravenswood said. “We have been blessed with how well received we are and we hope the audiences will return again and again.” After eight months of success with “Phantom,” the company is looking to expand and introduce some new musicals. Be sure to attend a show by the professional, all-furry team at Ravenswood Theatricals. It is truly an one-of-kind theatergoing experience that should not be missed. | Maniera SL | 29

Vivienne Darcy and Tik Merlin perform a dance from â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Windowsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; at the Ballet Pixelle.

Digital perfection

at Ballet Pixelle

by Carey DeCuir photos by Jax Aster Second Life® is a fantastic playground for the artist. It allows creative people to explore intersections between technology and human interactions. The virtual environment also provides opportunities to create artistic productions that both include and go beyond what is possible in real life... Inarra Saarinen, founder and artistic director of Ballet Pixelle, is one such artist who creates and produces original ballet pieces for Second Life. Saarinen, a retired professional dancer and choreographer, became fascinated by the possibilities of “making virtual dancers do perfect things.” Saarinen started creating animated choreographed moves and experimenting with them at an outdoor mountainside theater in SL. The experiment was so successful that in 2006 she created the ballet production company Ballet Pixelle. Since then, she has created and produced over a dozen ballets.

Inarra Saarinen, founder and artistic director of Ballet Pixelle, brings together talent from across the world.

But Saarinen also works with a number of im- interests for me. I found that I really like performpressively talented collaborators on her producing.” tions for Ballet Pixelle. They include Kurt Bestor, The production of the ballets are a large who won an Emmy for his real life work and undertaking with direction, costumes, music and Louis Landon, known as Louis Volare in SL, who sets. But more importantly, it is the dance movecomposed original music for the ballet group’s ments help bring the shows to life. current production “Windows” and was a pianist All the dance movements are created by Saafor Mikhail Baryshnikov. Other talents include rinen using motion capture devices or software Pia Klaar, who does machinima, Tik Merlin, who like Poser® and Qavimator. These movements are does scripting, and Leko Littlebird, who works on used as a sequence of motions initiated by the sets and photography. But what’s more impressive dancer. But the real excitement comes in making is all of these talents are all professionals in the sure the moves are synchronized with a script and real world of ballet. music as mulThe ballerinas tiple dancers are and danseurs come interacting on from all over the stage. world. Each of them Saarinen’s [SL] allows me the thrill of, the have different reahopes “to exfeeling of being present on sons for wanting to plore the unique perform in SL. Dancapabilities and stage with a force. seur Patros Zifer was intersection a professional dancer of movement — Patros Zifer, danseur in real life before in virtual and being injured in a car physical space.” accident and has his Something she feelings of what it’s has been very like to dance in SL. successful with “I feel like I am learning ASL (American Sign thus far. Saarinen has taken advantage of the Language) in a way ... making my fingers dance uniqueness of a virtual platform to enhance the the way my body did on stage,” said Zifer. “[SL] movements of the traditional ballet as well as alallows me the thrill of, the feeling of being present lowing her to go beyond what physics in the real on stage with a force.” world permit. A force, Zifer said is “learning the techSaarinen is excited about the future of balnique of ballet, then learning the choreography let in SL and feel “there is so much to explore, so and having learned both so well, as if they were many things to try.” muscle memory that I could go on stage and the She has already brought SL into the real world force of turning that into art.” by projecting SL dancers on stage with real life Skip Flossberg is also a danseur with Ballet dancers. One of her goals is to bring real life Pixelle. Flossberg is not a professional dancer in dancers into SL using motion capture technoloreal life but loves ballet. So much so, he wanted to gies to project a person’s movements into SL in try it as part of his fantasy life in SL. He started at- real time rather than engaging a sequence of tending shows, eventually worked as an MC, and animations. has finally graduated to dancing in “Windows.” Much is owed to the many talented people But it was his real life daughter, a dancer, who got who continually expand the opportunities and him interested in dance. experiences to be enjoyed in this virtual world. “This is my way of sharing dancing with her,” Ballet Pixelle Theater is located on Quat said Flossberg. “It has actually opened up new (32,21,107). JULY 2012 | Maniera SL | 33


