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The Hope Edition November 2009

BlackBarbie Bravin: The Face of Hope

Wellness Island: Mental Health Awareness

The Hope Fashion Shoot: Designers for Charity

JCNY House of BeningBorough Sartoria Lazolli . . . and More

Autism Society of America Remembering Our Friends And The Maseno Project: Bridging the Gap between First and Second Lives

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Letter From The Editor Greetings Dear Readers, Can’t believe it’s already November, Just seems like last week I was complaining about the humid weather and waiting for the cool temperatures of autumn. With the holidays approaching many of us are blessed with families in RL and Second Life to share the season with. Let us not forget there are many not so fortunate. We wanted to do a special edition for November. An Issue that we feel can help many of our readers who may find the holidays difficult. In our Hope Edition, we are highlight some amazing people and causes in Second Life. People who not

Photo by Spartin Parx

only make an impact in Second Life, but also in RL with their generosity and kindness. Would like to sincerely thank all of the creative people that devoted their time and creativity. When putting this issue together, we wanted to base the theme around Hope. The response has been amazing. Normally we feature one designer but this issue several wanted to participate: JCNY, Touche, Sartoria, SLink, House of Beningborough, Exclusiva, Lazolli, Ora Trei and Doux Petit as well as some of the best SL photographers: Sennaspirit Coronet, Barney Roundel, Mikey Batriani, Eira Juliesse, Carey Decuir, AtomicSparkle Skytower and Spartin Parx. Thank you all for giving us your vision and to the designers for trusting us with your beautiful creations. Yours Faithfully, Topaz Joubert 7

The Hope Edition

Content: 50 Autism Society of america: Helping the Autistic in Second Life ASA offers resources to Autistic residents as well as support for family and friends.

22 BlackBarbie Bravin: The Face of Hope

Bravin on emotion, modeling and determination.

38 The Hope Fashion Shoot Fa s h i o n P h o t o s h o o t Virtue. Strength. Unity. Liberty. Charity. Designers and photographers work together to spread hope.

12 Getting REAL with Chloie Ex-partner did not keep my confidence. Help! | He’s a cheater, a liar, and I’ve forgiven him. Was I too quick?

18 I.Q.: Fashion Genius Meghindo Romano of “Meghindo’s”

16 Q-Tips The Art of a Charitable Heart

14 Secret Diary of a Hopeless Romantic HR examines what’s right -- and wrong -- in relationships.. and self preservation revisited.

34 Second Life Charitable Causes: Bridging the Gap

Two Second Life charitable causes reach out to residents on and off the grid.

28 Wellness Island: Supporting Mental Health and Personal Growth

Avalon Birke talks about the benefits of Second Life counseling, how to help yourself and help others, and how not to be a victim of false titles.


Non-Profits & Charitable Causes Index pg. 54

The Face Of Hope BlackBarbie Bravin of iC Motions Agency and Maniera Model Management

Cover Photographer: Eira Juliesse

G e t t i ng Re a l Wi t h Chl o ie Chloie, I’m so angry! My now ex-partner betrayed me. Here is what happened: I have a couple of alts. They are my business, and I use them mostly for variety and the fun of matching fashions to their look and style. My ex-partner spitefully told a friend of his about my alts including their identity. This other person was not my friend. In fact, I had never met her. One day when I was in-world under one of my alts, she IM’d me to say she knew it was me along with some condescending remarks. I was taken aback and furious. Shouldn’t alts be private? Am I wrong? - Alts Outed Columnist Chloie Sweetwater Oh NOO! Alts! I don’t blame you one bit for being angry. Outing an alt is a serious offense and a very sensitive issue. It may seem silly to some, but our alts become a part of our fantasy here. I’ve known some people who have alts that live entirely diverse lives, have different homes, and even a separate network of friends. It was very trusting of you to share their identity with your ex-partner. He did betray that trust and makes me wonder what else he has done. Would he share your RL info if you trusted him with that? Sounds like you made the right decision to leave him. Whatever anyone’s reason for creating an alt, there’s no need to be judgmental about it and most of all, if you’ve been trusted with this type of information, “Do Not Give Up Your Friend!”

Dear Chloie, I was involved in a Second Life partnership for over a year, and knew my partner was cheating. It took some investigative effort on my part, but eventually the truth came out. Instead of being devastated, I felt relieved that the mystery was solved. I contacted the other woman and realized how much she had been lied to as well. Not only did he cheat on me and lie, he misrepresented our relationship to her and went as far as character assassination. All the while I was faithful and devoted to him. After a heated confrontation, and our partnership dissolving, he apologized and told me what I believe is the truth. I’ve accepted his apology, friendship, and we still hang out. My friends think I’m crazy but I have a forgiving nature. What do you think? - Betrayed but Forgiving Fully Confidential. No Questions Asked; Just Answered.

