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Chris Kay, senior manager of performance improvement at L’Oréal USA’s Franklin manufacturing, demonstrated, through his own success at the company, how L’Oréal USA promotes each employee’s career development. Terri Dedinsky (left), manager of human resources, and Susan Navojosky (right), planner of the management development program at Franklin manufacturing, oversee and evaluate a case study that senior and graduate students were challenged to solve. Armed with lipstick, paper and pens, students set out to review a case study and then offer solutions — demonstrating their analytical prowess to the L’Oréal reps.

“What is fun about L’Oréal USA is that they give you many opportunities to continue to grow as an individual, learn new things and continue your career,” Kay said. A key message discussed throughout the information session was L’Oréal USA’s commitment to the community and sustainability. One day a year, all of its U.S. plants organize a volunteer day on company time, which encourages all employees to give back to the communities in which they live and work. The cosmetics giant wants to be viewed as an exemplary corporate citizen and, in 2009, made contributions of more than 27 million euros to charitable organizations around the world. L’Oréal USA’s commitment to service is similar to Manhattan’s own mission, which helped the College stand out among potential partners. “We were impressed to learn about Manhattan’s Lasallian Catholic roots that incorporate great integrity, character, humility, commitment and especially giving back to the community,” Amaya said. The day concluded with senior and graduate students breaking into groups to evaluate a case study presented by the L’Oréal USA team. The students had

30 minutes to formulate a solution and then were asked to present their findings. During this phase, the L’Oréal USA representatives circulated around the room to evaluate the students’ initial analyses and eventually their final solutions. As part of the new partnership, 60 Manhattan engineering, business and science students, Flynn, Salwa Ammar, Ph.D., dean of the school of business, and John Wasacz, Ph.D., interim dean of the school of science, visited L’Oréal USA’s Somerset, N.J., facility in April for a roundtable discussion with two senior vice presidents to discuss the qualities that Manhattan students offer and the character necessary for future leaders at L’Oréal. And these qualities offered must have met the needed character traits, as the company has since made nine job offers to rising graduates, as well as conducted interviews with juniors for summer internships. L’Oréal USA and Manhattan are in the process of planning networking opportunities, information sessions and interviews for the coming academic term and further facilitating future job prospects for Jaspers at L’Oréal USA.

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