>>>> With the monumental preview launch of Maniera Magazine, Maniera LLC celebrated this event by running a tribute to iconic fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. The tribute included a successfully fashion show held July 8, 2012 in conjunction with the launch and an exhibit by SebastianDeLorence, illustrating Westwoodâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life and work over the last five decades. The exhibit will run through August on the Maniera sim: The Regis. >>>>Enjoy a small taste of Westwoodâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Gold Label for Autumn/Winter 2012/13. And for more of the collection check out our preview issue at

Bald &


The In-world Cancer awareness project has big plans for the future. Ready for whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Next? By Rouge Anthony Photo by lovelymiwako7399 menna


Charity events in Second Life® have become a wonderful way to support causes and events in which thousands of lindens are donated to real world organizations. These events give everyone a chance to give back and it’s a way in which the digital world isn’t much different from the real world.

could submit a photo as long as they were willing to shed their locks and sport pink in honor of cancer awareness. Menna enlisted the help of Topaz Joubert of Maniera LLC., Yula Finesmith of Finesmith, amazing photographer Skip Staheli as well as a myriad of others. Menna also reached out to friends and fashion blogOrganizations sponsoring events to benefit gers to spread the idea of Pretty Bald in Pink and disaster relief efforts can raise substantial sums, but a new kind of charity movement was born. With they have become so commonplace that the purpose over 150 submissions from Second Life residents, of the event can be overlooked in lieu of the event’s the event had more of a reach than Menna initially linden total. It’s rare that an event is solely focused imagined. on raising awareness of its cause without a series of The initial success of Pretty Bald in Pink has fashion shows, exclusive sales or celebrations. ensured that it will be an annual event and may add Introduced in Fall 2011, Pretty Bald in Pink is the more opportunities throughout the year to participate brainchild of LovelyMiwako7399 Menna. As another in different themed photos. It also spurred Menna round of charity events were proceeding, she realized and Joubert to consider transporting the event outthat very few of them were focused on raising aware- side of Second Life. ness of its participants to things that impact both As Maniera LLC. moves into publishing a real their real and virtual lives. world counterpart, it seemed natural to feature this Menna reported that after losing a personal event and what it could possibly mean in that friend to cancer she felt compelled to make sure realm. others had the information they needed to “I was really moved and impressed with help themselves. She wanted to provide inthe campaign and inspiration. So impressed formation about the benefits of screenings that when Maniera became a registered and early detection. For this reason, company and we were outlining the there would be no in-world sales or content of the real life edition, an concerts just a simple photo for idea hit me. ‘Why can’t we those so moved to parlaunch a real life awareness ticipate in the cause. campaign? A camAnyone paign that

started originally from Second Life,’” Joubert said. “I pitched my idea to Lovely and she loved the idea. What was very important to Lovely was to keep the main focus of the campaign on awareness and integrity.” There will be some differences between the in-world version and the real world version. The Second Life event will retain the name Pretty Bald in Pink; the real world event will be entitled Pretty Beautiful in Pink instead. Both events will remain photo campaigns to raise cancer awareness. Pretty Beautiful in Pink is still in the planning stages, with more details to emerge in the coming months. Pretty Bald in Pink should resume again this fall. Menna and Joubert are both hopeful and inspired about what the campaigns could mean to those who take part. Menna wanted people to remember that Pretty Bald in Pink was about “awareness, passion for life and prevention.” Joubert added that she wanted others to not underestimate their potential reach in Second Life or their other life. “This is a campaign that was the brainchild of a very talented young woman who is an avatar in a virtual game, and to see this move to real life and the chance to help people around the world well, it’s pretty freaking awesome,” Joubert said. Both the American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen websites encourage individuals not to forgo routine screenings because of the increased chance of survival that early detection can provide. It has been estimated that there will be over 1.5 million new diagnosed cases of cancer this year in

the United States alone. Risk factors for various forms of cancer and the possible means of reducing those risks are available at the American Cancer Society website with updated information for the last seven years. Sun exposure, tobacco use and obesity are some of the most prevalent contributory factors to your body developing or having a more difficult time fighting cancer. Encouraging friends, family and strangers to assess their level of risk is one of the goals of Pretty Bald in Pink and Pretty Beautiful in Pink. Additionally, the American Cancer Society website states their outreach to Second Life residents was because of the potential connection to millions of people in this digital space. It’s an idea and mission shared by the Pretty Bald team. “We want the campaign to be global but of course we are taking baby steps. Maniera will be an international online digital magazine. We hope just like in Second Life our readers will be from all parts of the globe. We have an international staff and want the magazine and the campaigns to reflect that,” Joubert said. For every one of those that are enlightened through campaigns like Pretty Bald in Pink, the potential reach beyond them is exponential and all goes to support Menna’s original idea. Campaigns like Pretty Bald in Pink will provide another avenue to empower men and women to take care of themselves and encourage those around them to do the same. Hopefully, there will be a new set of stories during cancer events: those of survivors who were saved through early detection and have a great photo to mark the moment.