Hey Betrayed, Your story is not unusual in Second Life or even in RL sadly. It always hurts to find out that people we trusted, cared about, and pr ivileged with our RL emotions, betrayed us. I know I’ve only heard your side of the story but I sense it’s accurate. The character assassination issue is troubling and sheds a different light on t h e w h o l e e x p e r i e n c e . However, I see no problem with continuing a friendship with him. Though, I see why your friends would be skeptical. Be on your guard with him. He may be the type who wants to get back into your good graces and regain that status of partnership. I would recommend not accepting a partnership proposal from someone who will likely cheat again. Tread carefully is the best advice that I can offer you.

Ask your favorite Second Life Columnist for advice on your problems! Send a notecard entitled “Getting Real With Chloie” with your question to Chloie Sweetwater.

The Secret Diary of a


Hi, I’m Hopeless Romantic.

I’m a sincere soul, who believes in listening to your instincts, expressing how you feel, and like the Carpenters, I too believe: “. . . Love may grow, for all we know.” This is my diary about the many facets and incarnations of love and romance in SL that I experience and hear about from my friends. :-)


When looking for love, we seem to search for the “right” things for us, but in the last few months I’ve learned that half the battle is recognizing what the “wrong” thing is… For example, when separating from my husband in RL, I agonized over what the right thing to do was, and I was only able to make a decision when I flipped the question around: Is it wrong to continue like this? It was, and we separated. Recently in SL, certain situations with myself and my friends prompted me to use this same strategy in-world. I wish some other friends of mine would apply this concept to their own situations a little more – and not just about love or romance, but in all areas of their lives. We all think we know what is best for us, but do we know when things are wrong for us? A good friend of mine realized something was wrong for him… A few issues ago, I told you about Mr. Got-It-Right, and how he ended things between us in the interest of self preservation. We actually did manage to remain friends, and we’d speak almost everyday. We both tried dating other people in SL, and it never really felt like the right thing for us… I know I kept comparing my feelings to what

I felt with him, and no one even came close to making me laugh, feel pretty, and feel the comfort you get knowing you’re around a kindred spirit. Turns out he was feeling the same too, and I guess neither of us had really mentally checked out of our special bond. You can imagine my surprise when he admitted he thought he had made a mistake ending things between us. I believe the makings of a good relationship are when each individual on their own are perfectly fine, and when they come together, they are even better. I didn’t feel that with anyone else after Mr. Got-It-Right and I ended, so I knew others were wrong for me. It is important to me that my friends are sincere to me, and given everything that has happened with Mr. Got-it-Right, at least I know he doesn’t BS with me. He wants to be with me because he really wants it, and that’s comforting to me. I’m glad he uses this strategy and recognizes when he thinks things aren’t going right (even though he may have been over zealous in his application of it previously). I guess he got it right, then not so right, realized things felt wrong, and got it right again. Yay!

Image Is Everything. Photography

Q-Tips Eight weeks ago, I celebrated my first rezz-day in Second Life. As I began my reflection on the past year – I became overwhelmed with the accomplishments close to my heart. Being Fashion Editor of a magazine was a foreign idea, though not unattainable, but the path that guided me here was one of complexity, comedy, and passion. It was a path driven by the kindness and charity of others and myself. After being in Second Life for a few weeks – the first things I bought were an inexpensive Cinderella-esque gown and the blonde “Sofia” hair from ETD (when it was only 30L). With

a six foot bubble wand in tote, I was a selfproclaimed “Second Life fairy godmother” whose purpose in life was to give the gift of knowledge to all newbies. Little did I know that I would meet several people who have and continue to influence me today. For this reason, my tips this month aren’t about how to look fierce or pick out that perfectly tailored outfit. Instead, they are geared towards all those aspiring models. These tips are gifts from people in Second Life I have grown to love and appreciate; gifts bestowed upon me through their charitable hearts:

The Art of a Charitable Heart



It’s not about how many times you get knocked down; it’s about how you never give up on the fight. KARCH DEVIN (photographer/owner - Karch Devin Studios) Though I do not remember how Mr. Devin stumbled into my life, I will never forget the impact he has had on me. Through his “tough love” and constant pushing, I grew more confident in myself; he knew my potential and pushed me to meet it.


