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MARTIN HIGGINS may not have known exactly where he was headed when he came to the College, but he knows now. Martin, who comes from Kildare, Ireland, chose the school of business because he was interested in that field, but it was through his studies that he became passionate about finance. Intent on finding a job, he sent out hundreds of résumés starting last summer. He contacted Ernst & Young in Dublin, who had expressed interest in him earlier, and flew home to nab a last-minute spot in the company’s final week of interviews during Thanksgiving break. After three days of interviews, a partner offered him an asset management audit position. Martin starts on Sept. 1 and will be working with hedge funds and insurance companies. The majority of the company’s clients are in Switzerland and London, so there will be some travel involved, which definitely appeals to the international senior. “I honestly was applying everywhere, all over the world from the Middle East to Eastern Europe, to Ireland to London, to the West Coast to New York,” he says. “I was more concerned with a) having a job and b) the type of company I was working with, and then after that, I knew that with a worldwide company like Ernst & Young, there will always be the opportunity to travel, to go back home maybe.” The position lasts for three years, and afterward, Martin will take the Chartered Accountants exam. With this designation, he can stay at Ernst & Young and hopes to rise through the ranks to partner, or he can alternatively move on to an investment analyst role. And along the way, he would like to get his M.B.A. “My ultimate goal is to be a hedge fund manager,” he says. “It’s kind of a cool idea to be in Dublin because it’s not that common there, though obviously the main financial centers are London, New York, Hong Kong. But I’d love to be in a small office attracting talent and capital to Dublin.” Although his field puts him at the epicenter of the shaky economy — not to mention in a country that was hit especially hard by the downturn — Martin is optimistic about his career growth and the recovery.

“My ultimate goal is to be a hedge fund manager. It’s kind of a cool idea to be in Dublin because it’s not that common there.”

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