April Face Of


Corsetry Winners

Maniera Magazine is the proud sponsor of the Face of NV Corsetry Contest. These lovely ladies were selected from all the entrants in their categories. Will you be next?

Cyberpunk Lostris Sleydon Photo by Lostris Sleydon



Natzuka Miliandrovic Photo by Natzuka Miliandrovic


Catlyn Sahara Photo by Catlyn Sahara




ashion is influenced by the revelation of what will be something unusual and differart. It goes without sayin store for the forthcoming ent. It can be something simple ing that fashion and art season. The mind boggles in or intricate or something origigo hand in hand. anticipation of new cuts, new nal or inspired, but it has to be The very word creation ways of wearing familiar items, different from the mainstream. denotes a great deal of effort different color combinations My next consideration is the and thought have gone into the and the introduction of never use of color. By nature, I graviconstruction of the wonderbefore seen items or styles of tate towards bold, bright colors ful masterpieces we see gracclothing and footwear. both in my style of dress and ing the world famous fashion On a personal level, whenin my work. It’s not a hard and house runways. ever I style or design somefast rule though because I also Being a enjoy working designer myself, with monochroI know all too matic and pastel well the procolors. cesses involved The art galin deciding what lery or runway Each and every one of it is a designer may not be us is a blank canvas. We wants to comsuited for evmunicate to their eryone, but if all wear clothing, a great audience. Also you feel that art many of us wear make-up as someone who does not interest and some sort of jewellery. appreciates art, I you or you find admire an artyourself saying, ist’s mind. I have “I do not have an never studied artistic bone in art in school or my body,” think college, so I cannot claim to be thing I like to inject some again. a scholar. But I do admire an element of my own personality Each and every one of us artist’s boldness, lateral thinkor things I love and enjoy into is a blank canvas. We all wear ing and ability to fearlessly it. Whether I decide to make clothing, a great many of us portray their thoughts through something that was inspired wear make-up and some sort their work. by someone else or I make of jewellery. Others have body Who among us has never something that has come from art tattooed indelibly into their stopped to admire an amazwithin, I always add something skins, while others use their ing piece of art perhaps for its that gives it my own signature. hair as an art form. The list color, composition or because The idea can be likened to an goes on. Perhaps reading this of the famous name behind artist who covers a song but may urge you to seek the artist it? In the case of new fashion who puts their personality into within you. Whichever way collections from famous deit to make it their own. you choose, we all in some signers, fashion followers find One of the first things I manner contribute to the world themselves eagerly awaiting usually try to do is think of of art. JULY 2012 | Maniera SL | 49



O! For a muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention.” —William Shakespeare in the Henry V prologue. The Muses originated in ancient Greek mythology and were said to be the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. Shunning everyday mortal existence, they preferred to dedicate their lives to the Arts. Each Muse was responsible for specific artistic discoveries, for example Muse Erato was the protector of love and love poetry, while Muse Thalia was the protector of comedy — discovering comedy, geometry, architectural science and agriculture. The Muses supported and encouraged creation, and since antiquity have been credited with enhancing the imagination and inspiring artists. Today the word muse is more widely used to describe someone or something that inspires creativity in someone else. The myriad sources of inspiration range from the works of a specific artist, to nature itself — anything can, in the right hands, infuse an artist with creativity. Second Life® creators are no exception, they too have their muses. Scattered across the grid are some stunningly constructed sims, which owe their construction to specific sources of inspiration. The Crimarizon sim, which was reopened a few months ago, was built by Megan Prumier, whose inspiration came from a fantasy picture of a ruined city from an ancient civilization. JULY 2012