Always remember: who are you not to be fabulous? JAMI JAXXON (retired Model – Modeling Director Karch Devin Studios) The first tip Miss Jaxxon ever gave me was to flatten your butt completely in skirts (before we had prim pieces). Her confidence and good-willed nature are contagious and because of her, I feel like I am a better person. I do not believe I would have made it this far without her guidance, fashion tips, or knowledge.


Reduce the Ruth – Rip the Runway. TAKESHI KIAMA (Fashion Editor – AVENUE Magazine) I met Takeshi Kiama at Boulevard’s Fashion Week this past summer and soon we became good friends. As I was preparing for my first runway show I was a nervous wreck; I couldn’t figure out my huddle, and felt like I was missing cues. Mr. Kiama took the time to work with me; teaching me tricks to stop the “Ruth-ing” and reduce lag. These are tips I have carried into my modeling career.


Take a chance, take an opportunity, you never know where it will lead you. TOPAZ JOUBERT (CEO – Maniera, Inc.) Last year, I competed in the first ever Miss Pacific Heights contest. Although I did not win, my experience was rewarding because I met Topaz Joubert. About seven months ago, Topaz approached me, with what I thought was a life-changing opportunity, and asked me to be a fashion writer for a new magazine, Maniera. I appreciate her immensely for this experience and advice given.

Fashion Editor Quincee Twine

As you tackle your own goals and dreams in Second Life remember the experiences and people you have met along the way. Their advice has contributed to your success and should not be forgotten. I challenge each of you to be that charitable force for others. One experience, one hand extended, one little piece of advice could be monumental to someone as they attain their goals. Til’ next time all you fabulous people~

Q 17


Fashion Genius Meghindo Romano “Meghindo’s”

Limburg (41, 224, 22)

O n e of my fav o r i t e 2 1 s t c e n t u ry designers Tommy Hilfiger once coined the phrase, “I knew exactly what I wanted do: I wanted to build a brand of clothing around my own attitude and my own lifestyle…” Little did Hilfiger know that his words held so much truth. Passion and drive are extremely motivating factors if you really want to success in both the RL or Second Life fashion world. Once in a while, you become surprised by the feats people have conquered i n o rd e r t o m a k e i t h e re. So i s t h e c a s e o f Me g h i n d o Ro m a n o, owner of the eclectic and fashion forward brand Meghindo’s. An angel in disguise, Romano will soon reach that status of Second Life icon.

What makes her an “I.Q” Genius? If you are looking for an embodiment of sweetness and humility then look no further, Miss Romano exudes both of these qualities. Much like Hilfiger’s famous quote, Romano has built a fashion brand based on her own RL style and personal taste. A brand that is so unique, she once created a one-of-a-kind dress for a Charity Fashion Show that sold for over $12,000L. What’s her history? Romano quickly grew tired of working for five or six hours as a hostess at a Second Life ballroom just to buy one gown. With the linden cash flow hitting her pockets, Romano took a boldly proactive leap into the fashion world. Her design story begins with a simple statement, “I wanted to make one outfit a day for me to wear in Second Life.” Through her swift learning and attention to detail, Romano now owns a two tier shop complete with a mix of trendy everyday ensembles, gorgeous couture gowns, and fabulously detailed accessories. Who are her influences? The likes of high profile Second Life fashion designers and brands such as Shai Delacriox from Casa Del Shai and Ava Lu from Paper Couture. What’s her motto? “Honestly, I just want people to feel as good as I do wearing my designs. I want them to embrace the clothing; I want them to feel like the outfits were created for them.”


RIGHT: Quincee Twine in Pageant Gown by MEGAHINDO’S. $450L. Photo by Mrohs Baxton.



The Face of Hope By Nimmie Rhiadra

In March 2009, BlackBarbie Bravin began h e r m o d e l i n g c a re e r. A gradu a t e of various institutes, Bravin pushed to the front of the modeling throng to gain the spotlight all p r o f e s s i o n a l models seek, few ever e a r n a n d e v e n l e s s c a n k e e p. I n h e r l a t e s t accomplishment, Bravin displayed the emotion of despair in a photographic entry without realizing she would end up becoming the face of hope. “Everyone loves a sunny day but can you stand the rain?” Bravin explained. “Rain is as necessary as the sun, and creates a natural balance. For this reason, I chose despair. Despair is an emotion that many have experienced at one time or another in their lives could relate to. In addition to despair other elements included were that I was moving forward, holding my head high, brushing off my jacket, and the determination in my eyes. Together I felt these elements represented not only despair, but overcoming despair and propelling forward.” Bravin, a professional model for both Maniera Model Management and iC Motions Agency, was the first winner of

a multi-agency contest for the cover. It was the first time that non-Maniera models have competed in the cover contest since the magazine’s launch, adding a whole new aspect of competition. “At first I thought my friends were joking, because I was getting kudos but had not seen the announcement,” Bravin revealed. “I was elated when I realized I had won! I was excited not only for myself but for those who offered encouragement and big kudos along the way. It was great feeling!” But this is not the first win for Bravin. Some of her past accomplishments include being chosen as runner-up for JCNY Model of the Month in June, finalist and runner up for

Se H fo W re ad

w B a th a m d


econd Life Fashion Week Brazil competition, House of Benningborough Showcase Model or June and July, pre-finalist for Miss Virtual World - September ‘09 and being chosen to epresent Sporks new clothing line in a print d. “It always means a lot when you strive and work hard for something and are successful,” Bravin said. “I really wanted to win so it means great deal to me. Moving forward, I hope his win will make my mentors and the gencies I represent proud, as well as offer more opportunities to put unique spins on designers’ ideas.” Bravin also specializes in behind the cenes work in the Second Life fashion

Photo by Carey DuCuir

industry, writing scripts and creating modeling poses. Furthermore, she crafts furniture and experiments in sculptie design in her spare time. However, her modeling career is her first focus, and she thrives in competition. “As a model whether you are trying out for a photo contest or headed to a try out for a runway show/print ad, competitions are a way of life,” Bravin said. “I look forward to each and every one!” Bravin looks forward to her future in Second Life modeling by expanding on “. . . my horizons in the modeling world through hard work and perseverance.” Her future is best summed up by her favorite phrase: “The sky is not even the limit!”


Photo by Eira Juliesse

BlackBarbie Bravin And RicoRacer Flux November 2009 Cover Model Winner and Runner Up Second Runner Up: Kaitlin Copperfield (Not Pictured here)

Wellness Island Supporting Mental Health and Personal Growth


Wellness Island offers multiple a c t i v i t i e s f o r residents, i n c l u d i n g group activities, personal counseling sessions and public speakers. Photos by Eira Juliesse

Wellness Island is a privately owned, non-profit sim which exists exclusively to provide a support system for SL residents offering mental health resources in-world since 2006. Dedicated to mental health and personal growth, their focus is on collaboration and cooperation in SL and acting as a bridge to RL resources. This altruistic venture came about due to the efforts of Avalon Birke, founder/ owner of Wellness Island, Who developed the Community Outreach Center, an area for other outreach groups and organizations to share information. Birke and her SL partner and RL husband, Martin Ichigo, created Wellness Island together. “He encouraged me to check out SL three years ago, and he has supported me and my work here financially and emotionally all along,” Birke says. “As a Systems Analyst himself, he’s been a great source of help when needed.” Birke is a RL mental health practitioner with two accredited Masters Degrees, two books published, a private practice, and works in acute care in the hospital setting. She is currently working on her PhD dissertation. She does not make a profit from the charges for counseling since all proceeds and donations go directly to the cost of maintaining the island and development of materials. “We provide 90% of our services free of charge, with no outside funding,” Birke adds. “It is truly a labor of love for myself and my husband.” Projects undertaken include Wellness Magazine, Grief and Loss Support, Take Heart Caregiver Support, workshops for consumers, training on ethical guidelines, internet addiction help, and, in some cases, verification of RL credentials for professionals by request. One of her biggest programs

is Guiding Lights - a training program for peer support specialists in-world. All of these provide resources and support free of charge. Birke takes great pains to create a beautiful, relaxing outdoor environment in which to research information, participate in formal or informal group discussions, attend lectures in the amphitheater or just chill out and converse with friends or quietly read a book under the shade of a tree. An extensive library is provided where information is easily retrievable on a myriad of topics such as anxiety disorders, the signs of depression, tips for reducing stress, Autism, chronic fatigue, deaf culture, Down Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis and other physical diseases. The Counseling Center provides professional counseling services to individual SL residents and couples by appointment. All services are administered by a RL trained and certified therapist. When asked if she joined SL with the vision of Wellness Island in mind, Birke remarked, “Not at all. I saw an article about Second Life in Wired Magazine and thought it would be like The Sims, maybe better. The last thing I expected was that I would end up working here to bring mental health resources to a virtual environment. At the time it was almost unheard of.” Birke attributes her motivation to create Wellness Island to the SL residents she met: “They were my motivators. I’ve always been fairly transparent here and when I shared about my RL work with SL friends. I always heard of someone who needed help here in-world. Mental health s u p p o r t i s n o t re a d i l y a v a i l a b l e e v e r y w h e re in the world - in Second Life, it is.” 29