Why not pay a visit to the sim to soak up the wonderful tranquil atmosphere. The sim also hosts live music events. ( secondlife/Crimarizon%20 2/20/125/21) The Spirit sim, created by Claudia222 Jewell, has been inspired by the work of artist Hieronymus Bosch. Bosch’s work focuses on religious symbolism with a particular fascination with Hell, torture and the macabre. The Spirit sim reflects this influence with strange floating shapes creating a surrealist aura. Human headed dragonflies hover above strange sea creatures, while peculiar humanoids stride towards the cracked and barren landscape which erupts with eerie looking plant life and hovering boulders. You will need a mesh-enabled viewer to view this sim. ( Screamer/131/219/39) Rouge is a totally unique sim that cites feminine beauty as the source of inspiration. This sim was created by Eshi Otawara and is owned by CodeBastard Redgrave. Otawara is better known for her top of the range avant garde fashion designs but here her extraordinary talents have been utilized in a different way. Seen from a God’s eye view, the sim is actually a gorgeous female pin-up in red bondage heels and a feather boa. Landing on a delicately curved leg encased in a fishnet stocking you can work your way around the

undulations which compose the female form. There is a club area that can be used for private parties with pin up artwork for sale, as well as a small store selling the creations of the sim owner. ( secondlife/Rouge/99/109/40) Locus is a sim inspired by architecture and geometric forms. It is the work of DB Bailey, real life architect David Denton. The sim is comprised of intricate structures and shapes in vibrant colours. The architecture ranges from classic Doric columns to futuristic spirals and organic jungleinspired structures in a crazy whirl of colour. (http://maps. Locus/169/199/59) Paradox Island on the Lewisonia sim has been inspired by the popular British science fiction television series Dr. Who. The first series was first aired on the BBC in November 1963 and has had eleven different “Doctors” to date. The sim is a must visit for any Dr. Who fan, as it allows you to time travel in the familiar blue police phone box known as the Tardis. It even has the special effects and noise of the Doctor’s Tardis and better still you can buy your own from the small market area. There is so much to see here including underwater passages, metro lines, a World War II fortress and a pirate inn, all of which have been locations used in the Dr Who series. (http:// | Maniera SL | 51



JULY 2012


rt is subjective and seen in all places. It comes to life when a harmony of elements combine to give birth to something far greater than the individual elements themselves. It reveals itself in many mediums. From the well-known modalities of photographs, canvas paintings, pencil sketches, sculptures, music, dancing, acting and writing to the not-so conventional digital paintings, animations, food presentations, clothes designs, tattoos, street graffiti, puppetry acts, polished jewelry, combat fights and so on. If you really look at it, art is everywhere around us and takes shape in even the most mundane of things. I am, by no means, of course, an expert on art, but on the little that I know, I know that art deals mostly with emotions. Whether it’s to lure reactions out of the audience like Victor Hugo’s “Les Miserables,” a medium of the artist’s feelings like Edvard Munch’s expressionist painting “The Scream,” or the logic is optional approach like Marcel Duchamp’s Dada-esque “Fountain.” Art doesn’t always have to make sense or have a hidden meaning. Though avant-garde is usually the popular trend when art in fashion is talked about, but I decided to go another route and take on Urban Art for this

Some cultures consider tattooing a healing practice due to the method being somewhat akin to acupuncture. Others see it as a rite of passage or a badge of honor.

feature. Tattooing has been practiced in various countries all over the world for centuries. Along with piercing and painting, it is one of the oldest forms of art, going as far back as the Neolithic times. Some cultures consider tattooing a healing practice due to the method being somewhat akin to acupuncture. Others see it as a rite of passage or a badge of honor. The latter reason is why I’ve decided to put on V Tattoo’s The Rock arm inks and Maori hairbase for this feature. These warrior body arts depict strength, something that is usually prevalent if you want to survive in an urban jungle. You have to be a beast to overcome other beasts. (https://marketplace. too/1076834?id=1076834&slug =The-Rock-Tattoo and https:// Maori-Hair-Base/1539989) .HOD.’s Cathaldus face tattoos and razor piercings complimented the whole look too. ( secondlife/Dark%20Tranquility/184/179/90) *DL* Baggers * MESH Rigged Heavy Grunge Boots gave the overall appearance a messy, sloppy, worn-out look. (https://marketplace.secondlife. com/p/DL-Baggers-MensMESH-Rigged-Heavy-GrungeBoots/3466576) Finally, the red of Rawhouse’s Flatliner hair brought out the reds of Delirium Style’s, limited edition and no longer available, Japan jeans. Fitting enough since the color red represents courage, determination and heat. (http:// Slums/225/248/76) | Maniera SL | 53

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