She began by developing a library of materials which has continued to grow over the last three years. Some are articles written by Birke, others are materials authored by other professionals or RL organizations. She added web browsers pointing to sites like WebMD, National Alliance on Mental Illness, and more. She then began accepting invitations to speak at Second Life events like health fairs. Eventually she came to serve on a number of boards committed to creating educational and social service communities by helping them set up the mental health part of their SL presence. Her own SL counseling practice has grown by word of mouth for which she is “. . . grateful and humbled.” Birke is convinced that it is possible to offer valuable help to residents seeking emotional support in Second Life. However, she cautions that it is not a substitute for real life help when needed. “A good counselor or peer specialist can listen, help develop goals and coping skills, teach things like communication and stress reduction, act as a bridge to finding real life help, and above all let the person know they are not alone.” She sees the pros and cons to seeking counseling support in-world. In-world practices can offer people assistance when services are not available to them in real life and give them the anonymity to speak out on personal subjects they might otherwise feel uncomfortable discussing. Birke also adds that “. . . a helper in Second Life will understand the ways in which SL impacts lives. Going to a RL therapist to discuss your Second Life relationship may be seen as a symptom in itself! In-world, it is more likely to be understood in context.” “ T h e Co n s w o u l d i n c l u de the limi t a t i o n s of the virtual world. Not ev30

ery problem can be dealt with here effectively or ethically. An example: in RL I can diagnose and treat my clients. Here, I do not - I don’t have access to the person, their records, their contact info. Therefore, while it is possible to work well with issues like mild depression or relationship conflicts, anything requiring a diagnosis or RL treatment must be referred to RL, for the safety of the individual.” Of the cons, Birke warns that many inworld counselors are not qualified, even claiming titles that in real life would require higher educational degrees. “We have some good information on Wellness Island on how to know if an inworld professional’s claims are real,” Birke explains before adding. “Third, the issue of the counselor being taken in - by people role-playing mental illness, using alts to deceive them, etc. There is no easy answer here, and one can argue that this behavior in itself is a cry for help. Each counselor or helper in SL has to decide how to handle this.” While Birke is the sole counselor practicing at Wellness Island, she does offer a Wellness Directory which lists any SL professional, student, member of the clergy, or peer who wants to offer services at their own location. She also brings in other professionals to do presentations, teach workshops, or contribute to the magazine or the library. “SL residents should have the same choices in mental health support here as they do in RL. I am always looking for peer supporters to help lead groups, and our Guiding Lights program offers free training for that.” Wellness Island set a standard for mental health resources in Second Life. They focus on the people and stand behind the professional ethics of the real life

RIGHT: Avalon Birke, a real world mental health practioner. Photo by Eira Juliesse

community, Birke states, while continuing to meet the needs of SL residents. “I was told that in-world support can’t be done - that a connection between counselor and client can’t be made successfully in this environment, that we would miss too many cues to make it worth doing,” Birke

explains. “In the meantime, though, we’ve been busy doing it! In-world support is not going to be right for every person, or for every issue. But for many, it is a great resource, and as a professional working in a virtual environment, a satisfying way to help others.” 31

Second Life Cha


Out of all the organizations present in Second Life (SL), charitable causes are one of the prime candidates to take advantage of virtual settings. As more non-profits hone in on the social networking scene, Second Life quickly shows why it corners the market as a new avenue for education and fundraising. Second Life laid the groundwork for real world organizations to take another look at what was predominantly considered a gaming phenomenon: the application of a virtual world for non-profit organizations and charitable causes. In early 2008, resident Mimmi Boa organized the Maseno Project. Originally the idea of two friends, Abbie Reinard and Keely Lefavre, the Maseno Project was a way to g a i n e x p o s u r e for real life non-profit The Nest Rescue Center which supports a real orphanage in Kenya outside of Maseno. “The Nest Rescue Center is a selffunded community based project,” Boa explains. “They help support children who are orphans, the destitute and special cases: the blind, deaf and the lame. And provide some health care for them. The Nest Rescue Center currently has one ongoing activity: Mimmi Boa of the Maseno Project. Photo by Gidgette MacMoragh

aritable Causes:

g the Gap Written by Nox Deigan Interviews cond. by Vespa Runner

early childhood (2 to 7 years) feeding and education program which now has over 54 children, almost all orphans.” In June 2008, The Maseno Project hosted two charity fashion shows. The end result was over 400,000 linden (around $1450 USD depending on market fluxuation), Boa said. In 2009, The Maseno Project, spearheaded by Boa, decided to do more for the real life charity. With the help of 60 designers and 70 SL models, they hosted multiple fashion shows to raise funds for the orphanage. “I’ve organized 10 itinerant fashion shows with the presentation of a ‘one of a kind dress’ each designer donated that would be auctioned at the end of each show to raise money for the orphanage,” Boa said. “The success was incredible. This year we raised over $4,000 USA dollars.” In an e-mail sent to Boa by the President and Coordinator of Fundraising for The Nest Rescue Center, Dr. Wilberforce O. Mundia, the funds The Maseno Project donated went to build a new classroom and renovate two other classrooms as well as providing for other needs for the orphanage. Mike Burleigh, RoF Founder. Photo by AtomicSparkle Skytower

However, not all SL charitable causes

ROF Aids Memorial Photo by AtomicSparkle Skytower

support real world charities. Remembering Our Friends (ROF) is an SL non-profit memorial that was lent a helping hand by real world business V-Innovate Limited which specializes in virtual world communications for businesses. Two and a half years ago, ROF was founded by resident Mike Burleigh in the memory of Burleigh’s mother who passed from Multiple Sclerosis. “I did not have a lot of support in first life when I lost my mom and had a couple friends in SL pass,” Burleigh said. “I wanted a place in SL to remember people that have passed away.” The memorial grew in popularity as more residents requested plaques to remember their loved ones. However, despite its popularity, Burleigh was struggling financially to keep his memorial in operation as it was a free service. “I was struggling financially to keep things going about 14 months ago, and a good friend, Webgoddess Mars, introduced me to AWM Mars, her RL/SL husband,” Burleigh recalled. “He liked what I was doing 36

and offered help. AWM introduced me to Marc Montague from BDMM Design, and Marc offered to rebuild the memorial with a plan for it to sustain itself.” The redesigned memorial is based on the White Chapel Cemeter y Mausoleum in Troy, Michigan where Burleigh’s mother is laid to rest. At this new memorial, Montague, founder and co-owner of V-Innovate with AWM, designed memorial gas flames residents can pay a small fee to keep lit in remembrance of their loved ones. They later added educational displays for HIV/AIDs awareness and Multiple Sclerosis. To date, they have over 400 plaques in three wings. “ROF, in itself, is a standalone entity that has attracted the attention of many people and organizations from all walks of life,” AWM, V-Innovate Limited Founder and Co-Owner with Montague, said. “Using ROF as a ‘lens’ has given many other groups a spotlight, increasing and developing its own networks.” With the success of Remember Our Friends and The Maseno Project, it is easy to see the impact virtual worlds like Second Life can have especially as more real world non-profits join the ranks of Second Life land owners and educators. For a listing of some of the non-profits and charitable causes in Second Life, please see the index in the back of the magazine. “I believe we are stronger together in collaboration, and especially in a virtual platform like Second Life we can reach a lot more people,” Burleigh said. “This is why The ROF Group was created, as our website says: to Educate, Remember, and Support.”

Burleigh’s memorial to his mother. Photo by AtomicSparkle Skytower.

The Hope Fashion Shoot 38

Hope can mean so many things to different people... It might be an act of kindness, a show of strength, the love of a friend, the warmth of a smile....

This month’s fashion spread is inspirational on many levels - not only are we showcasing an array of some of the best designers in SL (both new and established), but each contributing designer has agreed to donate their November sales proceeds from the items featured in this spread to a nominated charity of their choice.

Each image in the spread depicts a unique facet of Hope: Virtue, Unity, Liberty, Charity and Strength. We hope it inspires you to do your little bit in SL and get involved in spreading some Hope.

AtomicSparkle Skytower Maniera Photo Editor


Maniera Models: Sami Kutanaga Rouge Anthony Mikey Batriani

Photographer: Mikey Batriani

Left to right: Kutanaga:

Touche Taunt Me $150L Anthony:

Ora Trei Mesmeree $265L Batriani:

Sartoria T SHIRT (SAND) $100L

“So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.” Baha’u’llah



“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s cha

Maniera Models: Isabel Brocco Apollo Call RicoRacer Flux

Photographer: Eira Juliesse

Left to right: Brocco:

DouxPetit Springfling dress (white) $150L Call: Model Own Flux: Model Own

ains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.� nelson mandela

Maniera Models: Veronica Krasner Sky Silvansky candio contepomi

Photographer: Barney Roundel

Left to right: Krasner

SLink GRECIAN GOWN (GOLD) $320L Silvansky:

House of

Beningborough Charisma (Gold) $750L contepomi:

Exclusiva EmilyFormalGown Peach-Gold $1000L

“Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune Emily Dickinson

e without words, and never stops at all.�



Maniera Model: Liliyana Avedon

Photographer: SennaSpirit Coronet


House of

Beningborough Venus $950L

“Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.� St. Francis of Assisi

Maniera Model: Angela Watkin Photographer: AtomicSparkle Skytower Jewelery:


Lazolli Janet 1 (Light) unreleased; $999L

“Beauty without Virtue is like a rose without a scent.” Proverb


Autism Society of America: Helping the AuTistic in Second Life

Sami Kutanaga Agency Liaison

The following statement is from the Autism Society of America (ASA): “In February 2007, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued their ADDM autism prevalence report. The report, which looked at a sample of 8 year olds in 2000 and 2002, concluded that the prevalence of autism had risen to 1 in every 150 American children, and almost 1 in 94 boys.” Yes, I know that’s a dramatic start to an article, but Autism is a dramatic subject. Nearly, everyone has been introduced to Autism in some way, either through a friend or family member. At the rate of 1 to 94 for boys, that means the typical high school will have 8-10 boys that fall somewhere on the spectrum. Those numbers are staggering and the numbers are only increasing. Three people working to change that here in Second Life are: Brett Stand, Kathy Nikolaidis, and Willow Wonder. They are working with the ASA in RL to bring a true working chapter to Second Life. Starting out as a father’s love for his child Stand’s own child was diagnosed at the age of two; the chapter has grown to over 200 members with 20-25% of the members falling somewhere on the spectrum of the condition. The rest is made up of parents, professionals and people interested in autism. Advantages for 50

Willow Wonder, Brett Stand and Kathy Nikolaidis. Photo by Sami Kutanaga

those in-world include a chance to attend meetings and events that may be more accessible. Also, it provides those who can’t drive or leave their house (due to Autism) a place go, be with others like themselves, or receive help from people that are trained to help. Stand points out that the chapter is helpful because it requires, “no driving, no child care needs, no need to even leave home.” Nearly everyone is affected by Autism, even here in Second Life; according to Stand, our own Torley Linden has a point on the autism spectrum called Arnsberger Syndrome. This is why what Stand and his associates have brought to Second Life is special. The ASA website ( states, “With the right services and support, people with autism can live full, healthy and meaningful lives.” The key to Autism is early intervention, as Stand points out his own child was diagnosed at the age of two, however, with treatment, and people like Stand, Nikolaidis, and Wonder, those with Autism have a chance at a real life, not just a Second Life. Like many popular causes today (breast cancer, AIDS, and heart disease) there is no 51

true cure, only treatment. The difference is that there is no one cause, and Autism has many different levels. Autism is defined by a certain set of behaviors and is a “spectrum disorder.� This means that it is seen in many different ways and many different types of treatment are needed. Life with Autism is not an easy one. Having a child with autism is also difficult; it is a strain on finances, but it also takes an emotional toll. Family priorities must change in order to care for those with Autism. As this interview was being conducted, a person that seemed to have Autism arrived and Stand took the time to make sure her needs were met. As he later pointed out, even in avatar form those with Autism can be quite shy. The chapter works to not only to help those with Autism, but to raise awareness as well by having events such as a Halloween party. Please take a moment, and visit the sim at SEACREST/23/83/22, see what they have to offer and if there is someone that you know with Autism, have them visit and meet the staff at ASA-SL, a sanctioned chapter of the ASA. Autism knows no race, gender, or social economic status. And, if you have a few extra Linden, anything is appreciated.


Community Resources are available at ASA. Photo by MandyLeigh Sweetwater

Non-Profits and Charitable Causes Inde x A non-profit organization is defined as an organization that uses its income for public benefit that is registered with a specific government entity. Like the name implies, they do not create a profit margin, instead using any “profit” they might earn and re-investing it into the reason that the organization was created to promote awareness, including research, development, support and many other functions. Charitable causes function in much the same manner though they may or may not be legally registered with a government entity. Some are even community directed groups dedicated to the cause of a certain non-profits. Over the last month, Maniera Magazine compiled a list of non-profits and charitable causes in Second Life through various methods: contacting organizers, prowling search engines and visiting sims throughout Second Life. This is by no means a complete listing of Second Life’s non-profits or charitable causes, but it is a listing to get people started. There are many non-profits and charitable causes within Second Life. The listing to the right is in order by what they focus upon for those interested in a particular subject. For those wanting to seek more non-profits or charitable causes, we suggest The Nonprofit Commons as they contain a wealth of information on non-profits within our resident community.

AIDS: - Global Aid Foundation: US based humanitarian relief organization. Provides free space on island to any qualifying organization.

Animals: - The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals-ASPCA - NSW Animal Rescue - Paloma Roja

Cancer: - ACS: American Cancer Society (Relay for Life) - AICR: Association for International Cancer Research 54

- BCA: Breast Cancer Awareness - Breast Cancer Awareness Garden - Breast Cancer Network of Strength - The Cancer Monument - Cancer Research UK - Frozen Pea Fund - Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - Prostate Cancer Research Foundation - SGK for the Cure of Breast Cancer Disability: - The Dutch Fund for Disability Sports - Live2Give: provides support to those with severe physical limitations who seek community experiences. - Wheelies Education / Art: - Creative Commons: works to increase the number of creative works available for others to build upon and share legally. - Eduserv Foundation: UK educational charity that worked to realize the benefits of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) institutions, students, ect. - Yehoodi: promotes swing and lindy hop as cultural art forms internationally. Emergency Aid / Poverty: - Camp Darfur - Eliot Community Human Services: Bread and jams, Homeless Day Shelter, Food, Clothing, Services - KIVA: connects people through lending to alleviate poverty - The Maseno Project - Sustainable Harvest International: works with farming families in Central America to train and give them the tools to overcome poverty while restoring the tropical forests. HEALTH: - ADA: American Diabetes Association 55

HEALTH (CON’T): - Alzheimers SL - The Arthritis Society - Autistic Liberation Front - Autism Society of America - Bid4aCure: raises funds for International Diabetes and ADA - Boomer Esiason Foundation: Cystic Fibrosis - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation - Cystic Fibrosis University - Dreams: supports ShockProof, whose members are stroke survivors. - Dutch Red Cross - Fight ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) - Genome Island: (Texas Wesleyan University) Information about genomics - Lupus Awareness Foundation - Lyme Aware - Multiple Sclerosis Help and Support - Team Fox: Parkinson’s Fundraising group - VNEC: The Virtual Neurological Education Centre

Mental Health: - Asagao Memorial Park: Both a memorial to those who lost their lives to suicide and a support area for those who lost someone - Great Strides: promotes emotional healing and growth in partnership with horses. - Guiding Lights: group in Second Life which offers support, training, and networking for anyone interested in providing Peer Support to other SL residents. Provided through Wellness Island. - National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare (healthcare) - Remembering Our Friends - Memorial site for anyone who has lost someone, SL or RL. - Support For Healing: offers venues and services for various support groups. - Virtual Hallucinations: allows visitors to see what it’s like to have Schizophrenia.

Sexuality: - LGBT History (Museum): Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans - Transgender Resource Center 56

Women and Children: - Acreditar (helps Children with Cancer) - AAUW - (formerly known as the American Association of University Women) nation’s leading voice promoting education and equity for women and girls. - Autism Around US - Bridges (Bridges for Women Society) - Faith Donations - Homeless Children - International Justice Center: (Launched by GLOBAL KIDS Nonprofit) - Juvenile Diabetes Foundation of SL - Preferred Family Healthcare, Inc. - Project Jason: support for families of the missing. Member of AMECO, the Association of Missing and Exploited Children’s Organizations, Inc. - Rape Crisis of Scotland

Misc: - ACORN: free housing counseling to low to moderate income homebuyers. - cChaos: “. . . sets out to set up, manage, use and/or facilitate farmers’ markets as public forums on health, with an emphasis on nutrition and exercise.” - Friends of the Urban Forest: based in San Francisco that plants and maintains trees within the city. - Giving Circles Network: group that supports giving circles which are groups of people that donate to groups. - The Library of the Second Life Literary Foundation - Second Life Association of CPAs: SL Association of Certified Public Accountants created by the Maryland Association of CPAs. - organization that provides information and other assistance to 501c non-profits. - Virtual Activism: works with other nonprofits around the world to bring technology to the workplace.

There are many other non-profits and charitable causes in Second Life right now. We encourage residents to visit these and other locations (such as Non-Profit Commons and Global Aid Foundation) that help support these organizations. Thank you for your support ~ 57

Maniera Magazine - The Hope Edition  

Maniera Magazine - The Hope Edition. November 2009. All proceeds for the month of November sold by designers for items featured in The Hop...

Maniera Magazine - The Hope Edition  

Maniera Magazine - The Hope Edition. November 2009. All proceeds for the month of November sold by designers for items featured in The Hop...